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Brooklyn Standard Union

13 May 1928
	An unusual marital tangle was disclosed yesterday when Thomas J. RYAN, a 
truckman of 213 Marlon Street, brought suit for divorce before Supreme Court 
Justice CROPSEY against his wife, Mrs. Evelyn RYAN of 10-125 88th Street, 
Richmond Hill.
	The couple entered into a common-law marriage, Feb. 15, 1919.  Two years 
later RYAN was married to Miss Agnes CASHMAN.  On the complaint of his first 
wife he was indicted and convicted of bigamy and sentenced by Supreme Court 
Justice HUMPHREY in Queens County to a year in jail.
	RYAN alleges in his divorce suit that six days after his release from prison 
he conducted a raid at 65 Patchen Avenue and found his first wife there under 
compromising circumstances with another man.
	She denies the charge and declares that her husband's second marriage bars 
him from maintaining his divorce suit.
	Decision was reserved.

17 May 1928
      During his trial on an indictment charging bigamy, in the queens County 
Court befroe Judge frank F. ADEL and a jury yesterday, Frederick hopp pleaded 
guilty to the charge.
      Judge ADEL ordered him committed to Kings County Hospital from which he 
has just returned charged sane for another observation.
      HOPP, although only ?? years old had 4 wives and possibly a 5th, 
according to the police. Assistant District Attorney William ?. ROBINSONis in 
possession of letters written to some of the wives in which he declared all woman? 
were ??ols, but that he couldn't live without one so, after he left the one to 
whom the letter was addressed, he went off and married another.
       According to police records, on Dec. 28, 1914 he married Josephine 
WILSON in Baltimore, and left after living with her for 3 weeks suddenly 
disappeared. he next married Marie HOPKINS on May 14, 1919 in Memphis. He took a June 
bride in Ruth LEWALD in N.Y.C. in 1921. Miss LEWARD was then 20 years old. He 
left her after 7 months never returning to find that he had a daughter Evelyn. 
Instead on April 28, 19?? at Borough Hall, Long Island City, he married 
Estelle MERTENS., a widow of 679 Woodward ave. Brooklyn. He lived with his 4th. 
wife for 22 months and then as he did before disappeared.
        When HOPP was arrested on March 17th.last, it is claimed he tried to 
commit suicide at 72 Palmetto st., Ridgewoodby inhaling gas. He was taken to 
Kings County Hospital where Detective CARTER of the Glendale station arrested 
him on the charge of bigamy. Miss LEWARD and the widow MERTENS had met in some 
unknown manner and compared notes leading to the identification of their 
mutual husband. 

24 May 1928
NOTE: Name could be MALORINO
     Cleared of the charge of murder in the first degree Pasquale MAIORINO 
38, is back with his family today at 369 Warren st.
      Last night a jury on direction of County Judge Franklin TAYLOR, found 
MALORINO not guilty of murder in the killing of Nicolo SCOTTO, 22, of 267 
Sackett st., March 1.
       MALORINO who was defended by Attorney Edward J. REILLY, did not have 
to take the stand. From the prosecution's own witnesses Attorney REILLY drew 
the admissions that MALORINO had only acted to save his life in stabbing 
       Assistant District Attorney William F. X. GEOGHAN in answer to the 
motion of the Attorny REILLY for a direct verdict of acquital, said: " I have 
submitted all the evidence and on that evidence and on that evidence I would 
not ask the court to allow a jury to speculate. Nothing has been offered here 
to disprove the contention of councel for the defence that his client acted 
in self defence. The District Attorney does not oppose the motion for a 
directed verdict of acquital."
      MALORINO became enraged at SCOTTO because the latter had attacted his 
13 year old daughter, Slvia. MAIORINO upraided SCOTTO for the attack on his 
child. SCOTTO seized MAIORINO by the throat pushed him against a railing and 
made a movement in his overcoat pocket as to draw a weopon. it was then that 
MAIORINO  drew a knife and stabbed SCOTTO in the neck, puncturing the jugular 

     She waved the marriage certicate at me and said:" This is what I wanted. 
I didn't want you. I married you to prevent you from marrying my daughter." 
Frank A. REDER, of 9301 121st. st, Richmond Hill, gives this as the chief 
reason why he wants freedom again from his bride of 7 weeks. Mrs. Anna REDER, 
also 72, alleging fraud. He says she taunted him and was "cold and 
Impassive." her daughter is Mrs. Jennie KOSH, 52. Mrs. REDER, on the other 
hand says the trouble was she refused to share her $15,000 property.

27 May 1928
     What is Frank A. RADER, 72 year old retired engineer, of 9301 121 st, 
Richmond Hill, to do for his "occasional smokes" now that Supreme Court 
Justice DRUHAN has ordered him to pay alimony and counsel fee, pending trial 
of his suit against his wife, Mrs. Mary REDER, also 72, to annul their 
     Yesterday Justice DRUHAN directed REDER to pay $10 a week alimony and 
$150 counsel fee, pending trial and judicial decision on his tangled domestic 
affairs. In opposing his wife's applcaton, REDER stated that after he pays 
necessary expences all he will be left is &6.59 a week, for ?
      The couple were married March 14 last in Jacksonville Fla.  In his suit 
REDER alleged fraud and said his wife had refused to "love , honor and 
respect" him, as she would not be a wife and companion to him or make a home 
for him.
       Only a week after they were married, REDER asserted, his wife pointed 
to her marriage certificate scornfully and said she had married him only to 
keep him from marrrying her daughter, Mrs. Jennie KOCH, 52 years old.
       Mrs. REDER denied this and alleged that before they were married REDER 
 wrote her a letter saying that Jennie had sent him her picture and also a 
letter advising him to look at the picture "when he felt lonesome." In his le
tter to her, Mrs. REDER said, REDER declared that Jennie was the last woman 
in the world he would marry.
       Disputes arose almost immediately after their marriage. Mrs. REDER 
said because REDER insisted and she refused to transfer to him half of her 
property worth $15,000. After their return to N.Y., Mrs. REDER asserted, her 
husband refused to live with her, and refused to allow her to make her home 
with him. REDER denied her allegations. 
4 June 1928
      MINEOLA  June 5? Arthur LARCHAN, ex-motorcycle policeman at Vally 
Stream, was given a suspended sentence by County Judge lewis J.SMITH here 
today as a result of his recent conviction on the charge of extortion.
       LARCHAN, who was then a policeman is alleged to have stopped Charles 
MEYERS of bellrose, for speeding last October and saying to him "you know 
what this'll cost you."
        A few days later LARCHAN is said to have accepted $10 from MEYER in 
the presence of a witness, in return for which LARCHAN gave MEYER 2 tickets 
to the local Police benefit "so that it will look all right."
         Several citizens of Vally Stream testified to LARCHAN's good 
character at the policeman's recent trial. In view of this and because of the 
small amount of money involved, Judge SMITH said he had decided not to impose 
a severe penalty.

8 June 1928   
Paris, June 8 (U P)-- Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Joyce SHONNARD, well known in N.Y. 
society, filled suit for divorce today from Horatio Seymour SHONNARD. They 
were married at Andover Mass, Jan. 30, 1909.
Mrs. Sally C. WOOD BANSCHENBUSCH filled suit for divorce against Hilmar S. 
BANSCHENBUSCH. They were married May 7, 1923.

9 June 1928     
       Mrs. Gwendolyn Gladys MANDEL, 22 years old, of 16 Brevoort pl., was 
awarded $75.oo a week temporary alimony and councel fees of $750.00 pending 
the trial of her suit for seperation from Martin MANDEL, of 1519 East 3rd. 
st., by an official referee  in the Supreme Court yesterday afternoon. She 
asked for $100.00 a week and $1000.00 councel fees.
          Mrs. MANDEL alleged her husband put her out of the apartment in 
which ?????????..ried twice before but had told him of only one of the marriages. 
Records show that she was divorced from William SEAMAN in 1923, and that her marriage 
to Cassell M. BROOKS in 1925 was annulled by the latter when he claimed to 
have been under age.
         MANDEL operates a chemical plant at 130 Broadway. He married mrs. 
MANDEL on Feb. 7, 1927.
10 June 1928     
          Charged with using and possessing drugs, Alexander RAUSCHER, 31 
years old, of 144 Ten Eyck st., and Harry SPERO, 30 years old, of 62 McKibben 
st., were arrested yesterday at Messrole st. and Graham ave., by Detectives 
SHAUDEL   and JOCKER, of the Narcotic Squard.
           In the Bridge Plaza court before Magistrate James V. SHORT they 
pleaded for another chance and were remanded to Raymond st. jail until 
tomorrow for investigation. In the county jail they both collapsed and were 
treated  by Ambulance Dr. CARRY, of St. Catherine's Hospital. 
12 June 1928
        Joseph COLANDA, 55 years old, who said he had no home, is in Queens 
County jail today awaiting action of the grand Jury on a charge of Burglary. 
He was remanded by Magistrate Thomas F. DOYLE in Ridgewood court yeaterday. 
        He was arrested last Tuesday night by patrolman Joseph DANIELS of the 
Elmhurst station in a vacant building at 55-08 69th. pl., Maspeth.
        Police allege that he entered the place by means of forcing a window 
in the rear and attempted to steal plumbing fixtures valued at $30.00 The 
complainant was Frederick SCHUBLEIN, of 75-10 Caldwell ave., Maspeth, 
caretaker of the building.

13 June 1928
     An action brought by William E. WAGNER of 7949 Trotter pl., Glendale, 
against his wife, Frances, of 436 Himroad st, Ridgewood, for divorce was 
unsuccessful and a counter action by the wife was successful when Justice 
John B. JOHNSON in Part 2, Queens Supreme Court , yesterday denied the first 
degree and granted the degree on the counter action. Mrs. WAGNER was awarded 
the custody of her 9 year old child, Frances, and allowed $15 a week alimony. 
Wagner may visit his child once a week. 

14 June 1928
    Mrs. Minnie BRODY, of 15 Tompkins ave. has brought suit for $25,000 
before Justice STRONG and a jury in Supreme Court,against Mrs. Vetta BLOOM, 
charging alienation of the affections of her husband, Jacob, whom she say she 
married in January, 1925.
    Mrs. BRODY alleges that she gave her husband $5,000 with which to buy a 
drug store and that, shortly after buying it, he sold it, keeping the money. 
She says he went to Montcello, where Mrs. BLOOM was living at the time. The 
latter, she says knew him before his marriage, and enticed him away. Mrs. 
BLOOM denies the charges.

     Ater dilberating for more than 2 hours, the jury in the Queens ex-State 
trooper, brought in a verdict of guilty of murder  in the 2nd. degree.
     HAMILTON was indicted for murder, first degree, it being charged that, 
on the night of April 18, last, he went to the home of the family of his 
County Court, which for 2 days had listened to the presentation of the case 
against J. Warren HAMILTON, estranged wife, at 7 Doxey pl., Woodhaven, where 
he met his wife's father and 2 brothers, and that he shot and killed Chester 
DULONG, 19 year old brother of his wife.
      Hamilton admitted the killing, but pleaded both intoxication and 
      The charge of Judge Frank F. ADEL was completed at 5:45. The jury then 
went to dinner and resumed deliberations before 7 o'clock. At 9:30 the Jurors 
came into the court.
       In giving his pedigree to the clerk, HAMILTON said he was a mariner. 
He gave his home address the State Trooper Headquarters at Bayshore.
       Judge ADEL set June 21 as a date for sentence. As HAMILTON was led 
back to jail, his mother, Mrs. Frances HAMILTON, fainted, but soon recovered.
typed as printed

15 June 1928
In pursuance of an order of the Hon. George Albert WINGATE, Surrogate of the 
County of Kings, notice is hereby given according to law, to all persons 
having claims against the estates of: 
Mae or May EARL
Giovaanni CALEFFI
Vicente TEIZERIRA or Vicente T. PAIVA
Nellie and Ellen FREELAND
Antonio GENOVA or Genova ANTONIO
Minnie E. VARLEY
deceased that they are required to exhibit the same with vochers, to the 
subscriber, The Administrator, at his office, Municipal Building Brooklyn, 
N.Y., on or before Aug. 25th., next--Dated Feb. 24th. 1928.
Frank V. KELLY, Public Administration, Kings County, Administrator, Office 
and Post Office, Address, Municipal Building, Brooklyn N.Y.C.
Thomas J. SNEE, Attorney for the Administrator, Municicpal Building, Brooklyn 

In pursuance of an order of the Hon. George Albert WINGATE, Surrogate of the 
County of Kings, notice is hereby given according to law, to all persons 
having claims against the estates of:
Lazar or Louis TAXIER
Sylvester E. CARROLL
James H. or James McNULTY or James Henry
deceased that they are required to exhibit the same vochers, to the 
subscriber, the same with vouchers to the subscriber the Administration, at 
his office, Minicipal Building, Brooklyn, N.Y., on or before Dec. 3rd., 
next--Dated, June 1st. 1928.
Frank V. KELLY, Public Administrator , Kings County, Address, Minicipal 
Building, Brooklyn N.Y.C.
Thomas J. SNEE, Attorney for the Administrator, Municipal Building, Brooklyn, 
N.Y. C. 

