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NOTE: From Charles Sullivan; NYC-L list

Coroners' Inquisitions 1823-1898 are available on microfilm
at FHCs. Check the FHL Catalog online at:
under "New York, New York (City) - Vital Records"
The first film in the block is FHL #1318155.

These records will be of cases where a Coroner's Jury 
was convened, testimony was taken from witnesses, and a 
stenographer was employed to copy it all down.

However the Coroner often interviewed people on the 
scene and drew his own conclusions; there will probably be 
no record of these beyond what's on the death certificate.   

pg 116
This is all the information given:

KENT,  John - drowned when he fell off doc while going on board the  
                      steam boat William Gibben (15 feb 1836)

KENT, Peter- cause unknown (1 May 1836)

KENYON, Martin- fell down stairs, born Ireland age 60 (13 Jul 1833)

KERMIT, Moses- Suicide by laudanum, b. New Hampshire, age 44
                (6 Aug 1829)

KERNAN, William - drowning, born Ireland, age 35(24 Aug 1831)

KERNER, Frederick - suicide by cutting throat, b. Germany
                age 23 ( 15 Oct 1832)

KERR, Francis- Intemperance &  exposure, 
               b. Ireland, 
               age 30            
               carpenter, (31 Jan 1838)

KERR, Joesph- drowning, b. Ireland, age 50 yrs, (14 Mar 1828)

KERR, Patrick- a bank caved in on him near the Dobbs Ferry on the 
               Croton Aquedect and a large stone fell on his back.
               b. Ireland, age 26(15 Jan 1838)

KERR, Robert- fall from the masthead of the brig Wilson Fuller on 
              her voyage from Savannah, 
              b. Ireland age 19, sailor,
              He had a mother and 2 sisters in New York.  
              Thomas McNeill is his Brother-in-law and another is John C. 
              Henderson, mate of the brig. ( 6 Jun 1840)            

KERRIGAN, Francis- wall at corner of Duane and Williams St. fell on him, 
              b. England age 11 (6 Jun 1835)

KERRIGAN, Mary- cholera morbus, b. Ireland, age 22.  She had been in U.S.
                            12 months. (21 Jul 1838)

KERWAM, John- stabbed by Henry Wheller and Parick Brady or one of them
                          (22 Nov. 1841)

KERWIN, Sarah - accidently burned to death when in a state of intoxication,
                           b. ireland, age 28 (13 May 1838)

KETCHAM, George A. - natural causes, b. New York age 2 1/2 months, child
                           of Eliza Ann Ketcham (26 Dec 1842)

KETCHUM, John - Drowning, b. New York age 5yrs. Inquest at house of John
                   M. Ketchum, corner Roosevelt and Cherry Sts. (1 Dec 1831)

KIBBITHON, Catharine Maria- Marasmus, age 1 yr & 10 mos., child of 
                            Catharine Kibbithon (6 Aug 1841)

KIERNAN, Catharine - cause unk., born Ireland, age 35yrs (5 Jun 1826)

KEARNE, Fergus- choked on piece of meat while eating dinner, b. Ireland
                            age 70, carenter by trade (5May 1840)

KIERNAN, Margaret- took oxalic acid supposing it to be salts, b. Ireland
                               age 22 (23 Apr 1835)

KIESEL, Michael- drowning, b. Bavaria, Germany 12 1/2 yrs. child of 
                           Apallamenia Kiesel (6 Jun 1841)

pg 117 

KILBOURNE, Daniel- Apolexy, He was a merchant in New Jersey, where he
           has a family.  A son was with him when he had the fit of 
           apolexy. (24 Aug 1839)

KILLAM, Owen- cause unknown, b. Ireland, age 42 (11 Jul 1838)

KILLAN, Stephan- cause unknown, b. Ireland, age 44 (22 sep 1834)

KILLEEN, John- consumption, b. ireland, age 18 1/'2. Mary Nethercut is
                        his sister. (15 Feb 1841)

KILLROY, Ann- suicide by opium, age 18 (24 July 1830)

KILPATRICK, Elizabeth- imtemperance, b. ireland age 32 (1 mar 1824)

KIMBER, Ann - intemperance, b. New Jersey, age 34 ( 17 feb 1831)

KIMBERLY, Willis - suicide by hanging, b. Conn. age 38 (29 Dec 1834)

KIMMELL, Henry - a fit, b. Germany age 65 (8 Jul 1834)

KIMMIS, Thomas - cause unk. b. England, age 50 (23 Mar 1834)

KING, Catharine - intemperance and exposure, b. ireland age 35 (5 Jun 1826)

