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Municipal Civil Service

Brooklyn Standard Union 20 January 1905 The eligible list for attendant has been announced There are 153 names on the list and of these nearly half-seventy-are of men on this side of the water, the Brooklynites, indeed, having the best of the percentages in the first thirty eligibles. The following list are applicants from Brooklyn : Eligible List For Attendant 2. DILLON, Jas (a veteran)..150 Cayler st. 3. PITTS, Wm (a veteran)..50 Livingston st 5. HEDENKAMP, Edward D...199 S. 9th st 10. TREACY, William J...72 Union st 11. CAREY, Daniel C... 445 DeKalb av 12. FEENEY, Michael H...1662 Atlantic av 14. CUNNINGHAM, Thos. F...?75 Waverly av 15. CROWN, Francis M... 98 Amity st 16. McLOUGHLIN, Patrick..1454 Fulton 17. CONNOLLY, John..524 Henry st 18. WARD, Clarence..1240 Prospect Pl 19. NUGENT, William A...26 Rush st 22. McGINN, Michael S...362 Fifteenth st 25. O'BRIEN, William F...471 39th st 26. LEONARD, William A...446 Kosciusko st 27. CARBERRY, James J...244 Gold st 28. HEANEY, Dan A...742 Washington av 30. KEEFE, George W...76 5th av 32. MANGAN, John J...178 Ridgewood av 35. McGEE, William J..256 Cleveland st 38. DALY, John C..708 Union st 43. DONNELLY, Charles W...127 Pacific st 44. HEALEY, Edward F..1762 Pacific st 45. REILLY, Charles B...39 Jefferson av, Richmond Hill 46. WILSON, William L...79 Henry st 48. SZERLIP, Sidney..281 First st 50. DRISCOLL, Timothy..923 60th st 51. REEVE, Frank..469 S. 4th st 52. CONNOR, Francis A...320 4th st 56. GARTNER, Frank..227 8th st, Elmhurst 60. KELTY, Jas T., jr..589 Washington av 61. PREDERGAST, Myles J...145 N. 8th st 62. GORMAN, Richard..91 Meeker av 66. MULLIGAN, Thomas..207 Centre at 68. HELLIG, Andrew..269 Reid av 70. CLEAR, James J...57 Concord st 76. HUGHES, William O...559 Atlantic av 78. FOSS, Chris J...205 Pennsylvania av 80. CAUFIELD, John..2168 Fulton av 81. QUINN, John F...213 Adams st 86. WALKER, Fred D...112 Clymer st 89. SPARKS, Alfred A...98 Summit st 92. McGOWAN, John F...127 Oakland st 93. CAMPBELL, Thomas..188 Johnson st 95. IRWIN, Samuel N...2146 Fulton st 96. O'HARA, John T...81 Prince st 97. CHIEFFO, Charles..78 Troy av 99. WALKER, John A...97 Amity st 102. WALSH, Daniel F...596 Driggs av 103. SHEENAN, Cornelius J...376 Hicks st 105. HUNT, Bartholomew..273 Winsor pl 107. HAZEN, Abraham F...22 Smith st 110. MURPHY, James A...268 Bond st 111. MURRAY, Joseph P...11 Butler st 113. REITHER, John G...417 Cumberland st 117. LEE, William S...485 St. John's pl 119. GREELEY, William J...193 Java st 121. WHEATON, George..31 India st 123. LOUGHLIN, James P...85 Tompkins pl 128. McKENNEY, Thomas..370 S 4th st 130. MINTZ, Harry..105 Meserole st 131. OLIVER, Louis J...243 Bay 35th st 133. O'HARA, Owen..41 Garnet st 135. BECKER, Benjamin J...121 Stagg st 139. KELLY, James A...192 Congress st., Flushing 145. BLETTE, Frederick J...720 Fulton st 145. LUTGELBERGER.. John..63 Dikeman st 150. EVANS, Edward T...141 1/2 22nd st 151. RAWATZKY, Christian M...270 Gold st 153. CASEY, James P...52 Gold st 13 February 1905 TO