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PORT JEFFERSON 1868/69 Curtain's Directory


Adams John caulker east of Bay n. B'way
Albin Buel seaman Main n. cemetery
Aldrich William G. seaman Main
Aldridge Jesse seaman Main n. Spring

Bailey Thomas carpenter Main n. Thompson
Ball Richard carpenter east of Bay n. B'way
Barry J.B., Rev Spring
Bayles C.L. ship yard Main n. S. limits
Bayles Charles A. sea-captain E. B'way
Bayles Samuel H. sea-captain E. B'way
Bayles J.M. & son shipbuilders Main
Bayles J.M. & G.F. grocers, Main h. c. E. B'way
Bayles Joseph seaman Main n. E B'way
Bayles James M. grocer & shipbuilder,Main h. E.B'way n. Main
Bayles James E. shipbuilder, Main h. E. B'way
Bayles Edward F. seaman W. Bay
Bayles Samuel S. sea-captain W. Bay
Bayles Alfred E. caulker west of Bay
Bayles George F. grocer, Main h. E. B'way n. Main
Bennett George L. jeweler Main n. E. B'way
Bigford Luther carpenter W. Bay
Bird Samuel R. carpenter North
Bishop Mary E.,widow John saloon Main n. Thompson
Bowers J. carpenter E. B'way
Brewster Selah S. seaman Union n. Main
Brewster George W. seaman Main n.E B'way
Brewster Joseph country store Main n. North
Brewster Joseph F. sea-captain Main
Brewster Joseph F. & Co. lumber Main n. South
Brewster Sarah Main
Brown Washington seaman W. B'way n. Bay
Brown Wallace seaman Main n. E. B'way
Brown Morris carpenter Main n. Spring
Brown Josiah W. Main n. E. B'way
Brown Joseph seaman E. B'way
Brown George carpenter Setauket Rd. n. Bay
Brown Franklin B. carpenter Thompson n. Main
Brown Abraham carpenter Main
Brown Francis carpenter east of E. B'way
Brown Charles blockmaker, Water W. of Bay
Brown George seaman E. B'way
Buffet George carpenter B'way n. Main

Campbell George C. tailor Main n. E. B'way
Cody Edward cooper Main n. Bridge
Conklin Lewis tinsmith E. B'way n. Main

Darling William country store Main
Darling E.F. & Co country store Front n. Main
Darling William carpenter E. B'way
Darling Leonard seaman Setauket
Darling John E. ship yard west of Bay n. Setauket Rd
Darling Frederick F. country store Front n. Main
Darling Edmund T. boatbuilder, W. B'way h. west of bay
Darling Charles west of Bay
Darling Charles seaman Thompson n. Main
Darling Brewster seaman west of B'way
Davis Gilbert butcher Main
Davis Oliver seaman west of bay
Davis Joseph seaman E. B'way n. Main
Davis Joel seaman South n. Main
Davis Henry G. seaman North n. Main
Dayton Elizabeth milliner Main
Dayton James sea-captain Main
Dayton A. painter Thompson n. Main
Dayton S. seaman Main
Dayton Smith seaman Main n. E. B'way
Dayton William B. seaman Thompson
Dayton Orin seaman Main
Devoe Robert shoemaker Cemetery Ave
Dewick Nelson seaman east of bay n. B'way
Dickerson Nathaniel seaman E. B'way n. Main
Doane George physician Main
Dowey George tailor Main

Early Thomas laborer Prospect
Edwards M.G. country store Main
Edwards James seaman E. B'way n Main
Edwards & Hulse country store Main
Emmons Samuel seaman Main

Fitzgerald William H. saloon Water
Fitzgerald J. miller Prospect

Gerard Edward carpenter Thompson n. Main
Gildersleeve Daniel H. carpenter Comsewque
Gildersleeve James E. physician Main n. Spring
Griffin Cyrus stonecutter South mn. Main
Griffith George carpenter west of bay

