8 December 1899
Brooklyn Eagle

SMITHVILLE'S GHOST HUNT SMITHVILLE South. Long Island _________________ A Night Walking Spectre that Frightens Villiagers and Defies Capture

Transcribers Note: Previously known as Smithville South, North Bellmore is a hamlet (unincorporated area) in the east-center section of the Town of Hempstead. Beginning on the north and moving in a clockwise direction, the Hamlet of North Bellmore in the Town of Hempstead is bordered on the north by the Hamlet of East Meadow; on the east by the Hamlets of North Wantagh and Wantagh; on the south by the Hamlet of Bellmore; and, on the west by the Hamlet of North Merrick. This place is greatly excited over a ghost which has been seen in different parts of the village nearly every night for a week or more and last night a company of men and boys, armed with revolvers and shot guns and re-enforced by several good dogs, started out in search of the spook. The company was led by William TRISCH, keeper of the Smithville Hotel, and John COMBES, who carries the United States mail between the Smithville and Bellmore Post Offices. He is also a member of the choir of the East Meadow Church and has had several exciting experiences with the ghost. COMBES says he first saw the spook on Saturday night, when he was returning home from William SMITH'S about 11 o'clock, where he had been for choir practice. He says the spook, which was white and looked as if wrapped in a sheet, came from the edge of the woods through which he was passing, and stood on the side of the road waving its hands and groaning as if in great distress. COMBES crossed to the opposite side of the street and as soon as he had passed the ghost returned to the woods and was not seen again until Sunday night. Then COMBES saw it again near Benjamin CARMAN'S place, as he was returning home from a Sunday night call. The spook was in a corn field near the road and acting in the same manner as on the night previous. COMBES put the whip on his horse and soon left the goblin in the rear. Miss Lillian ZONE was also badly frightened on Sunday night when she was returning home from church. She says the specter came out from under a bridge and crossed the street ahead of her. She ran the balance of the way home and told her parents, but they did not consider it enough importance to investigate. It has also been seen by scores of others, among whom is an old Negro known as Aunt Peggy, who says it walks around in her yard at night. The hunters have failed to locate the ghost and some of them irreverently suggest that a joke is being played by someone just for a little fun. Others believe it is a real ghost, among them Detective Joseph SMITH, who says if he locates it he will know what it is. Back to GHOSTS Main Back to CEMETERY INDEX Back to BROOKLYN Page Main