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1875 State Census DEATHS..Brooklyn, Kings County, N.Y.

Deaths listed in  the 1875 state census. 
These death all occured in the year preceding the census from 
June 1,1874 thru May 30,1875.

Name                        age date/death  birthplace  occupation  cause

Jermiah child of John Halpin    18m Jan 2,1875  NY      brain fever
Katie   child of Patrick Coffey 5m  June 27,1874    NY      measles
Lizzie  child of Abraham Finn   5   Sept 21,1874    NY      diptheria
Thomas  Hogan   28  Sep 26,1874 Ireland U.S. Marine consumption
Mary    child of James Murphy   1   Oct 12,1874 NY      decline
William child of Margaret Albert    2&6m    May 18,1875 NY      diptheria
Minnie  child of Frederick Rugge    5   June 4,1874 NY      teething
Annie   child of James Higgins  10m July 28,1874    NY      teething
Sophie  child of John Gerst 7m  Nov 2,1874  NY      diptheria
James   Guerin  41 married  Apr 4   Ireland brick layer consumption
William child of James Teer 2   Feb 16,1875 NY      unknown
John O. Anderson    29 married  Aug 11  Sweden  stevedore   killed by being 
	run over
William McCullough 53 married  Sep 23,1874 Ireland engineer    lockjaw from 
Julia   McCullough   59 married  Oct 31,1874 Ireland     liver complaint
Michael child of Michael Cullen 17m March 6,1875    Kings       bronchitis
James   child of George Owen    14m Dec 2,1874  Kings       bronchitis
Michael child of James Smith    19m Feb 26,1875 Kings       diperthia
William child of John Spencer   1   Sep 28,1874 Kings       diptheria
Francis child of Michael Rogers 2   Dec 11,1874 Kings       inflamation of 
Bertha  wife of Louis Behnke    20  Apr 7,1875  Germany     ??  Fever
William child of Anthony Sannon 6   Aug 24,1874 Kings       diptheria
Mary Ann    child of Anthony Sannon 4   Aug 25,1874 Kings       diptheria
Elsia   child of Michael O'Keefe    6   Sep 25,1874 Kings       diptheria
Amelia  child of William Ott    15m Oct 29,1874 NY      diptheria
Edgar   child of Francis Kells   3/4 October 17  NY      dysentery
Peter   Buhr     46 maried   July 18,1874    Germany     cancer
Michael child of Michael Steinbeck   8   October 28,1874 NY      diptheria
Charles child of John Hersch     8   October 4,1874  NY      diptheria
Patrick Quinn    37 married  April 17,1875   Ireland     unknown
John    Quirke   36 married  August 6,1874   Ireland cooper  consumption
Alfred  child of Godfry Frazier  22m May 16,1875 NY      diptheria
Roseanie    child of John Pascoe     8   August 10,1874  England     cholera
Laurence    child of Charles Hines   19m Aug 27,1874 NY      cholera
Mary Elizabeth  child of Charles Hines  8d  Dec 14,1874 NY      convulsions
Margaret    wife of Michael Flood    45  May 5,1875  Ireland     consumption
Clara   child of Peter Peterson  17m Dec 17,1874 NY      convulsions
Charles child of Charles Wilson  10m Aug 26,1874 NY      cholera
Jane    child of William Scott   13m Feb 14,1875 NY      ??
William child of William Scott   31m July 17,1874    NY      diptheria
John    Johnstone   54 married   Sep 22,1874 Ireland     consumption
Peter   Lund    55 married   May 27,1875 Sweden      dropsey
Dora    wife of August Miller    39  Aug 29,1874 Germany     liver complaint

6th election district of 6th ward. 
Some of the streets in this neighborhood are 
Sackett, Hicks & Columbia.
female  child of John Kane   4   July 28,1874    NY      measles&diptheria
male    child of John Daly   13m Oct 6,1874  NY      cholera
female  child of John Kennedy    6   Sep 19,1874 Bklyn       croup
male    child of Charles Hawle   30m Dec 14,1874 Bklyn   burnt playing 
male    child of John Keenan     18m May 21,1875 NY      scarlet fever
male    child of Michael Swords  4   Mar 5,1875  NY      diptheria
male    child of Michael Cleary  5   Sep 4,1974  NY      diptheria
female  child of Michael Doppman     13  Mar 24,1875 Germany     diptheria
Andrew  Denny    65  Jan 13,1875 NY  ferry hand  appolitic fit
wife    of Henry Hogan   34  May 25,1875 NY      comsumption
female  child of Louis Lang  4   Dec 28,1874 NY      diptheria
male    childof Daniel Murray    4   Jul 21,1874 NY      diptheria
male    child of David McGrath   4   Feb 28,1875 NY      scarlet 
male    child of Mr. Kimens   2m May 23,1875 NY      dropsey
female  child of James Donegan   30m May 26,1875 NY      convulsions
wife    of Edward McLaughlin     50  Oct 7,1874  Ireland     congestion of 
Michael Curtis   65  June 3,1874 Ireland book binder consumption
Peter   Thompson     47  June 2,1874 Norway  ferry Hand  sunstroke
female  child of John Carroll    9   Dec 25,1874 NY      rheumatism of heart
male    child of Henry Brierman  9m  Aug 26,1874 NY      teething
female  child of Charles Stein   18m Oct 16,1874 NY      diptheria
female  child of Patrick Whalen 20m  Dec 19,1874 NY scarletfever&diptheria

From the 7 election district in 6th ward -

name                age status  date    birthplace  occupation   cause
Frisby  Catherine   36  married Mar 20,1875 Germany     childbirth
Cunningham  James   45  married Apr 27,1875 Ireland post office heart disease
Shehan  Michael 32  single  Oct --,1874 Ireland clerk   consumption
Shea    Thomas  7d      Jul 29,1874 Kings       unknown
Beehan  Lizzie  6       Jan 13,1875 NY      diptheria
Thompson    Harriet 46  married May 26,1875 Germany     cancer
Cummings    May 13m     Mar --,1875 Kings       diptheria
Prendergast Michael 31  married Nov 10,1874 Ireland police  consumption
Copeland    Park    9       Mar 7,1875  Ohio        brain tumor
Barbrack    Mary    26m     Oct 17,1874 Kings       diptheria                         

From the 8th election district of the 6th ward :

name            age status  date/death  birthplace  occupation       cause
West    Franklin    5m      Jul 10,1874 Bklyn       water on brain
Supple  Johannah    45  widow   June 2,1874 Ireland     consumption of lungs
Hinton  Isabella    17  single  Apr 15,1875 NY      consumption
Scheildg    William 28  married May 23,1875 Germany detective   softening of 
Ainsworth   Fannie A.   14m     Apr 22,1875 Bklyn       pneumonia
McBride Benjamin    9       Jan 10,1875 NYC     hemmorage of lungs
Curow   Mary Ann    26m     Oct 19,1874 Bklyn       memoran croup
Curran  Ceclia   4m     Oct 24,1874 Bklyn       enlargement of brain
Hoops   Alexander   33  single  Nov 22,1874 Germany     consumption
Johnson Mary E. 5       July 31,1874    Bklyn       diptheria
Clark   Katty   9       Apr 28,1875 Bklyn       diptheria
Kelly   Elizabeth   12      Nov 29,1874 NYC     paralysis of heart
Travis  Hugh    28  single  Jan 3,1875  Ireland laborer Erisypelas
Bennett George  4h      July 28,1874    Bklyn       asthma
Corbet  Charlotte   1       May 3,1875  Bklyn       Erisypelas
Ryan    Mary Ann    37  single   Mar 24,1875        Ireland     dropsey
Price  Ann Jane    18m     July 7,1874 Bklyn       diperthia
Hays   John    21d     Nov 1,1874  Bklyn       diperthia
Kuster  John    5m      Dec 7,1874  Bklyn       bronchitis
Ryan    William 11m     Jul 17,1874 Bklyn       teething
Mahoney Julia   18m     Jan 8,1875  Bklyn       congestion of brain
Keelher John    2       Dec 17,1874 Bklyn       diperthia
Shuttleworth    Philip  22m     Oct 9,1874  Bklyn       pneumonia
Mayers  Cecelia 14m     Aug 20,1874 Bklyn       summer complaint
Glenn   Mary L. 4       Dec 16,1874     Bklyn       membrane croup
Gibons  Joseph  2       Feb 25,1875  Washington D.C.        mersamrus
Howland Severine    17d     Jul 8,1874  Bklyn       diarrea
Cullen  Celia   81  widow   Dec 24,1874 Ireland     old age
Moffit  Mary    17      Apr 5,1875  NYC     gastric fever
Boyle   Maggy   14d     Aug 6,1874  Bklyn       weakness
Scad    Dora    46  married Feb 18,1875 Germany     erisypelas
Starky  Anna    7d      May 20,1875 Bklyn       hemorage on nalblr
Hendrickson William 4m      Mar 5,1875  Bklyn       bronchitis
Swatz   Heddy   1       Feb 12,1875 Bklyn       inflamation on lungs
Oberly  James P.    17d     Apr 21,1875 Bklyn       congestion of lungs
Fleming Charles 46  single  Feb 5,1875  Ireland drug clerk  consumption
Morrison    May 78  widow    Jan 15,1875    NYC     pneumonia
Byrne   Lizzie  1       Oct 11,1874 Bklyn       convulsion
Brownlee    Francis 6       Apr 17,1875 Ireland     diptheria
Murphy  Frank   8       Apr 10,1875 Bklyn       diptheria
Witte   Henry   2       Sep 24,1874 Bklyn       diptheria
Riley   Jane    4d      Mar 24,1875 Bklyn       diptheria
Brownlee    George  2m      Nov 21,1874 Bklyn       congestion of brain

9th district of the 6th ward in Bklyn.

