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1898...DAILY STAR Queens area Deaths
2 July 1898
Funeral of Mrs. ELWOOD.
The funeral of the late Mrs. Ida ELWOOD took place on Wednesday from the
family residence, 235 Potter avenue.  The interment was in Weehawken
Cemetery, where the services were held.  She was a lady much respected.  Her
husband is Mr. Charles ELWOOD, and she has left him and three children to
mourn her untimely loss.  Mrs. ELWOOD killed herself by taking carbolic at
4:50 a.m. on Tuesday.  She had a happy, pleasant home, but had been for some
time despondent on account of physical troubles.

An Unfortunate Affair.
The police of the Seventy-fourth Precinct state that there is hardly any
room to doubt that the man drowned off Hell Gate on Tuesday was Sigsmund
BRUENNE of Trenton, N.J.  The name is so entered on the blotter.  A number
of New York papers have accounts of the affair, but the story is terribly
mixed up and twisted.  Newspaper accounts should be more carefully written
in New York newspaper offices and rumors verified before publication.  There
is not enough care and attention to details.  Too much going off half
cocked.  Instead of the stern of the boat Maggie that was run into by a tug
it was the stem.  Now everybody knows, or should know, that there is a great
difference between the stern and the stem.  Again, the tug bumped into the
yawl rigged yacht Maggie at the time named.  Only one man was aboard her, so
say persons who saw the accident from Hell Gate shore, and in an attempt to
get out the kedge anchor he fell overboard and never arose.  The Maggie, it
appears, was trying to run through Hell Gate nearly all of Tuesday morning.
The wind had died down, but the tide was strong against her.  She tacked and
the heavy water carried her against the tug which was towing two barges.
She was carried by the tide on toward Sealy Rock.  The drowned man had the
kedge anchor in his hand and was attempting to jump into the shore boat
towing astern when he missed his footing and down in the water he went.  The
name Sigsmund BRUENNE is painted on her stern.  In the cabin was found
stores and provisions sufficient to last a month, rifles, ammunition and a
notebook with the name Sigsmund BRUENNE in it and his address No. 9 South
Broad street, Trenton.  He kept a clothing store there.  He was an eccentric
man.  His friends in Trenton know nothing about him.

Many friends mourn the untimely and sudden demise of Mrs. Herman SILBERSDORF
at the family residence, 519 Kouwenhoven street, after an illness of only
two days, aged only twenty-six.  Mr. and Mrs. SILBERSDORF had been married
five years.  She leaves two children.  The funeral took place on Wednesday
afternoon.  The Rev. Dr. STEINFUHRER officiated and the interment was in St.

Many mourning friends as well as relatives were at the funeral of the late
C. DEIFFENBACH at the family residence on Franklin street on Thursday
afternoon.  The Rev. Dr. STEINFUHRER officiated and the interment was in St.
Michael's.  Mr. DEIFFENBACH was a man of seventy years of age and was much
respected.  He leaves a wife, two sons, and a daughter.

Funeral of Little John E. KING
The funeral of the lad John E. KING, who was drowned off the dock at the
Boulevard took place on Wednesday afternoon from the family residence,
Fulton avenue and Boulevard.  The Rev. Dr. BELDEN officiated.  Interments
was in St. Michael's cemetery.

Died from Bright's Disease
A man names Alfred JOYCE died at St. John's Hospital early Friday morning.
Two days before he had been brought from Far Rockaway.  He was in a comatose
state at the time and continued in that condition up to the tie of his
death.  A post mortem examination showed that death was due to Bright's disease.

5 July 1898
Of Newtown Ancestry
The Early Home of the Gallant Hamilton FISH, Jr.'s family
Sergeant Hamilton FISH, Jr, the young man who was last Friday shot and
instantly killed by the Spanish forces near Sevilla, Cuba, in the advance of
Theodore Roosevelt's troup of Rough Riders, of which he was a member, was
the great-grandson, in the fourth remove of Jonathan FISH, who was a former
prominent resident of Newtown, and who presented the land on which the old
Presbyterian Church now stands to that congregation as a free gift.
Jonathan FISH also built and resided in the celebrated "Corner House" now
the residence of Mrs. BROWN, on Hoffman Boulevard near Grand street, where
he died in 1728.  Sergeant FISH's great-great-great-grandfather Samuel was
also a prominent and highly respected resident of Newtown and always lived
in the "Corner House."  His great-great-grandfather Jonathan, likewise a
highly esteemed resident here, owned and lived on the old Gorsline place on
the Flushing road, now the club house of the Outing and Inning Club of
Elmhurst.  His great-grandfather Nicholas was a prominent officer, with the
rank of Colonel in the Revolution and made an enviable record as a brave
soldier. His grandfather Hamilton was Secretary of State under U.S. Grant's
administration and his father Nicholas is a prominent New York banker
residing at 58 Irving place. The Rev. Peter FISH, a former pastor of the
Presbyterian Church of Newtown Village, was also in a direct line ancestor
of Sergeant FISH.  The graves of Jonathan FISH, Rev. Peter FISH and other
members of the family are still to be seen in the old town burial ground on
Court street, Newtown village, in the family plot.  Newtown can well feel an
interest in the brave young soldier who so gallantly rode to his death, for
he was indeed a worthy descendant of the brave Colonel FISH, and nobly
sustained the family name for bravery and patriotism.  Sergeant FISH proved
himself indeed an honor to his race and to the old town, the home of his
forefathers. [Newtown Register]

Drowned in East River.
Adrian DICKETT, of 361 Hancock street, was drowned on Monday at about 5
o'clock in the East river near the foot of Graham avenue while bathing.
DICKETT, who could not swim, waded out into the river and suddenly stepped
into a deep hole and disappeared.  The body was recovered by George and Fred
DINNINGER, and an effort was made to resuscitate him but without success.
He was twenty-six years of age.
The point where the drowning occurred is much used for bathing purposes by
the people of Ravenswood.  Mrs. DICKETT was on the bank watching her husband
at the time the accident occurred.  The body was taken in charge by an undertaker.

On July 4th at 10:30 a.m. Jennie Gardiner, the infant daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Alexander N. SLOAN, died.  Funeral services will take place tomorrow
(Wednesday at 10 a.m. at the parsonage of the Reformed Church on Academy
street, Dutch Kills.  The bereaved parents have the sympathy of their many friends.

Hannah CANNON died July 4th, 1898, at half past 5 pm after two days illness,
at residence of her sister, Mrs. Kate DALY, 20 Pearson street.  Funeral
Thursday, July 7th, from St. Mary's Church at 10 a.m.

14 July 1898
Joseph SMITHSONE's Suicide.
Lived in Adams Street and His Wife Was Employed in Greenpoint.
Joseph SMITHSONE, forty-eight years old, committed suicide early on Tuesday
morning at 191 Adams street, and Coroner BURGER has been asked to hold an
inquest.  SMITHSONE was a salesman in Manhattan, and his wife worked in the
jute mills in Greenpoint.  The husband suffered from partial paralysis
caused by a trolley accident.  He was afflicted with melancholia caused by
his inability to get around easily.  On Monday night he played cards with
his wife until late and went to bed just before midnight.  About 5 o'clock
on Tuesday morning Mrs. SMITHSONE found her husband dead from inhaling
illuminating gas.  She believes that he had been crazed by pain in his legs,
and committed suicide in desperation.

W.H. BLOOD Passes Away.
A Carbuncle and Blood Poisoning Cause of Death.
W.H. BLOOD, ex-general superintendent of the Long Island Railroad, died this
Thursday morning at half-past 4 o'clock, at the residence of his
father-in-law, Mr. ABRAMS in Ozone Park.  Mr. BLOOD's death was caused by
blood poisoning resulting from a carbuncle.  He was about forty-eight years
of age and was well known throughout Long Island.  He commenced railroading
Long Island many years ago, and then went out west and was employed as a
conductor on one of the western trunk lines.  He succeeded Mr.I.D. BARTON as
general superintendent of the Long Island Railroad and held that position
until the death of Mr. Austin CORBIN, when he resigned and was succeeded by
the present superintendent, Mr. F.B. POTTER.
At the time of his death, Mr. BLOOD was superintendent of the Eastern
Division of the Brooklyn Heights Railroad Company.

