3 May 1884
Brooklyn Eagle

THE GHOST OF A LIVING PERSON _________________________ A Specter Which Alarms The Residents of New Utrecht

A ghost story which has created some excitement in the Town of New Utrecht has just come to light. Unlike other ghost stories, this one represents a living person. On New Utrecht lane, in the village of New Utrecht, close to the old stone Reformed Church is a small plot of ground. A two story cottage stands back from the road, in a clump of trees. The cottage is owned by the Rev. Hugh Smith CARPENTER, lately of the Bedford Congregational Cburch, and was formerly occupied by Mr. and Mrs. George Barry WALL. The readers will remember the tragic death of Mr. WALL at the hands of his wife, who is now known on the dramatic stage as Miss Lizzie McCALL.. On February 27 1882, Mrs. WALL shot her husband, and was arrested and subsequently discharged from custody, the jury finding that the shooting was accidental. After the shooting the house remained vacant for about a year. Last spring it was rented to Mr. R. C. McLAUGHLIN, the secretary of the Cotton Exchange, New York. Mr. McLAUGHLIN'S family is composed of himself, wife, three grown daughters and two sons. The young ladies had heard of the shooting affray, and during the first few nights they remained in the house, occupied a room in which they were assured the shooting had not taken place. Subsequently they stated at the breakfast table that they had seen ghosts in their bedroom during the previous night. A friend who was present asked to look at their sleeping room. He was according to privilege, and then told the young ladies they were occupying the very room in which the shooting had taken place. During the last few weeks all the members of the family claim to have seen ghosts of various sizes and descriptions. One night last week after the family descended the stairs armed with bootjacks, hammers, tongs and shovels. When the front door opened nothing was to be seen except the large goat which was asleep on the front door step. The family with trembling steps then returned to their rooms. Mrs. McLAUGHLIN the following night heard a queer noise upstairs, and being a plucky woman walked upstairs to ascertain the cause. She stated that when she arrived at the head of the stairs she saw the ghost of Mrs. WALL leaning over the banister. Many residents think the ghost is the goat. THE STORY THAT RAN IN THE NEWSPAPER ABOUT THE SHOOTING Back to GHOSTS Main Back to CEMETERY INDEX Back to BROOKLYN Page Main