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Brooklyn Daily Union Evening 3 July 1876 CORPORATION NOTICE - Sale of Property in the City of Brooklyn for Unpaid Assessments. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the owner or owners of the premises herinafter mentioned, and to all others whom it may concern, that in pursuance of an Act of the Legislature of the State of New York, passed April 17, 1854, entitled "An Act to consolidate the cities of Brooklyn and Williamsburgh and the town of Bushwick into one municipal government, and to incorporate the same," and of the laws amendatory thereof, authorizing the Registrar of Arrears of the said city to sell lands for non-payment of Assessments, at public auction, the following parcels of property will be sold by the said Registrar of Arrears of said city, to any person who will take the same for the lowest term of years, and pay the amount of Assessment, with default and expenses on Tuesday, July 18, 1876, at the Office of the Registrar of Arrears, Nos. 40 and 42 Court St., opposite City Hall, in said city, at 10 o'clock A.M., unless the same be paid to the Registrar, at his office, on or before the above-named day. D.D. WHITNEY, Registrar of Arrears Brooklyn, March 27, 1876 Opening and Extending Bedford Av. and Herkimer St., and Widening Perry Av. WARD NAME.. ST/AVE.. SIDE.. BETWEEN WHAT ST. OR AVE. DITTO=same as 9th WARD Est Sarah LEFFERTS..Perry av...E..Herkimer and Atlantic avs Melissa D. PALMER..Herkimer..N..Nostrand and Perry avs F.D. CLARK, Jr...Herkimer..N..Nostrand and Perry avs Jos. D. WILLIS..Herkimer..N..Nostrand and Perry avs W.J. CARR..ditto..N..Nostrand and Perry avs Caroline LOVEJOY..Wyckoff..N..Nostrand and Rogers avs Eliza M. LYONS..Wyckoff..S..Nostrand and Rogers avs Rachael TAYLOR..Wyckoff..S..Nostrand and Rogers avs Edward EGGERS..Warren..N..Nostrand and Rogers avs Horatio G. KNIGHT..Warren..S..Nostrand and Rogers avs Catherine KOEN??..Rogers av..E..Baltic and Warren Peter FOX..Rogers av..E..Baltic and Warren Patrick COLLIGAN..ditto..E..Baltic and Warren A.E. DOBNEY..Warren..N..Franklin and Perry avs G.H.H. TRAVIS..ditto..N..Franklin and Perry avs Harriet WALLIN..ditto - rear..N..Franklin and Perry avs Charles JONES..Wyckoff..S..Franklin and Perry avs Jane GOAWANESS..Warren..S..Franklin and Perry avs A. SPENCER..Rogers av..W..Butler and Douglass John ANDREWS..Rogers av..W..Butler and Douglass Unknown Owner..Sackett..N..Perry and Franklin avs Unknown Owner..Degraw..S.. Perry and Franklin avs Unknown Owner..Perry av..W..Sackett and Union James W. BARKER..Douglass..S..Rogers and Perry James W. BARKER..Degraw..N..Rogers and Perry G.G. ANDREWS..Degraw..S..Rogers and Perry Philip WYCK..Union..S..Rogers and Perry W.B. HYNES..Union..S..Rogers and Perry Sarah D. F?GEMA?..President..S..Perry and Franklin John PHILLIPS..President..S..Perry and Franklin W.P. COOLIDGE..Carroll..N..Perry and Franklin W.P. COOLIDGE..S..Perry and Franklin W.P. COOLIDGE..Crown..S..Perry and Franklin W.P. COOLIDGE..Montgomery..S..Franklin av and City Line W.P. COOLIDGE..Perry av..E..Crown st and City Line Stephen HAYNES..Montgomery..N..Franklin and Perry avs Stephen HAYNES..Sackett..N..Nostrand and Rogers avs. 8TH WARD Mick GRANT..Sixth Av.. E...18th and 19th Samuel MASLING..Nineteenth..N..6th and 7the avs Maddes SACRO..ditto..N..ditto J.M. O'BRIEN..Sixth av..E..18th and 19th John ROTH..ditto..E..ditto Hugh DEVASMY..ditto..E..ditto George BUSH..Seventh av..W..18th and 19th W.S. and F. RUELL..Nineteenth..S..6th and 7th avs Mary E. MCGONIGLE..ditto..N..7th and 8th R.C. OVERTON..Eighth av..W..18th and 19th John F. VINCENT..Secenth av..E..19th and 20th Stephen C. WILLIAMS..Nineteenth..S..7th and 8th avs W. RAWSON..ditto..S..8th and 9th avs John MOLINKY..ditto..S.5th and 6th avs George N. CARUTHILL..ditto..S..ditto Widening a Portion of Washington Ave. in the City of Brooklyn and Extending the same in the Town of Flatbush 9TH WARD Sarah and Josephine D. ONDERDONK..Dean..N..Wash'ton & Underhill avs Robert SUMMERS..Washington av..E..Dean and Pacific James K. GILL..ditto..E..ditto Henry C. SIMMS..Dean..N..Washington and Grand avs Valentine G. HALL..ditto..N..ditto Michael FARRELL..Bergen..N..Washington & Underhill avs Robert CROOKE..Washington av..E..Bergen and Dean Michael MCDONALD..ditto..E..ditto Robert CROOKE..ditto..E..ditto Sarah BROOKS..Dean..S..Washington and Grand avs Wm P. MILLER..Bergen..S..Washington & Underhill avs Fred'K FAWCETT..ditto..S..ditto Geo. F. THOMAS..Bergen..S..Washington and Underhill avs Hugh HARLEY..ditto..S..Washington and Grand avs. Patrick SIMPSON..St. Mark's av..S..Washington & Underhill avs John LOTT..Washington av..E..Warren and St. Mark's av Thomas E. BOYD..Grand av..W.. ditto Wm. SELDEN..ditto..E..ditto James SMITH..Warren..S..Washington & Grand G.W. VANWINKLE..ditto..S..ditto Thos. BURNS..ditto..S..ditto Mott BEDELL..Washington av..E..Grand av & Warren D.N. SHAW..ditto..E..Baltic and Butler dittoo..ditto..E..ditto Edward ROWE..ditto..E..ditto ditto..ditto..E..ditto John QUINN..ditto..E..ditto G.R. VAN BROCKLIN..ditto..E..Butler and Douglass Edward ROWE..ditto..E..ditto A. ROWE & W. COIT..ditto..E..ditto ditto..ditto..E.ditto ditto..ditto..E..ditto ditto..ditto..E.ditto ditto..ditto..E..ditto ditto..ditoo..E..ditto ditto..ditto..E..ditto Stephen HAYNES..Douglass..N..Washington & Classon av Dan VAN VORHIES..ditto..N..ditto W.A. COIT..Washington av..E..Degraw & Douglass ditto..ditto..E..ditto ditto..ditoo..E..ditto ditto..ditto..E..ditto ditto..ditoo..E..ditto ditto..ditto..E..ditto Michael; Keenan..Douglass..S..Washington & Classon avs Jennie REYNOLDS..Degraw..N..ditto E.H. STEERS..Washington av..E..Sackett & Degraw ditto..ditto..E..ditto ditto..ditto..E..ditto Thomas RICE..ditto..E..ditto ditto..ditto..E..ditto Unknown OWNER..Sackett..N..Washington & Classon avs Sylvester J. SHERMAN..Washington av..E..Union & Sackett ditto..ditto..E..ditto ditto..ditto..E..ditto Mary A. SHOTWELL..ditto..E..ditto ditto..ditto..E..ditto Ann SHERIDAN..Sackett..S..Washington & Classon avs Horace D. WADE..Classon av..W..Union & Sackett W.A. COIT..Union..S..Washington & Classon avs A.S. LAWRENCE..Washington av..E..Carroll & President ditto..ditto..E..Montgomery & Crown ditto..Montgomery..S..Washington & Franklin avs 20th WARD Andrew R. _ _ _VER..Lafayette..S..???? & Hamilton avs. 7th WARD Margaret F. BAKENHUS..Washington av..E..Greene & Lafayette avs Martin MILLER..ditto..E..Greene & Gates avs Wm. SILESTER..ditto..E..ditto A.W. TREADWELL..Washington av..E..Greene & Gates avs 20th WARD Catherine COYLE..ditto..E..Fulton & Atlantic avs ditto..ditto..W..ditto Opening Monroe Street from Stuyvesant to Reid AV. 21st WARD Nicholas GILLAUME..Monroe..N..Stuyvesant and Reid avs Opening Nineteenth St. from Ninth Av. to City Line 8th WARD Park Av. R.R. Co...Ninth Av..E..19th and 20th Jane LEFFERTS..Nineteenth..S..9th and 10th avs Francis HANRATTY..ditto..N.. 10th and 11th avs James W. MURPHY & M. MCCORMICK..ditto..S..9th