Denis CASEY.
On Wednesday, July 13th, Denis, the beloved husband of Mary CASEY, departed
this life surrounded by the remaining members of his family.  Mr. CASEY was
born in County Limerick, Ireland, and came to this country in the early
sixties.  He had been a resident of Long Island City for thirty-three years.
For thirty years he was employed as engineer in the Standard Oil Company and
resigned that position in 1896 to accept an appointment as engineer of
Pumping Station No. 1.  He leaves a widow and two children.  Katie and
James, a student of Mount St. Mary's College.  The body will be taken from
the residence, 61 Eighth street, to St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church at 10
o'clock Friday morning where a solemn requiem mass will be offered for the
repose of his soul.

15 July 1898
Died of His Injuries.
John WHEELER, a Past Grand of Olive Leaf Lodge, No. 233, I.O.O.F., was
buried from the family residence, Corona Heights, on Tuesday.  The funeral
services were held on the evening previous and attracted a large company of
relatives and friends.  Mr. WHEELER was formerly a resident of Greenpoint
and several years ago he was the Noble Grand of Olive Leaf Lodge.  The
deceased was an engineer and on the 6th inst. He fell from a boiler and was
fatally injured.  He was removed to Bellevue Hospital and died of his
injuries on Saturday.

Mrs. BEEKMAN's Body Found Floating in the River.
Charles MACKEY was out in a boat off Wardell street, Astoria, on Wednesday
morning when he saw a body floating in the stream.  He immediately called
for assistance and had it brought ashore and removed to a local morgue,
where people were not long in determining that the remains were those of
Mrs. Amelia BEEKMAN, al lady of twenty-eight, who recently disappeared from
Dr. KINDRED's Sanitarium, out on the Shore road.  She came from Texas and
had been under treatment there for mental disorder which came on several
months ago, on the birth of a child.  She had recovered a great degree and
friends were hoping that she would soon be able to return to them.  Her
husband was much pleased and made preparations for her return home.  Mrs.
BEEKMAN's body was somewhat decomposed, but the identification was made
complete by the attire which answered the description of Mrs. BEEKMAN's
apparel at the time of her disappearance, namely a navy blue dress with
white stripes and black velvet belt.  Mrs. BEEKMAN was five feet tall,
slender, and did not weigh more than ninety pounds.  Deputy Coroner STRONG
and the clerk of the Coroner CRONIN arrived in Astoria early in the
afternoon and viewed the body at the dead house.  They then went out to the
sanitarium and had a consultation with Dr. KINDRED.  On their return a jury
of citizens was summoned, the members of which viewed the body.  It is
understood that the inquest was set down for the next day, Thursday.  Mr.
BEEKMAN was present at the proceedings incident to the work of impanneling
the Coroner's jury, etc., but the shock had so overcome him that he seemed
but a listless spectator.

A Dead Veteran.
John CHRASTIL, a veteran of the late war, sixty-five, years of age, died at
his residence, 76 Academy street, on July 12th.  He was formerly a member of
E.A. Kimball Post No. 100 New York city, but lately he had not belonged to
any post.  His last wishes were to be buried with the honors of a soldier.
He leaves a widow and three grown up daughters.  Commander Clark E. SMITH of
Post 283 being notified by the family of his last wishes, at once proceeded
to gather the comrades together from Ringold and Sheridan posts.
With the help of Comrades MILLS and CONKLIN enough members were secured to
carry out their comrade's wishes.  The casket was draped with the colors
under which he fought, by Mrs. Leonora CONKLIN, a member of Corps No. 62 of
this city.  The funeral occurred at the deceased's home on Thursday
afternoon.  The services were conducted by the Rev. Mr. GLENK pastor of the
German Methodist Church on Academy.  The post services were held at the
house.  The remains were taken to the Fresh Pond Crematory where the body
was cremated according to directions.  The members of the Women's Relief
Corps were also present.

Mrs. Maria C. VAN PELT.
One of the oldest residents of Long Island, was buried in Elmhurst last
Thursday afternoon.  She was born in Ravenswood in 1801.  Her father,
William PAYNTAR, owned the large farm opposite Blackwell's Island, between
Ravenswood and Dutch Kills.  His ancestry came to Long Island more than two
hundred years ago.  Mrs. VAN PELT's ancestors on her mother's side were
among the first settlers of Flatbush.

WALDEN ­ On July 5th, 1898, at her parents' residence, 535 Lorimer street,
Helen B., only daughter of George B. and Kate I. WALDEN, aged 2 years 1
month and 27 days.

19 July 1898
PHELON ­ On Friday, July 15th, 1898, Mrs. Harriet M. PHELON, widow of the
late Lucius PHELON, in the 87th year of her age.  Funeral services were held
at her late residence 154, Third street, L.I. City, Sunday July 17th, at 2pm.

21 July 1898
HART ­ On Wednesday, July 20th, Mrs. Mary L. HART, wife of John G. HART and
daughter of Christopher HACKETT.  Funeral from her late residence, 169
Eleventh street, Long Island City, Friday 22nd inst, at half past 9 a.m.,
thence to St. Mary's Church where a solemn mass of requiem will be offered
for the repose of her soul.

Mary L. HART ­ Mrs. Mary L. Hart, wife of John G. HART and daughter of
Christopher HACKETT died on Wednesday July 20th.  It is announced that the
funeral will take place from the family residence 169 Eleventh street on
Friday at 9:30 o'clock and thence to St. Mary's Church where a solemn
requiem mass will be offered for the repose of her soul.  Mrs. HART was well
and widely known in Long Island City and she leaves a large cirlce of
friends to mourn her loss.

KOLBE ­ July 20th, 1898, Martha K., daughter of John J. H. and Katie KOLBE,
aged 1 year and 2 months.  Funeral Friday, July 22nd, 2 p.m. from 148
Hallett street, Astoria.  Interment in St. Michael's Cemetery.

BIRKETT ­ On Wednesday, at midnight, ex Senator James W. BIRKETT died at his
residence, 185 Hancock street, Brooklyn.  Mr. BIRKETT was born in England
about fifty-seven years ago.  He came to Greenpoint with his parents and
went to school here and subsequently learned the trade of a plumber and
started in business for himself.  The best part of his life was passed in
this section.  He was elected Alderman in 1887 and State Senator in 1889.
He carried on an extensive business in steam fitting and plumbing supplies
and failed three years ago.  At one time he was reported to be quite
wealthy, though it is thought that he lost the means he had accumulated.
Mr. BIRKETT died from a complication of diseases.  He leaves two sons and
two daughters.  The deceased was a prominent member of the Masonic Veterans'
Association and also was a Past Commander of Clinton Commandery No. 14,
Knights Templar.  The funeral will take place tomorrow afternoon from his
late residence.

25 July 1898
Sarah McCANN, an elderly woman without a home, was found sick on Sunday
night in the yard of the premises 386 Oakland street.  Mrs. ADAMS, who
resides in the house, took her in and she died in Mrs. ADAMS' apartments
this Monday morning.  The Charities Department was notified.

