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Brooklyn Standard Union

2 January 1931
Twenty-two L.I. Motorists Lose Their Driver's Licenses
  Twenty-two Brooklyn and Long Island automobilists lost their licenses 
through revocation during the two weeks ending Jan 16. Charles 
A.HARNETT,Commissioner Motor Vehicies,announced to-day in making public a 
list of 513 licenses that had been either revoked or suspended. The list of 
violators in the Brooklyn and Long Island district follows:
 Charged with driving car while intoxicated;
Jordan H. GREENE, 9262 Springfield Boulevard, Queens Village.
Howard M. HALL,1256 East Thirteenth street.
Joseph KELLER,243 Jamaica avenue, Astoria.
Joseph GLANNERY, 151-77  227th street, Laurelton.
John WILSON, 35-21 Crescent street, Astoria.
John MACLELLAN, Mineola avenue, Roslyn.
George MASKINSKY, Carle road, Carle Place.
John BORKOWSKI, 5 Orchard street, Port Washington.
Theodore ROCHESTER, 296 Sterling place.
Fred HOLSHOE, 9749 Seventy-sixth street,Ozone Park.
Charles B.HUBBE, 37 Kingston avenue.
Edward BROWN, 1974 Batchelder street.
Albert B.BATMAN,40 Nassau drive, Great Neck.
Samuel SCHENCK, 158-15  111th avenue,Jamaica.

   Accused of leaving scene of accident without reporting:
John POWLEY, 133 North Sixth street.
Patrick J.CULLEN, Merrick Inn, Valley Stream.
Joseph BUTINSKY, 2954 West Twenty-fourth street
Glenn CORTEZ, 448 Fountain avenue.

Daniel ANTONACHIE, 280 Jericho Turnpike,Floral Park.

   Charge with reckless driving:
Charles R.HUNT,169 Eagle street.

   License proured while under age:
Frank UATALE, 7514 Eighteenth avenue.
John BATISTA, 555 Kingston avenue.

  Charged with leaving the scene of accident without reporting:
Abraham GARCHERTH, 115-31 122nd street,Ozone Prk.
Max SCHWEIGER, 583 East Ninety-eighth street.
Jacob POLERSTOCK,190 Christopher avenue.
Andrew LaCORTE, 162 Ryerson street.
Sam GOPEN, 1452 Fifty-fifth street.
Jerome COPPALA,1925 East Twelfth street.
Emmi TEMKIN, 261 Bradford street.

   Charged with driving while intoxicated:
Edward F.LENNON, 1429 Grand avenue, Astoria.
John MARTIN, 140 Bradle street.
Charles HESS,133-23 Eighty-third street, Ozone Park.
George FAY, 17 Devoe street.
Michael LAURY,780 Third avenue.
Thoas PRIVITERA,470 Seventy-second street.

    Accused of reckless driving:
Anedeo VECCHIONE, 8833 187th street,Hollis.
Gustino TERZI, 4131 Marathon avenue, Little Neck.
Walter SPENGLER, 133 South Oxford street;
John LAFORTE, 184 Bay Seventeenth street.
Abram LEVINE, 13 Belvidere street.
Thomas CORRIGAN, 50-42 Forty Sixth street,Woodside
Francis A. McGOWAN, 275A  Nassau avenue.
Francis CHAJKOWSKI, 317 Van Brunt street.
Joseph DiGEORGIO, 371 Hicks street.
Andrew J.LICARI, 312 Elmwood avenue.
K. A. MEISSNER, 131 Salisbury avenue, Garden City

   Charged with speeding, second offense:
Charles KNOX, 109-14 Glove avenue,Jamaica.
Martin CARLISH, 4322 Forty-fifth street,Sunnyside
Peter C. DUNELLEN, 107-41 105th street, Richmond Hill.
Harry SMITH,45 Alsop street,Jamaica.
Benjamin SOLDI, 3326 Ninety-sixth street,Queens.
Sarah EPSTEIN, 2311 Avenue L.

The list of violators in the Brooklyn and Long Island district follows:

   Defective brakes:
George CHRISTENSEN, 212 Bradford street.

   Failure to notify bureau of change of address:
Joseph HALPERN, 9752 Seventy-fifth street, Ozone Park.
Harry LEFKOWITZ, 280 Jerome street.
Michels MEZZI, 22 Richardson avenue.
Irving FRIEDMAN, 529 Saratoga avenue.
Sam COWDY,126-06 111th avenue, Richmond Hill
Harry GREENBAUM,1011 Winthrop street
Flatbush Used Car Exchange, 1709 Avenue U.
Harry BECK, 77-37 164th street,Flushing
Jack WEINSTEIN, 7 North Spencer street,Lynbrook.
Joseph KRAUS, 114-21 Lefferts boulevard,Richmond Hill.
Sam COHN, 1012 Voorhees avenue.
Hans LUDERS, 1965 Sixtieth street.
Louis COHEN, 178 Fountain avenue.
Cohen & Rubin, 63 Rockaway parkway.
Adrian J.PAUMER, 9163 110th street,Richmond Hill.
Simon WINTERS, Inwood Country Club,Inwood
Harry JAMES,1836 Pacific street.
Herman ZUEHIS,103-28 110th street,Richmond Hill.
Mrs.Joseph POWERS,3044 Eighty-seventh street, Jackson Heights.
Caesar ALBERTIZZI, 4715 Robinson avenue.
Alethis BEERY, 174-23 142nd street,Springfield.
Rena FRIEDMAN,529 Saratoga avenue.
Angelo PACCIONE,70 Union avenue.

    License procured under age:
Frank E. REARDON, 1553 Nostrand avenue.
Gaetario AMARI, 8801 Flatland avenue.
Jack SCHORR,156 Hopper street.
William PULTZ, 42-62 157th street,Flushing
     Charged with evading prosecution:
Morris BOOBITCH, 112 Middletown street.

     Improper use of plates:
Sam SWERDLOFF, 1622 East Ninety sixth street.
Anthony FORGIONE, Frost Pond road,Glen Cove.

     Failure to satisfy judgement:
John SPARRING, 229 Twelfth street.
Loretta BRENNAN,229 Twelfth street.
Morris SOME, 3132 Seventy-fifth street.
Louis KROLICK, 51 Hart street.
Henry J. HERTZ, 1878 Ryder street.
James CARROLL, 84 Fleet street.
William BEDELL, 74 Hall street.
John W.McDONALD,157 Sixty-eighth street.
Michael ANGELO,361 Forty-third street.
Sterling I.MACKIE,179 Linden boulevard.
Vincenzio LONAIDIO, 1629 Seventy-fourth street.

     Charged with driving car while intoxicated:
Jordan H.GREENE,9262 Springville boulevard, Queens Village.
Morton HOMAN, 225 Milburn avenue,Baldwin.

     License issued in error:
Barney ASHMAN, 314 Rochester avenue.
Henry KNETGE, 23-20 Eighty-ninth street,JacksonHeights.
Mitchell FALK, 11 New Broadway, Far Rockaway.
Edith M.PURCELL, 4011 Seventy- eighth street,JacksonHeights.
Martha HA?HN, 176 Central avenue.
Lester MISHCON,166 East Forty-third street.
Fred COOPER, Manorville.
George GANNON, Lincoln avenue, Valley Stream.

      Charge with reckless driving:
George BRIELMEIER,1569 Flatbush avenue.

       Unlicensed operator:
Max KLEINTZLER, 2161 Forty-second street,Astoria.
Stanley WYSOCKE, 3240 Eighty-seventh street,Jackson Heights.
Frank LOGAN, Sctauket.
David KAUFMAN, 310 Sea Cliff avenue,Sea Cliff.
John KUHN,Jr., 2038 East Twenty-sixth street.

       Charged with manslaughter:
Peter MILITANO, 470 Smith street.
Luciano TERLIZZI, 785 Coney Island avenue.
Joe TARDO, 1879 Pacific street.
Leon SUSAKIND, 1360 East Seventh street.
George H.SPAHN, 9108 Avenue L.

       Charged with homicide:
Jenny LARSON, 121 Temple street.Long Island City.

       Failure to give proof of financial responsibility:
Katherine MAY, Merrick road, Moriches.
John OSTMAN, 161-02 Jamaica avenue, Jamaica.
Claudio BENGOCHEA, 215 Spring street,Lawrence.
Harry JOHNS, 39 East Seventeenth street.

4 March 1931
List of Violators in L.I. Area Issued by HARNETT
(Special to The Standard Union)
ALBANY, March 4-Thirty-seven Brooklyn and Long Island motorists accused of 
driving their cars while drunk lost their licenses in the three-week period 
ending Feb. 19, Charles A. HARNETT, Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, 
announced to-day.  The total in the State was 956, of which 499 will be 
obliged to furnish proof of financial responsibility before applications 
for new licenses will be considered.  The list of those who were penalized 
by revocation of suspension of licenses in the local area follows:
Charges with driving car while intoxicated:
Roy VAN TASSELL, Newbridge road, Bellmore
Otto JOHNSON, 251 Ninety-second street
John OLSEN, 107-63 Merrick road, Jamaica
Michael CUBA, 18 Jefferson avenue, Bellmore
Frank MICHELOSKI, Syosset
James S. HANSON, 2183 South Centre avenue, Rockville Centre
John G. WARD, Demott avenue, Baldwin
James FRANKS, Clock boulevard, Amityville
Israel KAZDEN, 971 Myrtle avenue
Frank GAROZNSKI, 7403 Seventh avenue
Frank GALLACHER, 45 Fuller place
Mike ROOK, Riverhead
Roosevelt GARNETT, 2 Columbus court, Freeport
Anthony MC LEAN, Brooklyn avenue, Oceanside
William John SWANSON, 289 Ninetieth street
Thomas DAVIDSON LEWIS, 110-10 Springfield boulevard, Queens
William F. HAYES, 6506 Dry Harbor road, Queens
Charles CLEMENS, 1438 East Fifty-fourth street
M.F. MC CORMICK, 131-20 134th street, South Ozone Park
William SENGSTACK, Zipp avenue, East Patchogue
Gus LEIMAEN, 9311 Roosevelt avenue, Long Island City
Bronsil W. MERZENECKI, Kennedy road, North Roslyn
Milledge BROOKS, 22 South Franklin street, Hempstead
Fred GAUVIN, 4747 Ninety-sixth place, Corona
Eddie E. FROST, 569 Ninetieth street
Gus FREEBURN, 819 Willoughby avenue
Harry WOJUWUCKI, East Norwich
Thomas FLOOD, 6 St. Francis place
Thomas W. DAVID, 2433 Forty-second street, Astoria
Jerome CROWLEY, 6 Lyconnell street, Massapequa
Andrew W. F. VOGEL, 1 William street, Massapequa
Axel BLOOMQUIST, Fulton avenue, New Hyde Park
Karl L. VAUPEL, 64 Denhoff avenue, Freeport
MIke SNYDER, Leandawe avenue, Hickville
Stephen KATSUR, Jr.., 2327 123d street, College Point
Henry VAN THUN, 8 Third street, Oceanside
Frank H. LORD, Mitchel Field

Accused of reckless driving:
Frank MILLICH, 1813 101st street
Philip SHLENSKY, 2035 East Third street
Giovanni SINDONI, 119 Gerry street
Pasquall LICOIARDO, 178-26 Gerard avenue, South Jamaica

License issued irregularly:
Frank LIQUERI, 422 St. Marks avenue
John C. FINN, 380 Van Buren street

Driving car while under suspension:
William DICKOFF, 2515  Avenue U

False statement in application:
Jack SCHUIL, 5025 Fifth avenue

Charges with assault:
John MOUTELLO, 296 Mickael avenue, Mineola

Accused of grand larceny:
Benjamin MARCHESE, 176 Stanhope street

Mack SIMRING, 4515 Snyder avenue

14 March 1931
Eight Other Revocations in Brooklyn-L.I. Area
(Special to The Standard Union)

Albany, March 14.-Twenty-six Brooklyn and Long Island drivers of 
automobiles lost their licenses during the two weeks ending March 6, 
Charles A. HARNETT, Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, announced to-day.  In 
the whole state, there were 699 penalized for infractions of the 
motor-vehicle law.  Of this number 361 will be required to show proof of 
financial responsibility before they can make successful application for 
the new licenses.  There were 64 revocations and 295 suspensions in New 
York City and its vicinity.
The Brooklyn-Long Island revocation list follows:
Charged with driving car while intoxicated:
Harry REISING, 29 East Hawthorne avenue, Valley Stream
Pat WYTHE, 148 Middleneck road, Port Washington
John NELSON, 268 Ninetieth street.
John F. PALOW, 25 Stillwell place, Freeport.
Eugene E. CORNELL, 991 Wood street, Woodmere.
Raymond S. BOLTON, 177 Portfield place, Freeport
Theodore BLAND, Fire Island avenue, Babylon
Thomas STEVENS, 37, Prospect street, Hempstead.
John C. HILL, 116-11 Eighty-ninth avenue, Freeport.
John Leslie HARRINGTON, Prospect street, Westbury.
Peter MACIEZEWSKI, 800 Manhattan avenue.
Joseph J. GREEN, 16 Buchanan street, Astoria
Alan H. BROWN, 38 Willis avenue, Mineola
Stefano CHIANESE, 1216 Sixty-sixth street
John Wesley BOX, Gormley road, Merrick
Louis PEREZ, 92 Washington street
Anthony SMITH, 188 Church street, Freeport
Roland ZINCKE, 91 Prospect street, Flushing.
Thomas MC DANIELS, 441 Classon avenue
Ricardo FIGUERO, 200 Irving avenue, Floral Park
Ivy Edward HALL, 13 Lafayette avenue
John BENTON, 10524 Farmers avenue, Hollis
Edward P. MICHEL, 77 Seventy-sixth street
William J.BRENNAN, 8805 168th street, Jamaica
Edward SOMELOFZKE, Glen Head road, Glen Head

Accused of assault:
James MAIELLE, 1568 Fifty-ninth street
George KATZ, 8711 Ninety-first avenue, Woodhaven

License procured while under age:
Fred COOPER, Manorville.
Sidney BRODKIN, 39 Central avenue
George BROSS, 87-14 Ninety-fifth street, Woodhaven

False statement in application:
Frank CUSMANO, 300 Troutman street

Leaving scene of accident without reporting:
John HUBER, Jr., 386 Remington street, Jamaica

Procuring license under assumed name:
Charles GOLDBERG, 674 Wythe avenue.

