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Brooklyn Standard Union

13 June 1913
Wills filed

Ida L. DeNYSE, died July 28, and by wll of July 29, 1913 leaves realestate 
worth $1000 and personal holdings valued at $10,000 to be divided equally 
among her children.  Louis, Jesse and Margaret DeNYSE, of 244 Eightieth st.

Adam ZIMMER, died July 20 and by the will of September 1, 1910 bequeaths 
$10,000 to his sons Ernest ZIMMER of 573 Evergreen ave and Henry ZIMMER, of 
78 Devoe st.

Peter W. HOEFT, died Aug. 3, and by will of Dec 23, 1902 bequeaths an estate 
of $3,500 in personal holdings to his widow Bertha Louise HOEFT, of 435 
Sumter ave.

22 June 1913
Wills filed

Isabella M. ANDREWS, who died July 30, left $3,500 to her nieces by will 
dated the day before her death.

Charles H. MORRIS, who died Aug 13, leaves an estate of unknown vaulue to 
his widow, Sarah E Morris, of 149 Clermont ave and by will of June 24, 1891.

John J. WYTHE, who died Aug 11, leaves an estate in excess of $10,000 in 
real estate and more than $10,000 in personal property.  By will made Dec 
30, 1905, he leaves $10,000 each to his sons, Chesterfield and John H. 
WHYTHE, of 2453 Valentine ave, the Bronx, and $10,000 each to his daughters, 
Laura V. KITTLE, of 619 West 127th st, Manhatten, and Henrietta, V. 
MALLESON, of 22 DeKeven Court.  The chidlren are also left the residue of 
the estate.

Ruth CABBIE, who died March 5, leaves an estate of uknown value by will of 
July 6, 1904 to her children, Ruth, Lillian, Elijah, Frank and Ragian.

JULY 5, 1913
Mary A. JAMISON, who died June 22, at 747 Lexington avenue, leaves real
estate of $4,000 and some personalty.  To several children and her
granddaughter is left the house; to her daughter Emma is left a lot at
Palisades Park, N.J., and the residue is left to her granddaughter Mary
A. SAGAR, who is made executor.
Mary E. BRADY, who died April 3, leaves a vacant lot on Milford street
to her son, George D. BRADY, and to her three sons and granddaughter is
left equally the residue of her estate.  Two sons, William and Edward
are made executors.
Eddie MUNSON, who died June 28, in Kings County Hospital, leaves
everything to his uncle, Charles J. WEBER, who is made executor.

JULY 6, 1913
Mary HACK, who died May 13, by will of July 17, 1907, leaves her real
and personal property to her three children, Katie, Charles and Andrew.

Josephine LELAND, who died June 23, by will of May 28, leaves real
estate of $10,000 and personalty of $30,000.  Apart from a trust fund of
$1,000 for the education of Robert BLACK, of Memphis, Tenn., her godson,
the testator leaves everything to her sister, Effie LELAND, of 283
Jefferson avenue.  Her sister-in-law, Fannie Bell LELAND, of Seattle,
Wash., is made executor.  The will provides that the sister, Effie,
shall set aside a sum for the aid of a brother, Frank, in case the
latter should be in want.  Frank has not been seen by his family for the
past fifteen years.

JULY 11, 1913
Edward WERTMAYER, of 133 Lefferts avenue, who died June 30, by will of
June 1, 1905, and codicil of Dec. 15, 1909, leaves $2,000 and the
household effects to Emma HUTTNER and the residue to his four sons, his
granddaughter and other relatives.  Emma HUTTNER and two sons, Robert
and Arthur, are made executors.  The estate is estimated at $18,000
personal property.

Mary H. LONG, of 593 Halsey street, who died June 28, by will of June
12, 1912, leaves an estate of real and personal property of $11,000. 
The estate is left to the brothers and sister.  The bulk passes to the
sister, Adelaide A. VAN DEVENTER, who is made executor.

Caroline DAVIS, of 150 Lee avenue, who died March 9, in her 89th year,
by will of Sept 20, 1898, and codicil of Dec. 14, 1903, leaves an estate
valued at $5,000 real and $7,500 personal property.  Of a large group of
nieces, great nieces, great great nieces, great nephews and great great
nephews, a few are remembered.  The will provides in case of the death
of any one heir just how the bequest left to that heir shall be disposed
of.  W. L. MOREHOUSE is petitioner.

Josephine M. REIMER, of 315 Monroe street, who died May 2, by will of
April 21, leaves an estate of $8,500 to her immediate relatives.  The
executor is her husband, Henry REIMER.

