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1920 DAILY STAR..Deaths

1 July 1920
SURNAME, First..age..residence

P?RCHASE, Adeline..27y..Chruch Street, Richmond Hill.
SATTLERrew..70y..Jamica Hospital, Jamaica.
WAL?, William..38y..988 Sen?c? Street, Ridgewood.
SULILVAN, John..2y..182 Brinkmeyer avenue, South Ozone Park.
O. RIEDER, Anton..21y.. 1840 Van Wicklen Place, Ozone Park.
MURPHY. Murphy..36y.. Jamaica Hospital, Jamaica.
L. JAHN, Frederiek..43y..River Crest Sanitarium, Walcott avenue, Astoria.
SCHLOERB, Gustave..58y..St. Anthony’s Hospital, Woodhaven.
KESSLER, Annie ..40y..St. Anthony’s Hospital, Woodhaven.
CORMICK, Rose ..28y..St. Anthony’s Hosptial, Woodhaven.
WILLWORTH, Annie ..33y..Flushing Hospital, Flushing.
WARSHING, Marian Peck ..60..211 Madison avenue, Flushing.
MANGIALETTI, Catherine Mary ..64..2417 Madison street, Ridgewood.
REILLY, Isabella V. ..43y..52 North Twelth street, Whitestone.
PEIRANO, Joseph  A...57y..Twenty-ninth  street and Fifteenth avenue, Whitstone.

2 July 1920
GORDON, Michael..50y..243 K?___  ?__nue, Rockaway Beach.
SAZZIANO, Joseph..19y..11 Mari?n street, Long Island City.
WALTER, Barbara..55y..206 Hoyt (?), Astoria
SATTLER, Ida..68y.. St. Mary’s Hospital, Jamaica
O’FLAHERTY, Thomas F...52y.. Iowa avenue, Dunton.
WINTER, Antionette..28y..Flushing Hospital, Flushing.
KLINGMANN, Christina..77y..17  ?____ street, Corona.
SCIPONE, Palmina..23y..285  ?____ avenue, Astoria.
SABINE, Joseph..31y..70 ?____ , Union Course.
BE?BERICH, Anna Margaret..5y.. ?____ avenue, Astoria.
OFFLINGER, Elizabeth..42y..9(2?/3?)  ?____ avenue, Middle Village.

4 August 1920
ABER?E, George W.11dys..11103 Liberty avenue, Morris Park.
BARGARDT, Mildred L.3y..1660 Lindell street, Ridgewood.
BERNHOLTZ, Henry..64y..1872 Hemlock place, Ridgewood.
BISANG, Margaret..4y..Flushing Hospital, ?_____.
BOUFLLER, George..43y..23 Richards avenue, Glendale.
BOUTCHER, Harry..49y..Woodside avenue, Elmhurst.
COUGHLIN, Katherine..78y.. St. Anthony’s Hospital, Woodhaven.
CUTLER, Lillian...50y..18 Vode street, Elmhurst.
DI MIZO, James..9hrs..57 Fifth street, Long Island City.
DRURY Jr., Joseph..5y..4713 Jerome avenue, Morris Park.
DUCKAR, Phillip..45y..1732 Ralph street, Ridgewood.
EVERS, Benjamin..7mo..Whitelaw avenue, Howard Beach.
FENWICK, Clennel Preston..34y..Mary Immaculate Hospital, Jamaica.
FLANAGAN, Michael..15y..St. John’s Hospital, Long Island City.
GERLACKE, Julian..29y..St. John’s Hospital, Long Island City.
HART, Cecilla..22y..420 Eighteenth avenue, Long Island City.
HARTMAN, Helen..2y..768 Crescent street, Long Island City.
HO?R?CBALMAUN, Wilhelmina H.51y..465 Woodward avenue, Ridgewood.
HOUSTON, Richard..45y..Hollands Lock, Rockaway Beach.
HOWELL, Edward Wells..73y..436 Hopkins avenue, Long Island City.
HYATT, Charles..79y..6 South Eleventh avenue, Whitestone.
JURON, Rudolph H.3dys..452 Sen?ca avenue, Ridgewood.
KLINGER, Mada..57y..St. John’s Hospital.
KNORR, Louise M.38y..Jamaica Hospital.
KOCH, Johanna..55y..171 Weimar street, Elmhurst.
KUEHN, Ambrose..59y.. Flushing Hospital.
LANGJABR, Robert..8mo..142 William street, Long Island City.
LEWIS, Julius.. 62y..21 Cleveland avenue, Far Rockaway.
MARK, Barbara..47y..240 Hooker street, Glendale.
MARKEY, Frederick Henry..4?y..?1 Frankiln street, Jamaica.
MARTIN, Margaret..65y..799 Tenth avenue, Astoria.
MEYLACH, Solomon..26y..Beach Eighty-seventh street, Rockaway Beach.
MOBRMANN, Theodor..67y..9 Mare place, Long Island City.
MOORE, Irene G.33y..St. John”s Hospital, Long Island City.
O’MARA, John..73y..St. John’s Hospital, Long Island City.
OLLIVIR, Evelyn L.1mo..1124 Bigelow place, Elmhurst.
PAULLITACH, Carl..79y..9310  123rd street, Richmond Hill.
PIEHLER, Rosina B.26y..2557 Myrtle avenue, Ridgewood.
REICHERT, Christian..72y..361 Eighteenth avenue, Long Island City.
RITZKOFSKY, John..69y..7 Lewis street, Jamaica.
SCHIESLER, Anna W.61y..67 Armand place, Evergreen.
SCHUTZ, William J.12y..Jamaica Hospital.
SPROSTON, Nora Irene..31y..195 Hav?m?yer street, Elmhurst.
TANA, Anthony V.1mo..979 Second avenue, Long Island City.
TARANOWSKI, Anthony..6?y..169 Queens boulevard, Elmhurst.
WILNOWSKI, Stephen..21y..Malden Lane, Maspeth.
ZWICK, Frances N.13y..6 Kneeland street, Elmhurst.

MARRIAGEs Licenses in Queens
August 4

SCHMIDT, William..29y..329 Sandol street, Evergreen
WA?XLER, AUGUSTa..33y..2344 Sommerfield street, Evergreen.
	(** the 3 in the address could be an 8)

KILLIAN, Howard J...23y..312 South street, Jamaica
MACKERY, Elenor..23y.. 21 Bryant avenue, Jamaica.

FAIRWEATHER, John..33y..74 Van A?st avenue, Long Island City
BOYD, Theresa..28y..117 Radde street, Long Island City.

MACK, Jr, Stanley .22y..870 Vernon avenue, Long Island City
ANGOSKY, Lillian..22y..341 Twelth avenue, Long Island City.

BURKE, Charles W...26y..105 Congress avenue, Flushing
ADAM, Mary R...30y..81 D?rvall street, Corona.

THACKER, Horace A...25y..5 Layafyette avenue, O??ining, N.Y. and
KERN, Gladys..25y..47 Willett street, Jamaica.

BROSNAN, 29y.. 544 East  Eighty-ninth street, Manhattan
VANCURA, Tessie,..28y..89 Chauncey street, Astoria.

BAUMEISTER, Edward W.22y..1206 Van A??t avenue, Long Island City
L?GR??, Clara,..23y..1206 Van A??t avenue, Long Island City.

DURROW, Wirt E. 32y..559 Afgat road, Brooklyn
BALDER, Elizabeth Marion,.. 25 Flushing avenue, Hollis.

