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Descriptive Review of Manufacturing Book Surnames..

"Descriptive Reviewof theManufacturing and Mercantile Industries of the City
of Brooklyn and the towns of Long Island and Staten Island"  Richard
Edwards, Editor -
Historic Publishing Co. 1883.

Job Printer - High Street near Fulton
The job printing establishment of Mr. Robert Bruce is another of the old
business houses of Brooklyn, having been started by him over 30 years ago.
For 17 years of this time Mr. Bruce was in partnership under the firm name
"Bruce & Dugard".  By steady attention to his business he has continued to
receive a large patronage, and has executed thousands of dollars worth of
work for his neighbors, who mostly being in business themselves, were
constantly requiring the aid of the potent power wielded so deftly by
printer's ink.
Mr. Bruce, though bearing the great historic Scottish name was born in
London, England and at an early age came to the United States, where he has
lived for 40 years, principally in New York state.  He is a member of Co. D,
Thirteenth Regiment of Brooklyn, Col. Austen, Commander, and in every way is
a excellent representative of the great fraternity of printers.

Dry and fancy goods and real estate  1986 Fulton St.
Established in 1860, this house is the leading one in this line in this
section of the city.  Mr. James DUNDAS commenced business at this place in
the year stated above and carries a first class line of quality goods.
In 1882 Mr. DUNDAS died, and his widow is now managing the business in all
branches.  She is a practical business woman, understanding every detail of
the various lines and has a neat and attractive store.  The dimensions of
the store are 30 X 85 feet.
Mrs. DUNDAS is a careful and painstaking lady and is always anxious to
please and satisfy her patrons.  She possesses rare good judgement.

S. CHICHESTER Druggist No. 357 Myrtle Ave.  This elegant, extensive and well
appointed drug store is one of the best known and most popular on the avenue
having been established in 1864 by Alfred Beley, who conducted it
successfully for many years.  The business has been under the present
popular proprietor for the past 14 years.  Mr. Chichester and his able
assistants are experienced and reliable pharmacists and as they enjoy the
full confidence  of the medical fraternity and the public, he does a large
and valuable prescription business.

Haviland in the Industry and Mercantile Book:
I.T. Haviland & Bros.  Flour and Groceries No. 176 Smith St.  The large
business at present conducted by Messrs. I.T. Haviland and Bros. was
originally established by Mr. I T. Haviland in the present stand in 1876.
It grew rapidly and about 2 years ago, H.C. and G.W. Haviland were admitted
into the firm.  Mr. H.C. entering the Smith Street store, while his brother
took charge of the branch store at No. 294 Grand St.  The firm deals
generally in groceries and makes a specialty of flour, supplying it
wholesale and retail to families and bakers.  They likewise deal largely in
tea, coffee and butter.  The Messrs. Haviland are natives of Westchester Co.
and are amiable and energetic businessmen whose popularity in this city is
well deserved.

John Snyder Undertaker 409 Grand St. Livery & boarding stables 12, 14 and 16
Power St.
One of the oldest and most widely known establishments of the kind in the
Eastern District is that of Mr. John H. Snyder. the premises are 60 x 120
feet with a handsome two-story brick structure the ground floor of which is
used for stalls, carriage house and office and the upper portion as an
undertakers warehouse.  The stall will accommodate about 40 horses.  In the
rooms above are all styles and sizes of coffins and caskets with every
requisite for an appropriate observance of the last rites.

This business was established in 1843 by the late John Snyder, father of the
present proprietor.  Mr Snyder has been engaged in business for over 30
years and he has not only won a high reputation as a businessman, but his
fellow citizens have testified by the bestowal of civic honors their
appreciation of his great worth as a citizen.  He has been repeatedly
elected to the position of Supervisor and Alderman, always making an
honorable public servant in either position.

No  Edwin J Norris listed -- F D Norris carpenter & builder No. 29 and 31
DeKalb Ave. Est'd 1849.  This business has been running under the name of
the present proprietor since that time.  Mr F D Norris has resided in
Brooklyn since his early childhood.

Mundell nothing listed for shoes and paints -- William A Mundell architect,
Phoenix Building

Albert W. Bailey, Atty., etc. 26 Court St.  Among the prominent lawyers of
the City of Churches, mention  must be made of Mr. A W Bailey who was
admitted to the Bar in 1867, since which date he has prosecuted a large and
successful law practice.  He was at one time with Judge McCue.  Mr. Bailey
is a native of the city and as a old member of the bar, stands high in the
esteem of his professional confreres.

Dr. Thomas Holmes no listing -- D S Holmes listed as stationery, music etc.
89 Fourth St.

Vollkommer no listing -- closest was Vollmer Bros. marble and granite,
Cypress Hills Long Island City Messrs William and Henry Vollmer Plank Rd.

Carroll, James no listing
Carroll, John D. insurance broker 26 Court St.
Carroll, Joseph W. Lawyer 191 Montague St.
Carroll, Nicholas Provisions Dealer 91 Atlantic Ave.
Carroll, John Plumber 227 Atlantic Ave.

