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1865 Census Death

At the end of the 1865 State Census
Covering Wards 14-17
Brooklyn, Kings Co., New York

Surname..First Name..age..Marriage Status..D/o/D..Born..Occ..Cause
S..Single M.Married W. Widow B..Black or Brown

BUNN, Julia T. 2 Feb. 3 New Jersey  Small Pox
GRAHAM, David W. 2  S  Jan. 6 Kings Co. Croup
GRAHAM, William 74 W. Dec.11.. Pr??and..Weaver..  old age
ACKERMAN, Adaline 1 Aug.8..Kings Co..Small Pox
ACKERMAN, Edward 2 Jan.23..New York..Croup
PARKS, Mary 7m..April 2..New York
QUICK, Joseph A. G. 13 June 11..New York..Drowned
LORDER, Eliza 40 M..Feb.8..Scotland..Subject to fits
PINKS?, Jane 9m..Sept.9..New York..Teething
BROWN, Josephine 25 M..May 11 0r 19..New York..Dropsey
EWLYN, Linden 2  6/12..Aug.1..New York  Scarlet Fever
HOGAN, Edward 1  5/12..Aug.29..New York..Water on the Brain
GREAVES, Charles H. 4m..Nov.10..New York..Congestion of Lungs
COCKS, Michael 70 W..March 17..Ireland..Mason..Dropsey
FOLEY, Mary S. 4  3/12..Oct.29..New York..Water on the Brain
LINDLEY, Geo. T. 7..Oct.13..New York..Membrain Croop
STOVEL, Marenus E. 7..Dec.30..New York..Dipthery
LAYTON, Sabety?, 2..April 15..New York..Teething
MOTT, Robert 2m..March 20..New York..Water on the Brain
STODDARD, Major 51..M..March 26..Vermont..Shoemaker..Kidney Complaint
SCOTT, Margaret 55 S..Nov.6..Ireland..Consumption
MEAD, Charles 1  9/12..Fe.28..New York..Water on Brain
BRANNAN, Henry A. 7m..March 4..New York..Congestion of Lungs
CASE, William 2  10/12..April 9..New York..Membrain Croop
LOSEE, Thomas G. 3  7/12..March 12..New York..Scarlet Fever
BINGHAM, Jane 1  3/12 Nov.13..New York  Hooping Cough
McKERNAN, Thomas 3  7/12..Dec.26..New York..Disentery
CALVERT, Catherine 2..Aug.13..New York..Cholera
TYRRELL, Thomas 1  7/12..July 1..New York..Measles
FERRALL, John 48..M..Feb.6..Ireland..Laborer..Consumption
TRENOR, Ellen 2..Dec.5..Kings Co..Inflamation of Brain
DEMPREY, Mary 7m..July 10..KC..Teething
FOLEY, Julia A. 3..Dec.28..KC..Croup
HYLAND, Thomas 3..Aug.1..KC..Intermittent fever
MATTHIUS, Barbara 42..M..Aug.20..KC..Complication of discease
QUIRK, Patrick 1  3/12..Nov.5..KC..Measles
MORAN, Catherine 2  3/12..July 24..KC..Measles
O'CONNOR, Thomas R. 7m..March 7..KC..Inflamation of brain
ALLEN, Alice 2m..Sept.15..KC..Marasmas?
HAMILTON, Sarah J. 16..Jan.2..KC..Consumption
FULLUM, Caroline, 5m..April 4..KC..Consumption of brain
HAHN, John 6m..Aug.6..KC..Cholera
DICKERSON, George 3..Sept.7..KC..Diptheria
REGAN, Charles 18..June 7..KC..Congestion of brain
McDUFF, Mary E. 5..Nov.8..KC..Diptheria
CLARRY, Mary C. 1  6/12..Aug.12..KC..Cholera
ROGUS, John 2  4/12..Jan.23..KC..Croup
KELLEY, Margaret 1  4/12..June 15..KC..Vaccination
HENRY, Sarah 72..M..Aug.23..New jersy  Old age
HARNEY, John 28..S.. April 10..New York..Carpenter..Consumption
McMACKEN, William 5..April 4..Kings County..Small Pox
McMACKEN, Emma 4m..Feb.12..KC..Suffocation
WOLTEN, William H. 2  6/12..Oct.6..KC..Scarlett Fever
La FORGE, Charles 13..Aug.31..KC..Inflamation of brain
CAIRUS, Mary 26..M..July 10..Ireland..Typhoid Fever
TULLEY, Peter 7m..Sept.3..Kings County..Cholera
TULLEY, John 5..Feb.14..KC..Paralysis
GOWLEY, Margaret 1m..Oct.1..KC..Convulsions
KELLY, Julia A. 1m..May 19..KC..Convulsions
SIMMONDS, Caroline 3..Aprill22..KC..Small Pox
HALE, William 1  5/12..May 1..KC..Convulsions
LEHMANN, Louis 1  9/12..Oct.16..KC..Croup
WILLOBY, Louisa 2..April 7..KC..Consumption
KIDD, Margaret 10m..Oct.21..KC..Congestion of brain
MURPHY, William 1m..Oct.29..KC..Cholera
KITTS, Caroline 9..Dec.16..KC..Scarlett Fever
CAVANAUGH, Davis 40..M..July 11..Ireland..Laborer..Consumption
BECK, Joseph 13..Oct.8..Kings County..Inflamation
SMITH, Alfred 4..Oct.22..KC..Croup
Trinu/Tnieri?, Jane 17..S..Jan 10 1863..New York..Consumption
COLLINS, Catherine 22..S..Jan.1 1863..N.Y..Consumption
LAGDON, Thomas 32..M..Sept.16 1864..Ireland..Tile Mauf..Consumption
CASSIDY, Bridget 35..S..Sept.20 1864..Ireland..Consumption
BROWN, Jacob 18.. S..Feb 10..Wmsburgh..Scarlett Fever
ORBU?, Robert 15..June 14 1864..Wmsburgh..Insane
BROSEN, Sarah 18  S..Nov.8 1864..Wmsburgh..Consumption
LEITTY, John 8..Dec 23 1864..Wmsburgh..Consumption
McNULTY, James 8m..Dec.11 1864..Wmsburgh..Consumption
McALLESTOR, George W.  27..S..Oct.11 1864..Wmsburgh..Consumption
DONNOLLY, Marge 4  Jan.2 ..Wmsburgh..Brain ??
