Source; Amityville Historical Society
P.O.Box 764
Amityville, N.Y. 11701

Amityville Cemetery - 
North side of Harrison Avenue east of Route 110 in North Amityville.  
Owned by a non-profit corperation. Information available at
the Amityville Cemetery Association: (631) 264-3317.

Austin Cemetery - 
Archer Avenue, Copiague, N. Y.

Purdy-Ketcham Cemetery - West side of Bayview Avenue north of Merrick Road, Amityville

Smith Cemetery - South side of Merrick Road opposite Park Avenue,

Amityville. Location is behind business properties.

Wood-Ketcham-Conklin Cemetery- East end of Moreland Court, north of
Merrick Road and east of Bayview Avenue.   Not maintained-overgrown Amityville.

Purdy Cemetery - West side of Albany Avenue, off Delaware Avenue,
North Amityville. Accessible but greatly overgrown. Near Northeast School.

Chichester Cemetery - North side of Oak Street, east of Broadway (Route110) Amityville.

Ketcham Cemetery - Cedar Street between Park Avenue and Ketcham Avenue, Amityville.

Grace Church Cemetery (includes Floyd-Jones Burial Grounds), North side
Merrick Road at the site of The Historical Society of The Massapequa's complex.

Trinity Cemetery - located on the grounds of the Dominican Convent, 555
Albany Avenue, North Amityville.  
Call St. John's Cemetery (718) 894-4888 for information.

Payne Cemetery-southeast corner of Albany Avenue and Bayview Avenue
North Amityville.

St. Dominic's Cemetery - Amityville 
(Right outside the Amityville Village Line)

Brewster Cemetery: End of Brewster Place and Devine Place, North Amityville

Brewster (Also known as Old Bethpage Cemetery): Bethpage Road and Great Neck
Road opposite lies Place, Copiague.

Brunn-Greene Cemetery: S. E. corner lies Place and Bethpage Road, Copiague.
(North of and across from #25)

Miller-Squires Cemetery: North side of Great Neck Road, between Commerce Blvd.
and Columbus, North Amityville.

The above cemeteries are inactive.

Breslau Cemetery - Newark Street- Lindenhurst.

The following cemetery is located on Main Avenue, Wyandanch . Names on the
stones were copied for the D A R by Eileen Smith in 1978. It was decribed as being
in the rear of St. John's Boys Camp and said to be in good conditon.
(NOTE: There was no 'following Cemetery listed under this..I will call them.)

East Farmingdale - one half mile east of the Farmingdale Rail Road 
Station along side the railroad tracks.
This is an overgrown plot of land, with a huge stone. All graves are 
engraved on the memorial granite. 1800's.

Beth Moses - Jewish- Farmingdale/Pinelawn

New Montifiore - Jewish- Farmingdale/Pinelawn

Mount Ararat- Jewish- Farmingdale/Pinelawn

St Charles- aka- Ressurrection - Farmingdale/Pinelawn

Long Island National Cemetery - Veterans Cemetery- Farmingdale/Pinelawn
aka Pinelawn Memorial

North Babylon Cemetery - Sunrise Highway

St. Joseph's Cemetery - Sunrise Highway


Babylon Rural Cemetery - Deer Park Ave. 

Transcribed by Nancy E Lutz
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