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8 SEPTEMBER 1923 POLICE CHANGES RETIREMENTS Lieutenant-----Cornelius J. SULLIVAN, 76th Precinct, at $1650 per annum. Appointed Nov 18, 1890. Sergeant-----John J. NEWLANDS, 31st precinct, at $1350 per annum. Appointed May 16, 1885. RESIGNATIONS Patrolman------Frank C. GIODANO, Shield No. 10480, 105th Precinct. ASSIGNMENTS As Probationary Policewomen---to Headquarters Div., Training school: NEWMAN, Ellen HARRISON, Lillian CASSIDY, Sarah SULLIVAN, Mary E.F. RELYEA, Katherine V. HART, Julia R. WHALEN, Carrie F. O'CONNOR, Julia VAUGHAN, Mary I. KALISH, Katharyn L.B. BRENNA, Cathrine P. O'CONNELL, Mary E. McALLISTER, Mamie RAY, Elizabeth A. FLYNN, Mary A. MULLINS, Ann V. CLARKE, Margaret J.V. WEHNER, Gertrude BAHR, Sarah L. HINES, Anna T. RUSSELL, Jane POPKEN, Barbara C. BOURQUE, Theresa R. As Probationary Patrolwomen: WISSMAN, Margtha SIMON, Frances REILLY, Anna H. MULLEN, Marion O'NEIL, Louise M. MOTZ, Louise M. BRADY, Helena C. MICHEL, Elizabeth F. TRANSFERS Seargents----David ZIMMS, from 26th to 97th John J. KEATING, from 91st to 33rd William A. LEDERMAN, from 97th to 26th Patrolmen----John M. DUGGAN, from Traffic A. to 21st John E McDONALD, from Traffic A, to 31st, assignment to mounted duty discontinued. Anthony J. AEILLO, from Traffic B to 72nd Thomas J. McCUTCHEON, from 4th Inspection District to 21st TEMPORARY ASSIGNMENTS Lieutenants----Francis A.STAINKAMP, 25th Precinct, assigned in command to Sept 10, during absence of captain temporarily assigned. Patrolmen----Joseph P. MALLOY, 16 Precinct to Detective Div., to duty in office of the District Attorney, New York, for five days, from Sept 6 Charles FRAYLER, 23rd Precinct to Headquarters Div., Special Duty Div, assigned as acting attendant for 18 days, from Sept 10, during absence of patrolman on vacation Charles J. O'CONNOR, 31st Precinct, to 33rd Precinct, assigned to day tours for 30 days from Sept 7 LEAVES WITH PAY Inspector----Charles A FORMOSO, 13th Inspection District, for one day from 5 PM Sept 7, to be deducted from vacation. SICK LEAVE GRANTED Patrolmen Arthur H. GALVIN, 23rd Precinct, for 30 days, from Sept 9 Alexander H. McGUIRK, 68th Precinct to Dec. 3 Robert E. HOCK, 91st Precinct, to Oct 4 Alexander C. RUSSELL, 96th Precinct for 30 days, from Sept 8 John McGOWAN, 113th Precinct, to Sept 16 APPOINTMENTS October 1923 Brooklyn Daily Standard Union Commissioner ENRIGHT, on Tuesday, October 16, swore in 200 new patrolmen and sent them to the school of instruction. No. 657 if the last man appointed from the eligible list. Those appointed are as follows: Edward P. McCHERRY Howard GUNDERMAN Walter F. ACKER William I.J. RILEY Anthony J. BRIZZOLARI Joseph A. O'HARE John M. CURRY Matthew M. DERCOLE William F. WALSH John J. QUIGLEY Frank SHEEHAN Thomas J. HERRICK John T. DOWGIALOWICZ Mortimer J. DOWNING George J. ALBERT, Jr. Henry E.CAMPING John H. O'BRIEN John R. HUGHES John M. FINNEGAN William KEIPER Robert F. McCORMACK Michael McCARTHY Cornelius J. MENNIS Hugh J. GAVIGAN John J. COTER Walter L. NIXON Oscar LOFMARK Alvin W. HENRY Michael J. VAUGHAN Frederick FEUERHAHN Joseph T. BRAHM Albert L. KAMNESTER Frederick A. OTT Cornelius V. BOHAN Joseph D. DUNN George S. V. WANDLING Joseph H. VICINO William