Edward Cooney - Cooney & Co. Manufactures of Bedding etc. 65 & 67 Smith St.
since July 1st 1882, Messrs James J. and Edward F. Cooney, sons of the
founder of the Myrtle Ave. establishment have opened an establishment of
this arm in Smith St. and are entirely independent of any other in the city.
The young gentlemen who compose the firm are practically acquainted with all
the details of their trade.

Marsh Charles A., no listing -- Dr. William Marsh, Radical Cure & Truss Co.
473 Fulton

Mc (Sweeney) - W. Sweeney Saddle & Harnessmaker No. 77 Bridge St.  Among the
harness makers of Brooklyn, there are none who call more for our notice than
Mr. Sweeney.  At this establishment there is kept constantly on hand a stock
valued at $2,000.  Mr. William Sweeney has 3 hands helping him execute all
orders given to him.  The proprietor who was born in Waterford, Ireland in
1836 came to this country 34 years ago.  the Last 12 of which he has been at
the present location.

Ryan, James D., Ales, Wines And Liquors, Northeast Corner of Bond and Butler
St.  Mr. Ryan first established in business in 1872, fitting his present
store in a first class manner and stocking it with the best imported ales,
wines, liquors and cigars.  Mr. Ryan is a native of Brooklyn and is the
centre of a large circle of acquaintances.  A Democrat in politics, he is
not what could be termed active, but quietly lends his support to his party.

Young, Thomas - linens not listed
Young, S. Dealer of Dry & Fancy Goods corner of Myrtle & Carlton Ave.
Young & Smilie, Manufactures and dealers of licorice paste and stick 180,
182, 184 186 First St.  No first name on Mr. Young at this establishment

Young & Co,  151 Fourth St. (no first name or initial) Hatters.  Mr Young
born in Brooklyn or what was then known as Williamsburgh was a member of the
old volunteer Fire Department.  He now holds the position of Trustee of the
Widows and Orphan Fund of the Brooklyn Fire Dept.

Peterson, John cabinetmaker and upholsterer and Inlaid work. No. 857 Myrtle
Ave.  Mr. Peterson, a native of Malina, Sweden has only been in the country
three years and has but recently established himself in Brooklyn.

Reinhart, J.M., Dry Goods, etc. 526 Broadway  In this locality Mr.
Reinhart's store occupies a prominent position.  The large stock includes
the choicest selection of millinery goods, which being all manufactured on
the premises are unsurpassed in fashionable design; also an assortment of
dry goods.  The boots and shoes kept here are of a remarkably low price.
These handsome premises occupy a two-story corner building 100 x 108 ft. in size.

Mr. Reinhart is a native of Germany and commenced there in business for
himself 38 years ago, so that he is of long experience in this line.  He
came to the United States 30 years ago, and first started business in the
South, but he opened this place in this city 8 years ago.  He is a gentleman
of pleasant address.

A & M IBERT, Jr.  No. 158 Graham Ave. and 155 Montrose Ave.  Wholsale
dealers in flour, butter, lard, eggs, sugar etc, etc.  This is one of the
most extensive and important firms of wholesale merchants in the Eastern
District and one of the leading business houses of the city,  The origin of
this extensive and popular concern dates back to the early days of
Williamsburgh, then little better than a village, when the grandfather of
the present members of this firm started a small trading store which
ultimately developed into the great enterprise which now honors his name.
This firm surplus nearly 2/3 of the retail grocers in the Eastern District,
besides having a large trade with all the surrounding country.  They are
widely known and highly respected.

Mrs. J. MURPHY  Toys, stationery, etc. No 1097 Fulton St.  Mrs. J. Murphy
started her present enterprise over 21 years ago on Atlantic St, and moved
to the most desirous store at 1097 Fulton St. where she has done business
ever since.

Thomas MURPHY  Boots and Shoes  No 549 Vanderbilt Ave.  Mr. Murphy is a
native of Ireland, but came to this city many years ago.  In 1875 he
established the business in which he is now engaged.  He has been at No. 549
Vanderbilt Ave. for the past three years.  The trade is quite extensive,
boots, shoes, gaiters, slippers, rubbers and other articles.  The store is
18 x 30 feet in dimension.

COATES & CLANCY  Hotel at No. 149 Sand St.  Rm. A. P. Coates is a native of

C. LeRoy  Dairy, State Dairy and Creamery, Butter, etc.  No. 736 Myrtle Ave.
This gentleman was born in Sullivan County, New York State and has been
established in this business some four years past.

C. O. PEASE   Manufacturer of Comfortables  No 386 Atlantic Ave.  Mr. Pease
is a native of Canada.

John BRADY  Boarding, Sale and Livery Stables  No 22 High St.  Mr. Brady has
been established in business for the last three years and has built up a
first class trade.  He has two stables adjoining one anotherwhich are 25 x
64 and 25 x 100 feet in size and which are well adapted to his line of
trade.  He keeps first class coaches, light wagons, coupes, etc., to let at
all hours, and pays particular attention to boarding horses.  He was
formerly in business in Washington St.  Mr. Brady is a native of Ireland and
has been a resident of Kings County for the last 21 years.  He is popular in
the community and deservedly so in view of his straight record as a business
man and a citizen.

Sheryl Zenzerovich

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