WELCOME The BROOKLYN INFORMATION PAGE Hello, please do come in and browse around. A time well spent, in a treasure trove found The Administrator, historians and transcribers too, Have all made their contributions, just waiting for you... Weary of ancestors giving you quite a chase? Or feeling discouraged by the brick-walls you face.. No further need for confusion as to where should I go? Its so easy to access, to learn and to know. With a clic of the mouse, you are part of the past Reliving those memories, an experience to last.. The census, obituaries, and newspaper articles too, Place all the pieces together, in forming a picture for you. Brick walls keep crumbling as our elusive ancestors appear, Bringing joy to our hearts, as well as a flow to our tears.. So give it a try, an experience you will never regret For someday you'll be grateful and be glad that we've met.. Poem by Miriam Medina

WARNING: The NYBROOKLYN List is a high volume list. Information is posted daily thru the list that becomes part of the The BROOKLYN INFORMATION PAGE If u have a limited mail box it is recommended to use the DIGEST version of the list. We are currently a list of about 700 subscribers. We do not tolerate bias, inconsideration or rudeness on the list members. Guidelines: No. 1... and there is ONLY one No. 1. This list is for all! NO ONE and I mean absolutely NO ONE will feel embarrassed or shamed because they misspelled a word or asked a question they did not know the answer to. NO ONE will be ridiculed for giving an answer they thought may be right. Sometimes a guess is as good as a direction to start when one is lost. (I have embarrassed myself so many times, we all have had a good laugh over it. Especially the time, I suggested reading a bk "As you Pass by" only I wrote, "Ass you pass by." The best gift one can give themselves is the gift of humor.) This list was created under the idea that every question is important and we cannot survive without each others input. On a personal note, I'm a lousy typist, I misspell all the time. A misspelled surname can be crucial but an ordinary word? Come on, It's trivial. Let's move on. These are the guidelines I ask (and they are few) EVERYONE will be encouraged to ask questions, no matter how trivial or repetitious they seem to "advanced researchers." PARTICIPATE! 3/4's of the Brooklyn website is from participation. Whether it be those who offered their knowledge, direction, or transcribing! Sometimes a 'guess' starts a train of thought and before you know it, you found the door you were looking for. NEVER flame, ridicule or embarrass a list member. I will tolerate so much and then there's the 'Reject' button. Automatic dismissal from the list! Please do not use caps unless you are referring to a surname. (There are some on the list who need to use capitals, because of eye problems, you may want to include something like, "Apologize for the caps, eye problems"..) Personal mail belongs personal and off list, unless it benefits all. That's it! Simple rules, HUGE results. Ask, participate, enjoy. The NYBROOKLYN-L mailing list was established on the Rootsweb server. It is open to anyone interested in doing research in the Brooklyn, New York area. Surnames,info sources,questions,how-to's. ALL questions and suggestions are welcome and encouraged.


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The BROOKLYN INFORMATION PAGE The website is filed with info abt Brooklyn. Facts, data, indices. If you would like to have something included please send it to Nancy E Lutz E-MAIL: NancyL916@aol.com I will be glad to look it over and if it's approved I will add it to this site. Above all.Remember :The more you participate,the more others will feel comfortable doing the same. Together we can make the NYBROOKLYN list an informative and enjoyable one. A few suggestions: Use the 'SUBJECT' box of your email. Most subscribers will ignore an empty subject box on an email. Example....1800 Census ED help ...O'BRIEN family search ...Need help-Death Cert. Introduce yourself. CAPITALIZE your Surname. It catches the eye when readers are just scrolling thru the mail. PLEASE do NOT use the list to co-respond with someone on a personal level. If a post makes you angry, (yes, all lists get those slipping through), PLEASE email the person OFF-list. Arguments should NOT go through a list. and even personal should not be an excuse to flame or belittle. Above all..Do NOT hesitate to ask a question. We are here to help each other. NEVER hesitate to email me privately if you need to. I am your administrator for a reason. I like the job! Talk to me. To search the LIST ARCHIVES: ARCHIVES SEARCH Nancy

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