Dixon    John    M/52    M   Apr 12,1875 England shoemaker
McCabe   Mary    F/1m        Jan 3,1875  Kings   
Dormon   Richard M/48    M   Nov 2,1874  Ireland bookeeper
Walsh    Alice   F/2     Dec 27,1874 Kings   
Dowling  Lucy    F/12    S   Apr 11,1875 NY  
McDonald     Sophia  F/62    S   Apr 11,1875 Ireland 
Gilgar   Annie   F/84    W   Sep 9,1874  Ireland 
Oliver   Frank W.    M/13    S   Apr 14,1875 NY  
Moylan   William M/6 S   Feb20,1875  NY  
Reynolds     Patrick M/78    W   May 18,1875 Ireland 
Campbell     Alex    M/2&9m      Aug 20,1874 NY  
Flick    Henry C.    M/47    W   Nov 25,1874 PA  bookbinder
Hazelton     Hattie  F/20    S   Dec 13,1874 NY  
Kelly    Rosalie F/3     Apr 20,1875 NY  
Elston   Rosalie F/40    M   Jan 15,1875 Denmark 
Scott    Elvira  F/37    M   July 8,1874 NY  
Hall     Timothy M/1m        Jan 26,1875 NY  
Hulbert  Elizabeth   F/79    S   Nov 15,1874 Conn    
Lynch    Dominic M/28    M   Feb 21,1875 VA    Lt,USA
Monaghan    Ellen   3&5m        Nov 28,1874 NYC 
Monaghan    Mary    1&5m        Dec 7,1874  NYC 
Knight  William 1&7m        Sep 13,1874 Kings   
McGolgan    John    4       Sep 15,1874 Kings   
Manning Mary Agnes  2       March 1,1875    Kings   
Richmond    Lena    9m      Apr 30,1875 Kings   
Coles   Clara C.    70  S   Jan 12,1875 NY  
Juderson    William 2&6m        May 29,1875 Kings   
Johnson Henry H.    44  M   May 8,1875  Lewis   
Durand  Beuf. Y.    53  M   Jan 23  Orange  
Turbert Hannah B.   50  S   Apr 21,1875 Delaware    
Johnson Patrick 19  S   Jan 22,1875 Ireland 
Dobbin  John    9       April 10,1875   Kings   
Wade    John    28  M   August 15,1874  Ireland 
Brock   Michael, Jr 13      April 18,1875   Kings   
Brock   Michael 55  M   April 18,1875   Ireland 
Trainor Thomas  --  M   Nov 10,1874 Ireland 
McCarthy    Ellen   --      July 1,1874 Kings   

male    child of Corneil Johnson    11m Aug 9,1874  NY      cholera
son  of John Sheedy 22  July 7,1874 NY  clerk/police bureau consumption
Harriet Kennedy 32  June 22,1874    Ireland dressmaker  consumption
daughter    of Richard Rowland  19  Oct 21,1874 Scotland        rheumatism of 
male    child of Dennis Cunningham  1m  July 24,1874    NY      cholera
female  child of William Tracy  6   May 7,1875  NY      scarlet 
female  child of Houston Johstone   2m  July 30,1874    NY      cholera
10th district of the 6th ward.

Combs   William A.      M/26    S   May4,1875   NY  bank clerk
Duryea  Mabel   F/1 S   March 18,1875   Bklyn   
Brigam  Denis   M/80    M   Jan 18,1875 Mass.   CowMd ?  (cow doctor ??)
Kissam  Margaret    F/2 S   Oct 30,1874 Bklyn   
Chapel  Edward  M/1 S   Jan 21,1875 Bklyn   
Metcalf W.J.    F/16    S   Sep 20,1874 Bklyn   
Scott-Young Remington   M/6 S   April 9,1875    NY  
Starr   Eliza D.    F/58    W   Nov 8,1874  Bklyn   
Hamilton    Mary D. F/67    S   Dec 8,1874  Bklyn   
Cowery  Francis M/2 S   Apr 13,1875 Bklyn   
Forbes  Sarah A.    F/42    M   June 9,1875 Bklyn   
Forbes  William M/2 S   Sep 4,1874  Bklyn   
Healey  Elizabeth   F/52    W   Apr 6,1875  Bklyn   
Ryan    Caroline    F/19    S   Feb 28,1875 Bklyn   
Scott   William M/4 S   April9,1875 Bklyn   
Clafin  John    M/1 S   Aug 10,1874 Bklyn   
Grace   John    M/7 S   Aug 5,1874  Bklyn   
Morris  Henry   M/2 S   May 15,1875 Bklyn   
Dunn    William M/1 S   June 9,1875 Bklyn   
Murry   Mary    F/6 S   Aug 6,1874  Bklyn   
Brady   Stephen M/3 S   Dec 28,1874 Bklyn   
Gilmore John    M/74    M   Feb 17,1875 Ireland Agent
Conners Hanora  F/7 S   Nov 25,1874 Bklyn   
Conners Mary    F/5 S   Nov 11,1874 Bklyn   
Conners Ellen   F/3 S   Nov 9,1874  Bklyn   
Kerns   Elizabeth   F/72    W   Mar 10,1875 Bklyn   
Travis  James   M/2 S   May 28,1875 Bklyn   