L. HARRIS Hugh J. CLARK Joseph LA ROSA John HEANEY Richard J. BRODERICK William J. CAREY Edward J. HOLLINGSWORTH Joseph C. IANNONE William J.J. PENDERGAST Anthony T. ROTH Frederick W. GRUBERT Edward M COUGHLIN William HOFFMAN Samuel LEVY Tony F. NOTARO Dennis McCARTHY Joseph C. BOSCH William HARTMANN Hubert F. AHEARN Barney MENDLER Charles HABLICK William F. MAY James F. CARBERRY Martin H. LASCHE Arthur MAHON Fabian A. . POWERS George F. GEHR Einar J. TORGERSEN Walter E. DINAN George W. REINHARDT Peter P. BRADY Henry J. BULETTI Francis X. SULLIVAN Frank MOLLOY Harry L. GRAEVE John F. TORMEY John E. MAHER Lawrence J. JANESEK John BAKER John A. MURPHY Charles LYONS Wilfrid J. DONLON Fred A. CHRIST Thomas T. VAN ETTEN James T. McELRATH Harry L. ANDRES Joseph C. GERHARD Thomas J. TERRY Joseph P. SMITH Wesley M. McCLELLAND Maurice J. BARRETT Joseph V. FITZSIMMONS Bernard A. DOLAN Arthur A.P.PFOHLMANN Henry W. MICHEL John J. TONY Edward J. MAATZ Edward J. ROBISON Alexander GABRIEL Paul L. EVERS Thomas J. GORMAN James F. HURLEY Aurelio L. CURRERI Francis H. McCABE James A. SUNDSTROM Edward J. McMANUS Joseph L. MATTHEWS James J. DOWD James A. CARR Arthur L. ZUCK Patrick J. DOHERTY John J. WALSH Clarence H. HAYNES John A. HAYES Joseph GLOVIN Bernard CONLON Francis J. KELLY Rudolph S. SEIBERT John E. BURNS Edward F. FREEMAN Hermon C. SCHNIEDER David E. WHITE James B. GANNON John T.CARNEY Walter H. KUCK Charles O. NELSON, Jr. Daniel C. MAHONEY John J. VOGT Edward B. FLAVIN Edward S. FRAWLEY William S. ZIMMERMAN Charles E. LOWD Stephen F. ROONEY James F. CARR Harry J. HODGINS Stephan A. CYBOLSKY Patrick W. HARNEDY Philip G. CREAMER George HUMMEL, Jr. Rubin HELFANT Joseph J. BONORA Lester McFADZEN Charles F. MINETT William F. ARCHIBALD John F. NUTT Christen CHRISTENSEN Frederick C. SPUHLER Frank F. HAHN John T. MONOGHAN Osmond S. BLACKBURNE James J. CONLEY, Jr. Frank F. BOWMAN John F. EVERLICH James J. BUTLER Russell J. TERWILLINGER, Sr. Walter C. HERZER James F. MALONEY Harold B. CUNNI--- George E. VREELAND William GILL James CURTAIN Michael GRAMLICH John J. BROPHY, Jr. Joseph T. CLEARY Joseph A. GREEN John M. VARCOE Joseph W. BURNS Thomas J. DUKES Allen MURPHY Charles J. ZUMBA Charles J. HOERT Edward CASSIDY James F. HEFFERNAN George ELLER George A. McCROSSON Joseph A. CASSIDY John C. HALL, Jr. George J. SWOBODA Francis BLAZKIEWICZ James I. COOK Christ A. ANDERSON Leon W. GOULD James my aLANAGAN John H. DEVELLI George A. SEAQUIST Frederick V. LUDE Walter C. SIPP Anton SVOBODA Frederick TRUMPF, Jr. John J. McAVERY Christopher J. CHENEY Robert L. WHITLOCK Harry B. SEMMIG Robert J. STEWART ? A. CARROLL John J. O'KANE John F. BARNES Edward J. ROSCIGNO James L. BOYLE Gustus f. YOUNG Thomas F. McNAMARA, Jr. Richard J. EARLY Louis EULER, having resigned April 19, 1923, was re-appointed patrolman on probation. PAY APPROVED, WHILE ON SICK REPORT Patrolmen---- Peter M. KING, 3rd Precinct from July 9, during disability Alfred CUBBIGE, 26th Precinct, from June 23, during disability Richard McCARTHY, 26th Precinct, from July 18 to July 25 John D. TRACEY, 33rd Precinct, from July 27 to Aug 4 George A.MILLER, 51st Precinct, from June 25 during disability Harold D. YOUNG, 53rd Precinct, from July to July 23 John H. MAHNKEN, 65th Precinct, from