Death Roll.
List of Those Who Died Last Week in Queens Borough.
The following list of deaths was furnished by Mr. George R. CROWLY,
assistant chief clerk of the Department of Health of the Borough of Queens.
It includes all deaths reported for the week up to 12 o'clock July 23d;

ABSHOF, Otto, 4 years, 239 Crescent, L.I. City.
ARSHBERGER, Edward, 4 months, Ridgewood.
ANDERSON, Mary I., 7 months, Flushing.
BOECHERER, William Adolph, 9 months, Woodside.
BAXTER, Marian, 1 day, Elmhurst.
BENEDUM, Phillipine T., 71 years, 24 Camelia street, L.I. City
BURKE, Rose W., 2 years, Willets Point.
BLAUSTEN, Richard, 7 months, Elmhurst.
CIZEK, Elizabeth, 1 year, 405 Woolsey avenue,  L.I. City.
CLEARY, Michael, 65, Clarenceville.
COVERT, Charity, 82 years, Jamaica.
DEMPSEY, James J., 31 years, Maspeth.
DICKAN, Frederick, 1 year, Woodhaven.
FAUST, Marguerita, 11 years, 353 Hamilton st., L.I. City
FRITSCH, Rosa Helene, 3 months, 32 Seventh ave, L.I. City.
GEIGER, William, 63 years, Queens.
HARRISON, Margaret, 5 months, Far Rockaway.
HART, Mary, 26 years, 169 Eleventh street, L.I. City
HAUDLIN, Mary, 25 years, Winfield.
IMHOF, Martin, 8 months, Maspeth.
JURGENS, Charles, 4 months, Middle Village.
JARVIS, William S., 17 years, Jamaica.
KUHN, Leopold Adolph, 71 years, 217 Steinway avenue, L.I. City
KOLBE, Martha K., 1 year, 148 Hallett street, L.I. City.
KNEBEL, Louis, 34 years, Elmhurst.
KRANKOFSKY, Peligia, 7 months, Maspeth.
KADEL, Michael J., 38 years, L.I. City.
KENNEY, Sarah E., 81 years, Corona.
KELLER, Elizabeth, 90 years, Woodhaven.
KOHNKIN, Wilhelmina Augusta, 7 days, Newtown.
LEWIS, Thomas, 11 months, College Point.
LENT, Niles F., 23 years, Whitestone.
LAASE, Leonard, 6 months, Bushwick.
McCHESNEY, Eddie, 3 months, Glendale.
McCABE, Elizabeth, 24 years, 200 Newtown road, L.I. City.
McKENNA, William, 45 years, foot of Webster avenue, L.I. City.
McFADDEN, John, 30 years, Laurel Hill.
MILLS, Ann E.T., 72 years, 74 Franklin street, L.I. City
MOUSSERONE, Peter Eugene, 66 years, Jamaica.
MAUER, Dorothe, 8 months, 262 Academy street, L.I. City.
MARNING, Mary Victoria, 4 months, Laurel Hill.
MEDING, Anna, 7 months, 550 Ninth avenue, L.I. City.
PHELON, Harriet M., 86 years, 154 Third street, L.I. City.
PERINKE, Charles, 1 year, 236 Third avenue, L.I. City.
ROUNER, Christus, 8 months, Ridgewood.
RIESER, Arthur H., 9 years, Arverne.
SCHULZ, Mabel Abeldina, 2 months, East Williamsburg.
SMITH, Caroline, 8 months, 154 Ninth street, L.I. City.
SCHNEIDER, Adolph, 4 months, College Point.
STRODHOFF, Diadamia, 40 years, Winfield.
TONNE, Emma, 4 months, Newtown.
TALBOT, Ellen T., 70 years, 58 Woolsey st., L.I. City.
WHITTLE, Georgina, 3 months, Little Neck.
WESSEL, John Henry, 4 months, East Williamsburg.
WOOL, William, 61 years, Winfield.
WARDMAN, Evelyn, 9 months, Rockaway Beach.
ZOH, Lilian M., 13 years, Jamaica.
ZAGORSKI, Joseph, 3 months, Bayside.

28 July 1898
SULLIVAN ­ July 27th, 1898, Catherine, wife of M.J. SULLIVAN, at residence,
108 Star avenue, Blissville, Long Island City.  Funeral Friday morning 10
o'clock, from St. Raphael's Church.

Mrs. Catharine SULLIVAN
Mrs. Catharine SULLIVAN, wife of M.J. SULLIVAN, late Chief of Volunteer Fire
Department, died on Wednesday morning at 12:10 o'clock at her late
residence, 108 Star avenue, Blissville, after a lingering illness.  The
funeral will take place on Friday morning at 10 o'clock from St. Raphael's
Church, Blissville, and the interment will be made in Calvary Cemetery.

1 August 1898
List of Those Who Died Last Week in Queens Borough ­ provided by Mr. George
R. CROWLY, assistant chief clerk ­ Department of Health
It includes all deaths reported for the week up to 12 o'clock July 30th.

ANDERSON, Ruth Evelyne, 5 months, 480 Lathrop avenue, L.I. City.
BRAND, Francis, 63 years, Ridgewood.
BESCHOFF, Mathilda, 1 year, 955 Steinway avenue, L.I. City.
CHRISTIAN, Harry Willis, 3 months, 295 Radde street, L.I. City.
COHEN, Mondel, 25 days, College Point.
CONNELL, Bernard J.,40 years, East New York.
CAPPOZALO, Annie R. , 4 months, Corona.
DARGERET, Albert B.M., 1 month, Winfield.
DESSION, Sarah A., 11 months, Rockaway Beach.
DEREMER, Sarah Elizabeth, 39 years, Jamaica.
DEGEL, Valentine, 1 year, East Williamsburg.
DUNN, Margaret, 73 years, Thorburn House, Astoria, L.I. City.
DEARE, Elizabeth, 10 months, Evergreen.
DUSS, Emma Pearl, 1 year, East Avenue, L.I. City.
DE CARLO, Michael, 9 years, 149 Borden Avenue, L.I. City.
DALY, Ann, 76 years, Far Rockaway.
EMBRICK, Emma, 8 months, Glendale.
EARLY, Margeritha Rose, 1 year, East Williamsburg.
EBERHARDT, Wilhelmina, 60 years, College Point.
ERSKINO, Robert Henry, 4 months, Whitestone.
FREEMAN, Mabel, 6 months, Whitestone.
FINKEL, Henry, 2 days, Ridgewood.
FASSHAUER, Harry M., 3 months, College Point.
FENNING, Lucilla, 10 days, Flushing.
GRACE, John Raymond, 15 years, 84 Fourth street, L.I. City.
HERDFETTER, George 65 years, College Point.
HERLEIN, Jacob Charles, 6 months, East Williamsburg.
HERMANN, George, 8 months, East Williamsburg.
HARGREAVES, James, 22 hours, Laurel Hill.
HASSEY, Joseph, 40 years, 70 Sunswick street, L.I. City.
HYLAND, George Shaw, 10 months, Rockaway Beach.
KIEFABER, John G., 59 years, L.I. City.
KULIN, George Frank, 4 months, Queens.
KORNECKE, Louise M., 67 years, 89 Camelia street, L.I. City.
KLINGER, Clara, 1 month, 64 West avenue, L.I. City.
KELLENBERGER, John, 2 months, Corona.
LANG, Karl G., 4 days, 114 Washington place, L.I. City.
MURRAY, James J., 18 years, Flushing.
MUGNIE, Savaro, 40 years, Far Rockaway.
MARX, Sam Willy, 6 months, Rockaway Park.
MESSING, George, 17 days, 122 Broadway, L.I. City.
MORRIS, Emma A., 52 years, 29 Hallett street, L.I. City.
MC CULLOUGH, John, 72 years, Rockaway Beach.
MC NAMARA, Francis P., 2 months, Jamaica.
MC CONNELL, Frank, 10 months, Whitestone.
NOBERLINO, infant, 1 day, Corona.
NEALL, Seilvador, 6 months, Flushing.
NAPOLEON, Joseph A., 35 years, Flushing.
O'KEEFE, Mary, 47 years, 246 Greenpoint avenue, L.I. City.
OLSEN, Olof, 40 years, L.I. City.
PUTZSHOE, Katie, 8 months, Winfield.
PETZACHLEN, Helen, 8 months, Winfield.
ROBERTS, Lawlor Abram, 1 month, East Williamsburg.
RYMAN, Susan, 1 year, Woodside.
RICHTER, Chris, 26 years, Rosedale.
REMMELE, Carl, 46 years, 257 Steinway avenue, L.I. City.
STOVER, Annie J., 1 year, Evergreen.
SCHOLL, Katie, 1 year, Ridgewood.
SHEARS, Charlotte, 61 years, Elmhurst.
STOUT, Daniel, 5 weeks, Jamaica.
SAEGER, Theresa, 27 years, 965 Boulevard, L.I. City.
SULLIVAN, Catherine, 57 years, 108 Star avenue, L.I. City.
SCHWATZBOOT, Joseph 39 years, L.I. City.
SMITH, Francis E., 64 years, Jamaica.
STOCKER, May Francis, 35 years, 400 Hamilton street, L.I. City.
SUHARA, John, 4 months, Jamaica.
SMOL, Peter, 2 days, 200 Park place, L.I. City.
SCHMIDT, Ludwig, 4 months, 153 Grand avenue, L.I. City.
SCHMIDT, Ernest, 1 month, 154 Stemler street, L.I. City.
SPECKMAN, Annie, 1 year, 77 Newtown road, L.I. City.
TERRERS, Leopold, 58 years, Arverne.
TEBUSKIE, Helen, 2 days, Maspeth.
TASE, May C., 6 weeks, Evergreen.
VANDERSLUTE, Grace A., 4 months, Winfield.
WHILLE, Florence M., 8 months, Maspeth.
WINKLER, Henry, 27 years, College Point.
WEIDMANN, Minnie F., 5 years, Jamaica.
WINTER, Peter, 9 months, 220 Skillman Avenue, L.I. City.
WINTER, Robert, 1 year, Woodside.
WASHINGTON, Myra, 16 days, Melvina.
WENCH, John, 34 years, 417 Third avenue, L.I. City.

