Alternate Military Resources
If you're not able to locate your ancestor's records at the county courthouse 
or would like to find  more, contact the following:

State University of New York at Albany
New York State Archives
Cultural Education Center, Rm 11D40
Albany, NY 12230

You will be requesting a War Service Records Search.  Please provide them 
with as much of the following as possible:

your name and mailing address
name to be searched
war service record (ie: WW1, Spanish-American War)
branch of service
if National Guard, were they federalized?
military status, if known
military unit, if known
other data, such as town of residence and age at time of service

If you would like to search the National Guard records post 1920, write to:

NYS Division of Military & Naval Affairs
330 Old Niskayuna Road
Latham, NY 12110

NOTE: The above National Guard records are restricted to protect privacy.  If 
you're searching for a deceased relative, be sure to send photocopies of your 
ancestor's death certificate and your birth certificate to prove relationship.

It has also been bought up that if the Veteran is buried in a Veteran Cemetery,
a copy of his military record would have been needed for burial. The cemetery 
would also have a copy of some type of record.

Thanks to :
Michael Cassidy