and 10th avs W.O. PRICE..ditto..S..10th av and City Line Opening President St. from Third to Fourth Av. 10th WARD Grace CARR..President..S..3rd and 4th avs Ellen FERGUSON..ditto..S..ditto Margaret BARR..ditto..N..ditto ditto..ditto..S.ditto Edward H. MEAD..ditto..S..ditto Opening Twenty -second Street from Sixth to Seveneth Av. 8th WARD John DONNELLY..Twenty-second..N..6th and 7th avs ditto..ditto..S..ditto G.H. STRYKER, Jr...ditto..S..ditto Amos BURHAUS..ditto..S..ditto E. TERPENRING..ditto..S..ditto Opening Knickerbocker Av. from Thames to George St. & From Myrtle to Greene Av. 18th WARD Ida V. BARR..Knickerb'kr av..N..Flushing av & George ditto..ditto..S..ditto Lawrence WATERBURY..ditto..N..Myrtle and Suydam ditto..ditto..S..ditto ditto..ditto..S..ditto ditto..ditto..N...Suydam & Elm ditto..ditto..N..Elm and Chestnut ditto..ditto..S..ditto ditto..ditto..N..Chestnut and Stockholm ditto..Chestnut..W..Knickerb'kr & Irving avs ditto..Knickerb'kr av..S..Chestnut and Stockholm ditto..Stockholm..W..Knickerb'kr and Irving avs ditto..ditto..E..Knickerb'kr and Johnson avs A. VANDERVOORT, Sr...Elm..W..ditto ditto..ditto..E..ditto Lewis H. DEWEY..ditto.E..ditto ditto..Suydam..E..ditto Henry SHELDON..Greene av..W..Knickerb'kr and Irving av ditto..ditto..W..Knickerb'kr and Johnson av A.A. FARDON..ditto..W..Knickerb'kr and Irving av Ida V. BARR..Knickerb'kr av..N..Stockholm and Conselyea ditto..ditto..S..ditto ditto..ditto..N..Conselyea and hIMROD dittoo..dittoo..S..ditto ditto..Myrtle..E..Knickerb'kr and Johnson ditto..Suydam..E..ditto Opening Varet Street from Bushwick Av. to Bogart St. 18th WARD J.(?). CARTER..Varet..N..Bushwick av and White ditto..ditto..N..ditto ditto..ditto..S..ditto Alex. LAIRD..ditto..S..White and Bogart R. ADAIR and Others..ditto..N..ditto ditto..Bogart..W..Vareta and Moore David DEESE..Varet..S..Bushwick av and White I.A. WHITEHIES..ditto..S..ditto Opening Seveth Street from Second to Third Av. 2(2?)nd WARD John J. HILL..Seventh av..N..2d and 3d Brooklyn Improvement Company..Seventh av..S..2d and 3d avs ditto..Second av..E..7th and 8th H. LANGBEIN..Seventh..S..2d and 3d avs George H. KRULL..ditto..S..ditto ditto..Third av..W..7th and 8th George H. KRULL..Third av..W..7th and 8th Opening Hancock Street from Tompkins to Throop Av 21st WARD Estate L. LEFFERTS..Hancock..N..Tompkins and Throop Opening Jefferson Street from Reid to Patchen Av. 21st WARD Dorothy DIXON..Reid av. .E..Jefferson and Hancock Opening Eighth Av. from First to Second St. and from Fifth to Tenth st. 22nd WARD J.C. MARCELLUS..Ninth..S..7th and 8th avs J.R. KENNEDY..ditto..S..ditto E.C. LITCHFIELD..Eighth av..W..8th and 9th ditto..ditto..E..6th and 7th ditto..ditto..E..1st and 2nd ditto..Second..N..7th and 8th avs Grace H. LITCHFIELD..Sixth..N..ditto ditto..ditto..N..8th and 9th Peter DOUGHERTY..Eight av..W..6th and 7th Opening Lawton St. from Broadway to Bushwick Av. 18th WARD William WALL..Bushwick av..W..Lawton and Suydam F.J. BLACK..ditto..W..ditto T.S. BAINS..ditto..W..ditto 15th WARD John CLOWS..Lawton..S..Broadway and Bushwick av ditto..Bushwick av..W..Lawtona and Dodsworth Opening Howard Av. from Broadway to Halsey St. and Bainbridge St. to City Line 21st WARD W.E.SEDGWICK..Howard av..E..Broadway and Madison W.H. DECKER..Putnam av..N..Ralph and Howard av. Louise WEISER..Howard av..W..Putnam av and Madison S.P.GREEN..ditto..W..ditto Benjamin KIRBY..Madison..S..Ralph and Howard avs W. MURRAY..Putnam av..S..ditto ditto..Jefferson..N..ditto George S. CABAL..ditto..N..ditto Geo. CANADY..Hancock..S..ditto A.S. WHEELER..Halsey..N..ditto P.A. YOUNG..Bainbridge..S..ditto John DIEDRICH..Howard av..E..Bainbridge and Chauncey Thomas BURROUGHS..Chauncey..N..Ralph and Howard avs William RODD..Atlantic av, rear..N..Howard av and Cooper pl C. SACKLER..Chauncey..S..Howard and Saratoga avs F. BOSSUIT..Marion N..ditto Ann BILLING..Chauncey..S..Howard and Ralph avs Jacob SCHNEIDER..Marion..N..ditto Peter JANNEMAN..ditto..S..Howard and Saratoga avs ditto..ditto..S..ditto ditto..Sumter..N..ditto J. GACKLER..Marion.. S..ditto J. MCDICKER..ditto..S..ditto Carl ROLBICK..Sumter..N..ditto F. MARTIN..Marion..S..Howard and Ralph avs T.P. CRAWFORD..McDougal..N..ditto J.L. BECK..Fulton..N..Howard and Saratoga avs Thomas G. CARVER..McDougal..N..ditto ditto..Fulton..N..ditto J.H. SACKMAN..Herkimer..S..Howard av and Bancroft pl ditto..Howard av..W..Herkimer and Atlantic av ditto..ditto..W..ditto ditto..Atlantic av, rear..N..Howard av and Bancroft pl Eliza DUNDAS..Fulton..S..Howard and Ralph avs Thos. WHITTAKER..Herkimer ..N..ditto ditto..ditto..N..ditto Daniel RICHARDS..Atlantic av..N..Howard av and Cooper pl ditto..ditto..N..ditto Thomas WALSH..Pacific..S..Howard and Saratoga avs J.J. SACKMAN..Dean..N..ditto ditto..ditto..S..Howard and Ralph avs ditto..ditto..S..Howard and Saratoga avs D.F. MCKENSIE..Bergen..N..ditto Jno. JACKSON and Jas. GREEN,,Howard av..E..Dean and Bergen John W. HARWAY..ditto..E..ditto A.C. MILLARD..ditto..E..Bergen and Wyckoff ditto..ditto..W..ditto Mrs. E.C. HYATT..ditto..E..ditto ditto..ditto..W..ditto ditto..Baltic..N..Howard and Saratoga avs R. MCAULEY..Howard av..W..Bergen and Wyckoff J. WHIPPLE & HALL..Bergen..S..Howard and Ralph avs H. DEVINE..Wyckoff..S..Howard and Saratoga avs Margaret DUNNE..Howard av..E..Warren and Baltic ditto..ditto..W..ditto John T. BERGEN..ditto..W..ditto J.S. WOODRUFF..ditto..E..Baltic and Butler Patrick MCINROY..Butler..N..Howard and Saratoga avs Geo. W. MCDONALD..ditto..N..ditto John LINSKY..ditto..N..ditto E.S. HAYNES..Howard av..W..Baltic and Butler Miranda STOVY..Butler S..Howard and Saratoga avs H.J. CULLEN, Jr...Howard av..E..Butler and Douglass James EARLE..ditto..E..ditto S.B. PINCKNEY..Butler..S..Howard and Ralph avs Opening Lexington Av. from Marcy to Yates av 21st WARD Margaret M. FARRELL..Lexington av..N..Tompkins and Marcy av Charles GOTTE..ditto..N..ditto Eliza WOODRUFF..Lexington av..S..ditto Henry LAWRENCE..ditto..S..ditto Samuel P. BELL.ditto..S..ditto Amanda L. KELLY..ditto..S..ditto Bridget MCCOY..Tompkins av..W..Lexington av and Quincy Roseanne BRADY..Lexington av, rear..S..ditto Sarah STOKELY..ditto..E?..ditto W. TOPPING..ditto..S..Throop and T_ _ _S avs Opening Quincy St. from Marcy to Lewis Av 21st WARD Roseanne BRADY..Quincy..N..Tompkins and Marcy R.V.C. LOTT..ditto..S..ditto John WARD..ditto..S..Tompkins and Thrrop avs W. RE_ _ D..ditto..S..ditto ditto..ditto..S..ditto ditto..Throop av..W..Quincy and Gates av C. LIELENTHALL..ditto..W..ditto Nellie D. POWERS..Quincy..N..Throop and Yates W. TOPPING..ditto..N..ditto James R. EBBENS..ditto..S..ditto Francis WOOD..ditto..N..Yates and Lewis avs Erneline LAVE..ditto..S..ditto Opening Forest St. from Bushwick Av to Bremen St 18th WARD Charles MOHR..Forest..N..Bushwick av and Bremen Harriet GELPIN..Bremen..W..Forest and Monteith Opening Middleton St from Junction of Throop Av & Broadway to Harrison Av 19th WARD Harrison Av. Lutheran Church..Harrison Av..E..Middleton & Gwinnett Samuel CORRIE..Middleton..S..Harrison & Throop Av J.T. MILLER..ditto..S..ditto H. & J. BOEHM..Thrrop av..W.. Middleton & Gwinnett Mary A. SEWELL..ditto..W..ditto George BUSBACK..ditto..W..Middleton & Lynch Opening Butler St. from Fifth to Sixth Av 22nd WARD Mrs. Eliza TYSON..Butler..N..Fifth and Sixth avs ditto..ditto..S..ditto John A. BETTS..ditto..N..ditto Thomas PHELAN..ditto..S..ditto R.S. BUSSING..ditto..S..ditto J. MAGILLIGAN..ditto..S..ditto Opening Quincy St. from Stuyvesant to Reid AV 21st WARD F.R. GODFREY..Quincy..N..Stuyvesant & Reid avs J. and M. BADU_..ditto..N..ditto W. ALEXANDER..Stuyvesant av ..E..Lexington av & Quincy ditto..Quincy..N..Stuyvesant and Reid avs ditto..ditto.N..ditto ditto..Reid av, rear..W..Lexington av & Quincy ditto..Quincy..N..Stuyvesant and Reid avs James LEWIS..ditto..N..ditto J.S. BRUNDAGE..ditto..N..ditto N. DAVIS..ditto..N..ditto Margaret PIERS..ditto..N..ditto John DEL_ _..ditto..N..ditto R.J. DARGE..ditto..N..ditto Opening Sackett St. from Bond St. to Gowanus Canal 10th WARD Patrick H. QUINN..Bond..E.. Degraw & Sackett John R. GLOVER..ditto..S..ditto Opening Sherman St from 10th Av to the City Line 22nd WARD E.D. BROWN..Sherman..S..10th and 11th avs ditto..Eleventh av..E..Sherman and Middle Thomas CRAMPTON..ditto..E..ditto John O. BAKER..Sherman, rear..S..10th and 11th avs ditto..Eleventh av..W..Sherman and Middle Opening Kosciusko St from Marcy to Throop Av 21st WARD Sarah PALMER..Kosciusko..N..Marcy and Tompkins avs Opening Yates AV from Van Buren to Kosciusko St 21st WARD C.J.D. BEV(?)OISE..Lafayette av..S..Yates and Throop avs Wm. DAVIDSON..ditto..S..ditto ditto..Van Buren..N..ditto Opening Monroe St. from Tompkins to Lewis Av 21st WARD D.B. NORRIS & F. STOTE..Monroe..N..Tompkins and Throop av Wm. Irving STEELE..Throop av..E..Monroe and Madison ditto..Monroe..S..Throop and Yates av J.H.WILLIAMS..Yates av..E..Monroe and Gates av J.C. COVERT..ditto..E..ditto A.L. FARRON..ditto..E..ditto David GIBBS..Monroe..N..Yates and Lewis avs John B. ZELLER..ditto..N..ditto J.D. PHILLIPS & S. COHN.. ditto..N..ditto Opening Madison ST. from Tompkins to Broadway 21st WARD Wm. DANIELS..Madison..N..Tompkins and Thrrop avs Henry C. BOYD..ditto..S..ditto Est. N.J. BOYD..Tompkins av..E..Madison and Putnam ditto..Madison..S..Tompkins and Throop avs ditto..Throop..W..Madison and Putnam av Martha M. YOUNG..Madison..N..Throop and Yates avs Heirs L.LE_ _ ERTS..ditto..N..Stuyvesant and Lewis avs Eliza D. BREVOORT..ditto..S..ditto ditto..Stuyvesant av..E..Madison and Putnam av ditto..Yates av..W..ditto ditto..Madison..S..Yates and Lewis avs Isaac W.ISAACS..ditto..S..Stuyvesant and Reid avs Thomas WHITTAKER..ditto..N..Reid and Patchett avs Hannah FOLK..ditto..N..ditto Joseph FATMAN..ditto..N..ditto Samuel JESSUP..ditto..N..ditto Samuel JESSUP ditto..N..ditto Charles E. HULSART..ditto..N..Patchen and Ralph avs Charles E. HULSART..ditto..N..ditto Matthias HULSART..ditto.N..ditto John ROGERS..ditto..N..ditto Heyman BLACK..ditto..S..ditto Peter A. YOUNG..ditto..S..ditto Michael DOWLING..DITTO..S..ditto James DUNN..ditto..N..Ralph and Howard avs Wm. E. SEDGWICK..ditto..N..Howard av and Broadway Opening St. Andrew's Pl. from Atlantic Av to Herkimer St. 21st WARD Margaret M. FARRELL..St. Andrew's pl..W..Atlantic av and Herkimer Sarah PHILIP..Atlantic av..N..At. Andrew's pl & K'gt'n av Opening Highway in the Town of Newtown, Queens Co., and the City of Brooklyn, Kings Co. 18th WARD E.E. BROWER..Morgan av ..W..Wyckoff and Meadow R. COOPER..Skillman..N..Bushwick and Koingsland avs M.A. COOPER..Bushwick av..E..Jackson and Skillman Est. of CHADBORNE..ditto..E..Smillman? and Maspeth av D. CRANCH..Maspeth av..N..Bushwick and Kingsland av Thos. PORTER..ditto..N..ditto D. CAVENAGH..ditto..N..Bushwick av and Olive H. CHESTER..ditto..S..ditto Frd'k KALBFLEISCH..ditto..S..ditto ditto..Orient av..N..ditto Unknown Owner..ditto..N..Porter av & Vandervoort Wm. Cooper..ditto..N.ditto Unknown Owner..ditto..N..Porter av and Varick ditto..ditto..S..ditto A.A. EVERITT..Calhoun..N..Morgan av & Vandervoort Unknown Owner..ditto..S..ditto Wm. COOPER..Morgan av..W..Metroplitan av and Sharon E. CONKLIN..Orient av..S..Bushwick av and Olive Wm. COOPER..Varick..W..Metroplolitan av and Grand Ab'm VANDERVOORT..Wyckoff..N..Gardner and Scott avs ditto..Scott av..W..Metropolitan & Wyckoff av T.A. DEGUR..ditto..E..Stagg and Meadow Unknown Owner..Gardner av..E..Metropolitan av and Meadow T.A. DEVVY..ditto..E..Stagg and Meadow ditto..Stagg..S..Gardner and Scott avs ditto..Gardner av..E..Scholes and Meserole ditto..Meserole..S..Gardner and Scott Daniel T. WHITE..Stuart av..E..Metropolitan av and Wyckoff T.A. DEVVY..Wyckoff..S..Gardner and Stuart avs ditto..Meadow..N..ditto ditto..ditto..S..ditto ditto..Stagg..S..ditto ditto..Scholes..S..ditto Unknown Owner..Varick..E..Metropoltan av and Remsen ditto..ditto..E..Remsen and Wyckoff ditto..Wyckoff..S..Varick and Stuart av N. WYCKOFF..Meadow..N..ditto ditto..ditto..S..ditto Unknown Owner..ditto..S..ditto N. WYCKOFF..Stagg..S..ditto Unknown Owner..Varick..W..Metroploitan av and Remsen ditto..Wyckoff..N..Varick and Bushwick Ck Wm. C. HULL..Remsen..S..ditto Unknown Owner..ditto..S..ditto ditto..Varick..W..Remsen and Wyckoff ditto..Wyckoff..S..Porter av and Varick ditto..Meadow..S..ditto ditto..Stagg..N..ditto ditto..ditto..S..ditto N. WYCKOFF..Varick..W..Scholes and Stagg ditto..Stagg..S..Porter av and Varick Unknown Owner..Porter av..W..Wyckoff and Meadow ditto..ditto..W..Stagg and Meadow Seth CHAPMAN..Metropolitan av..S..Vandervoort and Canal Unknown Owner..Vandervoort..E..Grand and Remsen ditto..ditto..E..Wyckoff and Meadow ditto..ditto..E..Stagg and Meadow F.T. REEVES..Remsen..S..Morgan av and Vandervoort C.N. CAIN..Metropolitan ..S..Catharine and Morgan avs Wm. CONSELYEA..ditto..S..ditto ditto..Devoe..N..ditto H. HAUSMANN..ditto..N..ditto J. SCHROEDER..Catharine..E.. Grand and Devoe C. SCHOENFIELD..Devoe..S..Catharine and Morgan av Wm. CONSELYEA..ditto..S..ditto ditto..ditto..S..ditto M. KALBFLEISCH..Grand..N..ditto James BRIND..Metropolitan av..S..Bushwick and Olive E. WHITEHILL..ditto..S..ditto Wm. CONSELYEA..Judge..W..Powers and Devoe ditto..ditto..W..ditto METZGER & THOMAS..ditto..W..ditto ditto..Bushwick av..E..ditto QUINN.Devoe..S..Judge and Olive Stephen HEINES..ditto..S..ditto S. ONDERDONK..ditto..S..ditto C. DAMBACHER..Powers..N..Bushwick and Olive Henry KLINE..Judge..E..Powers and Devoe ditto..ditto..E..ditto M. KALBFLEISCH..Grand..N..Bushwick av and Olive Daniel DOYLE..ditto..N..ditto H. BREWER..ditto..N..ditto M. KALBFLEISCH..ditto..N..Olive and Catharine ditto..Olive..E..Powers and Grand W. BEDELL..Remsen..N..Washington and Lafayette J. GRANT..ditto..N..ditto Samuel KELLINGER..ditto..N..Waterbury and Morgan av Wm. KELLINGER..ditto..N..ditto A. SHALER..ditto..N..ditto Alex. MAGUIRE..ditto..S..ditto E.E. BROWER..Morgan av, rear..W..Wyckoff and Meadow Opening Evergreen Av from Myrtle Av. to Cooper St. 18th WARD Nancy