WHITSON, James 2..Jan.25..Wmsburgh..unknown
WHITNEY, Mary 1  6/12..Feb.22..Wmsburgh..Small Poxn
BARHAUS, Issac 1..March 25..Wmsburgh..Scarlet Fever
OLMSTED, Jerry/Terry? 25male..M..April 11..Wmsburgh..Consumption
KLOPF, John 28..M..June or Jan.4 1864..Germany..Consumption
BROSEN, Ada 1  6/12..Aug.31 1864..Wmsburgh..Dropsey
RODGERS, John 5.. B..May 8 1864..Wsburgh..Brain ??
NOLAN, John 42..M..ay 27..Ireland..Cooper..Consumption
RO??, George 36..M..Feb.23..England..Printer..Scarlett Fever
GOLD, Henry 51 M..Sept.9  Germany..Mason..Typhoid Fever
BURTLING?, Jane 31..W..Sept.19..New York..Congestion
?AFFY, Alfred 5..Feb.12..Bklyn..Cholera
WICKARD, William 37..S..Dec.12..England..Clerk..Consumption
NOLAN, Mary 32  M..Jan.18..Ireland..Congestion
ANGUS, Romeyn..23..S..May 14..New York..Clerk..Discease of Heart
WELLER, Mary 1  8/12..Aug.1..New York..Scarlet Fever
CONNOR, John 53..M..June 1..Ireland..Cooper..Consumption
HILL, Ellen 50..M..May 31..Scotland..
LEE, Oliver 35..S..May 13..?..Butcher..Consumption
CONKLIN, Cathrine 6m..Jan.3..New York..Cholera
SWEENY, Margaret 1  8/12..Nov.9..New York..Cholera
SWEENY, Cathrine 6m..Nov.24..New York..Diptheria
GREEN, Jane 3  6/12..Nov.25..Kings..Consumption
GREEN, William 2..Dec.5..Kings..Diptheria
COOPER, August 3  6/12..Sept.9..Kings..Croup
COOPER, Hannah 11/12..July 9..Kings..Summer ??
PARKS, Samuel  48..M..June 22..Ireland..Cooper..Parilzed
MAGLIUM, Joseph 1  4/12..May 4..Kings..Cholera
CAVENA, Michael  1  1/12..Oct.20..Mass...Heart Discease
TOASPERN or SOASPERN?, August 6..March 3..New York..unkwn
ST???MARD, Claressa 33..M..Nov.16..Mass...Consumption
TRAFER, Alexander 1..Feb.21..Mass...Consumption
LLOYD, Jane 5m..Sept.10..New York  Coleria
ALLITZHAUSER, Christian 5..male..Feb.10..New York..Diptheria
ALLITZHAUSER, Frederick 3  2/12..Sept.20..New York..Diptheria
BANKE, John 35..S..March 31..Germany..Laborer..Consumption
COSTINBADER, John 54..M..April 3..Germany  Tavern Keeper..Consumption
MORAN, John 34..M..Ireland..Cartman..Heart Disease
QUINN, Alexander 15  4/12..May 29..Kings..Rhuematism
QUINN, Ellison 39  1/12..M..March 21..New York..Congestion of Brain
HEALY, James 8m..Sept.27..Ireland..Congestion of Brain
BROWN, Margaret 70..M..Jan.9..Ireland..Consumption
BARNEY, George 26  3/12..M..Aug.14..Ireland..Laborer..Consumption
CLAYTON, Edward 4..July 28..Kings..Spine Disease
CLAYTON, Alexander 4m..July 29..Kings..Whooping Cough
MERKLE, Elizabeth 60..M..April 28..Conn...Palsey
MERKLE, Charlotte 20..S..Feb.14..Kings..Congestion of Brain
ALISON, Caroline 13..Sept.14..Kings..Cholera
HARDY, William 48..M..July 18..New York..BoilerMaker..Enlargement of Heart
ERWING, Matthew 6  6/12..March 13..Kings..Heart Disease
BRENNEN, Rosina 4  3/12..March 9..Kings..Scarlett Fever
THOMAS, Walter 14..June 17..Kings..Saint Vitus Dance Disease
MURPHY, Mary 1  2/12..July 30..Kings..Inflamation of the ??