TRY FOR VACANT POLICE INSPECTORSHIPS Through the retirement of Inspector Patrick H. MCLAUGHLIN on May 1, and the probable retirement of four other inspectors through physical disqualifications, there will soon be five vacancies in this office which pays $3,500 a year. The Municipal Civil Service Commission will shortly issue a call for examinations to be held the latter part of this week. Among those who will take the examination are Capt. FARRELL, CaptHODGKINS, CaptO'BRIEN, CaptFLOOD, CaptLANTRY, CaptCOONEY, CaptHALPIN, CaptWENDELL, CaptO'REILLY, CaptLANGAN, CaptALBERTSON and CaptBALDWIN. There will be a number of vacancies in the captaincy, twenty-three having already been examined as to their physical fitness. Of these it is believed that twelve will be placed on the retired list. MARCH 6, 1905 MUNICIPAL CIVIL SERVICE DAILY DOINGS List of Brooklyn Applicants for Patrolman to date. Geo. H. NUPPENAU, 92 Oakland St., overseer. Thos. J.A. DAVEY, 8854 Myrtle Avenue, conductor John HERTER, 17 Jackson Place, clerk Edwd. FOSTER, 427 Miller Avenue, salesman. Wm. BERGHEIM, 1206 Bushwick Ave., Artist Herman L. MACHOLD, 1281 St. Marks Avenue, driver Issac SICKER, 883 74th Street, clerk Thos. J. NOSKY, 115 Freeman Street, driver Geo M. O'DEA, 301 St. Marks Avenue, stonecutter Max E. HOLLAND, 276 Floyd Street, paperhanger Nicholas F. SCHERY, 1171 Liberty Avenue, buffer. Malcolm MCKINNEON, Jr. 5th Avenue and 91st St., stonecutter Edwd. RIEDKHOFF, 30 Bartlett St., varnisher Bernard J. MCOWEN, 162 Clermont Avenue, helper Francis A. SCHAGEL, 2357 85TH St., investigator. Patrick CAIN, 142 Willoughby St., stableman William S. HUBER, 241 Himrod St., gardener Godfrey L. JENSEN, 561 E. 7th St., gardener Jas.. H. MCCOOL, 521 Pacific St., investigator. Thos. V. CILENTO, 222 4th Avenue, grocer Jos. SEELINGER, 354 Franklin Avenue, driver John J. WALLACE, 295 Degrraw St., collector Jos. CARISI, 77 Main St., bookeeper John J. REILLY, 568 Clinton Str. special patrolman Wm M. SEEBECK, 567 Hicks St., Pressman Jos. C. O'NEILL, 433 7th Avenue, soldier Andrew M. KEUPP, 242 Melrose St., bricklayer John McNAMARA, 1228 49th St., engineer Chas. H. VAN HOLT, 73 Rockester Ave., grocer Carl KOHRT, 1761 Atlantic Ave., clerk John H. GLINSMANN, Bath Ave., corner Bay 16th St., carpenter Wm. J. KENTLER, 108 Van Dyke St., patternmaker Frank W. CLARK, 927 Myrtle Avenue, teamster James I. YOUNG, 30 Middagh St., clerk Philip BERNSTEIN, 364 Baltic Street, machinist Val. V. SHAUGHNESSEY, 723 Union St., driver Henry E. McKINLEY, 19 Main Street, driver Wm J. MALONEY, 108 12th Street, lumber inspector. Jas. F. KANE, East New York and Rochester Avenues, driver Jos H. BAILEY, Grote St., and Prospect Avenue, machinist Earnest SCHREYER, 59 S. 9th St., pressman John ALBERT, 441 Wythe Avenue, wheelwright Otto J. HAAS, 93rd st. and 5th Avenue Jas. McLOONE, 720 Bergen St., Laborer Crescenzo DePROSPO, 96 Buffalo Avenue, barber Wm J. CREREND, 133 Stockton St., driver Edward J. KAVANAGH, 126 Java St, insurance agent William GOLDSTEIN, Saratoga Ave. and Park Place, cutter Leander RING, 123 Weirfield