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                  BIOGRAPHICAL  FACTS
                      *   *   *


BENSON,  Hevlyn Dirck
          Date of Birth:   August 1, 1879
          Parents:    Silas Davis Benson and Anne Eliza Close.
The Bensons are related to practically all the other Knickerbocker families,
such as the Bussings, Brevoorts, de Peysters, Vanderbilts, Roosevelts,
Remsens, etc.

Graduated at Trinity School and studied one semester at New York University.
At age 23, attended American Academy of Dramatic Arts,  and acted for eight

          Profession /Occupation:
Secretary-Treasurer of the Sales-council of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce
in 1920. Transferred to the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce and then he became
Executive Secretary of the Broadway Merchants Association of Brooklyn. Also
his last official position was as Executive Secretary of the Lower Manhattan
Industrial Association.

          Clubs and Organizations:  N.Y. Historical Society

He married Katherine Louise Coutts of Toronto, Canada, September 17, 1913.
She died in 1919.
His address:  659 St. Marks Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y.

          Children of Marriage:
Isobel Coutts Benson -1914, Hevlyn Dirck Benson, Jr.-1915, Marjory Close

BERGEN,  Harold Boynton
          Date of Birth:  December 28, 1893.
The Bergens were among the earliest settlers of America, but originally the
family was Norwegian. Hans Hansen Bergen went to New Amsterdam in 1633. He
married Sarah Rapalie, in 1639 and resided on Long Island, as a large
landowner. His third son Joris or George Hansen Bergen married Sara Stryker,
daughter of Jan Stryker of Flatbush-1678. The line continues with his son,
Hans Jorise Bergen, married to Sytje Van Wicklen. His grandson, Evert Bergen
married to Jane Hegeman, resided in Somerset County, N.J.
Evert's son, James married Ann Van Voorhees. Their son James, married Phoebe
Peterson. Seventh generation was James' son, Garret Peterson Bergen, married
to Henrietta Thompson. His son, Samuel White Bergen married Anne L. Boynton
in 1893 and lived in Brooklyn, New York, of which was born a son Harold
Boynton Bergen.

Certificate in Industrial Electrical Engineering at Pratt Institute,
Brooklyn-1917. B.C.S. degree and a Sc.B. degree at New York University-1923,
1925. Master's degree Columbia-1927.

Cities Service Company, 1920-1929, Personnel Manager. Proctor and Gamble Co.
of Cincinnati, Director of Industrial Relations-1929-1937. American
Management Association, Vice-President, 1932-1936. President of the
Institute of Management, 1934-1936.

           Clubs and Organizations:
Holland Society of N.Y. St. Nicholas Society of Nassau Island.

           Marital Status:     unmarried
           Address:  242 East 72nd St., New York, N.Y.

KOUWENHOVEN,  William Bennett
           Date of Birth:  January 13, 1886.
Tunis Garret Bergen Kouwenhoven and Phebe Florence Bennett.
Earliest Dutch settlers in the New World. Wolfert Gerritse Van Kouwenhoven
,first settled at Rensselaerswyck, near Albany, N.Y. 1630. In 1636 moved to
Long Island, N.Y. His son, was Gerrit Wolfertse.

Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute-degrees of E.E. and M.E., 1906 and 1907.
Dipl. Ing. and Dr. Ing., were received from the Karlsruhe Technische
Hochschule in Baden Germany-1912 and 1913.

Assistant in Physics at the Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute in 1906.
Instructor in Physics and electrical engineering-1907. Instructor in
electrical engineering at Johns Hopkins University-1914. Associate-1917.
Associate Professor-1919.Dean of the School of Engineering of The Johns
Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland.

            Clubs and Organizations:  Johns Hopkins, Gibson Island.

            Marital Status:
He married Abigail Baxter Remsen of Brooklyn, N.Y. on June 22, 1910.

One son, William Gerrit Kouwenhoven, born in 1925.

LOTT,  James S.
            Date of Birth:   September 26, 1894
  Moses Suydam Lott and Elizabeth Mackay

Manual Training High School of Brooklyn and graduated from the Rensselaer
Polytechnic Institute in Troy, N.Y.-1917.

E.W.Bliss Company-draughtsman and designer. Chief Tool and Die Designer,
1920-1922. Superintendent of the Die Shop, 1923-25. Appointed Eastern Sales
Manager in 1932 until 1940.

             Clubs and Organizations:
St. Nicholas Society of Brooklyn, N.Y.; New York State Professional
Engineers Society; Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity.

             Marital Status:
On October 12, 1920 he married Ruby Louise Thomas of Brooklyn, N.Y. Address:
80-88th Street, Brooklyn, New York.

             Children of marriage:
Ruby L. Lott-1921,  James S. Lott, Jr., 1923, Mary S. Lott, 1927 and
Elizabeth T. Lott, 1931.

NEWKIRK,  James Warren
            Date of Birth:  April 27, 1883.
Earliest Dutch settlers in the New World. Garret Cornelissen Newkirk or
Newkerke (1635-1686) arrived from the Netherlands in 1659 and settled at
Flatbush, later moving to Kingston, N.Y. He married Charlotte Cornelis.
Their son, Cornelis Garret Newkirk born-1658 married Jennetje Kunst.
Cornelis' son, Barent Newkirk, born-1689 at Kingston, Ulster County, New
York. He married Rebekka Van Bunschoten. From their son Hendricus Newkirk
born in 1721 and married to Angnetje Weith, the line comes to their
grandson, Captain John Newkirk (1752-1840) of Montgomery, N.Y. He married
Sarah Van Kuhten. John's son, Henry born in 1777 married Francis Reeves, and
Henry's son, A. Westbrook Newkirk (1814-1901) married Adeline Stickney
(1813-1905), in 1839. Their son, Clement Botsford Newkirk (1844-1920)
married Lavenia Mary Seybolt (1842-1913), their sons, Clement R. Newkirk and
the abovementioned James Warren Newkirk.

Brooklyn High School in New York. Graduated at Williams College-1905.

President of the Southern Worsted Corporation of Boston and New York.

            Clubs and Organizations:
Williams Club of New York; Holland Society of New York; Sons of the American
Revolution; Sigma Phi; Greenwich Country Club, Greenwich, Conn.

             Marital Status:
He married Edith Marion White, also of Brooklyn, New York on December 1,

             Children of Marriage:
Shirley Newkirk-1913, Dorothy Newkirk-1916.

RAPELJE,  Walter Suydam
          Date of Birth:  January 9, 1883
Nicholas L. Rapelje and Ida S. Vanderveer

Public Schools-Brooklyn, New York. Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn
(graduated 1903). Master of Science degree.

Chemical Engineer of Colgate Palmolive Peet Co.

          Clubs and organizations:
Holland Society of New York; Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity; St. Nicholas Society
of Nassau Island, American Institute of Chemical Engineers;  American
Chemical Society

          Marital Status:
He married Gertrude S. Van Siclen of Brooklyn, New York
December 15, 1908. There are no children..

RUSHMORE,  Jaques Cortelyou
           Date of Birth:   November 23, 1875
Merwin Rushmore and Caroline A. Cortelyou.
Jacques Corteljau or Cortelyou (1625-1693) His wife: Neeltje Van Duyn.
Hendrick Cortelyou (1761-1841).

Brooklyn (New York) Latin School. Williams College graduated 1899. Long
Island College Hospital- M.D. degree, 1903.

