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Brooklyn Standard Union
26 October 1918


The mental examination for promotion to the rank of captain in the 
Fire Department will be held at the City College, Twenty-third street and
Lexington avenue, Manhattan, on Saturday, Nov. 9.  All lieutenants who
will have served six months at 8 A. M. on the day of the examination are
eligible for the examination.

Those candidates for promotion were recently given physical

Anthony J. POGGL, Engine 17
James P. HAYES,  No 1, Engine 21
Gus J. DRESSLER jr., Engine 46
Eusebius MURPHY,  Engine 64
John J. MULLIGAN, No.2, Engine 69
Oliver P. HAWKINS, Engine 79
Arthur ROONEY, Engine 87
John GREENE, Engine 158
Peter FARRELL, Engine 205
Thomas F. GALLAGHER, Engine 207
Thomas F. KAIN, Engine 212
John BARRETT, Engine 227
Albert H. HODGE, Engine 239
Louis Lange, Engine 247
Daniel P. MAHONEY, Engine 264
William E. DALY, Engine 262
William T. BECK, H & L 8
Timothy E. COUGHLIN, H & L. 8
Benjamin PARCELL, H & L 33
Al E. DONOVAN, No 1, H & L 18
John J. KLNNE, H & L 34
Bernard CONLON, H & L 34
John J. HARNEY, H & L 35
Patrick J. ROGAN, H &L 36
Martin S. TARPAY, H & L 39
John J. TAIT, H & L 40
James T. BROWN, H & L 45
Thomas HARDING, H & L 48
Alfred MANTOVANI, H & L 80
John J. DONOVAN, H & L 106
Oscar DOBLER, H & L 115
Moe ISAACS, H & L 121
Edward H. DANZIGER, H & L 124
William BAUER, H & L  127
Louis SEMANSKY, H & L 146



A number of transfers were made during the week by Fire comissioner
DRENNAN.  Four Brooklyn leutenants were shifted , and there were several
changes among the fireman. Four Brooklyn men went to Manhattan.  
The list is as follows:


Robert S. BRIERTON, Engine 201 to H & L 105
John J. KEANE, Engine 203 to Engine 201
Edward A. DOUGHERTY, Engine 229 to Engine 203
Joseph F. FLANAGAN, Engine 233 to Engine 229

Firemen (first grade):

Walter T. HAZRICK, Engine 243 to H & L 114
Thomas H. MALKIN, Engine 241 to Engine 242
Frederick J. GILL, H & L 149 to H & L 110
Edward G CONWAY,  Engine 110 to H & L 149
John J. GREEN, Engine 8 to Engine 261
Charles B FRANSSEN, Engine 261 to Engine 8
Vito A. MOLLICA, Engine 220 to Engine 282
George C. BLAKLEY, Engine 282 to 220
Edward J. JOHNSON, Engine 55 to engine 272
John B. HOLAHAN,  H & L 5 to Engine 93
Thomas J.SCOTT, Engine 203 to Engine 233
Eugene EGAN, Engine 19 to H & L 129
William C. SAMET, H& L 129 to Engine 19
John J. MURRAY, No. 1, H & L 43 to H & L 144
Joseph MILLER, No. 3, H & L 144 to Engine 26
Charles J. G. LUBECK, Engine 261 to H & L 43


Five well known Brooklyn firemen were placed on the retired list
recently by Fire Comissioner Drennan.  The men served continuously in
the Fire Department for twenty years and made application to be retired
with a pension.  Heading the list is Capt. Daniel DONOVAN, of Engine
Company 247, on Sixtieth street near New Utrecht avenue.  Capt. DONOVAN
entered the service July 1, 1894, and had one of the finest records in
the department.  He lives at 1335 Fifty-fourth street.

Engineer of Steamer George E READ, of Engine Company 248, at 2261 Church
avenue served in the department since Jan. 20, 1896.  He lives at 286
Parkville avenue.  First Grade Fireman Richard BAADE, of Engine Company
211, at 166 Clymer street, entered the citys service October 16, 189?.
He lives at 539 Lexington Avenue.

Engineer of Steamer Thomas CONHILL of Engine 216 on Calton avenue
entered the Fire Department June 12, 1897.  He was very popular.
CONHILL lives at 299 Putnam ave.

William J. WHITE No.2 of 8306 3rd avenue is the 5th member to be
retired.  Attached to Engine 234 at 1157 79th st.

Medical Officers are Gamely Combatting Disease.

Nine fire houses in Brooklyn are in mourning as a result of the deaths
of that member of firemen of influenza.  The total number of blue shirts
who fell fatal victims to the epidemic is fourteen,  Brooklyn having
the largest number.  There are 346 Cases reported to Dr. Joseph E.
SMITH, chief medical officer of the Fire Department, up to yesterday and
the department officials were combatting the epidemic with a badly
decreased force of physicians.

The first fatal victim if the influenza was 
Fireman Joseph KAUFMAN, of 2061 Bergen street, who died Oct. 8.  
KAUFMAN was attached to Hook and Ladder 103, on Concord street.  

The next victim was Henry HEIMKEN, of 1461 Bushwick avenue, 
attached to Hook and Ladder 110, on State street.

Other Brooklynites and Queens men who were stricken were :
Arthur W. OLSON, of 1850 Madison street, Hook and Ladder 146:  
Charles PTACEK? ,of 27 Jerome avenue, Astoria, Engine 262: 
Peter L. GIFFELS, of 1892 Stockholm street, Engine 231: 
George HOAG, of 550 Knockerbocker avenue,Engine 237:  
Thomas FARRELL, 11, of 158 Fourteenth street, Engine 281;
Thomas J. COSTELLO, of 136 Kingsland avenue, Engine 229;  
Joseph STARKE,of Engine 217;  
John J. KELLY, Jr. of 372 Ninety-fifth street;  
William H. A. McDONALD, of 9 Trowbridge street, Astoria,
Edmund C.  KELLY, of 29 West Nineteenth street, Whitestone.

The Manhattan firemen were :
Charles J. MILVILLE, of Hook and Ladder 42,
James J. CONNOLLY, of Engine Company 26.  
McDONALD and Edmund C.KELLY were attached to Manhattan Companies.
John J. KELLY died at Camp Merrit,
Henry HELMKEN at Camp Millis.

For several weeks the medical officers were working to combat the
epidemic among the uniformed force and 
Drs. Robert W. HALL, of 704 East Eighteenth street, and 
Francis M. BANTA, of Manhattan, became ill. 
When they reported back for duty 
Dr. William J. TIERNEY, of Manhattan, had to report sick to the chief medical officer.

In spite of the handicap of the medical officers in Brooklyn and
Manhattan are working cheerfully to fight the epidemic.  
Drs. William A. DeLONG, of 170 Bainbridge street, and 
Walter G. FREY, of 205 Grand avenue, Long Island City, 
are doing all posssible under the circumstances to help the firemen.

There are few fire houses in Brooklyn that are not short-handed on
account of the influenza.  A total of 166 cases were reported in
Brooklyn and Queens, and Manhattan had 180 cases.

Pat Adams

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