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Trials for Witchcraft in New York

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John Peter ZENGER Trial

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New York Conspiracy (excerpts)
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The Negro Plot trial

The Trial of Caesar (VARCK's) & Prince (AUBOYNEAU)
The Trial of John HUGHSON Sara his wife & Sarah his daughter

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Aaron BURR Trial

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Ira STOUT Trial, Rochester, New York

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Trial of William FEE,  Rochester, New York
Murderer Mounts Scaffold To Die 
Just 77 Years Ago

Lyons- All morning they came, tight-lipped farmers from Wayne County's green
hills, their dry hair plastered close against their ruddy foreheads. Behind
them, steaming in the spring sun of March 23, 1860, rolled their
freshly-turned fields.

It was a epochal day in Lyons for the only hanging ever to be recorded in
Wayne County's annals was scheduled. At 1:30 in the north hall of the jail,
WiIliam FEE would step from the oak timber scaffold to die for the murder of
"an unknown woman..." The last nail had been driven and the 250-pound rock
which would lift the prisoner into the air when he took the fatal step had
been put in place.

Today, 77 years afterward, there is nothing more than a yellowed document
found last week in the County Building to testify that on the 23rd day of
March, 1860, "one Williarn FEE who was sentenced by the court of oyer and
terminer for murder was executed by hanging by the neck until he was dead."

The six-foot rope made of "linen shoe thread closely wound" that had been
used to execute one Ira STOUT of Rochester in 1858 had been eaten by mice in
some dark attic. The scaffold was chopped for kindling wood and the great
stone was rolled into the river and forgotten.

A small man, not over 5 feet and weighing but 130 pounds, William FEE had a
thoroughly "Hibernian countenance," so the papers of his day claim, "and an
indescribable hard look which rendered his appearance anything but
prepossessing." During the fast-moving three-day trial which jarred the
complacent village, he was accused of robbery and murder. and his visage,
during the recounting, did not change.

Seats were at a premium in the court room and in the gallery behind the
curtains there was a crowd of ladies, listening breathlessly to the
testimony. During the noon hour, seats were bargained for and sold at 10
cents to 50 cents apiece. So great was the pressure in the small room that
"at one point a young man fell down in a fainting fit."

"The man with the Hibernian countenance" sat quietly in the prisoner's
bench, apparently disinterested in the stream of witnesses who mounted the
stand. Among those was H. D. WHITBECK, the coroner, who said the woman had
been strangled; fluttery Mrs. Sarah FULLER, who claimed the "unknown female"
had come to her home begging for food and that she had carried a carpetbag
and wore a bright red plaid shawl;" and Nathan FITCH, the man who found the

When the verdict, at last, was read, FEE spoke for the first time. "Damn
tough," he muttered. "But I'm not going to lie awake thinking about it."

Judge KNOX, stern and sepulchered in his black gown, glowered at the
prisoner and boomed, "no power on earth can extricate you from the toils you
have woven about you." Tears streamed down many faces. Fee struggled to
retain his feelings but, as sentence was pronounced, he "burst into an agony
of sobs."

Even when he stood on the scaffold, resplendent in a new suit of clothes
purchased for the occasion, Fee protested his innocence. On either side of
him stood a Catholic priest. In one hand he held a black Crucifix. The hood
came down over his white face. In five minutes it was all over.

Outside, in the yard, Lyons Light Guard rode in and out of the lanes of
people. They were silent. But when the priests walked slowly through the
arched door, signifying the epoch had ended, there was a thunderous applause
and the hearty laugh of farmers on a holiday.

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The Trial of Susan B. ANTHONY for Illegal Voting

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The Trial of Leon F. CZOLGOSZ (Assasination of Pres.McKINLEY)

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The Harry THAW Trial
(Sanford WHITE , famous architect, Murder in New York City)

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The Croton Lake Murder
Six Italian immigrants were tried, convicted & executed for the same murder. 
It was legal, but was it just?

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The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Trial

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The Bruno HAUPTMANN (LINDBERGH Kidnapping) Trial (A New York City Resident)

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