27 December 1893
Brooklyn Eagle

WHO IS PLAYING GHOST AND SCARING FRANK PEARSALL __________________ He Says a Six Foot Vision Confronted Him as He Wended His Way Homeward Sunday Night, Warning Him to "Go and See That Girl No More"- But He Will Go __________________

Frank PEARSALL of Millville on Sunday night paid his customary visit to the girl he adores. The midnight hour came and with it the girl's advice to the effect that pater familiars objected to long sittings. 'Twas hard to part, but Frank donned his ulster and with natural reluctance went out into the darkness and wended his way homeward. He had traversed about forty rods where there appeared before him a ghost. The lad was rooted to the spot. The ghost said nothing and Frank was disinclined to open the discussion. The vision finally ventured to caution the lad to "Depart in peace; go and see that girl no more." Recovering himself, PEARSALL ran wildly for home and has concluded that he and the girl are not destined to travel life together. An Eagle reporter interviewed PEATSALL yesterday and learned substantially the foregoing particulars. "The ghost," Frank said, "it came out of the Great Neck woods, and I'm satisfied that the girl and I must part company. The vision," he said upon further inquiry, "was about six feet in height, clothed in a long, white garment, and seemed to float toward me. Its hands were outstretched. Scared! Was I? I rather reckon I was." Some of the lad's neighbors have decided to ferret out the ghost mystery and are prevailing upon PEARSALL to make another call upon his heart's idol. He has appointed Sunday night for the next seance, and the boys have decided to bring the spirit to bay. Back to GHOSTS Main Back to CEMETERY INDEX Back to BROOKLYN Page Main