18 March 1931
James MITCHELL, 16, of 42-38 Seventy-third street, Elmhurst, is in the St. 
John's hospital today in a critical condition, after he and his friend, Peter 
MC LAUGHLIN, 15, of 61-07 Broadway, were struck by an automobile while 
crossing Woodside avenue and Seventy-seventh street, Woodside, last night.
Mitchell was taken to the St. John's Hospital together with his companion by 
Harry MOLLER, of 43-37 163d street, Flushing, the drive of the car which 
struck them. Dr. MINITER treated both of them but permitted MCLAUGHLIN to go 
home after attending him for a fracture of the wrist. The older boy was 
unconscious and is said to have a possible fracture of the skull.

23 March 1931
Astoria Man at Wheel as Car Skids 150 Feet in Yonkers
Four persons were dead and several others were suffering injuries today as 
the result of a wild ride down a steep grade at Yonkers in an overcrowded 
automobile which ended when the car skidded 150 feet, jumped the curb and 
crashed into two trees.
Miss Betty SALLY, 725 Tenth avenue, Manhattan, the only person to escape 
injury, said the foot accelerator stuck as they reached the decline and Henry 
FYFE, the driver, of 2411 Forty-first street, Astoria, lost control of the 
car. Police blamed the accident on overcrowding.
The dead were:
Fred SALLY, 35, 1148 Thirty-first avenue, Astoria;
Mrs. Mary SALLY, 30, wife of Fred;
Thomas BYRNES 32, 531 West Forty-ninth street, Manhattan;
Rose MURPHY, 505 West Fifty-second street, Manhattan;
Joseph ROSCELLO, 28, 720 Tenth avenue, Manhattan;
Frank KING, 25, 515 West Fiftieth street, Manhattan;
Anthony SALLY, 28, 715 Tenth avenue, Manhattan.
None of the injured was in a serious condition.

27 March 1931
Seven Other Offenders Similarly Penalized
Albany, March 27 - Thirteen Brooklyn and Long Island drivers of automobiles 
lost their certificates of registration and licenses on intoxication charges 
during the two week period ending March 20, Charles A. HARNETT announced 
today in making public a list of 793 revocations and suspensions. of the 
total number of licenses revoked or suspended, 323 of the motorists involved 
will be required to give the bureau proof of their financial responsibility 
before applications for new licenses will be considered.
There were 94 revocations and 290 suspensions in the Brooklyn district and in 
the same locality 170 revocations for failure to file omnibus bonds. The 
names of these offenders were not made public. 

The list of persons in the Brooklyn and Long Island area whose licenses 
were revoked follows:
Accused of driving car while intoxicated:
Oscar BONNER, 34 Lefferts place
James M. MEEHAN, 200-24 Northern Boulevard, Bayside.
 Edward J. BUTLER, Hortons lane, Southold.
Fred OFTERDINGER, 2229 East Broadway.
Thomas WALSH, Westbury.
Oscar CHRISTIANSEN, Locust avenue, Hempstead.
Julius HOFFART, 89 Morris avenue, Malverne.
Charles LUERSSEN, Jr., 154 Hilton avenue, Hempstead.
Julius M. LARSEN, 3707 Avenue M.
Antonio LOPEZ, 8724 254th st., Bellerose.
James H. RYAN, 160 Hoyt street.
Alfred J. WELLER 108-11 Mangin avenue, St. Albans.
John A. ROBINSON, 130 Thirtieth avenue, Beachhurst.

Charges with assault, third degree:
George H. JOHNSON, Jr., Livingston avenue, Babylon.

Accused of leaving scene of accident without reporting:
Emil ANDERSON, 5119 Sixth avenue.
Dominick MAURO, 14 Central avenue.

Charged with Reckless driving:
Benjamin GOULD, 49 Chester street.

License irregularly issued:
James D. MAHONEY, Fairview avenue, Lindenhurst.

Speeding third offense:
David CHAIMOWITZ, 480 Herzl street.

Driving while license was suspended:
Michael CONTI, 383 Cleveland street.

Samuel LYSHUYS, 32, of 1765 West Thirteenth street, Coney Island, was to be 
arraigned in Homicide Court today in connection with the deaths of two little 
girls as the result of an automobile collision last night. LYSHUYS, a taxicab 
driver, was held after being questioned by police and the District Attorney.
The two girls who lost their lives were Margaret ISASI, 4, of 7 Woodrow 
court, and her sister, Alice 1. Their mother, Mrs. Lucy ISASI, 27, is in a 
serious condition in Norwegian Hospital with a broken leg and arm and, it is 
feared, internal injuries. Two other women, friends of the ISASI family, were 
injured less seriously.
According to Thomas ISASI, father of the two girls and driver of the car, he 
was driving along. Third avenue when, at Thirty-fifth street, the taxicab cut 
in front of him. The machines crashed and the ISASI car careened across the 
street hit a telephone pole and then piled up on the sidewalk. The car was 
LYSHUYS told police that he turned into Thirty-fifth street from Third avenue 
and didn't see the other car until the collision. He said that he was driving 
at a moderate rate of speed, having slowed down to turn the corner. LYSHUYS 
escaped without injury.
The two injured women are Mary ALCORA, 47, of the Woodrow court address, and 
Alice MOREA, 45, of Wantagh, Nassau County. Miss ALCORA was allowed to go 
home after treatment in Norwegian Hospital for abrasions, but Miss MOREA 
remained in the institution. Both machines were badly damaged.

Nine person were injured, one so seriously that he is not expected to live, 
as a result of three accidents late last night and early today.
A large touring car carrying six passengers crashed into a taxi at Broadway 
and Keap street, early today in a collision due, police say, to a 
misunderstanding of signals. The crash of the two cars was loud enough to 
bring Patrolmen George ROYAL and George FEENEY, of Bedford avenue station, 
who gathered the injured people into two taxis and administered first aid to 
them on their way to St. Catharine's Hospital.
The injured were:
Mrs. Helen LANPRECHT, 40, of 1020 Washington avenue, the Bronx; fractured 
skull and internal injuries, St. Catharine's Hospital.
Dominic SORRENTINO, 21, 251 North Eighth street; driver of the taxi. 
Contusions, lacerations. Sent home.
Herman RITTERSON, 38, of 1475 Grand Concourse, Manhattan; driver of the 
touring car. Contusions, lacerations and abrasions. Sent home.
Mrs. Martha RITTERSON, 38, same address. Fractured skull and internal 
injuries. St. Catharine's Hospital.
Frank TUNNEL, 27, of 490 Second avenue, Manhattan. Contusions, lacerations 
and abrasions. Sent home. 
Edward LANPRECHT, 36, of 1020 Washington avenue, contusions, lacerations, 
abrasions, was sent home.

While taking milk bottles from the rear of a milk truck early today, Herman 
LUCHMAN, 37, of 1786 Fulton street, a driver for the Borden Milk Company, was 
struck by a car driven by Fritz MAGER, of 384 West Fifty-sixth street, and 
pinned against the truck. He was rushed to St. Catharine's Hospital by 
Patrolman Francis MCCARTHY, of Bedford avenue station, where examination 
revealed that his legs were broken and he had sustained internal injuries. He 
is in a serious condition and is not expected to live. The accident was 
considered unavoidable and no arrest was made.

Hugh DUNN, 8, of 18 Greenpoint avenue was struck by a hit and run driver 
while crossing Greenpoint avenue at Eckfort street last night, sustaining 
lacerations, contusions and abrasions of the body for which he was treated by 
an ambulance surgeon from Greenpoint hospital. The child was sent home after 
treatment. Detectives of Greenpoint station are investigating.

George GENSTINA, 31, of 3812 Fort Hamilton parkway, was severely injured when 
the automobile he was driving was in collision with another automobile at 
Driggs avenue and South Fourth street. GENSTINA was unconscious when Dr. 
MINTZER arrived from Beth Moses Hospital. He took the injured man to the 
Kings County Hospital.
Joseph MIZROCHI, of 160 Havemeyer street, driver of the other automobile, 
escaped injury.
The accident was the result of a misunderstanding of signals. GENSTINA was 
driving north on Driggs avenue and was crossing South Fourth street, when the 
other car came out of that street.

Alfred ANDERSON, 21, of 4211 Seventh avenue, and Miss Diana SALO, 22, of 643 
Forty-first street, were cut and bruised early today when their automobile, 
driven by ANDERSON, collided with a taxicab at Fifteenth avenue and 
Seventy-fifth street. Thomas SICLIN, 29, of 162 Bay Thirty-fourth street, the 
driver of the cab, sustained a fractured left shoulder. They were treated at 
the Harbor Hospital and taken to their homes. A misunderstanding of signals 
caused the accident.

William ROSENBERG, of 191 Amboy street, ran his automobile into the drug 
store of Samuel GROSSMAN, at 501 Hinsdale street, last night, in avoiding a 
small boy who darted in front of the car. The plate glass windows of the 
store were smashed but no one was injured.

30 March 1931
Four persons where severely injured yesterday when an automobile in which 
they were riding skidded on the wet pavement at Washington street and Seltz 
avenue, Hempstead, L. I., and struck a tree, causing three of the occupants 
to be thrown out.
The car was operated by Charles O'CONNOR, 24, of 370 Berkeley street, East 
Hempstead. With him were Frank GROSS, 24, a boarder in his home, and the 
Misses Edith WHITE, of South Franklin street, and Nan DONOVAN, of Seeley 
avenue, Hempstead.
GROSS was first to recover, Miss WHITE had not been thrown from the car, but 
had been shaken up so badly she was unconscious. GROSS put Miss DONOVAN and 
O'CONNOR in the car and although his left arm had been fractured, he drove to 
Nassau Hospital at Mineola. There it was found that Miss DONOVAN'S skull had 
been fractured, and the others had received internal injuries which were serious.

Nicholas ROMANCHIK, 42, of 35 Crowell street, Hempstead, was injured 
yesterday when his automobile got out of control in Greenfield Cemetery here, 
while he was standing on the running board.
ROMANCHIK had gone to the cemetery to visit the grave of a relative, and as 
he was preparing to leave the starter of his automobile jammed. He got out on 
the running board, with the motor in gear, and began shaking the car. 
Suddenly the car started, and after knocking over three headstones, and 
sidewise against a large monument, pinning ROMANCHIK between the monument and 
the car. He finally extricated himself, and was taken to Nassau Hospital, Mineola.

22 April 1931
    William JACKSON, 28, of 166-14 Bergen place, Jamaica, is in the
workhouse serving a three months sentence which was imposed on him
by Justices HERBERT, CALDWELL and NOLAN in the Court of Special
Sessions, after his conviction on a charge of leaving the scene of
an accident.
    Instead of stopping as ordered by Patrolman John C. FELTZ of the
Jamaica precinct, last March 23, JACKSON speeded away in his
automobile.  The officer gave chase and claimed that at Farmers
avenue, near 109th avenue, Hollis, JACKSON forced FELTZ' automobile
into a tree.  Another policeman continued the chase and caught
JACKSON a short distance from the scene of the accident.
    FELTZ sustained lacerations of the face and body and was on sick
leave several days.  In the Jamaica magistrate's court, JACKSON was
fined $10 for improper license plates and $50 for reckless driving.

    William VANN, colored chauffeur for Magistrate Benjamin MARVIN,
paid a $25 fine after Magistrate Peter M. DALY in the Jamaica court
found him guilty of driving an automobile more than forty miles an
    Patrolman Gordon HILL of Motorcycle Squad 3 served the summons
Thursday, after VANN speeded along Foch boulevard, near 220th
street, St. Albans.  VANN said he had just taken one of Judge
MARVIN'S children to school and was on his way back to the MARVIN
    VANN is 32 years old and lives at 107-37 Union Hall street, Jamaica.

5 May 1931
Two Others Injured - One by Hit and Run Driver
    Six persons were injured, four of whom are in Kings County Hospital, as
a result of auto accidents reported to police early to-day.
Miss Sarah KANTOR, of 622 Fifty-third street, was to be charged with
felonious assault in Flatbush court to-day, as a result of her car hitting

Mrs. Gussie ALTMAN, 25, of 202 Avenue F, and her son, Douglas, three months,
while they were crossing Avenue F at Second street last night.  Mrs. Altman
sustained a fractured spine, while her son suffered a fractured skull.  Both
are in Kings County Hospital.  

Mrs. Anna DAVIDSON, who lives with Mrs. ALTMAN, was standing nearby at 
the time of the accident, but received only minor injuries.
An accident due to misunderstanding of signals found Michael AFFISIO,
18, of 462 East New York avenue, and Alfred ESPOSITO, 18, of 56?? Brooklyn
avenue, in Kings County Hospital to-day suffering a fractured spine and a
fractured leg, respectively.  AFFISIO's car, in which ESPOSITO was a
passenger, struck a Police Department car driven by Patrolman Joseph WELSH,
of Empire boulevard station, at Maple street and East New York avenue.
WELSH's injuries were slight.
Shirley WEISS, 11, of 1669 Fifty-ninth street, suffered lacerations of
the scalp when she was struck by a hit-and-run driver at Twenty-second
avenue and Eighty-sixth street last night.  After treatment she was able to
go home.

