19 August 1874
Brooklyn Eagle

AN EAST NEW YORK GHOST _______________ A Figure in White Appears in Groshon's Brick Yard and Attends To Kilns-- Forty Shots Discharged at it Without Effect. _______________

GROSHON'S brickyard, in the outskirts of East New York, situated on what is styled Woodhaven lane, has been the scence of a ghostly spectable of late. During last week, on three nights, about the witching hour when "graveyards yawn," a figure, arrayed in immaculate white, so to speak, was seen by a number of persons. As the reports of the strange apparition spread, people from far and near and miles around gathered about the brickyard, anxious for a sight at his ghostship. Those who have witnessed the ghostly vist, state that the man, or thing, through the operation of feeding the fires in the kilns and attending to the routine duties of a brick maker. After it has examined the condition of the kiln, spectators have seen this ghost open the furnace, pitch in a stick or two of wood, and then depart, leaving everything in proper postion. On Wednesday night of last week three constables and a deputy sheriff, in company with numerous citizens, went to the brick yard, resolved to solve the mystery, and if possible, lay the ghost. After a brief period of waiting the ghost appeared, and went through the performance, previously indicated. Before the fire had been wholly attended to by the spectral visitor, and while the light from the blazing furnace perfectly disclosed its outlines, the four officals discharged, in all no less than thirty cartridges; and, yet, to the inexpressible surprise of every watcher, that thing in white moved off and disappeared in the surrounding gloom, with the same unconcern as it had appeared, and evidently untouched by the rain of bullets. Thus far it has been seen on the first four nights of the week, from Sunday to Wednesday inclusive, and does not appear on remaining three nights. Further investigation is to be made by citizens who have intreated themselves in this strange affair. Back to GHOSTS Main Back to CEMETERY INDEX Back to BROOKLYN Page Main