3 August 1898
Henry A. LIESNER, aged twenty-three, went out gunning near his home in
Rockaway on Tuesday afternoon.  The gun was accidentally discharged, the
shot taking effect in his wrist and breast.  He was taken home, but died
soon after.  The police notified the Coroner.

REES ­ At 320 Hancock street, Ravenswood, L.I. City, on August 3d, Edward
REES in the 59 year of his age.  Notice of funeral hereafter.

4 August 1898
Reported in the Borough of Queens up to Wednesday Noon

AVIANO, Garnello, 35 years, Corona.
BOWE, John, 55 years, foot of Third street, L.I. City.
BRUNICARDI, Mary, 21 months, 89 Hancock street, L.I. City.
BRAUN, Louise, 5 years, L.I. City.
BARTHOLOMAY, Michael John, 7 months, 1 Beebee avenue, L.I. City.
Bones of Unknown found in an excavation at Whitestone.
CLANCY, Johanna, 4 months, 184 Vernon avenue, L.I. City.
COUKING, Erastus A., 83 years, 30 Pearson street, L.I. City.
COHEN, Stella, 10 months, Rockaway Park.
CONNOLLY, Joseph A., 10 months, Whitestone.
CAMPBELL, Catherine, 25 years, Arverne.
DUCEY, Edmund, 3 months, Rockaway Park.
DE BVEOISE, Mary Ellen, 8 months, L.I. City
FISHER, Charles, 34 years, L.I. City.
FINK, Adolph, 4 months, Clarenceville.
FOWLER, John, 83 years, Flushing.
FLESHMAN, Katie, 17 years, 128 Prospect street, L.I. City
GODSOE, Alfred J., 6 months, 422 Ditmars avenue, L.I. City.
HILLS, Jane, 68 years, Flushing.
HARTMANN, Elsa, 4 months, Rockaway Park.
HACK, George, 2 months, Woodhaven.
JAEGAL, Charley, 8 months, East Williamsburg.
LUCKEY, Frank Foo, 35 years, Clarenceville.
LUCAS, Arthur Wesley, 3 months, 236 Nott avenue, L.I. City.
MANGLES, Mary Elizabeth, 51 years, Bayside.
MULLER, Henry, 65 years, Ozone Park.
MC CHESNEY, Nellie, 3 months, Glendale.
NUNNS, Katie, 18 years, Brooklyn Hills.
OEHLER, Frederic E., 3 months, Glendale.
REED, Mary, 2 years, 217 Park place, L.I. City.
REITENBACH, Louis, 59 years, St. John's Hospital, L.I. City.
SCHNEIDER, John Philip, 31 years, Flushing Bay.
STUART, Fannie M., 9 months, Flushing.
SCHMID, Charles John, 9 months, Ridgewood.
SCHROEBEL, Julia, 11 months, East Williamsburg.
SCHIPP, Matilda, 1 day, Maspeth.
TOTEROLIE, Joseph, 10 years, 338 Steinway avenue, L.I. City.
TYLER, Philip, 6 months, Jamaica.
VAN SICKLEN, Mabel Estelle, 6 months, Hollis
VALENTINE, Nancy, 90 years, Corona
WILL, Celia, 8 months, Whitestone
WALLING, Abagail, 72 years, Jamaica.
ZIEGLER, Margaretha, 1 year, 946 Steinway avenue, L.I. City

9 August 1898
Drowned in a Tub of Water.
Selina May BOCK, the sixteen year old daughter of Frederick BOCK, of 60
Lawrence street, Astoria was taken with an epileptic fit Monday afternoon
and was drowned in a tub of water into which she fell.  He father is a
milkman.  She went to the barn, not far from the house, and half an hour
later was found with her head in a tub of water that stood in the middle of
the barn floor.  Her elder sister Sophie discovered her.  There were signs
of life when she was taken out, but Dr. A.J. ANDERSEN, who was summoned,
failed to resuscitate her.

Drowned at Rockaway.
Edward DROSCH, thirty-three years old, of 4 North Broadway, Yonkers was
drowned while bathing Monday at the foot of Arverne avenue, Arverne.  The
body was recovered.

10 August 1898
G. Edward CARLL, a former treasurer of Queens county, and one of the most
prominent residents of Flushing, died at his home in Amity street, Flushing,
on Tuesday, after a lingering illness.  He was seventy years old and was
born in New York.  He moved to Flushing in the sixties and engaged in the
real estate business.  In 1876 Mr. CARLL was elected treasurer of Queens
county on the Democratic ticket.  He was also the village treasurer of
Flushing, and for several years village tax collector.

A Probable Suicide.
William DANSIGER was found dead on Tuesday afternoon at the corner of
Liberty street and Napier place, Jamaica.  Clutched in his left hand was a
thirty-two caliber revolver and there was a bullet hole in his head.
DANSINGER was about thirty-five years of age.  He worked as a bartender for
Mrs. KURTZ at the corner of Jamaica and Woodhaven avenues.

