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Brooklyn Daily Standard Union
6 June 1918

Louis BLENDERMANN, of 674 Hancock street, who died April 30, left an 
estate of $3, 925. His widow, Anna, receives the entire estate.

Patrick MURRAY, of 220 Cornelia street, who died May 15, left an 
estate of $11,000. His widow, Catherine, is bequeathed the entire estate.

Alfred SIMS, of 327 Edgecombe avenue, Manhattan, who died May 6, left 
an estate of more than $10,000. Bequests of $5,000 each are left to 
Alfred J. SIMS and Joseph SIMS and $500 is bequeathed to the Bushwick 
Hospital and the Masonic Home at Utica, N.Y. A legacy of $6,000 is 
bequeathed to Grace M. HAYES and the residue is divided equally 
between Alfred J. SIMS, his nephew, and Josephine SIMS, his niece.

Charles H. KOSTER, of 62 Montague street, who died May 24, left an 
estate of $15,000. He divides stock in corporations among his wife 
Fannie, his brother Frederick and his two children, Henry and Mabel. 
His widow receives the income from $4,000 during her life, and the 
residue is divided among his widow and their two children, Henry and 
Mabel, the children share one-half and the widow to take the 
remaining half.

Mary Ann GRIFFIN, of 808 Driggs avenue, who died Feb. 10, left an 
estate of $2,200. Her husband receives the entire estate.

Sarah D. NICHOLS, of 181 South Elliott place, who died March 31, left 
an estate of $900. It is bequeathed to her niece, Sadie CHESTON.

Louis LEIBE, of 234 Eleventh street, who died May 31, left an estate 
of $5,000. He wills it to his sister Emma.

James J. FARLEY, who died March 3, 1917, left an estate of $52,212. 
The share of his widow, Jennie M. FARLEY, is $29, 574 and the balance 
passes in shares of $5,490 to their children, Eleanor, Irene, Eugene 
A. and Winifred.

Maria L. BERGEN, who died Feb. 9, 1917, left an estate of $62,518. It 
passes to her sister, Carrie W. FREETH.

Catherine CLARK, who died March 7, left an estate of $15,733.

George L. LARGE, who died May 12, left and estate of $7, 344. It 
passes to his widow, Hope N. LARGE.

Henry D. BISCHOFF, who died June 22, 1916, left an estate of $5,713. 
It passes in equal shares to Anna GOBBER, a sister and Catharine M. 
HACKMANN, another sister.

Elizabeth W. MALTHANER, who died March 5, left an estate of $1,980.

Henry B. BROWNE, who died Sept. 20, 1915, left an estate of $5,181. 
It passes to his widow, Kate M. BROWNE.

Caroline HONIG, who died March 10, 1917, left an estate of $5,181.

9 June 1918

Many Wedding Bonds Loosening
Justice FAWCETT, who is to preside over the Special Term of the 
Queens County Supreme Court, which will open to-morrow, is to take 
testimony in four undefended divorce cases, three defended divorce 
actions, three defended actions for separation and one suit for 
annulment of a marriage.

The defended divorce actions are Marion T. DEAN against John K. DEAN, 
Ellena FERGUSON against John FERGUSON and William R. MIDGLEY against 
Ellen Jane MIDGLEY.

The undefended divorce actions are August George RAMM against Anna 
Catherine RAMM, Herbert E. HANCOCK against Edna F. HANCOCK, Julia 
HESS against George HESS and Victor BERNARD against Jennie BERNARD.

The suits for separation are Katie SCHAEFER against Herman SCHAEFER, 
Dorothy M. CAMERON against John E. CAMERON and Anna Marie E. KERR 
against James Fairbairn KERR.

The only suit for annulment is that of Carrie LESLIE against David LESLIE.