FISHER..Suydam..E..Bushwick and Evergreen avs Rebecca LAMBERT..Elm..E..Evergreen and Central avs James PHELAN..Evergreen av..N..Elm and Cider Joseph NAVE..ditto..S..ditto John TINTON..Cedar..W..Bushwick and Evergreen A.T. SUMERVILLE..ditto..E..Evergreen and Central John M. PHELPS..Chestnut..W..ditto George GIEHL..ditto..W..ditto Jos. NARIL..Cedar..E..Bushwick and Evergreen James A. DEBEVOISE..Chestnut..E..Evergreen and Central ditto..ditto..E..ditto Agnes HALL..ditto..E..ditto Isaac S. BRUNDAGE..Stockholm..W..ditto John MCKEON..ditto..E..ditto George C. HOLLIS..ditto..E..ditto W.R.W. CHAMBERS..ditto..E..ditto H.E. MCCREARY..Conselyea..W..ditto Thomas MORGAN..Stockholm..E..Bushwick and Evergreen Ed. E. BUNCE..Evergreen av..N..Conselyea and Himrod George W. DEVOE..Conselyea..E..Evergreen and Central avs Henry BRESLIN..ditto..E..ditto ditto..ditto..E..ditto ditto..ditto..E..ditto Ed. L. PONKER..Evergreen av..N..Conselyea and Himrod Louisa J. JONES..ditto..N..ditto Michael DOWDELL..Himrod..W..Evergreen and Central avs Unknown Owner..Greene av..W..Bushwick and Evergreen avs Mary SIMONSON..Evergreen av..N..Ralph and Grove Mary LAWRENCE..Ralph..E..Bushwick and Evergreen avs Cath. M. WOODHULL..Magnolia, rear..W..Evergreen and Central Eliza HOHN..Palmetto..W..ditto Chas. NEWMAN..Magnolia..E..Bushwick and Evergreen avs P.A. HOPKINS..Palmetto..E..ditto M.S. MEDGAN..Ivy..E..Evergreen and Central Thos. BURTON..Jacob..W..ditto Charlotte DAY..ditto..E..ditto Claude D. LORAINE..Palmetto..W..ditto Dorothea..MYRTLE..ditto..W..ditto Johann BOND..Wierfield..W..ditto Maria, wife of Peter NOLAN..ditto..E..Bushwick and Evergreen ditto..Margaretta..W..ditto Henry G. DISBRON..Wierfiled..E..Evergreen and Central Ann CARROLL..Eldert..W..ditto ditto..Margaretta..E..ditto Robert SPINK..Evergreen av..S..Margaretta and Eldert W. HEISBATTLE..Eldert..E..Bushwick and Evergreen J. BARNEY..Evergreen av..N..Eldert and Covert Theo. F. JACKSON..ditto..N..ditto ditto.Eldert..E..Bushwick and Evergreen ditto..Covert..W..Evergreen and Central Mary E. NELSON..Evergreen av..N..Eldert and Covert ditto..Covert, rear..W..Evergreen and Central ditto..ditto..E..ditto ditto..Schaeffer..W..ditto B. MASTINSON..Evergreen av..S..Eldert and Covert Harri't, wife of A.I. PROVOST..Covert, rear..W..Bushwick and Evergreen Solomon WILSON..Evergreen av..S..Covert and Schaeffer Augustus JONES..Van Voorhis..W..Bushwick and Evergreen ditto..ditto..E..ditto ditto..ditto..E..ditto ditto..Cooper..E..ditto Lillie E. MILLS..Evergreen av..N..Schaeffer and Van Voorhis ditto..Van Voorhis..E.. Evergreen and Central avs Lillie E. MILLS..Evergreen av..N..Van Voorhis and Cooper ditto..Van Voorhis..E..Evergreen and Central ditto..Cooper..E..ditto ditto..ditto..E..ditto Opening Saratoga Av from Broadway to Hall St., and from Atlantic Av to City Line 21st WARD George BOND..Jefferson..N..Saratoga and Howard avs Frank OTARD..Saratoga av..E..Hancock and Jefferson A. O'KEEFE and others..ditto..W..ditto ditto..ditto..W..ditto Mary A. HARRIS..Jefferson..S..Saratoga and Howard avs Unknown Owner..ditto..S..ditto G.W. DOWNS..Halsey..N..ditto Unknown Owner..Saratoga av..W..Decatur and Bainbridge ditto..Bainbridge ..N..Saratoga and Howard avs ditto..Decatur..S..ditto ditto..Saratoga av..W..Macon and McDonough ditto..McDonough..N..Saratoga and Howard avs ditto..ditto..N..ditto ditto..Macon st..S..ditto ditto..ditto..S..ditto ditto..ditto..S..ditto ditto..ditto..S..ditto G.W. DOWNS..Bainbridge..S..Saratoga and Hopkinson avs Richard MAJOR..McDonough ..S..ditto Adam MAIRE..ditto..S..Saratoga and Howard Mary A. BRACOLINE..ditto..S..ditto John S. REYNOLDS..Decatur..N..ditto Elisha VIDDER, Jr...Saratoga av..E..Chauncey and Marion ditto..Marion..S..Saratoga and Hopkins avs James and Patrick NOLAN..Saratoga av..W..Chauncey and Marion J.H. SACKMAN..Marion, rear..S..Saratoga and Hopkinson avs Fred INTERMAN..Sumter..N..ditto J.H. SACKMAN..Bergen..N..ditto ditto..ditto..S..ditto John BACH..Sumter..S..ditto C.O. NEIL..McDougal..N..ditto GEO. HELIDE..Sumter..S..Saratoga and Howard avs J.K. STILWELL..Pacific..N..Saratoga and Hopkinson Jacob BALL..Saratoga av..E..Atlantic av and Pacific J. MCNAMEE..Atlantic av..S..Saratoga and Howard Peter BALL..ditto..S..ditto 9th WARD J.T. MARTIN..ditto..S..ditto ditto..Pacific N..ditto ditto..Atlantic av..S.. ditto J.H. SACKMAN & P.H. YOUNG..Saratoga av..E..Pacific and Dean ditto.ditto.W..ditto ditto..Dean..S..Saratoga and Howard H.W.B. PARSONS..Saratoga av..W..Bergen and Dean F.H. MOYANIE..ditto..E..Dean and Bergen Hugh DIVINE..Wyckoff..N..Saratoga and Hopkinson avs W.H. SAGE..Bergen..S..ditto ditto..Wyckoff..N..ditto GOODWIN..ditto..N..ditto Mrs. C.E. HYATT..Saratoga..E..Bergen and Wyckoff ditto..ditto..W..ditto M. CONCHMAN..ditto..E..ditto Jos WHITTAKER..ditto..E..ditto D.H. MCDONALD Heirs/F.P. Graham..Wyckoff..N..Saratoga and Howard Jos. ALLEN..Baltic..S..Saratoga and Hopkinson John FARRELL..Saratoga av..W..abautler and Baltic Miranda STORY..Butler..S..Saratoga and Howard (Note: There a several names in the following list that appear to be typos, such as FORBS and WINBFIELD. Although it's tempting to "correct" them, I have entered them as written) Opening Decatur St. from Reid to Patchen AV. 21st WARD A.C. BROWNELL..Decatur..S..Reid and Patchen avs Opening Dean St. from Nostrand to Albany Av. 9th WARD Ed. HUGHES..E..Dean and Pacific J.W. JONES..Dean..S..Nostrand and New York avs John J. NICHOLS..ditto..S..ditto Emily COLE. Eliza A. COLE..ditto..S..ditto Est. John V. COLE..ditto..S..ditto ditto..ditto..S..ditto Rachael WHALEY..ditto..S..ditto Susan E_KINS..ditto..N..Brooklyn and Kinston avs Levinia RICHARDSON..ditto..S.. New York and Brooklyn avs George _. E_LKINS..ditto..S.. Brooklyn and Kingston avs J.R. KENNEDY..ditto..N..ditto. George H. FREEMAN..ditto..S..ditto Opening and Extending Fourth St. from its Present N.E. Terminus until it Intersects with Orchard 17th WARD W.E. OSBORN..Nassau av..E..Lorimer and Guernsey ditto..ditto..E..ditto ditto..ditto..E..ditto FORBS & MARSHALL..Lorimer..S..4th and 5th ditto..Fourth..E..Guernsey and North 15th Unknown Owner..Lorimer..S..Nassau and Norman avs Wm. CLARK..Guernsey..S..Nassau av and 4th James B. TAYLOR..North 15th..N..4th and 5th ditto..ditto..N..ditto ditto..ditto..N..4th and Nassau ditto..Fourth..W..North 14th & North 15th ditto..ditto..W..ditto ditto..ditto..E..North 13th and North 14th ditto.ditto.W..ditto ditto.ditto.W.ditto S.J.HUNT..ditto..W..North 9th and North 10th John S. VIEING..ditto..E..ditto E.N. LAWRENCE..ditto..W..ditto Henry HERMAN..North 9th..S..4th and 5th Margaret S. KELLY..Fourth..E..N.8th & N. 9th J.D. FIELDING..ditto..E..N.7th & N.8th Henry HAMILTON..ditto..E..ditto ditto..ditto.E..N.5th and N.6th ditto..ditto..W..ditto ditto..ditto..W..ditto ditto..North Fifth..N..3rd and 4th J.D. WALTERS..North 7th..S..ditto ditto..Fourth..W..N.6th and N.7th ditto..ditto..W..N.5th and N.6th James REYNOLDS..ditto..W..N.6th and 7th J.H. COLOHAN..North Sixth..N..3rd and 4th