KING, Catharine - heart disease, b. Penn, age 28 , wife of Robert King of
                          125 Grand st. (27 Jul 1842)

KING, Charlotee - visitation of God, born Long Island, age 48 (25 May 1835)

KING, Elisha S. - suicide by strangulation, b. New York, age 48, 
                          (16 Jun 1828)

KING,  Jeanette - dissipation and want of medical attention and 
                           nourishment, age 22, prostitute( 28 Dec 1840) 
KING, Joesph - fall through hatchway of store 145 Front st., b. England
                       age 25, husband of Mary King (12 Jun 1838)

KING, Julia (colored)- inflamation of the lungs, illegitimate, b. New York
            age 9 mos, child of Julia Hammond (colored ) (28 Dec 1842)

KING, Margaret - suicide by jumping from roof of house, b. ireland, age 40.
                          (3 Jun 1828)

KING, Mary - Debility, b. U.S. age 40 (30 Nov.1831)   

KING, Patrick - drowning, his brother is Thomas king (18 May 1839)

KING, Thomas - drowning, age 30 (18 Apr 1830)

KING, Thomas P. - drowning, (1 Jul 1835)

KING, William Harman, drowning, b. New York age 8 yrs. child of William J.
          King. James King is an uncle of the child. (25 Apr 1840)

KINGSLAND, Hagar- oil of vitroil thrown on her by a man named Edwards, an 
                  Indian, b. Caldwell N.J. age 16yrs an orphan, unmarried 
                  11 and 19 Feb 1841) 

pg 132

McCrary, David- fall from ladder while at work at the house of Lambert Suydam.
            b. Ireland, age 60. Jane Ann McCrary is his daughter and 
            John D. McCrary his son. (11Sep 1838)

McCrea, Alexander- debilty, br. England, age 51 (16 Feb 1832)

McCrea, Mary - disease brought on by intemperance, b. ireland, living with
               her children, all whom are young (31 Jul 1842)

McCue, Mary - intemperance (7 Aug 1835)

McCue, Thomas - intemperance & exposure (12 Oct 1835)

McCulgin, Jane - suicide by laudanum, b. Ireland age 23 (1 Nov 1824)

McCullough, Jane - driven over by George Winters (colored), b. new York age 
             2 yrs and 8 mos, child of Patrick & Ellen McCullough)(29 May 1839)

McCullough, Phillip- run over by a wagon. b. New York , age 19 mos, child of
               Francis and Ellen McCullough (21 Jul 1838)

McCully, Samuel, Jr. - depression on the brain, b. New York age 13 yrs
                    child of Samuel McCully. Brother of the dec'd is 
                     Alfonso McCully (26 Aug 1840)
McDalmut, John - fracture of the leg and dissipation (4 apr 1837)

McDermott, Catherine - accidentally burned to deatrh, b. Philadelphia, age 37
                  a servant in the house of Dr. Simons, where she     
                  caught fire from the candle. (20 Feb 1835)

McDermot, John- drowning, b. Ireland, age 25 (20 Apr 1829)

McDermot, Mary - fell downstairs ( 27 Dec 1835)

McDermott, Mary - cause unk, b. Ireland, age 40 , wife of Thomas McDermott 
                             (26 Dec 1838)

McDermott, Michael - Killed by falling of building No. 119 Mulberry st. b. 
                                  Ireland, age 45 (16 Jul 1840)

McDermot, Sophia - visitation of God, b. New york age 3 mos, child of 
                 Willliam and Dophia McDermot. The mother was drunk
                 (9 May 1838)

McDermut, Terence - drowning, b. Ireland age 40 ( 8 Oct 1828)

McDevitt/McDavit, Charles- Suffocation, b. New York age about 6 weeks
                  child of Edward and Grace McDavit (1Apr 1842)

McDevitt, John - drowning, b. Ireland age 35 (31 May 1834)

McDevitt, James - fall from the piazza of the Lunatic Hospital at Bellevue, 
                            b. Ireland, age 35 ( 25 Nov 1838)

McDonald, Abigail - intemperance, b. Boston, age 40 (4 Dec 1830

McDonald, Alexander - apoplexy, b. Lansingburg, age 40 (26 Apr 1837)

McDonald, Anna Maria- Suicide by laudandum, b. Orange Co. age 21
                                   (12 Jul 1827) 

 pg 133

McDonald, Henry - drowning, b. New York, age 18 inquest held at house of 
Henry McDonald, 82 Catherine St. (13 Jun 1835) 

McDonald, Mary - Pulmonary consumption, b. Ireland age 35 , 
wife of  Timothy McDonald (29 Jan. 1841)

McDonald, William - drowning, b. Hudson age 10(8 Jul 1838)

