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Agriculture Schedule
1875 state census

Industry other than Agriculture Schedule. At the end of 
each election district, there was a Marriage Schedule 
(people married between June 1,1874 - May 31,1875)
Death Schedule (people who died between June 1, 1874 - May 31, 1875)
Indusrty Schedule
Unfortunately not every census taker was diligent abt filling out these
schedules but if they did - it is VERY interesting. 

The Industry schedule asked numerous questions (abt 15) relating to the 
business. I only copied  a few pages (& a few questions) - to let 
others know all the goodies buried in the state census.

3rd  Election District of 4th Ward
Name                        type of business            product
J. W. BIRDSEYE Co.  			coffee & spice mills         
BURGER, HERBERT & LIVINGSTON    sugar refinery     
H.S. CARR & Co       			manf. of essential oils
DAVISON & Co            		skirt printers             
Thomas GILL         			manuf. borax soap      
Amand COFFIN & Georgia  		manf. horn & shell goods 
MILES Bros.             		manf. brushes              
Thomas F. VICE      			manf. prepared flour       
P. SPRINGFIELD & Co     		ladies garments            
LAWSON & DAVIES 				manf. shirt bosom          
J.T. RAY & Co           		pen & pencil case manf.  
Herman BEHR         			sand paper manf.
A.A. JENNOTT            		manf. of watch cases           
Chas. L. SHERMAN    			manf of sheet metal goods
W &J DICKSON        			tinsmiths
John CANAVAN       	 			horse shoes & blacksmith
Charles DRAPER      			manf. plated jewelry
Franklin WOODRUFF   			storage

Industry Schedule of 1875 census
6th Election District, 4th Ward  

David SKINNER           		dentist
?  BOGARDUS         			dentist
John C. WEYMAN      			dentist
Geo. H. SMITH           		dentist
Tom BRESHEAS ?      			photographer
??de ANQUINOS       			photographer
Frank E. PEARSALL   			photographer
David ABRAHAMS      			photographer
John HEIL               		shoe maker
? DONOHUE          		 		tailor
? PORTER                		tailor
Elizabeth A. McGIVENS?  		tailoress
H. SHIPMAN          			tailor
Frederick KING          		tailor
S.M. CALLOTE            		tailor
ANNEBERG Bros           		tailors        

Kathy Then

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