New York Times.

The following changes are officially announced by Adjt. Gen. S.E. MARVIN
during the week ending March 7 [1868] in the National Guard -


Seventeenth Regiment - 
Robert A. DIMMICK, Captain, vice [italicized] FAY,
transferred' Solomon M. IRELAND, Second Lt., vice [italics] SACKETT, resigned

Twenty fifth Regiment - 
Frederick ANDES, Major, vice MARSHALL, resigned;
C.O. Herman LEOPER, Adjutant, vice KIMBALL, promoted;
-J. David BUERGER, 
-Captain, vice SCHINDLER, resigned; 

William YOUNGBLEUT, First Lt., vice BUERGER, promoted; 
Jacob HEINMILLER, Second Lt., vice YOUNGBLEUNT, promoted.

Forty second Regiment - Willis A. MERRIFIELD, Captain, vice ROOD, removed.

Fiftieth Regiment - Henry A. ST. JOHN, First Lt., vice HAZEN, resigned; Uri
CLARK, Second Lt. vice ST. JOHN, promoted.

Fifty sixth Regiment - John DOYLE, Captain, vice JOHNSTON, resigned; Henry
G. WOOD, First Lt., vice MARTIN, resigned.

Seventy second Regiment - Geo. GAULT, Second Lt., vice SLATER, resigned.

Seventy fourth Regiment - John M. KELLEY, Captain, vice COOMBS, removed;
Robert F. ATKINS, Adjutant, vice KELLEY, promoted.

Eighty fifth Regiment - George W. LOVELAND, Captain, vice MARONEY, resigned.


Thirteenth Regiment - Engineer J. Cady BROWN

Tenth Regiment - Capt. A.C. JUDSON, Capt. Dominico CUICCI

Twenty first Regiment - Col Joseph WRIGHT

Twenty fifth Regiment - Second Lt. JAmes PANLEY, Second Lt. Richard BYRNE

Fiftieth Regiment - First Lt. Frank BENJAMIN, Second Lt. James E. HALL

All information has been extracted and generously donated byNancy Pfaff.