McDonnell, Ann - suffocation from accumulation of mucus in the throat, 
b. New York age 7 mos, child of Thomas and Matilda McDonnell. (8 Aug 1841) 

McDonnell, James - drowning, employed as a sweep by the inspector of 
the 11 th ward (14 apr 1841)

McDonough, Henry - suicide of solution of morphine, 
b. England age 28, a sawyer by occupation (4 Mar 1841)

McDonough, James - blows inflicted by James Leary, 
b. NY state, age 30 may last, husband of Sarah McDonough (6 nov 1842)

McDonough, Peter- fall into area of No. 113 Perry St., 
b. Ireland age 50, most intemperate. 
Janet Crawford is his mother-in-law. (27 Dec 1842) 

McDougal, Alexander, Jr. - Apolexy, age 25 (20 Jun 1825)

McDougall, James - caught in fly whell of a steam engine, age 27 (3 May 1824)

McDowall, Sarah - peripneumony, b. Ireland age 30(6 jul 1837)

McDyer, James - cause unknown, b. New York age 30 (22 Mar 1832)  

McElroy, Alexander - Diarrhoea, b. Ireland, age 54 (4 Jul 1837)

McElroy, Ellen- inflamation of the stomach by taking gine, 
age 9 yrs, child of Maragaret McElroy (7 Mar 1841)

McElroy, Francis - drwoning, b. New york age 8 (23 Jun 1835)

McElroy, Rosanna - inflamation of the bowels, presumably wife of 
Patriack McElroy of 220 Elizabeth St. (26 Mar 1841)

McFadden, Elizabeth - suffocation , being overlaid by the mother, 
b. New york age one month, child of William (a laborer) and 
Mary Jane McFadden, who ave tow other children (23 Oct 1840)

McFall, Charlotte - suffocated in bed, age 3 mos, 
child of James and Maria McFAll (1 Apr 1840)

McFall, James - cholera infantum, 
b. New Yrok ,a ge 14 mos, chod of Elizabeth McFall (15 Sep 1842)

McFall, Mark - stabbed with knife by Patrick Gray on 24 Feb (25 Feb 1840)

McFarlin, Alexander -drowning born at sea age 35 (19 sep 1829)   

1842-49  pg 82

FLAGHERTY, Patrick- falling down stairs at 282 pearl St., 
b. Ireland, age 40 (13 Oct 1849)

FLANAGAN, Andrew - falling through hatchway from 4th to 
1st floor at 43 Duane St., b. New Jersey, age 10 yrs, and 3 mos. 
He was working at a lamp factory when he fell (20 Oct 1846)

FLANAGEN, James - falling from roof of a building , 
b. Georgia, age 29, a tailor by trade, 
husgband of Margaret Flanagan (7 Feb 1847)

FLANAGAN, Thomas - a bale of cotton fell on him, 
b. Ireland, age 34. He worked in the stosre of a Mr. Bolton. (4 Nov 1848)

FLANDERS, Dilman - apolexy, b. Germany age 58 (16 Mar 1845)

FLANNERY, Ann - congrestion of brain and lungs brought on by expousure to heat, 
b. Ireland, age 30. presumably wife of John Falnnery. 
She had a little boy (6 Sep 1846)

FLASCHMAN, Phillip - convulsions, b. NYC, age 8 days, 
child of George Flascham (13 Nov 1847)

FLAYNER, Matilda - diesease of bowels, b. NYC, age 1 yr 1 month., 
daught of Matilday Flayner (27 sept 1847)

FLEMING, John - drowning, b. Ireland age 47. 
Bridget Fleming is his daughter, he as a brother in NYC (29 Dec 1845)

FLEMING, Margaret - Clothes catching on fire when she was putting 
coal on the fire in a stove in the 4th ward, 
b. NYC age 10 yrs (23 Jan 1846)

FLEMMING, Margaret - bleeding from lungs, b. Ireland, age 43. 
Her duaghter's husband had turned her out. (6 Mar 1848)

FLEMING, Mary - cause unknown , b. Ireland , age 16 (17 Sep 1847)

FLEMMING, William - delirium trements, b. Ireland, age 47. 
For the past 14 years dec'd has been a soldier at West Point 
and on the western frontier.  A year ago he was discharged at 
Corpus Christi (17 Jan 1847)

FLETCHER, Harriet - killed by William Quinn while both were intoxicated, 
b. England age 30  (10 Sep 1844)

FLETCHER, Rebecca - debility, b. Philadelphia , age 40 (15 Apr 1848)   

FLICK, Margaret,- disease of the Heart, b. Philadephia, age 49, 
wife of William Flick (16 Jul 1843)

