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Brooklyn Standard Union
23 JULY 1876

 They Organize a Campaign Club
At a meeting of the War Veterans' Union Club of this city it was
resolved to call a convention of the soldiers and sailors who had 
served during the war, and are new residents of Kings County.

The following gentlemen were enrolled:

J.C. HUDSON, cavalry,  115 Van Brunt street
L.H. ROWAN, staff, 113 Third place
J.A.SHAW, infantry, 28 Tillary street
J.A. LEWIS, heavy artillery
James ENGLISH, One Hundred and Fifteenth New York, 28 Lawence street
General S.H. ROBERTS, 284 Patchen avenue
John PICKETT, cavalry, 126 Nineteenth street
W.C. JACOBS, infantry, 227 Skillman street
E. LYNCH, infantry, 143 Columbia street
E.D. TAFT,  artillery, 141 Devoe street
Charles J. MALL, infantry, 239 South Third street
William LACRAFT, Eighty-seventh NY, 313 South Fifth street
A.C. TATE, One Hundred and Thirty-first NY, 143 Seventeenth street
A.V. BERGEN, One Hundred and Thirty-ninth NY, 154 Lawrence street
Samuel T. CROSSING, First NY, 338 Tenth street
Lewis R. STEGMAN, First NY, 77 Rodney street
Frank S.HODGKINSON, Fifth NY, 77 Rodney street
Edward S. HENNESSEY, Eighth NY, 165 South First street
John TRULL, Infantry, 197 Prince street
John MURPHY, 134 Dean street
Samuel C. SMITH, 178 Kusciusko street
Charles SODD, One Hundred and Fifty-fifth NY, 135 Seventh street, E.D.
William HEMSTREET, Eighteenth Missouri, 81 Eleventh street
George H. SQUIERS, Fifth Connecticut, 19 Stirling place
Edward PARALOE, One Hundred and Fifty-eighth NY, J68 Fulton street
Peter S. HAGAN, Thirty-second NY, 47 President street
Albert SINCLAIR, Second NY Cavalry, 315 Nineteenth street
Andrew S. DOBBINS,  Fifth NY Artillery, 29 Luqueer street
Samuel TRUESDELL, Sixty-fifth [?] NY, 201 [291?] South Oxford street
John BOLTON,  Seventy-ninth NY, 287 Thirteenth street
Calvin Y. SHEPARD, One Hundred and First NY, 285 Thirteenth street
William DELACY, One Hundred and Sixty-forth NY, 360 Schermerhorn street
John HALL, Fourth NY Cavalry, 355 Schermerhorn street
James WOODHEAD, Fourteenth NY, 319 Eighteenth street
George W. STILLWELL, Sixty-seventh NY, New Utrecht
Samuel V. OWEN, Forty-eighth NY, Fifteenth street, near Sixth avenue
R.S. FERGUS, Fourteenth United States Infantry, 33 Schermerhorn street
Jacob J. CALLUS, Fourteenth Brooklyn, 46 Henderson avenue
William E. CROSSMAN, Fourteenth Brooklyn, 101 Monroe street
L.D.C. WOOD, Fourteenth Brooklyn, 1017 Myrtle avenue
John D. NOONAN, Seventy-third NY, 39 Duffield street
George CARTWRIGHT, Fifth NY, 897 Myrtle avenue
John W. SELVAGE, Thirty-fourth US colored troops, 855 Carlton avenue
James MCLEER, Fourtheenth Brooklyn, 148 Washington avenue
Charles SCHURIG, Fourteenth Brooklyn, 251 Clermont avenue
Richard NUNINO, Second NY Mounted Rifles, 315 Sixteenth street
James TOMSEY, Fourteenth Brooklyn, 298 Graham street
Jeremiah COSTELLO, One Hundred and Sixty-fourth NY, 129 High street
Baldwin CANN, Fourteenth Brooklyn, Fort Hamilton
Edward MCINTYRE, Eighty-seventh NY, 205 Concord street
Thomas H. WARD, Fourteenth Brooklyn, 151 Lawrence street
