I have an ancestor who was a letter carrier in Brooklyn for
many years. I wrote to the National Personnel Center in 
St. Louis, MO for acopy of his personnel "file". 
It only consisted of an index card but showed
when he was hired; each promotion he received; and his raises - 

National Personnel Records Center
Civilian Personnel Records Facility
111 Winnebago Street
St. Louis, Missouri 

Only problem I foresee in your search is that I don't think 
the Fed. Govt. their record-keeping 
process until around 1860. However there are also several
sources available through the National Archives for the employment 
records of the Postal Service.

Records of Appointment of Postmasters, 
1832-30 Sep 1971, 145 rolls; 
National Archives Number M-841. 

Also available is the "Blue Book" or Official
Register of Officials and Agents which was a biennial list of all 
Federal employees and was published beginning in 1816. 
It lists such information as office, place of birth, 
place of appointment, place employed and financial
compensation. I did not find a reference number to any set of film, 
so these records may be in printed form. A letter to the 
National Archives should answer that question. 

Thanks to : Mary  A. Johnson
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