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New York -- Faculty and Alumni List 1894-1933

    Higher school of learning for the training of rabbis and teachers in
traditional Judaism. Established as the Jewish Theological Seminary
Association in 1886 mainly through the efforts of Dr. Sabato Morais,
founder, who served as President of the Faculty, under his death in 1897.

(1)Faculty and Board of Trustees:
           Dr. Alexander Kohut,  Dr. Marcus Jastrow,  Dr. H.P.Mendes ,  Dr.
Cyrus Adler, Dr. Aaron Friedenwald,  Dr. S. Solis-Cohen,  Joseph Blumenthal,
D. M. Piza, and J. Edgar Phillips.

    Its first rabbinical graduate was Dr. Joseph H. Hertz, now Chief Rabbi
of the British Empire.
    In 1901, when the financial condition of the Association became
precarious, a group under the leadership of Jacob H. Schiff, Leonard
Lewisohn,  Daniel Guggenheim,  Mayer Sulzberger,  Adolphus S. Solomons,
Louis Marshall and Dr. Adler established a new organization known as the
Jewish Theological Seminary of America, with which the old Association was
merged; a charter was secured in 1902, an endowment fund of $500,000
created, Dr. Adler was appointed President of the Board and Professor
Solomon Schechter, of Cambridge University, England, President of the
Faculty. Mr. Schiff provided a new site and building on West 123rd Street,
New York, which housed its Rabbinical Department and Library until 1931. In
1915, on the death of Professor Schechter, Dr. Adler assumed the duties of
Acting President and in 1924 became President; in 1929 on the death of Mr.
Marshall, Sol M. Stroock became chairman of  the Board.
      The Seminary has grown in importance and influence and has graduated
300 rabbis who are serving pulpits throughout the United States and Canada
and 500 men and Women from its Teachers Institute occupying positions as
teachers, principals and educational directors in religious and communal

(2)  Faculty:
       Professors Louis Ginzberg,  Alexander Marx,  Israel Davidson,
Mordecai M. Kaplan,  Moses Hyamson,  Morris D. Levine,  Louis Finkelstein
and Dr. Boaz Cohen. Among those who are no longer living were, Professors
Joseph Mayor Asher,  Israel Friedlaender,  Joseph Jacobs, and Jacob
Hoschander. On its present Board are Felix M. Warburg,  Adolph Lewisohn,
Judge Irving Lehman,  Israel Unterberg,  Dr. Harry Friedenwald,  William
Prager,  William Fischman,  Isidor D. Morrison,  Henry S. Hendricks, Arthur
Oppenheimer,  Dr. Max Drob,  Dr. Jacob Kohn,  J. Solis-Cohen and Lewis L.

(3) Library: (Which possesses the largest collection of Jewish manuscripts
and rare books in existence; it is separately incorporated and includes on
its Board:  Dr. A.S. W. Rosenbach,  Louis Bamberger,  Dr. Alexander Marx,
and Dr. F I. Schechter.

      Besides its Rabbinical Department and Library, the Seminary conducts
the Teachers' Institute, the Seminary College of Jewish Studies, the Israel
Friedlaender Classes, the Seminary Institute of Jewish Affairs, a Synagog, a
Museum of Jewish Ceremonial Objects which adjoins the collection of
Americana of the American Jewish Historical Society, and a dormitory and
dining hall. All of the Seminary activities are now housed in three new
buildings fronting Broadway between 122nd and 123rd Streets, the gift of
Louis S. Brush, Israel Unterberg, and the family of Jacob H. Schiff. Its
endowment fund is now nearly $2,000,000 and its income is derived from this
source and from voluntary contributions.

(4) Present Officers:
    Sol M. Stroock, Chairman of Board of Directors
    Dr. Cyrus Adler,  President
    Henry S. Hendricks,  Honorary Secretary
    Arthur Oppenheimer,  Treasurer
    Professor Alexander Marx,  Librarian
    Professor Mordecai M. Kaplan,
                                                 Dean Teachers' Institute
    Professor Louis Finkelstein,  Registrar
    Joseph B. Abrahams, Secretary

ALUMNI  LIST:  According to year of graduation (unless otherwise stated,
degree of Rabbi conferred upon graduates):

1894:    Joseph H. Hertz

1896:    Henry M. Speaker,  David M. Wittenberg.

1897:    Bernard M. Kaplan

1898:    Leon H. Elmaleh,  Morris Mandel

1899:    Manahem Eichler,  Michael Fried, Emil Friedman.

