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Brooklyn Standard Union
15 June 1929

Seven Out of Ten Awards to Men of Local Edison Co.

   At the one day convention and annual election of officers of the
metropolitan New York section of the National Electric Light Association, held
this afternoon at the Hotel Commodore, Manhattan, ten prizes were presented to
winners in an essay-writing contest that was open to all employes of local
electric light and power companies.
Of the ten prize winners, seven are employes of the Brooklyn Edison Company
and the others are employed by the New York Edison Company, the New York and
Queens Electric Light and Power Company and the Westchester Lighting Company.
The first prize, $40 in gold, went to J. R. LOWELL, 191 Gates avenue, for a
paper on 'Education and Industry.' Mr. LOWELL is chief clerk of the department
of personnel and statistics of Brooklyn Edison.
The other prizes, which range from $30 to $10, were awarded as follows:
Second prize - 
S. C. HOOKER, Jr., of 82 Remsen street, inspector, mechanical
engineering, Brooklyn Edison Company.
Third prize - 
J. SCHWARZ, 140-54 160th street, Jamaica, engineering
assistant, office of vice-president in charge of engineering, 
Brooklyn Edison Company.
Fourth prize - 
G.I. MacKENZIE, junior engineer, distribution bureau, New York
and Queens Electric Light and Power Company.
Fifth prize -
W. G. MARTHAL, 302 Pelton avenue, New Brighton, S. I.
Sixth prize - 
S. W. SPIEVOGEL, 6902 Ridge boulevard, Brooklyn, assistant
engineer, mechanical engineering department, Brooklyn Edison Company.
Seventh prize - 
W. MASTER, 34 Orange street, engineering assistant, research
bureau, executive department, Brooklyn Edison Company.
Eighth prize - 
H. G. LITTLEWORT, 142-41 249th street, Rosedale, L. I., chief
record and report division, consumers bureau, Brooklyn Edison Company.
Ninth prize - 
J. W. MacDONALD, 164 Hillside avenue, Mt. Vernon.
Tenth prize - 
J. F. LAMBIAS, Jr., 76 St. James place, survey tracer,
distribution department, Brooklyn Edison Company.

Transcribed by Margaret Ransom
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