WARD 7th 1st Elect. District County: Kings SURNAME, First.Age.Sex.Status.Date/Death.Born.Cause NADDY, Michael J.49.M.M.22 May.Ireland.consumption FITZPATRICK, John.25.M.M.27 Nov.Kings.consumption FITZPATRICK, Julia.18.F.S.4 Feb.Kings.consumption QUINN, Mary.2.F.S.21.21 May.Kings.convulsions CONNLON(?), Edward.65.M.M.8 March.Ireland.debility BRADLEY, John.54.M.M.26 Feb.Ireland .consumption BEECHES, Anna L.13mo..F.S.18 March.Kings.scarlet fever BEECHES, Robert.5.M.S.11 April.Kings.scarlet fever 2nd Election District 7th Ward of Brooklyn County: Kings Deaths: year ending June 1, 1875 SURNAME, First.Age.Sex.Status.Date/Death.Native County.Cause of Death McCORMACK, Anne.1 1/4.F.S.27 Jan.Kings.water on the brain SHOTTICK, Pauline.35.F.M.18 Mar.Prussia.Dropsey McGARVEY, Emmet.3 1/4.M.S.23 Dec.New York.Scarlet Fever McGARVEY, Charles.2.M.S.8 June.New York.scarletina RICHARDS, Ida.7.F.S.14 April.Kings.membrane croup NILS, ?ihne.6 mos.F.S.4 July.Kings.Cholera Infantum HAYES, Francis J..2 1/3.M.S.28 March.Kings.scarletina McMULLIN, Cornelius.57.M.M.19 June.United States.Bronchitis HILDIETCH(?), Jennie.10mos.F.S.21 May.Kings.inflammation of the brain GIFFORY, William.2 weeks.M.S.27 June.Kings.congestion LAUB, Fannie.6.F.S.3 Dec.Kings.scarlet fever STEINWORTH, James.1 ..M.S.19 Jan.Kings.congestion of the lungs KEHOE, Thomas.11 mos..M.S.5 April.Kings.bronchitis KEHOE. Margaret.4 mos..F.S.28 Jan.Kings.diphtheria MILLER, James.11 mos..M.S.12 April.Kings.teething DOLAN, James.1.M.S.12 Aug.Kings.water on the brain McCLEARY, Eugene.1 month.M.S.12 June.Kings.consumption of the bowels HAYBORNE, Mary C..1.F.S.8 May.Kings.scarlet fever FITZSIMMONS. Ellen.3.F.S.29 May.Kings.scarlet rash CAGNEY, Delia.31.F.M.30 Sept.Ireland.confinement GALE, Louisa J.6.F.S.4 Jan.Kings.scarlet fever McDOUGHERTY T?ensa, .22.F.S.29 June.Kings.consumption MULLEN, Charles.65.M.M.9 Jan.Ireland.consumption COLIGAN, Dominick.30.M.S.23 March.Kings.consumption RICHARDSON, Joseph E..35.M.M.20 Feb.New York.consumption GROENDALE, Lawrence.1.M.S.15 Sept.Kings.measles GROENDALE, Joseph. 20 mos..M.S.15 July.Kings.consumption P?ATER, Peter.71.M.M.3 July.England.infirmity of age ROBERTS, Mary E.8 mos..F.S.3 July.Wisconsin.convulsion McANALLY, John.46.M.M.5 Jan.Montreal, Canada.pneumonia COSGROVE, Mary.69.F.M.20 March.Ireland.paralysis of the brain FINN, Patrick H..1/30?.M.S.10 May.Kings.measles KENNEDY, James.2 mos..M.S.18 June.Kings.diphtheria KNEE, Joseph.5 mos..M.S.27 Dec.Kings.bronchitis KNEE, Isaac J..2.M.S.3 Dec..Kings.diphtheria LEDWITH, Mary.76.F.M.12 July. Ireland.paralysis McMAHON, Ellen.1.F.S.9 Oct.Kings.inflammation of the lungs ANDERSON, Martin.54.M.M.8 Sept.Ireland.congestion of the brain TOBY, Matthew.45.M.M..15 Dec.Ireland.committed suicide by hanging FLYNN, John T.20 mos. .M.S.14 Feb.Kings.diphtheria YORK, Patrick.39.M.M.15 Feb.Ireland.brain fever HAMILTON, George.18.M.S.14 May.Kings. consumption (hemorrhage from lungs) AGNEW, David.55.M.M.13 July.Ireland. consumption (hemorrhage from lungs) BOYCE, Robert.9/30.M.S.1 April.Kings.?prue LENHART,Frederick.65.M.M.25 May.Germany.cancer in the stomach 3rd Election District of the 7th Ward BROPHY, Mary.73.F.W.3 Feb.Ireland.Asthma McMAHON, Mary.8 mos.F.S.16 July.NY.?feeble child WAGNER, Susan.10 mos.F.S.20 July.NY.cholera infantum WAGNER, Mary E..9 mos.F.S.16 June.NY.cholera infantum BRITTON, Ellen,.2.F.S.21 July.NY.cholera infantum BRITTON, Rose.5 mos..F.S.20 Dec..NY.whooping cough (congestion of the lungs) LYNS, Ino.1 1/2.M.S.30 Dec..NY.consumption of the bowels - (dropsy) WARD, ?(Th) Anna.22.F.S.3 March.NY.consumption (pneumonia) MASUNY, William F.2 mos..M.S.26 June.NY.cholera infantum MARTIN, William.34.M.S.19 June.NY.consumption (brain fever) WEIBLE, Chas..4 yrs. 1 mos..M.S.1 Dec..NY diphtheria and scarlet fever DAVY, Ann.71.F.W.12 Oct.Isle Guernsey.disease .of the heart (feeble) BENNETT, James H. (?).13.M.S.22 June.NY.consumption and disease of liver(brain fever) MILLER, Catherine.60.F.S.29 April.?.inflammation. rheumatism MILLER, Frederick.66.M.M.29 April.Germany.consumption (hemorrhage) GREEN, Ellen.50.F.W.12 Nov.NY.inflammation. Rheumatism (dropsy) BUCKMASTER, James, 59.M.M.18 May.NY.bright's dis. Kidneys CRATTOCK, Robert.9mos.M.S.15 July.sickly from birth. Mother dysp?rptic FAGAN, Peter W..1 yr. 7 mos.M.S.10 Nov.NY.diphtheria AURELIO, Frederick E..5 mos.M.S.6 May.NY.inflammation of the brain HINNY, Zippora.31.F.M.6 May.NY. hasty consumption SMITH, Mary.31.F.M.26 Sept.Conn..intermit and typhoid fever and finally pneumonia BERRY(?BENNY), Lulu.2.5 yrs.F.S.27 Dec.NY.heavy cold pneumonia MARSH, Mary.67..F.W.27 May.Germany.heart disease and old age REID, Grace.1 1/2 yrs.F.S.25 Oct.NY.membr. Croup Mc KENNA, Chas. E..3 yrs. 3 mos.M.S.3 Dec..NY.diphtheria Mc KENNA, Anna Maria.1 yr. 5 mos.F.S.3 Dec..NY.diphtheris (croup) EDWARD, Samuel.2 days.M.S.15 May.NY.sickly from birth CHAPMAN, Elmar.25.M.S.17 Aug.ME.congestion of the lungs and typhoid fever(pneumonia) HELLSWELL, Richard.1 yr. 8 mos.M.S.31 July.NY.cholera infantum GRAF, Claudine.32.F.M.13 April.NY. paraltic stroke FAIRGRIEVE, Mary A..3 yrs. 1 mos..F.S.24 Nov.NY.scarlet fever (diphtheria) FAIRGRIEVE, Emily.11 mos..F.S.24 Nov.NY.scarlet fever (diphtheria) CARPENTER, Martha.33.F.S.1 Feb.NY.consumption BROWN, Florence L..13 mos.F.S.15 Dec.NY.scarlet fever and conf. of the brain FERGUSON, Anna.2 yrs. 6 mos..F.S.7 April.NY.croup FERGUSON, Cecilia.8 mos.F.S.28 Sept.NY.inflammation of the bowels WHITEHOUSE, ?. J.2 yrs. 3 mos.M.S.5 Jan.NY.pneumonia EDWARDS, Joseph.26.M.S.19 Sept.Wales.consumption (hemorrhage) MONEFS, Herman F..10.M.S.29 May.NY.cereb spinal menningitis complained first of head MONEFS, Ernest.15 mos.M.S.22 June.NY.inflammation of the lungs - came from measles HARTREY, Elizabeth.5.F.S.27 Oct.NY.scarlet fever SPROISK, Florence.5.F.S.20 April.NY.scarlet fever - general orbility BEALS, Robert.22.M.S.3 Jan.NY.pneumonia (hemorrhage) HOWLAND, Ann.42.F.M.14 April.NJ.pneumonia 4th Election District 7th Ward SIMPSON, Bridget.60.F.M.22 Dec..Ireland.consumption LORIS, Francis.26.M.M.5 Nov.Cuba. diphtheria (cigar maker) HILL, James.47.M.M.7 May.Ireland. heart disease (barman) MC ENTIRE, Annie, L.2.F.S.5 Jan.Kings.scarlet fever COMSTOCK, Rueben T.88.M.W.26 March.Connecticut.consumption (school teacher) WARD, Anna.28.F.S.13 Jan.New York.consumption CHEESEBROUGH, Charles B..25.M.S.23 Sept.Kings.convulsions PROTHRO, Elizabeth.27.F.S.3 May.England.inflammation of the lungs HANCOCK, James M.49.M.17 Jan.New York.prolalisses of the brain (lanternMaker) HANCOCK, Katie.3.F.S.1 Jan.Kings.scarlet fever ARCI, Alonzo.1.M.S.10 Mar.Kings.croup CAHILL, Agnes G.1yr 6 mos..F.S.3 Aug.Kings.pneumonia CLAGGETT, Ruffas.72.M.M.20 April.New Hampshire.pneumonia (lawyer) DAVIS, Joseph A.5.M.S.21 Aug.Kings.dysentery MAYOR, Mary A.39.F.M.26 Oct.New York.consumption MAYOR, Mary E..19.F.S.31 Dec.New York.consumption FISLER, Jacob.53.M.M.29 Dec.Pennsylvania.apoplexy (corset maker) WATSON, Mattie M.11 mos.F.S.22 July.Kings.croup CALLAHAN, Rebecca A..58.F.M.8 Jan.Pennsylvania.general debility MURRAY, Nicholas.32.M.S.27 Nov.Ireland.heart disease (retail liquor dealer) MC FADDEN, Francis.1 yr. 5 mos..M.S.13 March.Kings.inflammation of the lungs BRINHERHOFF, Nettie.10 mos...F.S.29 May.Kings.convulsion SHERIDAN, Emma.8.F.S.1 April.Kings.scarlet fever McDONALD, Alexander.60.M.M.28 July.Pennsylvania.pneumonia (retail grocer) Ward: 7th - 5th Election District REARDON, James...72...M...M...29 May...Ireland...consumption ?AGAHORN, Maggie...F...S...6 July...Kings...scalret fever McKEEVER, Annie...3 yr. 4 mos...F...S...28 Feb...Kings...scarlet fever McKEEVER, Thomas...2 weeks...M...S...23 Sept...Kings...scarlet fever Ward: 7 6th Election District MORRIS, Ulysis M.10.M.S.31 Aug.New York.gored by an ox SCIVLIRE, Bridget.38.F.S.5 May .Ireland.consumption HAHN, Gracie.1 mon.F.S.15 Jan.Kings.inflammation of the lungs FARRELL, Michael.29.M.S.13 July.New York.consumption KELLY, Mary Josephine.11.F.S.27 Oct.New York.scarlet fever ATKINSON, Charles B.1 yr. 6 mos..M.S.11 Jan.New York.congestion of the lungs CLIFFORD, Mary C.7 mos.F.S.10 May.New York.lung fever ARMSTRONG, James.75.M.M.20 March.Ireland.apoplexy MORRIS, Mary A.72.M.M.20 March.New York.infirmities of age BORLAND, Bessie H .2 yr. 3 mos.F.S.12 Oct.New York.softening of the brain LYONS, Elizabeth.1 mon.F.S.25 March.New York.congestion of the lungs POTTER, Jennie A.20.F.S.30 March.Pennsylvania.consumption STUART, Emma L.2 yrs. 2 mos.F.S.5 March.New York.membraneous croup HALL, Fanny.22.F.S.5 Feb.New York.consumption BAKER, Ella L.4.F.S.8 April.New York.scarlet fever FROST, Frederic H.3 yr. 4 mos.M.S.18 April.New York.convulsions GILDEN LACOUE, Ermma E.11 mos..F.S.10 May.New York.Membrane croup BARNES, Everett.32.M.S.14 Nov.New York.killed by locomotive (Jersey City) PRAETIER(?), James H .3 yrs. 6 mos..M.S.28 Dec.New York.diphtheria BRENNAN, Margaret.1 yr. 4 mos.F.S.15 Feb.New York.bronchitis LYONS, Charles.1.M.S.22 Sept.New York.cholera infantum HORN, Susan 26 .F.W.26 March.New York.consumption KING, Arthur.7 mos.M.S.21 Dec.New York.inflammation of the brain RAMSEY, Wallie E.10 mos.M.S.New York.4 Nov.teething IRWIN, Edwin C.2 yrs. 1 mon.M.S.New York.Scarlet fever WERNEKEN or WERNKER, Anthony.60.M.M.25 Sept.New York.rheumatism of heart MARTIN, Bernard S.33.M.M.18 Feb.New York.pneumonia STEVENS, Clifford 1 yr. 7 mos.M.S.15 May.New York.marasmus HARLON, Catherine.60.F.S.23 Dec.Ireland.paralytic Stroke DOWDWSDELL, Richard.41.M.M.10 May.England.heart disease VAN KEMPEN, Charles E. .22.M.S.30 April.New York.consumption COFFIN, Susan.72.F.M.4 July.Mass.cancer 7th Ward 7th Election District FREIL, Mary. 15 months.F.S.10 Jan..Brooklyn.cholera infantum McCANN, John. H.3 yrs. 3 mos.M.S.30 Oct.Brooklyn.croup DICKMAN, Adeline.27.F.M.18 April.Brooklyn.consumption (Hem. Of lungs) KEYES, James F..1 month.M.S.3 May.Brooklyn.Sprew (sore mouth SHERIDAN, Sarah.16 months.F.S.24 Sept.Brooklyn.pneumonia JENNINGS, Bancroft.3.M.S.9 Feb.Brooklyn.scarlet fever MANELAY, Daniel.10 months.M.S.24 Nov.Brooklyn.teeth SAVAGE, Kate.18 months.F.S.5 June.Brooklyn.congestion of brain BROWN, Sidney G.2.5 yr..M.S.30 April.Brooklyn.diphtheria LEWIS, Sarah A.68.F.M.13 June.Brooklyn.general debility HEWITT, Mahlon.65.M.M.27 July.Brooklyn.heart disease TRUMBELL, Charles H.37.M.m.8 Aug.Orange Co.drowned CHAPMAN, William C.33.M.S.30 April.Brooklyn.consumption (of the old style) MORGAN, Frank R..18.M.S.14 Dec.South Carolina.consumption- hem. of the lungs SANDS, Augusta.22.F.S.27 Mar..Brooklyn.hemo? GREASLEY, Mary.72.F.W.19 Nov.Brooklyn.bright ? of kidneys FREIL, Francis.1 month.M.S.22 July.Brooklyn.convulsions HAWARD, Dennis.62.M.M.9 May.Brooklyn.pneumonia MC MARY, Franklin.23 months.M.S.26 Feb.Brooklyn.diphtheria SULLIVAN, Edward. 21 or 27.M.M.17 Oct.Brooklyn.heart disease GILL. James.?.M.M..?..?.General debility (form isn't filled out all the way) 8th Election District KEENI?S, James ..1 yr. 5 months.M.S.8 Oct.Kings County.diphtheria NOSTRAND, Christine.82.F.M.8 Aug.New York.infirmity PALMER, Lewis.13 months.M.S.7 July.Brooklyn.brain fever DOYLE, Peter.6.M.S.14 Dec.Brooklyn.scarlet fever FIWUEK, Daniel.1.M.S.23 Sept.Brooklyn.disease from teeth BACON, Ellen.38.F.M.23 July.Brooklyn.congestion of lungs PERKINS, Mary.2 days.F.S.23 July.Brooklyn.spasms CULTER, SIDNEY.3.M.S.6 Aug.Brooklyn.congestion of lungs ?CHAUCAT, Richard.17.M.S.22 July.Brooklyn.typhoid fever OBREIN, Margaret.70.F.S.25 April.Ireland.Old Age OBREIN, Eliza.20.F.S.18 Feb.Brooklyn.pneumonia TUDLEY, William.40.M.M.19 Sept.Brooklyn.consumption MURRAY, James.40.M.M.21 Aug.Brooklyn.consumption WILLIAMS, Auro.70.F.S.16 Jan.Brooklyn.consumption HUDSON, Joseph.70.M.M.15 Dec.Brooklyn.diphtheria Bacon, Caroline.2 weeks.F.S.7 June.Brooklyn.spasms