Professor of Clinical Orthopaedical Surgery; at the Long Island College of
Medicine, a position held by him since 1930.

           Marital Status:
He married Alice Jones of Malone, New York on April 6, 1927.  Address: 477
Washington Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y. There are no children..

SCHENCK,  Charles DeBevoise
           Date of Birth:  March 6, 1862
Johannes Schenky (1656-1748) settled in Bushwick, L.I. 1683. His wife
Magdalena de Haas bore him three sons. Charles DeBevoise grandfather , was
Cornelius Schenck. Charles father was Frank S. Schenck , one of Cornelius
Schenck's nine children. Frank S. Schenck married Agnes Rappelye DeBevoise,
daughter of Charles I. DeBevoise and Jane Rappleye.

Public and High Schools in Brooklyn, New York. Polytechnic Institute of

Accountant in New York City for Twenty-five years.

          Clubs and Organizations:
Holland Society of New York.

          Marital Status:
He married Lillian A. Pitkin of Brooklyn, New York, on December 10, 1902. No
children born to this marriage.

SLINGERLAND,  William Frank
          Date of Birth:  March 10, 1875
George W. Slingerland and Margaret Egan.George W. Slingerland (Albany:

Music Teacher

          Clubs and Organizations:
Masonic Order;  Old Brooklynites

           Marital Status:       unmarried

VAN  BRUNT,  Jessie
           Date of Birth:   omitted
Cornelius Henshaw Van Brunt and Carrie Currier.
Rutger Joesten Van Brunt settled at New Utrecht, L.I.-1657. His son,
Cornelius Rutgersz Van Brunt was married to Tryntje Bennet. Rutgert Van
Brunt married Elisabeth Van Voorhees, whose grandson was Albert Van Brunt
who married Jannetje Van Brunt. His son Cornelius Van Brunt married Jannetie
Ryder, his grandson Nicholas Van Brunt married Maria Henshaw.

Artist of stained glass windows.

            Clubs and Organizations:
Netherland-America Foundation; S.P.C.A. (Life member)

             Marital Status:   unmarried.

VAN  BRUNT,  Mervin Schenck
            Date of Birth:  October 13, 1890.
Rulef J. Van Brunt and Ella M. Schenck.

Graduated from Mohegan Lake Academy.

Cotton Broker in New York City

           Clubs and Organizations:
Holland Society; St. Nicholas Society; Downtown Athletic Club; National
Rifle Association.

            Marital Status:
He married Glaudice E. Campbell of Brooklyn, N.Y on October 12, 1926.
Address: 183-80th Street, Brooklyn, New York. They had two children:
Jacquelyn Van Brunt-1931 and Jeraldyn Van Brunt-1934.


                    Date of Birth:  December 31, 1879
Hervey Brundage VanderHoof and his wife Emma Douglas.

From Dartmouth College he received the degree of B.L. in 1901 and A.M.
(hon.) in 1907. He graduated from Johns Hopkins University with the degree
of M.D. in 1905.

Johns Hopkins Hospital 1905-06 Resident physician. Adjunct faculty of the
Medical College of Virginia 1906-1914, head of the department of medicine.
Retired in 1936 from his practice as a specialist in internal medicine.

He is a member of the Association of American Physicians, American Medical
Assoc., Tri-State Medical Assoc., Medical Society of Va., Holland Society of
New York, Sons of the Revolution, Theta Delta Chi, Phi Beta Kappa.
He married Julie Marriott Osterloh of Richmond, Va., August 7, 1910 at
London, England. She died February 1924. Second marriage to Mrs. Nancy
Selden Habliston of Richmond, June 22, 1926.

VAN  NESS,  Ralph Herbert
                      Date of Birth:  December 17, 1889

He was educated in elementary and high schools in Brooklyn, New York, and
graduated from Lincoln-Jefferson University in Hammond, Indiana, in the
class of 1916.

Lawyer and County Detective with the District Attorney of Kings County, New York.

                      Clubs and Organizations:
Elks #22 of Brooklyn, N.Y.;  23rd Regiment Veterans Association, National
Guard of New York;  Society of Old Brooklynites.

He married Martha P. Wald on November 28, 1911. There is one son, Roy Van
Ness, born September 5, 1913, at Brooklyn, N.Y. Residence:  1674 Ryder
Street, Flatbush Gardens, Brooklyn, N.Y.

VAN  NORDEN,  Howard L.
                       Date of Birth:  October 29, 1873.
Dr. Thomas L. Van Norden, a physician and Mary Paterson.

He received his education in the High School of his native city and entered
the field of Ship Repairs.

He retired on December 31, 1926.

                       Clubs and Organizations
The Holland Society of New York;  Life member, Kismet Temple (Brooklyn).

He married Mary Augusta Horton of Katonah, N.Y. on October 3, 1903 who died
June 20, 1932.

There is a daughter, Margery L. Van Norden, born on July 8, 1904.

                         Date of Birth:  November 6, 1878

He was educated in New York City Public Schools.

Banking career started with the Fifth Avenue Bank of New York in 1895. He
left this bank in 1898 to accept a position with the Empire City Savings
Bank of New York. He was elected President of the Bank in 1919.

                         Clubs and Organizations
Union League Club;  Holland Society of New York;  Lake Placid Club.

He married Jeranne Quartley of New York City, on September 8, 1903.

Paul Van Winkle, born December 8, 1905 and Audrey Van Winkle, born October
28, 1910.

                          Date of Birth:  March 6, 1865 (Town of Gravesend,
now Brooklyn, New York)

He attended various city schools.

Justice of the Peace for the town of Gravesend. 1894. Secretary to the Naval
Officer of the Port of New York, 1908-1910. Postmaster of Brooklyn 1910.
Commissioner of Public Works of Brooklyn (1914-1918). U.S. Shipping
Commissioner of Public Works of Brooklyn, (1921-1935). Chairman of Local
Draft Board 57, and now a Real Estate Broker.

                    Clubs and Organizations:
St. Nicholas Society;  Holland Society;  Union League Club of Brooklyn; Van
Voorhees Association; Bergen Beach Gun Club; etc.

He married Sara Wyckoff, also of Town of Gravesend, On November 15, 1888.
Their residence: 2188 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn, New York.

Howard W. Voorhies, born in 1892 and Edna S. Voorhies, born in 1897

                           *   *   *   *   *   *   *
                             LONG  ISLAND

                    Date of Birth:  November 16, 1896. (Hempstead, L.I.,N.Y.)
Frank Bergen and Anna Sprague. They emigrated from the Netherlands to the
United States in 1854 and settled in the town of Hempstead, on Long Island,
New York, where they came to own their farm.

After attending grade and high schools, Mr. Bergen attended Columbia
University in the class of 1922.

1904-1917 he attended the oldest Dutch Church in Brooklyn, the Bushwick
Dutch Reformed Church, which used to be on Bushwick Avenue and Humboldt and
Conselyea Streets.

He was employed from May, 1925 to 1938 by the Consolidated Edison Company of
New York City as Senior Draftsman. While with that company he attended their
School on Business and Engineering subjects, for several years, at evening
sessions. United States Government employed at Fort Rosecrans at San Diego,

                     Clubs and Organizations
Mr. Bergen is an active member of all Masonic organizations, including
Ridgewood Lodge #710 F. and A.M., Brooklyn, New York, Ridgewood Chapter,
Royal Arch Masons, Richmond, Hill, Long Island, New York and Pilgrim
Commandery #71, Knights Templar, Richmond Hill, Long Island, New York and Al
Bahr Shrine Temple of San Diego, California. He is also a member of the Elks
of this city. Illuminating Engineers Society.