RAETH, John,..43t..2324 Lindon street, Queens
SCHANT, Martha,.. 38y.. 2324 Lindon street, Queens.

WOELD?CH?N, Eric.28y..381 Charlotte place, Glendale
GRAF, Florence,..21y..2354 Cata?n avenue, Glendale.

BO??BERG, Benjamin,..21y..279 Fairview avenuw, Corona
LEISTIG, Ruth,..19y..266 Corona avenue, Corona.

JOHNSON, Dudley W.33y..79 State avenue, Flushing
DEITZ, Jennie,..29y..214 Be?___ anvenue, College Point.

6 August 1920
SQUIRES,  Lavina Jane..61y..4870 Chichester avenue, Morris Park.
SWATKOWSKI, Theodore..35y..220 Prince street, Bayside.
COHEN, Anna..62y..307 148th street, Nepons?t.
KAWOLEZUK, Kealina..1mo..31 Prince street, Bayside.
FERRETTI, Angelo.. 52y..80 Waldron street, Corona.
ISAACS, Ida..35y..162 Nott avenue, Long Island City.
MILLER, Elizabeth..2dys..305 Ridgewood place, Ridgewood.
SMYTH, Virginia Marie..10mo..188 Beach Nintieth street, Arverne.
KEON, Hanora..54y..Mary Immaculate Hospital, Jamaica.
LANGE, Margaret Charlotte..35y..Norris avenue, Jamaica.
ADOLINO, Anthony..66y..4834 Atlantic avenue, Morris Park.
SULLIVAN, Louise..68y..Eith street and New York avenue, Jamacia South.
MAYHEW, Melvin..1y..St. John’s Hospital, Long Island City.
MICHALEK, George Charles..4y..63 Main street, Long Island City.
PRUCHA, Gustav..53y..240 Twenty-ninth street, Flushing.
DAVEY, Joseph..49y..Rockaway Beach Hospital.
FOWLER, Clara L.32y..St. John’s Hospital, Long Island City.
TOMLINSON, Annie Emma..63y..4170 Chichester avenue, Woodhaven.
GAVEGAH, Joseph P.5mo..Janet place, Flushing.
WEISS, Mathilde..37y..St. Anthony’s Hospital, Woodhaven.
BRAUS, Bernard..66y..Flushing Hospital.
FOSKI, James A.46y.. Pearwell street, Bayside.
BYRNE, William Michael..53y..Rivercrest Sanitorium, Astoria.
MARTIN, Lionel..8mo..41 Baufort avenue, Jamaica.
POSTREL, Maisy..7mo..2 Sylvan place, Arverna.
FOLKMAN, Nathan..50y..St. John’s Hospital, Long Island City.
VAN LOREN, Alice..52y..Mary Immaculate Hospital, Long Island City.
PURDY, Mary El???..92y..8614 108th street, Richmond Hill.
WILLIAMS, Robert Henbry..59y..9 Forty-ninth street, Corona.
Mou?o?, Sister Mary All?t??..63y..St. Joseph’s Hospital, Far Rockaway.
K??th, Meyer..7y..Rockaway Beach Hospital.
VAN ALLEN,A?t???? R.?5y..7 ?_____ street, Jamaica.
(the last few lines were very hard to read)

7 August 1920
Green Point Obituaries
     James DENNING died Thursday at St. Catherine’s Hospital in his
forty-third year.  He is survived by his wife Mary; one son, Arthur his
parents Joseph and Mary DENNING.
     The Funeral will take place from his home tomorrow afternoon and the
interment will be made by C. TREBER in Evergreen Cemetery.

WARD, Edward.
     Edward WARD of 112a Nassau avenue died in the Kings County Hospital on
Wednesday.  He was born in England 75 years ago is survived by three
sons, Harry, Charles and Gilbert; two dAugusthters, Mrs.  Eliza JOHNSON,  Mrs.
Nellie HOFFMEISTER;  fourteen grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
     The funeral will take place from the chapel of John K. WELGAND at 1015
Halsey street, this Saturday afternoon, the Rev. John Lewis CLARK, D.D., of
the Bushwick Avenue Congregational Church officiating.
     The deceased was a member of Court Hawthorne, No. 49, F. of A.; Magnet
Charter Lodge, Sons if St. George Steam Engineers’ Society.
     Interment will be made in the family plot in Cedar Grove Cemetery under
the direction of John K. WELGAND.

DALTON,  Mrs. Mary E.
     Mrs. Mary E. DALTON, nee O’MARA, beloved wife of Officer Peter DALTON,
assigned to the Warrant Squad of the Brooklyn Headquarters Division of the
Police Department, died at her home, 177 Eckford street, after a protracted
illness yesterday morning.
     Mrs. DALTON was a native of Coolcappa, County Limerick, Ireland
had lived in Greenpoint from childhood.
     She was a devoted member of the St. Antony’s Church and identified with
the womanly socities of the parish.
     Besides  the husband, Mrs. DALTON is survived by two sons, Richard and
Daniel and two dAugusthters, Mrs. Anna FINNERAN, wife of Patrolman FINNERAN of
the 105th precinct; Miss Mary DALTON; one brother, Richard O’MARA, of
Montclair, N.J., formerly of Greenpoint one sister, Mrs. FITZGERALD, of
     The funeral will take place on Monday morning from the home, thence to
St. Antony’s  Church, where a solemn requiem mass will be offered for the
repose of her soul by the Right Rev. Monsignor P. F. O’HARE, L.L.D., at 10 o
     The interment will follow in Calvary Cemetry under the direction of

9 August 1920
     Max OPPENHEIM, 54 years old, proprietor of the saloon at 278 Grand
avenue, Astoria, died suddenly yesterday at his home.
     He had been fir six years at the Grand avenue location, before that
having been in business in Manhattan and in Brooklyn.  He came to this
country in 1887, having been born in Germany took out his citizenship
papers 30 years ago.
     He was well acquainted in Astoria and in Manhattan where he was a
member of the Yorkville Brotherhood Aid Society.
     He leaves his wife, Amelia two sons, Isidor and Harry.  The sons
returned from their vacation a short time after their father’s death.
     The brotherhood will hold funeral services before and at the burial.
The funeral will  be held from the residence, Wednesday morning at 10 o’
clock interment will be in Mount Pleasant Cemetery.

In the sad and loving memory of our wife, dAugusthter and mother, Emma STEPHAN,
146 Fourth street, Long Island City, who died AUGUST 9, 1919.
  Lonely we are without you, Emmat.
      How we miss you no one knows.
  Our thoughts are always with you,
      From early morn till evening’s close.
  We mourn the loss of our dear one,
      As we did our best as save.
  Beloved on the earth, regretted gone,
      Remembered in the grave,
  Never shall you be forgotten,
      Never shall your memory fade.
  Our fond love shall linger,
    On the spot where you are laid.
  We often sit and think of you,  Emma,
    When we are all alone.
  For memory is the only friend,
    That grief can call its own.
  Friends may think you are forgotten,
    But the wound is as fresh today
  As when you left us broken-hearted,
    Just one year ago today.
Her Heart-Broken Father, Sons and DAugusthter.
(**this just above was also listed on the page you have labeled as August.
10th, 1920)

HARRINGTON.Mary Rose, age 17 years, dAugusthter of Joseph and   Margaret
HARRINGTON, on Sunday, AUGUST 8th, 1920.
  Funreal from her late residence, 167 Fourth street, Long Island City,
thence to St. Mary’s Church, Fifth street, where a requiem mass will be
offered at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, AUGUST 11th, 1920.  Interment Calvary Cemetery.

