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Deed of Old Burying Ground - Town of Hempstead  

     Section 56, Block H-8, Lot 52 (Old Burying Ground) 
was conveyed by Robert VALENTINE, and his wife, Eliza, to 
Elisah JACKSON, 
Obidiah JACKSON, 
Morris JACKSON, 
Sidney JACKSON, 
Samuel EDELL, trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church, 
on March 18, 1851, and described:

  "All that certain piece or lot of land hereinafter described situate, 
lying and being on the east side of road leading from John COLLINS to 
Cyrus WHITMORE's Mill in the Town of Hempstead, and is bounded to wit:  
on the east on the north and on the south by other land of the party 
of the first part and on the west by the aforesaid road, containing 
within said bounds one half an acre."

       The Real Estate Division of the Town of Hempstead says:

  "By six deeds recorded on December 24, 1921....the premises...
was conveyed to Edward W. BROWNING...BROWNING conveyed his large holdings 
on Oakfield Road, excepting the cemetery, leaving title in him.  
BROWNING died prior to 1940 and the Title Guarantee and Trust Company 
was the executor of his last will and testaments.

Lots 53 and 39 are not part of the cemetery and are owned by 
MOHAR Realty Co., 887 Wellington Road, Westbury and Forest Lake Manor Inc."


Memory of
Co. I. 26, U.S. Col. Troops
Died. Oct. 1, 1905
Aged 67y.

Memory of
20th. Regt. U.S.C. Inf.
March 11th, 1887

Memory  of
Co. E.2, Regt. U.S. Col. Troops
Feb. 8, 1903
Aged 76y

Memory of
Co. B. 20, Regt. U.S. Inf.
Died Sept. 28, 1916

Corrections of Errors on Gravestone Inscriptions

Name      Error        Correction          Source
David     Aged 67      Aged 65y       National Archives
Death Certificate

Edward    2 Regt.      20th Regt.          National Archives
          Aged 76 yrs  Aged 78 yrs         National Archives
Death Certificate

Gilbert   20 Regt.U.S. 20th Regt.U.S.
          Inf.(All     S. Colored          National Archives
          White regt.) Infantry  


Date of Death       Age             Name

1 -September 1862   53y    	JONES, 		J. Checker
15-January   1875               JACKSON, 	Elbert
15-January   1875               JARVIS, 	Lewis
5 -January   1882   36y        	JACKSON, 	John C.
11-March     1887   46y        	JACKSON, 	Morris
4 -June      1888   10y        	SMITH, 		Paul E.
15-April     1889   1 y         JACKSON, 	Elsie
15-February  1890   5mth        JACKSON, 	Alkey
22-August    1890   10y        	LEVI, 		Evie, D.
11-October   1892   1dy         NIMES 		(Infant)
26-October   1892   2mth        JACKSON, 	Theodore, G, Jr.
21-December  1893   23y         JACKSON, 	William C.
3 -June      1894   9dys        JACKSON, 	(Infant)
7 -July      1894   89y         JACKSON, 	Elizabeth
12-February  1895   64y         PORTLAND, 	Joseph
27-February  1895   11mth       JACKSON, 	Edward S.
13-March     1895   41y         JACKSON, 	George H.
25-April     1896   69y         JACKSON, 	Charles
23-July      1896   1mth        JACKSON, 	Mary
23-January   1897   25y         JACKSON, 	Margerate, J.
4 -April     1897   Stillborn   WILLIAMS, 	(Infant)
5 -January   1898   40y         CHASE, 		Priscilla
3 -February  1898   50y         JACKSON, 	Martha Amelia
11-March     1898   11mth       JACKSON, 	John W., Jr.
20-April     1898   25y         JACKSON, 	Benjamin
6 -November  1898   26y         JACKSON, 	Susan, E.
14-March     1899   67y         BRUSSE, 	Ellen
28-March     1899   81y         JACKSON, 	Treadwell
17-July      1899   2dys        JACKSON, 	Mary
2 -August    1899   1y          JACKSON, 	Alonzo
5 -August    1899   73y         JACKSON, 	Mary Jane