                    Marriage:     Unmarried

                    Date of Birth:  May 7, 1883  (Flushing, L.I.)

He attended Cutler School in New York City and attended Columbia College
with the class of 1904.
                    Parents:    (request lineage)

He was connected with the firm of Lee, Higginson and Co. for ten years. From
April, 1922, to the present, he has been a partner of the firm of Eastman,
Dillon and Co., investment bankers, at 15 Broad St., New York City. Director
and Voting Trustee of the Rochester Ice and Cold Storage Utilities, Inc.

                     Clubs and organizations:
 Union Club; St. Nicholas Society; National Republican Club; Broad Street
Club; Edgartown Yacht Club; Delti Phi.

                      Marital Status:
He married Elizabeth Blodget Sanford of Lawrence, New York, on June 18,
1910. They lived at 160 East 72nd Street, New York, N.Y.

Henry Lawrence Bogert, Jr., born 1911; Cardine Elizabeth, Married to Thomas
Hildt, Jr., born 1916; Caroline Virginia Bogert, born 1921, and Lucretia
Leland Bogert, born 1932.

                      Date of Birth:  April 18, 1868 (Flushing, L.I.)
 Henry A. Bogert (a well known lawyer of New York, and Mary Bowne Lawrence.)

He was graduated from Columbia University, A.B. in 1890, and received a
Ph.B. degree in 1894 and Sc.D. in 1928. He also holds an LL.D. from Clark
University (1909) and an R.N.D. of the Charles University of Prague, (1929)

He is one of America's outstanding chemists . He has been President of the
American Chemical Society (1907-1909). International Union of Chemistry
(1938-1942), He is an honorable Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. He
is a member of the Board of Scientific Directors of the N.Y. Botanical

                      Clubs and Organizations:
Chemists', Century, Columbia Men's Faculty, Megantic Fish and Game, Holland
Society of N.Y., Belgrade Lakes (Maine Association).

                      Marital Status:
He married Charlotte Elizabeth Hoogland. Residence:  1158 Fifth Avenue, New
York, N.Y.

Annette, married to Frank B. Tallman, and Elise, married to Frederick K. Huber.

                      Date of Birth:
 March 25, 1881   (New Ultrecht, Long Island, New York)
                      Parents:  (request lineage)

Graduate of the Polytechnic Preparatory School, Brooklyn and of the Stevens
Institute of Technology, Hoboken, New Jersey.

He is now engaged in the manufacture of industrial instruments in Brooklyn.

                      Clubs and Organizations:
 The Holland Society of New York;  Beta theta Pi Fraternity.

                      Marital Status:
He married Helen Glover Slaney of Fort Wayne, Indiana, on June 16, 1907.
Their residence:  106 South Gove Street, East Orange, New Jersey.

                     Children:  There were no children.

                     Date of Birth:
September 11, 1876       (Flushing, N.Y.)
                     Parents:  (request lineage)

Educated at Flushing Institute, 1890-1891, and Berkeley School, 1891-1894,
New York City.

From 1895 to 1897 he worked at the NYC Board of Health bacteriology
laboratory. September 11, 1897 formed the firm of Pease and Elliman.Real
Estate business. They have largely been responsible for the development of
Park Avenue as one of the finest residence thoroughfares in the city and
have also been responsible for the erection of many of the fine apartmet
houses on Fifth Avenue.

                    Clubs and Organizations:
Chamber of Commerce; St. Nicholas Society; Society of Colonial Wars; N.Y.
Historical Society; N.Y. Genealogical and Biographical Society, (Vice-Pres.
and Trustee); Metropolitan Museum of Art; Rockaway Hunting Club; Uptown
Club; Director of the Fifth Avenue Assn. and Director of the First Avenue

                    Marital Status:
He married Edyth Coppell of New York on November 18, 1902. She passed away
on August 13, 1941. Residence: 122 East 56 Street, New York, New York.

Edyth Coppell Elliman (now Mrs. Prentice Talmage), born May 28, 1906, and
Lawrence B. Elliman, Jr., born August 11, 1908.

                   Date of Birth:
 June 22, 1889       (Morris Park, L.I., N.Y.)
I. Cornell Remsen and Georgianna Ditmis.

He was educated in common and high schools, Polytech Preparatory School in
Brooklyn, and was graduated at Dartmouth in the class of 1912. He received
the LL.B. degree from the Columbia University Law School, New York City, in

He practices law in New York City at 165 Broadway. He is a member of the
firm of Bernard Remsen Nobiletti & Millham. He is Vice-President of the
Dartmouth College Club, and member of the Vestry Committee of the Garden
City (Episcopalian) Cathedral. He was a director of the Long Island Finance
Corporation through the years 1925 to 1929, and President of the Cherry
Valley Golf Club for the five years from 1934 to 1939.

                   Clubs and Organizations:
Garden City Golf Club; Cherry Valley Golf Club; Lawyers Club; Nassau County
Bar Association; New YorkState Bar Association; Downtown Athletic Club;
Dartmouth College Club.

                   Marital Status:
He married Gladys Bergen Story of Freeport, Long Island, New York, on April
27, 1918. Residence:  64 Second Street, Garden City, Long Island, New York.

Richard Remsen, Jr., born March 25, 1920., William C.S. Remsen, born
November 22, 1921, and Frederick Ditmis Remsen, born January 9, 1928.

                   Date of Birth:
January 8, 1879,   (Jamaica, Long Island, New York)
                   Parents: (request lineage)

He was educated in common schools and graduated from Jamaica (N.Y.) High
School in the class of 1897.
He is in the banking business since 1915 and is connected with the Long
Island City Savings Bank of Long Island City, N.Y.  He is a veteran of the
14th regiment of Brooklyn, President of the Stoutenburgh Family Association,
and Warden of All Saints Church of Great Neck, L.I., N.Y.

                  Clubs and Organizations:
Holland Society of New York; St. Nicholas Society of Nassau Island.

                  Marital Status:
He married Alice Mabel Payne of Stoney Point, Rockland County, New York, on
October 12, 1901.  Residence: 41-16 Glenwood Street, Little Neck, N.Y.

Gilbert Payne Stoutenburgh, born 1902 and married to Nerine Mason of
Norwood, N.Y., Ruth Adams Stoutenburgh, born 1904, and married to Forbes
Albert Walker of Douglson, N.Y., and Natalie Stoutenburgh, born 1910 and
married to James Wesley Coote of Great Neck, N.Y.

                  Date of Birth:
He was born October 15, 1869 at Jamaica, New York.
                  Parents:  (request lineage)

He was educated at the Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute and the Law School of
Columbia University, graduating at the latter in 1892.
He engaged in the general practice of the law until 1911, when he became
Justice of the Supreme Court of New York, continuing as such until 1926. He
was Trial and Appeal Counsel, 1926-1930; Bush Terminal Receiver in Equity
and Trustee, 1933-1936; and Official Referee of the Supreme Court, 1930, to
the present time.

                  Clubs and Organizations:
Queens County and New York State Bar Associations: Oakland Golf Club.

