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1 June 1934
Order Permits Suspended for Motor Vehicle Law Violations
The license of one local motorist has been revoked and 20 
others suspended because of violations of the motor vehicle 
laws, according to an announcement made yesterday by 
the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles.

Alfred T. JENSEN, 5821 8th Ave.

Harry RASKOVITZ, 8799 21st St.
Joseph ESTRIN, 1360 52d St.
Saveria FESTA, 273 81st St.
Sidney KAUFMAN, 1745 52n St.
Joseph SCAGNONE, 1417 66th St.
Anthony J. SAGONA, 711-A 5th Ave.
Benjamin SLOMOWITZ, 2000 84th St.
Ezie TARTAKOV, 4715 14th Ave.
Nacassio COLLETTI, 8805 19th Ave.
Joseph ROMANO, 857 60th St.
Meyer BAUER, 1476 86th St.
Paul KRAMER, 1981 65th St.
Vencent CORSO, 3713 13th Ave.
Chester Coal and Coke Company, 2481 65th St.
Morris SHARFF, 7620 17th Ave.
Antonette MARTINICO, 1262 68th St.
Frances C. GREENE, 6801 19th Ave.
Samuel BILLOTTO Jr., 1652 61st St.

Accident Record
24-Hour Summary of Minor Mishaps Reported to Police Headquarters
Lewis RAVELLI, 30, 1968 W. 8th St., suffered burns of the face while filling
the radiator of his car at 1301 Grand Ave.  He was attended by Dr. McCARTHY
of Greenpoint Hospital, and left for home.

Diego PARIAL, 36, of 2123 W. 7th St., is in Coney Island Hospital today,
with a fractured wrist and lacerations of the face sustained yesterday when
he fell from a wall of the Lundy Brothers' Building at Ocean and Emmons
Aves. He was attended by Dr. BRUENSTEIN of that hospital.

John FARRENINTE, 34, of 1958 W. 8th St., was bitten on the leg by a stray
dog.  He was attended by Dr. BAXE of Coney Island Hospital, and went home.

George MORAN, 28, a park employe(e) of 284 Windsor Place, sustained a
sprained back while pushing a tennis roller at Betsy Head Park, Hopkinson
and Livonia Aves.  He was attended by Dr. WOJEICKI of Unity Hospital, and
went home.

Elsi FEINSTEIN, 48, of 833 Stone Ave., in in Beth El Hospital today, with a
fractured rib and a possible fractured skull, sustained yesterday when she
was struck at New Lots and Stone Aves., by a car operated by Robert WEEKS
Jr., of 67-06 64th St., Glendale, L.I.

Bessie LELLA, 15, of 333 S. 3d St., suffered a dislocated knee cap when she
fell at Marcy Ave. and Rodney St.  She was attended by Dr. KANLIH of Beth
Moses Hospital and went home.

Larry McDONALD, 36, of E. 33d St., was bitten on the left thigh by a stray
dog at 210 Martense St.  He was treated by a physician and went home.

Theodore SUWOLSKI, 3, of 469 New Jersey Ave.  He was taken to Trinity Hospital.

Fannie KNABIN, 37, of 39 Vernon Ave., was bitten on the left foot by a stray
dog.  She was treated by a physician and remained at home.

Edward NELSON, 8, of 803 Coney Island Ave., was bitten on the leg at 1115
Dorchester Road.  He was attended by a physician and remained at home.

Anna AUBOSCHUTZ, 5, of 232 S. 1st St., was bitten on the hand by a stray
dog.  She was attended by a doctor and remained at home.

Regina HUBSEN, 46, of 311 Baltic St., was bitten on the leg by a dog owned
by M. GOODSTEIN of 311 Baltic St.  She was treated by an ambulance surgeon
from Holy Family Hospital and remained at home.

Rose BERMAN, 64, of 445 Hopkinson Ave., is in St. Mary's Hospital today,
with a compound fracture of the right leg and a possible fractured skull,
sustained when she was struck by a motorcycle operated by Vincent SULLIVAN,
372 13th St., at Hopkinson Ave., and Eastern Parkway.  She was treated by
Dr. MITCHELL of St. Mary's Hospital.