15 June 1918

Grace BOYLE, 
Grace ROARTY, individually, and Hugh ROARTY, 
plaintiffs, against Grace ROARTY, as sole surviving 
administratrix of the goods, chattels and credits of 
Annie E. MAGUIRE, deceased; James McSORLEY, 
if living and "Jane" McSORLEY, his wife.  If any, the 
name "Jane" being fictitious, the real first name of said 
defendant, if any, being unknown to plaintiffs, and if said 
James McSORLEY, be dead, all persons unknown being 
his heirs, devices, executors or administrators, creditors.....
(No other names listed)


William SIMON, Plaintiff against Adelaid BLYMAN and
others, defendants--in pursuance of a judgment of foreclosure 
and sale duty made and entered in the above entitled action,
and bearing date the 24th day of May 1918, I, the undersigned, 
the Referee, in said judgment name, will sell at public auction
to the highest bidder by Nathaniel SHUTER, Auctioneer, at the
Brooklyn Real Estate Exchange, No. 189 Montague Street, in
the Borough of Brooklyn, County of Kings, on the 21st day of
June, 1918, at twelve o'clock noon, the premises directed by 
said judgment to be sold and therein described as follows:  All 
that certain lot, piece or parcel of land, with the buildings and 
improvements thereon erected, situate, lying and being in the
Borough of Brooklyn, County of Kings, City and State of New
York, bounded and described as follows to wit:  Beginning at
a point on the Northerly side of Grand Street, distant Sixteen
feet, seven and one-quarter inches Easterly from the corner 
formed by the intersection of the Northerly side of Grand 
Street with the Easterly side of Vandervoort Avenue, as the 
same is now laid (?) at the point of intersection of the division
line between the land hereby described and the land adjoining
on the West, now or late of Martin KALBFIELSCH and the said
Northerly side of Grand Street running thence Easterly along the
Northerly side of Grand Street, fifty fee, eleven inches; thence
 Northerly to a point on the Southerly side of Metropolitan 
(Note:  The above is all that appeared on the photocopy.)

20 June 1918

Mary AUSTIN, of 946 St. Marks avenue, who died April 29, 
left an estate of $9,500.  

    Bequests are:
    Thomas AUSTIN and Fred MOHRMANN, 
    sons, $2,000 each;

    Mary B. and George F. MOHRMANN, 
    Alice JOHNSON, 
    William and Alma KOSTER, grandchildren, $200 each;

    Ida KOSTER, daughter, $1,000

    and the residue of the estate is left to her other daughter,
    Annie JOHNSON

Barbara WEBER, of 148 Sumpter street, who died April 4, left 
an estate of over $18,000.

    John WEBER, her husband gets the income from the    
    dwelling at 148 Sumpter street during his life, and the 
    residue is divided equally among her four children.

Robert MATTHEW, of Rothesay, New Brunswick, Can., left an
estate of over $5,000.  It is divided equally among his three
daughters, Christina, Elizabeth and Marion

Robert GREER, of 586 Jefferson avenue, who died June 5, left
his estate to his widow, Mary Isabella GREER.

William H. VAN VOORHIS, of 365 Ocean avenue, who died
May 30, left an estate of over $5,000.  His widow, Sara C.
VAN VOORHIS, receives the entire estate.

Mercy J. CRAGG, of 538 Lafayette avenue, who died May 4, 
left an estate the amount of which is not estimated.  Her cash
on hand is divided between her son, Eugene R. CRAGG, and
his wife, Elizabeth, in addition to which Eugene gets her 
personal effects and a mortgage of $1,500.  Other bequests are
Eugene F. CRAGG and Doris L. CRAGG, grandchildren $200
each, and Josephine BULMER, $25.

Anton MULLER, of 56 Russell street, who died June 4, left an
estate of $4,000.  His personal belongings go to his stepdaughter,
Mary SLACK, and the residue is divided between Mary H.
MULLER and Grace DEWEY, grandchildren.

21 June 1918
Charlotte F. TROWBRIDGE, of 834 President street, who died last
April, left an estate of over $15,000.  A trust fund for her daughter
Constance is set aside to provide her an income of $1,800 annually,
and the residue is divided equally among her other children,
Clarence, Guion and Vaughan.

