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1868-69 BATH (Beach) Brooklyn, New York Directory Hotel Lowry, Bath Beach, Brooklyn (early 1900s) NOTE: It is located at the southwestern edge of the mainland of the borough on Gravesend Bay. Sometimes included in the community of Bensonhurst, it is separated from that community by 86th Street on the north. It is primarily a working class community of small homes and row houses. Located on the opposite side of the bay from Coney Island. Bath Beach once described the beach resort specifically as part of the community of Bath, New York. Bath and Bath Beach are now more or less synonymous. Bath received a boost at the end of 1863 when steam dummy railroad service connected the community to the horsecar system of the City of Brooklyn at 25th Street and 5th Avenue. The actual beach was paved over to create the Belt Parkway, which barricades Bath Beach from Gravesend Bay.

Surname First name Occupation village ( no address given) Bennett Albert farmer Bath Bennett Jacques farmer Bath Bennett Michael farmer Bath Bell Mrs. Bath Berre John farmer Bath Berre John H. farmer Bath Berre William fisherman` Bath Carhart Solomonn carpenter Bath Cowenhoven C. farmer Bath Cowenhoven Garret farmer Bath Cowenhoven G. farmer Bath Cowenhovem John farmer Bath Cowenhoven John farmer Bath Cowenhoven Peter farmer Bath Cowenhoven Peter farmer Bath Cristwell Robert farmer Bath Cristwell R. farmer Bath Cropsey Andrew farmer Bath Cropsey A. farmer Bath Cullen William laborer Bath Cunningham A.H. liquors Bath Deutsch Charles H. hotel Bath Deutsch Solomon hotel Bath Duryea A. farmer Bath Eckert Charles A. liquors (Bklyn) Bath Fatman Joseph cigars (N.Y.) Bath Fatman Joseph dealer in cotton (N.Y.) Bath Gipner A. farmer Bath Hadden H.G. merchant (N.Y.) Bath Haviland John blacksmith Bath Haviland William carpenter Bath Hennick Stephen fisherman Bath Larzelere Benjamin farmer Bath Latorre R.S. cigars, 187 Pearl(N.Y.) Bath Leahy James farmer Bath Leahy James laborer Bath Levy Arthur (N.Y.) Bath Lewis F. (N.Y.) Bath Lott A. farmer Bath Lott A. farmer Bath Lott Charles farmer Bath Lott C. laborer Bath Lott James farmer Bath Lott J. farmer Bath McNamee John (Bklyn) Bath Mackey John broker (Bklyn) Bath Monfort A. farmer Bath Moore John vegetables Bath Moylan Michael laborer Bath Recknagel Charles L. (N.Y.) Bath Roberts Christopher Bath Roberts Daniel merchant Bath Roberts Daniel,Jr Bath Roberts John Bath Roberts John farmer Bath Robinson William E. Bath Schwartz --- (N.Y.) Bath Seiger William farmer Bath Seydam E. farmer Bath Shields George farmer Bath Skidmore John farmer Bath Skidmore Peter Bath Smithson William painter Bath Solomon L. mechant (N.Y.) Bath Spring Robert merchant (N.Y) Bath VanBrunt G. farmer Bath Vancleef Garret fisherman Bath Vanwyck J. farmer Bath Vorhees A.V.B. farmer Bath Vorhees John farmer Bath Vorhees John I. farmer Bath Way --- farmer Bath Williams Barney comedian, Cathleen Villa Bath Wyckoff Peter farmer Bath Wyckoff Peter,Jr farmer Bath Young A. clothier (N.Y.) Bath
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