1900:    Julius H. Greenstone,  David Levine.

1902:    Herman Abramowitz,  Israel Goldfarb,  Phineas
             Israeli,  Mordecai M. Kaplan,  C.E. Hillel
             Kauvar, Nathan Wolf.

1903:    Alter Abelson,  Aaron P. Drucker.

1904:    Rudolph I. Coffee,  Charles I. Hoffman,  Gerson
             B. Levi,  Elias L. Solomon.

1905:    Bernard C. Ehrenreich,  Marvin Nathan.

1906:    Morris Baron,  Alexander Basel,  Nathan
             Blechman,  Abraham E. Dobrin,  Arthur Ginzler,
             Abraham Hershman,  Nathan A. Lublin,
             Solomon Z. Prokesch.

1907:    Jacob Kohn,  Benjamin A. Tintner.

1908:    Moses J. S. Abels,  Alexander Cohen,  Louis I.
             Egelson,  Joseph Hevesh,  Abel Hirsch,  Elias N.
             Rabinowitz,  Samuel Rosinger,  Herman H.

1909:    Hirsch Goldberg,  Louis I. Goldberg,  Morris D.
             Levine,  Raphael H. Melamed.

1910:    Louis Brav, Israel H. Levinthal,  Benjamin A.
             Lichter,  Jacob B. Menkes,  Isaac A. Millner,
             Jacob S. Minkin.

1911:    William Ackerman,  Paul Chertoff,  Max Drob,
             Moses Eckstein,  Jacob B. Grossman,  Max D.
             Klein,  Samuel Margoshes.

1912:    Adolph Coblenz,  Samuel M. Cohen,  Louis J.
             Haas,  Eugene Kohn,  Abraham A. Neuman
             Ludwig Roeder,  Moritz Speier.

1913:    Harry S. Davidowitz,  Herman M. Cohen,  Louis
             M. Epstein,  Samuel Fredman,  Benjamin L.
             Grossman,  Max Hoffman,  Oscar Levin,  C.
             David Matt,  Abraham Nowak,  Aaron G.
             Robison,  Meyer Waxman.

1914:    Israel Elfenbein,  Herbert S. Goldstein,  Israel
             Lebendiger,  Julius J. Price,  Moses Rosenthal.

1915:   Murray A. Alstet,  Israel Efros,  Alfred H. Kahn,
            Julius Kaplan,  Reuben Kaufman,  Milton M.
            Markowitz,  David M. Shohet,  Hyman Solomon.

1916:   Louis Feinberg,  Herman Lissauer,  Joseph H.
            Margolies,  Jacob I. Mendelsohn,  Samuel Sachs,
            Joseph Sarachek,  Morris Teller.

1917:   Jacob Bosniak,  Abraham Burstein,  Jacob J.
           Gittleman,  Abraham E. Halpern,  Jacob Katz,
           Joseph S. Zuckerbram.

1918:   Benjamin H. Birnbaum,  Solomon Goldman,  Israel
            Goldstein,  Harry Z. Gordon,  Philip Kleinman,
            Wilfred P. Kotkov,  Nahum B. Krueger,  Philip A.
            Langh,  Abraham Joseph Levy,  Michael
            Lichtenstein,  Solomon H. Metz,  Reuben
            Rabinowitz,  Leon Spitz.

1919:   David Aronson,  Moses Baroway,  Samuel
            Benjamin,  Jesse Bienenfeld,  Harry Cohen,
            Mortimer J. Cohen,  Louis Finkelstein,  Rudolph
            Lupo,  Benjamin Syawitz,  B. R. Weilerstein.

1920:   George Abelson,  Philip R. Alstat,  Nathan H
            Colish,  I.A.H. Harrison,  Max Kadushin,  Hyman
            J. Landau,  Norman Salit,  Morris Schussheim.

1921:   Max Arzt, Solomon Grayzel, Arthur H. Neulander,
            Benjamin Plotkin, Goodman A. Rose,  Solomon
            Rivlin,  Theo. Shabshelowitz,  Elizas C. Sydney.

1922:   Max D. Davidson,  Joshua Finkel,  Gershon
            Hadas,  Herman Hailperin,  Alter F. Landesman,
            Joseph Miller,  Morris Schatz,  Louis Schwefel,
            Morris Silverman,  Max Zucker.