OPPENHEIMER.Max, on AUGUST 8, 1920, beloved husband of Amelia and devoted
father of Isidor and Harry.
   Relatives and friends  and members of Yorkville Brotherhood Aid Society
are invited to attend the funeral from his late residence, 278 Grand avenue,
Astoria, L. I. On Wednesday, AUGUST 11 at 10 a.m.

THOMSEN.On Saturday, AUGUST 7, 1920, Walter G. THOMSON, beloved husband of
Elizabeth THOMSON (nee ?t?ff????).
  Funeral services at late residence, 75 Filmore avenue, Corona, this Monday
evening at 8 p.m. Interment private.

11 August 1920
DIETRICH, George M.66y..46 Hallock avenue, Ridgewood.
MARCH???, Elizabeth..6mo,5dys..1855 Woodhaven avenue, Woodhaven.
KEEFE, Patrick..44y..St. Anthony’s Hospital, Woodhaven.
MENENDEZ, Amadon..30y..St. Anthony’s Hospital, Woodhaven.
BONK, Elizabeth..43y..St. Anthony’s Hospital, Woodhaven.
HUGES, William M.??..5012 East Twentieth street, Whitestone.
ROSE, Julia..83y..16 Deyo street, Glendale.
JONES, Lulu..55y..134 Madison avenue, Flushing.
HOCHSTADSTER, Betty..63y..470 Central avenue, Far Rockaway.
FIMMANN, Johanna..90y..St. John’s Hospital, Long Island City.
KATZ, Simon..70y..133 Beach Seventy-third street, Rockaway Beach.
KAMINSKI, Leon..10y..65 Freeman street, Brroklyn, died in Newton Creek.
TRAINER, James Weldon..56y..9 North Wave crest avenue, Rockaway Beach.
MICHALSKI, Theodore..11y..238 Franklin street, Brooklyn, died in Newton Creek.
LUTZ, John..62y..1720 Summerfield street, Ridgewood.
WENDOWSKY, Sarah..57y..202 Beach Forty-third street, Rockaway Beach.
MOCKER, Sophie Johanna..66y..1060 Forest avenue, Ridgewood.
HERTZBERG, Ottillia..48y..1815 Harmon street, Ridgewood.
PLEASNER, Fran?iska..56y..226 Union Hall street, Jamaica.
THOMSEN, Walter..41y..75 W. Filmore ave, Corona,. Died in Flushing Hospital.
HIRSCHFIELD, Anna..74y..Boulevard and Fairview avenue, Rockaway Beach.
HALPER, Sarah..25y..555 Macon street, Brooklyn, died in St. Anthony’s Hospital.
D’AGOSTINO, Raffele..64y..27 Radcliffe street, Brooklyn, died in St. Anthony’s Hospital.
CASTERLIN, Clarence B.41y..8928 114th street, Richmond Hill.
LAWTON, Arthur E.27y..159 Woodford street, Borrklyn, died in St.Anthony’s Hospital, Woodhaven.
PURCHASE, Louis..48y..Tower Villa, Church street, Richmond Hill, died in Mary Immaculate Hospital, Jamaica.
WO?RLE, Joseph..24y..506 East Fifty-fifth street, Manhattan, died in German 	Castle Dance Hall, North Beach.
SEIBER, Frank..54y..413 Seneca avenye, Ridgewood.
HARRINGTON, Mary..17y..167 Fourth street, Long Island City, died in St. John’s Hospital, Long Island City.
BAYLIS, Chairty..55y..2 Pearsall avenue, Lawrence, died in St. Joseph’s	Hospital, Far Rockaway.
DAUER, William..57y..51 Clifton place, Jamaica.
MIMOVICH, Michael..41y..Central avenue, Glendale.
OPPENHEIMER, Max..53y..278 Grand avenue, Astoria.
MACCARTHY, Richard..2mo,28dys..60 South street, Jamaica.
CZARNECKA, Mariann..58y..67 Greenpoint avenue, Long Island City.
HALIE, Charles A.29y..Sixteenth street, between South and Eighth avenue,Whitestone.
NEIL????, Margaret Ethel..2dys..187 Lincoln street, Flushing, died in Flushing Hospital.
FI?MERMANN, Henry..36y..705 Seventh street, College P?___, died in Flushing	Hospital.
FEIGEL, Michael..20y..85  North Fourth street, Brooklyn, died in St. John’s Hospital, Long Island City.

12 August 1920
REMMELE, Miss Pauline
   After an Illness of eight months, Miss Pauline REMMELE, of 284 Ninth
avenue, Astoria, died on Tuesday.  She was 17 years old.
   She had a host of friends in Astoria, where she was born and had lived
all her life.  She was a graduate of P.S. 84 was employed by the Ocean
Accident and Guaranty Corporation, Manhattan.
   She was a popular member of the Steinway Reformed Church.  She leaves her
parents, 284 Ninth avenue, on Friday afternoon at 2 o’clock.  The Rev.
Christopher MERKEL of Trinity Lutheran Church will officiate.  Interment
will be in St. Michael’s Cemetery.

AHERNS, Christian
   Christian AHERNS, 38 years old, died Wednesday morning at his home, 128
Seventeenth street, after an illness of several months,
   He was a painter and had been employed in one of the local factories.  He
was a member of the Marvin Lodge, No. 252, I.O.O.F. Mt. Vernon Lodge of
   Mr. AHERNS is survived by his wife.  The Odd Fellows will hold their
ritualistic services at 7:30 o’clock, this evening and the Masons at 8:15 o’
   The funeral will be held Friday afternoon at 2 o’clock.  Interment in
Flushing Cemetery.

DALTON, Mrs. Catherine
   Mrs. Catherine DALTON, 56 years old, died Wednesday afternoon at her
home, 109 Eleventh street, after a lingering illness.
   Mrs. DALTON was born in College Point and was a sister of Miss Margaret
DUNN, former postmistress, who died two weeks ago at the same address.
   She was the widow of Michael DALTON and is survived by her sister, Mrs.
   The funeral will take place Friday morning at 9 o’clock at St. Fidelis
Church.  The interment will be in St. Mary’s Cemetery, Flushing.

MILLER Jr..John J.  loving son of Mr. And Mrs. John J. MILLER brother
of Howard, Doris and Alice MILLER, on Wednesday, AUGUST 11, 1920.
   Funeral from his late residence, 208 Camelia street, Astoria, L.I.,  on
Saturday morning at 9:30 o’clock; thence to the Church of Our Lady of Mt.
Carmel.  Interment in Calvary Cemetery; direction Thomas M. QUINN & Son.

13 August 1920
DALTON---At College Point, on Wednesday, AUGUST 11, 1920.  Catherine DALTON,
(nee DUNN) in her fifty-seventh year.
   Funeral will be held from her late residence, 109 Eleventh street,
College Point, on Saturday, AUGUST 14th, at 9 a.m., thence to St. Fidelia
Church, where a requiem mass will be said by the people of her soul.

DAMPMAN.On AUGUST 12, 1920, at 2:30 p.m., Elinor Marie DAMPMAN, aged one
year and eleven months, dAugusthter of Amelia DAMPMAN (nee Ze?) Felix
DAMPMAN, Jr., at the Children’s Hospital, New York.
   Funeral from her late residence, ?? Ninth avenue, Long Island City, at
2:30 p.m., Sunday.  Interment in family plot in Mt. Olive Cemetery.