J. VAN KEUREN, Fourteenth Brooklyn, 723 Pacific street
Samuel DEERY, Ninetieth NY, 194 Fulton street
W.B.HOYT,  Nineteenth Ohio, 194 Dean street
E.R. JOHNSON, Third NY, 214 Yates avenue
T.F.TAIT, Tenth NY, 419 Atlantic avenue
General Addison FARNSWORTH, 229 Putnam avenue
George C. KIBB, Sixth NY Heavy Artillery, 51 Woodhull street
J.R. MCNAUGHTON, One Hundred and Forty-eighth NY, 180 Lorimer street
Henry KLENER,  Second NY, 296 Eleventh street
J.H. FISHER, Fourteenth NY, 540 Willoughby avenue
D.J. GILLEN, Fourteenth NY, 18 Irving place
E.H. LITTLE, One Hundred and Twenty-seventh NY, 93 Quincy street
Edward MCCLURE, One Hundred and Thirty-ninth NY, 846 Fulton street
S.H. MILDENBERG, First NY, 1163 Willoughby street
Andrew J. LYONS, One Hundred and Thirty-ninth NY, 126 Twenty-third street
George D. WEEKS, One Hundred and Seventy-third NY
R. CARDONA, Fourteenth Brooklyn, 486 Third street
G.C.KISSAM, Forty-seventh NY, 186 Powers street
S. VOGER, Forty-third NY, 341 Van Brunt street
James THOMPSON, Eleventh NY, Van Brunt street
Thomas MCCORMICK, United States steamer Colorado, 76 Walcott street
Frederick FLYNN, Sixty-sixth NY, 108 Rapelyea street
G. EDMONDSON, U.S. steamer Sabine, 436 Fortieth street
Charles H. TROWBRIDGE, Thirty-third United States colored troops, 371 Baltic street
Noah L. COCHEU, 184 South Eighth street
S.H. FRANKENBERG, Forty-eighty NY, 591 Broadway
Benjamin B.FORSTER, Adjutant General's office, 205 Portland avenue
F.R.JASCHKE, United States Navy, 230 Wyckoff street
J.B. COLLINS, United States Navy, 526 Broadway
W. WILCHESTER, Tenth NY Battery, 592 Broadway
Wm. A. WOOD,  Fifty-Fifth NY, 452 Henry street
George B. ELMORE, Sixty-first NY, 108 Madison street
John MISSING, Tenth NY, 673 Van Brunt street
William SHOW, Fourteenth Brooklyn, 608 Vanderbilt avenue
William FOSKER, Fourteenth Brooklyn, 199 Myrtle avenue
Jonathan H. SMITH, Fourteenth Brooklyn, 408 Pacific street
Isaac D. STILLWELL, One Hundred and Fifty-ninth NY, 167 Sixth street
Zacheus HAMPSON,  Fourteenth Brooklyn, Twenty-eighth street, near Third avenue
Alexander BARNIE, JR., Fourteenth Brooklyn, 377 Gold street
Alex H. DOTY, Sixty-seventh NY Infantry
C.D. LIMBURGER, Third NY Infantry, 297 Adams street
John A. MILLER, Second Ohio Infantry,
H.Y. MEMMINGER, Surgeon Second N.C., Sands and Washington streets
W.S. BEEBE, Brevet-Major U.S. Army, 25 Grace Court
Charles E. MEYERS, Infantry, 144 Washington street
Jabez BATH, One Hundred and Twelfth Illinois Infantry, 92 Washington avenue
R.W.L.HOMMERBEN, One Hundred and Thirty-ninth NY Inf., 765 Van Buren st
August J. WERNER, Fortieth NY Inf., 31 Johnson street
W.L.B. STEERS, Fourteenth NY Inf., 70 Quincy street
Ogden JOHNSON, One Hundred and Thirty-ninth NY Inf., 28 Quincy street
F.A. SKIDMORE, Eleventh NY Cavalry, 281 Graham avenue
Franklin W. FISH, One Hundred and Fourteenth NY Inf, 41 Ormond place
John COWEN, One Hundred and Second NY Inf, 299 Navy street
William RICHARDSON, Paymaster US Army, Fort Greene place
Matthew E. HART, Sixty-seventh NY Inf, 76 Smith street
John W. LEICH, Sixty-seventh NY Inf, 694 Dean street
