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American WWII Orphans Network.  
910 Princess Anne Street
Fredericksburg, VA
Ann Mix founded AWON to honor her father, who was killed in Italy in 1945.
Since its beginnings in 1991, AWON has been dedicated to locating and 
supporting the180,000 children of  WWII dead.
It is very important for you to register  in our data base, a form is provided from our website.

We receive inquiries from WWII vets seeking the families of their buddies who were killed in the war as well as inquiries from relatives seeking others whose fathers served in the same units with their loved ones. We will send you information about AWON, information on signing up for our internet group, and a newsletter in the U.S. mail after we receive your registration/application form. The form can be sent electronically filled out or copied and sent by U.S. mail. From our website, you can get more information about AWON, get a list of basic records you should send for, and information on Touchstones: A Guide to Records, Rights and Resources for Families of World War II Casualties which others have found extremely helpful. For several years we have been registering in our data base the sons, daughters, and other family members, of Americans who were killed in World War II. We have the only existing data base of family members of American WWII dead. If you are an orphan or other family member of someone who was killed in WWII, it is important to at least register with AWON. This information is never released outside our group without contacting you for permission. The data collected is helping us put families in touch with others who may have information for them and keep family members informed of sources of information and issues which concern them. You can also join our membership at our website. AWON

There are many benefits to membership, both tangible and intangible. For example, with your membership you will receive a quarterly newsletter and become a member of our on-line e-mail list serve, which is lively and informative. Many of our members have links to veterans' organizations and research capabilities. An important but intangible benefit is the opportunity to meet and talk to others like yourself whose fathers died in WWII. Ellen Jones/for Ann Mix, Founder AWON 910 Princess Anne St., Suite 301 Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401 Back To MILITARY Main Back To BROOKLYN Main