HEISSNER.On Thursday, AUGUST 12, 1920, in her sixty-sixth year. Katherine,
beloved wife of Joseph HEISSNER, mother of William, Fredrick and George
Mrs. M. SKEP?C.
   Funeral from her late residence, 54 Payntay avenue, Long Island City, on
Sunday, 1:30 p.m.  Interment at Woodlawn Cemetery under the direction of
Nicholas BLASTUS.

JOHNSON.Charles A. Jr., beloved son of Mr. And Mrs. Charles A. JOHNSON, on
Thursday, AUGUST 13, 1920.
   Funeral from his late residence, 2? Wool street, Elmhurst, L.I., Sunday
afternoon at 2 o’clock. Interment Mt. Olive Cemetery.

TRUDDEN.Frank, on Friday, AUGUST 13, 1920, beloved son of Mr. And Mrs.
Joseph G. TRUDDEN and grand son of Mrs. Ellen TRUDDEN and the late Frank
TRUDDEN, aged 4 months, 4 days.
   Funeral from the residence, 43 Fourth street, Long Island City, Sunday
afternoon at 3 p.m.  Interment in Calvary Cemetery.

   (by International News Service)
Long Beach, L. I.  August. 13. 1920 The beach here is being 
searched today for the body of Thomas DRENNAN, 38 years old, 
of 519 Seventy-fourth street,Brooklyn, who was 
drowned yesterday in the heavy surf.

ABRAMOWITZ, Lily..?2y..7510 Jamaica avenue, Woodhaven, Killed by auto
	southeast corner of Jamaica avenue and Seventy-sixth street, Woodward.
ROUTH, Robert F.40y..142 Fourth street, Union Course.
PRADI, Joseph..45y..59 Queens boulevard, died in St. John’s Hospital.
ROEMER, Leona Marie..2y..10162 102th street, Richmond Hill.
BATES, Elizabeth..21y..Plainfield avenue, Hollis, died in Jamaica Hospital.
MEHLTRETTER, Marie Elizabeth..19y..825 Forest avenue, Ridgewood.
SMITH, Patrick Joseph..55y..284 New York avenue, Jamaica.
DEEGAN, Ann B.30y..Springfield avenue, near Merrick road, Springfield.
DECHER, May Briggs..59y..8438 Oceanview avenue, Woodhaven.
HOGAN, Daniel..38y..271 Tenth avenue, Manhattan, died in St. Anthony’s 	Hospital, Woodhaven.
COMISKY, Peter..30min..101 Pearsail street, Long Island City.
SCHMIDT, Martin..88y..201 Richard avenue, Ridgewood.
CAHILL, Eugene E.38y..330 East 22nd street, Manhattan, died at Elinor Court,Rockaway Beach.
VOELKER, Helen F.29y..635 110th street, Richmond Hill.
SABINI, Katherine..25y..79 Seventy-fifth street, Union Course, died in St.Anthony’s Hospital, Woodhaven.
GOODRICH, Leo..18y..53 East 105th street, Manhattan, died near drawbridge,
	Long Island Railroad, Broad Channel.
SCHAFLER, Marie..56y..80 Wilson avenue, Long Island City.
UPHAM, Abbie C.70y..1146 Woodhaven avenue, Woodhaven.
BODECKER, Emilie Emma..61y..9135 Syosect street, Woodhaven.
ONTON?K, Marion..15 hrs..95 Koscueski street, Jamacia.
MURPHY, Mary..75y..8 Fourth street, Woodside.
FAERBER, Louisa M.72y..4080 Fourteenth street, College Point.
?AGGIANO, Maria..66y..121 Washington avenue, Long Island City.

14 August 1920
REMMELE, Pauline F.17y..234 Ninth avenue, Astoria.
FUTAGAWA, Joseph..6hrs..Mary Immaculate Hospital, Jamaica.
HAMMOND, Arthur..26y..35 Nasau street, Rockville Centre, L.I. died in Holban
	Freight Yard, Hollis.
ENDERS, Lillian..35y..220 Greenpoint avenue, Long Island City, died at St.John’s Hospital.
HATCH, Charles W.44y..Glenham street, St. Albans, died in Mary Immaculate Hospital.
PIKULISKI, Boleslaw..7y..14 Lincoln place, Jamaica, died in lit at Pacific
	street and Sutphin road, Jamaica.
GROSS, Leo.21y..50 Beach Fifty-eighth street, Arverne, died foot of Beach
	Fifty-eighth sixth street, Arverne.
HAGAN, Sarah..42y..654 Bergan street, Brooklyn, died in St. Anthony’s Hospital, Woodhaven.
GRASS, Philippine..73y..College and Lincoln avenue, Springfield.
SEERY, Margaret..64y..49 D?ugan street, Elmhurst.
MOSCIEKI, Juila..1y..66 Hull avenue, Maspeth.
GLENNON, John..66y..49?8 Beaufort street, Richmond Hill.
MALINOWSKI, Mary..4mo..2 Sutter avenue, Jamaica.
FISH, Abram Joseph..56y..Franklin avenue, Far Rockaway.
MEADE, James..68y..460 Fourth avenue, Brooklyn, died at St. Anthony’s Hospital, Woodhaven.
CARLSON, Erling..49y..29 Fulton street, Brooklyn, died in St. Anthony’s Hospital, Woodhaven.
PEARSAIL, Mary Ann..72y..120 Globe avenue, Jamaica.
PURDY, Wilbur..1mo,16dys..49 Kingsland avenue, Corona.
SCHAEFER, Fredrick J.36y..1659 Hincock street, Ridgewood.
SCHULT, Emma..45y..2866 Woodbine street, Ridgewood.
	Johnson, Jr. Charles Albert..22y..29 Wood street, Elmhurst.
CAGIANE,  Luigi..29y..Second street and Chicheron avenue, Bayside, died in Flushing Hospital.
DALTON, Catherine..56y..109 Eleventh street, College Point.
PFOERTNER, Max..87y..117 Eighteenth street, College Point.
AHERNS, Christian..38y..128 Seventeenth street, College Point.
ULRICH, Henry..61y..223 Combs place, Glendale, died at St. Anthony’s Hospital, Woodhaven.
HEALEN, Mary A.82y..53 Derry avenue, Mastpeth.
SELIGMAN, William..n/g..334 Hart street, Brooklyn, drowned in Hock Creek,
	Jamaica.   (age not given in paper)