8 May 1931
Many Other Revocations Reported in Local Area
(Special to The Standard Union)

    ALBANY, May 8 - Thirty Brooklyn and Long Island motorists who drove
their cars while intoxicated lost their licenses in the two weeks ending
April 30, Charles A. HARNETT, Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, announced
to-day.  In the New York City districts there were 348 revocations and 197
suspensions of licenses and 87 revocations and 137 suspensions in other
parts of the State.
    Two hundred and twenty-one of these cases will require proof of
financial responsibility before their applications for new license will be
considered, Commissioner HARNETT said.  In the Manhattan and Brooklyn
districts 199 of the revocations were for failure to file omnibus bonds, but
these names were not made public.  The list of Brooklyn and Long Island
offenders who lost their licenses follows:

    Accused of driving car while intoxicated:
John ZAGAJEUSKI, 204 Palmetto street
William ROBBINS, 839 Monroe street
Van Etten RONK, Ocean avenue, Massapequa
Harry SIMMON, 18 Valley road, Port Washington
George W. KWAAK, Montauk highway, Center Moriches
Thomas McDANIEL, 441 Classon avenue
Edward GAHAN, 167 Monroe street
Vincent LISA, 794 East New York avenue
John ZAGAUWSKI, 5415 Eighty-second street, Elmhurst
William DOUGLAS, MacGregor avenue, Roslyn
Kathleen MARTENSEN, 168 Carroll street
George M. HUBBS, 22 Platt street, Huntington
Milton POWELL, 265 Wilson avenue, Westbury
Christian BOYD, 4545 Bliss street, Woodside
Dan FOX, Glen Head
Arthur KRUCHER, 8 Garfield road, Baldwin
Rocco FERRI, Babylon
Jordan GREEN, 92-82 Springfield boulevard, Queens Village
John KRAUS, 2421 Singer street, Astoria
Stanley GREZESZCEK, Stewart avenue, Garden City
Bernard ORTUTAY, 599 Manhattan avenue
Napoleon A. REYNOLDS, U.S. Veterans Hospital, Northport
Castaldo RAIMONDO, 18 South street, Port Washington
Gustave NORELL, Ramona street, Hicksville
Robert C. DONALDSON, 44 Waverly avenue, Lynbrook
Henry HEIMANN, 442 Melrose street
Jesse ZELASKY, West Turnpike, Manhasset
Robert CHAPDELAINE, 21-29 Thirty-first avenue, Astoria
Andrew PETERSON, Kenmore avenue, Hicksville

    Failure to notify bureau of change of address:
Charles J. COMISKEY, 51-14 Forty-fourth street, Woodside
Benjamin F. MILLRUTH, 67 St. Paul's place
Arthur SIMS, 336 Meeker avenue
Irving ROBINS, 7410 Ridge boulevard
Harold MILLER, 322 Fourth avenue
Same WAHLOFSKY, 587 South Ocean avenue, Patchogue
Raymond LYLYK, 244 Siegel street
Thomas P. SMITH, 108-21 174th street, Jamaica
Benjamin SIDEL, 221 South Seventh street
Kermit WILLIAMS, 236 Powell street
Maria MAROTTA, 134 Ninety-first street, Rockaway Beach
Ray NEWFIELD, 9214 Avenue B
Alfred KRISTIANSEN, 883 Fifty-seventh street
William J. SPEIRS, 109-45 200th street, Hollis
Sam LUSTIG, 788 Fresh Pond road, Ridgewood
Berhard RUPPERT, 8735 Eightieth street, Woodhaven
Emil O. GEYER, 3601 Avenue J
Minnie SENFT, 3731 Poplar avenue
Jack H. JENSEN, 7407 Fifth avenue
John GORCH, 160 South Third street
Remigo CARBOME, 352 Linwood street
C. Robert COLER, 623 Putnam avenue
Nathan NEWMAN, 2916 West Twenty-seventh street
George HOROWITZ, 1672 Davidson avenue
Robert MARCH, 2004 Glenwood road
Robert A. BOYD, 118-33 218th street, St. Albans

    Charged with speeding, third offense:
Richard H. VACCARO, 230 Atlantic avenue, Lynbrook
Grant MOYERS, 804 President Hotel, Long Beach
Samuel FRIED, 412 Schenck avenue

    Accused of leaving scene of accident without reporting:
Ralph BONOMO, 1201 Ovington avenue
Adolf ADDE, U.S. Army, Fifty-eighth street
George WALACHTEJUS, 1063 Seventieth street
Charles A. WATTELSTEIN, 857 Myrtle avenue
George H. CANGELOSI, 6446 Sixty-eighth street, Glendale
William BLAND, Riverhead

    False statement in application:
Charles SIRIANO, 1835 Sixty-ninth street
Emanuel GIRGENTI, 23 Shore avenue, Oyster Bay
Harry SCHNEIDER, 318 Sutter avenue
Frank CARDINALI, 5842 Forty-third avenue, Woodside

    Failure to pay registration fee:
Soren J. SORENSON, 4218 165th street, Flushing
Howard W. WOLFF, 88 Hudson avenue, Roosevelt

    Secured license while under age:
Alphonse CROPANZANO, 1957 Eighty-fifth street

    Improper use of license plates:
Louis MAGEDOFF, 105 Moore street

    Unlicense operator:
Guglielmo S. CRISAFULLI, 1957 Eighty-fifth street

    Charged with reckless driving:
Bennie HICKSON, 525 Washington avenue

    Failure to comply with suspension order:
Walter J. KEARNEY, 2713 Voorhees avenue

22 May 1931
Thirteen Other Revocations Reported by HARNETT  
Of the forty-four Brooklyn and Long Island drivers of automobiles  
who were penalized during the two weeks ending May 14, thirty-one were 
accused of driving cars while intoxicated, according to Charles 
A. HARNETT Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, who today announced that 
498 certificates of automobile registration and licenses to drive 
were either revoked or suspended during the two week period.
Of this number of persons affected, 271 will be required to prove their 
financial responsibility before applications for new licenses will be 
considered by the bureau. In New York City there were 74 revocations 
and 184 suspensions and 108 revocations and 132 suspensions 
in other parts of the State.
A list of the Brooklyn-Long Island revocations follows:

Accused of driving car while intoxicated:
Albert JAQUES, 9 Cornwall place, Baldwin.
Andro SPARK, Park avenue, Merrick.
Mrs. Elizabeth LEVY, 9415 Springfield boulevard, Queens Village
William Douglas MCGREGOR avenue, Rosyln.
Timothy F. WHITE, 4525 Fortyeighth street, Woodside.
Andrew HANSEN, 39 Lake street
Parker DAVIS, 243 Hempstead avenue, Rockville Centre.
Charles WELLSTEAD, 2410 Kings Highway.
Frank WYSOCKI, Rosyln
Edwin LOGAN, Eighth street, Bayside
Ernest COTTER, Orchard street, Rosyln
Frank KOPETIC, 16 Madison avenue, Glen Cove.
Thomas J. MURPHY, July avenue, Bayville.
Howard E. BURKE, East Broadway, Port Jefferson.
Allen ABRAHAM, 90 Nassau avenue, Inwood.
LeRoy HAGGERTY, East Northport.
Robert C. DONALDSON, 57 Waldo avenue, East Rockaway
Anton SAMIDE, 274 Irving avenue.
William HOLLOWAY, 45 Grove street, Hempstead.
Frank DORFMEISTER, Bethpage road, Farmingdale
Dennis DUNNE, 103 Rose street, Freeport.
Douglas KIRBY, Silver Wave Hotel, Freeport.
Frank LUPINEK, 66 Laburnum avenue, Flushing.
James SMITH, 166a Schastreet.
Steven HOINOWSKI, 40 Summers street, Oyster Bay
Walter HAYES, 601 East Twenty-first street.
Paul FRANK, Buchanan street, Mineola.
Vince KUCWAJ, 174 north Sixth street.
Walter BANOWITZ, 72-27 Manse street, Forest Hills
Francis Joseph CAMPION, 799 Manhattan avenue.
Clifton PARKER, 617 Rockaway avenue

Charged with reckless driving:
Raymond V. RINDONE, 1009 Lancaster avenue
Edwin Carmin BIRCH, 173 Thelma avenue, Merrick

Accused of leaving scene of accident without reporting:
Alexander KOKIERNAK, Harding street, Hempstead.
Bernard A. TRACY, 4513 Sixty-fifth place, Woodside.
Joseph ZELIK, 2321 Pitkin avenue.

Failure to notify bureau of change of address:
Samuel GERMAIN, 2315  East Fourth street
Thompson Trucking Corp., Thirty-seventh street, Long Island City
Dina CONTE, 2415 West Second street, Sheepshead Bay
Nat KAHN, 483 Greene avenue

Lester MISCHON, 166 East Forty-third street

Charged with manslaughter, second degree:
James REARDON, 159-19 Hillside avenue, Jamaica

Accused of speeding, third offense:
Alfonso IZZO, 215 Sheepshead Bay road

False statement in application:
Murray H. WINTERS, 249 Beach 118th street, Rockaway park.

5 June 1931
  Five persons were injured last night when two automobiles
collided at Hopkinson and Atlantic avenue. One automobile, operated
by Harry PLATOW, 195-06 117th road,St.Albans, caught fire. The
other car was operated by William BROOKS,270 Prospect avenue.
  In PLATOW's car were Grace and Daisy McMULLEN,sisters of 699
Bainbridge street. Rose REUTER,of 106 Suydam street, was a 
passenger in the other car.
  All including the drivers, were treated by St.Mary's Hospital. A 
misunderstanding of signals caused the accident, according to the police.
      Rum Charges Void Licenses of 17 Brooklyn- L.I. Drivers.
  Twelve other motorists penalized for violations of law.
 Accused of driving car while intoxicated:
George W. McCARTHY, 150 Oak street, Hempstead.
Cyril WALSH,  Stony Brook.
Richard COLE, 4141 Forty-fourth street,Long Island City.
Andro SPARK, Park avenue,Merrick.
Daniel HOGAN, 13 Lincoln ave,Massapequa.
Louis LANGDON, 104 Massapequa road,Farmingdale.
Vince KUCWAY, 114 North Eighth street
Charles B. PRICE, Little Neck road,Babylon
Archibald G.RAPPLESTONE, 18 Sobe ave, Franklin Square.
Charles HIGGINS, 7920 Fourth avenue
Charles BADSTEIN, 583 Fortieth street.
George A.KRAEMER, 3084 Forty-sixth street
Emil HENDEN, 2832 Fourth ave,Astoria.
Joseph BELL, 22 Buckingham road
Gustave ALTO, Willoughby ave, Babylon
Stanley GOLON,Eighth street, Garden City Park
James CAIN, 119-67 Long street, Jamaica

 charged with reckless driving;
Edward LIEBLING, 2954 West Twenty-ninth street.
Richard F.PALK, Wantagh ave, Wantagh
John WILSON, 2080 Atlantic avenue.

 Failed to notify bureau of change of address;
Graham Contracting Co. 232 Powers street.

 False statement in application;
Reuben GOLDSTEIN, 1606 Fifty-first street

 License irregularly issued;
Gaetano FATATO, 314 Second street.
John B.SANTIMAYS, 207a Halsey street.

 Overcrowding front seat;
Benjamin COHEN, 1136 Eastern parkway.

 Leaving scene of accident without reporting;
Frank BALENA, 1614 East Fourteenth street
Peter OMHOLT, 7 Hanover place, Rockville Centre.

 Changed operator's license to chauffeur's license without test;
Sam WAHLOSFSKY, 31 Atlantic avenue, Lynnbrook

 Under age when license was issued;
Frank LIPINSKI, 141 North First street

18 June 1931
Eleven Motorists Forfeit Licenses on Rum Charges
  Eleven Brooklyn and Long Island motorists were penalized within the
last two weeks to the extent of having their registrations cancelled and
their driving licenses annulled on charges that they drove cars when
  Accused of driving a car while intoxicated are:
 Lauri NIEME, 219 Kirkman avenue, Elmont
 William H. NICHOLAS, 78-05 Seventh street, Glendale
 Roy E. ARNOLD, Cleveland street, Hempstead.
 Richard JOHNSTONE, 102 Franklin ave, Manhattan
 Walter GIVEN, 1902 Twenty-second road, Long Island City
 Dezidar FARKAS, 94-46 Eighty-fifth street, Woodhaven
 John H.WHITE, 873 Forty-second street
 George H.TURKA, 23-41 Thirty-third street, Long Island City
 Vittorio E. MANCO, 250 Warren street
 Charles MILESAZKY, Third avenue, Garden City Park
 William ZEISER, 104-14 107th avenue, Ozone Park

  Charge with leaving scene of accident without reporting:
 Christian HANSEN, 826 Fifieth street.

  Failure to pay registration fee:
 Painters Union Local, 102 East Fifty-first street.

  Accused of reckless driving:
 Louis RADISCH, 1754 Sixty-seventh street

  Unlicensed operator:
 John KOLENDA, East Prospect ave, Southampton.

24 June 1931
 in Crash As Car Overturns in Queens
  Two persons were killed and five injured when a truck in which
they were going to a Gaelic football game at Ebbets Field last
night got out of control and overturned on Cross Bay boulevard,
South of Howard Beach, Queens.
 The dead:
Maurice MORIARTY, 45, of Kerry House,Beach 106th street,
Rockaway Beach.
James SULLIVAN, 45, also of Kerry House.
  The Injured:
Edward SWEENEY, 32, of the Shamrock Hotel, Beach 102nd street,
Rockaway Beach, possible fracture of the skull,condition serious.
Thomas MORIARTY, 40, of 184 Hyatt avenue,Yonkers, driver of
the truck and a cousin of MORIARTY, sprained back.
James O'CONNELL, 45, of 1524 Amsterdam avenue,Manhattan,
fracture of the right shoulder.
Maurice SPILLANE, 27, owner of the truck, of 603 140th street,
Manhattan, abrasion of the left leg.
James SULLIVAN, 25, of 156 Beach Ninety-sixth street,Rockaway
Beach, compound fracture of the right arm.
  SWEENEY was a player on one of the teams. He and the others
had reached a point opposite Goose Creek when the machine
suddenly swerved and overturned. Those in the front escaped
with minor injuries, but those in the rear were crushed.