GUISCHARD, Isabella 12  3/12..May 30..Kings..Heart Disease
HODGES, Mary 3  1/12..April 7..New York..Croup
PENNY, Jacob 64..M..April 4 New York Blacksmith Disease of Heart
MURPHY, Michael 40.. M..May 2..Ireland..Laborer..Consumption
GALLAGHER, Ellen 2m..Feb.14..N.Y..Scarlett Fever
ROSS, Ann 25..M..June 28..Ireland..Childbirth
ROSS, Mary 52..M..April 28..Holland..Consumption
DOLAN, Michael 35..M..May 17..Ireland..Moulder..Consumption
RIBBE, John 1  11/12..Jan.15..Kings..Croup
OHNS?, Mary Jane 23..Aug.12..N.Y...Convulsive Fits
VYSE, Mary Ann 64..W..July 8..England..Drowning
NUTLER, Emma 2..April 20..Kings..Croup
BAKER, Sarah Jane 7..May 8..Kings..Scarlet Fever
SMITH, Charles 1m..Nov.21..NY...Convulsive fits
SCHU???, Ann 1  8/12..Oct.6..NY.. Croup
McWAY?, Margaret 3..Oct.8..NY..Diptheria
SHERWOOD, Elizabeth 1..Aug.30..NY..Cholera
HILGER, George 10m..Aug.28..NY..Cholera
MILLS, Marion 23..M..June 22..Scotland..Consumption
WOODRUFF, Robert 15..Sept.22..NY..Typhoid
WOODRUFF, Ellen 22..Oct.14..NY..Typhoid
WOODRUFF,Catherine 17..Nov.30..NY..Typhoid
SHEA, Patrick 1  11/12..Oct.4..England..Croup
WILSON,Precilla 52  B..M..Maryland..Abcess
ROBERTS, Emline 9..July 29..Michigan..Consumption
HIBBARDS, Lilly 4/12  Aug.23..Kings
YOUNG, Catherine 56..M..June 27..Germany
ALBINGER,John 31..June 20..ermany
DOWNER, Teresa 1  2/12..May 9..New York
CASTINS, Martin 51..M..March 12..Germany
SWAZLER, Catherine 3.. Dec..10..Kings
MASTERS, Catherine 41..M..March 13..Kings
CLICKNER, John 3..Jan.16..Kings
BUCKNER, George 9,,May 8..Kings
BOOTSOFF, Henry 8..Aug.22..Kings
KOLB, Margaret 11..Nov.9..Kings
WINEGAR, Francis 49 female..M..March 19..Germany
SWEATMAN, Elisbeth 39..M..Dec.16..Germany
SWEATMAN, Louisa 5..Dec.16..Kings
SWEATMAN, John 3..May 11..Kings
WADE, Edward 3m..May 2..Kings..Whooping Cough
CAHILL, Margaret 48..M..Dec.8..England..Consumption
HAMILTON, Mary A.17..B..S..Sept.20..NY..Typhoid
DENBY, Rebbca 62..B..W..Feb.6..Md..Parcylitie Shotcus?
TERRY, Charles 5m..Feb.9..Kings..Consumptia
TARNUS?, John G. 5m..July 13..Kings
BLYDENBERG, Mary J. 25..M..May 28..Albany..Miscarraige
CROOK, Faidle? 35..M..Feb.10..Germany..Consumption
KAVER or XAVER, Wm H. 3  9/12..May 18..Kings..Diptheria
LOCKE, Mary T. 1  6/12..Aug.17..Kings..Cholera
BURKITT, John T. 1 day..July 19..Kings  Convulsions
BROWN, Mary 28..M..March 16..Holland..Diptheria
BROWN, Helena 6/12..Aug.31..Kings..Cholera
RUPPELD, Josephine 1 10/12..July 4..Kings..
BODE, John H. 49..M..Jan.7..Kings
ZIPPELIUS, Sophia 1  8/12..Dec.14..Kings..Consumption
RITTER, Wm 8/12..Aug.3..New York..Cholera
SMITH, Joseph 8/12..July 17..Kings..
FINEGAN, Bernard 33..M..Aug.15..New York..Sawmaker..Consumption
AUSTIN, Lydia S. 52..M..Dec.22..New York..
STATER, Margaret 8..Jan.1..Kings..
PINE, Maruit? 6..female..B..July 15..Kings
PINE, Francis 30..female..B..M..Aug.6..Queens
PINE, Abagail 3  B..Sept.17..Kings
DRIRCKS, John 22..M..Aug.19..Germany
SATCHELL, Susan 19..May 9..Kings
WRIGHT, Emma 27..M..May 13..Kings
GRANT, William 10m..Sept.2 1864..Kings Co...Summer Complaint
MOORE, Thomas 32..M..Nov.2 1864..Ireland..Laborer..Consumption
KLEINLEIN, Theresia 2m..Sept.22 1864..Kings Co...Summer Complaint
McAVOY, Ellen 54..S..Nov.27..Ireland
KEIGLER, Sarah 1..Sept.2..NY.