JULY 17, 1913
Arthur G. REYNOLDS, who died May 3, by will of Aug. 10, 1908, leaves an
estate of realty of $1,000 and personalty of $150 to his sister, Bess R.

William WALLACE, who died July 6, by will of Dec. 20, 1910, leaves
everything to his widow, Gertrude WALLACE.

JULY 20, 1913
Letitia HALL, who died April 2, by will of April 1, leaves real estate
of $2,500 to her husband, Samuel HALL.

Elizabeth BURRIDGE, who died June 11, by will of Sept. 18, 1900, left
real estate of $3,000 and personalty of $650 to her daughter Caroline
DEMAREST.  After her death the will provides that her children, Florence
I. SPARKS and William B. DEMAREST, JR., shall inherit the estate.

Anna M. KONRAD, who died May 19, by will of Feb. 17, 1912, leaves $100
to each of the following relatives: Jennie CASEY and Lillian PRICE,
granddaughters; Eugene and Remy SCHRANK, grandsons.  The residue is left
to George and Anna M. SCHRANK, grandson and granddaughter.
Jane FARMER, who died June 24, by will of April 15, 1912, leaves $1,000
to her husband, Henry FARMER, and the residue of her $6,100 estate to
her son, Alfred KLEIN.

Helen M. FOSTER, who died July 8, by will of Jan. 5, 1912, leaves
personal property of $20,000.  Her daughter, Harriet, is left the
furniture, silverware, jewelry, clothing and house furnishings.  To
Harriet and a son, Frank, is left equal shares in five shares of Aetna
National Bank capital stock.  The will provides that 16 shares in the
same bank are to be sold and divided among the four children, Helen M.
BARNETT, Harriet, Charles and Frank.

JULY 23, 1913
Mary O'CONNELL, who died June 28, leaves $490 to pay for masses, for a
headstone for her grave and for proper interment.  She leaves one-third
of the residue to her sister, Catherine TURNER, and provides that in the
event of her death the money shall go to her children.  A brother,
Patrick, receives another third, and the rest is left to the executor
for the education of Mrs. Turner's children.

Catherine TURNER, sister of Mary O'CONNELL, who died July 5, by will of
June 12, leaves everything to her husband, James C. TURNER.

Lena HIRSCH, who died July 3, 1912, by will of April 18, 1904, leaves
real estate of $3,000 and a small amount of personalty to her two
daughters and three sons.  Hattie HIRSCH receives one-third of the real
estate and money in bank, and Sophie SAGEMAN, the second daughter,
receives a similar bequest.  The rest is divided among the three sons,
Morris, Adolph and William.

William A. MALLEY, who died July 14, by will of June 2, leaves
everything to his daughters, Dorothy and Eleanor.

JULY 24, 1913

In the list of marriage licenses published last Sunday was this one:
George Joseph SCHWARTZ, 21, of 207 Palmetto street, and Sophie
GOLDSTEIN, 18, of 416 South Fifth Street.
George Joseph SCHWARTZ, of 207 Palmetto street, declares he did not take
out the license and is of the opinion some one used his name to make
trouble for him.

Elizabeth V. B. TITUS, who died July 2, by will of Feb. 23, 1910, leaves
everything to her daughter, Alletta V. CRUSER, and her granddaughters,
Gertrude and Elizabeth V. CRUSER.

Albert INGE, who died July 12, by will of March 4, 1908, leaves his
estate to his wife, Matilda, who is appointed executrix.
Jacob BASCH, who died July 6, by will of May 22, divides his estate
equally among his seven children, Isaac, Ada, Frederick, Herman, Simon,
Saul and Miriam EICHEL.

JULY 25, 1913
Catherine A. CARHART, who died July 19, by will of Dec. 19, 1907 and a
codicil of June 27, 1911, disposes of an estate of $40,000 in personal
property.  To her daughter, Helen C. HAMLIN, is left the jewelry,
wearing apparel and household furniture as well as thirty-two shares of
stock in a Baltimore corporation.  If the latter has been disposed of
before testator's death, Helen is to receive $2,000.  To Bertha D.
FELLAR, a niece, is left $500; to Charlotte S. BJKERMAN, a domestic,
$300.  No provision is made for Mary J. HOAGLAND, a sister, "as her
estate is sufficient for her requirements".  The residue is divided into
five parts, one each to Helen C. HAMLIN, Ada D. HOVER, sisters; and
Eugene DeWITT, brother. One part to Jane C. HEWITT, a sister-in-law, and
her three children.

Ann P. BEALE, who died July 6, by will of April 4, 1905, leaves $8,000
in personal property.  To Mary H. KNIGHT is left $100 and an equal sum
is left for a burial plot.  The residue is left to the son Charles H.

