CORNELL Cemetery or Burying Ground

The CORNELL Burial Grounds are located near New Haven and Caffrey Aves in Far Rockaway. 

 There are articles about the restoration of the cemetery in "The Wave",Nov.16,1991 and "The Far Rockaway Journal", Sept. 1991.  
The information I have is from my cousin Mary CORNELL who was involved with the restoration and articles from the newspapers mentioned above.  

It appears that the city had taken the land for back taxes.  

In the 1970's,through research, it was learned that there was a CORNELL Burial Ground in Far Rockaway, unfortunately all the headstones 
were gone and buildings were built around it, and it was now a dumping ground.  Through the efforts of a few CORNELL descendants they 
were able to regain the land because private cemeteries are tax exempt.  

In tracing old wills and deeds it was learned that at one point in history the property belonged to the Lockwood family.  
Apparently, Benjamin CORNELL (son of Richard CORNELL) had only one daughter, 
she married Benjamin Lockwood then died during childbirth.  

The child inherited the land, sold it to developers.  

Later a John Black CORNELL, bought the cemetery and adjoining lot to be used as an access way, back from the developers.  
He deeded the cemetery & lot to be the property of "CORNELL Family"-forever.  

The restoration committee was planning restoring the cemetery, building a small memorial park, a small museum and archives. 
 I don't know if all the plans were realized.  

Richard CORNELL was the first one buried at the site on Nov. 7, 1694.  
There are about 30 descendants & relatives buried there. 
 Another stone says "H.C. March 4, 1750."

Others that are buried there are 2 Revolutionary War heros, a hero of the War of 1812, and a member of the NY State Assembly for 27 years.  

Diane Kaempf
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