Haekins Edward carpenter Main
Hagerman Joseph H. baker Main n. E.B'way
Hallock Richard mason Main n. South
Hallock Charles seaman E. B'way n. Main
Hallock Thomas seaman E. B'way n. Main
Hallock Henry seaman Main n. Spring
Hand Silas carpenter ft. Main n. Shipyard
Harris J.J. chandler west of bay n. shipyard
Hart George smith South
Hart E. shipsmith South n. Main
Hart William H. smith Main
Hart E. & Sons shipsmiths ft. Main n. shipyard
Haugh John S. Rev. Thompson
Hawkins Thomas seaman South n. Main
Hawkins Z.F. farmer Main n. Cemetery Ave.
Hawkins Abira farmer E. B'way n. Main
Homan Benjamin sailmaker North n. Main
Hounsley Charles W. rigger Water
Hounsley Charles caulker Main n. Thompson
Hounsley Charles,Jr caulker E.Bay n. E. B'way
Howard Hayward (col'd) Main n. Mansion House
Howell S.B. Main n. Spring
Hudson Samuel carpenter Cemetery Ave n. Main
Hulse Daniel seaman Main n. Spring
Hulse Daniel country store Main c. Spring
Hulse Eliza E. E.B'way c. Main
Hulse Franklin B. country store Main n. E.B'way
Hulse William T. country store, Main n. E.B'way h. Main c. Thompson
Hulse Albert carpenter east of bay n. E.B'way
Humiston Jeremiah Bridge n. Main
Hunecke Henry Mansion House, Main
Hunt William L. ship carpenter east of bay n. Prospect

Jayne Abraham carpenter east of bay n. E.B'way
Jayne Brewster H. liquors Main n. Thompson
Jones Vincent carman South n. Main
Jones William L.,Mrs. Main opp.Baptist church
Jones Thomas seaman Water n. E.B'way
Jones Isaac Cemetery Ave n. Main
Jones B.H. seaman South n. Main

Kenner Charles seaman Main
Kenner Permelia, Mrs. South n. Main
Kenner Caleb seaman South n.Main
Kinsey Edmund F. watchmaker Main

"L""Hommedieu" Nancy M> confectionery Main n. Thompson
Latimer Edward H. seaman North n. Main
Lawrence L. captain E.B'way top of hill
Lee John S. stoves & tinware, Water h. Main n. Cemetery
Lee George D. stoves & tinware, Water h. Main n. Cemetery Ave.
Lee J.C. & Co stoves & tinware Water
Lee George H. stoves Water
Leeke Walter E. carpenter Thompson n. Main

Macy Charles shipsmith west of bay n. shipyard
Macy John E. shipsmith west of bay
Maher J.R. shipyard,Bridge n. Main h. Main n. North
Marvin James lawyer E.B'way
Mather John R. grocer, Water h. Prospect n. Main
Mathews J.W. drygoods & millinery Main n. Townsed House
Mathews S.R. country store,Front h. Prospect
Meserole Abby r. Main
Meserole Jacob North n. Thompson
Moger Hiram L. sash & blindmaker Water n. Myrtle Ave
Mott Charles smith Main
Mott John seaman E.B'way

Newton John laborer west of bay
Newton Theodore carpenter west of bay
Newton Thomas E. carpenter Main
Newton Warren shipcarpenter Thompson n. Main
Norton Albert clerk Main
Norton Bryan D. boots & shoes Main n. E.B'way
Norton B.G. harnessmaker Main n. North
Norton Joel seaman E.B'way n.Main
Norton N.Davis seaman east of bay n. B'way

Overton Joshua M. stages Main
Overton Sybil,widow Whitman Main n.Spring
Overton William seaman Main
Overton Samuel W. harnessmaker,Main h. Patchogue
Overton Joel B. country store Main
Overton J.H.&J.M. stages Main
Overton Edmund carpenter Main n.Cemetery Ave
Overton Alanson carriagemaker Main
Overton John H. stages Main

Parker John carpenter Cememtery Ave n. Main
Parker Andrew J. marblecutter Main
Pearsons Thomas carriagemaker Main c. South
Petty David seaman Cemetery Ave n. Main
Petty Hiram farmer Thompson n. Main
Platt Oliver carpenter west of bsy
Punderson George seaman South n. Main
Punderson Henry T. country store,Main n. South h. Spring