Death Roll.
List of Those Who Died Last Week in  Queens Borough. [up to 12 o'clock,
August 9th]
AGULLINO, Florence, 1 year, 77 Fourth street, L.I. City.
ANZALONE, Joe, 9 months, Sherman street, L.I. City.
BASCH, Edward, 38 years, Rockaway Beach.
BASTIAN, John P., 4 years, East Williamsburg.
BAUER, Albert, 7 months, East Williamsburg.
CASAL, Gabriel Garsia Morem, 19 days, Flushing.
CLARK, David Hall, 82 years, Hollis.
COAKLEY, Bertha E., 1 month, Maspeth.
COE, Lillian Mary, 2 months, Woodhaven.
DIAS, Maggre, 4 months, Flushing.
DRENAN, Alice, 5 months, Winfield.
DEMPSEY, Alice 4 months, East Williamsburg
EISENACHT, Margaretha, 3 months, College Point.
EHLER, Florence, 6 months, 48 Jamaica av., L.I. City.
EVANS, Julia, 20 years, Glendale.
FRENANDEZ, Naomi, 3 months, Woodhaven.
FLORENCE, Emma, 1 day, Jamaica.
FALVEY, Thomas J., 4 months, College Point.
FRANENI, Ralph Joseph, 10 months, Ozone Park.
FLYNN, Franklin, 11 months, L.I. City.
FORD, Sarah, 38 years, 52 Fifth street, L.I. City.
HOLMES, William V., 18 days, Brooklyn Hills.
HUGHES, Ella Wyckoff, 33 years, Hunter avenue, L.I. City.
JACOB, Frieda, 3 months, 159 Newtown road, L.I. City.
JOYCE, Mary Loretta, 2 months, 117 Eighth street, L.I. City.
KRETSCHMANN, Fredolin, 45 years, Corona.
KRUM, George M., 1 year, Maspeth.
KANE, infant, 1 day, Far Rockaway.
LUDWIG, John, 1 day, Woodside.
LEISSNER, Henry J., 23 years, Maspeth.
MANZ, Louis, 2 years, Ridgewood.
MILLER, Frederick, 1 year, Woodhaven.
MULLER, Anna Catherine, 74 years, College Point.
MARONASKI, Mary, 11 months, Laurel Hill.
MAGALE, Jerome, 1 year, Jamaica.
MC HUGH, Bridget, 69 years, Flushing.
MARTIN, Martha A., 20 years, 84 Marion street, L.I. City.
NAARDIN, Betsy, 75 years, Rockaway Beach.
OFRIER, Antonia, 4 months, 615 Broadway, L.I. City.
O'DEA, Mary, 54 years, 241 Crescent, L.I. City.
OHLY, William, 56 years, Whitestone.
ROGERS, Henry, 2 months, Willett's Point.
ROCHLEIN, Andrew, 10 months, College Point.
REES, Edward, 59 years, 320 Hancock street, L.I. City.
RHAUE, Herman C., 2 months, 17 Marc place, L.I. City.
SCHEMISH, Catherine, 70 years, Rockaway road, Fourth Ward.
SCHNORR, William, 1 year, Ridgewood.
SWORN, Eunice, 2 months, Flushing.
SCHNUER, John George, 11 months, Jamaica.
SMITH, Grace, 9 months, 64 Willow street, L.I. City.
SOHNS, Harry Louis, 1 year, Richmond Hill.
STIEHL, Ellen Frances, 33 years, L.I. City.
STOKES, Horace Eldridge, 8 days, Jamaica.
STOKES, Harry Irving, 8 days, Jamaica.
STEMALER, Christiana, 77 years, East Williamsburg.
SORENSON, infant, 36 hours, 462 Vernon avenue, L.I. City.
STEINKE, Joseph, 2 months, Inwood.
SEXTON, John, 29 years, Flushing.
THOMPKINS, Harriet M., 83 years, Corona.
TALBUT, Edith, 8 months, Astoria, L.I. City.
TANEN, Thomas, 9 months, Flushing.
TINGLEY, Ellen R., 8 months, Lawrence.
VICHARRO, Francesca, 1 year, 149 Borden avenue, L.I. City.
WEINIG, John, 65 years, Far Rockaway.
WILSON, Caroline, 46 years, Glendale.
ZOELLER, Frederick R., 8 months, Ridgewo

17 August 1898
Shot Him Dead.
Question At To Whether It Was Intentional Or Not.
An Italian Deaf and Dumb Man Arraigned ­ He Can Talk Only With His Fingers.
Guisette PEPINO, an Italian, deaf and dumb, was arraigned before Justice
SMITH in Hunter's Point Police Court this Monday morning on a charge of
killing Francisco BILOMETTO.
One was a junk dealer and the other is a laborer.  Both lived on Ocean
avenue, Ozone Park.
"Are you guilty or not guilty?" asked Justice SMITH of the deaf and dumb man.
The answer was a play of the fingers in deaf and dumb alphabet.
It was evident that PEPINO's mind could not be reached.
"Is there anyone here" asked Justice SMITH, "who talks the deaf and dumb alphabet?"
There was no answer, and the case went over to the 17th, when an interpreter
will be present.
It appears that BILOMETTO was standing against a fence on Ocean avenue,
Ozone Park on Sunday at 7:30 pm, talking to his wife, when he was suddenly
shot in the breast just over the heart, and died almost instantly.
PEPINO, the deaf and dumb man, stood on the opposite side of the way at the
time. No revolver was found on his person when arrested.
Two other persons were on the street at the time, Guiseppe ALMENO and Andrea
FRANZESO. They were in court and Justice SMITH held them in $100 each as witnesses.
One of them stated after court that he could not tell where the shot came
"Was there any quarrel between PEPINO and BILOMETTO?" was asked.
"No," was the reply.  "They were friends."
"Were the people of the neighborhood in the habit of making fun of the
"No, they were all kind to him."

24 August 1898
List of Those Who Died During the Past Few Days in Queens Borough up to
August 23rd.

ACOR, James M., 23 years, L.I. City.
BANGERT, Mary, 67 years, Jamaica.
BECK, Joseph H., 7 years, Whitestone.
BOSSART, Carrie, 4 months, Glendale.
BRENNAN, John, 1/2 hour, Laurel Hill.
BELOMETTO, Francesco, 35 years, Ozone Park.
BRILL, Mary Catharine, 77 years, College Point.
BRADSHAW, Irene L., 2 months, Brooklyn Hills.
BASTA, Bratislar, 2 1/2 years, 267 Pleasant avenue, L.I. City.
BRENNAN, John W., 29 years, Flushing.
CONKLIN, Cornelius, 3 hours, Aqueduct.
CUNNINGHAM, George D., 44 years, Far Rockaway.
CAFFERY, Bridget, 90 years, Far Rockaway.
DUCASSE, (baby), 2 days, Glendale.
DAWSON, Charles T., 4 months, 112 Jackson avenue, L.I. City.
DE BEVOISE, Jacob, 57 years, Newtown.
DICKHAUT, Charles, 8 years, Ridgewood.
DEVLIN, Margaret, 7 years, Maspeth.
ELDER, Ellen, 48 years, Corona.
FISK, John Anson Peckham, 61 years, Richmond Hill.
FRENZ, Jacob, 7 months, College Point.
FRESE, Walter J., 3 months, College Point.
FOLEY, Clarence, 11 years, 46 Main street, Astoria.
GARNER, Eva, 1 year, Flushing.
GATTANY, Albert, 12 years, Jamaica.
GOODMAN, William, 6 years, Rockaway Beach.
GRENNEN, Catherine Theresa, 6 weeks, Evergreen.
HAFF, Mary, 52 years, Winfield.
HUBER, Matilda, 23 years, Maspeth.
JOHNSON, Alexander, 27 years, St. John's Hospital, L.I. City.
JAVAUX, Arsele L.,.6 months, Woodhaven.
JENKINS, Samuel, 26 years, Flushing.
JACOBS, Samuel, 6 weeks, 33 Hallett street, L.I. City.
KRUMENACKER, Emma, 4 months, Springfield.
KENNEY, Margaret, 33 years, 128 Fifth street, L.I. City.
LYNDEN, (baby), 3 days, Flushing.
LANGE, Ida D., 53 years, Bayside.
LERCH, Elsa, 4 months, near Shell road, L.I. City.
LETSON, Reymond Hamblin, 2 months, College Point.
LUTZ, Mamie, 8 months, Ridgewood.
LANCE, Isabella, 10 hours, Rockaway Beach.
LEVY, Augusta, 72 years, L.I.  City Railroad Depot.
MULVIHULL, Maria, 70 years, Gale and Pearsall street, L.I. City.
MAYER, Walter, 2 years, Holland's Station, L.I. Railroad.
MC KENNA, Thomas, 28 or 78 years, College Point.
MARSHALL, Mary, 2 days, 80 Fifth street, L.I. City.
NESTLEN, Irene, 5 months, Evergreen.
PETZMANN, Oscar, 9 weeks, L.I. City.
PALMER, Maggie, 34 years, East Williamsburg.
PFEIFFER, Henry, 69 years, Ozone Park.
QUESNEL, Sister M. Suplice, 47 years, Bayside.
RAMA, Lena, 1 year, Whitestone.
SCHAEFER, Ernst, 28 years, Corona.
SAUER, Sady, 16 months, East Williamsburg.
STADTLER, Wilhelmina, 1 month, 35 North Washington street, L.I. City.
SWENTON, Charles, 2 months, Arverne.
SPIRS, Mamie, 6 years, Rockaway Beach.
SOLMS, Charles Bauer, 1 year, Rockaway Beach.
SCHALK, Frederick, 3 months, Rockaway Beach.
SCHMIDT, Alban, 40 years, 67 Camelia street, L.I. City.
SCHAFFER, Jennie Russell, 9 years, Astoria.
SCHMIDT, George, 3 months, Rockaway Beach.
TREADWELL, Robert W., 50 years, Flushing.
TYEELL, Bridget, 56 years, Flushing.
TIMONIER, Marie L., 12 years, Woodside.
TADERSE, Theresa, 11 months, Jamaica.
TOSCANO, Susannah H., 46 years, 654 Academy street, L.I. City.
WEHR, George, 7 years, Jamaica.
WIZEMAN, Fred, 4 months, L.I. City.
ZELIAR, Mary A., 34 years, Woodside.

