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Brooklyn Union Newspaper

4 February 1871
Surrogate’s Court
The following wills have been proved during the past week:

Henry PERRY...Fairfield, Ct.
Catherine V.D. SCHENK...Flatbush
John R. HAZZARD...Brooklyn
John J. MERRITT...Brooklyn
William DRAKE...Brooklyn
William E. GARDEN...Brooklyn
Lidia J. CARLE...Brooklyn

In the will of Lidia J. CARLE appears the following charitable bequests:
$500 to the American Board of Foreign Missions, 
and $500 to the American Bible Society.

Letters of Administration were granted in the estates of the following
named deceased persons:

Charles E. SEARS...Utrecht
William McCARTHY...New Lots
Mary FOLEY...Brooklyn
Martha LARKIN...Brooklyn
John SCHMEHLING...Brooklyn
Louisa C. OGDEN...Brooklyn
George S. OGDEN...Brooklyn
Robert McELKINNEY...Brooklyn
Edward RICHMOND...Brooklyn
Ludwig F. WAELRES...Brooklyn
Peter BLAKE...Brooklyn
Georgiana WIGHT...Brooklyn
Pedro Louis BARRENQUAY...Brooklyn

Letters of Guardianship of the estate of 
and Nellie SPERRING were granted to John J. BROOK...Brooklyn

Letters of Guardianship of the estate of 
Catherine NEWMAN and Mary NEWMAN to Owen GARNER...Brooklyn

Letters of Guardianship of the estate of 
John BIES, Charles BIES, Mary E. BIES and Catharine BIES to 
Philip BIES, their father, all of the city of Brooklyn.

** Different spellings of the Spering/Sperring name in the newspaper

6 February 1871
Excise Cases--
The following liquor dealers were brought up before Justice
WALSH this morning, charged by Inspector HART with having sold liquors
without a license:  
Philip KRUGER, No. 453 Broadway; 
H. LENORD, corner Howard and Bergen streets; 
Joseph HUDSON, corner North Henry and Meeker streets; 
Robert J. WILLIAMS, corner Hunterfly road and Madison avenue;
Jacob FISHER, No. 91 Johnson street; 
Joseph FAGAN, corner Bushwick avenue and Boerum street; 
George MENDEL, No. 123 Meserole street.

Philip KRUGER and Lewis MENDEL were each fined $50.  

The rest of the cases were adjourned until Thursday next.

20 May 1871
Twenty Years of Married Life - Two Candidates for the State Prison.
Yesterday two cases were adjudicated by Justice EAMES and reported in THE 
UNION, which reflected severely on the manners and customs of the Eastern 
District.  The pictures were gloomy and forbidding and such as no one coiuld 
care for contemplating for any lengthened perior.  These have therefore been 
removed, and to-day two fresh ones take their places and are herein accorded 
a niche in the temple of fame - only, however, that THEIR OWN INFAMY may be 
more fully demonstrated.  Picture First - JOB DEACON, a man about 38 or 40 
years of age, of strong frame and with the animal stamped on every hucament 
of his brazen contenance.  His wife ELIZABETH, a pale, delicate, 
heart-broked looking woman, stands beside him and charges him with 
abandoning her and their six children and with failing to provide for their 
support.  He stolidly hears the charge, admits its truthfulness and is 
sentenced by the Court to enter bonds to pay his wife $7 a week for her 
maintenance.  It seems that for twenty years this brute in human form has 
been married to his wife, that children have clustered around his fireside 
to add to is sacredness and that his lust has overpowered all the ties that 
should bind him to none.  He has for some time lived with another 
woman,utterly indifferent to the claims of his family.  The Justie awarded 
him the utmost penalty he could impose, but regretted that he could not send 
him to the State Prison.

Picture 2
MARY FLOREY, 93 Throop Street, a German woman, abour forty years of age, and 
soon to become a mother, clad in very humble raiment, her head uncovered, 
her face blackened and cut, appeared before the Justice this morning to 
sustain a charge of assault and battery against JACOB SCHOLL.  The latter 
seems to b in good circumstances and was defended by counsel, who made a 
speech for his client, in which he stated that the complainant's wounds were 
the result of an accident.  During the progress of the investigation SCHOLL 
indulged in scoffing remarks as the poor woman related her story.  In order 
to enable her to produce some witnesses the Justice postponed the case till 
this afternoon.  Some other cases equally disgusting were brought forward 
but what has already been detailed is sufficient for one day.

10 June 1871
Surrogates Court - Kings County
Before Hon. William D. VEEDER, Surrogate.-Wills Proved.

AHRENS, Catherine
WHALEY, Michael
LYNDE, Eliza W.
WOLTERS, Henry ..all of the city of Brooklyn

Letters of Administration were granted on the estate of the follwing named
deceased persons viz:

TEWSLEY, Frederick
EHLERS, Juliana formerly Juliana KANNOPKY
CHRISTOPHER, Mary ...all of the city of Brooklyn

Letters of Guardianship of the persons and estate 
of James WELLS were granted to William ANDERSON, 
of Annie E. ANGEVINE, Ida F. ANGEVINE,& Phebe ANGEVINE, to Samuel M. HASKINS.. all of the city of Brooklyn.

Margaret Ransom
Mimi Stevens

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