July 21 to July 25 Emil F. MULLER, 65th Precinct, from July 16 to July 25 Daniel J. WALSH, 74th Precinct, from July 20 to July 25 Henry DEVLIN, 93rd Precinct, from July 29 to Aug 5 John M. MENKEN, Traffic Precinct A, from July 17 during disability John W. PLATE, Traffic Precinct A, from Aug 7 to Aug 11 Louis G. WEINDLECK, Traffic Precinct A, from July 19 to July 31 John F. SMITH, Traffic Precinct B, from June 8,during disability Jeremiah McCARTHY, Traffic Precinct B, from July 9 during disability James T. McKEON, Traffic Precinct B, from June 16 to June 17 Edward P. RUSSELL, Traffic Precinct C, from July 1 to July 14 William FLORENCE, Traffic Precinct D, from June 3 to June 5 Thomas BURNS, Traffic Precinct D, from May 31 to June 5 James KENT, Traffic Precinct D, from May 29 to June 2 Arthur SHEVLIN, Motorcycle Squad 1, from July 11 during disability Philip KORMAN, Headquarters Div, Div of Transportation from June 13 to June 18. 13 OCT 1923 Two and A Half Year's Service Two and a half years as a member of the NY Police Dept, and already a member of the detective branch of the service, is the record of Warren T.THOMAS, or as he is known, "Tom", who has just been assigned to the Jamaica station to fill the vacancy caused by the transfer of Detective Charles HARDEN. Thomas is one of the first group to graduate from Commissioner ENRIGHT's detective school in Manhattan. Prior to his new assignment, he was a well-known figure at Jamaica Ave and Merrick Rd, where he directed traffic as a member of Traffic Squadron E. The new detective is a resident of Jamaica, living with his wife, at 60 George St. His father, Alfred THOMAS, was also a plain clothes man for 15 years before his retirement some years ago. At the examination conducted at the detective school, THOMAS received 97.5 %, and was second on the list for appointment. He is also a war veteran and served 22 months over- seas with the 2nd Division of the Regular Army. His fellow workers in the Jamaica station are Detectives Charles WANDLING, Chris MEHLING and O'CONNELL. EX-CAPT. RANDLES HEADS MERCHANT SLEUTH BUREAU Announcement is made that ex-Capt. Patrick J. RANDLES, of Whitestone, who retired from the Police Dept a few weeks ago, after 27 years of service, has been named as general manager of the Merchants" Detective Bureau, with headquarters at 370 7th Ave, Manhattan. Capt. RANDLES is associated with Anatol L. RODAN (?) of 1003 President St, who was chairman of the Flying Squadron of the Dept of Justice in the Eastern District. The squadron was attached to the Bureau of Investigation. 13 OCTOBER 1923 POLICE ROUTINE Transfers & Assignments. LIEUTENANTS To take effect 8 AM Oct 10: John P. CHALLEN, from 26th Precinct to 2nd Inspection District; assignment to desk duty continued. Peter J. REILLY, from 96th Precinct to 26th, assignment to desk duty continued. Louis F. COSTUMA,from 2nd Inspection Dictrict to 1st Precinct, assignment to desk duty continued. SERGEANTS From 39th Precinct to 26th Precinct---- Patrick J. SWEENEY & Charles BOHAN From 40th Precinct to 26th Precinct--- Aleander (Alexander ?) W. FRAZER & James J. PALMER PATROLMEN John J. GRADY, from 13 Precinct to 87th, assignment as attendant discontinued James P. McCABE, from 37th Precinct to Headquarters