WARD #8 1st Election District VAN PELL, Caroline..62..F..W..6 Dec..South Carolina..appoplexy NOLAN, Roger..60..M..M..13 Nov..Ireland..paralysis BAKER, William H...33..M..M..28 May..England..heart disease HOOPER, Margaret..9..F..S..3 Nov..Kings..cholera AHERN, Thomas..2..M..S..3 July..Kings..cholera infantum ROSS, Alexander..1..M..S..18 July..New York..cholera infantum BRENNAN, Catherine..21..F..S..22 Aug..Ireland..water of the brain HARVEY, Rosanna..6..F..S..9 Dec..Kings..congestion of the brain Jackson, James..4..M..S..7 Feb..Kings..stano gravel MORRISSEY, Michael..41..M..M..1 Apr..Ireland..consumption COX, John..8 mos..M..S..10 Aug..Kings..unknown THITCKEY, Francis..3..M..S..13 Aug..Kings..congestion of the brain RILEY, James..37..M..M..2 Jan..New York..consumption FRENCH, Ester M...27..F..M..11 Nov..New York..pneumonia DAILEY, NORAH..6..F..S..20 Aug..New York..dropsy QUINN, Mary..3..F..S..19 Mar..Kings..diphtheria McMAHON, Peter..40..M..M..3 Feb..Ireland..pneumonia BROSNAN, Frances..3..F..S..24 Oct..Kings..croup HUNT, Robert..1..M..S..4 Oct..Kings..water on the brain LEISLER, George..1..M..S..4 Sep..Kings..unknown CONNELY, John..33..M..M..13 July..Ireland..sun stroke CLEAR, Williams..60..M..M..22 Oct..Ireland..heart disease CLEAR, Thomas..20..M..S..22 May..Kings ..heart disease ?UTCHICK, Henry..1 month..M..S..13 Jan..Kings..teething IRWIN, William..72..M..M..24 May..,Ireland..old age HEATH, Romer..2 months..M..S..3 July..Kings..unknown IRWIN, Francis..1..M..S..3 July..Kings..cholera infantum 2nd Election District MUNTHA, Edward..60..M..M..3 Aug..Ireland..paralysis LEI, May..6..F..S..5 Apr..New York..diphtheria HYLAND, Kate..10 months..F..S..20 Sept..New York..congestion of the brain SHAMROCK..14 months..M..S..21 Aug..New York..congestion of the brain COUGHLIN, Thomas..10 months..M..S..? July..New York..cholera infantum CARBY, Thomas..1 yr. 8 mos..M..S..? Feb..New York..congestion of the brain WOLFE, Kate..1..F..S..6 Sept..New York..cholera infantum CHAPMAN, Cora M..7 months..F..S..10 July..New York..cholera infantum HEAD, John D..2 1/2 ..M..S..4 Feb..New York..pneumonia THATCHER, William..3 months..M..S..10 July..cholera infantum WALKER, Charles..4 days..M..S..9 May..New York..bronchitis BYME, Catherine..14 months..F..S..21 July..New York..convulsions KERBY, Sarah..42..F..M..27 Dec..England..pulmonary consumption WHITTIE, Chalres..49..M..M..26 Mar..Germany..dropsy BAKER, Charles H..9..M..S..22 Oct..New York..congestion of the brain OLSEN, Charles..28..M..M..25 Nov..Denmark...brights disease of the kidneys TAYNTOR, Edward J...22..M..S..23 June..New York..pulmonary consumption DENT, Sarah..91..F..W..14 June..England..debility DENT, James..63..M..S..12 July..England..inflammation of the bladder BALMANO, Mary..75..F..W..6 April..England..paralysis BALMANO, Annie..11 months..F..S..12 April..New York..erysifilis FOWLER, Lydia L..24..F..S..26 May..New York..bright's disease of kidneys 3rd Elect District GEOGOHUN?, Sarah.1 day.F.S.? 22.New York.child birth DOYLE, Sarah.3.F.S.20 Dec.New York.scarlet fever AME?H?RY, Mary.39.F.M.10 Jan.Maryland.heart disease LAKE, James.28.M.M.7 May.Canada.pneumonia CASSIDY, Thomas.30.M.M.19 Mar.Ireland.consumption SCHILLING, Gustav.9.M.S.20 June.Brooklyn.drowned DISEH, Phillip.49.M.M.19 Oct.Germany.consumption WARD #8 4th Elect District KENEFICK, Catherine.6.F.S.22 Jan.New York.diphtheria KENEFICK, Mary.3 yrs. 1 month..F.S.22 Jan.New York.diphtheria REITEL, Jacob.8 months.M.S.12 July.New York.cholera infantum MC CORMACK, Josephine.2 yrs 2 months.F.S. 25 Jan.New York.diphtheria MC CORMACK, Cormar?.2 yrs. 2 months.M.S.25 Jan.New York.diphtheria BROLANDER, Rachael.16 months.F.S.19 Nov.New York.diphtheria KUMMELL, Adolph.4 yrs. 7 months.M.S.26 Jan.New York.diphtheria KUMMELL, Minnie.2 yrs. 5 months.F.S.12 Jan.New York.diphtheria GRAVES. John.34.M.M.6 Jan.Ireland.pneumonia of the lungs AHERN, Anna.40.F.M.6 Jan.Ireland.cancer O CONNOR, Catherine.9 months.F.S.15 Aug.New York.cholera infantum CRONIN??, Ritchland.22.M.M.8 Jan.Ireland.consumption 5th Elect District KLEIN, Elizabeth.33.F.M.10 Nov.New York.affliction ALGOE, Louia.2 months.F.S.7 May.Brooklyn.? of the brain KENAI. Louis.2 1/2 yrs.M.S.5 Aug.Brooklyn.diphtheria STEFFINS, John.2 months.M.S.22 June.Brooklyn.consumption PETERS, Laura.1 month.F.S.9 June.New York.brain disease LEWIS, F? D?.7 months.M.S.20 Jan.Brooklyn.abscess TOMPLINS?, George W..29.S.11 Feb.Brooklyn.heart disease HINYES, Patrick.35.M.M.29 Mar.Brooklyn.consumption DELANCY or DELANEY, Ellen.48.F.M.1 May.Ireland.heart disease KERNS. Joseph.9.M.S.10 July.Scotland.drowned VIERIE, Peter.6.M.S.10 July.Brooklyn.drowned VIERNE, Patrick.1 month.M.S.24 Dec.congestion of the brain CLIVERLEY, Mary.1 month.F.S.8 Aug. Brooklyn.general debility