ditto..Fourth..E..N.5th and N.6th Mary J. MALONEY..ditto..E..ditto Michael FAHEY..North Sixth..S..3rd and 4th James FULLMAN..Fourth E..N4th and N.5th J.R. DOREMUS..ditto..W..ditto Thomas GRIFFIN..North Third..S..3rd and 4th ditto..North Second..N..ditto NOrman GILCHRIST..Fourth..E..ditto J.W. BAYARD..ditto..E..ditto Charlotte ROURKE..ditto..E..ditto G.C. NORTON..ditto..W..ditto Jas. MCCORMICK..North Third..S..3rd and 4th M. SHARP..ditto..S..ditto P. MCCORMICK..North Fourth..N..ditto Lucius PALMER..North First..S..4th and 5th Thos. DEVYR..Grand..N..3rd and 4th 17th WARD GEOS and REES..Union av..E..Ash and Box Julius KIEHL..ditto..W..ditto E. MCGOWAN..ditto..W..Box and Clay James HILL..ditto..W..Eagle and Freeman E. MESEROLE..ditto..W..ditto Margaret FLOOD..ditto..W..Freeman and Greene John HARMON..Huron..S..Union av and Oakland Thomas BALDWIN..ditto..S..ditto S.C. ETHERIDGE..Union av..W..Huron and India Rev. John BRADY..ditto..E..India and Java Unknown Owner..India..S..Union and Franklin avs Thomas PARKER..Union av, rear..W..Java and Kent Sarah.S. MACDONALD..Tenth..N..Union and Franklin avs Baptist Church..Noble..S..Lorimer and Orchard ditto..ditto..N..Orchard and Franklin avs ESt. Henry WALTERS..Orchard..W..Noble and Cayler Jacob MESEROLE..Meserole av..N..Orchard and Leonard ditto..ditto..N..ditto H.W. KARKA..ditto..S..ditto J.C. SCHENCK..Orchard..E..Meserole and Norman av F.S. SHUT..ditto..E..ditto John DEMPSEY..ditto..E..Norman and Nassau av Eliza DALEY..ditto..E..ditto John MAGINNIS..ditto..E..ditto Catharine WALLACE..Norman av..S..Orchard and Lorimer Unknown Owner..ditto..S..ditto 13th WARD Chas. MERRILL & Sons..First..E..South 10th and South 11th ditto..ditto..E..ditto ditto..S. Eleventh..N..1st and 2nd ditto..ditto..N..ditto Hugh HAGERTY..Second..W..South 10th and South 11th 19th WARD Patrick SEXTON..ditto..E..S.11th and Divison av Amelia VAN CLEEF..Divison av..N..2nd and 3rd Opening Thirty-Ninth St. From Fouurth Av. to the City Line 8th WARD Michael O'NEIL..Thirty-NINTH..n..4TH AND 5TH AVS Saml NEWELL..ditto..N..ditto John MCGARVEY..ditto..N..ditto Hugh ALLEN..Fourth av..E..39th and 40th Dennis SULLIVAN..39th..S..4th and 5th Wm. CARROLL..ditto..S..ditto A.S. WHEELER..ditto..S..ditto A.B. SCHERMERHORN..ditto..N..5th and 6th avs Wm. FOX..ditoo..N..ditto ditto..ditto..N..ditto B.F. GOODRICH..ditto..N..ditto Ed. O'MAHONEY..ditto..N..ditto James LENNON..ditto..N..ditto Margaret E. GREEN..ditto..N..ditto J. HARRIGHTAN..ditto..N..ditto Thos. CLASSON..Sixth av..W..38th and 39th John MCDOWELL..ditto..W..ditto C.M. WINBFIELD..Fifth av..E..39th and 40th Francus HAMILTON..ditto..S..ditto Jonah ANDREW..ditto..S..ditto R. and J. HARGRAVE..ditto..S..ditto Charles MASON..ditto..S..ditto James GRAY..ditto..S..ditto ditto..ditto.S..ditto M. HARRIGHTAN..ditto..N..6th and 7th Ed. MILLER..ditto..N..ditto John CUSHMAN..ditto.N..ditto John KELLY..Seventh av..w..38th and 39th A.W. BAYNTON..Thirty-ninth..S..Sixth and Seventh avs George F. WILLIAMS..ditto..S..ditto Convent of S. of M..ditto..S..ditto Owen MURPHY..ditto..S..7th and 8th J.G. LEWIS..ditto..N..8th av and City Line Margaret KELLY..Ditto..N..ditto John COLG_N..ditto..N..ditto C. NETTLETON..ditto..N..ditto M. DOWNING..ditto..N..ditto Edward PRYAN..ditto..N..ditto Wm. O. CARROLL..ditto..N..ditto Opening Jefferson St. from Bedford and Reid and from Patchen to Broadway 23rd WARD Est. L. LEFFERTS..Jefferson..N..Bedford and Nostrand avs ditto..ditto..S..ditto ditto..ditto..N..Nostrand and Marcy ditto..ditto..S..ditto ditto..ditto..N..Marcy and Tompkins ditto..ditto..S..ditto ditto..ditto..N..Tompkins and Throop avs ditto..ditto..S..ditto ditto..ditto..N..Throop and Yates avs ditto..ditto..S..ditto 25th ditto..ditto..N..Yates and Lewis avs ditto..ditto..S..ditto ditto..ditto..N..Lewis and Stuyvesant avs ditto..ditto..S..ditto ditto..Stuyvesant av..E..Jefferson and Putnam av 23rd WARD J.C. BREVOORT..Putnam av..S..Bedford and Nostrand avs ditto..ditto..S..ditto ditto..ditto..S..ditto 25th WARD ditto..Jefferson..N..Stuyvesant and Reid avs 23rd WARD E.R.P. Church..Bedford av..E..Jefferson and Putnam avs Silas C. HERRING..Putnam..S..Bedford and Nostrand avs 25th WARD James L. BROMLEY..Hancock..N..Yates and Lewis avs Cornellus A. HUBBARD..ditto..N..ditto W.M. BURDICK..ditto..N..ditto Isaac HENDERSON..Jefferson..N..Stuyvesant and Reid avs ditto..ditto..N..ditto ditto..ditto..N..ditto ditto..Lewis av..W..Jefferson and Hancock ?. HENDERSON..Jefferson..S..Lewis and Stuyvesant avs Henry H. JEWETT..ditto..S..ditto John KING..ditto..S..ditto Susan MCALLISTER..ditto..S..ditto W.A. FITCH..ditto..S..ditto Horace WATERS..ditto..S..ditto WM. NEWTON..ditto..S..Stuyvesant and Reid avs Maria WHETSON..ditto..S..ditto Geo. W. WILLIAMS..ditto..S..Patchen and Ralph avs R.R. ROBERTS..ditto..N..ditto S.M. MECKER..ditto..N..ditto Mary E. WHEELER..ditto..S..ditto Michael B. RAY..ditto..S..ditto G. STACKPOLE..ditto..S..ditto Cath. SAVAGE..Ralph av..E..Jefferson and Putnam av Geo. S. CAHILL..Jefferson..S..Ralph and Howard avs David E. MECKER ditto..S..ditto Geo. BOND..ditto..N..Howard and Saratoga avs Robert T_RRIER..ditto..S..ditto John ?. HAWES..ditto..S..ditto Mary HARRISON..ditto..S..ditto Robt. B. EARL..ditto..S..ditto A.O. O'KEEFE and others..ditto..S..ditto Unknown Owner..ditto..S..ditto Opening Warren St. from Nostrand Av to Albany Av 24th WARD Russell W. ADAMS..Warren..N..New York and Brooklyn avs W.N. ADAMS..ditto..S..Brooklyn and Kingston avs G. ?. ELKINS..ditto..N..Kingston and Albany avs ditto..ditto..N..ditto ditto..ditto..N..ditto ditto..ditto..N..ditto ditto..ditto..N..ditto ditto..Park pl, rear..N..ditto ditto..Kingston av..E..Warren and St. Mark's av ditto..Warren..N..Kingston and Albany avs Anna M. HICKS..ditto..N..ditto Thomas POWDERLY..Albany av..W..Warren and St. Mark's av J.P. BRIDGES..Park pl., rear..N..Kingston and Albany avs ditto..Warren st..S..New York and Brooklyn avs Opening Degraw St. form Gowanus Canal to Fifth Av 10TH WARD Henry THOMAS..Nevins..E..Degraw and Sackett ditto..Degraw..S..Nevins and 3rd ditto..ditto..S..ditto ditto..ditto..S..ditto G.A.POWERS and others..ditto..N..3rd and 4th avs ditto..ditto..N..ditto ditto..ditto..N..ditto ditto..Fourth av..W..Degraw and Douglass ditto..W..ditto ditto..Degraw..S..3rd and 4th 22nd ditto..ditto..N..4th and 5th ditto..ditto..S..ditto Wm. SWENNEY..Fourth av..E..Degraw and Sackett John GORDON..Fifth av, rear..W..ditto John BAILEY..ditto, rear..W..ditto Opening Lexington Av from Lewis to Stuyvesant Av and from Reid to Patchen Av 25th WARD A.L. HAMBURGER..Lexington av..S..