DUNN, Mary 60..M.May 8..Ireland
BRENNER, John 41..M..Nov.5..GermanyShoemaker
HAILAND, George 3..April 7..Kings
HAILAN, Joseph 1..Aug.8..Kings
MORAN, Emma 8..June 19..Kings
HUS, Julia 34..M..March 11..Germany
COZVIE, Benjamin 13..Sept.27..Kings
DYGERT, Annetta 28..M..May 26..Holland
WYMAN, George 2/12..April 29..New York
ROBINSON, Lucy 11 days..March 1..New York
ROBINSON, Imogene 23 days..March 13..New York
Van HORN, Cornelis 9..June 21..New York..Typhoid fever
SMITH, Wm D. 2  8/12..Aug.4..NY..Diptheria
B?OS, Anne 8..June 25..NY..Diptheria
GIBSON, Abram 49..April 16..NY..Pilot..Consumption
CORNELL, Thos. H. 19..June 2..NY..Clerk..Disease of Kidney
WEISER, Amelia 2  5/12..May 31..NY..Scarlet fever
MARTIN, Ida E. 5  8/12..May 19..NY..Remittenh fever
ANDREW, Mary 8m..May 26..NY..Consumption
RECKEFUS, Jane A. 58..M..March 24..NY..Pulmanery Do
WILSON, James L. 65..M..May 11..New Jersey..unknown..Consumption
GALLAGHER, Harriet M. 7..Feb.9..NY..Scarlet fever
CAMPBELL, Archibald W. 7m..Jan.31..NY..Congestion of the Heart
SLOCUM, Jane E. 6m..Feb.18..NY..Erysipela?
HENDRICKSON, Bery'n E. 5..Oct.2..NY..Typhoid
CARRICK, William F. 2  2/12..Aug.27..NY..Inflamation of the Lungs
WILLETS, George 3  6/12..Aug.15..NY..Scarlet fever
WILLETS, Edwin 1  4/12..Aug.17..NY..Scarlet fever
LEE, Lydia 61..W..August 4..Connecticut..Consumption
BURKE, William H. 32..M..July 8..NY..Laborer..Fits
MANDERVILLE, John S. 6m..March 24..NY..Bronchitis
BROWNELL, William S. 45..M..March 16..NY..Dealer..Accidental Fall
BAKER, Frederick 4..Nov.18..Kings
BAKER, Oma or Ema 2..Oct.22..Kings
GREENFELDER, Barbra 7m..April 19..Kings
DENNER, Christiana 4  3/12..Jan.15..Germany
BRISLER, Gustav 33..M..May 3..Germany
GEKERBAR, Herman? 11m..Nov.29..Kings
GEKERBAR, Mary 2  1/12..Dec.16..Kings
WISE, John 10..Dec.2..Kings
FECKER, Frecker?, Emealia 2  2/12..May 1..Kings
BUSH, Mary 55..M..Aug.6..Germany
MALBANR, Rudolph 3  3/12..Feb.28..Kings
BRVD?, Stephen 24..W..Jan.17..Kings
GAEFERT, Mary 1m..July 16..Kings
GRAFF, A??? 8m..May 5..Kings
GNAF?, Andrew 1m..May 7..Kings
GABRIEL, Elesibeth 71..M..April 16..Germany
GABRIEL, Frank 1m..Jan.4..Kings
RICKET?, Joseph 33..M..Aug.8..Germany
No name, Christian 2  3/12..Nov.13..NYC
YOUNG, Andrew Jackson 3  4/12..March 19..New York
STEWART, Amelia 1  3/12..April 6..New York
HUNT, Henry James 2  2/12..April 3..New York

NOTE: The following pages are extremely hard to read.

BRILMAN, John 1  10/12..June 13, 1864..Kings..None(this is what is written)
HAIBLE, Lena 1  4/12..Feb.22..Kings None
REICHERT, John 50..M..March 22..Germany..Taylor..Consumption
SCHRAPANF, Heinz 54..M..March 1864..Holland..Gardener..Consumption
HERTEIS?, Frank 57..M..May 1..Germany..Laborer..Epilepsy
DIER, Joseph 58..M..Sept.10..Germany..Laborer..Accident
EIERMAN, William 40..M..March 22..Denmark..Baker..Consumption
STAIEN, Peter 26..M..May 17..Germany..Engineer..Typhoid
WANS, William 54..M..Feb.15..France..Steward..Drowned at Sea
ROYAL, Sarah 45..B..W..AprilMarch 31..Canada..Servant..Consumption
FAGAN, John 1  6/12..April 31..Ireland..Bowel Complaint
DUFFY, James 18..S.Jan.11..Ireland..Laborer..Consumption
LIEB, Barbara 32..S..May 20..Ireland..Servant..Consumption
SCHEURER, William 7m..June 30..Kings Co..Summer Complaint
STUTTER, William 1  1/12..Oct.15..Kings Co..Summer Complaint
SCHUMACHER, George 5m..Oct.15..KC..Summer Complaint
PATERSON, John 78..M..April 21..KC..Cartman..Inflamation 
SHIRMATH, Margareth 1..Nov...KC..Water on the Brain
JUNKER, Elisa 20..M..Feb.2..Germany..