18 August 1920
SOKALOUSKA, Domelis..36y..168 Clinton avenue, Maspeth.
REIDY, Patrick John..3y..41 Halsey street, Astoria, side in St. John’s
Hospital, Long Island City.
WOOD, Catherine..1y..55 Ninth avenue, Long Island City, died in St. John’s
Hospital, Long Island City.
NICKLA, Adam..57y..2397 Putnam avenue, Ridgewood.
SANDERS, Leopold..79y..53 Clark avenue, Far Rockaway.
HUSOVSKY, Michael..45y..49 Keene avenue, Floral Park.
TRUDDEN, Frank..4mo..63 Fourth street, Long Island City.
REDDY, Helen Margaret..3y..2040 Gates avenue, Ridgewood.
OLDOERP, Hermine..65y..8400 104th street, Richmond Hill.
HEISNER, Catherine..65y..54 Payntar avenue, Long Island City.
MELLES, baby girl..12hrs..359 Amity street, Flushing, died in Flushing Hospital.
SCHNSTERMAN, J?nnis..41y..263  Central avenue, Far Rockaway, died in St.
Joseph’s Hospital, Far Rockaway.
BOWERS, Eugene Star..76y..28 Canonbury road, Jamaica.
GOETZ, Loretta Alberta..2y..1872 Himrod street, Ridgewood.
MAISC, Margaret..82y..206 West Eighty-sixth street, Manhattan, died in St.
Anthony’s Hospital, Woodhaven.
S??CARETTI, John..7mo..74 Seventh street, Long Island City, died in St. John
’s Hospital, Long Island City.
GRIFFIN, Mary..77y..1136 Emerald street, Woodhaven.
SCHREIBER, Frank..17y..909 Eleventh avenue, Long Island City.
FERRIS, John Thomas..79y..268 Elm street, Astoria.
BEYER, William..n/g..705 Eleventh avenue, Long Island City, died in St. John
’s Hospital, Long Island City.
FINN, William A.46y..321 New York avenue, Jamaica, died in Jamaica Hospital.
BECKER, Katherine Grace..27y..144 Foxall street, Ridgewood.
LOUGHLIN, Annie Loretta..1361 St. John’s place, Brooklyn, died at Boston
road, Bellrose.
MEEHAN, Patricia Katherine..9mo..14 K???ta street, Flushing.
WALLERSTIEN, Benjamin..44y..105 Clinton street, Manhattan, died at Edgemere,
in hotel at Thir??? Street.
ANDERSON, Christian..13y..204 Theodore street, Long Island City, died at St.
John’s Hospital, Long Island City.
BOCK, Charles..60y..Fletcher’s Farm,Queens Boulevard and Hillside avenue,
Jamaica, died in Jamaica Hospital.
CLOSKEY, John..81y..125 Briggs avenue, Richmond Hill.
KNIGHT, Robert..43y..2511 Linden street, Ridgewood.

19 August 1920
LIVINGSTON, Anastasia..?8y..45 North Fiftieth street, Corona.
DICHARDSON, Margaret D.78y..211 Broadway, Elmhurst.
GROH, John Frank..59y..6 Hicks avenue, Winfield.
THROPE, John..22y..7 Cooper avenue, Glendale, died in Mary Immaculate
	Hospital, Jamaica.
PEERS, Mary Ann..70y..1444 Oxford avenue, Ozone Park.
BAKER, Marion E.12y..19 Bergen place, Jamaica.
VENTROME, Lewis..6y..246 Van Brunt street, Brooklyn, died in St. Anthony’s
	Hospital, Woodhaven.
OSTROWSKI, John..34y..806 Water street, Brooklyn, died in St. Anthony’s
	Hospital, Woodhaven.
SCHMIDT, Caroline..5mo..1639 Metropolitan avenue, Middle Village.
DIBBAL, Alice Marceline..49y..362 Beach Forty-third street, Rockaway Beach.
MONAHAN, Patrick J.26y..204 Van Alst avenue, Long Island City, died in St.
	John’s Hospital, Long Island City.
VILARDI, Lena R.21y..1533 Horton place, Far Rockaway, died in St. Joseph’s
	Hospital, Far Rockaway.
SMITY, Lillian..50y..2222 Carlton avenue, Far Rockaway.
O’CONNER, James..49y..63 Joralemon street, Brooklyn, died in St. Anthony’s
	Hospital, Woodhaven.
GOETA, Joseph..1dy..44 Adams street, Elmhurst.
FISHER, Jane..82y..68 Humboldt avenue, Jamaica.
OTTUSCH, John..54y..2021 Bl?cker street, Ridgewood, died in street. Harmon
	street and Onderdonk avenue, Ridgewood.
SCHOLL, Adam..59y..Fulton and Cooper avenue, Ridgewood.
BAU??, Damiano..43y..78 Carroll street, Brooklyn, died in St. Anthony’s
	Hospital, Woodhaven.
RICK, John William..65y..Stony Brook, L.I., died in St. John’s Hospital,
	Long Island City.
WATSON, George..41y..561 Eleventh avenue, Astoria.
FRIEDMAN, Theresa..55y..Rosedale.
PRESCOTT, Sarah J.80y..Elmhurst avenue, died in St. John’s Hospital, Long
	Island City.
RUNYON, George H.29y..159 Wayne street, Middle Village.
FINN, William S.81y..535 Beach 129th street, Belle Harbor.
ANNIS, Clara J.65y..822 New York avenue, Jamaica.
SCHAEFER, Lucia..31y..485 Harmen street, Ridgewood.

21 August 1920
BRENNAN, Thomas S.28y..519 Seventy-fourth street, Brooklyn,
drowned in the Atlantic Ocean, found at foot of Beach Thirty- ninth street,Edgemere.
CASE, Carrie Amelia..66y..214 Barclay street, Flushing.
DUNN, James..27y..128 Eighth street, Long Island City, died in St. Anthony’s
	Hospital, Woodhaven.
JONES, Daniel S.78y..138 Madison avenue, Flushing.
DRISCELL, Timothy..52y..89 Tillary street, Brooklyn, died in St. Anthony’s
	Hospital, Woodhaven.
DONOHUE, Mary..54y..Seaside Hospital, Wave Crest, Far Rockaway, died in St.
	Joseph’s Hospital, Far Rockaway.
SAPHIER, Jacob..76y..215 West 115th street, Manhattan, died in River Crest,
	Sanitarium, Wolcott avenue, Astoria.
GASS, Caroline..45y..2031 Harmon street, Ridgewood Heights.
HOWES, Francis..67y..390 Ely avenue, Long Island City.
SCHAFER, Lucia..31y..485 Harmon street, Ridgewood.
SCHNELL, Fredrick..50y..305 Theodore street, Astoria.
MOELLER, AUGUSTa..68y..320 Beach Forty-first street, died in St. Joseph’s
	Hospital, Far Rockaway.
PRASAK, Ann..69y..76 Wilson avenue, Astoria.
ANTONINUS, Margaretha..58y..155 Seventh street, Woodhaven.
FAST, William..1dy..11 Lafayette street, Ridgewood.
DOMINGE, Annie F.52y..Seventy-seventh street and Sutter avenue, Woodhaven.
RYAN, Lillie E.68y..273 Mar?nse street, Brooklyn, died in Dt. Combes
	Sanitarium, Corona.
HOAR, Richard..9y..148 Kingsland avenue, Corona, died in Flushing Hospital.
HUGHES, Mary Louise..47y..1677 Madison street, Ridgewood.
Sherman, Morris Samuel..78y..139 Beach 116th street, Rockaway Beach.

DUNN, James A., on AUGUST 19, 1920.  Will be buried from his
     late residence, 205 Huron street, Greenpoint, Monday, AUGUST 23, 1920.
Solemn requiem mass at St. Mary’s Church, Long Island City. Interment in
family plot in Calvary Cemetery.

HEALY, At her residence, 598 West 178th street, Manhattan,
        Julia F., youngest dAugusthter of the late Christopher and
        Mary FARRELL, of Astoria, devoted wife of James W, HEALY.
Services 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, AUGUST 24, 1920, Church of the Incarnation, St.
Nicholas avenue and 175th street, Manhattan,. Interment Woodlawn.

HOULINAN, Mary, on AUGUST 19, 1920.
      Funeral from the residence of her sister, Mrs. Margaret CUMMINGS, 98
Hobson avenue, Laurel Hill, on Monday at 9:30 a.m. thence to St. Raphael’s
Church, where a solemn mass of requiem will be offered for the repost of her
soul.  Interment in Holy Cross Cemetery.