1923:  Elliot M. Burstein,  Louis M. Levitsky,  Joseph M.

1924:  Nachman S. Arnoff,  Benjamin Cohen,  Abraham
           M. Heller, Isidor B. Hoffman,  Joseph Marcus,
           Isidore Newman,  Isador Signer.

1925:  Herman E. Eisenberg,  Morton Goldberg,  Simon
          Greenberg,  Louis Hammer,  Abraham Horvitz,  B.
          Leon Hurwitz,  S. Joshua Kohn,  Leon J.
          Liebreich,  William S. Malev,  Jacob J. Newman,
          Hyman R. Rabinowitz,  Samuel Rosenblatt,  Harry
          Schwartz,  Jesse Schwartz,  Kurt Wilhelm;  Harry
          S. Jacobs,  Master of Hebrew Literature.

1926:  Alexander J. Burnstein,  Joel S. Geffen,  Israel M.
           Goldman,  Elhanan H. Golomb,  Jacob Granowitz,
           Louis Greenberg,  Lewis B. Grossman,  Moses
           Hadas,  Michael Higger,  Jonas Kamin,  Herbert
           Parzen,  Benjamin Unger.

1927:   Julius Berger,  Morris M. Goldberg,  David A.
           Goldstein,  Morris S. Good blatt, Edward
           Horowitz,  Leon S. Lang,  Abraham E. Millgram,
           Joseph Warren,  Bernard H. Ziskind;  Julius
           Maller, Doctor of Hebrew Literature.

1928:  Jeremiah J. Berman,  Jacob M. Cohen, Maxwell
           M. Farber,  Henry Fisher,  Harry Jolt,  Harry M.
           Katzin,  Maurice A. Lazowick,  Meyer Rubin,
           Milton Steinberg;  Hirsch L. Gordon,  Doctor of
           Hebrew Literature.

1929:   Isidore Barnett,  Abraham H. Fedder,  Albert I.
           Gordon,  Harry Halpern,  Harry W. Katchen,
           Nathan Kollin,  Isidore S. Meyer,  Jacob Radin,
           Henry M. Rosenthal,  Edward Schoenfeld.

1930:   Elias Charry,  Jacob Freedman,  Edward Elisha
           Gelber,  Jacob Kraft,  Philip Lipis,  Joseph Zeitlin;
           Abraham Louis Lassen,  Doctor of Hebrew

1931:   Abba Abrams,  Ben Zion Bokser,  David Cohen,
            Ira Eisenstein,  Theodore Friedman,  William
           Greenburg,  Peter Halpern,  Ario Samuel Hyams,
           Phineas Kartzinel,  Harry Barnett Kellman,
           Jerome Labovitz,  Reuben Jacob Magil,  Simcha
           Rabinowitz,  Matthew S. Rosen,  Charles M.
           Rubel,  Samuel Schnitzer,  Ralph Simon,  Max
           Weine, Nathan Zelizer,  Harry Zevi Zwelling:;
           Masters of  Hebrew Literature,  David Bonder,
           Samuel Epstein,  Manuel Greenstein.

1932:   Aaron H. Blumenthal,  Max Gelb,  Solomon D.
           Goldfarb,  Joseph S. Goodman,  Robert Gordis,
           William P. Greenfeld,  Morris Aaron Gutstein,
           Eliezer Ashur Levi,  Morris David Margolis,  Paul
           Reich,  Max Jonah Routtenberg,  Samuel Solomon
           Ruderman,  Abraham Silverstone,  Abraham
           Simon;  David Bernard Stolper,  Master of
           Hebrew Literature;  Max Kadushin,  D.H.L.

1933:   Samuel Cass,  Morris Chapman,  Bernard Cohen,
            Harold Goldfarb,  Hyman Goodman,
            Benjamin H.Gorrelick,  Samuel Langer,  Monroe
            J. Levens,  S.Gershon Levi,  Edward T.
            Sandrow,  Bernard Segal,  Herbert A. Seltzer,
            Samuel Sherman, Benjamin L. Teller,  Bert I.
           Treiger;  Doctors of Hebrew Literature, Israel
           Lebendiger,  Louis Levitsky.

Source:  The Encyclopedia of Jewish Knowledge (in one volume)
Edited by:  Jacob De Haas (in collaboration with more than one hundred and
fifty scholars and specialists)
Publisher:    Behrman's Jewish Book House- New York
Copyright:  1934

       Researched and Transcribed by Miriam Medina

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