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1882 Franklinville students

Suffolk Cty Historical Society Library 

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Program of Exhibition given by the students of Franklinville Academy Friday evening, May 17, 1882 in Presbyterian Church Frank W. YOUNG Fred H. TUTHILL Egbert P. TUTHILL Nettie B. DAVIS Edith W. YOUNG Emma Williamson Sadie L. REEVE Minnie V. HOWARD James H. YOUNG J. Eddie HALLOCK Flo. M. FANNING Frances P. FANNING Geo. G. COX Herbert L. TERRY Arthur W. Hawkins Wm. L. YOUNG J. Addison YOUNG Edith L. REEVE Louis M. YOUNG Katie B. WELLS John T. YOUNG Inez HALLOCK Hattie E. MOORE J.M. HALLOCK Willie W. Conklin Fannie W. HALLOCK 1883 Franklinville Students Program of Exhibition given by the students of Franklinville Academy Wednesday evening , Mar 7, 1883 at 7:30pm in Presbyterian Church Geo. G. COX Ray S. FANNING Edith B. THOMPSON Frank W. YOUNG Henry W. TERRY Lizzie T. Seaman Edith L. REEVE Mollie W. TERRY Nettie B. DAVIS Inez HALLOCK Emma A. WILLIAMSON Flo. M. FANNING W.H. Benjamin Herbert I. TERRY J. Addison YOUNG Hattie E. MOORE Orvis H. LUCE E.B. WARDLE Hattie L. FANNING A.W. HAWKINS Edith YOUNG Francis P. FANNING LOUIS M. YOUNG Leta C. WRIGHT Aggie L. COX John M. HALLOCK Anie D. SEAMAN J. ED HALLOCK E.D. TERRY Mary SKIDMORE F.H. TUTHILL Frank W. YOUNG John T. YOUNG E.P. TUTHILL W.W. CONKLIN Clara A. FANNING

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