27 August 1920
CONNELL, John..62y..87 Vanderveer avenue, Woodhaven.
BROWN, Alice Jeanette..38y..Lawrence avenue, Auburndale.
PEARSALL, Martha..40y..St. John’s Hospital, Far Rockaway.
GOLUB, Edward..2y..52 Dubroff avenue, Jamaica.
GLASS, Wallace..26y..Thirty-fourth and State street, Flushing.
ROBBINS, Ruby..23y..St. Anthony’s Hospital, Woodhaven.
GRIFFITHS, John..3y..Jackson avenue, Long Island City.
COZZE, Tony..2mo..Seaside Hospital, Far Rockaway.
HAAS, Jennie..46y..9110 Jamaica Avenue, Woodhaven.
PRIESS, Charles..39y..586 Seneca avenue, Ridgewood.
HOULIHAN, Mary..58y..98 Hopson avenue, Laurel Hill.
SCHMIDT, Dorthea..70y..338 Seventeenth street, College Point.
IACOVITTI, Luica..4y..61 Willow street, Astoria.
GALLER, Arthur..15y..1 George court, Edgemere.
D’AGOSTI?IO, John..21dys..St. Joseph’s Hospital, Far Rockaway.
HUGHES, Mary Neville..68y..Douglaston.
WHITEMAN, Mary E.56y..9577 114th street, Richmond Hill.
RAYMOND, Sarah..46y..136 Beach Eighty-fourth street, Rockaway Beach.
KLEIN, Samuel..59y..Rockaway Beach Hospital.
CAMPBELL, William G.52y..68 Third street, Long Island City.
MILLS, Eliza Jane..45y..Flushing Hospital.
ROCHEL, Grace E.23y..60 Burling avenue, Flushing.
GUNSTEN, Othilie C.23y..209 Murray street, Flushing.
SANTORIELLO, Francisco..22dys..139 Corona avenue, Corona.
SALEMI, Bertha..16y..St. John’s Hospital, Long Island City.
DURKIN, Patrick..71y..60 Maspeth avenue, Maspeth.
ROHR, Bertha..53y..St. Joseph’s Hospital, Long Island City.
STEWART, David..20y..Beach 107th street, Rockaway Beach.
SCHMIDT, Lena..54y..St. John’s Hospital, Long Island City.
SWEATMAN, William James Clement..33y..300 Ely avenue, Long Island City.
KETH, Charles..54y..114 Helen avenue, South Ozone Park.
GERNI, Elizabeth..6y..40 Cauley avenue, Jamaica.
KOCH, Edward..7mo..Flushing Hospital.
MACEY, Frank..16y..Beach Sixty-sixth street, Arverne.
ACKERMAN, Louisa..77y..6 Pearl street, Far Rockaway.
REIHMAN, Wilhemina..64y..39 North Twentieth street, Elmhurst.
SKIDMORE, A. Brower..50y..8070 Ninetieth avenue, Woodhaven.
GARLINGE, Edna R.24y..2328 Woodbine street, Ridgewood.
SHAW, Norma..1mo..19 North Twenty-seventh street, Flushing.
LIESENFELD, Adele..54y..443 Bleeker street, Ridgewood.
MULLER, Robert..50y..1916 Greene avenue, Ridgewood.
WERNER, Mary..85y..The Raunt, Jamaica Bay.
HAEBERLE, Gettlieb..56y..811 Woodward avenue, Ridgewood.
AMSLER, Antonia..36y..1830 Putnam avenue, Ridgewood.
OLBERDING, Anna..52y..10453 125th street, Richmond Hill.
COUGHTER, Thomas..32y..St. John’s Hospital, Long Island City.
GRAHAM, Marie Decker..36y..2903 Bayswater avenue, Far Rockaway.
GRIFFIN, Mary..29y..Broadway, Far Rockaway.
GRIFFIN, Mary..3hrs..St. John’s Hospital, Far Rockaway.
KRONENBERGER, Elizabeth..14y..9329 114th street, Richmond Hill.
DICKINSON, Louise..57y..9516 121st street, Richmond Hill.
SIMMONS, francis..1mo..96 Astoria road, Maspeth.
LEVINE, Isaac..57y..10337 Lefferts avenue, Morris Park.
CITERA, Charles..4y..Metropolitan avenue, Metropolitan.
KLOTZ, Rose..46y..1421 Metropolitan avenue, Metropolitan.
KREUTZ, Adelaide..2mo..89 Adolph street, Jamaica.
WEBER, Charles..54y..556 Seneca avenue, Ridgewood.
BOYD, Allan Stuart..58y..River Crest Sanitarium, Astoria.
STACEY, Lena..53y..Ninty-first street and ocean front, Rockaway Beach.
CRAWFORD, Chester..1y..220 Pacific street, Jamaica.
TAYLOR, Mary..44y..84 North Junction avenue, Corona.

28 August 1920
FLARIO, Fran??ica..64y..14 Steinway avenue, Long Island City.
MCDONALD, Jr. Thomas F..24y..85 State street, Flushing.
KLEIN, Fredrick..9y..Jamaica Hospital.
CASSIDY, Patrick John..56y..8739 113th street, Richmond Hill.
ZOELLER, Amalie..69y..2034 Gates avenue, Ridgewood.
ANDREWS, Joseph S..70y..141 Harriman court, Rockaway Beach.
TYCHIWICS, Taden?g..5dys..2887 Charles street, Maspeth.
BOWERS, Hazel..1dy..68 Lincoln street, Flushing.
NEESER, George..44y..Rockaway Beach Hospital.
GRAFF, Frank..62y..108 Gunther street, Corona.
NEWMAN,Joseph..18y..St. Anthony’s Hospital, Woodhaven.
HENDERSON, Bradley..48y..St. Anthony’s Hospital, Woodhaven.
PRITCHARD, Frank..7y..St. John’s Hospital, Long Island City.

In Memoriam
McINTYRE,In Memory of my beloved nephew, John J. MCINTYRE,
1st Sergeant of Co. F, 9th Infantry, who died at Camp Syracuse,
August 28th, 1917.
I miss him and mourn him in silence unseen.  
I dwell on the memories of joys that have been.  
Though gone and forgotten by others, may be.  
The grave that contains him is sacred to me.
His Aunt, Mrs. Steinm?yer.

BUSCH,Anna M., on Thursday, August 26th, 1920, in her 39 year, 
beloved wife of Anton and mother of Bertram  BUSCH,
and daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Christian BAITER.
Services will be held at her late residence, 
382 Potter avenue, Astoria.
Saturday evening at 8 o’clock.  Funeral Sunday afternoon at 2 o’clock.
Interment in St. Michael’s Cemetery under the direction of Nicholas BLASSIUS.

NEWHAUS,Mabel, beloved wife of Ernest NEWHAUS daughter
of Mr. And Mrs. John H. RATHJEN, at her home at 8 p.m.,
August 27th, 1920.
Will be buried Monday, August 30th, from her late residence, 
147 Thirteenth avenue, Long Island City, at 2 p.m.  
Interment in St. Michael’s Cemetery.

Greenpoint Obituaries
VOSS, Clarence
   Clarence VOSS, a former resident of Kent street, died at his home at
Bellport, L.I., on Saturday, in his 75th year.
   The funeral took place on Tuesday afternoon.  Mrs. VOSS was an official
of the Standard Oil Company and retired several years ago.  He formerly
belonged to the Kent Street Reformed Church.  A widow and two children survive.