30 August 1898
The funeral of the late Mrs. Elizabeth GASH, one of the inmates of the Old
Ladies' Home at Oak and Guernsey streets, took place on Sunday afternoon
from the chapel of the home.  Mrs. GASH was eighty-two years of age at the
time of her death.  The Rev. J.A. DENNISTON officiated.  The choir of the
Church of the Ascension was present and sang "Asleep in Jesus" "Rock of
Ages," etc.  William NASON conducted the funeral and the interment was in
Cypress Hills.

George GALBRAITH, who was fifty years old, and lived at 657 Manhattan
avenue, Greenpoint went with his wife to Prospect Park on Wednesday night of
last week.  A storm arose and Mrs. GALBRAITH ran to shelter.  When she
looked around her husband had disappeared.  The police were notified and at
last began looking for the man.  On Sunday his body was found in Rockaway
Inlet, near Barren Island.  Its identity was discovered Monday when a son of
the drowned man went to Canarsie and viewed the body.

Mrs. Farina ARN was found unconscious in her home at the corner of Fiske
avenue and Calamus road, Newtown, Monday evening.  The ambulance was called
from St. John's Hospital and Dr. HALL responded.  On the way to the hospital
the woman died.  As she had been in good health the day before, her death is
looked upon as strange and an autopsy will, therefore, be held to determine
the cause of death.

Mrs. Augusta FREBIG of 51 Radde street was taken suddenly sick on Monday
night and taken to St. John's Hospital, where she died between 4 and 5
o'clock this Tuesday morning.  The Coroner was notified.

Death Roll.
List of Those Who Have Died During the Past Few Days in Queens Borough ­ 
all those reported for the week up to August 30th:
ALLEN, Katherine J., 9 years, 538 Second avenue, L.I. City.
BRENNAN, Margaret, 40 years, Flushing.
BAEBI, William, 3 months, Corona.
BERGSTRASER, Marlin S., 30 hours, 41 Jackson avenue, L.I. City.
BERNHARDT, Walter, P.H., 7 months, Richmond Hill.
CRANE, Mathew F., 83 years, 432 Hulst street.
CONNORS, Robert, 10 months, 128 Eighth street, L.I. City.
CARELTON, Margaret, 51 years, 174 Vernon avenue, L.I. City.
DELANEY, Bartalan, 28 years, 513 Lockwood street, L.I. City.
DIEM, Juliana, 49 years, Newtown.
DOHRMAN, John William, 78 years, Brooklyn Hills.
DRIVETSKY, Frank, 4 months, Winfield.
FLEURY, Annie, 3 months, Woodhaven.
FUHS, Wilhelm, 28 years, Jamaica.
FRANCIS, David Edward, 11 days, Ridgewood.
FRENZ, Katie, 1 year, College Point.
GRIMM, Samuel, 13 years, Flushing.
GARTHY, Mary, 6 days, Woodside.
HALLERAN, Henry, 2 years, Flushing.
HININ, Patrick, 52 years, Flushing.
JURGENSEN, Herbert H., 18 days, 131 Flushing avenue, L.I. City.
JAMES, Rose Ann, 32 years, Richmond Hill.
KEUHN, Robert, 2 months, 300 Hoyt avenue, L.I. City.
KRAEBEL, Frank Paul, 6 months, College Point.
KOENNECKE, William, 66 years, 89 Camelia street, L.I. City.
KELLY, William H., 13 years, Rockaway Beach.
KARMKOSKY, Katie, 4 months, Winfield.
KELLY, John, 55 years, L.I. City.
LEVY, Ludwig, 64 years, Glendale.
LIVINGSTON, Martha B., 76 years, Corona.
LOTZ, Louise, 11 months, 459 Broadway, L.I. City.
Man, unknown, age unknown, Springfield.
MILLER, Andrew N., 9 months, Rosedale.
MILLER, Victoria, 10 months, Jamaica.
MULLER, Otto, 63 years, 69 Borden avenue, L.I. City.
MC DONALD, Annie, 23 years, Flushing.
MC VICKER, Maggie, 1 year, 54 Seventh avenue, L.I. City.
NOUMISS, Marie, 8 months, Corona.
OTTO, Elsa Minnie, 1 year, Ridgewood.
PUETZ, Willie, 8 months, L.I. City.
PICARD, Ellen, 58 years, Far Rockaway.
RODERE, Sarah, 4 years, Winfield.
RECH, Arthur N.J., 27 days, College Point.
REED, Lauretta, 7 days, 275 Academy street, L.I. City.
SELL, John, 46 years, Jamaica.
SCHENCK, Allen, 68 years, Far Rockaway.
SMITH, Elizabeth, 12 years, St. John's Hospital, L.I. City.
SCHINIMEL, Israel, 8 months, Rockaway Park.
SCHUMM, Sarah F., 23 years, Maspeth.
SCYMZAK, Leo, 3 years, Maspeth.
SEVIER, Leon, 4 months, Ozone Park.
VOGT, Mrs. Theresa, 57 years, 921 Steinway avenue, L.I. City.
WILKENING, Frank, 2 years, Maspeth.
WERNER, Maurice, 79 years, Rockaway Beach.
WARD, Mary, 72 years, 62 Halsey street, L.I. City.
WOERNER, Willimena, 62 years, 35 Frankfort street, L.I. City.
WIEDERMAN, Herman, 1 year, College Point.
12 September 1898
New Cure for Malaria.
Emil KEARNS, a young man who lived at 94 Nott avenue, had been suffering for
several days with a severe attack of malaria.  Failing to obtain relief from
ordinary remedies he resolved to adopt vigorous measures.  He bought a plug
of tobacco at a cigar store, some gin at a saloon, made a combination to the
two and drank it.  He was taken with cramps and died in a few hours.  The
Coroner was notified.

12 September 1898
Fatal Accidents.
Both Legs of a Man Were Cut Off By a Train.
Henry CUMMINS, twenty five years of age, 106 Third street, had both legs cut
off by a train in the yards of the Long Island Railroad on Monday afternoon.
He was a brakeman.  In addition to the injuries to his legs his skull was
fractured.  The ambulance conveyed him to St. John's Hospital and his legs
were amputated.  He died late in the evening from shock.