Rita POLUNOSKY, 47, of 4712 Avenue I, is in Unity Hospital today with
possible internal injuries suffered yesteday when the car she was riding in
collided at Kings Highway and Clarkson Ave. with a car operated by Armin
WUSSKOFF, of 233-18 Hillside Ave., Queens.  With her in the car, which was
operated by Nathan POLUNOFSKY, also of 4712 Avenue I, who suffered
lacerations of the face.  Dr. BRICK of the hospital treated the victims.
(Name spelled two different ways in article.)

Lawrence HAGADAUM, 9, of 176 Beard St., was bitten yesterday in the yard of
his home by a dog owned by Mary O'BRIEN, of 168 Beard St.  He was attended
by Dr. FOSTER of Long Island College Hospital and remained at hom.

George MACKELVEY, 38, of 212 Lewis Ave., sustained a possible fracture of
the left foot at Pier 3, foot of 58th St., when she was struck by a car
after getting off a truck owned by Eva BRODERICK of 5 Dover St., Manhattan.
Dr. POLNOZZETTI of the Norwegian Hospital attended him.

Mary CONNELLY, 41, of 520 Lafayette Ave., sustained a sprained ankle when
she tripped over a subway ventilator at 518 Lafayette Ave.  She was treated
by Dr. CHARLESON of Beth Moses Hospital and went hom.

Hary SCHRAZER, 40, of 2361 Coney Island Ave., is in Swedish Hospital today
with a fractured left thigh, sustained when a Sheffield Farms milk wagon he
was driving was struck and overturned by a car.  He was treated by Dr. SPICK
of that hospital.

John DORIE, 51, of 339 E. 29th St., was bitten on the hand in front of 15
Willow St., by a dog owned by William WASSON of that address.  He was
attended by Dr. WARREN of Long Island College Hospital.

2 June 1934
Accident Record
24-Hour Summary of Minor Mishaps Reported to Police Headquarters
Gaspar TOMERILLO, 14, of 293 Jefferson St. received lacerations of the eye
and forehead when he fell from a swing at the Bushwick Playground, Putnam
and Knickerbocker Aves.  He was attended by Dr. VIVIANO of Wyckoff Heights
Hospital and went home.

Elmira CHILE, 3, of 1458 75th St. was bitten on the arm by a dog owned by
William KIVIEN of 1432 75th St., at the latter address.  She was attended by
Dr. LANGEN of Israel Zion Hospital and remained at home.

Robert McDONNELL, 28, of 123 Montauk Ave., a letter carrier, was bitten by a
dog owned by Mrs. J. MEEKS, 633a Baltic St., in front of the latter address.
he was attended by Dr. CONTERNO of the main post office and went home.

Beatrice SCHWARTZ, 8, of 1817 W. 5th St., was bitten on the leg by a dog
owned by Rose ANATO of 1809 W. 4th St. in front of the latter address.  She
was attended by Dr. LIPSENTHAL of Coney Island Hospital and remained at home.

Howard SCHWARTZMAN, 4 1/2, of 543 Barbey St. was bitten on the leg by a
stray dog.  He was attended by a physician and remained at home.

John RAYGOOT, 6, of 287 Linden Boulevard is in Kings County Hospital today
with a possible fractured skull, sustained when he was struck yesterday at
E. 31st St. and Snyder Ave. by a car driven by William BAYHEN of 142 Ralph
Ave.  He was attended by Dr. TOBEY of Swedish Hospital.

Olof CARLSON, 3, of 1767 79th St. was bitten on the left hip by a stray dog.
He was attended by a doctor and remained at home.

Mary EAGAN, 55, of 605 E. 49th St. was bitten on the thigh by a dog owned by
Asher KLEIN of 595 E. 49th St.  She was attended by Dr. CONNELLY of Kings
County Hospital and remained at home.