PETERMAN, Joseph 5..May 13..KC..Fieber?
WEIDNER, Mary A. 15..S..Nov.3..KC..Driesen?
COLEMAN, Friedrich 2  6/12..Aug.12..KC..Inflamation of the ?
COLEMAN, Elisa 3m..Nov.4..KC..
BREMLOF, Carlina 20  M..May 14..Germany..Cramps in the Stomach
TUNIS, Henry 11..April 4..Germany..???
YOUNG, Sarah 4..April 1..Kings Co...Small Pox
YOUNG, ?? 55..female..M..April 12..Germany..Tailoress..Consumption
HODGES, John 20..B..S..March 8..Kings Co..Porter..Small Pox
GIGSHINE, Armina 12.female..May 4 Thursday..KC..Measles
HISER, Charles 42..M..May 15..Monday..Germany..Clerk..???
METZEN, Charles 5..May 9..May 9..Tuesday..KC..Whooping Cough
SIMION, Edward 15..March 12..Sunday..Germany..unknown
CAMMERON?, Edward 62..B..M..April 9..Maryland..Unknown
SITZ, Mary 39..M..March 10..Germany..Small Pox
MINGER?, Gotlib 27..S..Feb.7..Tuesday..Germany..Carpenter..Small Pox
Riter, May  6m..Feb.9..Thursday..Kings Co..Small Pox
VONDERLIN, George 42..M..May1..Bavaria..Tailor..Congestion of Brain &Nerves?
ZIMMER, Mary 25..M..Feb.16..Bavaria..Died at the confinement of an institution
DENZEL, Josephina 2..July 16..Kings Co..Croup
McCARNELL, John 38..Nov..Ireland..Laborer..Accidently killed 
SIMONS, Hannah 1  6/12..March 4..Kings Co..Congestion of the Brain
BRINKNER, Ann 36..M..Nov.21..Germany..Consumption
SCHNEIDER, George  9..Jan.7..NYC..Dropsey of the Brain
BAUCH, Frederica 1 or 9..Aug.9..KC..Fits
GOETZ, Catherine 1..Aug.22..KC..Theathing
GOETZ, Anna M. 6m..Aug.12..KC..Croups
OR??, Barbara  1  6/12..Aug.11..NY..Consumption
PLANT, Rosa  2  6/12..Aug.18..KC..Diptheria
HAMMELBACHER, Michael 4..Oct.22..KC..Diptheria
HAMMELBACHER, 1  3/12..Oct.22..KC..Diptheria
HANS, Veronika 7m..Aug.25..KC..Croup
REICHERT, Joseph 27..M..March5..Germany..Blksmith..Consumption
HOFFMAN, Mary 1  6/12..June 11..KC..Diptheria
HOFFMAN, Margareth 10m..May 28..KC..Diptheria
BENZMILLER, Katy 1  1/12..June 17..KC..Dropsey
LUDWIG, John 1  3/12  Jan.1..KC..Inflamation of the Brain
PENN, Alois 2  2/12..male..Feb.10..KC..Inflamation of the Brain
BONNER, Elisa 1  11/12..July 24..KC..?resiples?
WEHNER, Anna 5m..Aug.23..KC..Dropsey
SEAMAN, David 3..April 4..KC..Diptheria
RIEDMILLER, Mary 1  9/12..Aug.17..KC..Consumption
GOEDEL?, Theodor 7m..July 1..KC..Disease of Heart
JUNG, Mary F. 11m..Oct.24..KC..Croup
DeLEASEY, William 78..M..Sept.20..Ireland..Tailor..Old age
MULLIGAN, Frances 50 male..M..Nov.2..Ireland..Tailor..
CUMMINGS, Mary 70..W..Nov.18..Ireland..here on her money(this is written as is)..Old age
MULLIGAN, John 4..Dec.6..Wmsburgh..Croop
MATHER, Mary 32..M..May 8..Wmsburgh..Died from drinking ??
EHRHARDT, Ernest 33..M..May 24..Germany..Pocketbook manuf..Consumption
ROSENBERGER, Charles 2..Aug.10..Kings County..Summer Complaint
REITZ, Mary A. 5..Sept.21..KC..Diptheria
HAMBLER, John 60M..Dec.11..Germany..Tailor..Consumption
OLHMAN, Peter 6..April 10..Kings..Small Pox
HINES, Sarah 44>>M..April 16..Germany..Dropsey
KALE, John 6..May 14..Kings..Measels
SWARTZ, Magdelina 30..M..Jan.14..Germany..Small Pox
LINDEN, Casper 38..M..Jan.8..Germany..Mason..Dysentery
STIGER, Lousia 13..March 27..New York..Lung ever
LEONHARD, John 78..W..May 9..Germany..Shoemkr..Old age
PFLUT, George 1  5/12..Feb.22..KC..Inflamation of Brain
DIETER, Franz 1  3/12..May 24..KC..Cramps
SCHLEGEL, Peter 9..April 10..KC..?crufula?