Grosiani PEPEA of 191 Borden avenue, an Italian laborer employed on the
railroad, was struck by an engine and his back was broken Monday evening.
He died at St. John's Hospital where he was taken.

14 September 1898
List of Those Who Have Died During the Past Few Days in Queens Borough ­ up
to September 13th.

ALLISON, Richard, 8 months, 44 Mills street, L.I. City.
ALLEN, Clayton L., 19 years, St. John's Hospital, L.I. City.
ABRAMS, Lizzie M., 26 years, Springfield.
ANDREWS, Arthur V., 6 years, Chester Park.
BORCHARD, Julia, 45 years, Maspeth.
BELL, Andrew S., 32 years, Jamaica.
BRAINSLEY, John, 69 years, Jamaica.
BRADY, Catherine, 46 years, Morris Park.
BROOKEN, Catherine, 84 years, Richmond Hill.
BOTH, Josephine, 45 years, Woodside.
BURG, Rachel, 3 days, 431 Hull street, L.I. City.
BURNS, Bridget, 51 years, 182 Third street, L.I. City.
BREEN, Patrick, __ __, Willet's Point
BUCHALT, George, 3 months, Bayside.
BERGER, Leon L., 2 years, Rockaway Beach
BOROVSKI, Julius, 47 years, St. John's Hospital, L.I.City.
BRODTMAN, Harry A., 1 year, Maspeth.
BWAD, Harvey St. C., 4 years, 111 Fourth street, L.I. City.
CUSHING, Alice, 2 months, Whitestone.
CUNLEY, Margaret, 4 months, Bowery Bay
DAHLSTROM, Bernhardt P.,21 years, College Point.
DERMONT, John, 42 years, Bowery Bay.
DWYER, Owen, 56 years, 70 Seventh street, L.I.City.
DOLAN, Mary Ann, 46 years, Far Rockaway.
DIEHMAN, Margaret, 4 days, Woodhaven.
DOOLEY, Katie, 8 weeks, 74 Pearsall street, L.I.City.
FANTRY, James, 58 years, 123 Borden avenue, L.I. City.
FALLERT, Therese, 1 year, College Point.
FOSS, Julius, 64 years, Far Rockaway.
FORD, Alice, 27 years, St. John's Hospital, L.I. City.
FREY, Lizzie, 34 years, Woodside.
FREECE, Johannah, 2 months, Ridgewood.
FIEDLER, August, 75 years, South Woodhaven.
GRAHAM, Emanuel, 9 months, Flushing.
GLEASON, John, 35 years, Hospital, Flushing.
HOGAN, Elizabeth, 1 year, 70 Fifth street, L.I. City.
HOEY, Catherine, 7 months, Jamaica.
HILLMAN, George, 24 years, Rockaway Beach.
HENNESSEY, Joseph B., 1 year, Richmond Hill.
HARSIS, Arthur C., 35 years, Hospital, Flushing.
HAUM, George, 15 years, The Raunt, Jamaica Bay.
HOEBERMANN, William, 3 months, 754 Ely avenue, L.I. City.
HENNESSEY, Mary, 9 years, Willett's Point.
HORN, Oscar Albert, 1 year, College Point.
JOHMAN, Salvina, 69 years, Evergreen.
JACKSON, Charles D., 6 months, Jamaica.
JACKEL, Theodore, 27 years, St. John's Hospital, L.I. City.
KACHMAN, Chajim Joseph, 1 year, Rockaway Beach.
KIRK, Christine, 61 years, Maspeth.
KERVNEW, Mabel, 1 month, Inwood.
LAKE, George Everitt, 1 month, Whitestone.
LEWIS, Warren A., 7 months, Flushing.
LAWRENCE, Hester, 4 years, Flushing.
MORRISON, Andrew, 68 years, College Point.
MAEHOVIE, Annie, 4 months, Astoria.
MUNNINGEN, Frederick, 21 years, Flushing.
MC GROTH, Patrick, 74 years, Jamaica
MARA, Teresa, 28 years, Flushing.
MAYER, George, 3 years, Corona.
MC CABE, Catherine, 7 months, 740 Albert street, Astoria.
NECKERMAN, Bernhard, 63 years, Woodside.
OZERNOSKI, Baltris, 23 years, Clinton Crossing.
OPITZ, Frederick, 83 years, Woodside.
O'BRIEN, William, 2 years, 95 West avenue, L.I. City.
O'SHAUGHNESSY, Ann, 53 years, Richmond Hill.
POWELL, Jane, 84 years, Jamaica.
PURVIS, Mary Ann, 72 years, 47 Fourth street, L.I.City.
PENNY, Catharine, 60 years, Larel Hill.
PRIST, Christian, 73 years, Maple Grove Hill.
RECKER, Sophia, 3 days, Winfield.
RILEY, Peter F., 28 days, Glendale.
RIGLER, Henry, 42 years, College Point.
ROBINSON, William D., 5 days Jamaica.
ROGERS, Theodore, 6 months, 225 Broadway, L.I.City.
RYAN, John, 50 years, St. John's Hospital, L.I.City.
ROSENOW, Mary, 44 years, Richmond Hill.
ROOF, Emma, 14 months, Jamaica.
SCHRADER, baby, 11 hours, Elmhurst.
SCHNEIDER, August, 39 years, Ozone Park.
SCHMIDT, Jacob, 28 years, St. John's Hospital, L.I. City.
SMITH, Louisa, 2 years, 907 Albert street, L.I. City.
SCHUMM, Henry W., 6 months, Maspeth.
SNEDICER, George, 6 days, Rockaway Beach.
SCHROEPFER, Eva B., 81 years, Middle Village.
STEVENSON, William Clark, 37 years, 65 Mills street, L.I. City.
STRINGHAM, Emeline S., 65 years, Jamaica.
SCHWARZ, Mary, 5 months, 657 DeBevoise avenue, L.I. City.
STEIN, Mildred V., 8 months, Brooklyn Hills.
SCHROEDER, Emil, 45 years, Union Course.
TURNER, Frederick, 1 year, Woodhaven.
THEREN, ___, 33 years, Astoria.
TANZER, Mildred, 1 year, Ridgewood.
Unknown man, 45 years, found at mouth of Newtown creek.
VANDERBECK, Edward J., 1 year, Main street, L.I. City.
VAN PELT, Harriet, 86 years, Flushing.
WILKINSON, John, 72 years, Hollis.
WILSON, Beatrice J., 2 years, Woodhaven Junction.
WISNIEWSKA, Catherine, 1 year, Elmhurst.
WORTH, Hyatt O., 1 month, Winfield.
ZIGLER, Frieda, 9 months, 243 Blackwell street, L.I. City.
ZIEGNER, Herman, 38 years, St. John's Hospital, L.I. City.

24 September 1898
Astoria - Death of Two Men Well Known in the Upper Section 
The flag on the Steinway Piano Factory is at half mast this week in memory
of the late George A. STEINWAY, who died on the 14th day of September on the
steamer Statendam, en route for Europe.  Advices were received late Tuesday
evening by the young man's relatives.  Mr. STEINWAY was twenty four years of
age, and leaves a wife and three children.  He left New York September 10th
and died four days later at sea.  No intelligence was received as to the
disposition of the body up to Wednesday.  Mr. N. STETSON, said on Wednesday
that young STEINWAY was not interested in the operations of the firm except
that he was a stock holder.  The deceased had a generous income from his
father's estate.

Another death to be noted is that of Robert Blackwell TROWBRIDGE, who
departed this life on Tuesday in Astoria.  The deceased was unmarried and
forty-three years of age at the time of his death.  He had been for some
time a member of the firm of Ward S. Reeves & Co, until failing health
obliged him to give up.  On his mother's side he was descended from the
BLACKWELL family, which owned Blackwell's Island and much of Astoria.  The
funeral was held at St. George's Episcopal Church Thursday afternoon at 4
o'clock, the Rev. Charles W. BELDEN, rector of the church, officiating.
Burial was in the church cemetery.  Mr. TROWBRIDGE is survived by his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. TROWBRIDGE; a brother, Frederick C.
TROWBRIDGE, and two sisters, Mrs. H. T. HARRIS and Miss Elsie E. TROWBRIDGE,
all residents of Astoria.