Morris KINITSKY, 62, a peddler of 406 Bristol St., is in Beth El Hospital
today, recovering from heat prostration.  He collapsed yesterday near his
pushcart at Amboy and Newport Sts.  He was attended by Dr. STEIFEL of the

Frank VALERANI, 13, of 258 Skillman St. was bitten on the hip by a stray dog
at Canal Ave. and W. 37th St.  He was attended by Dr. GLASSER of Coney
Island Hospital and remained at home.

Charles FUIHRER, 30, of 14 Grace St., Lynbrook, is in Jewish Hospital today
with a fractured arm, sustained yesterday when he fell on the stairway at
the Long Island Railroad depot in Brooklyn.  He was attended by Dr. PIERSON
of the hospital.

James HOCKER, 6, of 526 Maple St., was bitten on the leg by a stray dog.  He
was attended by a physician and remained at home.

Anthony CESAREO, 30, of 273a Cooper St. suffered lacerations of the neck
when he was hit by a piece of iron sheet.  He was attended by Dr. BENDICK of
Wyckoff Heights Hospital and went home.

Thomas SHIELDS, 52, of 7007 65th Place, Glendale, sustained a sprained left
ankle when he fell alighting from a Nostrand Ave. trolley at Nostrand and
Myrtle Aves.  He was attended by Dr. GOLDMAN of Cumberland Street Hospital
and went home.

Arthur O'CONNOR, 27, of 79 Hooper St. received a crushed hand when it was
caught in the roller of a machine at the Standard Rolling Mills, 264 Colyer
St.  He was attended by Dr. McCARTHY of Greenpoint Hospital and went home.

Selma GOLDIN, 9, of 3074 Brighton Beach Ave. was bitten on the leg by a
stray dog.  Dr. KOLUGER of Coney Island Hospital attended her and she
remained at home.

7 June 1934
Suspend, Revoke Drivers Licenses of Local Motorists
184 in Brooklyn and Long Island Are Punished for Violations of the Rules
Albany, June 7 - Driving licenses of 184 Brooklyn and Long Island motorists
were revoked or suspended during the two weeks ended May 26.
The list follows:

Driving car while intoxicated:
John DOENIG, 55-23 97th St., Elmhurst
Alexander ALEKNE, 6 Preston St., Port Washington
August BACHOR, 64 Locust St., Manhasset
Charles (Kazamir) TISHKUS, 117 Steamboard Road, Great Neck
Charles HICKEY, 2102 Birdsall Ave., Far Rockaway
Murray ROSS, 4802 12th Ave.
Peter A. JEPSON, 621 55th St.
Christian KASTNING, 1913 Himrod St.
Alfred RESSEL, 1960 E. 34th St.
Kassimerz BLATOBZESKI, 40 Herbert Ave., Port Washington
John A. CARLSON, 717 49th St.

Driving Car Under Influence of Liquor
Joseph DOBLINGER, 1118 Decatur St.
Joseph LARGEY, 37-62 103d St., Corona
Richard J. JURE, 1006 Putnam Ave.
James J. DILLON, 1411 113th St., College Point

Evading Prosecution
Louis AILETCHER, 4711 10th Ave.
Harry M. REICH, 456 E. 3d St.
Eironin SCHNEIDER, 101 Bay 40th St.
Louis HAMMERSMITH, 1690 Union St.
Louis MASI, 1330 E. 17th St.
James DELANEY, 8320 Bay Parkway
Moe A. FEUERSTEIN, 488 E. 53d St.
Jacob HERSHKOWITZ, 418 S. 4th St.
Matthew LUTZ, 2270 Ocean Ave.
Irving SCHOTT, 1204 Avenue I
David WOLFE, 2271 63d St.
Samuel J. NELSON, 43-23 40th St., Long Island City
Arthur NORD, 7407 Myrtle Ave.
Alfonso BASILICO, 8640 16th Ave.
Jacob WEISS, 1043 E. 8th St.
Michael ALBANO, 2012 W. 8th St.
David FEINBERG, 370 S. 5th St.
Leonard RODGERS, 932 E. 23d St.
Morris SELIKOWITZ, 2320 Kings Highway