Margaret CAMMEYER, of 1012 Union street, who died May 29,
left an estate of $1,000.  She distributes it among her six children 
and one grandson.

George A. GRAULICH, of 1078 Putnam avenue, who died June 10,
left an estate of $800.  He cuts off his son George with $5 because,
he says, that he has never acted as a son should to his father, and
the testator further makes no bequests to his brother and two sisters,
because of reasons which, he states, are well known to them.  The
residue is left to Gertrude VON MINDEN, wife of George VON MINDEN.

Katharine MULLER, of 287 Devoe street, who died May 22, left an
estate of $1,626.  She bequeaths $200 to Barbara MULLER, her
daughter, and the residue is to be divided among her six children
and three grandchildren.

Peter S. BOGART, of Seventy-fourth street near Ridge Boulevard,
who died June 8, left an estate of $65,000.  He bequeaths it to his
son, Tunis S. BOGART.

Catherine ROECK, who died March 6, left an estate of $15,622.
The share of her mother, Barbara LINK, is $1,314 and the balance
passes in equal portions to five sons and a grandson.

Gertrude DRESSER, who died Feb. 17, 1918, left an estate of $10,884.

Mary Jane HARBISON, who died March 22, left an estate of $6,542.

John P. WERLING, who died May 25, 1905, left an estate of $5,200.

August LUDEMAN, who died Dec. 4, 1914, left an estate of 
$37,013.  Catherine, his widow, receives $31,540, and the balance
passes to a grandchild and a niece.

Leo W. WINCKELMANN, who died August 17, 1916, left an estate of $9,089.

2 July 1918
Jacob MORGANTHALER, who died July 10, 1916, left an estate of $26,269.

Phebe WILLIAMS, who died March 3, left an estate of $13,121.

Walter F. KENNAN, who died Dec. 20, 1917, left an estate of $13,765. It 
passes to his mother and two brothers and a sister.

Maria A. SCHNEIDER, who died Feb. 11(?), let an estate of $32,500. It 
passes to her children in the following share: Anna C. HALLETT, $15,524; 
Frank SCHNEIDER, $8,485, and William SCHNEIDER, $8,490.

Frederick SEVERIN, who died Jan. 31, left an estate of $4,512.

Caroline BECK, who died April 10, left an estate of $17,991. It passes in 
equal shares to her four sisters and two brothers.

Richard H. CLARKE, who died July 10, 1917, left an estate of $22,011. The 
share of his sister, Maria, is $17,160. The balance passes to eight other 

6 July 1918
Amos N. TITUS, of 88 Sterling Place, who died April 26, left an estate of 
$4,500. His widow, Adelaide receives the entire estate.

John C. ANDRESEN, of 1265 Jefferson Avenue, who died June 25, left an 
estate of $20,000. His widow, Louise, gets a life interest in the estate, 
and at her death the principal is to be divided among their nine children.

Kate SHIELDS, of 566 Morgan Avenue, who died April 13, left an estate of 
$200. It is bequeathed to two grandnieces, Mary and Julia, and a 
grandnephew, Martin.

Conrad HAAREN, of 266 Milford Street, who died June 1, left an estate of 
$8,000. His widow, Josephine, receives the entire estate.

Owen LOUGHRAN, of 1317 Prospect Place, who died June 20, left an estate of 
$2,500. The sum of $1 is left to John F. LOUGHRAN, a son, and the residue 
is divided equally among the testator's other children, Peter, Eugene, 
Margaret, and Anna.

7 July 1918
Wills Filed
Edwin R. REMINGTON, of 738 St. Marks Avenue, who died April 16, left an 
estate of over $75,000. He leaves $71,000 to his widow, Sarah D., also the 
household furnishings and his personal belongings and the income from the 
residue of the estate. The sum of $5,000 is set aside in trust for the 
testator's brother-in-law, Charles A. PAYNTAR, during his life. The 
principal of the residue, after the remarriage or the death of the widow, 
is to be divided among the other three brother-in-laws of the testator.