16 June 1928
Philadelphia, PA. June 16.  Climaxing a hectic day of charges, counter
charges and two hearings, the elopement of Reginald W. ERSKINE,
37-year-old Brooklyn Trust Company employe [sic], married, and
choirmaster of a Rockville Center, Long Island, church, and Mrs. Edythe
WATSON, 32, mother of three children and a singer in the same choir,
ended happily here yesterday for ERSKINE and his wife, and sorrowfully
for Mrs. WATSON.
Reunited and determined to "start life anew," the ERSKINES took a train
for New York arm in arm, their faces beaming with smiles.  Shortly
afterward, Mrs. WATSON, alone and with divorce papers just served upon
her, followed dejectedly.  She was headed for her mother's home in
Brooklyn she told police, and she was "disillusioned, embittered and
Yesterday afternoon Mrs. WATSON and ERSKINE were discharged by U.S.
Commissioner MANLEY in the Federal Building on charges of having eloped
to Philadelphia on May 2.  Assistant U.S. District Attorney Claude O.
LANCIANO reported the Government had insufficient evidence to prosecute
the case.  His statement followed a bitter clash with Robert V.BOLGER,
counsel for the couple, who charged that city authorities had illegally
arrested his clients and that they had been subjected to "third degree
methods" similar to the notorious Hyde Park case in London.
As the couple walked from the court room together Mrs. WATSON was served
with divorce papers by her husband, Stanley C. WATSON.  ERSKINE and Mrs.
WATSON were arrested by City Hall detectives, who took them to Central
Police Court to face charges in connection with their living at a house
on Cottman street, Frankford.
The police court hearing dragged for four hours.  Mrs. ERSKINE appeared
at the bar of the court, and Magistrate PENNOCK, ordering Mrs. WATSON to
be taken to the matron's room, suggested that Mr. and Mrs. ERSKINE step
into his private office and talk things over.
In half an hour the couple appeared.  ERSKINE was abashed and
shamefaced.  His wife was smiling happily.
"We're going to start over again, Judge," Mrs. ERSKINE said.  A few
moments later she and her husband were on their way to Broad street
Mrs. WATSON was brought in, a picture of dejection.  "My husband will
not take me back," she told PENNOCK.  "He has served divorce papers on
me.  I'm going home to mother."  Kissing Mrs. Margaret COOPER, the
matron, a fond goodbye, she left to catch a train for New York.  Before
she departed, however, a collection was taken in the magistrate's office
to purchase her ticket.  Mrs. WATSON, it appeared, was "dead broke."

17 June 1928
Mrs. SABEL Granted $30 a Week Alimony Pending Separation Suit.
Supreme Court Justice CALLAGHAN yesterday directed George SABEL to pay
$30 a week alimony and $200 counsel fee, pending trial of a suit for
separation brought by Mrs. Sonya SABEL, of 4415 Atlantic avenue, who
alleged that a year and a half after their wedding he told he was weary
of the responsibilities of marriage and left her.
They were married Dec. 19, 1925 and have a son, Isaac Arthur SABEL, one
year and nine months old.
"Two weeks before we were married," Mrs. SABEL said, "George told me he
had lost his position as a salesman because he was unable to concentrate
on his business in view of our approaching marriage.  I believed him and
tried to encourage him with the thought that after we were married he
could more easily apply himself to work."
SABEL was still out of a job when they were married, his wife said, and
for three months afterward he told her he was looking for work, but
without success.  Money given them at the time of their marriage was
expended in living expenses, Mrs. SABEL alleged, and finally her husband
began to pawn the family silverware and to wheedle money from friends.
"In March, 1927," Mrs. SABEL added, "my husband came home to inform me
that the responsibilities of marriage were too much for him, and that he
was going away.  He left me with our baby, then six months old, in my
arms.  He said he saw no reason why he should be burdened with the
support of a wife.  He had married so he might have a wife to support him."
Mrs. SABEL said that now her husband conducts a dress goods business at
Jamaica and is in properous circumstances.  He did not oppose her
application for alimony and counsel fee.

19 June 1928
With a bundle of songs, his own composition, beneath his arm, Anthony
MEALLY, of 731 Humboldt street, walked into Bridge Plaza court yesterday
afternoon and asked Complaint Clerk Michael DURR for a warrent.
"I would lik to get a warrent for a scoundrel who took my songs from me,
spat on them, wiped his feet on them and finally threw them into the
gutter," he said.
"I want you to understand that my songs are the best on the market.  I
have had them sung in many prominent places in this city  and they have
always scored a hit."
With that he unfolded his bundle and laid the songs on the desk for
observation.  "Red, White and Blue," "Keep the Coons away" and "Katie
Roach" were some of the lines.
The clerk told MEALLY he could[n't] do anything for him, but that if his
friend was to steal some of the songs he could have the friend arrested
for petty larceny.
"I never thought anyone would be so mean as to disgrace my wonderful
songs in such a manner" said MEALLY as he strolled from the court.

Magistrate Frank GIORGIO in Ridgewood Court yesterday committed Mrs.
Sophia MELDNER, 52 years old, of 487 Fairview avenue, Ridgewood, to the
observation ward at King [sic] County Hospital.
The woman was accused abusing Mrs. Anna BERGQUIST, who lives in the same
house.  Mrs. MELDNER told the court that she in constantly being
harvested by neighbors.  She formerly maintained a delicatessen store on
Fairview avenue near Palmetto street.  Police of Glendale station could
not locate her husband.

Jamaica Woman Says He Climaxed Philisophical Talks With Beating.
"He expounded the cave-man philosophy," said Mrs. Ida KLEIN to-day
before Justice DIKE in the Supreme Court in her plea for counsel fees
and alimony pending trial of her separation suit against her husband.
"She wanted money, money, money, money," pleaded Samuel KLEIN, an
optometrist of 214 Fulton street, Jamaica, and a graduate of Columbia
University.  Justice DIKE allowed Mrs. KLEIN $75.
The couple were married on May 28, 1922, and have a daughter, Eleanor,
fire [sic] years old.  Mrs. KLEIN's parents set her husband up in
business and they lived at 147-28 Ninetieth avenue, Jamaica, she said.
The woman claimed he earned $6,000 a year.
"I was forced to beg for every cent with which to carry on the
household," she said.  "He agreed to give me forty-five dollars a week,
but would only dole out small sums at a time.
"We compromised by my accepting thirty-five dollars a week in one sum,
but even this money was discontinued.  Again and again his philosophy of
life was that there is no reason why any man should work for a woman.
He constantly referred to the erroneous conception of life in this country.
"He expressed the thought that he could not tolerate a condition which
made it necessary for a man to work from week to week to use the product
of his earnings and the sweat of his brow for a woman."
Mrs. KLEIN said on May 17 he put his theories in practice when after
giving her no money for two weeks and having as a [result?] no hot
dinner he beat her into semiconsciousness, and repeated the act the next day.
KLEIN denied all the charges, and declared his wife to have been
extravagant and desirous of luxury he could not afford.

20 June 1928
Caption under a picture:  Mrs. Amelia STEINHART with her grandson, Louis
LOWENSTEIN, Jr., 3 years old, just after axes had ripped open door of
Hotel St. George room, where she had barricaded self and defied law for
thirty-six hours.  Sheriff's deputies with writ of habeas corpus for
warrent smashed door and took boy off to court, where parents are
engaged in separations suit.

22 June 1928
John SCHERER, of 6115 Ralph street, Ridgewood, seeking annulment of his
marriage to Eva SCHERER before Justice John B. JOHNSON in Part 2 of
Queens Supreme Court yesterday, testified that the girl in marrying him
on April 1, 1924, evidently considered it an April Fool marriage as she
refused to live with him.
In March, 1924, according to the plaintiff, Miss Eva HUFMEISTER, of 7039
Linkcourt, Maspeth, asked him to marry her as they had been keeping
company for five years and all her friends were married.  So he married her.
After the ceremony they went to a theatre and then to a restaurant.  On
the way home they were met by the girl's brother-in-law in Harmon street
where the girl lived at No. 442.  As the marriage had been secret the
two separated.
He met his wife several times and pleaded with her to keep house for
him, he said, but she constantly refused.

23 June 1928
Surrogate's Notice's
FILE NO. 11270-1924 - To the People of the State of New York, etc...To
Jennie HEUBACH, 
Paul A. EHRIG, 
Maximilian E. PAESNEL, 
Edward A. BEHR,
Adelheid HEUBACH, 
Howard S.BEHR, 
Emma BEHR, 
Elsa BEHR, 
Frieda BEHR, 
Hedwig BEHR, 
Clara L. GOULD, 
Katherine MINCHELL, 
Hedwig d'ARREST, 
Marien HEIM for the Aged,
Brooklyn Germania, 
Aubrey J. SIDFORD, 
Edward A. PRICE, 
Arthur E. LIFFITON, 
G. Alphonse BERGSTROM, 
Sol A. BARR, 
City of Sonneberg, 
Town of Staufen,
Town of Lehesten, 
City of Munich, 
Adele B. HANKS, 
Esther M. MAHNKEN, 
Gustave E. HEUBACH, send greeting.

Whereas, National City Bank, Peoples Trust Branch, of 181 Montegue
Street, Brooklyn, New York, one of the Trustees under the last will and
testament of GUSTAV HEUBACH, deceased, has presented a petition praying
for a determination by the Surrogate of Kings County as to the validity,
construction or effect of the provisions of the said last will and
testament of GUSTAV HEUBACH, deceased, as to the powers of the said
trustees under the said will to take new stock in the BEHR-MANNING
CORPORATION in place of the stock of HERMAN BEHR & CO., INC., which said
trustees now hold as a legal investment pursuant to the terms of the
said will.
Now, therefore, you and each of you are hereby cited to show cause
before our Surrogate's Court of the County of Kings, Borough of
Brooklyn, New York City, on the 23rd day of July, 1928, at ten o'clock
in the forenoon, why such determintation should not be made.
    Witness Hon. George  Albert WINGATE, Surrogate of said County, etc..
the 15th day of June 1928.
    John H.McCOOEY, Clerk of the Surrogate's Court.

FILE NO. 7306, 1927 - The People of the State of New York....etc.. TO
Joseph HARKINS, James HARKINS, Sarah McKINNEY - send greeting.
Whereas, CASSIE HARKINS, who resides at 117 Sands St., Boro. of
Brooklyn, NYC, has presented a petition for a decree that a certain
instrument in writing bearing date the 24th day of August, 1927,
relating to personal property, be duly proved as the last will and
testament of MARY HARKINS, lately residing at No. 117 Sands St., in the
Borough of Brooklyn, City of New York.
Now, therefore, you and each of you are hereby cited to show cause
before our Surrogate's Court of the County of Kings, to be held at the
Hall of Records, in the County of Kings, on the 23rd day of July, 1928,
at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, why such decree should not be made.
Witness, Hon. George Albert WINGATE, Surrogate of said County ...on 13
th day of June, 1928.
John H.McCOOEY, Clerk of the Surrogate's Court.

The People of the State of New York...etc..TO ROSE CUVIELLO and Fel[ix]
CUVIELLA - Send greetings:  Whereas, MARGARET SHEA and KATHERINE DI
NAPOLI, who reside at 445 56th Street and 1550 58th Street, Brooklyn,
NY, respectively, have presented a petition praying for a decree that a
certain instrument in writing bearing date the 30th day of April 1928,
relating to real and personal property, duly proved as the last will and
testament of PREZIOSA CUVIELLO, lately residing  at No. 5211 New Utrecht
Avenue, in the Borough of Brooklyn, City of New York.
Now, therefore, you and each of you are hereby cited to show cause
before our Surrogate's Court of the County of Kings, to be held at the
Hall of Records, in the County of Kings on the 23rd day of July, 1928,
at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, why such a decree should not be made.
Witness: Hon. George Albert WINGATE, Surrogate of said County.
John H.McCOOEY, Clerk of the Surrogate's Court.

LEGAL NOTICE-Supreme Court, Kings County:  
In the matter of the application of HENRY IRVING ANTFELD for leave 
to dissolve his marriage will LILY A.ANTFELD on
the ground of absence - To LILY A. ANTFELD above named:  Whereas HENRY
IRVING ANTFELD has presented a petition to the Court showing that his
wife, LILY A. ANTFELD, has absented herself for five successive years
last past without being known to him to be alive during that time; that
he believes her to be dead; that a diligent search has been made to
discover evidence showing her to be living and no such evidence has been
found, and asking that the said marriage by dissolved.  Now, pursuant to
an order duly made and entered in the above proceeding, dated the 16th
day of May, 1928, a hearing will be had upon said petition at a Special
Term, Part II, at the Supreme Court of the State of New York, in the
County Court House, Kings County, Brooklyn, New York, on the 8th day of
August, 1928, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon. - Dated the 17th day of
May, 1928.
    THOMAS H. TROY, Attorney for Petitioner, Office and P.O. Address, 26
Court street, Borough of Brooklyn, New York City.