                   Marital Status:
He married Lena Childs of West Shelby, N.Y., on July 8, 1908. Residence:
166-15 Highland Avenue, Jamaica, New York.

Robert D and a daughter, Virginia (Van Siclen) Goodbody.

                   Date of Birth:
He was born at Jamaica, New York on July 29, 1907.
Wyckoff Van Siclen and Sarah Linington Rapelje.

He received his education at the Choate School, graduating in 1896, and at
Yale University, receiving the degree of B.A. in 1930.
He is a Real Estate Broker in Jamaica.

                   Clubs and Organizations:
Trustee, Jamaica Hospital; member of the Board of Managers, Central Queens
Y.M.C.A.; secretary, Hollis Park Gardens Association; decon, First Reformed
Church of Jamaica; member of The Holland Society, St. Nicholas Society of
Nasdsau Island; Young Men's Board of Trade, N.Y.

                    Marital Status:   unmarried
                    Place of Residence:
              8865-193rd  Street, Hollis, N.Y.

                          *  *  *  *  *  *  *
                    N E W   Y O R K   C I T Y

                    Date of Birth:  March 26, 1873
                    Parents:  (request lineage)

He was educated at Trinity School from which he was graduated in 1888 and
then went to work for the American Tobacco Company.

He worked for the American Tobacco Company for eighteen years, becoming a
statistical supervisor of production before his retirement from that
business to become an independent Real estate broker. He retired from the
real estate business several years before his death because of his health,
remaining inactive until his death.

                    Clubs and Organizations:
He was active in many New York Historical and patriotic societies. He was
Secretary of the Holland Society in 1937. Formerly a steward of St. Nicholas
Society of New York City. Member of the Society of Colonial Wars. Member of
the Huguenot Society of America, the order of the Founders and Patriots of
America, the Society of American Wars, the Military Order of the Loyal
Legion of the United States, the New York Historical Society, the New York
State Historical Society, the Society of the War of 1812, the Colonial Order
of the Acorn, the Pilgrims and the Metropolitan Opera Club.

                     Marital Status:   Unmarried
                     Place of Residence:
He lived at the Royalton Hotel, 44 West 44th Street, New York, for nearly
forty years and died at the age of 67.


                    Date of Birth: October 12, 1871
                    Parents:  (request lineage)

Mr. Benson was a graduate of Trinity School in New York City, and a veteran
of Company I, of the Seventh Regiment of the New York National Guard.

He was a professional accountant for many years, in New York City, and died
in St. Luke's Hospital, Amsterdam Avenue and 113th street, on July 25, 1941
at the age of seventy.

                  Clubs and Organizations:   (none listed)

                  Marital  Status:
He married Julietta Van Praag of Framingham, Massachusetts, on September 3,
1903. He died July 25, 1941 without descendants.

                  Date of birth:  April 11, 1887
He is a son of the Rev. Pelham St. George Bissell, A.M., A.K.C. and Helen
Alsop French.

He was graduated at Columbia College in 1909. He earned the M.A. degree in
1910, and the L.L.B. degree of Columbia Law School in 1912.

He was admitted to the practice of Law, in 1912, was for many years in
private practice and served as special attorney, U.S. Department of Justice,
1921-1924. He was elected Justice Municipal Court, City of New York, 1930,
and again in 1940; designated President Justice in 1934; redesignated in
1939 and 1941. In 1940 Columbia University awarded him the University Medal
for Excellence with citation, "President Justice of the Municipal Court, New
York, who has achieved a fine and well-recognized record at the bar and on
the bench."

                 Clubs and Organizations:
Union League, Columbia University, Church, Army and Navy, etc.

                Marital  Status:
He married Mary Valentine Yale Bissell at Columbia, S.C., November 10, 1910.
Their residence is 270 Park Avenue, New York, N.Y.

 Helen Alsop Bissell (now Mrs. Charles H. Stout); Pelham St. George, 3rd:
Mary Sackett Bissell (now Mrs. James J. Christie); Nancy Wemple Bissell (now
Mrs. David Lawrence); Ruth Mason Bissell (now Mrs. Joseph M. Schwartz);
Ophelia Louise Bissell; George Henry Bissell and Elizabeth Goodwin Bissell

                Date of Birth:  March 15, 1866
                Parents:  (request lineage)

After attending grade schools he was graduated at Brooklyn Collegiate and
Polytechnic Institute in the class of 1881. Four years later he received the
degree of C.E. from Princeton University.

He was President of the Sub-surface Torpedo Boat Co. from 1899 to 1910. With
Clinton H. Crane he designed the Subsurface Torpedo Boat for which the
United States Congress appropriated many hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Later he became head of the Patent Law firms of Burgher and Philip and
Burgher and Clark of 2 Rector Street in New York City. He was President of
the first Princeton University Engineering Society and also President of the
Duct Electric Heater Corporation.

                 Clubs and Organizations:
St. Nicholas Society of New York; University; Racquet and Tennis; American
Yacht Club; Knollwood Country Club, etc.

                 Marital Status:
He married Edith Fairfax Carter of New York City on January 17th, 1895.
Residence:  424 East 57th st., New York, New York

There is one son, Fairfax Carter Burgher, born in Pelham Manor, New York..

A Rabbi worthy of note of the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue, Shearith
Israel, New York.
                 Date of Birth:
He was born in Amsterdam, Province of North Holland, in the Netherlands on
March 29, 1896.
Abraham Jessurun Cardozo and Marie Serlui

He was educated at the Portuguese Jewish Seminary in Amsterdam and studied
classics at the University of Amsterdam. He continued his studies at Jews'
College, London, and the London University, where he received a B.A.in
Semitics (1924) and gained the Hollier Scholarship in Hebrew. Later he
studied Arabic at the School of Oriental Studies, London, and won the
Ouseley Memorial Scholarship in Arabic (1925).

He was the founder (1923) and Secretary (23-30) of the Sephardi Literary
Society, London, President of the Jews' College Union Society (26-26), a
founder (27) and President (29-30) of the School of Oriental Studies Union
Society (29-30). Rabbi of the Spanish and Portuguese SynagoguShearith
Israel, New York.

                Clubs and Organizations:
B'nai B'rith;  N.Y. Board of Jewish Ministers;  Zionist Organization of
America;  Netherland-America Foundation;  F.& A. Masons.

                Marital Status:    unmarried

               Date of Birth:  April 2, 1874
George W. Debevoise and Katherine Price McElrath

He received his education at Yale University, graduating with an A.B. degree
in 1895; and at the New York Law School (LL.B., 1897)

He was admitted to the New York Bar in 1897 and was a member of the firms of
Rounds, Hatch, Dillingham & Debevoise. He is a director of the Debevoise
Company, the Spingler Van Beuren Estates, Inc. and other corporations.

             Clubs  and Organizations:
American, New York State, New York County Bar Associations, and the Bar
Association of the City of New York; New York Chamber of Commerce; the St.
Nicholas Society, Loyal Legion; the Holland Society; the University, Union,
Century, Yale, Down Town, Morristown, and Morris County Golf Clubs, and the
Rockefeller Center Lunch Club.

              Marital Status:
He married Anne Farnam Whitney on December 6, 1898, at New Have,
Connecticut. There are two children:  Eli Whitney and Katherine Price

               Date of Birth:  November 16, 1889
               Parents: (request lineage)

He was graduated at the University of California with the class of 1911 and
received his law degree from the Harvard Law School, Cambridge, Mass., in

Attorney-at-Law in San Francisco, California.