Abbie CARLIN, who died July 14, by will of July 3, leaves to her cousin,
Mary WALSH, $50; Susan COOPER, $25, for services rendered during testat-
(this ends the column and there appears to be no continuation).

JULY 26, 1913
Carl BAUER, who died at 666 Willoughby avenue July 19, by will of March
27 and codicil of May 9, leaves an estate of $20,000. To his wife, Lydia
BAUER, is left the house and grounds and the housefurnishings, and an
annual income of $4,500, until her death or marriage.  The daughter,
Lydia, receives $10,000 and the sons, Carl and Julius and Frederick,
receive their father's piano business.

John HOENING, who died July 10, by will June 9, leaves personal property
of $6,000.  His grandchildren, Alfred and Alma, receive each $50; his
daughters, Emma C. KRAFT, the jewelry, clothing, household goods and
furniture, and to her and another daughter, Bertha C. BLENDOW, are left
the residue.

Bridget B. POND, who died at Amityville April 18, by will of Oct. 12,
1911, leaves a nephew, William J. MALLOY, and two nieces, Mary J. MALLOY
and Catherine HOGAN, each $1,000.  The House of the Good Shepherd is
left $300, and minor bequests are left to relatives and friends.  The
residue goes to Katherine C. MAGUIRE, who is made executor.

Charles F. BOLAND, who died June 29, by will of Nov. 11, 1901, leaves
everything to his widow, Marie M. BOLAND, who is made executor.

Margaret Raven JARDINE, who died July 17, by will of Nov. 15, 1905,
leaves personalty of $25,000.  To Susan RAVEN, a sister-in-law, is left
$2,000; Mary B. RAVEN, a grandniece, a trust fund of $1,000; Trinity
Church of New York receives $250 for the care of George JARDINE'S grave;
bank deposits are left to nieces and nephews, jewelry to relatives and
friends, and the residue to Annie DEVOE, Edward and Fred JARDINE.

JULY 27, 1913
Catherine E. ECKHOFF, who died May 26, by will of Sept. 28, 1910, leaves
property of $5,000.  To August W. ECKHOFF, a nephew, is left the burial
plot and $1,500; to Theodore W. ECKHOFF, nephew, $500; minor bequests to
other relatives.  The residue is left to two nephews, T. W. ECKHOFF and
August W. ECKHOFF.

Richard F. CARPENTER, who died July 19, by will of April 4, 1908, leaves
one-third to his son, John, and one-sixth to each of the following: 
Olivette A. LAMPERT, daughter; Josephine G. JONES, granddaughter;
Richard O. CAMPION, grandson; and Emma Z. DALE, granddaughter.

JULY 29, 1913
Mrs. Emma G. CHRIST, of 990 Madison street, to-day received a check for
$2,500 from the Interborough Rapid Transit Company as balm for the
injured leg sustained in an accident in the subway.  On Feb. 14, 1912,
Mrs. CHRIST was standing on the Fourteenth street station, and the crowd
was so great she was pushed between the platform and the step of the
car.  She was laid up for two months by her painful injuries.
Mrs. CHRIST brought suit, but her counsel, Hector McGowen CURREN, of 375
Fulton street, was able to effect a settlement.

JULY 31, 1913
Jacob W. ARCHER, who died in Montclair July 23, left an estate valued at
more than $10,000 to his widow, Kate A., of 193 Bainbridge street, by
will of April 26, 1892.

Annie FERRIS, who died July 24, by will of Feb. 18, leaves an estate of
unknown value to husband, William D., her son, John and her daughter,
Amelia, of Coney Island.

Michael H. Kopankiewcz, who died July 22, by his will made the same day,
leaves an estate in excess of $2,000 to his widow, Bertha, of 66 Bay
Twenty-fifth street.

29 AUG 1913

Wills filed:
Melissa G. BALLANTINE, who died Aug 9, by will of Jujne 5, disposes of an 
estate valued at $14,400 to her husband James.

John J. McCOY, who died Aug 9, by will of Jan 28 leaves an estate of $700 to 
his cousins, Teresa McGLYNN and John COLLINS.

Robert W. PROSSER, who died Aug 6, by will of May 23, 1913, leaves a $60,000 
estate to widow Mary PROSSERRR, of 65 Brainbridge st.

Harry E. NESMITH, who died Aug 17, by will of Nov 23, 1904, bequeaths an 
estate of unknown value to his widow, Sarah NESMITH, and their children

Transcribed by 
Joan Hartman
Pam Jeter
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