25 June 1928
ANDERSON Is Indicted On Charge of Bigamy
The charge of bigamy against Jacob ANDERSON, known as Jacob NOSOWITSKY,
of 1509 Thirty-eighth street, adjourned several times in Fifth avenue
court, was dismissed to-day by Magistrate Mark HUDICH when Assistant
District Attorney TEARSE reported the man had been indicted by the Grand
Jury on the same charge.
ANDERSON, arrested by Detectives Frank W. McCARTHY and Edward
FITZGERALD, of Fourth avenue station, was accused by Mollie
SCHNEIDERMAN, 20, of 4608 Tenth avenue, with having married her in
Poughkeepsie last September when he already had a wife, whose name is not given.

27 June 1928
Wife's Writ Bars Husband From Home
Mrs. Jennie CARR, 54 years old, who occupies the upper floor of a
two-family house at 234 Walcott avenue, Astoria, yesterday secured an
injunction from Supreme Court Justice RIEGELMANN restraining her
husband, Albert, a retired policeman, from annoying, hindering or
interfering with her while she continues to occupy the Walcott avenue apartment.
Her husband, against whom she has a separation suit pending, in which
she charges cruelty and abandonment, lives on the lower floor of the
same house, with relatives.  He has been ordered to pay her $10 weekly
alimony pending trial of the suit.  She says he is trying to have her
dispossessed as a squatter and that he was annoyed her in various ways,
permitting her to have no visitors and having turned off the electric,
the heat and hot water.
CARR denies the charges, claiming that she threw him out of the
apartment, changed the locks and locked the ice box so he was unable to
get anything to eat.

28 June 1928
George BARKER, 60 years old, of 1237 Thirteenth avenue, know as "HELLO
BILL", was arrested at Asbury Park, N.J., yesterday by Detectives KANE
and CONNOLLY, of Manhattan Police Headquarters.  BARKER has been
indicted in the Brooklyn County Court on charges of forgery and grand
larceny.  On May 12 he is said to have given a worthless check for $150
to John TUNNIO, proprietor of a restaurant at 1285 Fulton street.
BARKER is said by police to be an old-time confidence man.  He is allege
to have sold the Brooklyn Bridge fifteen or twenty years ago.

1 July 1928
Texas GUINAN to  Be Heard July 19 on Nuisance Charge
Denies She Owns Night Club or That She Ever Sold Liquor
     Having furnished bail to the extent of $1,000, Texas GUINAN is free 
until July 19, when her presence will be desired in the Federal Court to 
explain why her latest night club is not a nuisance.
     This , it will be remembered, will be the fifth time since the blond 
night club hostess first hit the street of twinklin lights, that she has had 
to explain away a similar charge.  Yesterday in the Federal Courts Building, 
she seemed very cheerful and refused to take the matter seriously.
     "I don't own a night club and never have." she declared,  "So far as 
liquor is concerned, I don't care if they never make another glass of whiskey.
     I offered District Attorney Buckner a certified check for $100,000 once, 
if he could prove that I had ever either taken or sold a drink in my life.
     With her in the court was Helen MORGAN, a sister night club hostess, for 
whom court experiences are not quite so frequent, and who seemed somewhat 
subdued by it.  She, too, denied that she was ever an owner of night club and 
adding that since she did not own the club or any part of it, how, she 
demanded, could she be maintaining a public nuisance.

     Accused of bigamy, pretty Mabel GREENSPAN, 18 years old, of 91-16 182nd 
street, Hollis, was held in $1000. bail by Magistrate DOYLE in Jamaica court 
for a hearing next Friday morning.  She pleaded not guilty and was released 
under bond.
     Detective Frank HEYNER of the Jamaica Squad arrested the young woman on 
complaint of Daniel GREENSPAN of 222nd street and Merrick Road  Jamaica, who 
alleges that on Feb. 27 they were married in the Jamaica Synagogue by Rabbi 
     According to the police, GREENSPAN claims that soon after their marriage 
his wife left him.  While attempting to find her, he alleges, he learned that 
she had been married Feb. 17, 1927, in Albany to Edward CAHILL of 746 
Sterling Place, this borough.  Police say they investigated and when finding 
the marriages to be true, placed the girl under arrest for bigamy.

2 July 1928
I do hereby certify that a certificate of dissolution of NICHTHAUSER & LEVY 
has been filed in this department this day and that it appears therefrom that 
such corporation has complied with section one hundred and five of the Stock 
Corporation Law and that it is dissolved.
   Given in duplicate under my hand and official seal of the Department of 
State at the City of Albany, the twenty-eighth day of June one thousand nine 
hundred and twenty eight
FRANK S. SHARP     Deputy Secretary of State

5 July 1928
Martin J. O'MAHANY died Wednesday at his home 937 Park Place.  He was 
born in County Cork, Ireland, November 1848 and had been a resident of 
Brooklyn for the past sixty years.  He was a well-known musician and 
organist, having played at the first printers mass at St. Andrew's Church, 
Duane street, Manhattan.  He was also organist of the Church of St. Edward 
for eighteen years, retiring two years ago.  Funeral Saturday at 9 A.M. from 
Funeral Home 187 South Oxford street thence to the Church of St. Edward, 
where a solemn requiem mass will be celebrated.  He is survived by three 
daughters, Mrs. M. O'CONNOR, Mrs. F. MCKENNA and Mrs. Genevieve RIPP: a son, 
John: a sister, Mrs. E. O'NEIL:  Interment at Calvary Cemetery under d
irection of Henry CONLEY's Sons, 268 Myrtle avenue

     Patrick O'NEILL died Tuesday at his home 262 Classon avenue.  The 
funeral will be held at 9:30 A.M. Saturday, with a requiem mass at the R.C. 
Church of St. Patrick,  Kent and Willoughby avenues.  He was an employe of 
the Department of Water Supply and formerly lived at 41G Meeker avenue.  He 
is survived by his widow, Mary KENNEDY O'NEILL, and a niece, Mrs. J. 
O'DONNELL. Interment will be at Calvary Cemetery under direction of Thomas J. 
CREAMER, 64 Herbert street.

     Mary MYERS died Tuesday at her home, 78 Nelson street.  She is survived 
by two daughters, Mrs. Margaret HORSHOE and Theresa MYERS, and two sons, 
William and John MYERS.  The funeral will be held at 9:30 A.M. tomorrow, with 
a requiem mass at the R.C. Church of St. Mary Star of the Sea.  Interment 
will be at Holy Cross Cemetery.

     Hugh J. TAGGART died Monday at the home of his brother, Philip TAGGART, 
20 Monitor street.  The funeral was held at 10 Am today, with a requiem mass 
at the R.C. Church of St. Cecilia.  He was a member of Puritan Council, 47, 
F. of A. He is survived by another brother, William and a nephew, the Rev. 
Philip TAGGART, of the Order of Foreign Missions, of Maryknoll, N.Y.  
Interment will be a Calvary Cemetery under direction of Thomas J. CREAMER, 64 
Herbert street.

     Michael LACEY died Monday at the home of his sister at 853 Forty second 
street. He was born in Ireland twenty nine years ago and has been a resident 
of Brooklyn for the past seven years.  He is survived by one son, Thomas: one 
brother, James and a sister, Mrs. Charles REGAN.  Funeral today at 9 A.M. 
with a mass of requiem at the Holy Name of Jesus R.C. Church, Prospect Park 
West and Prospect avenue.  Interment at Holy Cross Cemetery, under direction 
of Edward J. CUMMINGS, 271 Prospect Park West. 

Peddler Blames His Tender Heart For Extra Spouse
Says He Married Second Wife in Burst of Sympathy at Her Tears.
     The only reason that Max YACHYNOWITZ, 35 years old, of 28 Bedford 
avenue, also known as Max MANDELSEN, can give for committing bigamy is that 
his second wife, Molly MANDELSEN, with whom he lives, cried that she loved 
him, that he can't bear to see a woman crying and so married her to make her happy.
     His first wife Beckie, who lives at 162 Attorney street, Manhattan is 
the complainant.  She told Detective Harold DAVIDSON, of the Bedford avenue 
station, that she married Max sixteen years ago, that he deserted her several 
months ago and that she finally found him living with his second wife whom he 
married on Jan. 22 of this year at 156 Grand street.
     When taken to the Bedford avenue station, Max did not deny that he had 
married the second time.
     "If my first wife loved me I would never have married again", he said 
Tuesday night just before his pedigree was taken.  "What kick has she got?  I 
have been told that she has married three times."
     "I am a peddler and when I met my second wife she told me she loved me, 
that she must have me and began crying.  I couldn't see her cry so I had to 
marry her.
Estate Appraised
Rose ELKIN(Dec 4,1927) Gross assets $19,108; net,$17,747. To Regina 
FRUCHTER,daughter, Jack and Alex ELKINS,sons each $5,615; Joseph 
ELKIN,husband,$1; Cecil FRUCHTER,grandson,$500; Clara Z.FRUCHTER,
Grace R.ELKINS,grandchildren,each $200.

James J.HUGHES(Aug 26)Estate,$3,270. To James J.HUGHES,632 Eleventh 
street,cousin, and Mary E.HUGHES,same address,each one half.

James T.KELTY(Aug 26) Estate,$10.000 To SISTER Rose URSULA,daughter,189 
Chestnut street,Brooklyn,$1,000 in trust; James T.KELTY,grandson, 1035 East 
Fifth street,$250.

Pauline KLEIN(Aug 20)Estate,mre than $500. To four daughters. Aimee R.KLEIN,
810 Avenue P,Brooklyn,executrix.

John KREITZ(Aug 28)Estate,$4,000. To Josephine KREITZ, widow,377 Central 

William F.MURPHY(Sept1)Estate,$3,500 persnal; $12,500 real. To children,
Richard,William and Mary MURPHY and Helen BUCHER,all of 427 East Eighth st.

Julia A.B.Richter-STEPNITZ(Dec 22)Estate,$4,505. To Emil.F.C.Richter-STEPNITZ
husband,1095 Putnam avenue,executor.

Benjamin SCHWARTZ(Aug 4) Estate $5,000.T Hermine SCHWARTZ,widow,914 Lincoln place.

7 July 1928
Contest Forecast Over Uale Estate
     A contest over the disposition of the estate of Frankie UALE, slain 
gangster, was foreseen today when Mrs. Mary UALE applied to Surrogate O'Brien 
for appointment as executrix of UALE's estate.
     Legal complications loomed when Mrs. UALE stated that although she had 
received an interlocutory divorce decree on June 12 of this year, the final 
decree was never entered, and that she is still UALE's legal wife.
     In her application Mrs. UALE stated that the estate consisted of $5000 
of personal holdings.  No real estate was listed.  She said that she and her 
two daughters, Isabell and Rose, ten and eight respectively, were the nearest 
relatives of the deceased.  She gave her address as 6605 Fourteenth avenue.
     Due to the absence of Surrogate O'BRIEN no action was taken on the 
application today, the papers in the case being forwarded to him and action 
will be delayed until early next week.
     Mrs. UALE's action is expected to precipitate a contest by Mrs. Luecida 
UALE, who also claims to be the widow of the gangster.
     Mrs. UALE was escorted in court by her brother and another man.

8 July 1928
Woman Arrested Just as She Leaves Prison
     Sadie GROSSMAN, 46, of 79 Clinton street, Manhattan, who was discharged 
from Auburin Prison yesterday after serving a two year sentence for grand 
larceny, was rearrested by a warrant officer as she left the prison. She is 
accused of jumping $5,000 bail on a charge of picking pockets made against 
her on July 25, 1926, when she was arrested with two male companions.

2 August 1928
Foreman of Jury Believes Death Came from Poison, Not Alcoholism
The death on July 3 at Atlantic City of John M. PHILLIPS, sewer pipe
boss of Queens, was due to "and [sic] overdose of some drug or poison,"
in the opinion of the Federal Grand Jurors who conducted an inquiry into
the assets of PHILLIPS under indictment for alleged wilfull [sic]
failure to pay federal income taxes in excess of $750,000.
WILLIAM JAY LEONARD, foreman of the Federal Grand Jury, a broker with
offices at 49 Wall street, and former Standard Oil Company executive, is
the author of the statement, made while he was reviewing much of the
labors of the inquiring body.
Foreman LEONARD persisted in having the July Grand Jury hold over two
weeks into August to continue investigation of PHILLIPS' death and at
the same time unearth whatever else it might of alleged Queens grafts
and grafters.  But Federal Judge Robert A. INCH did not feel sympathetic
with the foreman's plea and dismissed the Grand Jury when that body
handed him a presentment.