               Clubs and Organizations:
University Club of San Francisco;  St. Francis Yacht Club of San Francisco.

                Marital Status:
He married Edith Goodfellow of Oakland, California, on December 7, 1915.
There is one daughter, Edith de Fremery Beach born in 1918. Their residence:
54757 Country Club Drive, Oakland, California.

                  Date of Birth:  February 1, 1898
                  Parents: (request lineage)
He was educated in Trinity Chapel School in New York City and was graduated
at the United States Naval Academy in June 1918.

He entered Bell Laboratories in New York City in December, 1922. From 1922
to 1941 he served as a member of the technical staff becoming head of a
group engaged in the development of power apparatus. He became a member of
the American Institute of Electrical Engineers and a Licensed Engineer in
the State of New York.

                  Marital Status:
He married Ann Wickes Craven of Washington, D.C. on June 10, 1922.
There are two children, Rodman Drake de Kay, Jr., born on June 22, 1923 and
Ann Wickes Craven de Kay, born on October 27, 1925.

                              Date of Birth:  April 18, 1890
                              Parents:  (request lineage)

He attended Trinity School, 1904-1907 and was graduated as a Mechanical
Engineer from Columbia University in 1913. His first assignment was with the
International Gas Development Co., in that year, then with Whitney Co.,
building construction in 1914.

In 1915 he became Vice-President and General Manager of the Park Avenue
Operating Co. There he remained until 1919, when he became Secretary and
Vice-President in Charge of Management of Cushman and Wakefield, Inc. In
1930, he became Vice-President of William A. White and Sons and is now Exec.
Vice-President and Director. Mr. Demorest is President, Director and
Treasurer of the Merchants and Manufacturers Exchange of New York, and
vice-Pres, and Director of the N.M. Holding Corporation. He is a former
President, Vice-President, Secretary and Governor of the Real Estate Board
of New York and still serves on several committees and a member of the New
York State Board of Commerce.

                             Clubs and Organizations:
Bankers; Columbia University;  University; S.A.R.; Psi Upsilon; etc.

                             Marital  Status
He married Wealthy Albro Lewis, also of New York on June 29, 1918. Their
residence is at: Upper Dogwood Lane, Rye, New York.

There are four children; Dilys, Annie L., Carolyn A. and William Jennings
Demorest, Jr.

                            Date of Birth:  November 24, 1873
                            Died:  January 4, 1939  Seattle, Wash.
Charles Judson Gould, retired merchant and financier, and Annie Laurie
Westbrook, a patron of the arts and owner of a fine collection of paintings
by living American artists.
                            Lineage:  (request lineage)

Carl was graduated at Harvard in 1898 and studied at the Ecole des Beaux
Arts in Paris, 1898-1903

He founded the Department of Architecture at the University of Washington,
was Professor in charge for 10 years, and designed the Campus Plan and
buildings called the most beautiful in America. He was the architect for the
Seatlle Art Museum, chosen by the A.I.A. one of a hundred outstanding
buildings in America in 1938, and was many times President of the Seattle
Fine Arts Society, a past-President and founder of the Northwest Academy of
Arts; author, lecturer, painter.

                            Clubs and Organizations:
American Institute of Architects (Fellow); University Club; Riding Club;
College Club; Harvard Club; etc.

                            Marital Status:
Married Dorothy Wheaton Fay, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Purinton Fay of
Massachusetts, at Seattle, Washington, June 22, 1915. Mrs. Gould's
addresses:  1058 East Lynn Street, Seattle, Washington. Topsfield,
Bainbridge Island, Washington and 34 East 50th Street, New York City.

Carl Frelinghuysen Gould, Jr., born 1916, architect (Yale '39);  Anne
Westbrook Gould, born 1917 (Vassar '41), married in 1941 to John Henry
Hauberg, Jr. (Princeton '39), and John Bradford Van Wyck Fay Gould,
(Groton), born 1925.

                           Date of Birth:  March 28, 1883 NYC
Mr. Haas is a son of George Christian Frederick Haas and Anna Sophia Hansen.
He was educated in private schools in New York City, and was graduated at
Columbia University in the class of 1902. There he also received the
Master's and the Ph.D. degrees in 1903 and 1909 respectively. and during
1905-1906, he held a Fellowship in Indo-Iranian languages at Columbia

Dr. Haas taught at the College of the City of New York from 1904 to 1916,
becoming an instructor in German in 1911, a post he held until 1916. In 1917
he was appointed  Translator at the Department of Justice, in Washington,
but was soon transferred as Censor for this Department at Ellis Island, New
York 1917 to 1920. During 1921 to 1935 he served as a technical translator
for patent attorneys. In 1927, Dr. Haas was ordained to the ministry of the
Universal Spiritual Church, and he has been an officer of its governing
body, the High Council, since that year. He had been organist and
choirmaster of St. Mark's Evangelical Lutheran Church in New York from 1906
to 1908.

                           Clubs and Organizations
Kane Lodge, No. 454, New York and other Masonic bodies; Phi Beta Kappa;
American Oriental Society.

                           Marital Status:
He married Beulah E. Thompson of Binghamton, New York, on November 26, 1930.
There are no children.

                           Date of Birth:  September 21, 1871
Johnston Niven Hegeman and Jeannette Fenton, the daughter of the late
Governor (N.Y.) and U.S. Senator Reuben E. Fenton.
                          Lineage: (request lineage)

Johnston Niven Hegeman had been in the business of investment securities and
mortgages and is now retired. He served in the Spanish-American War and with
the French Army in the first World War

                         Clubs and Organizations:
The Holland Society; the Society of the Cincinnati.

                        Marital  Status:
He married Mary Edith Hunt, of Victoria on Chautauqua on September 2, 1921.

Johnston Niven Hegeman, Jr., born October 12, 1924, and Elise Hegeman, born
March 6, 1926..

                       Date of Birth:  Born in NYC on Sept. 27, 1882
He is the son of Myer S. Isaacs and Maria Solomon.
                      Lineage:  (request lineage)

He attended Sachs Collegiate Institute and was graduated at Columbia
University in the class of 1903. In the following year he received his
Master's degree and studied at Columbia Law School. He was awarded the Ll.B.
degree from New York Law School in 1905.

He has practised law as a member of the firm of M.S. and I.S. Isaacs from
1905 to 1919, but since that date has been associated with Edgar A. Levy, as
real estate investor and builder. He is also connected with various real
estate Corporations. Mr. Isaacs has been active in social and philanthropic
organizations. He is President of the United Neighborhood Houses, on the
Executive Committee of the Welfare Council, Trustee and member of the
Executive Committee and Chairman of the Legislative Committee of the
Federation of Jewish Philanthropic Societies, a member of the American
Jewish Committee, a Trustee of the Education Alliance, Vice President of the
Baron de Hirsch Fund, Vice Chairman of the Jewish Vacation Association, etc.
He was Chairman of Local Draft Boardf No. 164.

                     Clubs and Organizations:
City Club; Town Hall; City Athletic; National Republican; Adirondack
Mountain Club; Phi Beta Kappa Alumni.

                     Marital Status:
He married Edith Somborn, also of New York City on may 18, 1910. Their
residence is at 14 East 96th Street, New York, N.Y.