Div., chauffeur Frederick F. FRANKLIN, from 38th Precinct to 4th Arthur B. GRAEF, from 63rd Precinct to 120th, assignment changed from bicycle duty to motorcycle duty From 118th Precincts to precincts indicated, assignment to mounted duty discontinued--- Henry J. YOUNG, 13; Alexander G. LOGAN, 15 TEMPORARY ASSIGNMENTS Sergeant---William H. FIELDING, 65TH Precinct to Detective Div, to duty in office of the District Attorney, Richmond County, to Oct 12. Patrolmen---Stephen L. SHEEDY, 5th Precinct to Headquarters Div., Bureau of Telegraph, Manahattan, to Oct 22. Charles J. RYAN, Traffic Precinct A to Detective Div, to duty in office of the District Attorney, Kings County, to Oct 14. Patrolwoman---Rae NICOLETTE, 33rd Precinct to Detective Div., to duty in office of the District Attorney, Kings County, to Oct. 11. ASSIGNMENT DISCONTINUED Patrolman---Russell J. MACKAY, 26th Precinct, to Detective Div (temporary) , is discontinued from 4 PM Oct 8. LEAVE WITH PAY Inspector---Thomas K.KELLY, 12th Inspection District, for 4 days, from 8 AM 10 Oct 1923, to be deducted from vacation. LEAVES WITHOUT PAY Patrolmen---Joseph A. HEALY, 3RD Precinct, to Oct 11 William R. HOLRATH, 15th Precinct, for 5 days from 8 AM 14 Oct William J. GORMAN, 67th Precinct, for 4 days, from 18 Oct. RESTORED TO DUTY Probationary Patrolmen Raymond C. KENNY, Headquarters Div., Training School. RESIGNATIONS ACCEPTED Patrolmen Alfred F. LONG, 23RD Precinct Peter H. QUINN, 27th George F. HUGHES, 42nd John J. ZEIGELBAUER, 94th The Commissioner issued this order also under date of Oct 10: SPECIAL ORDERS 235 PENSIONED Sgt.---John FOSTER, 47th Precinct, on his own application, at $1350 per annum. TRANSFERS AND ASSIGNMENTS To take effect 8 AM 11 Oct: Lieut. John P. CHALLAN, from 2nd Inspection District to Headquarters Div, office of 2nd Deputy Commissioner, assigned to supervise patrol and clerical duty; assignment to desk duty discontinued. PATROLMEN Thomas CUNNINGHAM, from 116th Precinct to 50th John J. MELBOURNE, from Traffic Precinct D to 87th Precinct From precincts indicated to Traffic Precinct D, John J. DARCY, 93 Joseph A. DUGAN, 103 Partial copy of article.................... With Capt. GRAHAM in Richmond Hill are 4 detectives who have replaced Detectives KRUMMEL, ZEMAU, HILL AND McGRANE, now on patrol duty in various parts of the city. One of the new men is William G. HERBERT, who lives at 8902 181st St., Jamaica. He is a World War veteran, and before the war was a sailor in the US Navy. He has been in the department for sixteen years. Another of the new men is John J. MIERAN,whose home is in 53 Housman St, Brooklyn. He was a patrolman for 4 years, and was recently graduated from the detectives' school. He, too, saw service in both the Army and Navy. Another is Patrick J.COTTER, of 159 3rd Ave, Manhattan. For 5 years he was attached to the narcotic squad, and during the war was on the secretarial staff of Admiral MAYO. The fourth sleuth is Louis HENNINGER, of 815 Madison St, Brooklyn. He has been a detective for 8 years. The only detectaive of the old group in the district is George NEWINS (NEVINS ?), popularly known as "Doc". He has been in the service for nearly 30 years. Transcribed by Joy E. Bold Return to CIVIL Main Return to BROOKLYN MAIN