3 August 1928
There are occasions in which even Traffic Court magistrates are capable
of melting.
Take for instance that of LOUIS BALLEREAU, salesman of 22 Hill street.
Charged with parking his car a full hour in front of 22 John street, and
facing a penalty that seemed as sure as to-morrow morning, BALLEREAU explained.
He had taken his fiancee to a jewelry store to buy an engagement ring.
He left his car thinking it would take only a few minutes.  But he
didn't know fiancees, and the next thing he knew he had been pinched.
Magistrate MACRERY shoot his head in sympathy.  Any man who thought a
girl could pick out an engagement ring in a few minutes, he apparently
thought, was too inexperienced for Traffic Court, so he suspended sentence.

War Veteran Didn't Know He "Was Breaking Law."
Judge NOVA to Investigate Man's Story
He was good to both of them and now neither wants him, WILLIAM STEIGER,
JR., 31, of Hanover, N.J., alleged to-day on his arraignment before
County Judge ALGERON I. NOVA by Assistant District Attorney HARRY S.
SULLIVAN on a charge of bigamy.
"I'm guilty of this charge," said STEIGER, a World War veteran, "but I
didn't think I was breaking the law when I married at second time.  My
first wife left me and she told me that she did not want anything more
to do with me.  But that did not make an enemy of her.
"Even after she left me, I have her help when she needed it, and also
sent her money at other times.  She started a divorce action against me,
and I understood that she had obtain the divorce.  Then I married
again.  After I heard that my first wife had not obtained a divorce, I
told the entire situation to my second wife.  Now neither wants me and
both are prosecuting me, although I tried to do all I could for both of
them, and gave them everything I had and earned."
"May be you are more sinned against than sinning," said Judge NOVA,
"and, if your story proves true, let me say that you are a long way from
prison.  Don't worry."
It was alleged against STEIGER that on Dec. 29, 1925, he married PAULINE
NIEDZ, of 723 Fulton street, when at the time he was still the husband
of FLORENCE STEIGER, of 309 West 113th street, Manhattan.

GILBERT HOLMES, 28 years old, of 216 118th street, St. Albans, is being
held in the Tombs pending extradition to Connecticut on a bigamy
charge.  Until July 10 HOLMES was a member of the police force.
According to DOROTHY STEFFY, 15 years old, HOLMES married her in her
home in Cheshire, Conn., on July 11, his wife HARRIETT, whom he married
in 1921, being still living.  An abduction charge in connection with his
latest marriage was dismissed by Magistrate MCQUADE in Yorkville Court.

Judge ATWELL Address August Federal Body
The August Federal Grand Jury for the Eastern District of New York began
its work to-day.  The jurors were sworn in yesterday by Judge WILLIAM H.
ATWELL, of Dallas, Texan, sitting temporarily in the United States Court
in Brooklyn.
In addressing the jurors, Judge ATWELL stressed the point that whether
the jurors advocated any particular law or not, so long as it was a law
they must maintain it in their deliberations.

GEORGE K. ORMOND, of 8 Newkirk Plaza, was selected foreman.  
The other members of the jury are:
AVERY, GEORGE J., of 1170 East Twenty-ninth street
BALDWIN, HENRY A., of 8964 163d street, Jamaica
BENNETT, H.D., of 27 Monroe place
BIDDLE, WILLIAM D. JR., of 1 Pierrepont street
CASSELL, DAVID D.,  of 365 Crown street
CRAIG, JOSEPH P.,  of 35 Woodbine street
CUNNINGHAM, JOHN, of 2150 Bedford avenue
DEAN, WILLIAM C.,  of 38 Garden place
FERRETTI, JOHN C., 30 Pierrepont street
FARMAN, GEORGE, of 108 Shepherd avenue
GLOAD, FRANK F., of 141 East Twenty-first street
GRIFFIN, JOHN G., of 719 Westminster road
HERBERT, EDWARD E., of 364 Midwood street

JORDAN, CLARENCE E., of 192 Columbia Heights
KROMM, FRED C., of 201 Ocean parkway
MAGUIRE, VINCENT, of 191 Winthrop street
MARSHALL, WILLIAM, of 2023 Caton avenue
PAUL, EUGENE H.,  of 211 Eighth avenue
SLEEP, GEORGE F., of 164 Hicks street
URGUHART, THOMAS F., of 142 Hicks street
WALSH, JOHN J., of 383 Seventh street

Youth Accused of Using Employer's Money
HUBERT BURKE, 16 years old, of 29-30 166th street, Flushing, is in jail
to-day after a brief vacation, which started last Saturday and ended
yesterday, is said to have been financed by his former employer,
BENJAMIN ROSENTHAL, a druggist, of 34-12 Whitestone avenue, Flushing.
BURKE was employed as an errand boy by ROSENTHAL.  Last Saturday,
ROSENTHAL gave BURKE $29 which he was supposed to take to the bank and
get change.  BURKE did not come back and ROSENTHAL made complaint to the
Flushing precinct.
Yesterday, BURKE returned home and Detective DAVID DALY of the Flushing
precinct went to his home and placed him under arrest.  Later in the day
BURKE appeared before Magistrate PETER M. DALY in the Flushing court on
a charge of petty larceny.
Magistrate DALY remanded the boy for one week, reccommending to prison
officials that the boy

9 August 1928
FILE NO. 4827---1928 ---The people of the State of New York, by the grace of 
God free and independent.  To Catherine CLARK , also known as Catherine 
SCOFIELD , send greeting: Whereas, Ellen F.  ACKERMAN , who resides at 525 
Fifth Street, Brooklyn, New York, has presented a petition praying for a 
decree that certain intrument in writing bearing date the 4th day of January, 
1921, relating to real and personal property, be duly proved as the last will 
and Testament of Joseph F. ACKERMAN lately residing at No. 525 Fifth Street 
in the Borough of Brooklyn, City of New York.
     Now therefore , you and each of you are hereby cited to show cause 
before our Surrogate's Court of the County of Kings, to be held at the Hall 
of Records, in the County of Kings on the 20th day of August, 1928, at ten 
o'clock in the forenoonm why such decree should not be made.
     In testimony whereof, we have caused (seal) the seal of our said 
Surrogate's court to be hereunto affixed. 
     Witness, Hon. George Albert WINGATE, surrogate of our said County, at 
the Borough of Brooklyn, in the said County the 17th day of July 1928.  John 
MCCOOEY, clerk of the surrogate court.

16 August 1928
   The glib tongue of William A. STEIGER, Jr., 31, of Islip Terrace, 
Long Island, to-day sent him to the penitentiary on a charge of bigamy.
   In pleading to the charge two weeks ago, STEIGER told an 
attractive story of how good he had be[e]n to his two wives, 
turning over to them all his earnings of his steady employment; 
and that he had married his second wife in the belief that his 
first wife had obtained a divorce from him.
   Somewhat impressed with his story Judge Algernon I. NOVA had promised 
STEIGLER [sic] that if his story proved true, he would not go to prison. 
But an investigation showed that STEIGLER’s [sic] story was far from the truth. 
   "STEIGER," said Judge NOVA in passing sentence, "you tried to get by 
with a tissue of lies. Far from being good to your wives, you made them 
support you, and you so far lacked a sense of respectable decency as to 
neglect entirely the support of your eight-year-old child.
   "You are one of those human leeches that all men worthy of the name 
despise, and to whom no court could persuade itself to extend mercy. 
You even stooped so low as to assail the character of your first wife.
   "Even if the insinuation you made against her were true, you should be 
despised for it. But the insinuation was a dastardly lie. She is a hard 
working woman, who has struggled to provide the support for your child 
whom you utterly neglected. I am sending you to the penitentiary, and 
you richly deserve the punishment."
   On December 29, 1925, STEIGER married Miss Pauline NIEDZ, of 
723 Fulton street, although at the time he had a wife, Mrs. Florence 
STEIGER, of 309 West 113th street, Manhattan, whom he had married 
on May 21, 1918.

22 August 1928
Accuser Fails to Prove Case of Assault.
Harry KESSLER, Coney Island baker whose shop was stormed by an angry mob last 
week, following a report that he had beaten a man to death, has been absolved 
by a court after the man hew was alleged to have "beaten to death", was 
unable to prove he had been injured.
Magistrate FOLWELL in Coney Island Court dismissed the charge of felonious 
assault against KESSLER, 39, who lives at 2312 Mermaid Avenue, and Hyman 
WINOPOL, 40 of 2936 West Twenty-fourth Street. The complaint was made by 
Morris PERLMUTTER, OF 2919 Mermaid Avenue, who said the two men set upon him 
and beat him with their fists, Aug. 6, while he was in KESSLER's Mermaid 
Avenue bakery.
PERLMUTTER maintained that as a result of the beating he was confined to 
Coney Island Hospital for several days. Dr. RAIA, one of the interns of this 
institution, testified that PERLMUTTER fell when he missed a vicious swing at 
KESSLER during an altercation over financial matters.
Following the alleged assault rumor spread through the neighborhood that 
PERLMUTTER died from his injuries. Mobs gathered in front of the bakery for 
two days boycotting the place. Customers emerging from the bakery were set 
upon and the merchandise that they purchased seized and thrown away. Reserves 
of the Coney Island station were sent to the bakery to restore order.

24 August 1928
Kept Prisoner in Home Wife Declares.Pleads for Alimony
Claims Husband Wanted to Fool Neighbors
She spent her first week of married life behind drawn curtains in their 
apartment at 1829 Benson Avenue, so that the neighbors would think they were 
on their honeymoon, Mrs. Celestina FRANCO told Supreme Court Justice Stephen 
CALLAGHAN in Brooklyn, yesterday, when she applied for $1,500 counsel fees 
and $100 weekly alimony, pending trial of her separation sit against Remigo 
FRANCO, a stock trader.
FRANCO, on the other hand, declared his wife disliked housework, consulted a 
dream book, and was eccentric. Mrs. FRANCO said her husband told her his 
mother and not his wife, was boss in their home.
In her affidavit, Mrs. FRANCO says:
"the day we were married, April 17, 1927, my husband ordered me to remain in 
our apartment, with all the shades down to create the impression that he and 
I were on our honeymoon and I had to remain there a virtual prisoner, until 
April 24, - some honeymoon. His mother told me I was only the servant and to 
do what I was told. He backed her up by saying she was the boss. I was 
compelled to wear his dead sister's clothing. neither his mother nor my 
husband would permit me to read."

29 August 1928
BERDUX, Catherine A., (Aug 10).  
Estate, real, $7000; personal, $6600.  
To August J BERDUX and Emil J BERDUX, sons, executors, 86-1/2 Diamond street.

BONANNO, Bartolo (Aug 8).  
Estate, real, less than $2000; personal, less than $1000. 
To six children.  Mary NERNATO and Tony BONANNO, executors.

CARR, Delwin B. (Aug 5).  
Estate, personal, $10,000.  
To Frank D. CARR, son, and Edith A. CLARENDON, daughter, each $500; 
Madeline A. GRAHAM, Elliot CARR KIRKHAM, Elizabeth RING, grandchildren, each $100; 
Maude A. KIRKHAM, daughter, executrix, 939 Sterling place, remainder.

DANOVITZ, Louis (Aug 4).  
Estate, real, value not given; personal, more than $10,000.  
To Sarah, widow; two sons, three daughters, sister, 
brother-in-law, six exempt bequests.  
Jacob J. DANOVITZ, Long Beach, executor.

ENGEL, Johanna (Aug 23).  
Estate, real, $10,000; personal, $5000.  
To Charles F. MAYER, son, executor, 21 Moffatt street.

HALLERSTEDE, Alexander (July 8).  
Estate, real, more than $10,000.  
To Walter TRILLHAASE, delicatessen store at 145 Smith street; 
Louis GIVISZ, house at 145 Smith street; 
personal effects to Henry SEEMAN, 
Henry E. HEISED, 625 Ocean avenue, executor.

MOHRING, John C. (May 23).  
Estate, personal, $500.  
To Maria MOHRING, widow, executrix, 2.013 Flatbush avenue.

PIELLUSCH, Max (June 30).  
Estate, personal, $200.  
To Adam PIELLUSCH, widow executrix, 704 Grand street.

ROTH, Henry (Aug 4).  
Estate, real, $15,500; personal, $6600.  
To Sarah ROTH, widow, $10,000 and income from $10,500; 
Harry ROTH, son, $1; Walter ROTH, son, executor, 484 Harmon street, 
$500 and one-half the residuary; 
Margaret ROTH, daughter, one-half of the residuary.

CLANCY, Charles E. (Aug 12).  Estate, $1500, $1500; personal and $3000 real. 
To Margaret CLANCY, of 84-74 160th street, Jamaica, widow and executrix.

