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1896 May-Bklyn Eagle,L.I.OBITS
LI Obituaries - May, 1896 : Islip, LI, May 2 - The funeral of Captain Jarvis SMITH of Islip was held this afternoon, with masonic honors. A large number of masons came from Bayshore to attend the services, which took place at the Islip Presbyterian churchmthe Rev. W.S.C. WEBSTER, the pastor of the church, officiating. Glen Cove,LI, May2 - Mrs. Samuel J. SEAMAN of Duck Pond, Glen Cove, died suddenly yesterday in Bklyn. She was a daughter of the late William WILLETS of Jericho, and until within the last 5 years had always resided in that village. Her husband is a descendant of Elias HICKS, the founder of the Hicksite Society of Friends. Mrs. SEAMAN was about 40 years of age, an active worker in all philanthropic and social affairs and her demise has cast a shadow over the whole community. Besides a husband, two daughters and two sons survive her. Three sisters, Mrs. Sidney BONNE, Mrs. Frederick E. WILLETS, and Miss Jennie WILLETS, also reside at GLen Cove. FLushing,LI, May 2 - Marguerite, the 10 months old daughter of Mr. Mrs. A. Foster KING died yesterday. The 8 months old son of Mr. Thomas and Frances WHITSON,Jr died the same day. John H. BECHAMP, aged 84, one of the oldest residents of the town of Flushing, died at his home in Bayshore, yesterday of pneumonia. Patchogue,LI, May 9 - The funeral of Mrs. Jeanettte BROWN-HOPPER of Bklyn who died on Thursday last will be held from the home of her aunt , Mrs. John GARDNER, Patchogue tomorrow. Mrs. HOPPER was born in Bklyn 23 years ago. She had been sick with a hasty consumption and had been married almost 2 years. She taught school at Patchogue during the years of 1892 & 1893. Her death is mourned by a large circle of friends. Mrs. Elizabeth OVERTON, one of the oldest residents of the middle of the island died of old age at her home , in Corona [ ?I believe this should read Coram ], on Monday last. She was born at Corona [?Coram] 90 years ago and had lived there all her days. The funeral service was held from the Middle Island M.E. Church on Wednesday. The funeral of Mrs. Minerva HARNED, who died at the home of daughter, Mrs. John DAVIS, 2622 Willoughby Ave, Bklyn, on Wednesday last, was held at Patchogue this morning, the internment being in the Cedar Grove Cemetery. Mrs. Harned was born in Pattchogue and was 80 years old. Irene M. OVERTON, the 15 months old child of Mr. & Mrs. William OVERTON, died suddenly on Thursday. The child a few days previous, had a bad fall from a high chair, and it is believed that concussion of the brain then occured. The child had been quite well up until a few minutes before its death. The funeral was held yesterday. Glen Cove,LI, May 12 - Mrs. Anita COLES, wife of Oscar L. COLES,formerly a well known resident of Glen Cove, died at her home on Schermerhorn St., Bklyn, Sunday, after a brief illness. Mrs. COLES was well know in GLen Cove, where she had spent several seasons and her death has caused universal sorowing in the social circle of which she was a prominent member. Mrs. COLES was 32 years of age and was married less than 2 years ago at the home of her parents, Mr. & Mrs. SCHENCK, from which she was buried this afternoon. Hicksville,LI, May 15 - Bernard EARLE, who is well known throughout Long Island as a philanthropist, as well as a man of wealth, died after a long illness at his home, north of this village, on the Jericho Rd. at 2 o'clock yesterday morning, at the advanced age of 76 years. His remains will be interred at Calvary Cemetery. Mr. EARLE was a native of Ireland. He came to the U.S. in 1836 and followed the business of a contractor & builder, in which he amassed a large fortune. He retired in 1871 and removed to a country estate at Round Swamp. He soon after moved to Hicksville and gave his large property there to the Trapppist monks, upon which they have since erected handsome buildings. Upon his removal to Hicksville he occupied a residence on the west side of Jericho Rd. In 1885, he gave this house and 107 acres of land to the St. John's home, corner of St. Marks & Albany Aves, Bklyn to be used as a home for orphan boys and known as the St. John's Protectory Home. This institution now contains over 150 boys. Mr EARLE was a kind friend to everyone in need and he gave away large sums of money to needy & deserving people. He had a great pleasure in encouraging young men to start right in life. Flushing ,LI, May 15 - Patrick CLANCY died at his home yesterday afternoon after an illness of 6 weeks. He was 35 years old and leaves a wife & 4 children. Death of Hermit HENNESSEY Sayville,LI, May 15 - Old Michael HENNESSEY died at the county house at Yaphank Wednesday, and his remains were buried beside his wife, in the Bohemian burying ground, yesterday. Some months ago old Mary HENNESSEY was found dead in bed, and in the same bed her husband, for years an invalid, lay unconscious that his wife had passed away. Near neighbors too care of the old man and he was removed to the poor house. It was said that aged couple had considerable money hidden away in the house, but nothing could be found except $7 sewed up in the corner of an old pilow. Still it is believed that much more money lies buried somewhere on the premises. Over 40 years ago, the couple built the small hut which they occuppied ever since in the heart of a dense woods, near where Bohemia village now stands and for years they have been called "The Hermits". The village gossip has it that Nancy HENNESSEY was once a prominent young women in the city of Philadelphia and was engaged to be married to a prominent police official until she met Michael HENNESSEY, who was a widower. He claimed to own rich lands on Long Island and Nancy, who was a Quakeress and had been brought up on a farm, longed to return to that life again and she married HENNESSEY. The rich farm lands proved to be a myth and the bright young Quakeress determined to shut herself from the rest of the world and made her husband build the hut in the woods. Their property will be sold to pay for their burials. [ Notice the wife is first referred to as "MARY", then "Nancy". How true is all this "gossip ", I wonder ? I can only imagine the state of the propery after all the neighbors were done hunting for the buried riches :-) ] Kathy

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