Alice L. PRENTICE, of Manhattan Beach, who died July 3, 1917, left an 
estate of $10,000. She bequeaths it to her daughter, Mabel R. SMITH. The 
testator's husband, Henry L. PRENTICE, is to be allowed the use of the 
testator's residence, 66 Dover Street, Manhattan Beach, during the 
remainder of his life, though this proviso is not made binding upon the 
daughter as legatee.

Winifred V. CRING, of 757 Quincy Street, who died June 28, left an estate 
of $2,400. She names her father, William H. HUGHES, as sole legatee.

Simone CARRAI, of 318 Twentieth Street, who died June 17, left an estate of 
$10,000. His three daughters, Elvira, Elia, and Ersilia, are bequeathed $1 
each. The balance of the estate is divided among the testator's three sons, 
Enrico, Ernesto, and Ettore.

Helen S. TIEDEMEN, who died April 4, left an estate of $69,772. It passes 
in equal shares to her children, Irvin B.; Helen, Virginia, and Hortense.

Margaret E. WALZ, who died Feb. 18, left an estate of $34,215. It passes in 
equal shares to her husband, Frank J. WALZ, and their children, Charles W., 
and Joseph WALZ.

Anne R. LEONARD, who died March 9, left an estate of $44,450. The share of 
her husband, John C. LEONARD, is $34,546. Grace V. ROBERTSON, her sister, 
receives, $6,521. The balance is bequeathed eleven other legatees.

Alfred W. BOWIE, who died Feb. 28, 1917 left an estate (cut off) share of 
his widow (cut off).

William M. SAYER, (cut off) July 15, 1917, left an estate (cut off). It 
passes as follows: (cut off) $38,317; Helen and (cut off) and Winthrop, son (cut off).

10 July 1918
Wills Filed
Abner BARNHART, of 1059 81st St, who died April 26, left an estate of $8000.
to his 3 children are left equal shares in the estate.

Charlotta VALDINE, of 830 Herkimer St, who died July 2 left an estate of
$4500.  Bequests are:  Amelia Rice, daughter, $500; Gertrude Rice,
granddaughter  $500; Harold Rice and Anthony S. Valdine, grandsons, $250
each; and the residue is left to her son, James J. Valdine.

Eliza Jane SMITH, of 92 North Oxford St, who died June 17, left an estate of
over $14,500.  Bequests are: Katherine A Shannon, sister, $1000; Charles R.
Smith, son, $300 and shares of Carbonic Gas Co; Lincoln Mission, $200;
Marion E Smith, granddaughter, shares in Robert Gair Co; and the dwelling a
92 North Oxford St at the death of the testator's son; and the residue is
left to Mabel E Smith, daughter-in-law.

Alderich A. OLTMANS, of 865 4th Ave, who died June 1 left an estate of
$4,700.  his widow, Trintge is the sale legatee.

George W PIERSON, of 1201 St Marks Ave, who died June 29, left an estate of
$3,600.  Bequests are Catherine and Frank P Leo, $100 each and the residue
will be divided equally between James F and Laura A Adair.

Emma ZIMMERMAN, of 287 State St, who died June 15, left an estate of $5,500,
Charitable bequests are: Marienheim Corp, 18th Ave and 64th St and German
Home for Recreation of Women and Children, Gravesend, $150.  other legacies
are;  Auguste Ohly, $200; Lillian Zimmerman and Emilie Witte, $500 each, and
the residue is divided equally among the testator's 4 nieces.

Ida F MIX, of 461 Classon Ave, who died June 24, left an estate of $4,000.
Her husband, William receives the entire estate.

Malinda C. ROAKE, of 899 Quincy St, who died June 21, left an estate of
$10,700.  She leaves to her niece, Carrie R Bonner, $2000 and her son,
Elijah L Roake and grandson, Roger, share equally in the residue of the

William A CASE, of 215 Clarkson Ave, who died June 26, left an estate of
$5,000.  His widow, Ethed, receives the entire estate.

