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1863..Fair of the American Institue
Brooklyn Daily Standard Union
15 & 26 September 1863

The Brooklyn Exhibitors - The Approaching Horticultural Display:

Bernard MORAHAN exhibits a novel and ingenious apparatus for stopping and
starting city railroad cars, by which the impetus of the car is at its
stopping communicated to a series of springs over the axles, and then used
from them as a motive power to aid it in starting.

Messrs. SEAMAN & HOUSE & Bros. No. 7 Nassau street exhibit a model belt
tightener for machinery and an ingenious tea kettle.

The Union Sleigh Co., of No. 83 Bergen street, make a display of nearly a
score of sleds and sleighs, from the tin toy up to the large and richly
ornamented article for adults.

Thos. M. REDHEAD, No. 66 Fulton street, exhibits a formidable array of
baking and pastry powders.

H. GETTY, No. 55 Willow street, exhibits a new form of pipe wrench.

T.S. BROWN, of Greenpoint, exhibits a novel, hideous, and apparently very
useful machine entitled a "ship's berth boat".  It is intended to prevent
sea sickness when used as a berth, by accommodating itself to the motion of
the vessel, after the manner of a marine compass, and in case of shipwreck,
may be used effectively as a life boat.

Mr. H.F. READ, of Nos. 55 and 57 First street, exhibits a self-adjusting
pipe wrench.

Miss Annie SEELEY displays a very pretty piece of worsted embroidery.

Mr. J.R. FERGUSON, No. 9 Court street, exhibits a model of a refrigerator
and a hot air furnace apparatus, both improvements upon the articles for
these purposes now in use.

Jeremiah SIMONSON, of Greenpoint, the famous shipbuilder, exhibits four
elegant models of ocean steamers, which were among the finest efforts of his
skill, and triumphs of our country in naval architecture.

PETIT & RAY, No. 437 Fulton avenue, patent fire place heater.

J.R. CORWERY, Van Brunt street, one elegantly ornamented sign.

D. LASHER, No. 84 Fort Green Place, furnace grate bar.

Mrs. A.M. MATTHEWS and Mrs. P. MILNE, fancy needle-work, elegantly executed.

C.C. GRAVES, of Classon avenue, exhibits a combined upsetter, puncher and
welder; a patent window balance, and a butter-worker.  The first appears to
be an especially practical and useful invention.

F. STERLING, of Williamsburg, exhibits a patent "upsetting" machine.
The Continental Works of Greenpoint, find time from their work of building
Monitors to send a novel and very noticeable oscillating engine, which
attracts much attention.

Mr. J.C. VAN COTT exhibits a gas regulator which, it is claimed, will
entirely prevent any waste of gas by allowing burners only the quantity they
can fully consume.

Messrs. T. H. BRAISTED & Bro. exhibit their new form of hose, engine and
hydrant couplings, now in use and highly commended by the Fire  Departments
of Brooklyn and other cities.  It is found by trail to be more economical,
can be used with far greater ease and rapidity than the old form, and is
much more durable than the old form.  The principal involved in its
construction is one of universal importance, the simplicity of which is by
no means its least recommendation.

H. GEILING of No. 56 Myrtle avenue, exhibits a very beautifully executed
piece of penmanship - Our Lord's Prayer.

John RUSSELL, No. 16 South Seventh street one patent travelling case.

E.S. SCRIPTURE of Williamsburg, exhibits a patent form of oil feeder, for
which economy and regularity are claimed as the main advantages, and a new
style of coffee pot, called "The Monitor."

Mrs. A.S. MC LEAN, No 84 Fulton avenue betrays to the public gaze an
alarming array of spring pads, corsets, and other such gear, by which bad
figures are disguised as good ones.

More there doubtless are and some may yet enter, but these are all thus far
discovered by our reporter, representing the City of Brooklyn.
To-morrow the reception of fruit and flowers for the horticultural
exhibition will commence.  Although the display will be opened to the public
at once, in the basement and on the second floor of the Academy, it will not
be in complete order, and well filled before Friday. In it we may
confidently expect a magnificent display from Long Island.

26 Sept 1863
The American Institue.
Close of the Exhibition - Award of Premiums

Yesterday was the last day of the Exhibition of the American Insitute at the
Academy of Music, New York, and there was a large attendance of visitors,
notwithstanding the inclement weather.
At 4 1/4 P.M. the list of awards was read, and at 10 P.M. the exhibition
closed.  Among the awards made we find the following to Brooklyn folks:

J.D. WILLIAMS, Bryant & Stratton's College, for the best off hand and
business Penmanship - silver medal.

H. GREILING, No. 56 Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn, for beauty of design and
execution of a piece of Penmanship - diploma.

H. GETTY, No. 55 Willow street, Brooklyn, for the best Pipe Wrench - bronze

H.F. READ, Nos. 55 and 57 First street, Brooklyn, for the second best Pipe
Wrench - diploma.

John RUSSELL, Williamsburg, L.I., for a Patent Dressing-case - diploma.

Mrs. A.S. MC LEAN, No. 84 Fulton street, Brooklyn, for Spring Pads and
Corsets - diploma.

Mrs. P. WILSON, No. 281 Carlton avenue, Brooklyn, for a piece of Needlework
("Joseph and his Brothrs") - diploma.

PETIT & RAY, No. 437 Fulton avenue, Brooklyn, for a Stafford's Fireplace
Heater - diploma.

C.C. GREAVES, Brooklyn, Warren & Lyons, agents, Nos. 87 & 89 Bank street,
N.Y. for a Compressor and Punch, well adapted to upsetting ties - bronze

Bernard MORAHAN, Van Brunt street, South Brooklyn, for an exceedingly
ingenious model for Stopping and Starting Horse-cars - diploma.

Thos. M. REDHEAD, No. 66 Fulton street, Brooklyn, for Baking and Pastry
Powders - diploma.

Jas. MORTON, No. 125 court street, Brooklyn, for Fancy Crackers - diploma.

Miss Anne NEWBURY, No. 275 Fulton street, Brooklyn, for a series of Oil
Paintings, representing fruit in season - silver medal.

Jos. E. CAVANAGH, corner of Washington and Green streets, Brooklyn, for the
best Basket of Flowers - silver medal.

A.G. BURGESS, East New York, L.I., for the best display of Dahlias - silver
cup, $10.

A.C. CHAMBERLAIN, corner DeKalb avenue and Ryerson street, Brooklyn, for the
best Hanging Basket of Plants in Bloom - silver medal.

Wm. DAVIDSON, Brooklyn, for a Collection of Verbenas - silver medal.

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