St., elevator runner Patrick SHERIDAN, 428 West 45th St., fireman Bartholomew J. CONDON, 887 Prospect Avenue, bartender Frank J. DROBINSKI, 85 Concord St., general work John J. HENNELLY, 122 Sands St., driver George PATTON, 161 Penn Street, porter Edward C. BULLWINKEL, 211 Reid Avenue, motorman Conrad WEISER, 196 Java St., driver Edward F. POWERS, 192 Atlantic Ave., clerk Elmer E. MARSHALL, 30 3rd St., driver James A. THOMPSON, 495 Henry St., printer Elias J. ULLRICH, 767 Lafayette Avenue, clerk Thomas F. QUINN, 103 Milton St., shipping clerk William J. FAIRBROTHER, 87 Warren St., elevator runner Joseph RYAN, 133 9th St., machinist Harry J. LARGE, 182 Oakland St., painter James J. McGARRY, 280 South 4th St., brakeman William C. McDONOUGH, 920 Washington Ave, athletic instructor Harry DONALDSON, 35 Oakland Street Eric G. ANDERSON, 292 1st St., machinist Conrad D. LOSKAMP, 55 Divison Avenue, shipping clerk Joseph I. STERS, 170 Nostrand Avenue. mechanic Joseph J. McCAFFREY, 250 Wyckoff St., baker James M. LADLEY, 569 Carlton Avenue, messenger Francis J. COLGAN, 279 Cumberland St., salesman Joseph BERGEN, 609 Willoughby Avenue, clerk Michael W. O'CONNELL, 151 Baltioc St., driver Matthew PUCCIANO, 382 Prospect Avenue, clerk George F. PAIGE, 37 Myrtle Ave., steamfitter William STOKELY, 163 14th St, wireman Mansfield HUNT, 20 Ten Eyck St, bridgeman Jeremiah H. CROWLEY, 218 Degarw St., clerk. Thomas GIBBONS, 425 St Marks fAvenue, cooper John R. McNULTY, 89 Third St., porter James B. BUSTEED, 70 Ryerson St., postal clerk Charles H. SMITH, 480 St Marks Ave., yardman Thomas J. DOWNES, 435 45th St., student Alfred GOLDSTEIN, 93 Hope St. tailor John J. BURNS 485 Dean Street, electric worker George F. ULTANO, 1227 Sixtieth St., driver John SULLIVAN 1467 Bergen St., motorman John H. GALLAGHER, 66 Washington St. Jamaica, machinist Bartholomew F. CLARE, 58 Amith St., deck hand Frederick G. BIRD, 142 Unin Avenue, jeweler John J. WAGNER, 154 Butler St., optician Arnold A. CLARKE, 471 Park Avenue, glass cutter Frederick ENGEL, 207 Irving Avenue, cabinet maker William I. MILLER, 87 Clermont Ave., electrician Abraham LEVY, 79 Smith St., merchant Hugh H. DARRAGH, 84 Flushing Avenue, iron worker John D. FERGUSON, 4 Folsom Place, seaman Herman A. WOLTMANN, Jr., 852 Rogers Avenue, driver Paul P HOFFMANN, 386 17th St. pressman. Hugh S. PARK, 771 Madison St., driver Charles J. REIN, 15 Elton St., helper John JONES, 55 Floyd St. pressman Benjamin F. STEERS, 211 St., Nicholas Avenue, lineman John P. LYONS, 105 Luquer St., elevator man. (correct spelling on name of street) Joseph VALENTINE, 411 Prospect Avenue, clock maker Bernardion GROTTANO, 550 7th Avenue, clerk. Jacob BLAKEMAN, 30 West 1st St., Coney Island, plumber John J. FISHER, 81 Hopkins St., conductor Michele A. CARIOLANO, 64 Hopkisn St., driver William H. HATTAN, 176 Marion St., special patrolman John L. CURRY, 102 Eagle Street, driver Charles J. BALLMANN, 145 Sheffield Avenue paper cutter Edward ARMBRUSTER, 850 Greene Avenue, assistant undertaker William E. PICHENOR, 962 Jefferson Avenue, clerk Dennis