23 September 1901
Brooklyn Eagle

GHOST AT THE NAVY YARD STARTLES THE MARINES Corporals McNEAL and BATES Have Seen It and Have Felt a Mysterious Influence. ___________________ WHOLE GUARD ON THE HUNT A Mysterious Figure With Its Head Bandaged Up Is Pursued and Disappears. ___________________

The marines who are quartered in Cob Dock, Brooklyn Navy Yard, are convinced that the ghost of Billy HUNT, the laborer who was recently drowned from a tug in the East River, is making its headquarters at the "Jock Club" on the dock. Several of them are positive that they have felt it or have seen it within the past week. They have occupied the place for five years hitherto without experiencing any similar disturbances. The marines are not accustomed to being easily frightened, but the ghost has the best of them in the present case, and they all admit it. Last night the entire marine corps united in the hunt for the ghost. Back to GHOSTS Main Back to CEMETERY INDEX Back to BROOKLYN Page Main