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Abbreviations and Terms Used in Soundex Cards

A Aunt Ad Adopted AdCl Adopted child AdD Adopted daughter AdGcl Adopted grandchild AdM Adopted mother AdS Adopted son Al Aunt-in-law Ap Apprentice Asst Assistant At Attendant B Brother Bar Bartender BBoy Bound boy BGirl Bound girl Bl Brother-in-law Bo Boarder Boy Boy Bu Butler C Cousin Cap Captain Cha Chamber Maid Cil Cousin-in-law Cl Child Coa Coachman Com Companion Cook Cook D Daughter Dl Daughter-in-law Dla Day laborer Dom Domestic Dw Dishwasher Emp Employee En Engineer F Father FaH Farm hand FaL Farm laborer FaW Farm worker FB Foster brother FF Foster father Fi Fireman First C First cousin FL Father-in-law FM Foster mother FoB Foster brother FoS Foster son FoSi Foster sister GA Great aunt Gcl Grandchild GD Granddaughter GF Grandfather GGF Great-grandfather GGGF Great-great-grandfather GGGM Great-great-grandmother GGM Great-grandmother GM Grandmother Gml Grandmother-in-law GN Grand or great nephew GNi Grand or great niece Go Governess God Cl God child GS Grandson Gsl Grand son-in-law GU Great uncle Gua Guardian Guest Guest Hb Half brother Hbl Half brother-in-law He Herder Help Help H.Gi Hired girl Hh Hired hand Hk Housekeeper Hlg Hireling Hm Hired man HMaid Housemaid HSi Half sister HSil Half sister-in-law Husband Husband Hw Houseworker I Inmate L Lodger La Laborer Lau Launderer M Mother Maid Maid Man Manager Mat Matron ML Mother-in-law N Nephew Ni Niece Nil Niece-in-law Nl Nephew-in-law Nu Nurse O Officer P Patient Pa Partner Ph Physician Por Porter Pr Prisoner Pri Principal Prv Private Pu Pupil R Roomer S Son Sa Sailor Sal Saleslady Sb Stepbrother Sbl Step brother-in-law Scl Step child Sd Stepdaugther Sdl Step daughter-in-law Se Servant Se.Cl Servant's child Sf Stepfather Sfl Step father-in-law Sgd Step granddaughter Sgs Step grandson Si Sister Sl Son-in-law Sm Stepmother Sml Step mother-in-law Ss Stepson Ssi Stepsister Ssil Step sister-in-law Ssl Step son-in-law Su Superintendant Ten Tenant U Uncle Ul Uncle-in-law Vi Visitor W Wife Wa Warden Wai Waitress Ward Ward Wkm Workman Wt Waiter Return to CENSUS MAIN Page Return to BROOKLYN Main