8 July 1931
   In its career the car, which was operated by Motorman John FORD, 38, of 883
Lafayette avenue, drove its front truck deep into the paving of the sidewalk,
where it remained, while the car itself continued into the brick wall of the
store, striking James ROSSITER, 70, of 32 Driggs avenue. ROSSITER, who was on
crutches, was unable to get out of the way as he saw the trolley charging down
on him.
   Traffic was tied up for more than two hours while a wrecking crew put the
car back on the tracks. Ambulances were called from Cumberland and St. John’s
hospitals to attend to the injured, and before their arrival first aid was
administered by Patrolman Irving STENZLER, of Gates avenue station.

   Although the car was driven ten feet into the store owned by Samuel BERK,
and one, who was in a telephone booth at the time, leaped out just before the
impact of the trolley.
   According to the motorman, the controls became jammed while he was rounding
the curve, turning right from Putnam into Nostrand avenue. There were forty
persons in the car at the time of the accident. Twenty-five of those were
badly shaken and four were taken to the hospitals. The more seriously injured
   JAMES ROSSITER, 70, 32 Driggs avenue, Brooklyn; possible fractures and
internal injuries.
   Mrs. HELEN CLARK, 44, 428 Ridgewood avenue, wrenched back.
   Mrs. MAY GARDNER, 47, 1058 Decatur street; contusions of the legs and arms.

   IRVING SHAPIRO, 23, 1498 Brook avenue, The Bronx; head injuries.
   HENRY J. STRAUSS, 43, 1378 Bushwick avenue; shock.
   Miss DOROTHY SMITH, 17, Negro, 331 Lewis avenue; shock.

10 July 1931
Two Are Treated for Cuts on Laurel Hill Boulevard, Long Island City
   Five persons were injured today when a motor truck and a trolley car
collided at Laurel Hill boulevard and Borden avenue, Long Island City.
   All declined to be taken to a hospital, but two were treated for cuts by
Ambulance Surgeon BLASO of St. John’s Hospital.
   They were:
   Walter STANLEY, 30, of 66-30 Fifty-sixth drive, Maspeth, cut on the face.
   Joseph BENEDICT, 35, of 66-45 Clinton avenue, Maspeth, cut on the hand.

   The others who suffered bruises and shock were:
   Fred MODZEL, 30, of 210-30 Flushing avenue.
   Michael BOSIS, 38, of 59-35 Fifty-eighth avenue, Maspeth.
   Sophie CAMPBELL, 58, of 65-04 Fresh Pond road, Maspeth
   Frank BANIGAM, 33, of 140 West Ninety-ninth street, Manhattan
   Frank MAZEWSKI, 39, of 61-65 Clinton street, Maspeth
   William SPENCER, of 34-17 Forty-third street, Astoria, was the motorman of
the New York and Queens County Railway trolley car which was proceeding east
on Laurel Hill Boulevard. Edward STAPLETON, of 318 East Twenty-fifty street,
Manhattan, was driving the truck. There were no arrests.

21 July 1931
   Two Brooklyn women were confined to borough hospitals today suffering from
internal injuries received when they were thrown out of autos yesterday under
mysterious circumstances which police are still investigating. Less than
twenty-four hours after Lillian CASSIDY, 22, of 47 Taylor street, was found
lying in the roadway at Cross Bay boulevard at 157th street, Howard Beach,
with cuts on her face and neck, police found a still unidentified woman lying
injured in the street at Park place and Nostrand avenue.
   The woman appeared to be about 25, is five feet, two inches tall, weighs
110 pounds with blue eyes and dark hair. She was wearing a blue and white
check silk dress, tan stockings and had on only one black shoe. Suffering from
internal injuries, she was removed to Kings County Hospital by Dr. AARONSON.
Miss CASSIDY was removed to Jamaica Hospital.

27 July 1931
Drivers Held for Homicide-One Also for Having Stolen Car
   Two drivers are today being held on charges of homicide, and one of them is
also charged with the theft of the auto he was driving at the time the two
men’s machines collided at Nostrand avenue between Avenues X and Y, throwing
an eight year old passenger onto her head and causing almost instantaneous death.
   The accident occurred when a car bound south on Nostrand avenue owned by
Isador EISENSTOCK, 50, of 1454 Fiftieth street and driven by his son, Julius,
22, a medical student at the University of Maryland, struck a car owned by
Charles KAYLOR of the Grenada Hotel. The car had been evidently stolen from
him at the Motor Mart Garage at DeKalb avenue and Ashland place and was
operated by John CONSON, 24, of 842a Sixty-eighth street, who is being held on
charges of homicide and auto theft.
                 ONE CAR OVERTURNS
   In the EISENSTOCK car were the owner, Isadore and his wife, Mary, 48, as
well as his son, Julius, who was driving. They were on their way from
Sheepshead Bay about 5 o’clock yesterday afternoon when they collided with the
car driven by CONSON, which was northbound on Nostrand avenue on its way to
Sheepshead Bay. The CONSON car was loaded heavily with Sunday holiday makers,
all of whom suffered injuries in the mishap when their car was overturned by
the impact.
   Eight year old Alice WHALEN, of 492 Fifth avenue, was thrown out on her
head and died almost instantly of a fractured skull. An ambulance from Coney
Island Hospital was called to care for the victims of the crash and most of
them were taken to the hospital where they remain today.
   Those hurt were:
    Alice WHALEN, 8, 492 Fifth avenue, fractured skull, dead.
    Her mother, Mrs. Alice WHALEN, 31, same address, in the Coney Island
Hospital with a possible fractured skull.
    Her brother Frank WHALEN, 10, possible fractured skull.
    John McGOWAN, 21, of 702 Caton avenue, Coney Island Hospital, possible
internal injuries, lacerated forehead.
    His wife, Evelyn, 21, same address, Coney Island Hospital, possible
internal injuries, lacerated chin.
   Arthur ROTSKY, 7506 Fourth avenue; Coney Island Hospital; possible
fractured skull and concussion of the brain.
   Miss Sally McKINNON, 20, 408 Seventeenth street; Coney Island Hospital;
possible fractured skull.
   William McKANE, 25, 388 Butler street; Coney Island Hospital; abrasions of
the left arm, went home after treatment.
   Miss Genevieve ORR, 18, 471 Seventh avenue; abrasions of the right leg,
home after treatment.
   Miss Mae BARRY, 21, 314 Sixteenth street; abrasions of the scalp, home
after treatment.
   All these were passengers in the car driven by CONSON. In the other car
were the three members of the EISENSTOCK family.
   One man was killed and five other persons were injured in a collision
between two automobiles early today at Ridgewood and Hale avenues.
            ONE MAN KILLED
   The man killed was Arthur CHARLTON, 56, of 160 West 168th street,
Manhattan. He was in the automobile of his brother, Eugene. Also in that car
was Miss Julia CUNNIFF, 21, of 107 Vermilyea avenue, and Richard GLENN, 34, of
300 East 159th street Manhattan.
   CHARLTON’s car collided with an automobile driven by Henry REIMPEL of 9148
Eighty-sixth street Queens, in which his wife, Florence, was riding with him.
All concerned in the accident were hurt. Arthur CHARLTON was thrown to the
pavement and died from a skull fracture.
   Detective Joseph CONNORS of the Miller avenue police station took both
drivers into custody for questioning.

   Fort Lee, N.J., July 27
Mrs. Mary SCHWEITZER, 24, of 80-24 Sixty-second
street, Glendale, Queens, was killed today when she was thrown from the rumble
seat of her husband’s car in a collision here. Edward SCHWEITZER, the husband
and his mother, Mrs. Mahme SCHWEITZER, 50, of 241 Irving avenue, Brooklyn,
were hurled from the front seat of the car to the pavement and badly cut and
bruised. All three were taken to North Hudson Hospital, Weehawken, where the
younger Mrs. SCHWEITZER was found to be dead.
   August J. NAPOLI of Fort Lee was held in $1,000 bail on a technical charge
of manslaughter as the driver of the other car.

   Nicholas KELLOGG, Jr., two years old, of East Meadow, L. I., was crushed to
death beneath the wheels of his father’s automobile today. The youngster was
playing in the driveway as the car was backed out of the garage and the car
struck him. He was placed in another car and rushed to Nassau Hospital,
Mineola, where it was found that he was dead. The father was held on a
technical charge of manslaughter by Coroner JONES.

Three of Beer Party Swim to Surface-Driver Held on Charges
   Michael FAVOLORA, 26, of 227 East 490th street, Manhattan, a taxicab
driver, was held on a charge of homicide today after his cab had plunged into
the East River at the foot of Twenty-third street, drowning four of its seven
passengers homeward bound from a dance hall beer party.
   The victims were:
   Mary SHINHUR, 19, 726 East Ninth street.
   Helen DEXT, 16, 1655 First avenue.
   Thomas GORMLEY, 19, 1951 Second avenue.
   Louis GURBAS, 20, 331 East 101st street.
   Three others in the car, who escaped from the submerged vehicle by climbing
into the driver’s seat and swimming to the surface, gave their names as Martin
SMITH, 22, 227 East 100th street; Helen SMITH, 19, 417 East 100th street, and
John MARTIN, 20, 312 East 101st street. All are Manhattan addresses.
   FAVOLORA said he picked up the party at a dance hall at Tenth street and
Avenue C. He told the police he drove north on Exterior street and attempted
to turn west at Twenty-third street, but that apparently the steering gear
broke and the car plunged into the river.
   Police later raised the car. The position of the bodies of the victims
indicated a terrific struggle to escape.

31 July 1931
   Five youths, the oldest twenty, pleaded guilty to charges of petty larceny
before Justices FLOOD, MURPHY and FETHERSTON in the Court of Special Sessions
yesterday. Sentence is to be imposed on Aug. 6.
   William WAGNER, 18, of 1714 Palmetto street, Ridgewood; Stanley ZANRYCKE,
20, of 53-02 Sixty-sixth street, Maspeth, and Walter SCHWARIN, 19, of 64-04
Hull street, Maspeth, admitted stealing a $15 automobile on July 24 from
Thirty-fourth street and Queens boulevard, Long Island City.
   Patrick HARVEY, 17, of 47-03 Laurel Hill boulevard, Laurel Hill and Virgil
DIAZ, 17, of 52-03 Forty-third street, Woodside, said they stole an automobile
owned by Patrick MURPHY of 188 East Sixty-fourth street, Manhattan, on July 25
from in front of a Woodside restaurant.

Five Other Revocations In Local Area Reported
   ALBANY, July 31-Driving a car while intoxicated cost ten Brooklyn and Long
Island residents their licenses, Charles A. HARNETT, Commissioner of Motor
Vehicles, announced today in making public a list of 61 persons, who had been
penalized either by revocation of their licenses or by suspension during the
two weeks ending July 23.
   In the Brooklyn district, there were fifteen revocations and a large number
of suspensions. Noticeable in this latter list is the number of unlicensed
operators who were caught driving cars minus the proper credentials. The list
of those who lost their licenses in the Brooklyn-Long Island district follows:

   Accused of driving car while intoxicated:
   Eugene C. WARREN, State Hospital, Central Islip.
   Gustave GOTTLIEB, 358 Forty- eighth street.
   Gail B. LEACH, 81 Macon street.
   Otto SANDBERG, care of W. W. HOFFMAN, Jericho.
   Alzie BOUTIN, 3533 Thirty-second street, Astoria
   John T. HANLEY, 440 Seventy-seventh street.
   Axel LARSON, 31-75 Twenty-ninth street, Astoria
   Ben KAROTAO, Greenway Apartments, Forest Hills
   Arthur W. BAILEY, 3121 Academy street, Astoria

   Failure to pay registration fee:
   Charles BROTHERS, Inc., 15 Snyder avenue

   License procured while under suspension.
   Morris RAFF, 8708 Seventh avenue.

   Charged with reckless driving.
   William C. LOVEJOY, 301 Front street, Hempstead
   Nat H. RATTET, 158 Beach seventy-seventh street, Arverne.

   Accused of leaving scene of accident without reporting:
   Joseph L. MYERS, 8608 102nd street, Richmond Hill

   Gazing at the crowds surrounding the house where a wealthy clothing dealer
was murdered today caused three automobiles to collide, injuring five persons,
one of whom was taken to Coney Island Hospital.
   The accident occurred on Ocean Parkway in the vicinity of Avenue P. The
first car, driven by Murray MERKER, 22, of1242 Ralph avenue and owned by
Abraham WEINER of 1556 Lincoln place, was traveling south on the Parkway. From
what the police can learn, MERKER became so interested in trying to discover
the reason for the immense crowd collected around a house there that he failed
to notice where he was going and crashed into an automobile driven by Charles
MANNING of Farmingdale, L. I.
   Hurled forward suddenly by the force of the rear end collision, the MANNING
car crashed into an automobile parked at the curb owned by Harold BRIN of 2537
Bedford avenue. All five persons in the WEINER car were injured and required

   Four persons are today recovering from injuries received when two autos
collided at Avenue T and Gravesend avenue. The car driven by Mrs. Adelaide
WENZEL of 1762 Seventy-third street, going west on Avenue T, crashed into one
driven by James GOODWIN, of 1518 Albany avenue, going north on Gravesend
   Mrs. WENZEL’s car was overturned by the impact, and her three passengers
were all injured. Mrs. Joseph FITZGERALD, 43, is today in the Coney Island
Hospital with deep lacerations of the left hand where the overturned car fell
on it. Her son Robert FITZGERALD, 7, suffered lacerations of the left elbow,
and Mrs. WENZEL’s daughter Rose, 8, received contusions of the face and
abrasions of the right hand.
   GOODWIN’s sister, Anne GOODWIN, 20, suffered lacerations and sprains of her
right ankle. The drivers of both cars, however, escaped unhurt. Ambulance
Surgeon DIANA of the Coney Island Hospital was summoned and treated the four
passengers, after which they all went home, except Mrs. FITZGERALD, whom Dr.
DIANA took to the hospital.