October 3, 1918

Richard Warin BAINBRIDGE, who died in Switzerland on Aug. 7, left an 
estate in excess of $20,000.  He bequeathes an annuity of $5,000 for 
life to his widow, Claire, of Brooklyn; and life annuities of $5,000 
to his two sisters, Louise B. HARRIS and Lucy NNE bainbridge.  The 
residue of the estate he divides among his three sons, Lawrence, 
Philip, and Richard.

Mrs. Esther LION, of 218 St. Johns place, left an estate of $9,500, 
which she divides among her children and grandchildren.  Hortense LION,
grandaughter, recieves $1,000;  Delia LION, another granddaughter, 
is bequeathed $300, and Henry LION, her son, recieves $200.  The 
residue is divided among her other four children,  David, Max, Oscar and Sarah.

Bryde A. WILCOX, of 133 Eghthth avenue, who died Sept 20, left and 
estate of over $20,000.  She bequeaths one-third of the estate each 
to George M. DEXTER, her brother, and Maude B. KELLY, her sister, 
and the remaining third is established as a trust for her father, 
Carlos E. DEXTER.  Upon the death of the latter, the 
principal ??????/share goes to the brother.

Elizabeth A. CARBERRY, of 200 Prospect Park West, who died Sept. 6, 
left and estate of $9,000, which she bequeaths as follows:  
Cash bequests, $1,00 each to Annie NICHOLS, Elizabeth NICHOLS and 
Helen NOLAN?.  $500 to Mary MENDONHALL, AND $100 each to Margaret HAYDEN,
Margaret CONNORS,Catharine TOBIN, Mary  McDONALD, Jane MULLEN, 
Helen MULLEN and Mary MULLEN. Her trucking business and all her 
realty property she leaves to her two nephews, William and Charles NICHOLS.

Elizabeth GREFE, of 92 Fourteenth street, who died Aug. 13, left her 
estate of $330 to her sister, Josephine RATKE nd Gustave RATKE, the laters husband.

Charles C. BIDDLECOMBE, who died Sept. 9, at his home, 389 Warwick street, 
left and estate of $1,100, which he bequeaths to his widow. 

Francis J. MOLSSEN,  of 561 Seventy-third street, who died Sept. 22, 
left and estate of $6,700, which he bequeaths to his daughter, Marie.

Andrew SWINI, of 1253 Forty-second street, who died Sept, 7, 
left and estate of $6,000, which he divides in equal shares 
among Mary JOZSEFFY, Margaret, Nellie and Charles SWINI.

Issac MASON, furniture dealer, who died Oct. 28, 1917, 
left and estate of $226,904.  The share of his widow Saran, 
is $77,634: and $74625 passes to each of his two daughters, 
Maybelle COCKRAN and Florence M. SMITH.


Cristian JACOBSON, city ordinance, sentence suspended.
Paul JARGER, disorderly conduct; $2 fine.
Albino MARRA and Dominick PALUMBO, disorderly conduct; $100 each; tomorrow.
Nathan HAMMON, sanitary code; $1 fine each.

Edmond G. ROCHE, 
Vincent PIRAINO, sanitary code; $2 fine each.

James J. CASSIDY, sanitary code; sentence suspended.
Frank FINGINY, city ordinance, sentence suspended.
Filomina CORANO, assault, third, paroled, Thursday
Frank J. SHERLOCK,  
Paulo GROARDI,  
Carl W. KAYSER, 
Harry HIRSCH, highway law;  sentence suspended.

August  KEPPLER, sanitary code,  $2 fine.
Frank  NESTO,  felonious assault, to-morrow.
Thomas DONOHOE, city ordinance, discharged.
Clara LAW, petty larceny; special sessions.

Paulo GROARDI,  
Leo DANGO,  
Arthur BOSH, 
Max JONES,  
Angelo FIORE, city ordinance; $1 fine each.

Samuel WEINWORTH and August FISHER, fugitive from New Jersey; Thursday.
Thomas REED and James SMYTHE, liquor tax law; $500 each; special sessions.
John FITZGERALD, intoxication; to-day.