EFFERT, Frank 1  3/12..May 13..KC..Congestion of Bain
ROESCH, Mary 24..M..Nov.16..Belgium..Consumption
TEUFEL, George 2  1/12..Jan.19..KC..Small Pox
EICHENHOEFER, Adolph 6m..Dec.24..KC..Cramps
DREIBER, Catherine 32..M..April 2..Bavaria..
NOTE: These are as written
MANZ, Mary A. 1  3/12..Feb.23..KC..Afected on the lungs
CASE, John F. 2  10/12..Sept.2..Westchester..Diaharee
OTTO, Conrad 1  5/12..July 29..KC..Difteree
GULDENFELLY, William 4..Dec.25..KC..Dropsey
GULDENFELLY, Friedrich 2..Jan.11..KC..Croop
KRODER, Daniel 8m..Feb.11..KC..Afected on the Lungs
HEELER, Selma 1  3/12..Feb.15..KC..Not known
ACHTERATH, Cristiana 2..July 3..KC..Summer Complaint
PLASSER, Bertha 4..April 3..KC..Thyphoid fever
BURGER, Sophia 1..May 4..KC..Not known
SHIEFLEIN, Sophia 8..Feb.6..KC..Dropsey
STAUBER, Emilie 2..Feb.20..New York..Dropsey
SINSAM, Helena 1  3/12..Feb.7..KC..Not known
SHERIDAN, Phillip  1  6/12..Aug.23..Kings..Cholera
SHERIDAN, Annie 3m..May 1..Kings..Congestion of Brain
RILEY, Ada T. 3m..Dec.31..Kings..Inflamation Lungs
HULL, Mary C..8m..March 29..Kings..Inflamation of Brain
WEBSTER, Sarah Jane 3  6/12..May 29..Kings..Scarlet fever
WEBSTER, Elizabeth 1  7/12..May 30..Kings..Scarlet fever
LATHAM, Geo. W. 2m..Dec.10..Kings..Inflamation of Lungs

17th Ward 

BAZLEN, Edward   37   M.   M.    Jan 1st   Ireland   Laborer  
BAZLEN, James   1/12   M.   S.   March 11   Wmsburgh   
JOHONSON, Clephus B.   3   M.   S.   Dec 24 1864 (sic)   Wmsburgh
MURRY, Math??   3   M.   S.   Feb 25   Wmsburgh
BRADSELL, Frances J.   1 6/12   F.   April 19   NY   Congestion of......?
KLENKA, William   1/12   M.   July - NY   Summer Comp....?
TONKINS, Anna E.   2/12   F.   Apr.18   NY   Congestion of ...?
MURRAY, Matthew   2 7/12   M.   January -   NY   Scarlet Fever
CASSELL, Newtown J.   11/12   M.   Aug 22   NY   Summer Comp.....?
CORR William A.   1 8/12   M.   Nov. 9   NY   Summer Comp...?
CORR, Anna L.  6/12 F. F. Jan.12..N.Y.
CORR, Daniel Sr.   54   M.   W.   Nov. 22   Ireland   Laborer   Cancer
SMITH, Estella   3/12   F.   Feb.12   NY   Heart
ROSSITER, Margaret   53   F.   J.   Mar.24   Ireland   Consumption
BROADHURST, Wm.   65   M.   M.   Mar.29   England   Chemicals   Debility
BODENSTEDT, Charles   52   M.   M.   Dec. 25   Germany   Laborer   Suicide
POWELL, Harriet C.   1 1/2   F.   Mar 4    NY   Bronchitis
KELLEY, James   10/12   M.   Apr.11   NY   Inflammation of .....?
CHRISTIANSON, John K.   8    M.   Oct 21   NY   Croup
BURNS, James H.   4   M.   Oct 3   Mass    Diphtheria
CLARK, Mary H.   1 1/12   F.   Aug 11   NY   Cholera
CONWAY, James   55   M.  Sept. 15   Ireland   Laborer
WIGHTMAN, Thomas C.   2   M.   Feb 15   NY   Erysip?les
WIGHTMAN, Anna E.    3/12     F.   Feb. 8   NY   Erysip?les
TORTER, Wm   25   M.   S.   Oct 1   NY   Consumption
GILLINGHAM, Anna E.   5/12 (5 mos.)   F.   S.   Feb 20th   b. New York   ? Convulsions
TERRY, Anna M.   8/12 (8 mos.)   F.   S.   Apr. 29th   New York   ?Congestion of -
ELGAR, John   8/12   M.   S.   May 3rd   New York   ?   Diphtheria
FOX, Charly H.B.   8 10/12   M.   S.   Oct. 26th   NY   ?    Diphtheria
? (ink smear), Samuel   76   M.   M.   Dec. 9th   Maine   House Carpenter Paralysis of -
ALEXANDER, Elizabeth   32   F.   M.   May 20th   England   
LIBB?L?,  Harry R.   4   M.   S.   Feb. 2nd   NY   Dropsy in the -
SHREVE, Sarah E.   7   F.   S.   Feb.25th   Conn   ?   Inflammation-
COOK, George   42   M.   M.   July 28th   England   Carpenter   
LOGAN, Charles H.   14   M.    S.   April 15th   NYC   Shot by a -
MURRAY, Alexander   1 6/12   M.   S.   May 9th   Kings Co.   Cholera
SUPTON, Wm Henry   2 6/12   M.   S.   Feb. 65 (sic)   Kings. Co.   Croup
WINSHIP, Thomas   62   M.   M.   June 10th   ?   Ferry master   Cancer
KITCHA?,  Jessie,   1   F.   S.   Nov. 30th   Kings co.   Diphtheria
FITZSIMMONS, Margaret C.   1 6/12   F.   S.   Sept ?   Kings Co.   