(totally illegible street name) and Stuyvesant avs ditto..ditto..S..ditto ditto..ditto..S..ditto ditto..ditto..S..ditto ditto..ditto..S..ditto Johnson HOLMAN..ditto..N..ditto B.F. COMSTOCK..ditto..N..Reid and Patchen avs ditto..ditto..N..ditto John SCOTT..ditto..N..ditto J.H. TIENKEN..ditto..N..ditto John B. MCLEAN..ditto..N..ditto Mary A. HENRY..ditto..N..ditto C.L. ZIMMERMAN..ditto..N..ditto c.p. tooker..DITTO..n..DITTO Jane SOLE..Patchen av..W..Lexington av and Quincy Opening Van Brunt St. from North Side Degraw to Sedgwick St 6th WARD B. MONAHAN..Degraw st..N..Van Vrunt and Columbia Eliza TAYLOR..Sedgwick st..S..ditto Thos. H. SHERMAN..ditto..S..ditto Opening Sandford St. from Myrtle to Flushing Av. 21st WARD John CLARK..Sandford, rear..W.. Myrtle and Park avs John LEARY..ditto..W..ditto Patrick CORR..Myrtle av..N..Sandford and Walworth Julia D. COIT..Sandford..W..Myrtle and Park avs Edw. MAGUIRE..ditto..E..ditto Thomas FITCH..ditto..E..ditto John TOMESEY..ditto..W..Park and Flushing avs Charles H. GARY..ditto..W..ditto Thomas SHIELDS..ditto, rear,,W..ditto Abram B. MILLARD..ditto..W..ditto Henry J. KRAFT..Flushing av..S..Sandford and Walworth Henry C. BOYCE..Sandford..E..Park and Flushing avs Opening Baltic St. from Nostrand to Albany Avs. 24th WARD W.H. JENKINS..Baltic..S..Nostrand and New York avs Wm. N. ADAMS..ditto..N..New York and Brooklyn avs ditto..ditto..S..Brooklyn and Kingston avs ditto..ditto..S..ditto Albert COLES..ditto..S..ditto George B. ELKINS..ditto..N..Kingston and Albany avs ditto..ditto..N..ditto ditto..ditto..N..ditto Henry R_ASS..ditto..N..ditto Eliza BRUCE..ditto..S..ditto Mary T. HAWKS..ditto..S..ditto Samuel THORNTON..Albany av..W..Baltic and Butler Opening St. Mark's Place from Nostrand to Albany Av. 24th WARD Margt. M. HASTINGS..St. Mark's av..S..Nostrand and New York avs Russel W. ADAMS..ditto..S..New York and Brooklyn avs Geo. B. ELKINS..ditto..S..Kingston and Albany avs ditto..ditto..S..ditto A.M. HICKS..ditto..S..ditto Thos. POWDERLY..Albany av..W..St. Mark's av and Warren Opening Throop Av. from Lafayette Av. to Monroe St. 21st WARD Thomas SIMPSON..Van Buren..N..Throop and Yates avs Geo. LATTIN..ditto..N..ditto Cecelia F. WOODS..ditto..N..ditto Thos. FARRELL..Throop av..W..Lafayette av and Van Buren Francis F. MASON..Van Buren..N..Throop and Tompkins ditto..Lexington av..N..ditto J. BOSTINCK..Lafayette av..S..ditto Jacob WEBBER..ditto..S..ditto Rowland SWEET..Greene av..N..ditto Lemuel BURROWS..ditto..N..ditto ditto..ditto..S..ditto Harriet HUGGINS..ditto..S..ditto William TOPPING..Lexington av.. S.. Throop and Yates ditto..Quincy..N..ditto Eliza D. REMSON..ditto.N..ditto John R. STEVENS..Lexington..S..Throop and Tompkins avs ditto..Quincy..N..ditto Willia_____ & Miller..Gates av..N..Throop and Yates avs Estate of James PA_TOCK..Throop av..W.. Quincy and Gates W. BIERD..ditto..W..ditto Samuel T. TATE..Gates av..N..Throop and Tompkins avs Oliver B. LEACH..ditto..S..Throop and Yates M.A. MANNING..ditto..S..Throop and Tompkins Opening Hancock St. from Bedford to Tompkins Av. and from Throop Av. to Broadway 21st WARD Est. L. LEFFERTS..Hancock..N..Bedford & Nostrand avs ditto..ditto..S..ditto ditto..ditto..N..Nostrand and Marcy avs ditto..ditto..S..ditto ditto..ditto..N..Marcy & Tompkins avs ditto..ditto..S..ditto ditto..Throop av..E..Hancock and Jefferson Mary E. HOW..Marcy av..E..Hancock and Halsey ditto..ditto..E..ditto W.B. NICHOLS..Halsey, rear..N..Marcy and Tompkins Martha W. COLLINS..ditto, rear..N..ditto Curtis L. NORTH..ditto, rear..N..ditto John C. ELY..ditto, rear..N..ditto ditto..Tompkins av..W..Hancock and Halsey Cath. CARBETT..ditto..W..ditto Althus HOAGLAND..Throop av..E..ditto Unknown Owner..Hancock..S..Throop and Yates av Susan W. REED..ditto..S..ditto ditto..Yates av..W..Hancock and Halsey Robert D. BAXTER..Hancock..S..Yates and Lewis av Isaac HENDERSON..ditto..N..ditto ditto..Lewis av..W..Hancock and Jefferson ditto..Hancock..N..Lewis and Stuyvesant avs ditto..Jefferson, rear..S..Stuyvesant and Redd avs Edward W. OPEE..Hancock..S..Yates and Lewis avs Henry H. HEWITT..ditto..N..Lewis and Stuyvesant avs H.L. RUSSELL..ditto..N..ditto Wm. F. FITCH..ditto..N..ditto John MOSS..ditto, rear..N..Stuyvesant and Reid avs Napoleon B. SINCLAIR..ditto..S.. Lewis and Stuyveasant avs ditto..Stuyvesant av..W..Hancock and Halsey Wm. NOLAN..Hancock..N..Stuyvesant and Reid avs H.O. MILLARD..ditto..N..ditto John M. COOPER..ditto..S..ditto F.W. PHILLIPS..Reid av..W..Hancock and Halsey Henry WHEELER..ditto..E..Hancock and Jefferson ditto..ditto.E..Hancock and Halsey Mary E. WHEELER..Hancock..N.. Reid and Patchen ditto..ditoo..N..ditto ditto..ditto..No..Patchen and Ralph Mary J. MCCUMISKY..ditto..S..Reid and Patchen avs James HANSON..ditto..S..ditto Thomas S. HARGRAVE..ditto..S..ditto Michael REILLY..ditto..S..ditto Hanson MASON..ditto..S..ditto Thomas O'BRIAN..ditto..S..ditto Eleo M. STOON..ditto..S..ditto DAVIS & Co...ditto..N..Patchen & Ralph avs Thomas W. GOODRICH..ditto..N..ditto Richard HAMILTON..ditto..N..ditto Robert RANSEY..ditto..N..ditto Ellen L. MOORE..ditto..N..ditto Samuel M. MEEKER..ditto..S..ditto David E. MEEKD..ditto..N..Ralph and Howard avs Jas. V. DAVENPORT..ditto..S..ditto Hezk. DAVIS..ditto..N..Howard and Saaratoga avs Unknown Owner..ditto..N..ditto ditto..ditto..N..ditto Uriah HILL, Jr...ditto..N..ditto ROBER & FERRICE..ditto..N..ditto Mary HASKINS..ditto..S..ditto Frank OSTARD..ditto..N..Saratoga and Broadway W.T. MORGAN..ditto..S..ditto Opening Bergen St. from Nostrand to Albany Av. 9th WARD W.B. DAVENPORT..Bergen..N..Nostrand and New York Jenkins W. JONES..ditto..N..ditto Emily COLE..ditto..N..New York & Broadway avs John GIBB.ditto..N..ditto Sarah L. RICHARDSON..ditto..N..ditto Heirs of J.V. COLE..ditto..N..ditto Rachel WHABEY..ditto..N..ditto Geo.. ELKINS..ditto..N..Brooklyn & Kingston avs Opening Eighth Av from Tenth St. to Greenwood Cemetery 8th WARD Stephens C. WILLARD..Nineteenth..S..Seventh and Eighth avs Jasper W. GILBERT..Eighth av.. W.. 19th and 20th Daniel TRABERS..Twentieth..N..8th and 9th avs Richard C. WESTON..Eighth av..W.. 19th and 19th ditto..Nineteenth..N.. 7th and 8th Mary MCGONIGLE..ditto..N..ditto W. BELL..Eighteenth..S.. ditto W.H. WASHBURN..ditto..S..ditto ditto..ditto.S..ditto Robert SHEPARD..ditto..N..ditto Thos. WILLIAMS..ditto..N..ditto N.G. BRADFORD.. Eighteenth..N..8th and 9th avs Anna M. BESSERGER..Seventeenth..S..ditto Michael EGOLF..Eighth av..E..17TH and 18th Mary BARKALOO..ditto..W..Middle and 17th Thomas D. AUDENS..Seventeenth..N..8th and 9th Samuel ROSENBAUM..ditto..N..ditto James SHEEHAN..ditto..N..ditto Thomas GREEN.ditto..N..ditto John S. WILDIA..Eighth av..E..Middle and 17th ditto..Middle..S..8th and 9th James COCROFT..ditto..S..ditto John DELANEY..ditto..S..ditto Rose S. DOHERTY..Eighth av..W..Middle and Braxton ditto..Middle..N.. 7th and 8th ditto..Eighth av..W..Middle and Braxton ditto..Braxton..S.. 7th and 8th Ann Maria WHITE..Eighth av..W..Middle and Braxton Thos. HOLT..Middle..N..7th and 8th Thos.WHITE..ditto..N..ditto Joseph P. HAMILTON..Eighth av..E..Middle and Braxton ditto..Middle..S.. 8th and 9th Robert LASTON..Braxton..S..ditto James DILLON..Middle..S..ditto A. LEGGETT..ditto..S..ditto Chas. MCCONNELL..ditto..S..ditto C.B. LITCHFIELD..Braxton..N..ditto ditto..Sixteenth..S..ditto Lewis HURST..Eighth av..W..15th and 16th ditto..ditto..E..ditto Wm. N. NORTON..Sixteenth..N.. 