COOMBS, Francis (Aug 4).  Estate, $1000 real and $5000 personal.  
To grandson, Warren COOMBS, of 4 Senwick place, East Norwalk, Conn., 
To daughters, Emma HENRY, of 89-40 115th street, Richmond Hill; 
Mary L. WALLBANCKE, of 89-35 114th street, Richmond Hill; 
Elizabeth WILLIAM, of 25 Cypress avenue, Bogota NJ,
Gertrude THOMPSON, of 121-02 Ninety-seventh avenue, Richmond Hill; 
grandchildren, Edna WILLIAMS, of 684 Hancock street, Brooklyn, 
Frank COOMBS, of 500 West Main street, Stamford, Conn., 
sister, Florence ESLER, of 692 St. Marks avenue, Brooklyn.  
Emma HENRY and Mary WALLBANCKE, executrices.

MAASEN, Marguerite (Aug 17).  Estate, $2700 personal.  
To husband, Henry MAASEN, 2034 Gates avenue, Ridgewood, 
children, Henry SCHAEFER, 1872 Putnam avenue, Brooklyn; 
William SCHAEFER, 1865 Himrod street, Ridgewood; 
Frederick SCHAEFER, 98 Wynona street, Brooklyn, 
Theresa HEMPLER, 2034 Gates avenue, Ridgewood.  
Henry SCHAEFER, excutor.

ULRICH, Wilhelm (April 6).  Estate, $6250 personal.  
To Elizabeth ULRICH, 119-29 157th street, Jamaica Park, widow and executrix.

DUMPROFF, John M. (July 5, 1927).  Gross assets $281,901, net $264,585.  
To Barbara DUMPROFF, Louise McKENNA, Helen HICKSON, Gertrude SCHROEDER, daughters, 
each $52,917; 
Arthur A. DUMPROFF, son, executor, 441 Ocean avenue, $52,017.  
Assets, real estate, $54,769; bank accounts, $58,852; 
bonds and mortgages, $54,348; stocks, $89,931.

GARRETT, Eleanor Janet. (Feb 12).  Gross assets $42,918, net $34,975.  
To George M. MOWBRAY and Arnold A. MOWBRAY, sons, each $13,852; 
four grandchildren, Cypress Hills Cemetery and Eric LARSEN, stranger, each $1000.  
Nation City Bank of New York, executor.  
Assets, real estate, $22,787; bank accounts $16,964; personal effects $2881.

JACKSON, Jacob S. (Dec 6, 1927).  Gross assets, $89,746, net $82,811.  
To Frederick W. JACKSON and George R. JACKSON, brothers; 
Theodore K. HASTINGS, nephew; 
Ella D. C. HAWKINS, sister, each $13,801; 
John M. JACKSON, nephew; Edna JACKSON, niece, each $6900; 
Frederick H. EDGAR, Clarence J. EDGAR, nephews; 
Mayme L. CORNWALL, Bessie J. ZOLLINHOFFER, nieces, each $3450.  
Frederick W. JACKSON, 225 Lincoln place, executor.

STOECKEL, Robert C. (June 17).  Gross assets, $20,433, net $15,739.  
To Martha M. SCHAEFFER, daughter, executrix; 
Edgar F. STOECKEL and Alfred R. STOECKEL, sons, each $5207; 
Leopoldine S. STOECKEL, widow, $118.  
Assets real estate, $8489; cash and bank accounts, $11,944.

       Mrs. Helen RASOFF, of 350 Lincoln place, applied to-day to Supreme 
Court Justice DRUHAN for $50 a week alimony and $750 counsel fees, pending 
trial of her action for separation against her husband, Albert H. RASOFF, of 
19 Logan street. RASOFF is engaged in the trucking business.
       Mrs. RASOFF alleged that her husband's income was more that $15,000 a 
year and that he is paid $100 a week for taking out U. S. dry agents for 
sleuthing expeditions in his cat. She charged that her husband left her Oct. 
29, 1926. 
       They were married Dec. 12, 1917.
       RASOFF said that the separation was caused by the condition in which 
his  wife kept the house.
       "She permitted the house to be overrun with vermin, bedbugs and 
roaches," he declared. "I slept on the floor rather than sleep in a bed and 
my life was a nightmare. I was forced to live in a state of nausea. I had to 
borrow money, as she insisted on being taken to the theatre at least twice a 
week. To earn extra money, I worked five nights a week. I never had a 
vacation, but she had vacations continually."
       RASOFF said his wife greatly overestimated his income. She denied his 
allegations and decision was reserved.

6 September 1928
-William R. SCHAEFER (July 20). Estate, personal, $1,500. To Lillian V. 
SCHAEFER, widow, executrix, 1028 East Thirty-first street.
       John SCHELL (Aug 13). Estate, real, more than $10,000; personal, more 
than $10,000. To Anna FOYER, sister, $2,000; Kate FERMAN, sister, $10.000; 
Florence FOYER, niece, $5,000; Christine SCHELL, widow, $10,000, real estate 
at Lyme and Highland avenues, Sea Gate, and life interest in remainder; 
residuary estate to six nieces and a nephew. Christine SCHOOL (sic) and 
American Irving Exchange Bank, executors.
-Bertha SCHWARTZMAN (June 23). Estate, personal, $2,000. To Anna, Rose 
and Samuel SCHWARTZMAN, children, equally. First National Bank of Brooklyn, 

-Frances B. CAMPBELL (Aug 21). Estate more than $9,000, personal. To 
nephews Donald McLEAN, of Moavia, N. Y., and Weldo McLEAN, of Manhattan; to 
Jessie BROSS, of 30-12 175th street, Hollis, sister and executrix.
-Elizabeth DELL (Aug 12). Estate $20,000 personal. To St. Elizabeth 
Roman Catholic Church of Woodhaven; to Barbara SIEGER, of 97-11 Ninety-fourth 
streeet, Woodhaven, daughter and executrix.
-Helene HERGERT (Aug 12). Estate $10,000 reaal and $5,000 personal. To 
daughter, Helen HERGERT, of 41-44 Denman street, Elmhurst, and sister, Bertha 
KORSTER, of Germany; cousins, Herman KUHLMAN, Bina KRUEGLER, Lena HERGERT, 
Ernestine HANNENBAUM, Adelaide DIETZR, Mina KUHLMAN, Anna SCHELBE and Augusta 
and Elsie HERSHFIELD, all of Germany; to children, Elsa EPPLER, Helen HERGERT 
and Frederick HERGERT, all of 41-44 Denman street, Elmhurst. Elsa EPPLER, 
-Mary A. LAVAN (Aug 21). Estate $4,000 real and $2,000 personal. To 
Carolyn DENNIS, of 112 Nineteenth street, JacksonHeights, executrix.
-Oliver H. ROBERTS (June 1). Estate 1,500 personal. To Mabelle ROBERTS, 
95-43 112th street, Richmond Hills, widow and executrix.

       Peter BANGERT (March 20). Gross assets, $5,000; net $4,7000. To George 
SCHALK, half-brother, and Adam I. BANGERT, brother, executor, 5617 Newton 
avenue, the Bronx.

       Margaretha BISHOFF (Nov 9, 1927). Gross assets, $31,270; net, $29,450. 
To Frederick BISHOFF, husband, ececutor, 540 Fifty-first street, Assets, real 
estate, $13,400; bank deposits, $540, mortgages, $17,780.

       Richard CURRY (June 20, 1926). Gross assets, $3,770; net $2,318. To 
Jeremiah COKUS, friend, $200; Lillian GALLELIA, friend, executrix, 426 Fort 
Greene place, $603; Nellie CONNORS, cousin, $2,414.

       Antonio Morales LEBRON (Feb. 22, 1927). Gross assets, $91,734; net 
$83,125. To Isabel C. MORALES, widow, $59,126; Antonia E. Morales, son 
executor, Highland Park, Pa., Lucila A. MORALES, daughter, Isabel MORALES 
CONTRARAS, daughter, and Julia A. MORALESSON, each $12,374. Assets, bank 
eposits, $31,786; mortgages and accounts, $5,120; stocks and bonds, $60,123.

       Sarah E.  OETTINGER (Dec 4, 1927).  Gross assets, $13,770; net, 
$12,769. To George YOUNG,  brother. Dr. William H. BEST, 1198 Bushwick 
avenue, executor.

       William  H. PAUL (Feb. 26, 1926). Gross assets, $3,423. To Mary Jane 
PAUL, widow, executrix, 521 Prospect avenue. 

       John A. PETRI (Sept. 26, 1927). Gross assets, $20,322; net $12,791. To 
Mary PETRI-REID, daughter, $3,296; Lucie A. PETRI, daughter, $5,308; John A. 
PETRI, Jr., son, Gertrude OEHL, daughter, James Graham PETRI, son and CECILIA 
A. ERICKSON, daughter, each $896. Mary PETRI-REID and Lucie A. PETRI, 1339 
Brooklyn avenue, executrices.

       Charles W. SMITH (June 6, 1928). Gross assets, $3,876. To William A. 
SMITH, son, 450 Lexington avenue, executor, and Charles R. SMITH, son, 

       Lena STRAUSS (March 24). Gross assets, $17,891; net, 14,800. To 
Charles A. KLEIN, brother, $1,000; Nettie SELIGMAN, friend, $500; Emanu-El 
Congregation, $500; Pauline KLEIN, friend, $2,133; Emanuel KLEIN, nephew, 
$4,245; Ruby KESSLER, niece, $6,490. David WEYNBERG, 9980 East Nineteenth 
street, executor.

7 September 1928
Mrs. FALTMAN, seeking Separation, Says Spouse Bragged of His Amorous Affairs
       If your husband told you he regretted marrying you because he could 
have made a better match; caroused around with friends until A. M. hours, 
then came home and told you of beautiful women he met, associated with and 
was admired by and how much more charming they were - what would you do?
       Mrs. Elizabeth T. FALTMAN, of 454 West Fiftieth street, Manhattan, 
formerly of Brooklyn, in an affadavit before Supreme Court Justice DRUHAN  
to-day, said she put up with the humiliation - together  with some hardships 
- until her husband, William P, FALTMAN, bookkeeper for the American Trust 
Company, 49 Broadway, Manhattan, beat her on July 28.
       Then she said, she left their Brooklyn home with two daughters, Edna, 
2, and Gloria, 4 months, and went to a sister at the Manhattan address.
       She asserted at times she was left without funds and had to go without 
food herself to obtain milk for the babies.
       She applied for counsel fees and alimony pending trial of a separation 
suit, but did not specify any amount.
       FALTMAN did not file an answer, but did present a stipulation 
agreement to pay $16 a week alimony pending trial.
       Decision was reserved.

Seventy-First St. Man in Divorce Action
       Suit by Mrs. Elsie H. ALLEN, of 102 Seventy-first street, for divorce 
from Benjamin P. ALLEN, president and treasurer of the ALLEN Putty Company, 
Inc., 232 Seventh Avenue, will be met by a counter petition for a decree, 
ALLEN informed Supreme Court Justice DRUHAN to-day.
       Mrs. ALLEN, in her plea for alimony and counsel fee, said she and a 
detective discovered ALLAN and an unidentified woman in a room at 182 
Garfield place, at 11 o'clock the night of Aug. 13.
       ALLEN charged that he frequently interrupted his wife's entertainment 
of strange men on arriving home and he accused her of cruelty.
       Justice DRUHAN granted an order for $30 a week and $250 counsel fees 
to Mrs. ALLEN.
       Mrs. ALLEN's affidavit admitted her husband gave her $30 to $50 a week 
when they were living together. He also asserted he paid $80 a moonth rent 
while he occupied the house on Seventy-first street.., which he said was 
purchased with his money and is worth $20,000. He said he also gave her 
presents of a $4,000 diamond bracelet and an $1,100 diamond ring.
       His wife flew into violent rages and attacked him, ALLEN charged, when 
he remonstrated with her for receiving visitors. As a result of a kick in the 
leg, he said, he was operated on in April, 1926, and a portion of bone 
removed. After being struck in the side with a hammer, he said, he found 
another operation necessary in January, 1927.
       The ALLEN's were married Sept. 10, 1922.

Parent of Eight Must Serve Seven Years
       Peter CAMPOLO, father of eight chidren, will have to be sentenced 
under the Baumes Laws to at least seven years in Sing Sing.
       This punishment must be meted out to CAMPOLO, who was prosecuted by 
Assistant District Attorney Edward A. WYNNE, following his conviction to-day 
by a jury before County Judge Alonzo G. McLAUGHLIN on a charge of possessing 
a revolver.
       CAMPOLO, who is 37, and lives at 147 Twenfth street, is a second 
offender. For this reason the sentence for his crime cannot be less than 
seven years or more than fourteen years. In 1918 on a charge of attempted 
assault in the second degree, he was given a suspended sentence. In 1921, 
sentence was suspended on his plea of guilty of attempted arson in the third 
degree. In 1925, he was sent to the city prison for fifteen days on a charge 
of possessing a revolver.
       On June 18, last, following a dispute over money matters, CAMPOLO 
discharged a revolver at Anthony VIOLO, of 139 Ninth street, according to the 
story of the latter, told to Patrolman George DUNN, of the Fifth avenue 
station. DUNN went to the home of CAMPOLO.
       CAMPOLO denied he had fired a shot at VIOLO. Instead, according to his 
story, CAMPOLO himself had been held up and robbed of earnings, $18. He told 
Patrolman DUNN that after they had robbed him his assailants threw a revolver 
into an areaway at 516 Third avenue. He went with DUNN to these premises and 
there the revolver was found.
       DUNN testified that CAMPOLO admitted to him he owned the revolver 
found in the areaway. CAMPOLO was remanded to Raymond street jail for 
sentence on Monday.   