Michael NOLAN, intoxication, sentence suspended.
James MEEHAN,  intoxication, sentence suspended.
Samuel HOYER, violation city ordinance, fined $2.
Thomas CARABELLO, violation city ordinance, fined $2.
Edward Reis, intoxication, sentence suspended.
Frank DEVITO, violation city ordinance , fined $2.
Raymond CURLEY, violation, motor vehicle law, discharged.
Stabo ROSDALE, violation city ordinance, discharged.
John MURPHY, manslaughter, held for a hearing Friday.
Eyntein SOLBERG, burglary, held in $1,000 bail for a hearing Wednesday.
Abraham FELIA and Louis ERBMANN, violation city ordinance, fined $2 each.
Keron COX, violation liquor tax law, held in $500 bail for the Court of Special Sessions.
Patrick EARLY, disorderly conduct. paroled for a hearing Friday.

October 8 (?) 1918

GUNHOUSE, Thomas, liquor tax law, $500, Special Sessions.
ARROYA, Louis, robbery, $1,500, tomorrow.
MATTHEWS, Thomas, intoxication, workhouse, fife days.
GALLAGHER, Joseph, obstructing crossing, $2 fine or one day.
LEVINE, Charles and GOODMAN, Samuel, rules of the road, $2fine or one day each.
HERNANDEZ, Albert, rules of road, $5 fine or one day.
PEARLMAN, Alexander, rules of road, $2 fine or one day.
D'AMICO, Lueo,  rules of road, $5 fine or one day.
IMPERATO, Edward, rules of road $5 fine or one day.
FULHAM, Michael, motor vehicle law, no number plate, $1 fine or one day.
HERNANDEZ, Albert, motor vehicle law, no operator's license, $5 fine or one day.
PAUPAN, James and EVANS, John, motor vehicle law, no number plate,sentence suspended.
CARROLL, James, motor vehicle law, no number plate, paroled,to-day.
CALISSI, Lawrence, motor vehicle law, improbpe plate, paroled to-day.
D'AMICO, Luco, motor vehicle law, wrong number plate,$10 fine or ten days.
WEISS, Samuel, motor vehicle law. improper plate, sentence suspended.

POTTER, Raymond G.,  
WOODS, Anderson   
DAY,E. Hart,  
ROLLOW, James S., 
TRIFARI, Gustavo,  
HANDEL, Paul K.,
BARWICK, Frank,  
SCHWERLEIN, Gottlieb,  
CAYNE, James W.,  
SLAWTER,Charles B., sanitary code, sentence suspended.

Fifth Avenue
PUZZO, Tony,  
SORNO, Amerigo 
ZURLEN, Julius, robery, each held in $5,000 bail for hearing Oct. 14.

BOVO, Dominick
ESPISITO, Alfonso, felonious assault, each held in $1,000 bail for hearing to-morrow.
KELSON, James, petty larceny, adjourned til Friday.
AQUILLA, Vincent, felonious assault, $2,000 bail for hearing Oct.16.
REICH, Samuel and CURICIO, Nicholas, disorderly conduct, each 1 fine
KAPLAN, Sigmund and WOODS, William, driving on wrong side of street, each $1 fine

CHODYK, Stephen, 
PERJDAL, Powel, violation of city ordinance, each $1 fine.

BAXTER, John, OLSEN, Marcus,  JOHNSON, Charles, intoxication,sentence suspended.
LARSEN, Gustave, intoxication, $5 fine.
HENRICH, John,  disorderly conduct, paroled for hearing to-day.
STENEL, Gussie, disorderly conduct, $100 bail for hearing to-day.
(there are six lines following that couldn't be read)

October 18, 1918

CLEMENTO, Timothy and MORAN, Chris, liuor tax law, $500 each,Special Sessions.
KANE, Edward, Intoxication, remanded, to-morrow.
MURPHY, Anna, vagrancy, $500, womans night court.
LIPARI,  Thomas, grand larceny, no bail, Grand Jury.
SHIELDS, Michael, grand larceny, discharged.
PASQUALE, Charles, grand larceny, $1,000, Oct. 27.
WORTMAN, William,  
HERNES, Emil, 
PRIGGIE, Jacob,  
FILIPELLI, Frank,sanitary code, $1 fine each.