Mrs. Annie LOUB of 108 Clay street was found dead from apoplexy on Sunday
morning.  She leaves a husband, John, who is employed by the American
Manufacturing Company, and five children.

The funeral of the late Henry AVENIUS took place on Tuesday afternoon from
the family residence, 107 Manhattan avenue.  He was fifty-four years of age
at the time of his death and was widely known in German-American circles.

The funeral of the late Eugene DALE took place on Monday morning form the
family residence, 113 Newell street.  The interment was in Calvary Cemetery.
The deceased was widely known in Greenpoint.  He leaves a wife and four

William A. GALLAGHER, chief of the Twenty-ninth Battalion, New York Fire
Department, died at 6:30 o'clock, Monday morning, of Bright's disease, at
his residence, 617 Bainbridge street.  He leaves a wife and three children.
At the time of his death, Chief GALLAGHER was in the fiftieth year of his
age.  He has been a member of the Brooklyn Fire Department for seventeen
years, serving first as a private with Engine No. 16, on Scholes street.  He
was afterward transferred to No. 6 Truck, on Greenpoint avenue, and ten
years ago, while a member of No. 18 Engine Company, on Hart street, he was
made a foreman, during the year of the great blizzard.  He served there
until 1892, when he was made District Engineer, having his office on Driggs
avenue and South Third street.  The rank of District Engineer was changed to
Chief of Battalion afterwards.  Four years ago he moved to his late
residence.  His headquarters were changed to the house of Engine Company No.
36, on Hull Street, where he served until the time of his death.
Chief GALLAGHER had been married twice.  He had several children by his
first wife, one of whom, a young woman, is living.  By his second wife, to
whom he was married in 1882, he had two young children.  He had been a
sufferer from kidney disease for a long time, but did not take to his bed
until six weeks ago.  He was a member of Washington Council, Knights of
Columbus, and Ricard Post, G.A.R. as well as several benefit organizations.
He was also a member of the John Ennis Democratic Club and is related to Mr.
ENNIS by marriage, Mr. ENNIS having married his sister.
Chief GALLAGHER's long career in the Fire Department has been of the most
honorable character.  He had never had one charge brought against him, and
he had been the hero of several daring rescues.  He had the good will of all
the men he ever commanded and was looked upon by them more as a counselor
and adviser than superior, Captain MURRAY of Engine No. 35, and Captain
WELDON of Engine No. 33, speak in the most complimentary terms of Chief
GALLAGHER's character, both as man and official.
Services were held Thursday afternoon in the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes,
on Aberdeen street, near Broadway.  Father PORCILE officiated the mass.
Interment was made in Holy Cross Cemetery.

26 September 1898
An old and much esteemed resident of Astoria passed away at his home on the
Boulevard on Saturday when former United States Judge William D. SHIPMAN
died.  Judge SHIPMAN had been ill about a months from a complication of
diseases that resulted in heart failure.  The body will be taken to Hartford
on Tuesday and interred in the family plot in Cedar Hill Cemetery after
services in the cemetery chapel.
William D. SHIPMAN was born in Chester, Conn., on December 129th, 1818.  His
early years were spent in farming, and at the age of twenty-four he took up
a course of study to fit himself for teaching.  His first engagement as a
teacher was in Springfield, N.J. He was admitted to the bar in Connecticut
in 1850.  He resided at that time in East Haddam, and in 1852 was elected
Judge of the Probate Court.  In 1853 he represented East Haddam in the lower
house of the General Assembly of Connecticut, and in July of that year was
appointed United States District Attorney for the district in Connecticut.
He was reappointed to that office in 1856, having moved to Hartford two
years prior to the beginning of his second term.  He continued as United
States District Judge for the district of Connecticut.  He held that office
for thirteen years.  He moved to New York many years ago and opened an
office in the metropolis, and at the same time took up his residence at 970
Boulevard in Astoria.

28 Sept 1898
Death Roll
List of Those Who Have Died During Past Few Days in Queens Borough ­ 
up to September 27th.

ASCH, Henry, 29 years, Middle Village.
ALLOCCA, Caroline, 6 months, Woodhaven Junction.
BOWSER, Eve, 6 days, Winfield.
BAUM, Charles, 3 years, Corona.
BRICKER, Emma, 33 years, Flushing.
BOLAND, Anna, 46 years, Flushing.
BENNETT, Elizabeth Gordon, 60 years, Corona
CARROLL, Elsie, 5 months, Jamaica
COOKE, Helen A., 9 days, 736 Vernon avenue, L.I. City.
DOWNS, Oratio, 10 months, Woodside.
DEMPSEY, Martha L., 27 years, Morris Park.
DEVLIN, Francis, 2 months, 82 Fifth street, L.I. City.
DUFFY, Francis, 4 months, 287 Jackson avenue.
ENGLEHARDT, Eliza, 88 years, Flushing.
FRITZ, Carl F., 2 years, Richmond Hill.
FISHER, Charles, 4 days, 69 Bodine street, L.I. City.
FINERAN, John J., 38 years, 138 Seventh street, L.I. City.
FINCH, Margaret E., 9 months, 905 Boulevard, L.I. City.
FORRESTER, Mary J., 19 months, 558 Vernon avenue, L.I. City.
GRIFFIN, Grace E., 1 year, Woodhaven.
GEFKEN, Bernard H., 66 years, Evergreen.
HAWKINS, Jesse H., 9 months, 129 Flushing avenue, L.I. City.
HOWARD, Joseph, 27 years, 176 Eighth street, L.I. City.
JACOBI, infant, 4 hours, 52 Halsey street, L.I. City.
KOLLMER, Heatha, 63 years, Middle Village.
KELLY, William, 3 years, Maspeth.
KEATING, Anna M., 48 years, Whitestone.
KNOTT, David, 58 years, Flushing.
LANE, Ruph, 25 days, College Point.
NOSTRAND, Elizabeth, 89 years, Springfield.
PLOTZ, Carl, 46 years, College Point.
PETRO, Venjinie, 1 year, Jamaica.
PISTELOMA, Madeline, 11 months, Corona.
PASSEUT, Marie, 1 minute, Van Alst avenue, L.I. City.
ROEDEL, Anna M., 1 months, Middle Village.
RAPPELT, Michael, 38 years, Middle Village.
RHODES, Frederick, 6 years, Maspeth.
REYNOLDS, Samuel J., 8 months, Maspeth.
REILLY, Patrick, 16 years, 71 Borden avenue, L.I. City.
RAYMOND, John T., 2 months, 349 Hancock street, L.I.  City
STUBER, Bertha, 19 months, Union Course.
SMITH, Melvina, 8 weeks, Jamaica.
SCHROEDER, Margaret, 3 months, Laurel Hill.
SCHELLING, Otto L., 4 months, Queens.
SILLERIER, Henry, 66 years, St. John's Hospital, L.I. City.
SHIPMAN, W.D., 79 years, 970 Boulevard, L.I. City.
STRADLER, George W., 7 months, 315 Hoyt avenue, L.I. City.
TAINOR, Ella, F., 20 years, Union Course.
TROWBRIDGE, Robert B., 43 years, Astoria, L.I. City
VALENTINE, Florence, 3 months, Flushing.
WUEST, Amelia, 11 months, Corona.

30 Sept 1898
Christian SCHRAEDER of 189 Oakley street, was taken sick on the street
Thursday night a little after 8 o¹clock.  He was taken to his home and
attended by Dr. HERRIMAN.  He died at 12:30 this Friday morning.  The cause
of death is not known.

Transcriber:Mimi Stevens