1875 Deaths- WARD 14 pjeter@psyber.com E.D. 2 Ward 14 SADLER, Eliz. 6ys, born in U.S., died 20 Nov of Intermittent Fever (measles) LEMMERMANN, John, 9 mos, born U.S. died 21 March, teeth (Cramps) McKEEVER, Daniel, 1yr 3m, born U.S. died 10 Jan, teeth MURRAY, Cath., 1 mo, born U.S., died 22 Jan, Convulsion HANISCH, Paul, 11mo, born U.S., died 24 Aug, Summer Complaint (teeth) PULLUM, Mary A., 6yr 6mos, born U.S., died 6 March, Scarlet Fever KELLY, Maggie, ?, born U.S, died 20 Jan, Debillity. LEEDS, Joesph, 1yr 3mo, born US, died 23 Nov, Scarlet Fever McDEVITT, Julia, 8mo, born US, died 17 June , Scarlet Fever NELSON, Cath., 3yrs, born US, died 7 Mar , decline POHKE, Anthony, 24 yrs born Poland, boatman, died 25 feb, drowning. SCHNEIDER, Anton, 2yrs, Born U.S. died 10 Sept, Consumption SCHMAKER, John Henry, 38yr, liquor store, born Germany, died 7 Aug, Consumption. STOLTER, Cath., 4 yrs, born England, died 4 Jan, Diptheria CRAVENS, James ?, born U.S., died 1 nov, Consumption COSTELLO, Mary, 61yrs. born Ireland, died 18 Dec, Consumption. GODSELL, William, 37yrs, born Ireland, ship fastener, died 20 Jul, Cholera GARMAN, unborn child of Patrick & Cath. born Oct ?, U.S., stillborn MULLANE, John J., 6mo, born US., died 9 dec, Mesmerisan of the Bowels. SHIELDS, Sarah, 30 yrs, born Ireland, died 24 Apr, Consumption. RYAN, Anne, 52yrs, born Ireland, died 20 Apr., Dropsy. BASKERVILLE, Eliz. 9?yrs ,born England, died 23 Aug, Heart disease CASSIDY, James, 19yrs 9 mos, born U.S., bookkeeper, died 23 Aug, Consumption. SCHWARTZ, Lena, 5yrs, born U.S. died 15 Jan , Fever (Scarlet) VOLMER, Henry, 2 yrs, born US, died 8 Jan, Convulsions. FLANNIGAN, James, 32 yrs, Iron moulder, b ireland, died 19 Jan, Small pox. PULLEN, Sarah A., 3 yrs 9mos, born US. died 16 Oct, Scarlet Fever BALTZ, August, 19yrs, blindboy, born U.S. , died ?Aug, self murder by pistol. LINZ, Helena, 33yrs, born Germany, died 22 Feb, consumption. DOWD, Annie, 1 yrs 4mos, born U.S. died 2 Jun, Teeth COHEN, Annie 22yrs, born U.S. works "fancy ?factory" died 20 Jan. Abcesses. MOLLOY, James 81yrs, born Ireland, laborer, died 9 Jan, consumption. HIGGINS, Francis, 2yrs 3mos, born US, died 15 March, Summer complaint (lungs) HIGGINS, (Stillborn), died feb ?, WHELAN, Patrick, 56 yrs, born Ireland, Stone cutter, died 26 Mar, Appolexy. SMALLFIELD, Stephen, 80yr, born England, bricklayer, died 22 Jan, Appolexy. LUDEKE, Anthony, 2 yrs. born US., died 16 Mar, diptheria REDMOND, Isabella, 11 days, born US, died 24 Mar, convulsions. SHEPARD, Harriett M. 14yrs, born US., died 20 apr, Heart Disease (hasty consumption. SHIELDS, John, son of Andrew,b. NY., 1 mo., d.Aug 17, Unknown cause. MOWTINIS, Alice, daughter of John,b. Kings Co., 2 mos, d.Aug 14, inflamation of the Lungs. BAILEY, Robert, 50yrs, b. Ireland, laborer, Drowned (suicide)d. 29 May BOYCE, James, son of William, 3yrs, 2 mos, b. Kings, d. Dec 8, Diptheria. FERDINAND, John, 43yrs, b. Kings, carpenter, d. Oct 3, congestion of brain. MARTIN, Robert, 70yrs, b. Ireland, brick mason, d. Sep 9, Killed falling accidently from building. TAGGART, Amelia, child of Charles,3 mos, b. Kings, d. Feb 16, Diptheria. McGEE, John 53yrs,b. Ireland,laborer, d. May 18, Heart Disease. HALL, Mary child of Richard, 7yrs, b. Kings, d. April 21, water on the brain. HALL, child of Richard, stillborn, d. April 20. McKENNA, Patrick, 70yrs,laborer b.Ireland, d. March 15, old age. CORS, Ann, child of Henry, 7yrs, Oswego, d Jun 8, consumption, hasty. CORS, Mary, child of henry, 10mos, Kings, d. Sept 12, Cholera infantum. WILSON, Ellen, child of Charles, 11 mos, Oct 26, Cholera Infantum. COLLINS, Richard, child of Patrick, 3 yrs 3 mos., Aug 7, Kings Co, Scalded by water. McGUIRE, John, 61 yrs, b. Ireland, ship joiner, d. July25, Consumption ANGLIN, Daniel, son of James, 16yrs, Cooper apprentice, congestion of brain. SNEEDICKER, John 4yrs, son of John b. Kings. d. July, Inflamation of lungs. SNEEDICKER, William 2yrs., son of John b. Kings, d. July, inflamation of lungs. WESTPHAIL, John, 1 mo, b. King, d. Apr, inflamation on lungs. GREANY, Joesph, 5mos, b. Kings, d. Jul 11, ? on brain. BOLGER, John ,2 mos, son of Conrad, b. Kings, d. Apr 4, Wind Colic BOLEN, 1 yr 4mos, son of Timothy, b. NY, d. Aug 23, Cholera Infantium KERSTEAD, Frank, 7yrs., son of Charles, b. Kings. d. Jun 19 heart disease. E.D.#4 O'NEIL, Constaine, 40 yrs, Laborer, b. Ireland, d. Feb, consumption HOPWOOD, Henry T. 64yrs, b. England, d. May 24, consumption HOPWOOD, Joesph A., 26yrs, b. England, d. Mar 24, consumption. SHEEKEY, Barbara 3yrs 2 mos, b. Kings d. Sept. N/L HALL, Joesph, 43yrs, butcher, b. Ireland, d. ? ,N/L BROWN, Ellen C. 3yrs, b. Kings, d. Aug 6, N/L CONSVILLE, Peter M. , 37yrs, b. England, boltmaker, d.?, U/L BLACK, Ludwig, 45yrs, b. Austria, bird stuffer, d ?, U/L Ward 14 e.d. 5 CLARSON, Anna B. 7mos, b. Kings, d. Sept 22, Summer complaint FOX., Anna, 5yrs 2 mos, b. Kings. d. Jul 18th, Summer complaint IRELAND, Elizabeth, 19YRS, b. Ireland, d. Sep 19, consumption. HOLWICH, Anna 1yr 3mos, b. Kings. d. Dec 3, consumption. RICHARDSON,.Mary 39yrs, b. NY, d. Feb 10, dropsy. O'SULLIVAN, Catherine, 6mos, b. kings. d. Aug 17, whooping cough. NOLAN, Henry M. 7mos, b. Kings, d. Apr 26, decline BANTLEY, Marie J., 1yrs 4mos, b. NY, d. Feb 5, ? GANNIGAN(?), Patrick 10mos, B. Kings, d. NOv 12, Decline WIEBUSH, Elizabeth 1yr 4 mos,b. King, d. May 28, Scalled by hot tea. CLARK, Kate, 3 mos, b. Kings, d. Jan 19, Diptheria PHALEN, John, 1yr 11mos, b. kings. d. Nov. 5, Brights disease of the kidneys. PHALEN, William, 3yrs 6 mos, b. king., Dec 5, Consumption HAAK, Maria 27yr, b. Germany d. May 10, Consumption. McDONALD, John 50yrs, shoemaker, b. Ireland, d. Feb 23, disease of the heart. HART, David, 53yrs, Segarmaker, b. England, d. Jan 30. bronchititus. GLENN, Patrick 15ys, b. Ireland, d. May 24, Burned accidental. MEGAHN, Patrick, 65yrs, b. Ireland, laborer, d. Apr 20, Cancer. COPELY, Celia 2yrs, b. Kings, d. Mar 17, Scarlet fever. BITTERS(?), 45yrs, b. Germany, porter, d. Feb 20, Small pox. McGEE, Margaret, 3yrs, b. Kings. d. April 3, Cholera Infantium. Ward 14 E.D.#7 MEAD, Albert J. 52yrs, policeman, b.NYC, d. Dec 24, consumption. NEADHAM, Mary 1yr 9mos, b. Brooklyn, d. June 9, teething. O'NEIL, Osker, 7mos, b. brooklyn d. Nov 3, whopping cough. NEELY, Elisabeth, 28yrs. b. NYC, d.Feb 10, Child bed NEELY, Francis , 3mos, b. Kings Co. d. Feb 11, weakly DIXON, Henry B., 5oyrs, b. NYC, fisherman, d. May 10, dropsey. GALAGHER, Patrick, 1mos, b. Kings. co. d. Feb 28, sickly born. BRADLEY, Mary E., 11mos, b. Kings. D. Dec 15, congestion of the brain. WOLF, Margaret, 4yrs, b. NYC, d. 19 May, Scarlet Fever. REEVE, Amelia J., 3yrs, b. kings co. d. Jan 18, Pneumonia. WILLSON, William H., 2yrs 5 mos, b. Kings Co. d. Feb 5, Pneumonia. LAND or POND, Mary E, 34yrs, b. Sourth Carolina, d. sep 1, heart disease. WHITTIER, Thomas E., 34 yrs, b.England, Jeweler, d. Jan 25, typhoid fever. McKEANER, Frances,2yrs 7mos. (female)b. Kings co., d. Sep 7, Inflamation of brain. TABER, Lena 16yrs, b. Illinois, d. apr 29, consumption. ROPE, John, 46yrs, b. Germany, Sugar refiner, d. Oct 12, Disease of the heart. FOLEY, Patrick 75yrs, b. Ireland, Laborer,d. Jan 6, Asthma ADDINGTON, Isabella 9mos, b. Kings Co, d. Jun 7, water on the brain LOCKWOOD, Caroline N (M?) 15yrs., b. Kings Co., d. May 12, consumption. SPRINGSTEIN, Mary J., 1 mos, b. Kings Co. d. Dec 26, spinal afflection CLIFF, Sarah 2yrs, b. Kings Co. d. 15 Jan , Pneumonia. EDWARD, Harvey W. 1 yr 5mos, b. kings co. d. 27 feb, Scarlet Fever. BLANDELL(?), Scott T. 46yrs, b.NYC, shipwright, d. Nov 17, Inflamation of stomach. TRATEN, Edward J. , 6yrs, b. Kings Co. , d. Feb 17, Scarlet fever. COOPER, Andrew M. 78yrs. b. England, weaver, d. Sep 17, Pneumonia. HAYES, Frank, 27yrs, b. Kings co. Clerk, d. Nov 10, Brights Disease of the kidneys. FROST, Alexander 59yrs, b. Ireland, Barber, d. Mar 26, Pneumonia. COOPER, Israel 81yrs, b. England, Painter, d. Jan 13, Congestion of the Bronches. MITCHELL, Charles W. 24yrs, b. NYC, d. May 19, expressman, Heart Disease. PEACH or ROACH, Josaphene, 6yrs, b. NYC, d. Dec 24, spinal complaint HOGAN, Gertrude, 8mos, b. Kings co. d. Mar 6 inflamation of the lungs.