7th and 8th H.J. JOHNSON..Fifteenth..S..ditto Michael MURRAY..ditto..S...ditto Patrick WHEELER..ditto..S..ditto Thomas DOLAN..ditto..S..ditto James COTTON..ditto, rear..S..ditto Alfred ROSE..Eighth av..W..14th and 15th ditto..Fifteenth..N.. 7th and 8th ditto..ditto..N...ditto Thos. GARDNIER..ditto..N..ditto Alred ROSE..ditto, rear..N..ditto ditto..ditto, rear..N..ditto ditto..Fourteenth..S.. ditto ditto..Fifteenth..N..ditto N. CAFFROY?..ditto N..ditto Timothy DESMOND..Eighth av..W..13th and 14th Patrick DONOVAN..Fourteenth..N..7th and 8th Eliza A. LAKE..Eighth av..E..13th and 14th ditto..Fourteenth..N..8th and 9th ditto..Thirteenth..S..ditto H.S. HAMILTON..ditto..N..7th and 8th Thomas POWERS..Twelfth..S..ditto Charles HART..Thirteenth..N..8th and 9th avs Fred B. FOWLER..ditto, rear..N..ditto W.C. FOWLER,W.B. CROPTON..Twelfth..S..ditto John CREIGHTON..Eighth av..E.. 12th and 13th Mary S. CLARK..ditto..E..11th and 12th ditto..Eleventh..S..8th and 9th E.F. SPIER..Twelfth..N..7th and 8th O.S. & C.L. HEIT, in trust..ditto, rear..N..ditto ditto..Eleventh..S..ditto O.S. & C.L. HEIT, in trust..Eleventh..N..7th and 8th Chas. NICKERING..ditto..S..ditto J.J. COOPER..ditto, rear..S..ditto Margt. and Edw. KENNY..Twelfth..N..8th and 9th avs ditto..Eighth av, rear..E..11th and 12th ditto..Twelfth..N..8th and 9th ditto..Eleventh av, rear..S..ditto ditto..ditto..S..ditto ditto..ditto,rear..S..ditto Saml. FROST..ditto..N..Seventh and Eighth avs Opening Kingston Av. from Fulton Av. to St. Mark's Place 21st WARD Abby H. KOLBY..Herkimer..N..Kingston and Albany avs Eliza S. RAPELJEA..ditto..N..ditto E.M. WEED..ditto, rear..S..ditto ditto..ditto..S..ditto A.S. WHEELER..Atlantic av..N..ditto Orphan Asylum..Kingston av..W..Herkimer and Atlantic Fanny KRAFT..Dean..N..Kingston and Albany John D. TAYLOR..ditto..N..ditto Andrew MERCEIN..ditto..N..ditto John R. KENNEDY..Pacific..S..Kingston and Brooklyn ditto..Dean..N..ditto George B. ELKINS..ditto..N..ditto Francis PECK..ditto..S..ditto George H. Keernan..ditto..S..ditto W.A. VREEDENBERGH..Kingston..W..Dean and Bergen A.O. MILLARD ditto..E..Fulton av and Herkimer ditto..ditto..E..Herkimer and Atlantic ditto..ditto..E..ditto ditto..ditto..E..ditto Wm. SELASHO..Fulton..S..Kingston and Albany E.H. NICHOLS..Herkimer..N..ditto Opening Central Place from Grove St. to Greene Av 18th WARD Lewis MATHEWS..Central pl..S..Grove and Greene av Annie G. GAYLOR..ditto..N..ditto Opening Hopkinson AV from Broadway to Hall St. and Atlantic Av. to City Line 25th WARD William TOU(?)SEY..McDonough..N..Hopkinson and Broadway Geo. M. DAVIS..ditto..S..Hopkinson and Saratoga Unknown Owner..Macon..N..ditto ditto..Decatur..N..ditto ditto..Hopkinson av..E..McDonough and Decatur ditto..ditto..W..Bainbridge and Chauncey ditto..ditto..E..ditto Mary MOSES, ex...McDonough..N..Hopkinson and Broadway Henry MOSES..ditto..N..ditto ditto..Hopkinson..E..McDonough and Decatur ditto..ditto..E..ditto James BOBB..ditto..W..Macon and McDonough Heirs of Charles FOX..ditto..W..ditto Richard MAGOR..ditto..E..Decatur and Bainbridge ditto..ditto..E..ditto Ed CURRAN..Bainbridge ..S..Hopkinson and Rockaway avs Thomas MCCORMICK..Chauncey..N..ditto Jere MCQUADE..ditto..N..ditto Thomas FARR..Bainbridge..S..ditto ditto..Chauncey..N..ditto G.(?) CARLISLE..ditto..N..ditto ditto..ditto..N..ditto G.D. HOPPER..Bainbridge..S..ditto Michael MURRAY..Chauncey..N..ditto Brooklyn and Jamaica Turnpike Co..Hopkinson sv..W..Bainbridge and Chauncey ditto..ditto..W..Chauncey and Marion ditto..ditto..W..ditto ditto..Marion..S..Hopkinson and Rockaway Unknown Owner..ditto..N..ditto P. MODEST..Hopkinson av..E.. Chauncey and Marion ditto..ditto..E..ditto Peter DELOSS..Marion..W..Hopkinson and Rockaway Jacob COLE..Chauncey..S..ditto ditto..ditto.S..ditto John H. ROSE..ditto.S..ditto Heirs of R. MCCORMICK..Hopkinson av..W..Chauncey and Marion ditto..ditt..W..ditto Elijah VEDDER, Jr...Marion..N..Hopkinson and Saratoga ditto..ditto..S..ditto H. A. JONES..Hopkinson..W..Marion and Sumpter ditto..ditto..W..ditto James FLANIGAN..Sumpter..N..Hopkinson and Saratoga David KNAPP..ditto..N..ditto J.H. SACKMAN..McDougal, rear..S..Hopkinson and Rockaway 24TH WARD ditto..Pacific..N..ditto ditto..Bergen..N..ditto ditto..ditto..N..Hopkinson and Saratoga ditto..Wyckoff..N..Hopkinson and Rockaway avs 25TH Martha PIPER..Hopkinson ..E..Marion and Sumpter Heirs of Samuel JESSUP..ditto..E..ditto 24th J.H. SACKMAN..Bergen..S..Hopkinson and Saratoga 25th WARD Agnes THORN..Marion..S..Hopkinson and Rockaway ditto..ditto..S..ditto John F. STODHART..Sumpter..S..ditto ditto..ditto..S..ditto Patrick MANNING..McDougal..N..ditto James G. YATES..Sumpter..S..ditto Heirs James RHODE..McDougal..N..ditto H.C. HOWELLS..Hopkinson av..E..Sumpter and McDougal ditto..ditto..E..ditto F. WILLIAMS..ditto..W..ditto ditto..ditto..W..ditto Catherime BOTTAM..ditto..W..ditto Thomas ANDERSON..ditto..W..ditto Gustav JOHN..ditto..W..ditto Jane ETHERINGTON..Sumpter..S..Hopkinson and Saratoga William BEACKETT..McDougal..N..ditto B. CUAGHEAN..ditto..N..ditto E.H.C. DOHRMAN..ditto..S..ditto ditto..Hull..N..ditto Patrick WARD..McDougal..S..Hopkinson and Broadway 24th J. VULLEY..Atlantic..S..Hopkinson and Saratoga John J. SACKMAN..Pacific..N..ditto Peter YOUNG..ditto..S..ditto J. WHIPPLE..Dean..S..ditto Hugh DEVINE..Hopkinson..W..Bergen and Wyckoff August PARRETT..Bergen ..S..Hopkinson and Rockaway Francesca ANGERS..ditto..S..ditto D.C. CARNELL..ditto..S..ditto Hortense AUPOIX..ditto..S..ditto John CARMOLLY..ditto..S..ditto Abm. LIMINGTON..Hopkinson av..E..Wyckoff and Warren ditto..ditto..W..ditto H.B. CABINE..ditt..E..Warren and City Line S. LIMINGTON..ditto..E..Wyckoff and Warren ditto..ditto..W..ditto Opening Pacific ST. from Albany AV. To City Line 24th WARD A.S. WHEELER & P. YOUNG..Pacific..N..Albany & Troy avs Ditto..ditto..S..ditto Wm. TILLMAN..ditto..N..ditto John S. ?????..ditto..N..ditto Paul J. BAKER..ditto..N..ditto Cath. PRICE..ditto..S..ditto Marshal K. DORCY..ditto..S..ditto Robert GRAY..Troy av..E..Atlantic and Pacific Ellen CONNELL..Pacific..N..Troy and Schenectady Martha JENNEY..ditto..N..ditto Saml. W. SMITH..ditto..N..ditto Mary J. TREADWELL..ditto..N..ditto Ditto..ditto..S..ditto Chas. VANDERVOORT..ditto..N..ditto Chas. E. WHITEHEAD..ditto..N..ditto R.