The Twenty Eighty Regiment on Its Final Parade
rooklyn Argus
21 February 1878

Nearly Fifty Per Cent of the Men Absent 
 Trouble about the State Property 
What was Said and Done 
 Origin and War Record of the Regiment.

Mustered Out
The Twenty-eighth Regiment received its quietus last night by being publicly
mustered out of the State service.  The event took place at the Stagg street
armory.  The cause of the disbandment of the command has already been fully
stated in this paper.  Whatever honorable reputation the regiment earned
during the war, it tried hard subsequently to destroy, till finally it
became a mere rabble.  To say that there were no good men in the command
would be to assert that which is not a fact, for there were many.  Its
weakness was in its officers.  As a military gentleman of distinction
remarked a few days ago:  "The officers killed the regiment.".  The final
extinguisher came when the commanding officer failed to promulgate the
orders for disbandment, and fell back on politics to hold the regiment.

The Muster Out.
There was a large and somewhat rough crowd of visitors at the armory, and
notwithstanding the orders conspicuously posted on the walls, "No Smoking
Allowed," nearly everybody smoked.  Even while Captain J. Henry STOREY, the
mustering officer, was calling the rolls, some of the members stood with
dirty black pipes in their mouths.  No attempt was made by the officers of
the Twenty-eighth to keep back the crowd, so that the companies were nearly
surrounded, and the mustering officer had scarcely room to move his elbow.
Some of the members were inclined to be noisy, but on the whole, there was
not much to complain of in that respect.  Very few of the men saluted the
mustering officer when they stepped out to receive their discharges.  Capt.
STOREY  exercised great caution in giving out the discharges, taking care to
identify the men in order to prevent the documents falling into the hands of
improper persons.  The following are the   OFFICIAL FIGURES     of the
muster out.

Totals by Column
1.#Mustered Out Rolls  2.#,% and Received disch’s 3.Absent

Field  1 1 0
Staff 0 4 0
Sen Commission Staff  7 5 12
Musicians  19 18 21
Company A ? 12 29
Company  B 40 32 17
Company E  71 43 28
Company G  _8 28 45
Company H   56 38 20
Company I    51 21 93
Total  113 22 293
[I couldn’t read a lot of these #’s, so the totals don’t add up-now]

The officers absent were F
irst Lieut. Wm. H. TREYZ,  commanding Company A;
Second Lieut. John BAUMGARTNER,  Company E;  
Capt John E. MARTENS,  
Second Lieut. James G. LAUDERS  of Company G, 
Capt John A. OSTERMANN  of Company I.