O'SHAUGHNESSY, Eugene   3 6/12   M.   S.   May 19th   Mass.    
NELSEN, Ellen V.   3 3/12   F.   S.   July 12   Virginia   ?   Scarletfever   
NELSEN, Isabelle   1   F.   S.   July 19th   Kings Co.   Scarletfever  
AMMY, Mary A.   9/12 (9 mos.)   F.   S.   Aug 15th   NY   Cholera-
HASTER, William   17   M.   S.   Dec. 19th    NY   Consumption
VAN ZILE, Peter M.   43 4/12   M.   M.   Feb. 3   NY   Shipjoiner   Dropsey
VAN ZILE, Peter M.   10/12   M.   S.   April 10th   NY   Marasmus
WHITLOCK, Samuel L.   68 6/12   M.   S.   June 7th   NY   Sailmaker consumption
STIMSON, Elizabeth   12 5/12   F.   S.   Aug 25th   NY    Dipthary (sic)
CANAGH, David A.   19   M.   S.   Mar.1   Jersey   Heart disease
CHRISTMAN, Elliner   57   F.   M.   Jan. 30th   NY   Heart disease
JENKINS, Margaret   7/12   F.   S.   Feb. 28th   NY   Cold on the -
W??GLOM,  Howard   1 3/12   M.   S.   Sept 24th   NY   Cholera
FRANK, George   9/12   M.   S.   Aug 11th   NY   ?
GOLD, Mary E.   12   F.   S.   July 11th    NY   Dipthary (sic)
GOLD, Elizabeth,   3 3/12   F.   S.   July 10   NY   Cholera
DANIELS, Ida   4/12   F.   S.   June 15   NY   Cholera
HODGES, James W.   3 3/12   M.   S.   June 26   NY   Spotted Fever
TRACY, Peter   69   M.   M.   March 7th   Ireland   Laborer   Tiphoyd (sic)
BLOWS, Elsie   4/12   F.   S.   Dec 5th   NY   Croup
ULLRICT,  William   48   M.   M.   May 26   Germany    Deckhand   Drowned
R? K , Minnie   1 8/12   F.   S.   Aug 20th   NY   Disentary (sic)
LYONS, William 2 3/12   M.   S.   Mar. 1   Kings Co.   ?
LOBENSTEIN, (infant)   1/12   M.   S.   Apr. 1   Kings Co.   ?
McCONNELL, Thomas   2 4/12   M.   S.   March 4th   NY Co.   ?
WOODCOCK, Stephen J.   25   M.   M.   Apr. 12th   Lewis Co., NY   ConductorR.R.   Small-
T????Y, Margaret A.   2 5/12   F.   S.   June 14    Kings Co.   Dyptheria
C??ICK, Bridget   25   F.   S.   June 15th   Ireland    Con?
SHEHAN, Margaret   44   F.   M.   Aug 15th   Ireland   ?
WOODS, Sarah E.   12   F.   S.   June 11   Kings Co.   ?
HERLEY, Mary   44   F.   M.   May 6th   Ireland   ?
TALOR, Elizabeth   4/12   F.   S.   Sept. 18th   Illinois   ?
SMITH, Jane   5   F.   S.   July 9th   Kings Co.   ?
SMITH, Anne   3   F.   S.   June 15   Kings Co.   ?
SMITH, Emma   1 2/12   F.   S.   Feb.4th   Kings Co.   ?
FARRELL, Mary   2 7/12   F.   S.   Feb. 10th  NY City  ?
WHITE, George W.   8/12   M.   S.   Sept. 7   NY City   ?
WHITE, William D.   6   M.   S.   Apr. 19th   NY City   ?
CARR, Thomas   7/12   M.   S.   Dec. 10   Kings. Co.   ?
McCANN, Mary   1 4/12   F.   S.   Sept. 17th   Kings Co.   ?
ROSENER, Mary   12   F.   S.   June 16   Kings Co.   ?
RAYMOND, Eugene   1/12   M.   S.   Feb. 13   Kings Co.   ?
LUCAS, Henry A.   66   M.   M.   May 29   France   ?
KAVNAH, Elizabeth   5   F.   S.   Jan. 11   NYCity   ?
DILLWORTH, George   18   M.   S.   June 16   New York   Moulder   Shot in the -
CROSBY, James   37   M.   M.   March 25   Ireland   Liquor store   Billious -
SMALL, Cathrean (sic)   49   F.   W.   Jan 1   New York   ?
GROSJAN, Charles   51   M.   M   Jan 30th   Germany    Silversmith   ?