   Herbert PETERSON, 23, of 35-47 Sixty-seventh street, Woodside, died in an
ambulance on the way to Jewish Hospital, from a fractured skull and internal
injuries early today. He was injured when the sports car in which he was
riding collided with a taxicab at Bergen street and Vanderbilt avenue.
   PETERSON was in a car operated by Emil RODRIGUEZ, 24, of 384 Byrnes street,
Forest Hills. It was traveling west on Bergen street. According to some of the
witnesses, RODRIGUEZ tried to dash in front of a Vanderbilt avenue trolley car
and in the rush was cut off by a taxicab operated by Sebastian CAVALIER of
1520 Union street. Four passengers in the cab were shaken up, but did not
require medical attention. The lighter car was overturned. Both youths were
pinned underneath and the police emergency squad was summoned to release them.
RODRIGUEZ and the cab driver were arrested on technical homicide charges.

1 August 1931
A seventy year old man is dying and five others today are recovering from 
injuries suffered last night in an accident on Hollis Court Boulevard, east 
of 73rd avenue, Bayside, when a hit and run automobile struck a car 
containing a party of six persons on their way to a weekend at the beach.
Detective KORNABERG, of the Bayside precinct, sent a general alarm to all 
police precincts asking them to watch for a small black sedan with rear 
fenders damaged. According to the occupants of the car they were sideswiped 
on the road in a sparsely settled section of Bayside. The car which was hit 
struck a tree and rolled down a fifteen foot embankment. The injured are:

ANTHONY CONCAMICIME, 70, of 1932 Linden Street, Ridgewood, fractured skull, 
condition critical, Flushing Hospital.

NICOLA MULLE, 58, of 12 Vandervoort place, the driver, fractured chest, 
Flushing Hospital condition serious.

VINCENT CONTI, 26, same address, lacerations of the lip, treated and sent home.

MARY CONTI, 35, of 307 East 154th street, the Bronx, multiple lacerations of 
the body, treated and sent home.

MR. and MRS. GENARO, and JAMES, 15, their son, lacerations right side and forehead.

Commissioner ULROONEY today announced the promotion of four men in the Police 
Department. The vacancy left by the retirement of Capt. Peter F. MASTERSON 
from the Sheepshead Bay Precinct will be filled by the promotion of former 
Lieut. Thomas F. MULLIGAN, who was attached to the staff of Deputy Chied 
Inspector Thomas CUMMINGS, to the rank of full Captaincy...........

2 August 1931
Nine persons were cut, bruised and shaken up this afternoon in the collision 
of an Eighty sixth street one-man trolley car and a heavy truck owned by the 
Rubel Ice Company.
The car was in charge of Michael SHERIDAN, 46, of 342 Ninety Second street. 
The truck which was turning from Mermaid into Stillwell avenue, was driven by 
Lawrence Lionetti, of 1425 Forty fourth street. Dr NOVIKOFF, of Coney Island 
Hospital, treated the injured, all of whom were able to go home.
They were:
Michael SHERIDAN, the motorman, wrenched right ankle
Wolf SMITH, 61, of 1555 Grand Concourse, the Bronx, gashes of the right leg
Isabelle DUCEY, 29, of 943 Seventy seventh st, abrasions of the left thigh
Rose TRONOLONE, 29, and her sister, Filomena, 33, both of 8621 Fifteenth ave, 
  abrasions of the knees
Rose MILLER, 26, of 48 Bay Thirty fourth street, hysteria
Lindo PENNY, 29, of 478 Fifty eighth st, abrasions & contusions of the left thigh
Dominick ALVARUSI, 4, of 7215 Thirteenth avenue, contusions of the chin
Nicholas PISONE, 60, of 675 Lake street, contusions of the right arm

Edwin BRECHT, 7, of 75 Morgan avenue, was killed at Gratton street and Morgan 
avenue today by an automobile operated by Samuel KAMIESEN, of 181 Scholes 
street. Dr McCAHILL of St Catherine's Hospital was summoned but to no avail.

10 August 1931
Four men were injured as the result of a collision between two automobiles at 
Merrick and Hicksville roads, Massapequa, yesterday. Those hurt are:
   Howard WRIGHT, 708 West Ninety-second street, Manhattan
   Anthony WRIGHT, his brother, of 4320 Forty-eighth street, Long Island 
   Daniel O'REILLY, 24, of 516 West 184th st, Manhattan
   Ira BALSON, 24, of 49 McKinley street, Baldwin, L.I.
All four men were taken to Dr. REED's private hospital at Amityville to be 
treated for cuts and bruises. Howard WRIGHT was said to have been driving the 
car in which the four men were riding.
Wilfred HINKLE, of 127 Newmarket road, Garden City, was said by police to 
have been driving the other car. No arrest was made.

24 August 1931
Intoxication Charges Lodged Against Nine Men
        (Special to the Standard Union)
    ALBANY, April 24.--Thirty Brooklyn and Long Island drivers of
automobiles lost their licenses because of infractions of the Motor
Vehicle law during the two weeks ending April 16.  Charles A.
HARNETT, Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, announced to-day.  In the
whole State there were 325 revocations and suspensions and in the
New York City district 56 revocations and 92 suspensions.  In 166
instances the bureau will require proof of financial responsibility
before applications for new licenses are received.  The list of
Brooklyn, Long Island revocations follows:

Accused of driving car while intoxicated:
    Michael VISCONTI, 51 Williams avenue.
    Frank PAUL, 207 Glencove avenue, Mineola.
    Thomas A. KLYVE, 36 New street, Lynbrook.
    Boleslaw PRYSMONT, Bedford avenue, East Hempstead.
    Alfred S. MACINTOSH, 106-03 Liberty avenue.
    Frank CAPASSO, 2054 Sixty-second street.
    Edward STEWART, Deer Park avenue, Babylon.
    James F. HARVEY, 169 Amity street, Flushing.
    Foster CONKLIN, 102 High street.
Failure to notify Bureau of change of address:
    Henry FROHLIC, 126 Weirfield street.
    Samuel BIERS, 1442 Sixty-fifth street.
    James EMERSON, 147-59 109th Avenue, Jamaica.
    Ernest L. DREWS, 106-42 Roscoe avenue, Jamaica.
    George L. BUTLER, East Hampton.
    Francis SMITH, 5406 Second avenue.
    John RIVERTS, 213 South Ninth street.
    Josephine MERANTE, 1417 Seventy-second street.
    Frank CAVALLERO, 74 Butler street.
    Gust LEANDER, 4906 Fourth avenue.
    Alex PETROWSKI, Roslyn road, Roslyn.
    Rose ROSS, 8415 Fourth avenue.
    Louis ROSENSTEIN, 90 Main street, Hempstead.
    Max SHERTZ, 1179 President street.
    Fred FRANK, 282 Hart street.
Charged with leaving scene of accident without reporting:
    Clarence WATTERS, Box 69, Belmond Park.
    Kony HIXT, Little East Neck road, West Babylon.
License irregularly issued:
    Peter BELLAFIORE, 1757 West Second street.
    Carmine MOLINARI, 593 East Second street.
    Joseph STRUDLER, 146 South Second street.
Accused of Felony:
    Donald J. RUDOLPH, 313 Willis avenue, Mineola.

3 September 1931
Drivers Unhurt in Crash of Autos and Taxi on Flushing Avenue
Seven persons, caught in a triple auto collision at Tompkins and Flushing 
avenues during the heavy rainstorm last night, were recovering from injuries 
today.  All were treated by an ambulance, surgeon from Beth Moses Hospital.
-Car driven by Harry LOWENBAUM of 208 Pulaski street
Joseph GRECCO, 24, of 139 Sackett street
-Car driven by Patsy PALLASO, of 228 Van Buren street
Louis KIRSCHER, 24, of 653 Caldwell avenue, the Bronx.
Samuel DOENINGER, 30, of 25 East 115th street, Manhattan
-Taxicab driven by Meyer APPEL, of 2335 Walton avenue, the Bronx.
Harry DOBLER, 25, of 130 Newport avenue the Bronx.
Rubin DOBLER, 42 of 307 7th avenue, the Bronx
Hyman DOBLER, 17 the same address.
The drivers were uninjured.

-Frederick FEUERSTACK, 5, of 409 Kent street, sustained a scalp wound when he 
was knocked down in the middle of the street in front of his home by an 
automobile driven by Charles PARKIN of 224 Metropolitan avenue last night.  
The boy was treated by an ambulance surgeon from Beth Moses Hospital.

5 September 1931
Impact Overturns Both Taxis on Gates Avenue  - Other Driver Held
A taxicab chauffeur was killed and eight persons were injured today when two 
taxicabs collided at the intersection of Gates and Central avenues.
CHARLES CAPONE  of 1501 Gates aveue driver of one cab.
-ADAM EPPIG, 203 Weirfield street, driver of the second cab fractured spine, 
internal injuries and severe head injuries.  Under arrest in Wyckoff Heights 
Hospital where condition is reported as critical.  Charged with manslaughter.
-HENRY GEYER,  93-06 74TH place, Glendale passenger in EPPIG's cab, internal 
injuries cuts and bruises on body, Wycoff Heights Hospital.
-FRANK SULLIVAN, 219 Weirfield street, passenger in EPPIG's cab, internal 
injuries, Bushwick Hospital.
-WALTER RANEY,  1258 Handcock street, riding in EPPIG's cab; internal 
injuries, Bushwick Hospital.
-FRANK NADDEY,  526 Wilson avenue, riding in EPPIG's cab; internal injuries.
-WILLIAM REICH,  555  Wilson avenue, riding in EPPIG's cab;  internal injures.
-MARIE LOVEJOY,  6202 Elliott avenue, Maspeth;  passenger in CAFONE's cab;
cuts and bruises; treated and sent home.
-WILLIAM VIVIANO,  82 Putnam avenue;   passenger in CAFONE's cab cuts and 
bruises; treated and sent home.
 Police said there were two other passengers in CAFONE's cab but that these 
were not injured and departed without giving their names.
 According to the police CAFONE was proceeding east on Gates avenue and EPPIG 
was driving south on Central avenue.  A the intersection the cabs crashed 
together and overturned.  Patrolman William SLAVIN of the Wilson avenue 
station, with the aid of passerby's dragged the occupants of the cabs out of 
the wreckage and summoned ambulances.  A police emergency squad righted the 
overturned cabs and parked them beside the curb.
 After an investigation the police booked EPPIG on a technical chrge of 
manslaughter and a policeman was stationed beside his bedside in the 

9 September 1931
Two Brooklynites, a youth and a young girl, are in serious condition in South 
Nassau Community Hospital, Rockville Center, Today and five others are 
confined to their homes with minor injuries as the result of an automobile 
accident on Sunrise Highway, near Bayview avenue, Freeport.
In the hospital are:
-Benjamin RADERMAN, 20, of 400 Belmont avenue, who sustained a rupture of the 
 lung and fractured back.
-Sylvia SILVERMAN, 18 of 240 New Jersey avenue, who suffered a fractured 
Doctors say that the girl has a chance to recovery but hold out little hope 
for the young man.

The others injured are:
Harry HERSHIAG, 21, of 405 Belmont ave., driver of the car.
Betty GELMAN, 18, of 146 New Jersey avenue.
Milton HELD, 18, of 421 Glenmore avenue;  his brother, Daniel HELD, 16, of 
 the same address.
Doris KLUKOSKY, 18, of 242 New Jersey avenue.  All were treated at the 
 Community Hospital.

HERSHLAG, who was driving, is being held by the Freeport police pending 
further investigation.  The car, it is said, got out of control and 
overturned twice, reducing it to wreckage.

14 September 1931
Twelve Other Revocations Reported in Local Area
(Special to The Standard Union)
ALBANY, Sept. 14  -  Thirty-six Brooklyn and Long Island motorists lost 
their licenses to drive automobiles during the three weeks ending 
Aug. 31 on charges of having driven cars when intoxicated, Charles A HARNETT, 
commissioner of motor vehicles, announced today.  He made public a list of 
1,004 whose certificates had been either revoked or suspended.

Of this number 482 will be required to give proof of financial responsibility 
before new licenses can be issued.  In the Brooklyn and Manhattan districts 
194 revocations were for failure to file omnibus bonds, but these names were 
not made public.  There were 302 revocations and 350 suspensions in other 
sections of the State.
 The list of Brooklyn-Long Island drivers penalized with a revocation of 
their certificates of registration of their certificates of registration 
and licenses to drive follows:

Accused of driving car while intoxicated:
William R. BURNS, 41 Fourth street, Valley Stream
Eric HEDLUND, 3113 101 street, Corona
John FARRELL, 3959 59th street, Woodside
Victor NEIMI, 17 Roxbury road, Garden City
Stanley CLARK,  499 Washington avenue
Melvin FALKENBERG,  442 99th street
Carol CORNET, 1868 Cornelia street, Ridgewood
Carl LARSON,  Main road, Hampton Bays
Leo LANG, 316 State street
George RINGHOFF, 3004 46th street, Long Island City
William BORSTEL, 54 Dow avenue, Mineloa
Arne JOHDAHL, 461 84th street
William BIDEON, 86 Harbor road, Port Washington
John JAVOROWSKY, 37 Lenox avenue, Hicksville
Ernest WITZMAN, 220 Gotham avenue, Elmont
Francis McGEE, Deerfield road, Water Mill
Theodore A. CHASTANIER,  58-23 83rd place, South Elmhurst
Raymond CUNNINGHAM, 50 Conklin avenue, Woodmere
Otis ANDERSON,  88 Stowe place, Hempstead
Marion STRIANESE, 1776 74th street
William H. HALIBURTON, 37 Underhill avenue
William LUKAS, Saxon avenue, Islip
John F. SWANSN, 34-55 32nd street, Long Island City
Thomas E. McGUIRE, 16 Locust avenue, Farmingdale
Harold J. KIELEY, 9054 210th place, Bellaire
Arnt KNUDSEN, 33 Cutterhill road, Great Neck
Robert L. PECKHAM, East Hampton
Philip J. CROWLEY, 64 Kellum place, Hempstead
John OLIVERI, Lawrence turnpike, Lawrence
Lewis A. ALBIN, 23 Milton street, Freeport
Thomas Isaac SMITH, 16 Irving place, Oyster Bay
James EDWARDS, 70 84th street, Jackson Heights
Henry SPATZ, 209 Beach 102nd street, Rockaway Beach
Wilson R. SMITH, 557 Bedford avenue
Benjamin O'BRISKY, Glen Cove road, Roslyn
William KENSEN, 302 Court street

Charged with leaving scene of accident without reporting:
John B. SARTORI,  317 Leonard street
A. Martin MABEN,  33-19 Jordan avenue, Bayside
Nathan LEVINE, 341 South 5th street
Mildred McBRIDE,  114-51 Inwood street, Jamaica
Aaron EIGES, 302 East 91st street

License obtained while under age:
Bert DAVIS, 483 Stone avenue

Failure to notify bureau of change of address:
Peggy WILDMAN, 5806 21st avenue
Andrew CALDWELL, 107 Kent avenue
Ernest G. SCHEUPLEIN, 196-16 Jamaica avenue, Jamaica 

Accused of reckless driving:
William ALLETTO,  10 Logan street

Failure ot pay registration fee:
Myron A. SEGRIFF, 5421 Avenue N.