FLIGHT, Georgianna - she went every morning to assist in opening 
Mr. Flight's saloon. Her clothes caught fire when she was taking 
something from the mantle piece.  
She was born Canada, age 12 yrs. (1 Mar 1848)

FLOOD, Ann - burns when her clothes cuaht fire, 
b. NYC age 5 yrs daughter of John Flood (2 Nov 1849)

1842-49 pg 83

FLOOD, William Harlely - falling into hold of a ship, 
b. Ireland age 7 yrs. and 11 mos. 
William Hartley is the boy's grandfather. (1 Aug 1848)

FLORA, William - suffocated in fireat 40 Gold St., 
b. Virgiania, age 37, "industrious", 
an engineer at Bloomer's Packing box establishment (4 Sep 1847)

FLORDER, George - disease of bowels, 
b. Germany age 2 yrs. Dec'd and his father George Florder, Sir., 
had just arrived in NYC on the ship BEAVER from Antwerp. ((5 Jan 1847)

FLOWERS, Charles - cholera, 
b. NY age 9 yrs, he had been left with the Rols family 
by his mother (9 jun 1849)

FLYNN, Bridget - apolexy from epileptic fits, 
b. Ireland, age 35 , wife of Patrick Flynn (26 May 1846)

FLYNN, Mary - apolexy, b. Ireland, age 40 , 
wife of Patrick Flynn (16 Jul 1843)

FLYNN, Michael - debility from natural causes, 
b. NYC age 1 day, son of Ellen and Michael Flynn (17 May 1846)

FLYNN, Patrick - falling into area at 59 Washington St., 
b. Ireland age 30 , employed on ship Herman as a Fireman (10 Aug 1848)

FOGERTY, Dennis - apolexy, b. Ireland, age 40 ,
husband of Mary Fogerty, (2 Apr 1849)

FOGERTY, Dennis - cholera, b. Ireland age 2 mos, 
son of Mary Fogerty (14 Jul 1849)

FOGERTY, Thomas - burning when clothes caught fire 
b. Mass, age 5 yrs, and 10 mos., son of Cornelius Fogerty (3 Dec 1849)

FOLEY, Daniel - Struck by pieces of falling rock from a 
blast when he was working in the Vohies Quarry, 
b. Ireland age 28 ( 6 Oct 1849)

FOLEY, Dennis - congestion of lungs and brain from 
drinking too much cold water when he was carryng mortart to a roof, 
b. Ireland , age 36 (28 Jun 1844

FOLEY,John  - drowning, b. NYC, age 8 yrs, son of Dennis (9 Nov 1848)

FOLEY, Martin - diesease and want of medical attention, 
b. Ireland age 27 employed in the printing office of the 
Journal of Commerce, hjusband of Bridget Foley (29 Oct 1842)

FOLEY, Mary - maramus, b. NYC age 8 mos. 
She had been taken from the Alms house by Elizabeth Peters (8 Jul 1845)

FOLGER, Robert C. - disease of stomach and liver, 
b. Manchester, England, age 56, worker at 259 Pearl St. 
oil manufacurte of Oil cloth clothing and tarpaulin hats (5 Dec 1845)

1842-49  page 88

FUNIVAL, Samuel - old age, b. England, 
age 63, Samuel Furnival Jr. is a son of dec'd (10 Nov. 1849)

FURY, Daniel - debility, 
b. at sea, age 2 mos son of Daniel Fury, Sr. (6 Apr 1849)

FURY, Mary - inflmation of stomach, 
b. Ireland, age 21. John Hannigan is a cousin of dec'd. (16 Jun 1843)

GAFFNEY, Catharine - disease of bowels, 
b. Ireland age 87. Julia GAffney is a daughter of the dec'd. (22 Nov 1848)

GAFFNEY, Thomas - intemperance, b. Ireland , age 44 yrs (20 Nov 1847)

GAGE, Charles H. - injury from discharge of firearms 
in hand of uknown person, b. Maine age 14. 
Dr. Thomas E. Gage M.D., is an uncle of dec'd. (14 Jul 1844)

GAGE, James R. - drowning, b. NYC age 3 mos 7 days, son of George Gage. (28 Apr 1848)

GAGGER, Mary - intemeprance, b. Ireland age 23 (22 Mar 1848)

GAHAGEN, Ann - suicide by arsenic, 
b. Ireland age 29 yrs. and 8 mos., she had been at service 
with Elizabeth Dominge (17Jul 1846)

GAINOR, Lucy - burns in the fire in the 15th st., 
corner of 10th ave, on 28 sept. 1849, b. Ireland age 29.  
She had been married to Edmund Gainor about two monthes. (29 Sep 1849)       