DONOHOE, Peter and PIRO, Nicola, asshult, third, paroled, to-day.
FLYNN, William, liquor tax law, $500, Special Sessions.
	Walter, disorderly conduct, remanded to-day.
SOCDOSKY, Dolly, vagrancy, remanded, Monday, womans night court.

FARNELO, Frances, assault, discharged.
LAGUVICI, Mary, disorderly conduct, discharged.
WEEKS, Andrew, disorderly conduct, discharged.
MERRITT, John, disorderly conduct, New York City Reformatory.
DAWSON, Michael, violation of city charter, $300 bail for SpecialSessions.
BERGER, John J., intoxification, $1 fine.
SWIFT, Edward J., disorderly conduct, ten days in workhouse.
CLANCEY, Thomas, disorderly conduct $200 bail for hearing to-day.
MANTON?, William,  MILLER, Fred  and LORME, Paul, petty larceny,
	$300 bail for Special Sessions.

October 22, 1918
McDOWELL,  Phillip,  disorderly conduct, $10 fine or two days
ROST,  William,  city ordinance,  dragging car, $1  fine or one day.
CONKLING,  Henry C., robbery,no bail, Grand Jury.
KEMPF,   William,  highway law, $1,000, to-day.
ALLEN,  Catherine,  recieving stolen goods,  $1,000,  to-morrow.
DEPKEN,  Agusta,  insanity,  observation.
KENNEDY,  William,  liquor tax law, $300. Special Sessions.

RYAN,  Patrick,  Intoxication, adjourned until Thursday.
BROWN,  Harold,  intoxication,  sentence suspended..
NICHOLSON,  Aron,  intoxication,  $1 fine.
NILSSON,  Gustave Z., violation of city ordinance,  $1fine.
MORAN,  Austin,  violation of Sunday law, paroled for hearing Thursday.
GUNN, Thomas A., fugitive from justice, no bail. to-morrow

October 23, 1918
note:  The margin on the copy was very dark and hard to read. 
Thus the ????

MULDOON,  Mattew, disorderly conduct, paroled until October 23.
MERRITT, William,  robbery,  $2,000 bail  ???hearing next Friday.
RIPP,  John,  robbery, $2,000 bail for hearing next  Friday
NASH,  David and KENNEDY, Daniel, intoxication sentence suspendd
MARX,  Paul, petty larceny, $1,000 bail  ????Special Sessions.

PUGLISI,  James, disorderly conduct, workhouse,  three days.
ROSENBERG, Barney,  disorderly conduct, dismissed.
BUKUCKI, Ag???,M. Sr. and  BUKUCKI,  Agnes M. Jr. disorderly
	conduct, paroled. Friday, 2 P. M.
GIESTER,  Eva,vagrancy,  Women's Night Court, Friday.
McKEON, Francis,  Disorderly conduct, paroled, to-morrow.
KERSCHSTEIN, Frank,  motor vehicle law, no plate, $10 fine or two days.
KAMPF,  William,  motor vehicle law, no operators license, $5 fine or one day.
BERGSTEIN,  Edward, grand larceny, $1,000, to-morrow.
ESPIRIA,  Victor,  disorderly conduct, ac????????processing
	revolver, $300, Special Sessions.
CARY,  ?????????, vagrancy, discharged.
DOUGHERTY,  Catherine and ORR, George ??????????$1 fine or one day each.

October 24, 1918
LABATE,  Joseph, grand larceny, $1,500, Grand Jury.

NAUGHAN, Joseph, 
McFADDEN, James, 
NASH, Richard,  
NICHOLSON,	Laurence, intoxification,  $1 fine or one day each.