Charged with a Felony
Charles BAUM, 104-03 Metropolitan Ave., Forest Hills

Failure to Satisfy Judgment
Benjamin ZOLOTSKY, 476 E. 93d St.
Margaret AZZATO, 174 Grand St.
John RONCA, 323 Grand St.
Louis CARRANO, 6639 Hull Ave., Maspeth
Agnes J. BARTLEY, 342 Senator St.
August PUMILLA, 1273 Sutter Ave.
Christian STEENBERG, 31-26 88th St., Jackson Heights
Robert BLACKOFF, 472 E. 48th St.
William PORTNOY, 618 Sackman St.
William R. HANLEY, 65 5th Ave.
Gunnar W. FREEBURG, 148-11 95th Ave., Jamaica
Harry G. DEVOV, 1779 E. 52d St.
Arthur D. WILLIAMSON, 3116 85th St., Hackson Heights
Harry GOLDMAN, 37 Bay 26th St.
Pasquale MIRANDA, 1414 New York Ave., Huntington Station
John WILLIAMS, 674 Myrtle Ave.
Henry GERDES, 2043 Palmetto St.
Solomon SHEPNICK, 372 S. 4th St.
Alexandrian T. B. TUTTLE, 238 E. Chester St., Long Beach
Milton SCHWARTZ, 70 Barrett St.
Joseph ESPOSITO, 593 Boulevard, Long Island City
Dominick ESPOSITO, 593 Boulevard, Long Island City
Samuel BRANDVINE, 2601 Avenue U.
Anna DANINHIRSCH, 2816 W. 25th St.
Louis SACKOWITZ, 2966 W. 24th St.
Solomon ARNOWITZ, 1105 Sutter Ave.
Isidore GOLDEN, 704 Blake Ave.
John or Jacob PORTNOY, 185 E. 59th St.
Anna FELDMAN, 1857 Bergen St.
Max FELDMAN, 1857 Bergen St.

Failure To Notify Bureau of Change of Address
Amelia R. RUSSELL, Hewlett
William ZUCKER, 152 Glenmore Ave.
Herta GROSS, 1630 41st St.
Harry SPEAR, 711 Shepherd Ave.
Timothy McCOY, 154 Putnam Ave.
Victoria KLODNICKI, 522 Alabama Ave.
Irving PEARLMAN, 9405 35th Ave., Long Island City
Mosley Arthur KELLER, Washington Ave., Bayville
Samuel GUT, 1327 46th St.
John SOTO, 4555 41st St., Long Island City
Morris BUSH, 625 New Jersey Ave.
James DeFINO, 1849 50th St.
Frank J. BRACKEN, 35-28 34th St., Astoria
Antonio GENTILE, 1426 44th St.
Franklin W. OWENS, 30-26 33d St., Long Island City
Robert F. KEATING, 31-26 35th St., Long Island City
North River Fish Co., Inc. 9402 Sutphin Boulevard, Jamaica
Antonio CERNIGLENA, 944 4th Ave.
Isidore SUMMERS, 1812 W. 4th St.
Albert E. HALL, 3753 62d St., Woodside
Louis MONDELL, 5023 10th Ave.
Robert HARRIS, Hotel St. George
Leroy FISCHER, 583 Flushing Ave.
Stephen CEHULA, 7217 Alevena Ave., Arverne
Essie POLANSKY, 1298 DeKalb Ave.
David GORDON, 225 New Lots Road