Overcrowing (as written)  front seat of automobile:
Louis HOROWITZ, 916 Foster avenue

17 September 1931
Four persons, one of them a pedestrian, were injured last night when an 
automobile and a taxicab were in collision at Bergen street and New York 

The most seriously hurt was Lora HAYNES, 19, daughter of Dr. J. Chester 
Haynes, of 135 New York avenue, who was bowled over when the automobile 
plunged across the sidewalk after the collision with the taxicab.  She 
suffered possible internal injuries and was taken to St. John's Hospital.

Hyman FRIEDMAN, 23, of 1305 first avenue, driver of the taxicab suffered 
contusions of the bak and Pearl DAVIS, 15, of 148 137th street, Richmond 
Hill, contusions of the back and dislocation of the right shoulder.  Both 
were taken to the Swedish Hospital by Dr. MIRABELLA.  Stella DAVIS, 27, a 
sister of Pearl, and a passenger in the same car, suffered shock, but went 

Rose SCHWARTS of 485 East 52nd street, driver of the automobile, escaped 

The taxicab was going east on Bergen street and the automobile south on New 
York avenue at the time of the collision.

21 September 1931
Many Other Violations Reported in Local Area:
Albany, Sept. 21-Twenty-one of the sixty certificates of automobile 
registration and licenses to drive revoked in the Brooklyn district 
during the two weeks ending Sept. 12, were revoked because of 
intoxication charges, Charles A. HARTNETT, Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, 
announced today in making public a list of 648 that had been 
either revoked or suspended.  Proof of financial responsibility will 
have to be given by 321 motorists before applications for new licenses 
will be considered.  In the Brooklyn and Manhattan districts there 
were 157 revocations and 182 suspensions.  The Brooklyn-Long Island 
list of revocations follows:

Elmer TAYLOR... 63 Franklin Street, Hempstead
Maxwell Otto MITTWOCH...8814 78th Street, Woodhaven
John Harry BORKOWSKI...5 Orchard Street, Port Washington
Andrew M. JACKSON...370 East 23 Street, 
Jack MUCKA...6612 Tremont Street, Middle Village
Frank SHEPHERD...1861 Dean Street
Annie WALKER...Oak Neck Road, West Islip
Robert JONES...2844 Myrtle Avenue
Harry JOHNSON...102-15 Astoria Avenue, East Elmhurst
Peter HUNTER...Glen Cove Road, Roslyn
Vincent DEPTULA...East Setaucket
Benjamin O'BRISKY...Glen Cove Road, Roslyn
Tony CAGGIANO...First Street, Woodlawn Park, Locust Valley
Alfred ANDERSON...1074 77th Street
Hans R. GAM...114-48 149th Street, Jamaica
Anthony KALAMAIKA...17 Avenue B, Port Washington
Stanley PETERMAN...62-66 Austin Street, Elmhurst
Russell H. CRANE...7 Middagh Street
John P. BROWN...115-15 144th Place, Richmond Hill
Warren HICKS...Flanders Road, Riverhead

Harry HENDERSON...Robinson Blvd., Patchogue
John Francis DUGAN...806 Broadway
Ignatius MENGONI...295 Court Street
Walter Howard CLEM...183 DE Kalb Avenue
Ernest Samuel WOOTEN...3526 6th Avenue Astoria
John CAMPISI...156 Irving Avenue

Murray MARCUS...2794 West 28th Street, Coney Island
Martin O'NEILL...2266 Stewart Street
Malberta KELL...16 Van Cott Street, Hempstead
Herman CHESTER...604 Evergreen Avenue
Britton MORRIS...29? East 53rd Street
Max DEMSKE...35 Downing Street
Lester CANARELLO...301 Cumberland Street
Carmelo LAFRANGELO...1275 69th Street
David LANCEI...106 Christopher Street
Frances G. MISCHEL...239 Ocean Avenue
Sam GOLDBERG...4706 Packard Street, Woodside
Jerome L. FRANCIS...43 Henry Street
Ralph LAWRENCE...59 Utica Avenue
Jacob POSNER...448 East 94th Street
Frank SAMMARETIRE...409 Wilson Avenue
Harry SHERMAN...74 Morton Street
Fred ULRICH...10 Suydam Place
Peter LEVANTINO...574 92nd Street
Joseph KRAMER...1415 Est 35th Street
Cornelius COHEN...3941 44th Street, Long Island City
James THOMAS...131-60 East Grove Street, Flushing
Clarence E. BROWN...2016 Albemarie Road
Frank S. CIPRINO...90-19 88th Avenue, Woodhaven
Ay Tev Dairy Products, Inc....67 North Park Avenue, Rockville Centre
Irving WEINHOLTZ...657 Stone Avenue
Louis DIMITRO...25-12 23rd Avenue, Astoria
Daniel CORTON...290 West 36th Street
Albert ANDERSON...551 55th Street

Michael BRZOZA...2159 48th Street, Astoria
Harry REIBACK...535 New Lots Avenue

Samuel SILVERN...776 Glenmore Avenue

Constant C. COTTA...387 Windsor Avenue, Oceanside

Fred DEDIO...106 Jones Street, Port Jefferson

5 October 1931
Lillian CASE 3, was under the care of a physician at her home, 18 Denton 
place, today for severe injuries received when she was struck late Saturday 
by an automobile.
Lillian was playing with other children on the sidewalk in front of 282 
Fourth avenue when an automobile came upon the sidewalk, approaching a 
gasoline filling station there. The front fender struck the child and knocked 
her down. The driver got out, gave Lillian a nickel and a penny, told her to 
say nothing to her mother and drove away.

Police of Greenpoint station were looking today for a hit-and-run driver who 
yesterday struck Peter SINNONETTI, 9, of 86 Guernsey street as he was 
crossing Manhattan and Meserole avenues. The boy was treated at Greenpoint 
Hospital for cuts and bruises and sent home.

ALBANY, Oct. 5th----Twenty-six Brooklyn and Long Island drivers of 
automobiles were penalized to the extent of losing their licenses during the 
two weeks ended Sept. 26, because they drove cars while intoxicated, 
according to Charles A. Harnett, commissioner of Motor Vehicles, who today 
made public a list of 496 certificates of registration and licenses to drive 
which had been revoked or suspended.  Of the total number who were penalized 
more than half, or 294, will require proof of financial responsibility before 
they can obtain new licenses.  
Twenty-six Brooklyn and Long Island drivers lost their licenses because 
they failed to notify the bureau of a change of address, Mr. Harnett said.  
The list of those whose licenses were revoked in the local area follows:

Accused of driving car while intoxicated:
Gervin SMITH, Riverhead.
Milton OSBORNE, 116 Broadway, Lynbrook.
Rulof BROERE, 39-55 50th Street, Woodside.
David McKINNON, 56 74th Street.
Henry RUSHMORE, 57 School Street, Glen Cove.
George HALL, 1953 63rd Street.
Charles GLACKIN, 340 Gates Avenue.
Neil INGENITO, 50 N. Center Avenue, Rockville Center.
Elmer COATES, 227 Prospect Avenue.
George DIETLEIN, 9021 221st Street, Queens Village.
Hans JOHN, 9830 Old South Road, Jamaica.
Anthony BOROWITZ, 536 3rd Avenue.
Frank COSKI, 170 Grant Street, Farmingdale.
Otto BRANA, 44 School Street, Malverne.
Joseph J. GALLAGHER, Mitchel Field, Garden City.
Robert GILCHRIST, School Street, Westbury.
George W. LUNDGREN, 9007 215th Place, Queens Village.
Ernest BIGGIO, 21818 103rd Avenue, Queens Village.
Frederick J. HOWARD, Veterans Hospital, Northport.
Elizabeth PECK, 275 Clinton Avenue.
Joseph KENNY, 469 62nd Street.
Thomas J. KEAGY, 4848 41st Street, Sunnyside.
Francis SMITH, Maple Avenue, Patchogue.
Rudolph MARTEN, East Shore Road, Roslyn.
Martin JOHNSON, Cedar & Floral Streets, Hicksville.
Edward S. NIELSON, 1774 E. 22nd Street.

Charged with leaving scene of accident without reporting:
Sharper J. ROBINSON, 432 National Blvd. Long Beach.
George DIOGUARDO, 79 West Avenue, Patchogue.
Benedict BUHNER.
John VAUGHN, Rocky Point.
Forrest DRAKE, 170 Harrison Avenue, Mineola.
John SZARNECKI, Box 700, Southampton.

Failure to notify bureau of change of address:
Tony MERINGOLD, 7816 13th Avenue.
Edna E. RAPPAPORT, 141 E. 19th Street.
Samuel VELCOFSKY, 457 Hopkinson Avenue.
Frank J. CASHMERE, 2116 24th Street, Astoria.
Edward ROSS, 3170 43rd Street, Long Island City.
Joseph PENTZ, 237-08 88th Avenue, Bellrose.
Nicholas CIRILLO, 413 Union Street
Michael ROBILOTTO, 1236 Tabor Court.
Florida Fruit Market, 105 Main Street, Hempstead.
Jerry RAFF, 70 7th Street.
Michael HARYN, 4514 10th Avenue.
Paul DRAGANS, 104 Kenilworth Avenue.
Rose CHIARELLO, 317 Woodbine Street.
Emily CATON, 1411 77th Street.
Louis ARONOWITZ, 4209 15th Avenue.
James S. McNAIR, 116 160th Street
Jacob MILLER, 270 Meserole Street.
Carl L. EACCARINA, 1865 W. 11th Street.
Gustave DAHLQUIST, 725 34th Street.
George DESSLER, 928 Ditmas Avenue.
George CLARKE, 247 Chauncey Street.
Louis HAMMERSMITH, 1690 Union Street.
Jennie BERNKRATZ, 39 Pulaski Street.
Max WOLF, 2593 Ocean Avenue.
Benjamin GOLDBERG, 490 Williams Avenue.
Helen GOLDBERG, 1755 Ocean Avenue.

False Statement in application:
Hathaway GILLIAM, E. Moriches.
Augustine MURANO, 551 Driggs Avenue

Failure to pay license fee:
M. Gregory STEIN, 1694 54th Street.

16 October 1931
ALBANY, Oct. 16-Twenty-three Brooklyn and Long Island drivers of automobiles 
were deprived of their registration certificates and licenses on charges of 
intoxication in the two weeks ending Oct. 8, Charles A. HARTNETT, 
Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, announced today.  In the Brooklyn-Long Island 
district twenty-five were penalized with a revocation of their licenses 
because of their failure to notify the bureau of changes of address.
The Brooklyn-Long Island list follows:

John G. MYERS...175 Rogers Avenue
Lester L. DAVIS...8718 252nd Street, Belrose
Olive V. BROESEL...Edgewood Road, Rockville Center
Kittel LAUVE...5304 8th Avenue
James FITZGERALD...133-48 114th Street, Ozone Park
William McCANN, JR...118-25 207th Street, St. Albans
Joseph TUITE...Halesite
Peter DICKERSON...Woolsey Avenue, Glen Cove
Henry BARDEN...194 Oak Street, Patchogue
Edward HARJOLI...Lefferts Avenue, Huntington Station
Thomas McREYNOLDS...588 Main Street, Farmingdale
Henry William STEPPER...Grove Street, Lindenhurst
Columbus GOULD...184 Elm Avenue, Hempstead
Emil HERZOG...313 Alpha Avenue, Glendale
Alexander BUTLER...2709 Clarendon Road
Henry HALLORAN...101 India Street
Fred KAURIO...139 Lehrer Avenue, Elmont
William E. WOOD...228 18th Street
Valentine J. HIRTH...8537 111th Street, Richmond Hill
Charles KAKAV...Bayport
Albert SUPPES...2215 41st Street, Astoria
John F. GOREVIN...97 Euclid Avenue
Julius McKEY...Deer Park Avenue

David CHERNIN...236 East 94th Street
Lillian CULLEN...151 Diamond Street
James CONNOLLY...101-24 110th Street, Richmond Hill
Nick DIMITRO...931 Rockaway Avenue
Ben EISMAN...23 Tapscott Street
Jack EISMAN...295 Vernon Avenue
Herbert GROVER...1398 St. Marks Avenue
George ROWELL...110 Rutland Road
William J. CARRUTHERS...522 79th Street
Paul BROICK...Montauk, L.I.
George SHANALAN...120 White Street
Alfred GOLDING...133-35 146th Street, South Ozone Park
Mickey BELSKY...2054 East 26th Street
Louis KNOHL...1657 43rd Street
Leo DEMcO...150-24 Fisher Avenue
George ALBES...325 Marlborough Road
Salvatore CANTERINO...171 Thompson Street
Merritt EVERY, JR...87 Hanson Place
Harry CATHEER...488 Glenmore Avenue
William EVANS...137-03 Hillside Avenue, Jamaica
Frank DOLAN...64-32 78th Road, Middle Village, L.I.
Edward BUCKMAN...150-51 Hillside Avenue, Jamaica
Eleanor VELCI...2075 96th Street
Giuseppe DADIO...Butler Street, Westbury, L.I.
Christian THOMPSON...235 54th Street

Louis TARANTO...148 Nelson Street

Joseph MORLEY...1297 St. Marks Avenue

Joseph COTE...2 Anderson Walk, Coney Island
Alonzo CASER...519 Rockaway Avenue
Samuel ALMBINDER...742 East 7th Street
William GARGAN...1684 West 11th Street
Felice RUGGIERO...1201 10th Street
Melvin HART...8427 122nd Street, Richmond Hill
Samuel EDWARD...East Hampton

Grant T. MOYERS...Village and Hempstead Avenues, Rockville Centre

29 October 1931
ALBANY, Oct.29-While thirty Brooklyn and Long Island drivers of automobiles 
lost their licenses in the two weeks ending Oct.21 on intoxication charges 
fifty were similarly penalized because of their failure to notify the Bureau 
of Motor Vehicles of a change of address, Commissioner Charles A. HARNETT 
announced today.
He made public a list of 673 owners and drivers of cars whose registration 
certificates and licenses to drive had been revoked or suspended.  Of the 
total number 193 will be unable to have consideration given new applications 
until they show proof of financial responsibility, Mr. HARTNETT said.

