3 October 1902
(Special to the Eagle)
Flushing, Long Island

FLUSHING HAS A GHOST THAT FRIGHTENS COPPERS _________________ The Police Headquarters in That Section Said to be Haunted IT IS A FEMININE GHOST _________________ Patrolman HANNIMAN'S Experience. One Night in the House Caused Him to Seek a Transfer to Brooklyn

This staid old village has furnished the public with a genuine ghost story in which a haunted house and a very much frightened policeman figure. The alleged haunted house is the new police station in North Prince street, which the local police took possession of only a few days ago, and Patrolman HANNIMAN is chiefly responsible for this strange story. The officer says that he is not superstitious and does not place much credence in ghost stories, but the first night he slept in the new station house he felt rather nervous and his sleep was much disturbed. He heard mysterious noises in the building all night, which made him feel somewhat shaky. The next morning when Patrolman HANNIMAN was relieved, he reported his experiences to the sergeant and asked to be transferred. He refused to remain in the building any longer, and he was transferred to Brooklyn. The story of the station house being haunted has caused a ripple of excitement among the policeman who sleep in the building. An investigation was made yesterday as to the gruesome experiences of the police officer and Patrolman McKENNA found that the water dripped from a leaky leader on a tin roof: the leak was stopped, but the weird noises continued. One of the policeman says that the noises sound like the moans of a woman in terrible agony, and it is alleged that a white robed figure of a tall young woman has been seen stalking through the halls in the shadowy moonlight. One of the old traditions of this place, rehearsed from time to time, is that Miss WINTERS, youngest daughter of Gabriel WINTERS, who built and owned the house, was found dead in her room under suspicious circumstances. Some say that the young woman committed suicide, while others assert that she was murdered. The mystery was never cleared up. Back to GHOSTS Main Back to CEMETERY INDEX Back to BROOKLYN Page Main