John H. WILLIAMS, US frigate Potomac, 172 Tillary street
Wm. H. BARTON, One Hundred and Thirty-ninth NY Inf, 146 North Elliott place
T.F. BROSNAN, Fourteenth Reg't., 85 Gold street
J.R. CHESMAN, Fourteenth Reg't., 115 Court street
Stephen H. BARTOW, Fourteenth Reg't, 75 North Elliott place
W.B.MAAS, Fourteenth Reg't, 214 Skillman street
Wm. REVERE, Fourteenth Reg't, 180 Willoughby street
John FARRELL, US Signal Corps, 389 Hicks street
Wm. HEGEMAN,US Navy, 117 Prince street
Hugh ARMSTRONG, One Hundred and Thirty-ninth NY Inf, 272 Hudson avenue
W.F.BLESDORNE, Twentieth NY Inf, 54 Strong place
E.A. PARKINSON, One Hundred and Fifty-third NY Inf, 170 Clermont avenue
Peter FOBS, Fourteenth NY Inf., 102 N. Elliott place
D.H.GREEN, One Hundred S.I. Cavalry, 381 Warren street
Oliver OLSEN, Eighty-first Penn, 812 Myrtle avenue
Alex NEWLANDS, Forty-fourth NY Inf, 143 Park avenue
Thomas CHARTRES, Seventy-fourth NY Inf, 398 Fulton street
John MAHON, Navy, 22 Liberty street
Jacob ACORN, Twelth NY, 278 Columbia street
L.C. MINER, JR., Thirty-fifth NJ, 404 Union street
G.P. PHELPS, One Hundred and Thirty-ninth NY, 260 Skillman street
D.J. PILLSWORTH, Forty-fourth NY, 118 Eleventh street
John NEILL, One Hundred and Thiry-ninth NY, 197 Prince street
George E. MORAN, US Engineers, 253 Gold street
Frederick E. LOCKWOOD, Navy, 29 Reid avenue
Lewis E. WIEBE, Fifth NY Artillery, 4 McDonough street
James PROCTOR, Ninetieth NY, 28 Johnson street
Wm. F. DASSER, Thirteeth NY Heavy Artillery, 193 Park avenue
Robt. H. GREEN, Fifth NY Veterans, 105 North Ninth street
Neal BARR, Fourth NY Heavy Artillery, Carlton ave, corner of Park
Jeff. C. PORTINGALL, Third NY Battery, 240 Livingston street
Edw. ANTHONY, Fourteenth NY, 457 Adelphi street
Thomas ROBINSON, Thirty-first Penn, 122 Wolbert street
J.E. BURKE, Navy, 111 Navy street
T.H. YOUNG, One Hundred and Ninth NY, 65 Clermont avenue
Geo. C. HESSEL, First NY Artillery, 11 Dean street
J. Wesley SMITH, Eleventh NY Cavalry, 54 Flatbush avenue
Ed. BROOKS, One Hundred and Forty-fifth NY, 99 Java street
Samuel E. BURR, Navy, 363 Graham avenue
Jabez BATH, One Hundred and Twelfth Illinois, 92 Washington avenue
Wm. MITCHELL, Fifth US Artillery, New Utrecht
Michael MAGUIRE, First US Artillery, Fort Hamilton
James SOFTLY, US Navy, Forty-third street and Fourth avenue
Wm. A. MACKENZIE, 49 Franklin street
J.M. TREGASKIS, Fifth NY, 199 Ainslie street
J.C.HOPPER, USA, 1056 Third avenue
George W. ROGERS, Seventy-first NY, 130 Sands street
John E. BASS, First NY Cavalry, 57 DeKalb avenue
James W. WEBB, Fifth NY, 407 State street
H.L. JEWETT, Third NY, 473 Lafayette street
Thomas ANDREWS, First Berdan's Sharpshooters, 116 Prospect street
Robt. J. CRONIN, One Hundred and Fifty-sixth NY, corner Nevins & Union street
George AULD, Seventieth NY, 177 Thirteenth street
Safety LAYTON, One Hundred and Thirty-third NY, 331 South First street
Isaac M LAWRENCE, Eighty-seventh NY, 97 Devoe street
Cornelius J. MAHONEY, Forty-eighth NY, 61 Myrtle avenue
Robert J. MORGAN, US Signal Corps, 289 Ninth street

End of War Veterans.......

Transcribed by Marilynn Wright