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L. I. Autoists
Brooklyn Daily Standard Union
21 January 1926

Eight Brooklyn and L. I. Autoists Lose Driving Licenses

Commissioner HARNETT Also Announces Suspension of 250 Permits in 
State-Drinking Chief Cause

(Special to The Standard Union)
Albany, Jan 21-Eight Brooklyn and Long Island automobile operators lost their 
licenses during the two weeks' ending Dec. 15, Charles A. HARNETT, 
Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, announced to-day in making public a list of 
fifty-first revocations and 250 suspensions in the State.  Driving a car 
while intoxicated and speeding were the principal causes of the revocations.  
The list follows:

Revocations, Brooklyn District
GERRITY, William J. , Forrest avenue, Freeport, driving car while intoxicated.
NESBEK, Solomon, 408 Stone avenue, speeding, third offense.
FESTA, Joseph, 332 Manhattan avenue, speeding, third offense.
GULDEN, William A., 47 Corinth avenue, Elmhurst, driving car while 
FISCHMAN, Isaac, 160 South Fourth street, speeding, third offense.
LOPES, Joseph, 44 Willow street, improper registration.
CONTI, Philip, 121 Third place, left scene of accident without giving same 
name and address.
KANDELIN Jr., Victor, Pettit avenue, Marrick (not a typo), driving car while 

Suspensions Brooklyn District
DUFFY, Barry, 8910 (or 3910) Colonial road, charged with driving car while 
FRANZESE, Peter, 1148 Lawn avenue, ozine Park (not a typo), false statement 
of age in application.
EDWARDSON, Alf, 322 Sixth street, charged with driving car while intoxicated.
GEMMELL, Albert, 2004 Atlantic avenue, reckless driving.
REBEL, George R., 126-19 148th street, South Ozone Park, reckless driving.
FROMM, Carl, 2259 Coney Island avenue, reckless driving.
BLUMENTHAL, William, 1096 Myrtle avenue, charged with homicide.
STARRICK, Alexander, Hicksville, involved in fatal accident.
TOSSENBROCK, Charles W., 1559 105th street, Woodhaven, charged with driving 
car while intoxicated.
MILLER, Lawrence, 121 161st street, Jamaica, involved in fatal accident.
SANDY Jr., Edward J., 5 Junction street, Corona, pending investigation of 
fatal accident. 
RINI, Matthew, 140 Wilson avenue, pending investigation of accident.
GUNDERSON, Ingrald, 6117 Fourth avenue, charged with driving car while 
BLAIR, Matthew, 3244 Eighty-third street, charged with leaving the scene of 
accident without reporting.
O'SHAUGHNESSY, Anthony, 402 Vernon avenue, Long Island City, charged with 
driving car while intoxicated.
AUBE, Geral John, 11813 Liberty avenue, Richmond Hill, charged with driving 
car while intoxicated.
CANTON, M., 70 Seventh avenue, illegal transfer of plates.
GREENBERG, Morris, 366 Kosciusko street, charged with homicide.
KUMMELDORPH, A., 124 Clymer street, failure to report transfer.
GUNDERMAN, John, 61 Yale avenue, Jamaica, involved in an accident.
WHEATLEY, William M., 101 Foxhall street, reckless driving.
HERRICK, John, 86-03 Eighty-ninth avenue, Woodhaven, involved in an accident.
GARDIS, Morris, 3408 Jamaica avenue, Astoria, pending investigation of an 
MACKEY, James A., 3752 Ninety-fifth street, Elmhurst,  pending investigation 
of an accident.
LIIAMAA, John W., 1587 West Eleventh street, charged with homicide.
ALCOLISE, Michael, 350 Twenty-second street, reckless driving.
SYERN, Joseph, 913 Avenue U, charged with manslaughter.
WOOD, Gordon T., 520 Fifteenth street, College Point, pending investigation 
of an accident.
MCCONNELL, Joseph, 152 McConnell avenue, Bayport, driving car while 
JOBINA, Robert, 20 Merrick road, Jamaica, permitted unlicensed person to 
COICCHIO, Charles, 63-13 Fifteenth street, reckless driving.
ROSEN, Samuel, 1424 St. Marks avenue, pending investigation of an accident.
GATTO, Sisto, 128 Eighth street, charged with leaving the scene of an 
accident without reporting.
SADLO, Anthony J., 17 Thirty-ninth avenue, Corona, pending investigation of 
an accident.
BERNSTEIN, Joseph, 304 Avenue V, reckless driving.
SCHOCKETT, Isadore, 244 South Third street, charged with assault.
BELSKY, Max. 1154 President street, pending investigation of fatal accident.
SCHAEPP, George, 208 Greenpoint avenue, involved in an accident.
CAPONE, Thomas, C., 439 Ditmars avenue, Astoria, pending investigation of an 

Licenses suspended for evasion of prosecution:

ABEND, Ben, 2518 Pitkin avenue
CONCOTTA, Joseph, 1846 West Eighth street
DIMARIA, Joseph, 115 Wilson street
WUINLAN, Bertrand D., 124 Horton street
PICCIARELLI, Victor, 3614 Fourteenth avenue
VITELLO, Antonio, 141 Sackett street
WISE, Robert, ?09 Avenue O
ROSENFELD, Samuel, 216 First avenue, College Point
STETLER, John, 75?? Ninety-fifth street, Woodhaven
SWEETMAN, Arthur, 390 Flushing avenue
MUSCATELLO, Charles, 2699 Eighth avenue 
NEWMAN, Nathan, 1137 East Twenty-sixth street
JONES, Arthur, Inwood street, Ozone Park
HEINICHEN, Charles J., 109 Thirteenth street, College Park
GEIBEL, Christ, ?06 East Thirty-seventh street
SABINSKY, Harry, 74 Barrett street
SCHAEFFER, Henry, 2717 East Twenty-first street
SEWELL, John H., 2940 West Third street
COHEN, Manuel, 1630 Forty-first street
SHERMAN, Morris, 37 (or 87) Chester avenue
SEARS, James, 11 Toledo street, Elmhurst
?????LING, ???, 33 Church street
SAMM?RON, ?, 172? Lincoln

Transcribed by Eileen Swanberg-Thailer