SCHRODER, Estalry   3   F.   S.   July 23 63 (sic)   NY   
HUFF, Albert   5    M   S   Jan 23   NY   Dropsey
CORLEN, John   31   M.   M.   May 8   Ireland   Laborer  
HAWKINS, Charles   4/12   M.   S.  Dec. 14   NY   
L??WNHALGH, Peter   21   M.  S.   Jan 3  NY   Machinist   Smallpox
OGDEN, Lousia  (sic)   15   F.   S.   Apr. 5 64 (sic)  New Jersey
KNIFFEN, Edgar B.   10/12   M.   S.    Oct 5  64 (sic)   NY   Cholera
WILLIAMSON, Samuel   3 4/12   M.   S.   Mar 27   NY   Dipt-
OSTRANDER, Margrate (sic)   38   F.   M.   Aug 29   NY   Heart D-
MILLS, Joseph   7/12   M.   S.    Feb 26   NY   ?
CONKLIN, John D.   71   M    M.   Feb 25   NY   Heart
ROWLAND, Merret   58   M.   M.   Nov 23   New Jersey   Oyster Man   Cons-
MATHIEWS, Elizabeth   72   F.   W   Mar 24   England   ?
WILLIAMS, Sarah E.   27   F.   M.   Oct 25   NY   Thypo-
DODD, John   9/12   M.   S.   Feb -   NY   Inflim-
REEMER, ?ric   1 4/12   F.   S.   June 8   NY   ?
HUNT, Sarah S.   32   F.  M.   Mar.8   NY    ?
SHANK, Barbrett   3/12   F.   S.   May 4   NY    Inflim-
ENRICH, Mary H.   11/12   F.   S.   Sept 9   NY   Cho-
MADISON,  George   10/12   M.   S.    Oct 16   NY    Dip-
TYSON, William   8   M.   S.   July 16   NY   Conges-
PECK, Evelyn Colfax   5/12   F.   S.    July 23   NY
ANDERSON, John  W.   15   M.   S.   Dec. 14   NY
KANE, John   5   M.   S.   Sept 5   NY
CRISTIE, Edward   5    M.    S.   Oct 14   NY
EGLINTON, Jenney   4   F.   S.   Oct 14   NY
RAPPLE, William   72   M.   M   Oct 21   NY
BRENNAN, Mary A.   20   F.   S   Oct. 17   NY
TIEBOUT, Henrietta   1 5/12   F.   S.   May 22   NY
McGOVERN, Thomas   2   M.   S.   March 4    NY
YOUNG, William P.   4/12   M.   S.   Feb. 28   NY
BRAAD, Martha G.   64   F.   M.   May 26   NY
STONE, George F.   1   M.   S.   Mar 15   NY
HULSE, Abby   25   F.   M.   Nov 26   NY
HULSE, William   6/12   M.   S.   Aug 9   NY
SMALLEY, Joseph D.   27   M.   S.   May 12 NY
MOFFAT, William   4/12   M.   S.   Dec 19   NY
HULTS, Lucy J.   1 7/12   F.   S.   Sept 4   NY
HAGER,  Hoper   17   M.   S.   June 27   NY
RUSSEL, George   1 day   M.   S.   Oct 6   NY
DEEN, Abraham L.   1   M.   June 26   NY
DEEN, Elmer   E.  4/12   M.   S.   July 28   NY
BLAUVELT, Kate   16   F.   S.   Dec. 8   NY  

Ward 18  

TOTAM?,George   6   M.   S.   May 16   Kings   ?
WHELER, Georgiana   26   F.   M.   Oct 25   New York   ?
STRUTHERS, Wm.   55   M.   S.   March 11   New York   Billiard table maker
BALDWIN, Ella T.   8   F.   S.   May 8   Kings   Membran....
HEATTY, Thomas   24   M.   S.   March 14   New York   upholsterer
TUCKER, Mary A.   33   F.   M.   April 24   England    Consumption
HOEDA, Henry   32   M.   M.   Nov. 18   Germany   Locksmith   ?
WALLACE, John   1   M.   S.   Jan 29   Kings   Spas....
WALLACE, William   1   M.   S.   Jan 29th   Kings   Spas....
RAIGH??, John W.   5   M.   S.   Aug 7   Kings   Water on ....
VANORSDALE, James   8/12   M.   S.   Aug 8   Kings   Summer co...
BOOTH, John F.   9/12   M.   S.   Jan 22   New York   Congestions
McCREARY,  Theodore   8/12   M.   s.   June 13   New York   Congestions
RUBS, Emma   12  F.   S.   Sept 8   New York   Convulsion
SMITH, M?ris W.   21   M   S.   Dec. 15   New York   inflammat...
SHEARA, George   24   M.   S.   Aug 10   New York   Croup
DAWSON, Sherman   3   M.   S.   Feb 12   New York   inflamati...
JONES, Isadora   18   F.   S.   Nov 4   New York   Brain .....
YOUNG, Maria L.   1 3/12   F.   s.   Dec. 14   New York   Scalet (sic) F....
WHITESIDE, Mary   23   F.   M.   Oct 3   England   ?
MAYOR, Annie M.   1 6/12   F.   S.   May 19   New York   ?

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