M. McCARTHY, 91 Fourth Place, iron worker Patrick J. MEANEY, 183 Bedford Avenue, drivedr Edward J. MURPHY, 382 South 4th Street, printer Robert PICKERING, 571/2 Lynch Street, blacksmith Albert B. SMITH, 150 Saratoga Avenue , coal dealer Thomas F. HAYES, 185 Huntington St., fitter up (correct words in occupation) Robert A. BLEND, 134 North Elliott Place, clerk Malcolm L. BIRNIE, 2024 Valentine Avenue, stenographer Edward J. DUNGATE, 105 Boerum place, clerk Philip GROSCH, 465 Waverly Avenue, butcher Wiliam C. SILVIA, 442 6th St. conductor Anton P. BRUCHHAUSER, Jr., 200 North 7th St., clerk Michael F. CANNON, 1652 Park Place, helper Alexander MEYER, 502 7th Avenue, butcher Andrew L. ETTER, 197 89th St., brass worker Louis S. EHLERDING, 35 Meeker Avenue, clerk Frederick H. SYMINGTON, 521 45th St., driver John MEYER, Seney Hospital, driver Lawrence A. KELLY, 48 Green lane, box maker Jas, J. MULHERN, 660 Dean St, driver Arthur J. MOREN, 479 Clermont Avenue, driver Geo J. DEYELL, 244 Schermerhorn St. assistant bookkeeper Peter OTTATI, 27 Old Bushwick Road, driver Edward P. BRENNEN, 252 Bond St., driver Peter J. JAMKE, 187 11th St., driver and helper Geol J. LEHMAN, 1644 St. Marks Avenue, carpenter Jas. J. REILLY 26 Fillmore Place, clerk Francis E. GILMARTIN, 400 Carroll St., laborer Thos. GREENE, 36 Auburn Place, truck driver Roland E. CHATTAWAY, 282 Leonard St., electrician Jas L. MULLIN, 498 Herkimer St., paionter Wm. C. LARIGAN, 1851 Atlantic Avenue, mechanic's helper John J. MULLANEY, 409 7th Avenue, shade maker Jas NORTON, 29 Park place, trimmer Wm. T. CAMPBELL, 174 High St., driver Lyman C. BEECHER, 91st and 5th Ave., soldier Wm F. SHIELDS, 180 Butler St., laborer Patrick J. CAREY, 104 N. Elliott Pl., wool worker JOHN e. AHERN, 67 Devoe St., riveter John ROSSMORE, 205 Woodvine St., lithographer Edwd. McNEARY, 156 S. 8th St., beef carrier Albert SCHULTZ, 603 Flushing Avenuem Machihnists helper Bernarf F. REILLY, 207 St. Marks's Avenue gasfitter John J. COLEMAN, 136 Luqueer Street, teamster - (street name is spelt as shown) John CROSS, 1669 70th St., guard John P. DUQUETTE, 423 Bedford Avenue, ironmoulder Wm. HOFMANN, 406 Graham Avenue, driver Jas. C. MONIZ, 262 Rodney St., manager DEPARTMENT CHANGES. PRESIDENT BOROUGH OF RICHMOND - Probationary appointment of Meyer M. PUNDICK, 16 Humboldt Street, Brooklyn, as clerk with knowledge of stenography and tyepwriting, at a salary of $1,200. DEPARTMENT OF BRIDGES - Charles REEVERS, 40 Somers Street, is changedfrom assistant foreman of laborers to that of foreman of laborers, with compensation of $1,500 a year. DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE - Resigned: A. W. HANKINSON, assistant engineer in the Bureau of Engineering. COMMISSIONER OF LICENSES - Appointed: Joseph P. BOYLE to the poistion of inspector of licenses at a salary of $1,500. TENEMENT HOUSE DEPARTMENT- APPOINTED: Arthur V. PRUDEN, office boy, salary $300. Transferred: Harry S. HELLER, office boy to Department of Finance. Resigned: Kate MILLER, cleaner. Appointed: Fannie QUERIPEL. 