A Map of the City of New York 
published in 1834, by P. Desobry, under the direction
of U. WENMAN. (Former Chief Engineer, N.Y. F.D.)
From the book, "As You Pass By"
Kenneth Holcomb Dunshee, 1952
.."shows the wards and fire districts, along with
hydrants, cisterns, firhouses and public building, as well as the
fire limits of that time. " 
One was posted in every firehouse in the city.

A wonderful book for anyone with history of the NYFD. 
Mr. Dunshee has created a time capsule into the past. Filled with
facts, stories, individual towns, charcoal-pencil maps of each 
section of our wonderful New York.  In his words..
"No one can better learn the true character and make-up of a city
or fully appreciate the real love that New Yorkers had for it
than by following the firemaen and fire-runners through
the byways of old New York .This story is a modest attempt to 
bring those early scenes to life again."

Unfortunately, this book is out of print. The original publisher
is no more. I did find it in a bookstore on-line that specializies
in old books. Cost me $8.00..

One of the Charcoal pencil section Maps

The map is in color sections. It is in color. KEY

Whole Map

Section 1

Section 2

Section 3

Section 4