In Brooklyn and its vicinity there were 179 revocations and 330 suspensions 
in other parts of the state.  The list of Brooklyn and Long Island 
revocations follows:

James WALKER...180 Main Street, Hempstead
Alexander McKNIGHT...258 Jefferson Avenue
Anthony P. WILLIS...179 Jefferson Street
John SHARPE...913 Greene Avenue
Peter HINDELANG...193 West 9th Street, Huntington
John O'CONNOR...193 Washington Avenue
August MILLER...R.F.D. 2, Huntington
Joseph O'BOYLE...2121 Westbury Street
Edward RYAN...390 Vanderbilt Avenue
Ralph J. STANWISE...1739 DeKalb Avenue
Thomas DONEGAN...662 Fenimore Street
Ole REIERSEN...536 52nd Street
Joe TYMINSKY...Harding Avenue
Wolf COHEN...62...S. 1st Street
Samuel R. POLLOCH...378 Cumberland Street
Joseph J. CONNERS...587 Pacific Street
Joseph R. EMBERS...676 Howard Avenue
Michael P. MURPHY...209-05 Jamaica Avenue, Bellaire
William B. REDNER...443 Ralph Avenue
Anthony SEARES...104 1st Street, Riverhead
Maria LUVINA...2024 E. 63rd Street
William H. McGLOINE...200 Hampton Road, Southhampton
Lorenzo SCARAGINO...675 3rd Avenue
Benjamin ELLEN...289 Belmont Avenue
Eastern District Trucking Co., Inc...105 Emerson Place
Walter COVEN...486 Flusing Avenue
Rose MISUYACH...120 Breen Street, Glendale
Thomas TRAINA...609 Rogers Avenue
John LORETTO...8716 101st Avenue, Woodhaven
Samuel LEONE...566-672 Flushing Avenue
Irving STERN...134 E. 51st Street, Woodside
Hugh W. RAYBURN...615 E. 43rd Street
Jerome GOODING...127 Beach 122nd Street, Rockaway Park
George DONATO...32...Bay 11th Street
Jack HOUSTON...144-20 107th Street, Jamaica
Harry ROSS...15 Montgomery Street
Payson SIERER...10 Argyle Road
Thomas KEENAN...800 E. 11th Street
Anthony HUMBRECHT...129 Hooper Street
Arne STREAM...224 61st Street
Sidney RIVERA...3906 Avenue K
Erion McCLEMENTS...684 Monroe Street
Dave SELZER...9502 Kings Highway
Heinz LOEWY...107-08 Northern Blvd, Corona
David SCHULTZ...2940 Ocean Parkway
Harry McGLYNN...253 50th Street
Joseph O'BOYLE...2121 Westbury Street
Edward RYAN...390 Vanderbilt Avenue
Ralph J. STANWISE...1739 DeKalb Avenue
Thomas DONEGAN...662 Fenimore Street
Ole REIERSEN...536 52nd Street
Joe TYMINSKY...Harding Avenue, Roslyn
Michael KOLISH...32 E. Front Street, East Hempstead
Benny GRENOSKI...180 Arthur Street, Hempstead
Alfred KINNER...45 Kiefer Street, Elmont
Nick CARLESI...138-19 95th Avenue, Jamaica
Joseph D. RELL...66 Washington Avenue, Cedarhurst
Albert G. RUPP...107 Riverside Drive, Rockville Center
Emil Kenneth NEUMER...611 Argyle Road
John G. DAVIDSON...434 Liberty Avenue
Thomas McEWAN...129 Terrace Avenue, Hempstead
John W. KIHL...16 Summit Avenue, Patchogue
Oscar LEE...332 Orchard Street, Westbury
Frank W. BOYLE...Veterans Hospital, Northport
Abraham KISBANY...241 87th Street
Peter John VAN CLEEF...13 Herkimer Street
Charles H. THOMPSON...43 Cunningham Avenue, Floral Park
Carl MULLER...Atlantic Avenue, Bluepoint
George WILLIAMS...9632 136th Avenue, Ozone Park
Gerolomo RICCOBONO...1840 72nd Street
Sigfried SJOBERG...765 42nd Street
Jack SULKER...2121 Westbury Court
Philip NAGLE...366 Barrett Street
Carl PETERSEN...4116 8th Avenue
Louis PACHMAN...1510 Ocean Parkway

Thomas CARDONE...Plainview Road, Central Park

Antonio SOTO...45 Gold Street
Leslie R. ADAMS...25 Belford Avenue, Bayshore
Patrick HYNES...144 Jackson Street, Hempstead
Neal Campbell...305 95th Street
John VOGT...33 Varick Avenue
William REINER...104-66 110th Street, Richmond Hill

Carlo SERRAPICA...76 Park Avenue

Joseph NOVELLO...1111 Dorchester Road

Joseph TRIMBOLI...149 St. George Place, Inwood

Raphel GARGUILO...741 85th Street
Sidney ELKINS...2805 Ely Avenue, Astoria
Rockwell NORRIS...2828 35th Street, Long Island City
Harry IHGRASSIA...363 Degraw Street
Sam GORELICK...711 E. 52nd Street
Irving GONICK...217 E. 23rd Street
Morris JOREY...1161 St. Johns Place
John COLANTUNO...320 Humboldt Street

7 November 1931
Party Hits Pole on Riverside Drive After Holy Name Meeting
    One policeman and the wife of another were killed and four other persons
were injured when the automobile in which they were returning today from a
Holy Name Society meeting overturned.
    The dead:
    Frank SPANHAKE
    Mrs. Mary KEANE, 25

    The injured:
    Policeman John M. KEANE
    Policeman John ROONEY and Mrs. ROONEY
    Policeman Thomas MALONE

    All policemen involved in the accident at Riverside Drive and 122d
street, Manhattan, were from the West 152d street station.
    They had been attending the society meeting at Hotel Pennsylvania when
SPANHAKE in making a turn hit a pole, overturning the sedan.
    MALONE, who suffered a fractured skull, may die.  The others are not
seriously hurt.

13 November 1931
Twenty Local Motorists Lose Licenses to Drive
Fourteen Revocations Based on Charges of Intoxication
(Special to The Standard Union)
Albany, Nov. 13 - Twenty Brooklyn and Long Island drivers of automobiles
were penalized, during the two weeks ending Nov. 4, for infractions of the
Motor Vehicle Law, Charles A. HARNETT, Commissioner of Motor Vehicles,
announced today.  Of the number found delinquent by the bureau, fourteen
were found guilty of driving a car while intoxicated, and this number
included two women.
    Four who left the scene of an accident without reporting also lost their
licenses; one was similarly penalized for reckless driving and one for
failure to notify the bureau of a change of address.
    In the Brooklyn-New York districts there were 49 revocations and 142
suspensions, and 125 revocations and 203 suspensions in other parts of the
State.  The list of Brooklyn-Long Island drivers who lost their licenses follows:

Accused of driving car while intoxicated:
    John McELEARNEY, 31 School street, Huntington
    Chester SMITH, Bellport
    John J. BORCHESTER, 3047 Atlantic avenue
    William J. CAMPBELL, 249 Senator street
    Patrick Henry LEHAN, 108-39 Roosevelt avenue, Corona
    Joseph JUROW, Syosset
    Charles S. DOBBYN, 3802 212th street, Bayside
    Lillian A. HAWES, 222 Stewart avenue, Garden City
    Herbert KELLEY, 374 Pacific street
    Fred MILLER, 4532 Little Neck road, Little Neck
    Stanley POLINSKI, Riverhead
    Hazel A. DAVIS, 1078 Dean street
    Peter H. BRENNAN, 176 Hancock street
    Lee WOOD, 167 Sands street

Charges with leaving scene of accident without reporting:
    Edward F. CURLEY, Roslyn
    Charles F. NEFTELBERGER, 36 Bogart street
    Anthony KWINSKI, 45-31 164th street, Flushing
    George DIOGUARDO, 79 West avenue, Patchogue

Accused of reckless driving:
    Morris RAVITZ, 11 Amberg street

Failue to notify bureau of change of address:
    Joseph COSELLETTA, 359 Midford street

16 November 1931
24 Hurt in Week-End Toll of Automobile Accidents
Richmond County Official Dies in Collision at Greenwich, Conn.
    Twenty-four persons were injured in Brooklyn over the week-end by
automobiles.  Several are in hospitals in a serious condition.
    James V. DiCROCCO, Assistant District Attorney of Richmond County, was
killed and three other Staten Island officials were injured in an automobile
accident in North Greenwich, Conn., yesterday.

    Nine persons were injured in a collision between two automobiles at
Bushwick parkway and Halsey street early yesterday.  Four were passengers in
the taxicab of Peter GUISEPPINO, 21, of 668 Gates avenue.  They are:
    Richard SHAPIRO, 24, of 356 Sumpter street.
    Victor GOLDMINTZ, 27, of 737 Gates avenue.
    Irving SCHNEIDER, 23, of 437 Dumont avenue.
    Louis BLOOM, 25, of 319 Williams avenue.
The other car was operated by John WINTERS, 37, of 232 Leonard street.  In
the car with him were:
    Daniel CROSS, 26.
    Mrs. Birdie CROSS, 22, his wife.
    Miss Grace MALONE, 18.
All live at 232 Leonard street.
    An ambulance surgeon from St. Catherine's Hospital treated all nine for
cuts and bruises.  No arrests were made as the accident was apparently the
result of misunderstood signals.

    E.N.Y. CRASH
    Four persons were cut and bruised late last night when the car in which
they were riding driven by Samuel HORN of 142 Herzl street collided with a
taxicab at Christopher and East New York avenues.
    The injured are:
    Lillian KAPLAN, 21;
    Rose KAPLAN, 28;
    Mae KAPLAN, 18;
    Samuel HALPIN, 28.
Halpin lives at 141 Alabama avenue.  The others live at 914 Sutter avenue.

    Seven persons, one of whom is in Coney Island Hospital today, are
recovering from injuries received when two autos collided at Ocean parkway
and Avenue P and knocked them down as they stood at the corner waiting for
the traffic light to change.
    A car driven by Francis PETERSON of 761 Northern boulevard, College
Point, last night, while going north on the parkway, made a left turn into
Avenue P.  As it did so, it was struck by a car which Michael CARTER of 1984
East Thirteenth street was driving south along the parkway.
    CARTER's light car was thrown onto the cycle path bordering the parkway,
striking the group of six pedestrians waiting for the light to change, while
Josephine STROSKY, 18, of 155 Eleventh street, a passenger in PETERSON's
car, was thrown against the windshield, cutting her face and hands.
    Mrs. Jennie WEILL, 54, of 1602 West Sixth street, was pinned beneath
CARTER's car, and was extricated by passing motorists and Patrolman TOTTER
of the Sheepshead Bay station.  She received fractures of the ribs and left
arm and was taken to Coney Island Hospital, where she remains today.

    The others in the group bowled over by the impact of CARTER's car
received lacerations, contusions and abrasions, which were treated at the
hospital, after which they were able to go home.  They are:
    Mrs. Jennie KOMMEL, 62, of 1560 East Seventeenth street, and the
following pupils of James Madison High School:
    Marion MOSALLEM, 17, of 1672 Ocean parkway.
    Frances STARK, 15, of 1362 East Fifteenth street.
    Adele COHEN, 15, of 1331 East Sixteenth street.
    Sylvia WEISS, 15, of 2157 Ocean avenue.

    A hit-and-run driver injured four persons, three of whom are in Kings
County Hospital, when he struck another automobile at Atlantic and
Schenectady avenues late last night.
    The injured are:
    John WINTERS, 37, of 232 Leonard street, hospital.
    Daniel KRAUSS, 6, of 232 Leonard street, hospital.
    Both have fractured legs.
    Alberta WINTERS, 18, of 109-27 167th street, Jamaica, hospital, possible
internal injuries.
    Fulford WILLIAMS of Cleveland, O., driver of the car, slight injuries.
    DiCROCCO, who has been an assistant district attorney for ten years, was
42 years old and lived at 51 Four Cornes road, Dongan Hills.

    Vincent PUTURI, 25, of 82 Van Brunt street is in Coney Island Hospital
today with a fractured skull and internal injuries, sustained late last
night when he was struck by an automobile driven by Abraham BREZENOFF of
1274 Forty-fifth street, while crossing at Ocean Parkway and Boulevard court.

27 November 1931
Eighteen Brooklyn and Long Island drivers of automobiles charge with
having evaded prosecution for offenses against the Motor Vehicle Law,
lost their licenses in the two weeks ending NOvember 18.