HOGAN,  Patrick W., intoxication, dismissed, surrendered to naval authorities.
ALBERT,  Peter, disorderly conduct,  $10 fine or two days.
ELAM,  William,  disorderly conduct, acquitted.

MULDOON,  Matthew, conduct, discharged.

LYNCH, John,   
LENAHAN, Michael,  
CROWLEY,  John,  
CUSICK, Joseph 
NULTY,  Patrick, vorner loafing sentence suspended.

KERSKY, Frank 
ZUKE, Peter, intoxication, sentence suspended.

RUSSO, Vianusso,  disorderlyconduct,  $10 fine
KEHOE, James, violation of city ordinance, sentence suspended.
TAILAKSEN,  Gardner,  disorderly conduct, sentence suspended.

SHULSIG, Adolph 
SCARCELLO, Leo, spittin,each $2 fine

PINNICK, Valentine, 
MAJESKY, Joseph, disorderly conduct,
	remanded until October 26 for investigation and sentence.

26 October 1918
Alfred FALCO, assault, third degree, $300. Special sessions
Walter BUCK, liquor tax law, dismissed.
Cornelius LYNCH, grand larceny, $ 1,000, Monday.
Jerry COONEY, intoxication, $1 fine or one day.
Andrew MURRAY, intoxication, workhouse, two days
Thomas GRAHAM, intoxication, workhouse, three days.
William KING, intoxication, remanded , Monday.
Lorenzo TROMBINE, possessing revolver, $300, Special Sessions.
John GALLILCO, intoxication, $1 fine or one day.
Maria KULLANDER, disorderly conduct, $10 fine or two days.
Harry BLAIR, insanity, Kings County Hospital for observation.
Phillip CADELLOND, disobeying signal, $5 fine
John HARDING, motor vehicle law. surendered to naval authorities.

Frederick C. GRAF, 
Amando BISAGNO, 
Morris COHEN 
Edith CASE, motor vehicle law, sentence suspended.

Edward HORTON, motor vehicle law, paroled, today.

Irwin KASPAREK, sanitary code,$2 fine each.
Angelo ORSI, rules of road, paroled, today.

Maurice O'LEARY, and Julius KUNDSEN, intoxication, sentence suspended.
James FITZMORRIS, disorderly conduct, paroled until Oct. 30.
Juan SANCHEZ, petty larceny, $300 bail for Special Sessions.
James FITZGERALD, intoxication, sentence suspended.
George COOPEY, crap shooting, five days in workhouse.
Peter ZUKE and Frand YERSKY, disorderly conduct, paroled for hearing Oct29.

Thomas S. SMALLMAN, no rear light, sentence suspended.
William THEILER, reckless driving, $25 fine.
Cornellus McGILL, Harry CONLIN, William De ROVER, John COWAN, James
WHEELER, loafing, sentence suspended.
Max OSHER, no signals, $2 fine.
William LEWIS, improper turn, sentence suspended.
James LYNCH, wrong side of street, sentence suspended.
Archer  L.  KLEINACH, auto speed, $25 fine.
Jacob KESSLER, no badge, $2 fine.
James MARTINO, improper number plate, $10 fine
Charles W. WALLIS, unlicensed chauffeur, $5 fine.
Albert RAIME, disorderly conduct, adjourned Oct 30.
Michael De STEFANO, assault third degree, held for Special Sessions.
Ignatz GARAFOLA, attempted larceny, Special Sessions.
Michael R. HORAN, disorderly conduct, adjourned Saturday.

Note: rest is dark and can not read.

1 November 1918
Joseph F. MORAN, 28 years old, a boss stevedore, of  833
Lafayette avenue, appeared before Magistrate FOLWELL in Gates
avenue court to-day charged with the murder of his wife, Alice, on
Oct. 18.  Detective REAGAN, who took a statement from the woman
as she was dying in St. John's Hospital, testified that she had said
the pistol was accidentally discharged.  MORAN was committed to
jail until next Friday.

Transcriber: Pat Adams
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