(?) SIMONSON..Troy av..E..Pacific and Dean W.E. CHAPMAN..ditto..E..ditto Christian R. LETZ..Pacific..S.. Troy and Schenectady Jacob ROSE..ditto, rear..S..ditto J.F. FLOYD..ditto..S..ditto WITTZELBERGER..ditto..S..ditto Henry L. MEYER..ditto..S..ditto Peter N. BEHRENS..Schenectady av..W..Pacific and Dean John MORAN..Pacific..N..Schenectady and Utica avs Edward TAYLOR..ditto..N..ditto ditto..ditto..N..ditto Wm. M. LIVELY..ditto..N..ditto Martin FULLERTON..ditto..S..ditto Alex. MCCUE..ditto..N..Utica and Rochester avs Mary C. CURTIS..ditto..N..ditto Andrew J. KEREIM..ditto..N..ditto Andrew RATHBONE..ditto..N..ditto Heirs, J.H. SACKMAN..Rochester av..W..Atlantic and Pacific ditto..Pacific..S..Rochester and Buffalo ditto..ditto..N..Hopkinson and Paca avs ditto..ditto..N..Paca and City Line ditto..ditto..N..ditto ditto..ditto..S..ditto Stephen H. SHERWOOD..ditto..S..Utica and Rochester avs Peter AMORY..ditto..S..ditto ditto..ditto..S..ditto William CULLEN..ditto..S..ditto James EAGER..ditto..S..ditto ditto..ditto..S..ditto Baldwin CHAPMAN..ditto..N..Rochester and Buffalo avs Abel C. BUCKLEY..sitto..S..ditto Edward HARVEY..ditto..S..ditto CORWIN & TAYLOR..Ralph av..?..Pacific and Dean (E. or K.) M. HANSHAW..ditto..N..ditto GOD ???? CHURCH..Pacific..S.. Ralph and Howard ditto..ditto..N..Howard and Saratoga avs ditto..ditto..S..ditto ditto..ditto..S..ditto Thomas WALSH..ditto..S..ditto ditto..Saratoga av..W..Atlantic and Pacific John J. SACKMAN..Dean..N..Howard and Saratoga avs P.A. YOUNG..ditto..N..ditto ditto..Saratoga av..W.. Pacific and Dean ditto..Pacific ..S..Saratoga and Hopkinson avs ditto..ditto..N..ditto Joseph BAILEY..Saratoga av..E..Atlantic av and Pacific John E. STILLWELL..Pacific..N..Saratoga and Hopkinson Louisa BURTSELL..ditto..N..Paca and City Line James WYLIE..ditto..N..ditto ditto..ditto..S..ditto William HARRIS..ditto..S..ditto Wm. S. CONAUT..ditto..S..ditto John H. SACKMAN..ditto..S..ditto ditto..ditto..N..ditto Opening Dean Street from Albany AV to the City Line 24th WARD A.S. WHEELER..Dean..N..Albany and Troy avs Peter A. YOUNG..ditto..S..ditto Margaret CONWAY..ditto..N..ditto African Church..ditto..S..ditto E.R. GUSTINE..ditto..S.. Troy and Schenectady Catherine B. LUTZ..Pacific..S..ditto African Bethel M.E. Ch...Schenectady av..W.. Pacific and Dean Wm. HEEN..Pacific, rear..S.. Schenectady and Troy Jno. MURPHY & Jas. EUGALE..Dean..S.. ditto Robert M. PHINEAS..ditto..S..ditto W. SHUTTLEWORTH..Bergen..N..ditto C.H. STEEN..ditto..N..ditto N. PHIELLIS..Schencatady..E..Dean and Pacific Frank SHELLE..ditto..E..ditto Thomas BURNS..Dean..N.. Schenectady and Utica Martin KENNY..ditto..N..ditto Julia COOKE..ditto..N..ditto George EVANS..ditto..N..ditto ditto..ditto..N..ditto ditto..ditto..S..ditto Charles HEAD..Schenectady av..E..Dean and Bergen Elijah LAST..Dean..S..Schenectady and Utica Charles WEIDENBEIN..ditto..S..ditto Mary CURRY..ditto..S..ditto Victa VICTON..ditto..S..ditto Stephen L. SHERWOOD..ditto..S..ditto ditto..Utica av..E..Dean and Pacific ditto..Dean..N..Utica and Rochester Henry COHEN..ditto..N..ditto Fanny COHEN..ditto..N..ditto Julius LOCKWOOD..ditto..N..ditto James EAGER..Rochester av..W..Dean and Pacific Philip H.(?)MCDEVITT..ditto..W..ditto David DEMSTER..ditto..W..ditto J. LECKMAN..ditto..W..ditto Dennis BUCKLEY..Dean..S..Utica and Rochester ditto..ditto..S..ditto John DERYEA..ditto..S..ditto John BANNAN..ditto..S..ditto Heirs of ODELL..ditto..S..ditto P.J. JENKINS..ditto..S..ditto Sarah GRAHAM..ditto..S..Dean and Bergen Patrick GOSSHIG..Dean..N..Rochester and Buffalo C. RITTES..ditto..S..ditto Edward HARVEY..ditto..N..ditto ditto..Buffalo..E..Dean and Bergen ditto..Dean..S..Buffalo and Ralph avs Cath. THOMPSON and others..ditto, rear..S.. Rochester and Buffalo Hunter Fly Road..ditto..S..ditto John BARRETT..Buffalo av..E.. Dean and Pacific Thomas MCCARTY..Dean..N..Buffalo and Ralph Patrick J. HOUDETT..ditto..N..ditto F.W. BARWICK..Buffalo..E.. Dean and Bergen James MURRAY..Dean..S.. Buffalo and Palph avs Thomas DONOHUE..ditto..S..ditto John J. SACKMAN..Bergen ..N..ditto Peter A. YOUNG..Dean..S..Ralph and Howard ditto..ditto..N..Howard and Saratoga ditto..ditto..S..ditto ditto..ditto..N..Saratoga and Hopkinson ditto..ditto..S.. Hopkinson and Paca avs ditto..ditto..S..ditto ditto..ditto..N..Paca and City Line ditto..Paca av..E..Pacific and Dean ditto..ditto..E..Dean and Bergen ditto..Dean..S..Paca av and City Lone George E. CHURCH..ditto..S..Buffalo and Ralph avs ditto..ditto..S..ditto ditto..ditto..N..Ralph and Howard avs F.M.?. PARSONS..Saratoga av..W.. Dean and Bergen Tobaldi H. MOWLAND..Dean..S.. Saartoga and Hopkinson Michael FOX..ditto..S..ditto WHIPPLE & HALL..ditto..S..ditto A. Orville WILLARD..ditto..S..Hopkinson and Paca Charles BROWN..Pca av..W..Dean and Bergen Thomas VEICH..Dean..S.. Paca av and City Line Elliott JACKE..ditto..N..ditto Ellen (?). JACKE..ditto..N..ditto E.D. GILBERT..ditto..N..ditto Margt. LOCKHART..ditto..N..ditto Opening Pacific St. from Nostrand to Albany AV 24th WARD Jerome S. PLUMNERS..Pacific..S..Kingston and Albany avs George W. DEWOLFT..New York av..E..Atlantic and Pacific Wm. S. GOODWIN..Pacific..N..New York and Brooklyn avs John MCCLARE..ditto..N..ditto ditto..ditto..N..ditto Est. F. MCNEELEY..ditto..N..ditto Isaac WILLIAMS..New York av..E..Pacific and Dean A.D. RUGGLES..ditto..E..ditto Geo. B. ELKINS..Pacific..S..New York and Brooklyn Susan ELKINS..ditto..S..Brooklyn and Kingston avs Charlotte HEMSTEAD..ditto..S..New York and Brooklyn John R. KENNEDY..ditto..S..Brooklun and Kingston Susan H. CAMPBELL..ditto..S..Kingston and Albany Maria C.A. SCUEDDER..ditto..S..ditto Opening Bergen St. from Albany to Buffalo AV 24th WARD A.S. WHEELER & P.S. YOUNG..Bergen..N..Albany and Troy Brooklyn Fund Association..ditto..N..ditto Daniel H. MCDONALD..Albany av..E..Bergen and Wyckoff ditto..Troy av..W..ditto ditto..Bergen..N..Utica and Rochester ditto..ditto..N..Rochester and Buffalo avs J.C. MURTHA..ditto, rear..S..Albany and Troy avs Thomas HAWKINS..ditto, rear..S..ditto Christian H. STEERS..ditto..N..Troy and Schenectady W. SHUTTLEWORTH..ditto..N..ditto Ellen MCCORMICK..ditto..N..ditto R(?). C. UNDERHILL..ditto..N..ditto Henry MCMILLEON..ditto..S..ditto Michael FARRELL..ditto..S..ditto Patrick HENNEY..ditto..S..ditto Bernard GERRETY..ditto..S..ditto Michael FARRELL..ditto..S..ditto Richard H. BUTLER..ditto..S..ditto M. & J. MURPHY..Schenectady av...E..Bergen and Dean Charles HEAD..ditto..E..ditto Theodore CORNELL..Bergen..N..Schenectady and Utica Thomas MCCORMICK..ditto..N..ditto Ann SPEAR..ditto..N..ditto Harres COGEN..Schenectady av..E..Bergen and Wyckoff Ditto..Bergen..S..Schenectady and Utica Mary T.J. CADDELL..Schenectady..E..Bergen and Wyckoff Michael M. MURPHY..Bergen..S..Schenectady and Utica Wm. H. SALTER..ditto..S..ditto Ellen DONNELLY..ditto..S..ditto Harriet H. STEWART..ditto..S..ditto Charles EVERHARD..ditto..S..ditto Ditto..ditto..N..UtICA AND Rochester Dennis BUCKLEY..ditto..S..Schenectady and Utica John DREYER..ditto..N..Utica and Rochester Phillip J. JENKINS..ditto..N..ditto Sarah A. COOPER..ditto..N..ditto Wm. BRENNAN..ditto..N..ditto James BRENNAN..ditto.N..ditto Patrick BRENNAN..ditto..N..ditto Est. H. DIXON, Jr...Rochester av..W..Bergen and Dean A.D. WHIPPLE..Utica av..E..ditto ditto..ditto..E..ditto John DAYER..bergen..S..Utica and Rochester Est. F. GRAHAM..ditto..N..Rochester and Buffalo Kath. THOMPSON..ditto..N..ditto Susan FROST..ditto..S..ditto Ruloff VAN BRUNT..ditto..S..ditto Augusta SCHILLING..ditto..S..ditto J.P.D. ANGUS..ditto..S..ditto C. MCGORMAN..ditto..S..Troy and Schenectady avs End of List Transcriber Carole Dilley Return to CIVIL Main Return to BROOKLYN MAIN