11 September 1928
Skilled at Checkers-  Convinces the court Autoist was Sober
   No one can be intoxicated and beat Patrolman William LIPS,of Astoria 
Precinct, two games of checkers straight, so Hugh MACKAY is a free man today.
   MACKAY, an artist,of 47 West Eighth street,Manhattan, was before 
Magistrate Peter M.DALY,at Long Island City Court,on a charge of driving 
while intoxicated.
   He was arrested by Patrolman LIPS on complaint of Fred CUPPER,of 100 West
Thirty-fourth avenue,Crona, following a collision about a month ago between 
his and MACKAY'S automobilies.
   When CUPPER failed to appear in court,Magistrate DALY turned to the 
officer and asked;
   ''In your opinion was the defendant intoxicated?''
   '' I don't think so'', answered LIPS.
   ''Why do you say that?'' asked the magistrate.
   ''We played checkers in the back room of the station house, while waiting 
for a patrol wagon,answered LIPS. ''He beat me two games straight''.
    ''Case dismissed'',said the Magistrate DALY.

Real Estate Broker"s Wife Asks Increase
     Mrs.Helen Van Wyck GREEN,today made a motion through her attorney,John
C.JUDGE,that Supreme Court Justice DRUHAN appoint a receiver for the property 
of her husband,Joseph J.GREEN,a real estate broker,of 1802 Twenty-fifth 
street, Astoria.
   Mrs.GREEN,who in July entered suit for separation,also asked that her 
alimony be increased from $50 to $75 a week for the support of herself and 
two children, and that counsels fees be raised from $500 to $1,000.She claims 
that after the court ordered GREEN to pay her the $50 each week and $500 for 
her attorney,he paid only $200 of the counsel fee,and no alimony at all.
   GREEN,she asserted,is the owner of a great deal of valuable real estate 
and is worth well upwards of $200,000.
   Following her suit for separation GREEN filed a plea for annulment of the 
marriage,claming his wife had concealed from him that she was the 
illegitimate daughter of ex-Assistant District Attorney,William Van WYCK of 
    Mrs.GREEN wants a receiver of his property appointed so she will be sure 
of collecting alimony in the future,she asserted.Mrs.GREEN complained that 
she and the children had depended on relatives for support since her 
separation from her husband.
   Justice DRUHAN reserved decision on the plea.

Mary C.BOLTE(June 4)Estate,$5,000 real and $300 personal. To husband,
Christopher BOLTE,of 14-17  148th street,Whitestone, executor.

James J.RIDER(July 20) Estate,value not given,to widow,Mary H.RIDER, of 341 
Shelton avenue,Jamaica,executrix.

Fred WILMOT(Aug 29)Estate,$650 personal.To widow,Anna E.WILMOT, of
170-02 Jamaica avenue,Jamaica,executrix.

    Hearing of Luigi PANARIELLA,30, of 2768 West Fifteenth street.Coney Island,
accused of murder of his six year -old brother-in-law,Salvatore SANTOMARCO,
in revenge for the estrangement of his child bride,was adjourned to-day until 
Thursday by Magistrate MAGUIRE in Homicide Court. Continuance was made 
on application of counsel for PANARIELLA.

12 September 1928
Wife Claims He Left Her and Two Children
   Arraigned in Gates avenue court to-day on a charge of abandoning his wife
and two children in Cleveland,Ohio. Dr.Benjamin BECKER,42, of  916 Astern 
Parkway, was held in bail for examination tomorrow.
 BECKER who lives with a sister,Mrs.Becky KAPIC,was arrested last night by 
Detective GRAY of 37a Precinct,on a warrant issued in Cleveland. He is said 
to have practiced medicine in Cleveland for eighteen years,and has two sons,
Herman 13,and Eugene 3.
   Until his arrest BECKER was taking a post-graduate course in medicine at 
the Post Graduate Hospital,Manhattan. He is charged with leaving his wife and 
children in Cleveland in January of this year and coming to New York.
   According to BECKER,his wife was in New York a few weeks ago and they 
talked together.He said their only difficulty was that she wished to live in 
Cleveland and he in Brooklyn and they were not able to agree.
Driver Drunk, Armed Witness Says
      John GAMALDI,patchogue restaurant proprietor, is in the Suffolk County 
jail at Riverhead to-day charged with second degree man slaughter as a result 
of an incompleted coroners inquest into the death of Margaret ZAPKE,of East Altoona,
Pa, 18-year old cabaret entertainer.
    The body of the girl was found pinned beneath an overturned automobile on 
the middle road near Coram last Thursday morning.
    GAMALDI, held by police as the driver of the car, told an incoherent 
story of his activities immediately following the accident, they said 
and the inquest yesterday revealed evidence tending to show he was intoxicated 
when the car overturned.
    To permit State Trooper witness to attend the funeral of their brother 
officer, Carl WILDER, the inquest was ordered postponed at the request of 
District Attorney HILDRETH.
    Before it closed,Gustave S.DORWING of Wading River, testified a man 
blundered into his home the night of the crash,dazed,apparently intoxicated.
He was unable to identify himself and produced a chauffeur's license to show 
he was GAMALDI.
    DORWING said he felt a gun n his visitor and relieved him of it.GAMALDI 
told him he had been held up by two men while changing a tire.
    DORWING took him to Riverhead,where State Troopers were notified and went 
to the scene of the wreck.
    Miss ZAPKE was employed by Tony and Louis FRISCO, cousins of GAMALDI,
and was to have returned to her fathers home in Pennsylvania the night she 
was killed. A railroad pass and $70 in bills were found in the toe of her slippers.
    Jacob HENKEL,pachogue auto dealer,testified GAMALDI borrowed the wrecked 
automobile from him July 23 and failed to return it.

13 September 1928
     Luigi PANARIELLO, 30, of 2768 West Fifteenth street,was held without 
bail on a charge of murder for the action of the Grand Jury by Magistrate 
MAGUIRE in Homicide Court to-day.
     The hearing occupied two hours,during which time Detective GREICO,of Coney
Island station; 
Joseph GALLI,14 of 2702 Fifteenth street,and 
Carmine PANARIELLO,14,no relative, gave testimony as to the murder of the man's 
Salvatore SANTMARCO,6,of 1511 Neptune avenue,on Sept,6.
     The boy had been choked to death with a rope around his neck, his body 
placed in a burlap sack,and buried behind some stones in the rear of his residence.
PANARIELLO married SANTOMARCO's sister,who is 18 years old.
     Three women were also charged with murder.
     The first wmen was Bessie LENSKY,32,of 17 Whipple street,charge with 
murdering her husband,Samuel, by thrusting a bread knife in his chest.
     The second woman was Anna BAMBARRA,40,of 414 Hudson avenue,who is 
charged with killing her husband,Andrew,on Aug.21.
     The third woman was Ludvise MIKUSHANSKAS,38,of 615 Forty-first street, 
charged with murdering her husband,Joseph,on Aug.20.
     All were held without bail for action of the Grand Jury.

Teacher Says Uale's Newphew Beat Her
  Frank FURCIATO,newphew of the late Frankie UALE, and Louis RETOLO, were 
held today by Magistrate DALE,in Adams street Court in $500 bail each, on 
charges of assault in the third degree.
  Annette MARTIN,17 years old,of 494 State street,a dancing instructor at the 
Strand Danceland,629 Fulton street, charged in a complaint the two men struck 
her in the face and on the head with their fists when she refused to dance 
with them.
  Detective John CORCORAN,of Poplar street station,made the arrest on the 
complain of Miss MARTIN.

  Ridgewood Man Answers Suit for Alimony
Answering his wife's application for alimony and counsel fees pending 
trail of a suit for divorce. Andrew C.ENSTE,of 2395 Cortland avenue,Ridgeway, 
said to-day
Mrs.ENSTE not only went around with a married man, named as co-respondent,
but also helped the married man to take the furniture from the ENSTE home and 
move it to the Bronx.
     Justice DRUHAN in the Supreme Court reserved decision.

Wills Filed
John J.HUGHES(Aug28)Estate about $3,500.to James J.HUGHES and wife,cousins.

Gerlach KAMMER(July30)Estate more than $5,000 real, $8,000 personal. To
Charles KAMMER,son, executor,Ridgewood,L.I. $3,200;SISTER Angeline,daughter
Luzerne,Pa. $3,200 Mary NEUMANN,daughter,87-45 Eighty Sixth 
street,Wood-haven. $3,200; Mildred & Robert NEUMANN,grandchildren,each $1,600.

Alexander MILLER(Aug2)Estate about $191,000.To Bertha MILLER,widow

Ellen NOLAN(Sept1)Estate $4,000 personal, To Mary V.WALSH,daughter $300.
Margaret A.GOETZ,daughter $300;Nellie E.NOLAN,daughter,executrix, 
Catherine NOLAN,grand daughter $500.

Marie REFF(Aug5)Estate,$2,500;To David HUMPHREY, Margaret O'REILLY,both of  
50 Hicks street,and Mary E.KENNYof 124 E Nineteenth street,all friends.

 Fred I.FARTHING(Sept 4)Estate,$7,500 real and $6,500 persnal.To grandson, 
Fred I.FARTHING; grandchildren,Eunice and Mary FARTHING; son,Fred I.FARTHING,
all of 458 Beach  Sixty seventh street. Fred I FARTHING,executor

John J.GARTLAND(Aug30) Estate,$7,900 personal, To daughter Elizabeth 
GARTLAND,of 80-15 Eighty-eight street,Glendale. Brother H.G.GARTLAND of
43 Furnam avenue,Brooklyn, executor.

Emma D.SPRINGHORN (Aug2)Estate,not over $5,000 personal. To brother,
Charles SPRINGHORN,of Scarsdale,NY; and the sisters,Magdalene & Dorothea
SRINGHORN,both of 97-24  121street,Richmond hill. Charles SPRINGHORN, executor.

14 September 1928
Estates Appraised
Andrew G.BLIMA,(Sept 6,1927)Gross assets,$36,293; net,$33,716. 
To Clara LEVINE,friend $650; 
Louis GOLDBERG,brother,$15,408; 
Soloman GOLDBERG,nephew,$15,408; 
others receive small amounts. Assets; Realty 
$18,000, cash $4,181, personal effects $1,400, mortgages,notes and accounts,
$3,524; stocks and bonds,$9,187.

Jessie L.BARNES, (Feb 20,1928)Gross assets,$8,057;net $6,983. 
To Eliza W.BATES,sister $4,004; 
other receive small amunts.Assets; personal effects,
$170, mortgages, notes and accounts,$2,530, stock and bonds,$3,348; 
gifts and transfers $2,008. Executrix,Ethel BATES.

John BAYER (May 30,1928) Gross assets,$6,224; net $4,755. 
To Lena BAYER,daughter $3,500;five children,each one-fifth residue. 
Assets; Realty $5,250;cash,$203;business interests,$171. 
Executor,John SCHOENGAN.

Andrew C.BRADLEY(Nov16,1926) Gross assets,$18,509; net $16,466. 
To Catherine A.BRADLEY,widow,executrix, 
Assets;Realty,$14,135; cash $2,617;stocks and bonds,$1,817.

Bernard G.LAUB(Aug 15,1925)Gross assets $5,316.deductions,$8,820.
Assets;All realty.

William J.HETTRICK,sr( March 27,1928)Gross assets$76,578. 
To Kate B.HETTRICK,widow, life annuity of $1,200; 
William J.HETTRICK,jr; trust fund of $13,014; 
Edith M BUCKS,daughter,trust fund of $13,014; 
other receive small amounts.Assets;
Realty $64,706; cash $2,369.Executor,Chase National Bank.

John McLAUGHLIN(Nov 2,1926)Gross assets,$6,080; net,$5,668.
To Margarete PATTI,daughter. Assets;Realty $6,030;personal effects,$500. 
executor,Ellen McLAUGHLIN.

Estate Appraised
Abraham ROSENTHAL(July 22,1927) Gross assets,$27,679; net $21,410.
To Ernestine ROSENTHAL,widow, executrix.Assets;cash $4,736;personal effects,
$100; mortgages,notes and accounts,$17,932;business intrests,$4,910.

Esther SALZER(Nov19,1927) Gross assets,$4,598.
To Harry SALZER,husband,executor. 
Assets;Realty $3,945, cash,$602; personal effects,$50.