31-January   1900   43y         CUSTERS, 	Florence O.
25-April     1901   47y         SMITH, 		Sarah, A.
6 -May       1901   2y          JACKSON, 	Estella
22-November  1901   75y         JACK (JACKSON?), Mary, T.
10-January   1902   80y         JACKSON, 	Townsend
13-September 1902   91y         LAURENCE, 	Eliza
8 -February  1903   78y         JACKSON, 	Edward, S. or
                       		SANDS, E.
20-March     1903   26y         HICKS, 		Sarah Louisa
29-December  1903   38y         JACKSON, 	Esau
10-January   1904   82y         JACKSON, 	John
1 -October   1905   65y         JACKSON, 	David C.
6 -December  1905   19dys       BATES, 		Margaretta, E.
1 -May       1906   27y         JACKSON, 	Luella
6 -June      1906   1 mo        JACKSON, 	Howard
8 -December  1906   6mth        JACKSON, 	Eva Ellen
5 -February  1907   23y         HAVEN, 		John Everet
2 -April     1907   44y         DUNDRELL, 	Georgie
2 -April     1907   46y         WOOD, 		Lavinia
5 -July      1907   24y         JACKSON, 	John Everett
27-October   1907   8dys        JACKSON, 	Herbert
1 -September 1908   79y         JACKSON,  	Margretta
10-September 1908   82y         JACKSON, 	Delia
10-September 1908               GREEN, 		Gravalen
10-September 1908   8y          JACKSON, 	Adelia
26-October   1908   7dys        JACKSON, 	Harry
09-January   1909   79y         JACKSON,  	Lucy Ann   
14-March     1909   53y         JACKSON, 	Lutishen    
19-March     1909   45y         JACKSON, 	Julia
30-October   1909   52y         POTTER, 	George
14-July      1910   4y          NORTON, 	Ronald
2 -January   1912               JACKSON, 	Abraham
23-January   1912               WOOD, 		Eva
23-September 1912   20y         GRAHAM, 	Lila
4 -November  1912   68y         TREADWELL, 	Jane Ann
12-November  1912   1 mo.       JACKSON, 	Marjorie
12-March     1913   65y         GABEL, 		Susan
14-March     1913   42y         JACKSON, 	Edward
9 -May       1913   73y         JACKSON, 	Margaret
25-June      1913   75y         JACKSON, 	Susan
5 -December  1913   17y         JACKSON, 	James
24-December  1913               JACKSON, 	Marie
27-March     1914   45y         JACKSON, 	Lucy
4 -November  1914               JACKSON, 	Clara
             1914               JACKSON, 	Benjamin
13-May       1915   56y         JACKSON, 	Sidney, S.
28-September 1916   71y         JACKSON, 	Gilbert
24-June      1917               JACKSON, 	George 
? -March     1918               WILLIAMS, 	Edna JACKSON
21-May       1918   Stillborn   JACKSON 	(Infant)
16-June      1920   3mth        JACKSON, 	Douglas
30-September 1920   5mth        FISHER, 	Daisy    
11-July      1923   58y         JACKSON, 	Eugene
28-June      1925   40y         JARVIS, 	Jane Ann
26-December  1925   9y          JACKSON, 	Ella Louise
13-March     1926   54y         BUNN, 		Christina
3- December  1927   63y         JACKSON, 	Henry
20-June      1928               JACKSON, 	Ludwig     
21-April     1930               JACKSON, 	Pearl
?- September 1930   45y         CORBIN, 	Nellie
8- January   1931   8mth        BRIGGS, 	Virginia
3- March     1931   52y         JACKSON, 	Albert
27-April     1931   73y         JACKSON, 	James W.
30-August    1931   2y          JACKSON, 	Harris, Robert
2- January   1932   43y         MORGAN, 	Edna
4- February  1933   2mth        LLOYD, 		June Carol
30-October   1934   60y         JACKSON, 	Eugene
22-November  1934   48y         FISHER, 	Anna Louise
10-May       1936   33y         SMITH, 		Dorothy Louise
4- May       1937   67y         FIELDS, 	Mary
20-May       1937   13y         JACKSON, 	Robert
11-September 1937   49y         JACKSON, 	Frederick
12-September 1937   78y         JACKSON, 	Frederick
4- July      1940   19y         JACOBY, 	Gladys Amelia
1- August    1940   1y          JACKSON, 	Roger William
16-April     1942   8dys        JACKSON, 	Curtis LeRoy, Jr.
20-October   1942   2mth        JACKSON, 	Ronald
17-June      1943   36y         JACKSON, 	Charles     

Transcribed by Nancy E Lutz
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