GALBRAITH, Frederick -  convulsions, 
b. NYC age 5 mos. 
son of Harriet Galbraith and Frederick Galbraith, Sr. (11 Jun 1845)

GALE, Robert - drowning, b. England, age 18. 
He came from new Orleans 5 or 6 weeks ago( 15 Aug 1848)

GALE, William (colored) - diesease of heart , 
b. Maryland age 51, husband of Jane Gale (21 Sep 1846)

GALLAGHER, Charles - suicide by hanging, 
age 31 husband of Catharine Gallaher, 
to whom whe had been married about 2 yrs.  They have 1 child (25 Aug 1848)

GALLAGHER, Edward - apolexy, b. Ireland age 50. 
He had been committed to Blackwell's Island (26 Apr 1843)

GALLAGHER, Farrell - disease of bowels, 
b. Ireland, age 3 yrs. William GAllagher, father of the boy, 
says they arrived in NYC in the Ship Henry H. Boothy from Ireland (4 May 1849)

GALLAGHER, Francis - drowning, 
b. Ireland age 40, a morocco finisher (26 sept. 1849)

1842-49  pg 89 

GALLAGHER, James - intemperance, b. Ireland age 35 (19 Apr 1848)

GALLAGHER, JOHN, - debility from disease, b. Ireland age 50 (18 Feb 1848)

GALLAGHER, John  - disease of heart, b. Ireland age 45. 
He arrived in NYC on 28 Aug in Ship Paulina Augusta from liverpool (23 Sept 1848)

GALLAGHER, Patrick - Disease of stomach and bowels, 
b. Ireland , age 33, husband of Jane Galliger (13 Oct 1846)

GALLAGHER, Peter - exposeure. 
He is said to have a wife in Scotland (17 Mar 1843)

GALLAGHER, Sarah J. - whooping cough, 
b. NYC age 1 yr. and 6 mos,. 
daughter of Patrick and Mary Gallagher (26 Dec 1849)

GALLAGHER, Thomas - apoplexy, 
b. Ireland , age 33, a shoemaker by trade, 
husband of Bridget GAllagher (27 Feb 1849)

GALLAGHER, William - struck in leg by a piece of rock from a blast, 
b. Ireland age 20, a laborer working on the Hudson River R.R. 
Susan Gallagher is his sister.

GALLAGHER, William - cholera b. Ireland age 55.
It is stasted that Margaret Callahan is wife of dec'ed (14 Jul 1849)

GALLIGAN, Bridget - disease of the chest,
b. NYC age 6 mos child of michael and Bridget GAlligan (16 Oct 1842)

GALLIGAN, Johanna - exhaustion produced by immersion in the water,
b. Ireland age 52 (7 Sep 1847)

GALLON, Mrs. Eliza - congestion of the lungs, 
b. NYC age 30. She owned a shop at 132 Norfolk St. 
was very intemperate (12 sept 1845)

GALPIN, Cornelius - drowning b. England age 30, musician, 
has been in British service in Canada (13 April 1844)

GALVIN, Lawrence - congestion of lungs and brain, 
b. Ireland, age 32 (5 Apr 1847)

GANNON, John - accidentally struck across chest by a plank, 
b. NYC age 11 yrs and 6 mos, son of THomas Gannon (7 Mar 1849)

GANNON, Margaret - convulsions. b NYC age 7 mos  
Margaret Gannon says that child was left with her to nurse (20 Nov 1847)

GANTY, Patrick - drwonaing, b. Ireland , age 26 , 
husband of Catharine Ganty (26 sep 1843)

GANYON, James - fell of jumped into lime kiln, 
b. Ireland age 30, husband of Susan Ganyon.  
William Leonard is brother-in-law of dec'd.  
Dec'd worked for Ezekeiel Donnell. (25 Aprl 1843)

Brooklyn Daily Standard Union
4 October 1889

The body of Mary ROBSON, who was murdered by her 
husband, Daniel, in Greenpoint Wednesday night, will be 
buried to-morrow in Calvary Cemetery. 
The husband, who shot himself will be buried in Greenwood Cemetery.
From testimony brought out in an inquest held by 
Coroner George Lindsay yesterday afternoon it would appear that 
Robson had many troubles to contend wih in his married life. 
It was said that the property which Robson got control of be 
turned ovr to his ife, and when subsequently he wished 
to convert some of it to cash Mrs. Robson refused to sell 
any of it. When she did sell she kept the money. Several of 
Robson's friends assert that  his hard drinking proclivities 
grew out of his wife's refusal to give up the 
property that was his.

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