Our Branch has microfilm of passenger lists of vessels arriving at 
the port of New York from 1820 to July 3, 1957, and indexes for the 
years 1820-1846 and 1897-1948. Also available on microfilm are book 
indexes to the New York passenger lists, 1906-1942. We are unable to 
search this microfilm for specific entries or provide reproductions in 
response to letters or telephone calls. These records are available 
for use in our public research room. They are not currently available 
on the Internet. 
You are welcome to come to our facility to use these records.

If you are not planning to visit our facility to conduct your research, 
you can resubmit your request furnishing us with your United States 
Postal Address. We can then send you NATF-81 
(Order For Copies Of Ship Passenger Arrival Records) forms that you 
can send to the National Archives in Washington, DC. These forms are 
not available via E-mail. They  have all available lists and indexes 
of  the ports passengers arrived at in the United States.  They will 
conduct a search of the index of the port you list and make copies of 
the Ship's Manifest pages concerning the individuals you request if you 
can furnish them with sufficient information. Again, you can contact the 
local Family History Center in your area. These Family History Centers 
also have passenger arrival records and indexes for many ports for 
various years. 

Among our holdings the Regional Archives has photocopies of naturalization 
records for the period, 1792 through 1906, filed in Federal, State, and 
local courts located in New York City. We  also hold records of naturalization 
filed in the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of New York  to 
1991, the Eastern District of New York to 1990 (with an index to 1977), 
the Western District of New York, which is located in Buffalo, from 1907 
to 1966 and the U.S. District Court of New Jersey (Newark office), 
from 1914 to 1982, along with related indexes.  Included in our inventory of 
New Jersey records are naturalization records from the New Jersey 
District Court (Trenton office) from 1838 to 1906 with an index.

You may use our research room for these records also. On site copies cost 
the same as indicated above.  Naturalization records can also be searched 
by our staff for you. Although we can not perform extensive research on 
the indexes, we will search them for one or two names. We would need your 
postal address for us to send you Naturalization request forms. If you 
feel that the papers of individuals you are interested in can possibly 
be found among the records described above these request forms would be 
completed with as much information as possible to help facilitate our search.  
Due to the extensive amount of mail received at this office we ask that 
no more than three search inquiries be submitted per letter in a two week 
period. If an index is located for the name(s) given we will send you 
copies of the card(s) to identify as relating to the individual(s) in 
whom you are interested.  If you then want a copy of the naturalization 
record the minimum fee by mail would be $10.00 and the check would be 
made payable to the NATIONAL ARCHIVES TRUST FUND.  This minimum fee 
covers the cost of up to 20 pages.

Although the records you are looking for are not available on-line, if 
you wish to visit the  National Archives & Records Administration Homepage 
it can be found at: 
If you have any further questions please feel free to e-mail again or call 
us at 212-337-1300. If you do want any of the printed material 
indicated above please resubmit your request indicating what you want 
along with your postal address.  You do not need an appointment to use any 
of the above records at our facility.


Archives Technician