Ernest SCHULZ(Dec 30,1926)Gross assets,$5,959; net same.
To Ida SCHULTZ, widow,administratrix.
Assets, cash,$3,296, stock and boonds,$2,663.

Barbara STELLWAGEN(Aug 29,1927)Gross assets,$32,999;net$30,610. 
To Louise STELLWAGEN,daughter,trust fund of $2,500, 
nine other children,each $3,000.
Assets;cash,$4,931;personal effects $25.stoock and bonds,$28,042.
ecutrix,Annie DEIBEL.

Meta WOLLENBEN(May 6,1927)Gross assets,$7,746; net$6,424. 
To four children and a grandson, in equal shares.Executor,John WOLLENBEN

Will's Filed
Agnes De GUMOENS(Aug 16)Estate $7,000. 
to five children and grandchildren in equal shares.
Executor,Louis De GUMOENS,jr, 157 Windsor avenue.

Louis V.HOLLINGS(Aug6)Estate about $3,500. 
To Mabel L.CORNEY,daughter,executrix,Detrit,Mich. personal effects,half residue; 
Jennie L.HOLLINGS,grand-daughter,jewelry;
Francis,son,executr, one half residue.

Ernest LANGE(July17) Estate more than $5,000. 
To relatives in Germany,$21,000.
Orphans Home,Grelfaswald,Pommern,Germany. $5,000;
Home for Babies,same town,$3,000 
City Magistrate,same town,
residue for distribution among poor.
Executors,Julius Lehren KRAUS,195 Prospect place, Herman RICHTER,2055 Avenue M.

Jane LUND(July 23) Estate $12,000;
To Annie DUGAN,sister,23 Granite street, $3,000,personal effects,one-half residue;
Annie AMBROSE,niece,94-18 106th street Ozone street, $500;
Matthew DUGAN,nephew,Cedarhurst,L.I. $1,000 and one half residue;
Mission of the Immaculate Virgin,$1,000.

James H.RICE(Aug4) Estate $1,500 real,$500 personal.
To three nieces $300 
each; a nephew $100;
residue To Bella RICE,widow,executrix, 11 Vandam street, 
and Sydney RICE,brother of Stamford,Conn.

17 September 1928
Follows Him After He Wrote Her to Get Divorce, Wife Says
Charging that her husband, Campbell F. BLACK, abandoned her for another 
woman, Mrs. Edna H. BLACK today filed plea for temporary alimony and counsel 
fees pending trial of her suit for separation before Supreme Court Justice 
Mrs. BLACK says she was married Sept 2, 1916, and that she and her husband 
lived at 67 St. Paul's Place until July 2, of this year.  On that date, she 
charges, BLACK left, sending her a letter a few days later.
In the epistle he said she probably had wondered where he had spent so much 
time lately, and that he had concluded neither of them loved each other any 
more.  They should, therefore, separate while young, BLACK wrote.
"I have not blamed you for going wherever and whenever you pleased," he 
wrote.  "You are your own boss.   If you want a divorce, I will not contest it."
Mrs. BLACK says she learned that BLACK was spending much of his time with 
Miss Ellen G. EGGOLT, of 26-14 111th Avenue, Richmond Hill.  On Aug. 25, Mrs. 
BLACK says, she went to the girl's home and found her husband there with Miss 
EGGOLT and her two sisters.
When her brother, W. Elliott ZERKLE, told BLACK that he would have to choose 
between his legal wife and Miss EGGOLT, BLACK said he would remain with the 
girl, ZERKLE said in an affidavit.  Miss EGGOLT said she loved BLACK, though 
she knew she couldn't marry him, ZERKLE swore.
BLACK is an investigator for the Independent Indemnity Company, of 136 
William Street, Manhattan.  He met Mss EGGOLT while she was a stenographer 
employed by the same firm.

Coney Man Held as Three Women Compare Notes in Court
Two Brooklyn women claiming to have the same husband compared notes today in 
Coney Island court while a third was wondering what to do about the 
disclosures concerning the man she says was her fiance.
The multiplicity of romances tumbled down about Robert WACKE, 30, of 3049 
Ocean Avenue, Coney Island, who was held in $1,500 bail by Magistrate 
EILPERIN for examination Oct. 10.
He was arrested on complaint of Mrs. Augusta BERKE WACKE, of 1823 
Sixty-second Street, representing herself as wife No. 2, whose complaint is 
backed up by Mrs. Fannie GOLDMAN WACKE, of 370 South Second Street, mother of 
two, who says she was married to WACKE in 1920.
While WACKE was closeted with Detectives REILLY and KENNY at Coney Island 
police station last night a young woman rushed tearfully into the police room 
and told Sergt. Robert DUGAN she was engaged to WACKE and had furnished a 
home and advanced him money in anticipation of their marriage.
Mrs. Augusta BERKE WACKE charges she and her mother and WACKE took a trip to 
Carson City, Nevada, in 1927, at her mother's expense.  Reaching Chicago, she 
said, WACKE admitted to her he had been married before but had been divorced. 
 She became a bride in Carson City.
WACKE, detectives said, told them he was forced into the Nevada marriage by 
the girl.
Mrs. WACKE No. 1 is a blonde, Mrs. WACKE No. 2 is a brunette.
WACKE's arrest resulted, No. 2 says, when she discovered he had not been 
divorced.  WACKE worked at Luna Park.

18 September 1928
Killer Sentenced Friday
John J. KOEPPLER, 55, who shot and killed his wife and then attempted to kill 
himself in his home at 885 Fresh Pond Road, Ridgewood, Dec. 1, 1927, will be 
sentenced Sept. 21, under a charge of first degree manslaughter.  KOEPPLER 
was indicted for first degree murder but was allowed yesterday to enter a 
plea of guilty to the manslaughter charge before Judge Frank F. ADEL in the 
Queens county court.  He was remanded to jail pending sentence.

Unable to Furnish Bail Bond of $500
Stephen COBIS, 25 years old, of 126-35 146th Street, Jamaica, today is in the 
Long Island city prison.  Magistrate Frank GIORGIO yesterday in Jamaica court 
committed him when the prisoner failed to secure a $500 bond in a family case.
COBIS was accused by his wife, Catherine, of failing to give her proper 
support since July 16.  She added that they have five children.
"The court orders you to pay your wife $25 every week and also post a $500 
bond to insure her that you will," Magistrate GIORGIO said.  COBIS was unable 
to secure the money and as a result was detained in the prison.

Court Warns Man to Shun Liquor
Found guilty of a charge of punching his wife and strapping his young 
daughter, Jeremiah SHEEHAN, 47 years old, of 116-38 147th Street, Jamaica, 
was placed on probation for six months by Magistrate Frank GIORGIO yesterday 
in the Jamaica court, after he had promised not to drink any intoxicating 
liquor in the future.
Mrs. Margaret SHEEHAN told the court that her husband, for the past few 
months, had returned home intoxicated late at night and abused her and their 
nine young children.  Mrs. SHEEHAN said that she couldn't stand it any longer 
after he had punched her and then struck their sixteen-year-old daughter, 
Eileen, with a strap last Saturday.
"If you violate your parole I will send you to the workhouse for six months.  
Keep away from booze," SHEEHAN was warned by Magistrate GIORGIO.

Anna BARNEWALL (Dec. 4, 1926). Gross assets, $2,649; net, $1,499.  
To John P. SULLIVAN, brother, $1,000; 
Society of St. Vincent de Paul, $249; 
St. Joseph's Home for the Blind, $249.  
Executor, Lindley J. MURRAY.  Assets: cash, $2,112; stocks and bonds, $537.

Israel M. GLICK (May 30, 1927). Gross assets, $8, 429. 
To Bessie GLICK, widow, and four children.  
Administrator, Ben GLICK.  Assets: realty, $4,500; 
cash, $3,066; mortgages, notes and accounts, $662; stocks and bonds, $250.

Kittie M. LIVINGSTON (March 20, 1928). Gross Assets, $66,481; net, $62,979.  
To Frank LIVINGSTON, husband, executor, $31,489; 
three daughters, each $10,496.  
Assets: cash, $610; personal effects, $200; mortgages, notes and 
accounts, $64,333; interest in other estates, $1,137.

Ignazio MAENZA (July 14, 1928). Gross assets, $0,768 (as written); net, 
$4,257.  To Maria MAENZA, widow, executrix.  Assets: realty, $1,804; 
mortgages, notes and accounts, $4,964.

Harry MALOWITZ (March 4, 1926). Gross assets, $22,345; net, $19,314.  To 
Sarah MALOWITZ, widow, administrarix, and three children, each $4,970.  
Assets: realty, $7,691; cash, $2,261; personal effects, $100; mortgages, 
notes and accounts, $11,492; insurance, $800.

Emilia PETAGNO (Oct. 4, 1923).  Gross assets, $5,700; net, same.  To ten 
children.  Executor, Antonio PETAGNO.  Assets: all realty.

Antonio PETAGNO (Dec. 4, 1927). Gross assets, $5,400; net, same.  To ten 
children.  Executor, Antonio PETAGNO.  Assets: all realty.

Arthur T. ROBB (Nov. 27, 1928). Gross assets, $7,866; net $6,864.  
To Catherine ROBB, widow.  Executrix, 
Isabelle SPILMAN.  Assets: realty, $7,840; cash, $26.

Lucy B. TRICARICO (March 24, 1928). Gross assets, $2,501; net, same.  
To Isidor TRICARICO, husband, executor.  
Assets: realty, $1,649; personal effects, $944.

J. Frederick WICHELIS (Dec. 12, 1927).  Gross assets, $11,215, net $9,494.  
To Eleanore WICHELIS, widow, executrix, $5,330; 
four children, each $1,041.  
Assets: realtym $3,692; cash, $563; personal effects, $373; insurance, 
$5,500; stocks and bonds, $1,035.

Isaac W. WEINBERG (Oct. 14, 1927).  Gross assets, $42,859, net, $39,694.  
To Josephine WEINBERG, widow, life interest in $17,497, and in realty, $2,188, 
other bequests, $13,266; 
Joseph WEINBERG, brother, $3,638; 
Max WEINBERG, brother, $5,622; 
Frances W. SCHULER, niece, $5,597; 
Edwin WEINBERG, nephew, $3,638. 
Executor: First National Bank.  Assets: realty, $8,366(smudged), 
cash, $928; personal effects, $210; stocks and bonds, $26,683; gifts and 
transfers, $6,131.

Estates Appraised:
Kings County
George BREYER (Sept. 6).  Estate, $944, personal.  
To Anna BREYER, widow, 2091 Etna Street, residue after $100 legacy to friend.

Miriam COHN (July 31), Estate, $4,000, real; $500 personal.  
To Rachel COHN, daughter, 327 Sheffield Street, $1,000; 
Goldie COHN, daughter, same; 
Shaye COHN, husband, executor, same address, residue;
four other children, each $500.

Virginia STEVENS (July 2).  Estate, $3,000 real; $15,000 personal.  
To Ella SPAULDING, aunt, 102 Quincy Street, life interest in entire estate; 
Daniel A. DOYLE, friend, executor, 22 McDonough Street, remainder after life estate.

Robert W. STEELE (Sept. 4). Estate, $20,000 real.  
To Frances M. STEELE, widow, 228 Hancock Street, life interest in residue; 
John STEELE, son, executor, 1521 Pacific Street, one-half remained after life estate; 
Robert W. STEELE, son, executor, San Francisco, same; 
Ida H. STEELE, niece, 265 Fennimore Street, $1,000; 
Louise H. WERE, niece, Cedarhurst, L.I., $500; 
John R., Robert W. and Henry S. STEELE, grandsons, 1521 Pacific Street, each $1,000.

Edward Allen WOOLEY (Aug. 3). Estate, $15,000 real; not more than $50,000 personal.  
To Esther P. WOOLEY, widow, executrix, 1200 Pacific Street and 
Gloria WOOLEY, daughter, same address, each one-half.

Queens County
Regina BRUNNER (Sept. 1). Estate $50 real and $500 personal.  
To St. Aloysius R.C. Church of Ridgewood, grandchildren, 
Frank BRUNNER and Elizabeth IKOLA, both of 1812 Stockholm Street, Ridgewood, 
and Charles BRUNNER, 103-14 Lefferts Boulevard, Richmond Hill; son, 
Joseph BRUNNER, 1812 Stockholm Street, Ridgewood. Son, 
Joseph BRUNNER, is executor.

Edwin F. THOMPSON (Aug. 19). Estate $1,400 personal.  To widow, Emma 
THOMPSON, now deceased.

John M. UPTON (Aug. 15). Estate $500 real and $3,500 personal.  
To widow, Christina UPTON, 3740 Sixty-fourth Street, Woodside, executrix.

Leopold ZIESIG (Aug. 5). Estate $5,000 real and $1,000 personal.  
To widow, Katherine ZIESIG, 110-24 106th Street, Richmond Hill, executrix.

