WORLD WAR 2 Casuality Directions

Please print these directions, as the site times out due to security reasons 
and updating.  I am also adding the WW2 Memorial site ..

The main page add:

Start at: click on NAIL Copies Search
Where is says Enter Keywords:  type in the branch of Navy 
..don't forget Marines were under the Navy in WW2..Army..etc.
there will be a line with a circle and dot in it that says AND..choose that 
then go to the next line and type in casualties..then click on Submit 
Search.. it should show how many records they have (Army shows 58),
then click on Display Results..
The casualty list which includes KIA, Missing and POWS is listed by State.In 
the case of New Jersey, they are listed by County also.  so choose the state, 
then find the right county.
Since these lists were submitted by the states, all may not be there,
but try..keep their memories alive.  They deserve that.

Now.. here is the website for the WW2 Memorial:

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