WARD # 16 Name Age Date of Death Cause Linter Henry E 7 May 14 1875 Scarlet Fever Weithas Alexander 2 Dec 1 1874 Diptheria Schmitt Louisa 6/12 Aug. 29 1875 Summer Complaint Stoecker Rosa 10 Sept 22 1874 Scarlet Fever Berner Anton 67 April 23 1875 Dropsy Koerner Clara 1 2/12 Sept 22 1874 Summer Complaint Koehler William 4 August 31 1874 Scarlet Fever Schobel Mary 4 Oct 26 1874 Scruples (?) Schobel Amali 7 November 9 1874 Scarlet Fever Vollmuth Wolfgang 2 August 15 1874 Summer Complaint Dreuk Frederick 1/12 February 91875 Unknown Ebt George 22 January 271875 Consumption Shuster Henrietta 8/12 July 16 1874 Summer Complaint Seder Ferdinand 6 July 22 1874 Summer Complaint Julins Charles 51 Feb 22 1875 Apoplexy Wolter Henry 1 3/12 August 8 1874 Summer Complaint Frost John 1 2/12 Sept 14 1874 Summer Complaint Smith Catherine 1 November 23 1874 Brain Fever Mewes Emma 1 10/12 September 29 1874 Summer Complaint Meyer Joseph 21 June 26 1874 Hemmorage of Lung Rewel Josephine 24 Sept 7 1874 Hemmorage of Lung Ullman Isaac 55 February 10 1874 Consumption Almedinger Adam 24 April 26 1875 Diptheria Bahl George 78 June 21 1874 Dropsy Lang Annie 2 May 3 1875 Inflamation of Lungs Fey Mary 1/12 October 5 1874 Diarrhea Dugle Michael 19 December 4 1875 Hemmorage of lung These were listed on the 1875 Census for Kings County