16 March 1905 MUNICIPAL DOINGS ADDITIONAL LIST OF BROOKLYN APPLICANTS FRO PATROLMAN. Thos. F. REILLY, 112 DeKalb ave., iron worker Arthur QUINLISK, 248 Wyckoff st., porter J.E. MCAULIFFE, 232 Meeker ave., carpet porter Geo. H. MCDONALD, 443 Logan st., waiter Chas. W. CANNING, 503 St. Johns pl., laborer Emil B. BOYENS, 53 Greenpoint ave., upholsterer Edw. L. WARDELL, 328 57th st., bookbinder Jas. A. KEATING, 200A Throop ave., printer Henry H. KLEIN, 201 Ten Eyck st., press Val. WERNERSBACH, 322 Devoe st., iron worker Edw. REES, 99 Diamond st., riveter Rich. J. TULLY, 463 11th st., engineer Walter L. GROW, 9 Clermont ave., helper Philip C. MCCARTER, 1326 Clinton ave., blacksmith Ignatius J. HAYES, 1st ave. and 9th st., College Point, combs Thos. F. MAHER, 21 Sullivan st., Flushing, florist Jas. J. GALLAGHER, 189 Union ave., weigher Chas. E. SCHULTZ, 635 60th st., watchman Alex. M. GREEN, 369A 5th st., ceiling hanger Louis A. SKORREN, 313 Van Brunt st., mate Wm. H. HARE, E. 40th st., near Church ave., conductor Gus. A. BOETTER, Jr., 448 Lexington ave., driver Jas. MEEHAN, Jr., 472 Hancock st., oiler Chrissie EARING, 83 De Sales pl., motorman Herman HESS, 516 Glenmore ave., gold beater Henry CRASSER, 136 Dresden st., shipping clerk Jas. KENNING, 180 3d ave., conductor Jas. A. REILLY, 97 Franklin ave., care of Murphy, porter Harry I. THOMSON, 359 Greene ave., clerk David F. MORRISSEY, 64 Luquer st., driver John GIBBONS, 98 Eckford st., stone cutter David A. ROCHE, 179 Richard st., driver A. LOWE, 314 Graham ave., telegraph operator Wm. H. MOEHRING, Surf ave., Coney Island, assistant manager Wm. F. BLEIDORN, 1030 Willoughby ave., driver Arthur J.L. HOCK, 563 Barbey st., plumber Patrick F. AHEARN, 373 Prospect ave., salesman Mark J. LOUDER, 1270 Herkimer st., navy John FITZGERALD, 38 Hicks st., porter Geo. W. FINLAY, 765 Halsey st., steel engraver Frank BLAUK, 1464 Bedford ave., tool maker Harry L. OSWALD, 229 Himrod st., braider John HINES, 108 Clay st., riveter John J. REGAN, 10 Cole st., glass worker John RUFF, 449 Atlantic ave., investigator Geo. D. SULLIVAN, 238 Tenth st., electric hoister Hugh GALLAGHER, 83 Warren st., porter Edw. C. DEVENPORT, 195 Garfield pl., clerk Edw. P. RYAN, 521 Atlantic ave., butcher Ernest L. REED, 89 N. Portland ave., iron molder Thos. F. BARRY, 152 President st., pressman John A. HANOLD, 257 Boerum st., soldier Phillipp H.L. MEYER, Collins ave., Queens, motorman John MCNERNEY, 1732 Broadway, motorman Geo. DAWKINS, 274 Bridge st., general helper W.H. THOMPSON, 101 Rogers ave., iron worker Henry C. MITTENZWEI, 45 Stockholm st., driver Henry L. WEISMAN, 113 Nassau ave., bridgeman Frank C. ENGLAND, 35 Cornelia st., collector Jas. F. DALY, 5407 5th ave., truck driver Jacob M. LONG, 1238 39th st., packer Thos. H. ASHE, 373 Prospect pl., transportation Jos. E. COLLINS, Van Wyck ave. and Beaufort st., Jamaica, fireman H.J. NETZER, 98 Henry st., physical instructor John W. SHINE, 1709 Putnam ave., motorman Jas. W. LANE, 437 49th st., deckhand Transcribed by: Cheryl DeSellier RETURN to BROOKLYN STANDARD MAIN Return to CIVIL Main Return to BROOKLYN MAIN