Failure To Pay Additional Fee
John SULLIVAN, 239 93d St.
Dick SCOLZA, 194 Meserole St.
Lawrence ALAIO, 40 Hopkins St.
Frank J. WOODS, 1885 W. 11th St.
Herman DeWETTER, 718 St. Marks Ave.
John L. ABREW, Inc. 98 E. Main St. Bay Shore
Samuel I. WEEKS, 268 39th St.
Bache McE. WHITLOCK, E. Rockaway Road, Hewlett
Helen C. BOTTING, 62 Park Ave., Port Washington
Richard J. COSTIGAN, 160 Burns St., Forest Hills
Henry G. LAFORD, 9010 209th St., Queens Village
Herbert L. LEE, 30-58 30th St., Astoria
Frank BOVE, 80 Bay 20th St.
Aaron TREIB, 3212 Bedford Ave.
Ethel BRAUN, 219-23 Merrick Road, Springfield Gardens
Frederico GAROFALO, 1775 16th St.
Agnes M. GRADY, 25 Hillside Ave., Huntington
Harry LEHRBAUM, 58 E. Park Ave., Long Beach
Frank RANIERI, Inc., 181 2d St.
Alice V. NIGHTINGALE, 164-12 108th Ave., Jamaica
Seaman Trucking Co., 597 Kent Ave.
William C. BAUER, 1373 Flatbush Ave.
Frank ANTONACCI, 1465 82d St.
Vincenzo CIOLINO, 84 Buffalo Ave.
Samuel BIEGE, 111 New Lots Ave.
Lewis J. McKESSON, Rocky Point
Philip P. ATTARDO, 6835 Burns St., Forest Hills
Vincent TRAINA, 111 Hudson Ave.
June ESTELLE, 8 Walnut St., Farmingdale
Edmund H. FRANZ, 8719 104th St., Richmond Hill
Adolph N. VRBA, 61 N. Henry St.
Manlio LAMBROSA, 1655 76th St.
Eli HOMELSKY, 113-02 Springfield Boulevard, Queens Village
W. George HUNTINGTON, 7119 Narrows Ave.
James J. NOLAN, Jr., 1080 E. 17th St.
Dominick COLUMBO, 1579 Dean St.
Cornelius RODDEN, 243-15 Newall Ave., Rosedale
Elmer A. KESSLER, 121 Magnolia Ave., Floral Park
Manuel KEIZERSTEIN, 2359 Dean St.
Anthony CCAFFELLO, 111-01 101st Ave., Richmond Hill
Salvatore PAPA, 40-69 94th St., Elmhurst

License Irregularly Issued
Leonard HABASINSKI Jr., 5201 46th St., Laurel Hill
Courtney J. ROGERS, Chester St., Bridgehampton
Rausch & Grim Baking Co., Estate, 44-16 23d St., Long Island City
Raffaele, PASQUARELLO, 538 Hart St.
The Sterilek Co., Inc., Bush Terminal Building, 26
Brooklyn Terminal Stores, Inc., 30 N. 10th St.
Joseph STEINBERG, 3809 Maple Ave.
Harold UNGERLEIDER, 144 Penn St.
George J. DRESSELY, 24 Lincoln Ave., West Hempstead
Louis H. DEAVES, 272 E. 31st St.
Miller Transport, Inc., 33 Franklin St.

Failure To File Proof of Ownership
Main Taxi Co., N. Ocean Ave., Patchogue
F. J. TYLER Co., 37 Clermont Ave.
Selwyn-Pomeroy Co., 1922 Kings Highway
George W. SYKORA, 3063 33d St., Astoria
Irene M. GEHAN, 1743 Hendrickson St.
Jean TESSER, 664 49th St.

Failure To Give Proof of Financial Responsibility
Clifford H. GOODING, Granda Place, Massapequa
Joseph FARRUGGIA, 142-09 Rockaway Boulevard, Ozone Park
LeRoy BEATTY, 151-09 34th Ave., Flushing
John DICKERSON, 115 Broadway, Hicksville
James A. LAIRD, Southside Sportsman's Club, Oakdale
Kenneth CHISHOLM, 244 Merrick Road, Lynbrook
Harry WINTER, 1255 36th St.
George Joseph BUDD, Irving St., Central Islip
Fritz MEYER, 6614 Woodside Ave., Woodside
John L. PAYNE, 9401 77th St., Ozone Park
Bruno KWIATKOWSKI, 146-20 116th Ave., Jamaica

Reckless Driving
James CARR, 170 New Lots Ave.
Guido VANETTI, 72-13 57th Ave., Maspeth
William HENEHAN, 3131 61st St., Woodside
Sidney SOLFVIN, 104 Scranton Ave., Lynbrook
Edward MAIN, 318 Lincoln Road
Reginal E. JEFFCOTT, 263 Plainfield Ave., Floral Park

Charged With Reckless Driving
John E. PRUYN, Jr., 404 Atlantic Ave., Freeport

Failure to File Accident Report
J.F. BARTELLS, Jr., 8527 68th St., Forest Hills
John M. WOOD, 1116 Carroll St.
Benjamin LIEBERMAN, 1933 Park Place
Isaac BAZINOVER, 47 Manhattan Ave.
Rubin WILKINSON, 639 Lexington Ave.
Leonard SAVIGNANO, 28 Rochester Ave.