WARD # 19 First District during the year ending June 1, 1875. County: Kings SURNAME, First..age..sex..Status..date/death..Native State or Country..occupation..cause of death KRONENBERGER, Lena..9 3/12..F..Apr 12..Alabama...Diphteria GOLDSCHMID, Jacob..60..M..M..Jan 9..Germany..framer..disease of the heart WILLIAMS, Charlotta..65..F..M..Apr 30..England..disease of the heart MULLER, Charles..52..M..M..Feb 19..Germany..carpenter..inflammation of the lungs WEIS, Elisabeth..1 3/12..F..May 12..Kings...cholera morbus ALGAIR, Theresia..3/12..F..July 20..Kings..inflammation of lungs HEGHEIMER, Barbara..2..F..Apr 24..Kings..complaint of liver McENNRY (McEWENRY?), Moritz..73..M..M..Aug 21... Ireland..peddler..liver complain GLOCK, Joseph..8/12..M..Aug 26..Kings..spasm STAUF, Lena Katte..2/12 13d..F..May 29..Penn..disease of the heart WELLENBERGER, George..6 days..M..June 23..Kings..spasm DEWALD, George..15 days..M..Sept 24..Kings..complain of liver NEATH,Michael..14 days..M..Black..Sep 3..Kings..disease of the heart LENN, John..7/12..M..Sept 5..Kings..disease of the lungs ZIMMER, William..2 6/12..M..Jan 6..Kings..cholera morbus PECK, Henry..2..M..Jan 20..Kings..scarlet fever BOLLEREAU, Julius..1 2/12..M..Jan 7..Kings..cholera morubs BOOKMEIER, John..11/12..M..Aug 1..Kings..sommer complain BUCHMAN, George..6/12..M..Aug 14..Kings..cramp HARDMAN, Frederick..12 days..M..Nov 24..Kings.. ? complain FUCHS, Jacob..45..M..M..Feb 23..Germany.. woodturner..running sore on leg SCHRAEDER, John..21 days..M..July 21..Kings..sommer complain TROY, Mary..7 days..F..Mar 13..Kings..inflammation of lungs KUNTZ, Adam..1 4/12..M..Nov 5..Kings..diptheria WABER, Maud..2 6/12..F..Sep 10..Kings..death through bleeding MAUS, John..14 days..M..Aug 11..Kings..sommer complain BLUM, Acha..1..M..July 15..Kings..inward convulsion HOLEMAN, William..4 6/12..M..Jan 24..Kings..diptoria STRUBEL, Herman..5..M..Sep 5..New York..cramp EBERHARD, Lora..3..F..Feb 12..New York..typhus fever GARFENHORST, Henry..14 days..M..Jan 25..Germany..croup PHIFFER, Frank..6 weeks..M..Apr 9..Kings..croup PHIFFER, Emma..2 4/12..F..May 25..Kings..consumption KAERNER, Mina..8..F..Feb 19..Germany..death through bleeding FREDERICH, Catherine..3 w..F..May 26..Kings..sommer complain WOOD, Margareth..64..F..Oct 8..England..old age BERGMANN, Henry..27 days..M..July 27..Kings..sommer complain KAUL, Frederick..41..M..M..Sep 5..Germany..shoemaker.. disease of heart SCHNEIDER, Mary..4/12..F..Dec 13..Kings..cramp SMITH, Luisa..3/12..F..Mar 15..Kings..spasm FULTON, John..54..M..M..Aug 27..Germany..laborer..inward complain RONG, Elisabeth..12 days..F..Black..Jan 11..Kings..deformity TROY, Mary..8 months..F..May 28..Kings..cramps KRUMMER, Elish..18 4/12..F..Feb 4.. Kings..inconfommer ? KRAEMER, William..2 4/12..M..Jan 14..Kings..inflammation of lungs AMMANN, Catherina..43..F..M..Apr 1..Germany..heart disease SPAD, Helena..15..F..Aug 10..Germany..typhus fever HORN, Emma..1..F..Feb 21..New York..cramps KELLER, Maria..1 6/12..F..Jul 12..Kings..sommer complain JOHN, Anna..7..F..Apr 23..New York..diphtaria PFEIFER, Margreth..2..F..Sep 28..Kings..diphtaria HERMANS, Lena.. 1 1/12..F..Mar 15..Kings..inflammation of lungs ROLETTA, John..40..M..M..May 25..France..farmer..consomption MECKLINGER, Joseph..6/12..M..Aug 11..Kings..sommer complain WEITNING, Radgel..54..F..June 20..Germany..consumption STEVENS, Jane..42..F..Jan 16..England..consumption GEBHARD, Carline..1..F..Sep 15 Kings..inflammation of loungs HECK, John..42..M..M..Dec 26..Germany..speculater..consumption BERGER, John..1..M..Apr 19..Kings..diptharia KRUBEL, Carlin..6..F..Oct 31..Kings..typhus fever GEIER, Peter..7/12..M..June 20..Kings..croup STAGER, Anna..3/12..F..Mar 15..Kings..disease of loungs PREAM, John..10/12..M..Black..Jul 5..Kings..cholera morbus STOLZ, Philip..11 5/12..M..Jan 31..Kings..inflammation of brain NOGEN, Jacob..5 days..M..Feb 25..Kings..croup SMITH, Frederick..1 6/12..M..Nov 16..Kings..consumption GRESSBACHER, Conrad..50..M..M..Jan 16..Germany..brushmaker..self destruction through poison ?uuli(?), Mary..5/12..F..May 17..Kings..cramps SCHULER, Anna..4/12..F..Feb 18..Kings..cramps SCHULER, Kunnigunda..4/12..F..Feb 25..Kings..cramps BOHN, Henietta..3..F..Jan 25..Kings..scarlet fever REINHARD, Killian..3/12..M..Sept19..Kings..consumption DUMAN, Rosa..1 6/12..F..Jan 21..Kings..inflammation of loung ECKSTEIN, Mary..11/12..F..Jul 19..Kings..sommer complain CODMANN, Maria..2/12..F..Oct 17..Kings..cramp BUUER, Margreth..2 2/12..F..Oct 10..Kings..difturia WRIGHT, Peter..2 10/12..M..bl..Oct 10..Kings..diftaria WRIGHT, Rosa..1 2/12..F..black..Oct 14..Kings..diftaria BAUER, George..2..M..Oct 3..Kings..croupe ABEL, Luisa..48..F..M..Jun 25..Germany..diftaria WASBER, Catherine..2..M..Nov..30..Kings..consumption EISEN, Catherine..4..F..July 4..New Jersey..cramps EISEN, Mary..2..F..Feb 14..Kings..inflammation of loungs LOHWIND, Frederick..60..M..M..Jan 12..Germany..laborer..consumption BAUTZMAN, Henry..3 6/12..M..Nov 2..Kings..difturia ANDERSON, William..1 2/12..M..black..Feb 14..Kings..diftaria Second District WARD # 19 BAUER, Margt..2 2/12..F..Oct 21..native..diphteria REITZ, Peter..2 11/12..M..March 3..native..diphteria REITZ, Rosa..1 5/12..F..March 16..native..diphteria WOOSTER, Daniel..40..M..M..March 23..Germany..laborer..consumption BAUER, George..2 6/12..M..Apr 4..native..croope DANENHEIM, A.Mary..1..F..Jan 26..native..diphteria JUSE, Catherine..4..F..Feb 2..native..cramps JUSE, Mary..1..F..Apr 15..native..Im. of lungs SCHWIND, Basilius..49..M..M..May 20..Germany..carpenter..Im. of lungs HENRICH, Jacob..38..M..M..March 17..Germany..grocer..consumption BOHSMAN, Henry J..3 6/12..M..Jan 13..native..diphteria SCLINGER, Mary..1..F..Feb 20..native..som. complaint STEINGETTER, Bertha..4..F..Mar 3..native..diphteria SCHULTEN, Edward..6..M..Feb 16..native..Im. of lungs SCHWINN, Ludwig..2 6/12..M..Nov 28..native..Im. of lungs DALLGLISH, Robert..2 2/12..M..May 2..native..croope CORLEY, Martin..35..M..M..Apr 6..Ireland..driver..drowned SCHAAD, Doro..13..F..Feb 25..native..consumption FRISH, Edward..6/12..M..May 13..native..som. complaint HARPER, David B..5..M..Feb 21..native..inju??of braine LUTZ, William..1 8/12..M..Oct 30..native..diphteria EATON, Mathew..4 1/12..M..Apr 5..native..Im of lungs NETTOW, J..19..M..Dec 17..native..consumption LEWIS, Samuel A..58..M..S..Nov 31.. England..salesman..dropsy cons. JACKSON, Alfred..2 6/12..M..May 4..native..Im of lungs ELLIS, William..28..M..S..Feb 19..native..clerk..consumption JENNERICH, Adolph..7..M..Jan 13..native..sm. pox CRUSAER, Miney..7/12..F..Jan 3..native..som complaint EDWARDS, R..56..M..S..March 15..England..agent..brain decease FINK, Fred..2..M..Nov 25..native..som complaint KINSINGER, Edmond..4..M..Feb 3..native..diphteria HAAHN, Mathilda..1/12..F..May 19..native..lockchaw SCHUMACHER, Anna..8/12..F..Oct 30..native..im of lungs ORMAR, Anna..34..F..S..Feb 25..native..Inf. of bowels LESIEUR, Charles..44..M..M..Feb 12..France..salesman..inf. of lungs SCHARP, Lilie..12..F.. Oct 5..native..consumpt HAAN, Catherine..70..F..W..Jan 12..Germany..old age SIEGLEN, Carl W.. 6/12..M..July 15..New York..som. complt SIEGLEN, Anna..1/12..F..Nov 30..Kings..cramps OHL, George..6..M..June 12..Kings..dropsy SWEENEY..Martha..9/12..F..May 11..Kings..dropsy FUCHS, Lotto..4/12..F..June 21..Kings..colvoltion FUCHS, Luisa..2/12..F..Aug 17..Kings..colvoltion BA??ER, Maggie..7/12..F..Nov 6..Kings..som. complt SIMMON, Filestien..41..M..M..Nov 29..Germany..carver..heart disease FETTER, John E..7/12..M..Sep 3..native..diphteria SPOERL, John..1 6/12..M..May 3..native..Im. of lungs BOND, John E..7..M..Dec 26..native..croope RIEBITZK,Mary..1/12..F..Dec 6..native..cramps BRUSH, Howard..6/12..M..July 26..native..cholera DESHAW, Mary..53..F..M..Apri 8..Germany..heart disease HAMILTON, Edward..5/12..M..Jul 20..native..som. complt FURSTENBERG, Maggie..6/12..F..Sep 23..native..som. complt FURSTENBERG, Barbary..2 1/12..F..Mar 23..native..diphteria CARL, Adam..10/12..M..Nov 14..native..com. ZENKE, August..18..M..S..Nov 6..Germany..taylor..com. LOWE, Theodore A..5..M..B..March 21..native..diphteria ECKARDT, Carl..33..M..S..July 4..Germany..goldsmith..found death in river SCHIEFER, Elisabeth..1 6/12..F..March 11..native..sm. pox STORET, Otilda..1 6/12..F..March 13..native..cramps MEYER, Helena..23..F..M..Jun 7..native..confinement MEYER, Helena..3/12..F..Aug 11..native..cramps SCHNELL, Ferdinand..1 6/12..M..Mar 27..native..croope HEDGEMEYER, Otto..7..M..Aug 16..native..diphteria HULST, Conrad J..4/12..M..Aug 1..native..cramps EBERHARDT, Henry..71..M..M..Sep 28..Germany..old age ULRICH, Henry..46..M..M.. Oct 27..Germany..laborer..com. ATAMIE, Henry..6/12..M..Oct 13..native..cramps MUENCH, Ferdinand..4/12..M..Jul 9..native..heart disease STAPPERTS, Susan M..2..F..Jul 17..native..com. Third District WARD # 19 MORRIAR?TY, Mrs..53..F..Jan 3.. Ireland..consuption LAUGHRAN, James Mr..40..2..Dec 15..Ireland..consuption LAUGHRAN, William..29..M..Nov 11..Brooklyn..congestion of the brain Fourth District WARD # 19 JUHRING, Emma..10..F..Mar 6..New York..heart disease MEAD, George T..52..M..M..Apr 25..New York..machinist..typhoid pneumonia PINKNEY, William..56..M..M..Feb 9..New York..merchant..dropsy WRIGHT, Albert..71..M..M..Dec 10..New York..physician..heart disease HANSON, Edward E..30..M..S..Feb 9..New York..clerk..consumption BATEMAN, Ella B..17..F..Feb 17..New York..consumption CORT, Nicholas..77..M..M..May 10..New York..merchant..heart disease STEVENS, Edward..55..M..M..Sep 20..New York..stone dealer..hemorage of the lungs BUNGAY, Robert H..23..M..S..Dec 7..New York..consumption BEACH, Kate..22..F..M..Jun 15..New York..convulsions Fifth District WARD # 19 GILLISPIE, Carrie L..11..F..Nov 14..Kings..intermitant fever THOMAS, Horris..1 1/2..M..Oct 1..Kings..dropsy on the brain BARCLAY, Harold..2 1/12..M..May 5..Kings..dropsy on the brain LOUGHRAN, Wm. H..29..M..M..Oct 31..Kings..ins.clerk..congestion of brain LINDSAY, Mrs. Nina..36..F..M..Mar 26..Kings..brain fever BUCKLEY, Reginald..40..M..M..June 1..Kings..P.RR clerk..apoplexy ROGERS, Annie..24..F..M..May 3..Kings..child birth BARKER, Frances E..2 9/12..M..Mar 10..Kings..croup BROWN, John B..22..M..S..Mar 8..Kings..bookkeeper..affection of head OULD, Mary P..29..F..M..April 20..Kings..confinement FERRIS, Thomas..54..M..M..Oct 13..New York..printer..typhoid fever MAYER, Fredoline..26..M..S..Sep 12..New York..no business..brain disease EGOLT, Wm. T..5..M..Aug 11..Kings..dysentary STEWART, Lyddia A.. 1 5/12..F..Nov 16..Kings..cholera infantum KELLEY, James..4/12..M..Mar 25..Kings..heart disease PIPER, Kate..20..F..S..Sept 6..NYC..consumption MYERS, Blanch..2 8/12..F..Sept 13..Kings..teeting COX, Thomas..54..M..S..Oct 8..Ireland..clerk dry goods..heart disease DUNN, William..5/12..M..Feb 14..Kings..spasms Sixth District WARD # 19 KOSTER, Peter..29..M..M..Sept 12..Germany..engineer..typhoid fever BRUCKNER, Henry..59..M..M..July 17..Germany..bootmaker..accidental shooting MAXWELL, Joseph..41..M..M..July 2..Ireland..cart man..consumption FRANK, Annie..5..F..Oct 13..Kings..diptheria VAN DREHLE, Katie..4..F..Sept 7..Kings..scarlatina DOUGLASS, Mary C..53..F..M..Jan 20..Ireland..housekeeper..inflammation of lungs MAHRING, Charles..46..M..M..Dec 28..Germany..nailor..collision on ferry boat HUSTEN, James..3..M..May 16..Kings..cholera infantum ROACH, Annie..2..F.. April 27..Kings..whooping cough PARKE, Henry..45..M..M..Nov 19..England..mathematical instrument maker.. apoplexy MACE, Katie..4..F..June 4..Kings..convulsions HOYT, Edward S..5..M..Jan 25..Kings..congestion of brain BOGART, Nellie M..21..F..S..Apr 6.. Conn..inflammation of brain MERRATT, James..26..M..M..Oct 10..England..glass cutter..consumption DOERING, George..30..M..M..Aug 13..Germany..hatter..consumption CONNOLLY, Maria..7/12..F..Aug 18..Kings..cholera infantum LEVY, Samuel..2 6/12..M..June 11..Kings..street RR accident CORBIN, Annie..11/12..F..Jan 5..Kings..diptheria MUNGER, Warren C..24..M..S..June 21..Kings..piano forte maker..accidental drowning while bathing