There are two children: Myron Samuel Isaacs, and Helen, who is married to
Michael Joseph Wurzburger.

                      Date of Birth:  April 25, 1906 NYC
                      Parents:  (request lineage)

He was educated in New York City Public schools, and later went to the
Speyer School. He was graduated from the Radio Institute of America in 1923.

His first assignment was at the age of seventeen, when he became a marine
radio operator in 1923, a post he held until 1927. He then began to work as
a journalist for the "New York World," but in 1928 he went over to the "New
Associates, Inc., in which capacity he is still working. He has been foreign
correspondent in East Africa, Spain, China, etc., at various times from 1929
to the present.

                    Clubs and Organizations:
Overseas Press Club; Veterans Wireless Operators of America.

                     Marital Status:
He married Aileen Platt of New York City on May 23, 1933. There are no
children. His office address:  30 Fifth Avenue, NYC.

                    Date of Birth:  December 30, 1912  NYC
The son of Thomas Catesby and Olga Hasbrouck Jones
                  Lineage:   (request lineage) lengthy

He was graduated at the University of Chicago in 1938 with the degree of A.B.

He is now engaged in newspaper work in Daytona Beach, Florida.
                Clubs and Organizations:   Chi Psi Fraternity.

                Marital Status:        unmarried

POOL,  DAVID  DE  SOLA   ( A Rabbi worthy of Note)
                Date of Birth:  May 16, 1885. London, England
                Parents:  (request lineage)

He was educated at Jews' College of London and received his B.A. with first
class honors from the University of London in 1903. He then studied at the
Rabbiner Seminar and the University of Berlin and received the Ph.D., summa
cum laude from the University of Heidelberg in 1905.

In 1907 he arrived in New York and became minister of the Spanish and
Portuguese Synagogue, Shearith Israel, which was founded by Netherlands Jews
in New Amsterdam in 1655. Dr. Pool, who is one of the outstanding leaders of
American Jewry, served on Herbert Hoover's Food Conservation Staff in 1917,
and was Jewish Field Organizer of Army Welfare Work, 1917-1918. In 1940 he
was appointed U.S. Government Representative of the Jews in America in Army
and Navy Chaplain matters. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the
National Youth Administration since 1935.

                Other Accomplishments:
In 1919, he was one of the three American Representatives on the Zionist
Commission to Palestine and Regional Director for Palestine and Syria of the
American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee for War Sufferers, 1920-21. In
1922 he served as Executive Director of the Jewish Education Assn., New York
City, President Young Judaea of America 1915-19, President Synagogue Council
of America, 1938-40. He is on the New York Board of Jewish Ministers
(President 1916-17), on the Executive Board of the Union of Orthodox Jewish
Congregations, etc.

               Marital  Status:
He married Tamar Hirschenson of New ;York City on February 6, 1917.  Place
of residence:  99 Central POark West, New York, N.Y.

Ithiel de Sola Pool and Naomi de Sola Pool

              Date of Birth: January 11, 1897  NYC
He is the son of Waldron Kintzing and Mary Lawrence (Perkins) Post.
             Lineage:     (request lineage)
Charles Kintzing Post received his education at St. Mark's School,
Southborough, Mass., and at the United States Naval Academy. He is now in
the United States Naval Reserve.

            Clubs and Organizations:
Union Club, New York; Loyal Legion; Saint Nicholas Society; Holland Lodge
No. 8,  F. & A. M.; Cruising Club of Amnerica;  Army and Navy Club,
Washington, D.C.

            Marital Status:                 unmarried


                              Date of Birth:  November 7, 1867
 His father was Andrew Provost, Sr. and his mother was Harriet Titus.

He studied at the Columbia University, School of Mines from 1885-1889 where
he received his diploma in Civil Engineering. In 1889, he travelled and
studied hydraulic and sanitary engineering in Europe.

From 1889-1898, he was engaged in engineering work for the City of Brooklyn,
in 1899 as engineer to the Comptroller of New York and in 1900, President of
the Bacterial Sewage Purification Company. From 1904 to 1906, he served as
Consulting Engineer to the President of the Borough of Brooklyn.

                             Clubs and Organizations:.
American Society of Civil Engineers: American Water Works Association; New
York State Sewage Works Association; Brooklyn Engineers Club, Holland
Society of New York; Columbia University Club; Wee Burn Golf Club.

                             Marital  Status
He married Ada Balston of Brooklyn, N.Y. on October 7, 1891.

Ethel, born 1892, now Mrs. Galbreath; Andrew Jay Provost III, born 1894,
Corporal, 2nd. Bat. Inf., 78th Div., A.E.F., wounded in battle before Grand
Pre. France, November 1, 1918 died November 6, 1918; Balston N. Provost,
born 1900, and Harriet, now Mrs. Smith, born in 1907.

                             Date of Birth:   October 13, 1887 NYC
He is a son of W. Emlen Roosevelt and Christine Griffin Kean and a direct
descendant of Claes Martenszen Van Rosenvelt, who came from the Province of
Zeeland in the Netherlands and emigrated to New Netherland in 1649.

He was graduated at St. Mark's School, Southboro, Massachusetts, in the
class of 1905 and graduated at Harvard in the class of 1909, cum laude in

He is a partner of Roosevelt and Son, Director of the Guaranty Trust Co. and
the French-American Banking Corporation and First Vice-President and Trustee
for the Bank for Savings in New York. Mr. Roosevelt is President and
Director of the Chapin School, Vice-President of the Roosevelt Hospital, the
New York Dispensary and New York University.

                           Clubs and Organizations:
Phi Beta Kappa; American Mathematical Society; Downtown Association: Harvard
Clubs of Boston and New York; Royal Western Yacht Club of England; Racing
Union; New York Yacht Club Commodore: Union Club. etc.

                           Marital Status:
He married Julia Morris Addison of Stamford, Conn. on October 24, 1914, who
died on July 26th, 1937.  Mr. Roosevelt married his second wife, Mrs.
Mildred Cobb Rich, of Norfolk, Virginia, on January 14th, 1939.

Margaret Roosevelt, born in 1915, married to Alessandro Pallavicini: Medora
Thayer Roosevelt, born in 1917, married to Herbert Whiting; GeEmlen
Roosevelt, 2nd, born in 1918, and Julian Kean Roosevelt born in 1924.

                          Date of Birth:  May 15, 1892  NYC
Mr. Roosevelt is a son of W. Emlen Roosevelt and Christine Griffin Kean, a
direct descendant of John Kean of South Carolina, who was Secretary of the
Continental Congress.

Philip James attended St. Mark's School in Southboro, Massachusetts, and was
graduated at Harvard College in 1912, as of the class of 1913.

Mr. Roosevelt was a Director  or Trustee of the Central Hanover Bank and
Trust Company, the Continental Insurance Co., the North British and
Mercantile Insurance Co., and the Union Square Savings Bank; President and
Director of the Investors Management Co. and Fundamental Investors, Inc.;
General partner of Roosevelt and Son, 30 Pine street, NYC.

                         Clubs and Organizations:
Commodore, Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club; North American Yacht Racing
Union (Pres.); Knickerbocker;.

                         Marital Status:
He married Jean S. Roosevelt, his second cousin, on May 9 1925. They lived
at "Dolonor," Cove Neck, Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York.

