Anyone interested in pursuing records for firemen, might find this
information useful.
Ms.Washington, the Archivist for the NYC Fire Department.  
Records for all boroughs, IF THEY EXIST, can be requested in writing. 
 There is no charge for this service.

You need to supply the following information:

How you are related to the individual.
The NAME, and if you have it , the address of the fireman
Approximate date of birth.
Where he was born, if known.
Might also be helpful to include when they worked there if you have that

Include you name address and phone  number.

Send to:

NYC Fire Department
Personal Dept. - 6th Fl.
9 Metro Tech Center
Brooklyn, NY  11201
Attn:  Ms. Washington

If you have any questions Ms. Washington's phone no. is 718-999-1168, 
though again, they must have a written request to supply records.
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