WARD 20 WARD 20 Election District 1 LINDEMEYER, Augusta..8..F..S..August 9..New York..Cholera Infantum FRAZIER, Mary..25..F..S..January 17..New York..Miscariage CHICHESTER, Nathaniel..81..M..M..March 25..New York..Dropsy MUGG?GOOS,Federico..2..M..S..August 7..New York..Cholera Infantum WILLS, Anna..24..F..S..December 10..New York..Heart Disease JACKSON, Charles..30..M..December 11..New York..Pneumonia HEDGES, Edward..43..M..M..May 8..New York..Disease Heart SIEBER, Amalia..38..F..M..April 24..New York..Disease Kidneys GRAHAM, Amalia..68..F..W..May 30..New York..Paralysis ANDREWS, Henry..1/12..M..S..August 11..New York..Cholera Infantum WARD, Henrietta..29..F..S..May 29..New York..Disease Heart LIGHTBODY,Frank..1..M..S..July 16..New York..Cholra Infantum HALL, John..77..M..W..Steptember 3..Conn...Paralysis TILFORD, Clara..39..F..M..July 10..New York..Consumption HAND, Joseph..59..M..M..December 6..Ireland..Consumption WALR????, Edward..33..M..M..S..June 1..Michigan..Brights Disease Kidneys GEOGHAN, Mary..5/12..F..S..New York..Cholera Infantum COLLINS, ?????, 4/12..M..S..July 13..New York..Congestion Brain OLIVER, John..2..M..S..December 18..New York..Diphthera KELLEN,Ann..45..F..M..November 20..Ireland..Paralysis CNU????, John..3..M..S..June 3..New York..Water on Brain EDWARDS, Samuel..4/12..M..S..July 16..New York..Cholera Infantum ROMI, George..10/12..M..S..July 15..New York..Cholera Infantum THOMPSON, Henry..3..M..S..March 15..New York..Congestion Brain MEYER,Emma..6..F..S..December 17..New York..Diphthera BLAIR,Dan..73..M..M..July 4..New York..Complication Disease ELIAS,Phobe..6/12..F..S..May 5..New York..Cholera Infantum PHOENNE, Susan..4..F..S..October 13..New York..Diphhera ANDERSON,Christtine..2 days..F..S..March 10..New York..---- ANDERSON, Martin..3 weeks..M..S..April 1..New York..---- EHLERS, Hugo..1/12..M..S..May 27..New York.. FAGERN, Thomas..2..M..S..December2?..New York..Inflamation lungs DUFFY, Mary..2..F..S..June 19..New York..Scarlet Fever MANSFIELD, Patrick..3..M..S..New York..April 23..Scarlet Fever DUFFY,Mary..4..F..S..January 4..New York..Scarlet Fever DRAPER, Thomas..26..M..S..May 2..Consumption WARD 20 Election District 2 CUNNINGHAM, Catherine..1..F..?..Aug. 2..NY..Membranous Croup BYRNES, Catherine..2..F..?..Feb. 2..NY..Teething Spasms RIES, John..59..M..M..April 18..Germany..Consumption CAHILL, Wm..57..M..Jan. 19..Ireland..Disease of the Heart MULLEN,Wm...3 days..M..?..July 3..Kings..Disease of the Brain CASEY, Annie..8/12..F..?..Nov.19..Kings..Whooping Cough BURNELL. James..7/12..M..?..May 12..Kings..Teething DEMO??, Edith..1..F..?..Jan.1..Kings..Premature Birth McCORMACK,Catherine..27..F..M..July 3..Kings..Death caused by accident O'KEEFE, Ellen..13/12..F..?..Aug. 26..Kings..Cholera Infantum ????TARD, Sally..5..F..?..Dec.5..Kings..Malignant Diphtheria BLENIS, Peter..73..M..M..May 27..NY..Heart Disease PATERSON, John..42..M..M..Jan.29..Kings..Consumption & Heart Disease HUGHS, Mary..3/12..F..?..Oct.23..Kings..Convulsions WARREN, Catherine..27..F..M..Jan.26..Kings..Consumption of the Lungs CRE??Y, Jas..4..M..?..Nov.30..NY..Scarlitina SENON, Agnes..10..F..?..April 14..Kings..Accidental Fall KANE, John..11/12..M..?..June 12..Kings..Teething SHORT, Bernard..24..M..S..July 15..Ireland..Consumption WEBSTER, Maggie..14/12..F..?..September 10..Kings..Diphtheria WILSON, Agnes..4..F..?..September 27..N.Jersey..? JAMES, Elizabeth..3..F..?..September 20..Kings..Scarlet Fever MEANES, John..47..M..M..Oct.26..Ireland..Accidental Fall WHEELER, ELOISE..76..F..W..March 22..Suffolk..Dropsy BENNET, Mary..3..F..?..OCT.19..Kings..Diphtheria PETERSON, Sarah..80..F..W..Oct.15..Eng...Old Age STOKUM, James..16..M..?..June 23..N.Jersey..Drowned HAND, Jennie..25..F..M..June 4..Kings..Consumption CORNELL, Steven..37..M..S..April 17..Kings..Pneumonia TAILOR, Man?..3..F..?..May 15..Kings..Convulsions SEE, Joseph..24..M..S..March 5..NY..Hasty Consumption STYLES, Geo..70..M..m..Aug 12..NY..Brights Disease Kidneys STEWART, Saml..74..M..W..Nov.16..Ireland..Bronchitis NORTH?P, Sarah..33..F..M..June 18..Kings..Peritonitis MILLER, Jacob..69..M..M..April 6..M??..Gangrene SNIFFIN, Robert..10/12..M..?..Jan 8..Kings..Congestion of the Brain MARQUISS, Mary..66..F..M..Dec.18..Geremany..Dropsy DAVIS, Alex..5..M..?..Jan 15..Kings..Scarlet Fever DAVID, Willie..2..M..?..Jan 8..Kings..Scarlet Fever DUNCAN, Chas..6/12..M..?..March 8..Kings..Pneumonia PORTINGAL, Chas..1..M..?..March 27..Water on the Brain McSEER, Ewd..7..M..?..Nov 4..Kings..Membrane Croup SHARP, Olive..3..F..?..Dec 24..Kings..Membrane Croup WARD 20 Election District 3 U???, Edward..5..M..?..June 21..Brooklyn..Unknown NOONAN, Mary..48..F..M..October 10..Ireland..Heart disease NOONAN, Katie..24..F..S..October 10..Ireland..Heart Disease GALLAGHER, James..35..M..M..September 12..Ireland..Assassinated CAROTHERS, Florie..3..F..S..Febuary 10..Pennsylvania..Dyptheria CAROTHERS, Frank..7/12..M..S..January 20..Kings Co..Dyptheria COURTNEY, Mary..33..F..M..November 5..Ireland..Confinement MERITTO, Willard..4/12..M..S..April 5..Kings Co..Congestion of Lungs FOULDS, John..42..M..M..April 15..New York City..Consumption BROWN, Ann..56..F..M..Febuary 14..New Jersey..Consumption NELSON,Thomas..42..M..S..April 23..Norway..Consumption PEETS, Eleanor..62..F..W..September 28..Westchester..Paralytic Stroke LARU?Y, James..5..M..S..January 6..Kings Co..Water on Brain DOUGHERTY, Ellen..97..F..W..January 13..Ireland..Old Age HEWITE, Andrew..1..M..S..August 10..Kings Co..Consumption of Bowels CUMBERSON, William..76..M..M..December 26..Long Island BROWN, Annie..4/12..F..S..August 11..Kings Co..Hooping Cough KNIGHT, Phillip..65..M..M..October 9..Newfoundland..Inflamation of Lungs HORTON, Ernest..2..M..S..January 4..Kings Co..Inflamation of Lungs GAMBLE, Irvine..1..M..S..June 29..Kings Co..Croup SMITH, Virginia..23..F..M..Febuary 14..New York City..Heriditary Consumption LALUMIA, Camille..57..F..M..September 13..Italy..Consumption of Bowels HOPPELL, Bal?ba?e..69..M..M..January 28..Germany..Inflamation of Bowels HOPPELL, Helena..68..F..M..April 29..Germany..Inflamation of Lungs FAGAN, John..42..M..M..January 8..Ireland..Erysipelas in Head McENTYRE, Robert..48..M..M..March 8..Scotland..Paralysis WEBB, Albert..1..M..S..January 30..Kings Co..Membraneous Croup BUCKLEY, John..64..M..M..May21..New York City..Brights disease of Kidney McGARVEY, Marsha..5..F..S..June 16..Kings Co..Congestion of Brain CUNNINGHAM, Agnes..2da..F..S..Febuary 3..Kings Co..Malformation of Heart NOSTRAND, Robert..23..M..M..December 1..Long Island..Consumption LANGDON, Katie..F..S..January 14..kINGS Co..Scarlet Fever NULTY, Joseph..6..M..S..April 20..Kings Co..Croup WARD 20 Election Disstrict 4 WRIGHT, ?ETTIE..3..F..S..April 16..Kings Co..Pneumonia WEBSTER, Stephen..2wks..M..S..Aug 8..Kings Co..Exhaustion KENT, John..6..M..S..June 1..Kings Co..Diptheria MACGOWAN, Eleanor..1..F..S..Aug 23..Kings Co..Cerebrospinial COLGAN, Eddie..4..M..S..May 6..Kings Co..Diptheria CRUM, Benjamin..9/12..M..S..Aug.10..Kings Co..Acute Bronchitas HATFIELD, Josie..6/12..F..S..Sept.28..Kings Co..Fever WRIGHT, Leila..7..F..S..Nov.20..New York..Scarlet Fever MEYER, John..8/12..M..S..Sept.30..Kings.Co..Diptheria MEYER, Cathrine..5/12..April 19..Kings Co..Bronchitas FITZPATRICK, James..8 Days..M..S..Sept.16..Kings Co..Exhaustion PORTENGILL, Charles..1..M..S..March 5..Kings Co..Mirasmus COLLINS, Emma..35..F..M..May 20..Albany..Rupture CARLE, John..4/12..M..S..October 1..Kings Co..Mirasmus ALBERT, William..65..M..W..Feby.25..France..Heart Disease ADAMS, Frances..65..F..W..Feby.9..New York..General Debility MANNHEIM, Eddie..3 Wks..M..S..Feby.15..Kings Co..Erysipleas KELLY, Lulu..2..F..S..June 4..Kings Co..Diptheria LATORGE, Rebecca..11/12..F..S..Seph 5..Kings Co..Congestion of Brain CONWAY, Adelaide..42..F..S..May 10..Kings Co..Consumption CONWAY, Walter..3/12..M..S..Dec 29..Kings Co..Spasms DESENDORFF, Andrew..7/12..M..S..Aug 3..Kings Co..Bowels ELBEN, Thomas..63..M..M..Dec 16..England..Paralysis RILEY, Mary..1..F..S..Aug 16..New York..Cholera Infantum NOSTRANE, Georgianne..3/12..F..S..July 17..Kings Co..Cholera Infantum ACKERMAN Myra..6/12..F..S..Dec 23..Kings Co..Fever SHEAR, Willie..2..M..S..Nov 11..Kings Co..Membraneous Croup CISCO, William..16..M..S..Jan 2..Kings Co..Bowels McGEE, Mary..4/12..M..S..Sept.10..Kings Co..Dysentery TOURELLI, Katie..72..F..W..March 17..Germany..General Debility HALSEY, Harriett..65..F..M..April 17..Kings Co..Paralysis WARD 20 Election District 5 TURKSBURG, Aurelia..84..F..W..April 5..Mass..Old Age, General Debility TRUMBELL, Lous Transcribers : Debbie Gagliardotto Phil BarthSusan Lalor Mimi Stevens Pam Venn Barbara Volkomer Return to DEATH MAIN Back to BROOKLYN Main