There is one daughter, Philippa Roosevelt and two sons, Philip James
Roosevelt Jr., and John Ellis Roosevelt.

                        Date of Birth:   June 24, 1885   NYC

                        Parents:  (request lineage)

Louis Phipps Sanger was educated at the Berkeley School, New York City
(1894-1898), the Hill School, Pottstown, Pennsylvania (1899-1902); St.
Paul's School, Garden City, Long Island (1902-1906) and New York University
(Class of 1909).

                        Clubs and Organizations:
Sons of the Revolution; the Huguenot Society; Society of Colonial Wars;
Military Order of Foreign Wars; the St. Nicholas Society; and the Racquet
and Tennis Club.

                        Marital Status:
He married Mrs. Grace Ostrander Signor, of Albany, New York on February 14,

                       Date of Birth:  September 26, 1870  NYC
                       Parents:  (request lineage)

Real estate business for the past fifty years.

                      Marital Status:
He married Alixe Mataran of New York City on September 26, 1901.  There are
no children.

                      Date of Birth:   February 26, 1883
                      Parents:  (request lineage)

He was educated at Boyce School in New York City, and then went to Columbia
College, where he graduated in the class of 1903. He received the  A.M. and
Ph.D. degrees from Columbia University in 1904 and 1909, respectively.

His first teaching assignment was as Instructor in History at Yale
University in 1906. In 1910 he became lecturer in History at Columbia
University, Assistant Professor in 1911, Associate Professor in 1919. etc.

                      Clubs & Organizations:
Century Association; American Historical Association; New York State
Historical Association; Royal Historical Society (Fellow); American
Political Science Assn.; Colum Alumni Assn.; Phi Beta Kappa.

                       Marital Status:
He married Sara V.D. Brooks of Kansas City, Missouri, on October 19, 1907.

There is one daughter, Virginia Schuyler, born in 1915.

                      Date of Birth:   July 7, 1871   Richmond, S.I.
John William Simonson and Charlotte Stephens.

He was educated under private tutors and also at Trinity School, West New
Brighton, where he was graduated.  Later he received instruction from Rev.
Alfred Demarest, minister of the Dutch Reformed Church at Richmond.

Insurance and real estate.

                      Marital Status:
He was married on January 19, 1899 in New York City to May, daughter of
William Libbey and Mary Ladd Sexton.

There is a son, Cortelyou Ladd Simonson, born December 15, 1902, in West New
Brighton, Staten Island.

                      Date of Birth:   March 29, 1867 NYC
He is the son of Samuel Sloan 2nd and Margaret Elmendorf, a daughter of
Peter Zabriskie Elmendorf and Maria La Grange.

Mr. Sloan attended New York Latin School, Churchill's School in New York and
Holbrook's Military Academy. He was graduated at Columbia University with
the class of 1888.

After receiving an A.B. degree, he worked with the Trust Department of the
Farmers Loan and Trust Company from 1888 to 1899. In that year he became a
member of the firm of Post & Flagg, until its dissolution, April 1941.

                      Clubs & Organizations:
Friendly Sons of St. Patrick; Young Men's Christian Association: American
Association for the Advancement of Science; New York Academy of Science;
Columbia Alumni Association; Union; University; Racquet: St. Anthony;
Rockaway Hunting Club; etc.

                      Marital Status:
He married Margaret Milligan Sloane of Princeton, New Jersey in Munich,
Germany on June 4, 1913.

There are three sons: Benson Bennett Sloan, Jr., born in 1915; William
Milligan Sloan, born in 1916, and Samuel Sloan III, born in 1919.

                       Date of Birth:  February 20, 1860  NYC
                       Parents:  (request lineage)

After attending grade and high schools in New York City, he graduated from
Columbia College in the class of 1882 with a B.A. and was elected to the Phi
Beta Kappa fraternity.

In 1886 he entered the Central Trust Company of New York, from which he
retired as a Vice-President in 1938, after fifty-two years of service, at
the age of seventy-eight.

                       Clubs & Organizations
Holland Society of New York, St. Nicholas Society of New York

                       Marital Status:  unmarried

                       Date of Birth:  January 12, 1883  NYC
He is the son of Cornelius Smith and Emma Jean Collins.

Not mentioned in article.

Director of the Hudson River Museum at Yonkers, N.Y. Mr. Smith is President
of the Yonkers Art Association and member of the Art Commission of the City
of Yonkers.

                      Clubs & Organizations:
Holland Society; Hudson River Conservation Society; Automobile Oldtimers,

                      Marital Status:
He married Iduna Wilke of Yonkers, New York on August 31, 1918. There are no
children. Their address was: 11 Halcyon Place, Yonkers, New York.

                      Date of Birth:  September 12, 1882
                      Parents:  (request lineage)

Not mentioned in article.

Retired businessman.

                      Clubs & Organizations:
Holland Society, Sons of the Revolution; American Legion (106th Inf. Post);
Pyramid Lodge F. and A.M. 490; Wiccopee Grange.

                      Marital Status:    unmarried

                     Date of Birth:  November 30, 1884
                     Parents:  (request lineage)

He was educated at New York Public and High schools and also studied with
private tutors.

In 1910 he began working with the advertising firm of George L. Dyer Co. In
1912 he transferred to Barrow, Wade, Guthrie and Co., public accountants
where he remained, except for a short interruption in 1915-16 when he served
as general  Controller for the Frank A. Sayles Interests in textiles,
importing, utilities and war industries.

                     Clubs and Organizations:
Holland Society of New York; Sons of the American Revolution; Controllers
Institute of America: 32 Mason and Mystic Shriner.

                     Marital Status:
On December 24, 1905 he married Gertrude May Taylor of New York. His second
marriage to Helen Georgene Legel of Buffalo, New York, took place on October
19, 1925.

There is a son by the first marriage, Everett Seaward Van Benthuysen, born
in 1906.

                     Date of Birth:  November 24, 1901  NYC
                     Parents:  (request lineage)

He was educated at St. George's School of Newport, Rhode Island and studied
at Princeton University.

Mr. Vanderbilt has been a member of the Rhode Island State Senate from 1928
to 1934 and was chosen Governor of Rhode Island in Nobember, 1938, for the
term 1939-1941.

                     Clubs & Organizations:
American Museum of Natural History; Knickerbocker Club; Army and Navy Club;
Racquet and Tennis; Coaching Club; Brook Club; New York Yacht Club.

                    Marital Status:
He first married Emily Davis of New York City on November 1, 1923, from whom
he was divorced.  His second marriage to Anne Colby of Orange, New Jersey
took place on December 27, 1929.

There is one daughter of the first marriage, Emily Vanderbilt. Of his second
marriage there are twin daughters, Anne and Elsie.

                      Date of Birth:   December 5, 1865  NYC
                      Parents:  (request lineage)

                      Education:  not mentioned in article

He started his business career by entering the firm of Vanderhoef & Co. at
the age of 18 in 1884 and remained there until he retired in 1914.

                      Clubs & Organizations:
Holland Society of New York; Seventh Regiment Veterans Association, etc.

                      Marital Status:
He married Kate Irwin Martin of Brooklyn, New York on November 7, 1888 at
Church of the Messiah.