Violation of Junior Operator's License Rules
Boyd LeGATE, Pleasantville

Failure to File Weightmaster's Certificate
Fred SCHWART, 3525 61st St., Woodside
Gerrett Van EMMERICK, Oakdale
Kingsway Trucking Co., 482 Kings Highway

Failure to File Partnership Form
Troy Laundry Co., 1710 Pacific St.

Failure to File AFFIDAVIT
John RINTRONS, 1271 72d St.
Clara NAPOLITAN, 111-48 116th St., Ozone Park
John FARIELLO, 10-39 115th St., College Point
Murray KAMINEZ, 170 Varet St.
Mae WILLIAMS, 147-24 Liberty Ave., Jamaica.

9 June 1934
Five men were injured early today in an automobile collision at 20th Ave.
and 16th St.  Four of them were taken to Israel Zion Hospital.
They are:  
Anthony JACCARINO, 20, of 118 Hamilton Ave., fracture of the shoulder and leg; 
Anthony CRILLIO, 23, of 122 Hamilton Ave., fracture of the leg and shoulder; 
Martin LONGBARDI, 24, of 76 Woodhull St., fracture of the skull, 
Salvatore LUCCI, 22, of 30 Carroll St.

Michael AGERSO, 19, of 1021 E. 3d St., received minor injuries and went home
after treatment.

The men were riding in an automobile driven by JACCARINO.  It was in
collision with a car operated by Charles MENTZ of 104-12 35th St., South
Ozone Park.

29 June 1934
In the Brooklyn district the revocations and suspensions were as follows:

Driving Car While Intoxicated
Frederick W. SCHERER, 42 Grant Ave., Farmingdale
John SIAGLE, 711 Halsey St.
Leo BRESNAHAN, 80 Rogers Ave.
George E. BOMER, 100 Fairfield Place
Edward KEANE, 381 Hewlett Parkway
Walter H. POTTER, 44 CHester Ave., Steward Manor
James N. HONEYBLUE, 515 Madison St.
Harold CROW, 226 Kingsland Ave.
John HARVEY, 49 Waldo Ave., East Rockaway
William H. SCHROEDER, 8 Jacobs St., Elmont
Thomas J. FITZGERALD, 3 Columbia St., Westbury
Abraham GOLDMAN, 106-20 50th Ave., Corona
Anna ELLISON, 50 Trinity Ave., Oceanside
Benjamin F. BROWER, 8 St. Marys Place, Freeport
Joseph NEDEL, Brook Ave., Westhampton Beach
Edward O'NEIL, 516 Glenmore Ave.
Michael TURLA, 97 Steamboat Road, Great Neck

Driving Car While Under Influence of Liquor
Frederick H. SCHMIDT, 144 Shepherd Ave.
Lawrence F. BELL, 19525 Jamaica Ave., Hollis
James J. Dillon, 1411 113th St., College Point
Charles C. McCARTHY, 20 Eighth St., Long Island City

Leaving the Scene of Accident without Reporting
Arthur WHITE, Hill St., Southampton
Gottfried GEISSLER, 8624 137th St., Jamaica
Robert ALBERT, 9131 183d St., Jamaica
J. Henri WALKER, 36 South Franklin St., Hempstead

Speeding, Third Offense
David DAVIS, 80-08 Boulevard, Rockaway Beach

False Statement on Application
John GUARINO, 284 Hopkinson Ave.
Max MORRIS, 163-B 72d St., Arverne
Anglend MONTANA, 308 Alabama Ave.

Failure to Pay Registration Fee
Arthur C. KLAFGER, 688 Bristol St.

Transcribed by Barbara Stein