KNIFFIN, Sidney L.
   At Westfield, N.J., on Sunday, Sidney L. KNIFFIN died after a protracted
illness.  He was the son of the late Captain Thomas B. KNIFFIN and formerly
attended the Kent Street Reformed Church.  The funeral took place on
Wednesday afternoon.

PELZ, Mrs. Rachel
   Mrs. Rachel PELZ, widow of Alexander PELZ, passed away on Thursday,
August 18, in her 88th year.  She was an old and respected resident of
Greenpoint for many years.
  Mrs. PELZ is survived by three daughters, one son two grandchildren
and one great-grandchild. The funeral took place from the him, 195 Norman
avenue, on Sunday and the Rev. Dr. ROME of Temple Bethel, Noble street,
officiated.  The interment was made in the family plot in Mount Carmel Cemetery.

KNIFFIN, Sidney L.
   The funeral of Sidney L. KNIFFIN, formerly of Greenpoint, took place
Wednesday afternoon from his home, 149 South Euclid avenue, Westfield, N.J.,
and the interment was made in Westfield Cemetery.
   Mr. KNIFFIN was a former member of the Kent Street Reformed Church and
Sunday school, as were his parents, Captain and Mrs. Thomas B KNIFFIN.
   He was president of the Kniffin & Demarest Company of 48 Murray street,
New York, dealers of hotel glassware and crockery.
     Mr. KNIFFIN was a veteran of the Forty-seventh Regiment.  He is
survived by his wife, Minnie Walker KNIFFIN; a son, Lewis KNIFFIN a
sister, Mrs. Alexander MacLean ROWLAND of Westfield.  Mr. KNIFFIN was born
in Brooklyn and was 60 years of age.  He died on Sunday afternoon at his him
after a chronic illness which covered a period of a year.

VAN PATTEN, Mrs. Martha
   The Rev. W.T. BURGESS assistant pastor of the Cornerstone Temple M.E.
Church, officiated at the funeral of Mrs. Martha VAN PATTEN on Thursday
afternoon at the home, 300 Manhattan avenue.
   The body was incinerated at Fresh Pond, following the service, under the
direction of Oscar A. BOCH.
   Mrs. Van PATTEN was 67 years old and had lived in Greenpoint for twenty
   She was the wife of Charles VAN PATTEN, who survives with one son.

KUPPLER, Margaret
   The funeral of Margaret KUPPLER of 205 North Henry street, who died on
Saturday last, took place Wednesday morning when a requiem mass was offered
at St. Cecilia’s Church, North Henry and Herbert streets, by Right Rev.
Mons. Edward J. MCGOLRICK, L.L.D.

30 August 1920
ACKER..Wilson Lynam ACKER,
On Saturday, August 28, 1920, aged 67 years.
Funeral services this Monday evening, August 30, at 8 o’clock, at his
late residence, 157 Twelfth street, Long Island City. 
Interment at Stuyvesant, N.Y.

KLOBUTSCHECK,William, born October 19, 1861, died August
29,1920, age fifty-eight years.  He is survived by his wife
and  two children, Sophia and William; also & sister and
three brothers.
Funeral service Tuesday at 8 p.m., at his late residence, 498 Flushing
avenue, Astoria.  Funeral Wednesday at 10 a.m., private.  
Interment in Mt.Olivet Cemetery, 
under the direction of Charles WEYDIG.

LAHEY,At Flushing, L.I., on Monday, August 30, 1920, Mary
E. beloved wife of Salvador P. and daughter of Elizabeth and
the late Patrick WOODS.
Funeral from her late residence, 115 Whitestone avenue, Flushing.
Thursday, September 2, 1920, 9:30 a.m.: thence to 
St. Michael’s Church,where a solemn requiem mass will be 
offered for the happy repose of her soul at 10 a.m. 
Interment in Calvary Cemetery.  Auto Cortege.

PALLADINO,Mary, on August  29, 1920, at her residence, 40
Carver street, Astoria.  She leaves to mourn her loss
two daughters, Mrs. Vincent IORIO and Mrs. Bridget SHECO,
ten grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.
?_____  Wednesday morning, September 1, 1920, at 9:30 thence to Mt.
Carmel Church, ?____ ?____ ?____ mass will be offered for the repose of her
soul.  Interment in family plot in Calvary Cemetery.

UIHLEIN,Henry, on August 28, 1920 at 9:30 a.m., age 28
years, beloved son of John and Marie Antonette UIHLEIN,
and brother of Mrs.
Charles DRUIETT, Mrs. J. WOODS, Frank and Charles UILEIN. Survived by his
wife Elizabeth and two children.
Funeral services from his late residence, Vleigh road, Flushing, at 10
a.m., Tuesday, August 31; thence to St. Saviour’s Church, Maspeth.
Interment in St. Michael’s Cemetery.

Mrs. Mary PALLADINO, a resident of Astoria for thirty years, died Sunday
morning at her home, 49 Carver street, Astoria.
She leaves two daughters, Mrs. Vincent IORIO of the save address
Mrs. Bridget SHECO, who lives in Italy ten grandchildren nine
The funeral will be held from the home at 9:30 o’clock, Wednesday
morning, thence to Mt. Carmel Church.  Interment will be in the family plot
in Calvary Cemetery.

LAHEY, Mary E.
Mary E. LAHEY (nee WOODS), the wife of Salvador P. LAHEY, 
died this Monday at her home, 115 Whitestone avenue, Flushing.
Besides her husband, she is survived by their three children, Robert,
Salvador Richard; her mother, Mrs. Elizabeth WOODS her three
brothers, Hugh, Theodore and Joseph.
The daughter of Elizabeth and the late Patrick WOODS, Mrs.LAHEY was born
in Long Island City, where she lived until removing to Flushing twelve years
ago. Her brother Hugh still resides in the First Ward, where her father was
in business for many years.
During her residence in Long Island City, Mrs. LAHEY was active I the
affairs of St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church,lending her assistance to all
enterprises for the benefit of the parish.
The funeral will be held from the late home on Thursday, September 2, at
9:30 o’clock, proceeding to St. Michael’s Church, Flushing, where a solemn
mass of requiem will be offered at 10 o’clock.  
Interment will be in Calvary Cemetery.  There will be an auto cottage.

31 August 1920
BUSCH, Annie Maire..39y..382 Potter avenue, Long Island City.
O’CONNER, Joseph..2hrs..176 Eighth street, Long Island City.
THOMAS, Theodore..50y..Rockaway Beach Hospital.
LOTT, Elmer Clinton..33y..1248 Oakley avenue, Ozone Park.
GENZALE, Filomena..4mo..15 Waldron street, Corona.
CAMPANIETIELLO, Fanie..2hrs.505 Hamilton street, Long Island City.
SCHIFF, Rosa..69y..10413  121st street, Richmond Hill.