Quennard George carpenter Thompson
Quennard John pumps & blocks, Water h. South n. Prospect
Quennard John pumps & blocks,Water h. E.B'way

Randall S. seaman E.B'way
Randall J.B.&Co country store,Main n. South h. Main
Randall J.B. country store Main
Rau George barber Main
Raynor B. rigger Prospect
Raynor E.A. fiurniture,Water n. Bridge h. Main
Ridgway Joseph flour-mill & saw-mill,Water h. Comesewque
Ridgway Joseph,Jr clerk Comesewque
Ritch Thomas J. country store,Main h. Thompson
Robbins Daniel captain Main
Robbins William H. horseshoer,Bridge h.Main
Robbins Mary Cemetery Ave
Robbins Henry sashes & blinds Main
Robbins Charles saloon Main
Robbins Irene west of bay
Robinson Orlando seaman Thompson n Main
Roe Samuel C. carpenter Thompson
Roe Isaac B. harnessmaker Main
Roe & Co. harnessmakers Main
Rowland Joseph tailor Main n. North
Rowland Lewis ship-carpenter Mount Sinai
Russell Jackson laborer Water

Savage Mary,widow John Cememtery Ave
Saxton George carpenter Thompson n. Main
Saxton Thomas boots & shoes Thompson n. Main
Saxton W.R. shoemaker Main
Scatterly Charles seaman E.B'way
Scatterly William seaman E.B'way n. Main
Schryer Charles butcher Thompson
Schryer George butcher Main
Schufver & Bros butches Main
Scudder Henry S. Townsend House
Smith Jeffery captain North n. Main
Smith Vincent dentist Thompson n. Main
Smith Thomas blacksmith,Bridge h. Main n. South
Smith S. laborer B'way
Smith Stephen seaman Water
Smith Nancy,widow Scudder Water
Smith John blacksmith Main n. Spring
Smith Israel E. blacksmith,Water h. Thompson
Smith Geo.H. stoves,Water h. Main
Smith E.B. marble-works Thompson
Smith Laura North n. Main
Sobles Frederick sailor Cemetery Ave
Stevens Maria Thompson n. Main
Stewart Jefferson painter,6 Flatbush Ave,Bklyn h. Main
Still Charles painter South n. Main
Sturdevant Amassa blacksmith w.of Bay
Sweezey Holmes W. drugs & stationary Main
Sylvester Randall sea-captain E.B'way
Sypher David laborer Main

Taylor Alma,widow John Thompson n. Main
Terrill Benjamin carpenter W.B'way
Thomas George carpenter North n.Main
Thompson James seaman E.B'way n. Main
Thorn Sanford E. painter E.B'way
Tobias David laborer North n. Main
Tooker Lewis H. seaman North n. Thompson
Tooker Hamilton grocer Prospect n. Main
Tooker James L. seaman North n. Main
Townsend Henry H. propietor Townsend House Main n. South
Tuthill E.& Co carriagemakers Bridge
Tuthill E. carriagemaker, Bridge h. Main
Tuthill Edgar seaman Townsend House
Tuthill George H. seaman South
Tuthill Minor seaman Main
Tuthill Warren seaman Main
Tuthill Amos carpenter Setauket Rd

Voe A. Cemetery Ave

Warren A.R. butcher Main n. North
Warren T. carpenter Thompson at North
Welby Michael laborer Main c. Spring
Wells john carpenter Spring n. Main
West Nathaniel painter Main n. E.B'way
Wheeler R.W. &Co carriage makers,bridge, steam & saw mill W. B'way
Wheeler Robert W. flour mill & saw mill, Water h. Comesewque
Whitbeck John painter Thompson n. Main
Whitman Henry O. blacksmith,Water E.B'way
Williams Andrew(col'd) South n. North
Willse Jacob seaman North n. Main
Wilson G.H. sailmaker North n. Main
Wilson R.H. sailmaker North n. Main
Wilson R.H. & Sons sailmakers,Water h. North n. Main
Wines S.T. North n. Main
Woodhull S.B. builder,Main n. Norht Main

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