Accused of driving car while intoxicated:
Alexander Stoyan, 252 Metropolitan Avenue
John George Muller, 620 Orchard Street, Hempstead
Sidney W. Moore, 42-28 Sixty-seventh Street, Woodside
John Taylor, 132-02 Butler Avenue, South Ozone Park
Domenick Area, 6 Fair Street, Suffern
Elmer T. Benson, 69, Georgia Avenue, Long Beach
Martin Lampart, 29 Kent Road, Island Park
John Murphy, 115-52 198th Street., St. Albans
Felix Cochon, May Street, South Hempstead
John Robinson, 321 B. 71st street, Rockaway Beach
Royal William Seagrist, Jr., 28 Pacific Street, Oceanside
Charles Miles, Hortons Lane, Southold
Ernest Dobson, Stratford Avenue, Williston Park
Stanley Barnadisus, 29 Sheridan Avenue
Ben Purvin, 110 Fimboldt Street
Henry D. Barnes, 300 Bergen Street
Thomas Donegan, 662 Fenimore Street
Wilmarth B. Peterson, Main Street, Great River
Harold Brokaw, 45-44 Forty-second Street, Long Island City

Charged with leaving scene of accident without reporting:
Albert Kretchmer, 217-02 Hempstead Avenue, Queens Village
Alois Wetterich, Prospect Avenue, East Hempstead
William Gibbs, 77 Bennington Avenue, Freeport
Moses Edwards, 160-12 South Street, Jamaica

Failure to notify bureau of change of address:
Richard Wood, 1860 Fifty-second Street
Joseph F. Birk, 8628 Fifty-seventh Street, Elmhursy
Harry Heimowitz, 1535 West Seventh Street
John Morrissey, 3060 Fourth Avenue, Long Island City
James W. Moore, 1736 Sixty-first Street
Salma Freeman, 3721 Eightieth Street, Jackson Heights
Marion Emanuel, 198-40 Thirty-second Avenue, Bayside
Rutensky & Lippman, Inc., 264 Green Street
James A. Kelly, 193 Shelton Avenue, Jamaica
Friedman Bros., Farmers Avenue, Hollis
David Titsworth, 1719 Quentin Road
JosephPoceraro, 332 First Street
Sam Angelo, 411 Grand Street

7 December 1931
   Michael O’CONNELL, 24, of 607 Underhill avenue, was struck by the
automobile of Henry TIMMS of 1295 Union avenue, the Bronx, and suffered cuts
and bruises on his face. The accident occurred at Degraw street and the
Gowanus Canal where one boy was killed and five others rescued a week ago.

   Ada ASTER, 20, of 354 Bay Ridge parkway, was taken to Trinity Hospital with
fractures of the left shoulder and left knee along with her companion, Louis
ABRAMOVITZ, 23, of 216 Douglass street, who sustained a fractured left wrist
and possible internal injuries when their automobile was struck by a car
driven by Jack ROTHMAN of 226 Putnam avenue this morning at Pitkin avenue and
Hinsdale street.

Five Victims of Hit and Run Drivers Over Weekend
   More than a score of persons were injured over the weekend in automobile
accidents, five of them struck by hit-and-run drivers. Two victims died of
their injuries.

  William COUGHLIN, 33, whose address is unknown, was found lying, conscious
in the street at Greenpoint and Kingsland avenues yesterday. He died a few
hours later in Greenpoint Hospital from a fractured skull and other injuries.

  Harry ROTH, 41, of 22 Linden boulevard, received severe body injuries when
an automobile struck him as he was crossing Rogers avenue at Clarendon road.
He went home after treatment by a Kings County Hospital ambulance surgeon. The
driver of the car did not stop.
Andrew HORN, 26, of 246 Forbell avenue, was in his automobile at Atlantic
avenue and Jerome street when it was struck by another car, the driver of
which did not stop. Horn’s car was jammed against an elevated pillar and he
was severely hurt.

   Miss Mary COLUCCI, 20, and her brother Dominick, 24, both of 2003 Avenue J,
were in an automobile struck by another car at Third avenue and Tenth street.
Both were attended for body injuries and sent home. The other car did notstop.

   Mary TANOWITZ, 52, of 133 Grand street, while crossing Roebling and Grand
streets, was struck by the automobile of Henry WILLIAMS of 15 South Seventh
avenue, Long Branch, N.J. She was taken to St. Catherine’s Hospital for
treatment for a fractured skull.

   Patrolman John MARLEY, 36, of 2064 Nostrand avenue, attached to the Gates
avenue station, received a fractured nose and a fractured skull when his
automobile and that of Louis MALEMAN of 122 Boerum street  collided at Sumner
avenue and Hart street. He was taken to Beth Moses Hospital.

   Helen FRIEDMAN, 6, of 365 Sutter avenue, while crossing Sutter and Stone
avenues, was struck by an automobile driven by Samuel MANDEL of 460 Junius
street. She was taken to Brownsville and East New York Hospital with
concussion of the brain.

   James JOHNSON, 28, of 469 Park place is in Jewish Hospital with a fractured
left leg, received when he was struck by an automobile driven by Joe LEVY of
798 New Lots avenue as he was crossing Eastern parkway at Franklin avenue.

   Lulla WATERHOUSE, 50 of 104-18 106th street, Ozone Park, is in Bradford
Street Hospital with a fractured skull received when she was struck by the
automobile of Joseph STRAM of 44 Willoughby street at Atlantic avenue and
Essex street.

   Steve LEONATE, 38, of 655 Degraw street, received a fractured spine and is
in United Israel Zion Hospital. His brother John, 21,of 645 Union street,
received internal injuries and went home.
Joseph PISANO, 33, of 233 Seventh street, suffered a fractured skull and
was taken to United Israel-Zion. The three were injured when John’s
automobile, at Fortieth street and Fort Hamilton parkway, collided with the
automobile of Robert HOGAN of 104-12 117th street, Queens.

   Joseph LONGO, 40, of 1982 East Twelfth street, was taken to Coney Island
Hospital with a fractured right hip, and Morris DECILLAR, 39, of the same
address was taken to the hospital with a fractured skull after the car in
which the two men were riding, driven by Pasquale POZEROSO of 1982  East
Twelfth street, was in collision with another automobile operated by Leo WEISS
of 58 Lewis Street, Manhattan. The accident occurred at Ocean Parkway and Avenue U.

   Harold FULK, 23, 1231 Glenmore avenue, was riding a motorcycle at Liberty
and Van Siclen avenues yesterday when he collided with the automobile of
Samuel MORENS of 310 Hinsdale street. He was taken to Trinity Hospital with a
broken right leg.

11 December 1931
The Brookly-Long Island list revocatlons:
Accused of driving car while intoxicated:
Hookon HELEGEEN, Hanover ave, Lindenhurst
Stanley BERNARDISUS, 20 Sheridan ave
Richard D. CRAIG, 24 Bainbridge street.
Matthew HESS, 46 Knickerbocker ave
Edward G. GRAHAM, 47 Church street, Douglaston
George ?????, 9024 187 street, Hollis
Jessie J. TANNER, 81 Troy ave
Arthur ERICKSO, 368 Fifty-fourth street
Henry STEPHENS, 1078 Dean street
James DONNELLY, 3358 North Prince street, Flushing
Matthew P. HOFFMAN, Linden Court, Apartment. Westbury.
W. E. HOLLOWAY, 24 Old Town Crossing. Southampton.
 Peter JARVIS,  Eat Setauket.
Joseph WRIGHT, 509 Throop ave
Joseph TYMINISKI, Harding ave
Edwin J. ROE. 3248 Seventy-ninth st, Jackson Heights
John E. TENNANT, 180 Sumpter street.
Raymond  VIEL,  33-42  Ninety-eighth street, Corona
Casimir SEDEKERSKIS, 105 Stagg street
Aloysius PARSONS, Brentwood
Michael J. HERATY, 1086 East Thitry-First street.
Thomas COMMONS, 203 Halsey street
James AMBROSE, 14 Clove road.
Matthew WHITE, 120 Hamilton ave, Hewlett 
Vincent DEPTULL, Box 356, East Setauket
William TAIETZ, 1862 Sixty-third street

Charged with leaving the scene of an accident without reporting it:
William MILLER, 9 Broadway.Freeport.
Rellie MATTEWS, 159-11 108th ave, Jamaica
Charles ROPPOLO, 213  Meserole street
George COUGLE, 66 Camelia street, Astoria.

Accused of evading prosecution:
Samuel SOLOMON,  929 Ocean parkway.
Alvin  H. JUNNESS, 1115 Prospect place.
Carmelo CAPPOLONO, 149 Sackett street.
Harry ROSS, 244 East Forty-fourth street.
William SCHECHTER, 417 Christopher avenue.
Casar CONTINE, 1525 Benson ave
Irving KATZ, 693 Winthrop street.
Sterling C. WOODWORTH, West Euclid street, Valley Stream.
Max GERSHENFELD, 169 Hooper street.

Charged with speeding, third offense:
Ralph GIACCO, 728 Avenue W.

Accused of failure to notify bureau of change of address:
Arthur J. MYERS, 2570 Forty-first street. Astoria.
MaeWALLIS, 7901 Fourth avenue.
C. SYVERSSON Bus & Garage Corp.189 Centre street.
Guy J. FLOCHER, 1233 Ocean ave
Francesco MARINO, 191 Division street.
Louis POTHEN, 412 Putnam ave
Alexander LEOPOLD, Grace and Third sts, Great Neck.
Robert WILKERSON, 9522 Ninety seventh ave, Ozone Park.
Charles CLASSON, 1263 East Tenth street.
Clara KOPP, 915 Sutter avenue.
Rose KANTOR, 521 Georgia ave
George SAMUELS, 3421 Glenwood road
William J. CLARKE, 66  Gordon place. Freeport.
Jack  GREENBERG,  49  Parkville ave 
Alberto De SILVI, 222 Jefferson ave Mineola
Morris HUNGER, 1500 St. John's place. 
Carmel  CAPUTO,  2118  Seventh ave  Long Island City.
Bertha NEWMAN, 37 Seventieth street.
Martin ROSS, 107 Lewis ave
Joseph HIZZO,  2420 Twenty-seventh ave.
Louis GREENSTEIN, 1780  Fiftieth street.
Frank E. JOHNSON, 6813 Fourth ave
Walter KUZOA, Box 394Hicksville
Peter  RYAN, 3989  Bliss street, Long Isand City.
John NEUSCHLER, 727 East Forty-Second street.
Josef  WEISENBURGER, 71-08 Fillmore ave. Jackson Heights.
Michael VIVIONE, 179 lrving ave
Tony  CLARK, 408  Onderdonk ave
Sam KAUFMAN, 3317  Snyder ave.

Charged with reckless driving:
Andras J. GETKO, 227 Fifty-sixth street.
Fred J. MANN, Massapequa.
Thomas RICCIO, 2147 East Ninth street.
James KING, 16 Brefney street. Rockaway.

Improper registration fee:
R. J. Lewis Coal Co. 1059 East Ninety-eighth street.

Failure to satisfy Judgment:
lrving A. GREEN, 2185 Seventy-eighth street.
Michael LORETTA, 1057 Greene ave
Stanley TOBACHNICK,  602  Rockaway ave

Unlicensed operator:
LaFlayette VALIES, 180 Beach ave. Hempstead.
Walter MURDOCK Jr., Center Moriches.
Ludwik  OWXIAHIK,  East  Shore road. Port Washington.

Accused of larceny:
Stanley  MOSCICKI, 5730  Seventy-third street, Maspeth.

24 December 1931
Fourteen of the 33 revocations of certificates of registration and licenses
to drive of Brooklyn and Long Island motorists during the two weeks ending
Dec. 12 were based on charges of intoxication, CHARLES A. HARNETT,
commissioner of motor vehicles, announced today.  He made public a list of
380 revocations and suspensions in the whole State, of which 109
revocations, and 90 suspensions are in the New York City districts.

Charges of driving cars while intoxicated were the principal causes of
revocations in the New York districts.  The list of those penalized in the
Brooklyn and Long Island districts follows:

Accused of driving car while intoxicated:
Clarence R. BRODNAX, 1755 East Thirty-seventh street.
Edward BRUZINSKY, 57 Irma avenue, Port Washington.
Manuel CERQUEIRA, Manhasset.
Timothy BUCKLES, Frederick avenue, Roosevelt.
Heazie TANKARD, 15 Haxwell avenue, Oyster Bay.
Hugo GUSTAFSON, 30 Northridge street, Patchogue.
John COYLE, 1492 Bedford avenue.
George MEYER, 87 Montgomery street, Valley Stream.
Willis HARIS, 1408 Bergen street.
G.P. MULVEY, 976 Putnam avenue.
Doris DOWNES, 33-35 Seventy-first street, Jackson Heights.
SCHORSEKEY, Jefferson avenue, Roslyn Heights.
Lestell GRIFFEN, 80 Henhawk road.  Great Neck.
Henry STEINMAKER, 255 Kingsland avenue.

Charged with leaving scene of accident without reporting:
Christiansen JENSEN, Long Beach road, Oceanside.
George URGELOWITCH, Westhampton.
Patrick HYNES, 144 Jackson Street, Hempstead.
Joseph JOHNSON, 832 Forty-second street.

Accused of assault:
John ALLEN, 3216 Ninety-eighth street, Corona.

Charged with reckless driving:
Morris ZANGWILL, 1816 Park place.
Olaf DAHL, 5222 Ninth avenue.
Carmela DE LUCA, 1237 Seventieth street.
John ANDRIANO, 175 Broadway, Astoria.
George WATSON, 2056 Steinway street, Astoria.
John C. DONAHUE, Aubrey avenue, Oyster Bay.

Unclicensed operator:
Charles SOMELOFSKI, 1 Woodbury road, Hicksville.
William BASSO, 697 Washington avenue.
Henry E. STOCK, 1 Baldwin road, Hempstead.
Frederick MERTZ, 236-09 Braddock avenue, Bellerose.

License procured irregularly:
Frank MULE, 43 Albany Avenue.

Accused of evading prosecution:
Abraham KERNER, 2017 Seventy-fourth street
Joseph COHEN, 1902 Eighty-first street.
Lewis E. CLEVELAND, 45-23 Fortieth street, Long Island City.

Nancy E Lutz
Tonya Gaston
Marsha Abelman