17 September 1920
SAVAGE, Katherine..22..473 Wickes Street, Richmond Hill.
DEVLIN, Susan..55..St. Joseph's Hospital, Far Rockaway.
ELDERT, Sarah Eliza..85..81 Snediker Avenue, Union Course.
HUGHES, Mary Theresa..55..341 Ward Street, Richmond Hill.
KLUEPPEL, Joseph..28..1817 Palmetto Street, Ridgewood.
ENNIS, George Wilmington..36..301 Bayside Place, Rockaway Beach.
DIXON, James Robert..32..959 Seneca Avenue, Ridgewood.
DOWDELL, Charles..33..St. Anthony's Hospital, Woodhaven.
WILLIS, Elizabeth..70..21 Lott Avenue, Woodhaven.
AUER, Cecilia..67..15 walker Avenue, Woodhaven.
SMITH, Charles..43, Flushing Hospital.
SCHWARZBECK..33..St. Anthony's Hospital, Woodhaven.
GRODIA, Maria A..15..357 Woolsey Avenue, Astoria.
WEELDON, Katherine..49, possibly 40..St. Anthony's Hospital, Woodhaven.
LEVY, Henrietta..72..259 Rue St. Felix, Far Rockaway.
EISEN, Joseph..6 months..The Strand, Far Rockaway.
GEHRELIN, daniel..1 month..1245 Ninety-Seventh Street, Ozone Park.
FAIRCHILD, Harriet E..64..157 Beach 120th Street, Rockaway Beach.
GINCCI, Maria..67..66 Vernon Avenue, Long Island City.
STAR, Henry..5 Rockaway Beach Hospital.

22 September 1920
FOWLEY, John..42..Flushing Hospital.
PUSSIO, Vincenza..8 months..124 East Avenue, Long Island City.
OWEN, Ann E..91..11209 Ninety-first Avenue, Richmond Hill.
VORAN, John..47..St. Anthony's Hospital, Woodhaven.
GORDON, Charles Thomas..2 months..360 Tompkins Place, Glendale.
DRESSEL, John..80..1886 Cornelia Street, Ridgewood.
SCWARTZFAGER, Barbara..28..Head of the Vleigh Road, Flushing.
GARLINGTON, Hazel..4..1012 Fresh Pond Road, Ridgewood.
PETERSEN, Hanny Marie..45..154 Academy Street, Long Island City.
TOBLER, Charlotte..67..Main Avenue, Douglaston.
BECKERT, Rebecca H..70..515 Fulton Street, Jamaica.
MILLER, Augustus..75..71 Puntine Street, Jamaica.
LAWRENCE, Ezekiel..20..St. Anthony's Hospital, Woodhaven.
GORDON, Barney..17..St. Anthony's Hospital, Woodhaven.
JOHNSON, Charles..71..284 Jamaica Avenue, Long Island City.
FERGUSON, Charles..44..Mary Immaculate Hospital, Jamaica.
PLACE, William H..73..Jackson Avenue, Little Neck.
FOGARTY, Nellie..43..401 Third Avenue, Long Island City.
CIECELSKI, Frank..11 months..99 Greenpoint Avenue, Long Island City.
ANTHONY, James York..71..452 Clover Place, Evergreen.
SLY, Barney D..41..81 East Eighteenth Street, Whitestone.
WALSH, Anna A..16, Rockaway Beach Hospital.
WOLFF, Julius..59..36 Bowne Street, Elmhurst.
PECK, William Jay..67..86 North Way Avenue, Corona.
JENNI, John..59..55 Highland Avenue, Flushing.
LOOS, Henry..62..36 North Henry Street, Astoria.
ANDERSON, Charles..43..St. Anthony's Hospital, Woodhaven.
VEGHIONO, Pasquale..5 months..4622 Beaufort Avenue, Woodhaven.
FETTEROLF, Henry A..68..108 Merrick Road, Jamaica.
WALLEN, Emil..70..86 North Wickes Street, Richmond Hill.
LAPOLLA, Theresa..67..65 Orontes Street, Corona.
ROTTMAN..19..St. Anthony's Hospital, Woodhaven.
BRAUN, Paul..64..Cypress Avenue and Wierfield Street, Ridgewood.
COCONE, Rosina..4 months..402 Atlantic Avenue, Woodhaven.
BELL, infant..1 day..Mary Immaculate Hospital, Jamaica.
OEHLER, William..58..372 Dill Place, Glendale.
PROKATS, Hugo..62..Colonial Avenue, Corona.

25 September 1920
WHALEN, Mary..70..271 Prospect Street, Long Island city.
CLUNE, Catherine..50..St. Joseph's Hospital, Far Rockaway.
CRAIG, James R..16..2810 Willow Place, Far Rockaway.
VOGT, William..38..St. Anthony's Hospital, Woodhaven.
KNAB, Jacob..46..Queens Boulevard, Forest Hills.
McCAHILL, Sylvester..75..11 Siboutsen Street, Corona.
DOBSON, Margaret..51..262 Prospect Street, Long Island City.
FORDHAM, Ellsworth E..56..77 Archer Place, Jamaica.
ZENKER, Bertha..35..Rockaway Beach Hospital.
BROOKS, Frederick M..35..Hook Creek, Jamaica Bay.
PURCELL, Margaret E..53..1225 Van Alst Avenue, Long Island City.
COSGROVE, Rose..59..274 Flushing Avenue, Long Island City.
TOURELLE, Caroline..59..1736 Norman Street, Ridgewood.
CLARK, Catherine E..65..463 Benedict Avenue, Woodhaven.
MARTIN, Mary M..35..2008 Woodbine Street, Ridgewood.
HOLT, Harriet D..89..8641 127th Street, Richmond Hill.
ANDERSON, Evelyn..5 months..St. Anthony's Hospital, Woodhaven.
LEAVY, Patrick..62..St. Anthony's Hospital, Woodhaven.
JOHNSON, Dorothy F..5..852 Bigelow Place, Woodhaven.
RUSSELL, Charles..38..St. John's Hospital, Long Island City.
DE RASO, Anna..2..66 Sherman Street, Long Island City.
FRITZ, Anna..47..320 Beta Place, Glendale.
BENERLEIN, 5 days..1865 De Kalb Avenue, Ridgewood.
BUECHLER, Amelia..58..1920 Linden Street, Ridgewood.
CLARK, Henry J..64..Archer Avenue, Springfield.
SCARAFINO, Santella..65..61 Seventh Street, Long Island City.

30 September 1920
REEVE, Arthur..80..St. John's Hospital, Long Island City.
CEDERBERG, Ada Charlotte Emelie..13, possibly 18..5 Amherst Avenue, Jamaica.
LAW, Emily W..75..Cameron Terrace, Woodside.
THOMPSON, Anna Frances..60..635 Hatch Avenue, Ozone Park.
WILLIAMSTON, Charlotte B..6 years..109 Farrington Street, Flushing.
CLARK, Margaret..88, possibly 83..149 Locust Street, Flushing.
GAVIGAN, Minnie..47..St. Anthony's Hospital, Woodhaven.
LOHMAN, Gertrude M..28.. St. Anthony's Hospital, Woodhaven.
JOHNTRA, Joseph A..70..43, possibly 48, North Seventeenth Street, Flushing.
BROWN, Charles S..9 months..474 Amity Street, Flushing.
ERROL, Joseph Sims..68..203, possibly 208, North Eighth Avenue, Whitestone.
WALLACE, Mary Agnes..27..241 Harris avenue, Long Island City.
McCORMICK, Walter Tallon, Jr..4..100 Prospect Street, Jamaica.
McNIFF, Thomas..45..37 Prospect Street, Jamaica.
BRAUN, Adolph..68..Nineteenth Street and Fifth Avenue, College Point.
N??L, Posy..42..116 Twenty-Fourth Street, Flushing.
HAYMAN, Anna P..50..28 Leggett Avenue, Woodhaven.
THORPE, John Joseph..61..163 Beach Ninety-Fifth Street, Rockaway Beach.

Maureen Connell-Wanless
Angelique Mckeag