There were three children:  William Irwin Vanderhoef, born September 20,
1889, who died on August 24, 1926; he was in the Naval Reserve in the first
World War. Marion Wyckoff Vanderhoef, born in New York City on December 6,
1894 and married to Harry Franklin Morse on April 6, 1917 and N.S. Wyckoff
Vanderhoef, born in New York City on March 12, 1897, who married Eunice
Taylor of Boston on  September 22, 1934, he was a First Lieutenant in the
Field Artillery during the first World War.

                      Date of Birth:  January 18, 1886  NYC
                      Parents:  (request lineage)

Tertius Van Dyke attended Lawrenceville School and was graduated at
Princeton University in the class of 1908. He then studied at Magdalen
College, Oxford University, England, where he earned a B.A. degree in 1910,
an M.A. degree in 1917. He also holds a B.D. degree from Union Theological
Seminary since 1913.

Mr. van Dyke is now Headmaster of the Gunnery School at Washington,
Connecticut. He has held pastorates in New York City and Washington, Conn.
and during World War I worked with his father in Europe and also in
Washington, D.C.

                     Clubs and Organizations:
Century Association; Princeton Club of New York; University Club.

                     Marital Status:
He married Mary Elizabeth Cannon of New Haven, Connecticut in 1924.

There are three children: Dorothea Atherton van Dyke; Henry van Dyke and
Paul Cannon van Dyke.

                    Date of Birth:  September 18, 1903  NYC
                    Parents:  (request lineage)

He attended grammar school and high school and was awarded a Bachelor of
Arts degree at the University of Pennsylvania in 1927, after which he
attended the Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, graduating in 1931.
In the summer of 1930, he studied in the clinic of Prof. Van Rooy at the
Wilhelminagasthuis in Amsterdam, and again in 1932.

                   Clubs & Organizations:
Holland Society;  Dutch Settlers Society of Albany: Blauvelt Descendants.

                   Marital Status:
He married Grietje Prins of Aalsmeer, Province of North Holland, in the
Netherlands, in 1932.

There is a daughter, Grietje Jantina Van Loon born in 1937.

                   Date of Birth:  April 14, 1908
                   Parents:   (request lineage)

She attended grade schools and was graduated at the High School of Newburgh,
New York. She then graduated from the Training School for Nurses of the
Fifth Avenue Hospital in New York City in 1930.

She is a Registered Nurse.

                   Clubs & Organizations:
Fifth Avenue Hospital Nurses  Alumni Association, the New York State Nurses
Association and the American Nurses Association.

                    Marital Status:    unmarried

                   Date of Birth:   September 12, 1910  NYC
                   Parents:  (request lineage)

He was educated at Townsend Harris Hall and the College of the City of New
York. He studied privately for eight years, also at the Pennsylvania Academy
of Fine Arts with Daniel Garber, at the National Academy of Design, the Art
Students League, with Thomas Benton, and at the New York School of
Industrial Art.

His work includes teaching for 8 years, Illustration, Cartooning, Textile
Designing, Surgical Illustration, Research Assoc. in the Department of
Anthropology, a cartoonist for Nation Magazine and Saturday Review of

                   Clubs & Organizations:
Mural Artists Guild; National Society Mural Painters; American Artists
Congress; Townsend Harris Alumni Association (President);  MacDowell Club,

                   Marital Status:   unmarried

                   Date of Birth:  October 27, 1901  NYC
He is the son of Harry J. Wright and Cora Ann Hassett.

He was educated at public and high schools and graduated from Cornell
University in the class of 1923. He received the M.D. degree at Cornell
Medical School in 1926.

He is Director of the Department of Medicine of the New York Post-Graduate
Hospital and Medical School . Consulting Physician at Mount Vernon Hospital,
Monmouth Memorial Hospital, Orange Memorial Hospital and the Hackensack
Hospital. etc.

                   Clubs & Organizations:
University Club; St. Nicholas Society of New York; Sportsman's Club of
Chicago; American College of Physicians (Fellow); American Society for
Clinical Investigation: Soc. for Experimental Biology and Medicine; New York
Academy of Sciences; New York Academy of Medicine; American Heart

                   Marital Status:
He married Grace Mansfield Demarest, also born in New York City on October
15, 1927.

There are two children: Barbara Mansfield Wright, born in 1931 and Allison
Sherwood Wright, born in 1935.

                    Date of Birth:   April 1, 1884  NYC
She is the daughter of George Waddington and Elisabeth Van Rensselaer.

She was educated in private schools, graduated from the New York School of
Social Service and attended Columbia University in New York.

She had an assignment as organizer and Director of the Caritas Club for
Working Girls from 1900 to 1910, as a lecturer in American History for the
Board of Education in New York City from 1910-1912. She is a librarian of
the Colonial Dames of America.

                    Clubs & Organizations:
Colonial Dames of America;  Carroll Club

                    Marital Status:
She married Christopher Billopp Wyatt II at San Marco in Venice, Italy on
August 28, 1906.

There are four children: Elisabeth, married to William A. Russell of North
Andover, Mass, in 1920, Jane, married to Edgar Bethune Ward in 1935,
Christopher Billopp Wyatt III, and Monica Wyatt.

                              *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

                         NEW   YORK    STATE    AREA

                      Date of Birth:   December 5, 1867   Auburn
                      Parents:  (request lineage)

He was educated in Cazenovia Seminary and Ithaca High School and a member of
the class of 1897 of Cornell University.

He was first employed in surveying work for railroads, 1897-1899, then for
sanitary design and construction work. 1899-1902. He then became City
Engineer of Auburn, New York, and served from 1902 to 1908.

                      Clubs & Organizations:
American Society of Civil Engineers (Life Member); American Water Works
Association (Life and honorary member); New England Water Works Association
(life member) Masonic Bodies; Rotary; Holland Society of New York

                      Marital Status:
He married Bertha H. Vedder of Munnsville, New York, on May 29 1902.

There are three children:  Lauren V. Ackerman, pathologist, J. Bevier
Ackerman, Major in Aviation, U.S.A., and Helen Ackerman, research

                       Date of Birth:  June 1, 1894   Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
                       Parents:  (request lineage)

He is a graduate of Cornell University College of Architecture (1918) and
the New York School of Fine and Applied Arts.

He is Art Director of Brooke, Smith, French and Dorrance, Inc.

                       Clubs and Organizations:
Holland Society, Art Director's Club

                        Marital Status:
His first marriage was with Eleanor Ward Deans, from whom he was divorced in
1929. He married a second time with Winifred Van Sickle Johnson on February
17, 1936.

From his first marriage there are two children: Jane Sterling Adriance, born
April 3, 1921 and Ann Deans Adriance, born August 23, 1924. From his second
marriage, Josephine Marie Johnson is his stepdaughter.

                       Date of Birth:  January 9, 1875  Newburgh
                       Parents:  (request lineage)

Mr. Anthony was educated at Union College, Schenectady, receiving the
degrees of A.B. and A.M., at the University of Berlin and at Wadham College,
Oxford University.


                       Clubs and Organizations:
Holland Society of New York;  Society of Colonial Wars

                       Marital Status:
He married Alys Eastham Sykes of North Adams, Massachusetts, on September
28, 1904.

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individuals , because of their length. If you wish to have this information
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Source:    Hollanders Who Helped Build America
Authors:   Prof. Dr. Bernard H. M. Vlekke and Rev. Dr.
                Henry Beets
Publisher:  American Biographical Company-N.Y.C.
Copyright:   1942

 Researched and Transcribed by Miriam Medina