20 September 1928
"Never Stole," Asserts WYATT, Jailed by VAUSE as Fourth Offender
Charles WYATT, 48, married and the father of a son and daughter, whose 
whereabouts he says he does not know, to (day?) was sent by County Judge W. 
Bernard VAUSE to Sing Sing for the rest of his life under the mandate of the 
Baumes Law.
As Judge VAUSE pronounced the sentence that will take from WYATT his liberty 
for the rest of his natural life, tears streamed down the cheeks of the 
convict, who says he is college bred.
Although his record marks him out as a confirmed thief, WYATT maintains that 
he "never stole anything" in his life.  He asserts he has pleaded guilty to 
crimes of which he ws innocent, because he had neither friends nor funds to 
fight the charges and viewed the pleas of guilty as the easy way out.
WYATT was sent away today by Judge VAUSE on a charge of attempted burglary of 
which he was found guilty by a jury.  His prior record showed two terms 
served in Sing Sing for attempted burglary and one in the city prison for 
criminally receiving stolen property.
One June 19 WYATT was caught in the early afternoon trying to force an 
entrance into the home of Samuel RIVKIN at 2005 Sicty-third Street.

Will of Water Commissioner Filed for Probate
The estate of James P. SINNOTT, late Commissioner of the Bureau of Water 
Supply, is left to his five sons, the will, filed in the Surrogate's office 
today, revealed.
Commissioner SINNOTT died in St. Mary's Hospital on Sept. 10, this year.  The 
will was drawn in his own handwriting and signed in the presence of James H. 
MURPHY and Frank A. ESHMAN, on Feb. 12, 1925.
The value of the estate is placed at "over $20,000" by attorneys.
The sons who will share the bequest are Carroll J., 1214 East Thirty-fifth 
Street; Francis J., 118 Arlington Avenue; John F., 129 Continental Avenue, 
Forest Hills; James Paul, 1164 Park Avenue, and Desmond J. SINNOTT, a 
lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, who is stationed on the U.S.S. Maryland.
John and Francis SINNOTT are named executors.

WILLS FILED-Kings County

Eugene F. BAYNON (Sept. 10). Estate, $2,000.  
To Hattie D. BAYNON, widow, executrix, 151 Cornelia Street.

Irene A. HACKETT (Aug. 13). Estate $1,900.  
To L. Blanche HACKETT, sister, executrix, 11 West Tenth Street, 
residuary estate; other relatives small amounts.

Catherine M. OTTERSTEDT (Aug. 11). Estate, more than $5,000 real; $5,000 personal.  
To Claus H. OTTERSTEDT, son, Catherine M. OTTERSTEDT, daughter, executrix, 
all of 426 Pulaski Street, each one-third.

Patrick SWEENEY (Aug. 30).  Estate, $250.  
To Catherine BENSON, niece, executrix, 1467 East 26th Street, 
two-thirds of entire estate and residuary estate; 
Mary FLECKER, niece, same address, $300; 
John CORKERY, nephew, Kingston, NY, $100; 
Neal CORKERY, nephew, same.

Queens County

Rose GANZ (Aug. 25).  Estate, $7,500 real and $3,000 personal.  
To husband, Carl GANZ, 104-32 Eighty-eighth Avenue, Richmond Hill, executor.

Joseph KURNCKE (May 26). Estate, $2,000 personal.  
To sisters, Mary Anna COBROSKA and Emily COBROSKA, both of Portland; widow, 
Bertha KURNCKE, 5591 First Meadow Road, Flushing, executrix.

Patrick LYNCH (Sept. 3). Estate, $2,000 personal.  
To daughter, Jennie M. CARROLL, 467 Beach Sixty-eighth Street, Arverne, executrix.

Joseph A. MARSHALL (Sept. 6). Estate, $500 real and $100 personal.  
To widow, Louise MARSHALL, 100-20 Eighty-eighth Avenue, Richmond Hill, executrix.

Mary A. WOLFE (July 25). Estate, more than $500 personal.  
To husband, Frank WOLFE, 163-20 119th Avenue, Jamaica, executor.

James ALLEN (May 4, 1927).  Gross assets $8,388; net $7,022.  
To Isabelle NISBET, friend, executrix, $500; 
Jessie WELLES, sister, $2,174; 
Mary MITCHELL, sister, $2,174; 
Barbara CALIMAN, 
Johan ALLAN, nieces and nephew, each $543; 
Brooklyn Presbyterian Home for the Aged, $542.

James R. CLEVELAND (Dec. 28, 1927). Gross assets, $15,845; net, $13,984.  
To Mrs. John DELL, friend, $2,499; four children, each $1,874; friends, small amounts.

21 September 1928
Mrs. REINEKING Sues for Separation - Lower Than Servant, She Says
Mrs. Mary REINEKING, 409 Etna Street, today appealed to Justice Burt Jay 
HUMPHREY in Supreme Court for an order for "reasonable allowance and counsel 
fees" pending trial of her suit for a separation from Ferdinand REINEKING, of 
4229 109th Street, Richmond Hill, whom she charged with transferring his 
affections to another woman.
	Mrs. REINEKING charged her husband was worth more than $300,000 and cited 
several garages, houses and apartments he is alleged to own.  She also said 
he holds mortgages.  He answered he was worth only $43, and declared his 
belief his wife is insane.  Decision was reserved.
The complaint states they were married Christmas Day, 1895, and lived 
together until June 1925, when REINEKING made a trip to Europe and the 
complaint says, brought back with him a woman named Hilda BLOCK.  Since then 
the wife alleges Hilda BLOCK has been mistress of the REINEKING home, and her 
position not even that of a servant.

Home for 30 Days
Magistrate Frank GIORGIO believes in "doing his daily good turn."  James 
WADE, 28, a laborer, was brought before him by Patrolman Frank DONNELLY of 
Jamaica precinct, who accused him of refusing to move from Hollis Court 
Boulevard, Hollis, early yesterday morning.
"I have no home and wish to be given one," declared WADE when given a hearing.
"Your request shall be granted.  Thirty days in the Workhouse," said 
Magistrate GIORGIO.

22 Seotember 1928
Kings County

Alice W. CLARK, (Sept. 13), Estate, more than $10,000.  To two sisters, 
Elizabeth M. and Marion CLARK of 538 Clinton Avenue.

Lawrence J. HINCH, (Sept. 11), Estate, not more than $10,000.  To Helen S. 
HINCH, daughter, 745 Jefferson Avenue.

Susan R. VORIS, (Aug. 10).  Estate, $5,500.  To Catherine VORIS sister, 419 
Neck Road, Executor, William G. VORIS, 124 Graham Avenue, Hempstead.

Mary KOCH (Aug. 14). Estate, value not given.  To four children in equal 
shares.  Executor, Amelia D. KOCH, 1745 Caton Avenue, and Paul G. KOCH, 465 
Ocean Avenue.

Kalman KLEIN, (Sept. 18).  Estate, about $5,000.  To five children in equal 
shares.  Executor, Sydney KLEIN, 894A Madison Street.

Sabato MAGAVERO, (Aug. 17).  Estate, about $4,500 real; $500 personal.  To 
Anna MAGAVERO widow, executrix, 8120 Seventeenth Avenue.

Benjamin WEXLER, (Aug. 15), Estate, $20,000.  To Henrietta WEXLER, daughter, 
1515 East Thirty-third Street, and Israel WEXLER, son, same address.


Walter E. DALLEINE, (Aug. 4).  Estate $500 real and $500 personal.  To widow, 
Viola R. DALLEINE, of 101-40 207th Street, Queens Village, executrix.

Margaret FISCHER (Sept. 10).  Estate $5,557 personal.  To daughter, Mrs. 
Edgar S. THOMAS, of 78-22 Seventy-fifth Street, Woodhaven, and sons, the Rev. 
Anthony M. FISCHER of Greenville Avenue, Jersey City, N.J., John FISCHER of 
81 Elliott Avenue, Maspeth; George FISCHER of 81-55 116th Street, Richmond 
Hill; Joseph FISCHER of San Pedro, Cal., and Henry FISCHER of 94-45 115th 
Street, Richmond Hill; daughter, Mrs. Edgar S. THOMAS, executrix.

Santo GRANATO (May 17).  Estate, $10,000 real and $1,000 personal.  To widow, 
Rosalie GRANATO, of 10-16 101st Avenue, Richmond Hill, Frank VIOLA of 324th 
Street, Laurelton, executor.

Rose GRIMM, (July 18).  Estate, $5,500 real and $1,300 personal.  To husband, 
Vincent GRIMM, of 1821 Harman Street, Ridgewood.  Peter GRIMM of 1821 Harman 
Street, Ridgewood, executor.

Bernard MCTAVEY, (Aug. 4).  Estate, $10,000 real and $150 personal.  To 
widow, Elizabeth MCTAVEY, of 27-40 Butler Street, East Elmhurst, executrix.

Clara J. HALL, (June 15, 1928).  Gross assets, $26,603; net, $23,643.  To 
Effie H. NEWBOLD, daughter, executrix, $11,169; Minter G. MURRAY, sister, 
$13,248.  Assets: Realty, $25,000; cash, $1,078; personal effects, $525.

Vincenzo VANELLA, (Feb. 20, 1928). Gross assets, $6,093; net, same.  To 
Giuseppe VANEL, husband, executor.  Assets: Realty, $4,255; cash, $1,837. 
(Surnames typed as written)

Jerry A. WERNBERG, (June 12, 1925).  Gross assets, $57,900; net, $48,534.  To 
Andrew P. WERNBERG, brother, life estate in $30,449; Agnes V. REILLY, friend, 
$15,224; John S. STRYLER, friend, executor, $2,520; Edith M. BROWN, friend, 
$215; other smaller amounts.  Assets: Realty, $15,893; cash, $12,689; 
personal effects, $1,529; mortgages, notes and accounts, $15,000; stocks and 
bonds, $13,877.

27 September 1928
-Dog Case Dismissed
Mrs. Elsie SCHIMAL, of 2631 West Eighteenth street, appeared in Coney
Island court yesterday to answer a summons served upon her by Mrs.
Henrietta BOLLARD, of 2825 West Seventeenth street, charging her with
disorderly conduct.

-The complainant told Magistrate HAUBERT that Mrs. SCHIMAL harbored ten
dogs in her home which barked almost incessantly.  Mrs. SCHIMAL
retaliated that she had only four dogs and the[sic] she moved from the
neighborhood last Saturday.

-Mrs. BOLLARD said inasmuch as she would not be further annoyed by the
animals she was willing to let the charge drop.  Magistrate HAUBERT
dismissed the case.

-Workhouse for Drunkenness.
Magistrate HAUBERT, in Coney Island court yesterday sentenced Meyer
VOGEL, 52 years old, of 1735 Bath avenue, to sixty days in the workhouse
after he had been found guilty of public intoxication.  The man's wife
told the magistrate her husband frequently got drunk and did not work.

-Held for Assault.
Albert GRAHAM, 38, an inspector for the bus line in Sheepshead Bay and
living at 2815 Emmons avenue, was arrested by Warrant Officer Henry
BERBENICH and brought before Magistrate HAUBERT in Coney Island court on
a charge of assault.  The complaint was made by Thomas McKNIGHT, a
lather living at 311 Avenue Z, who said GRAHAM on Monday night at Emmons
avenue and East Twenty-first street, struck him in the face with his
fist, fracturing his nose.
GRAHAM, who is a six-footer, according to McKNIGHT, who is little more
than five feet tall, became angered because an automobile in which
McKNIGHT was riding was parked in front of a bus station.
The defendant pleaded not guilty and was held in $500 bail for further
hearing to-day.

28 September 1928
Widow and Son Get Bulk of Hardware Man's Fortune

The late Samuel E. BURTIS, formerly well known in the hardware trade, in his 
will filed today in the office of Surrogate George A. WINGATE, has bequeathed 
the bulk of his estate to his widow, Emily WILLIAMSON BURTIS, of 1350 Bedford 
Avenue, and his son, William E. BURTIS, of 534 East Seventeenth Street.

The testator died Aug 29 at 1350 Bedford Avenue in his eighty-fifth year.  
The amount of the estate is given as "more than $20,000" in the petition 
accompanying the will filed by the firm of GLEASON, MCLANAHAN, MERRITT and 
INGRAM, attorneys for the estate.

The widow and son will each receive one-half the residuary estate, and to the 
widow will also go the clothing, jewelry and other personal effects of her 
late husband.

Other requests are $10,000 to a daughter-in-law, Grace CORWIN BURTIS, of 543 
East Seventeenth Street; $5,000 to a niece, Emily B. FOWLER, of 2422 Avenue 
K, and $5,000 each to four nephews, Theodore WILLIAMSON, address not given; 
Clifton B. WHITE, of Mt. Kisco; Alvah P. and Herbert S. WHITE, both of 

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