Kings County Clerk's Office has Records of Incorporation and Records of Limited Partnerships on file, going back to the 1600's!!! However, it is not always easy to "nail down" the name that the company was Incorporated under........ You can't just look for your ancestor's name in the Indexes--- you must know the exact name of the Corporation or LP they established. Once you find the Incorporation date (and dissolution date) of the concern, you then go down into "the cellar" of the County Clerk's Office, where the old Libers are....There, you requisition the Liber containing the Letters of Incorporation for the business you desire....... I've read some of the Incorporation records, and they give names of Officers of the Company, and other neat stuff regarding the financing of same.... Incorporation Libers and Limited-Partnership books are on the First Floor... The Records Room is down in the basement But, it is *not* an easy task to get this far----you *must* be persistent *and* insistent to get the records from the "vaults"......and there is nobody there who will help you and "walk you through" the process of searching for the Incorporation records----the Clerks in the record Room have their hands full with voracious, undisciplined title searchers, whose actions resemble schools of piranha at feeding time..........The Clerks can't spare much time for mild-mannered genealogy enthusiasts......... ;-) The above description of "feeding" behavior also describes the environment at the City Register's Office, where all the Property and Real Estate records are kept...... Kings County Clerk's Office (is in the) Supreme Court Building 360 Adams Street Brooklyn NY 11201 Phone # : 718-643-8012.... The County Clerk's Office will not do searches for Incorporation or Limited Partnership records, however.......... Thanks to: Jim Garrity Back To BUSINESS Main Return to BROOKLYN Info Main Page