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1 July 1920
NEHER, William F...20y..1733 Linden street, Ridgewood,  and
HELMUS, Martha J. R...20y..1722 Madison street, Ridgewood.

BRODIL, Richard..26y..Eithteenthstreet, Elmhurst, and
HERLINGEE, Marie..24y..44 Munroe street, Winfield.

ORR, John H...32y..102 Choptank avenue, Cambridge Mill, MD, and
WRIGHT, Lydia C...28y..183 Amity street, Flushing.

CAMPBELL, Robert..26y..615 Seventh street, College Point, and
HELLMAN, Ameila..26y..106 Tenth street, College Point.

BERIGANDI,  Joseph..24y..91 Church street, Lodi, N.J. and
FERRICCIO, Frances..21y..547 Fourth avenue, Long Island City.

SHOUSE,  Louis..34y..140 Washington street, Flushing, and
KING, Elizabeth..24y..16 Hamilton street, Flushing.

SHANKLAND, George M...28y..3513 Atlantic avenue, Morris Park, and
KEON, Irene..20y..3500 Atlantic avenue, Morris Park.

MAZUCCA, Louis..26y..141 Linoo(l?)n street, Flushing, and
ZONFALY, Nettie..19y..46 Pine street, Flushing.

BEAL, Henry R...27y..4(3/8?)7  11(3/8?)th street, Belle Harbor, L.I. and
GRIFFEN, Mary C...24..4(3/8?)7 11(3/8?)th street, Belle Harbor, L.I.
(**the last entry is hard to tell if these are 3’s or 8’s)

3 July 1920
CHERWICK, Phillip..28y..141 Middleton street, Brooklyn
BARICK, Dorothy..21y..879 Theodore street, Long Island City.

OTT, Martin J...27y..334 Beta place, Glendale
KASTE?, Margaret..24y..21 Bergen avenue, Evergreen.

GUNTHER, Charles G...25y..1721 Palmetto street, Ridgewood
ROTHSCHMITT, Margaret..22y..501 Grandview avenue, Ridgewood.

WALSH, Thomas M...32y..127 Shore avenue, Jamaica, L.I. and
ME?RES, Anna..26y..20 South Meyers avenue, Winfield.

O’DONNELL, Richard..29y..570 Birkshire avenue, Bridgeport, Connecticut
SCHUSSLER, Martha..28y..689 Fresh Pond Road, Ridgewood.

GANTOLFO, Paitro..26y..94 Shopolar avenue, Corona
ZIMMANTO, Grazia..21y..96 Shopolar avenue, Corona.

MINA, Louis..24y..701 East 161st street, Manhattan
BADAMO, Camelia..24y..99 Nicholas street, Corona.

HERRICHT, John..24y..635 Eighty-sixth street, Woodhaven
GUINNESS, Margaret..19y..8608 Eighty-ninth avenue, Woodhaven
(** the above 8’s could be 3’s.. hard to tell)

BERRY, Nelson R...27y..91 Ferguson street, Corona
WOOD, Gerturde..24y..Forty-sixth street and Astoria road, Corona.

4 August 1920
SCHMIDT, William..29y..329 Sandol street, Evergreen
WA?XLER, AUGUSTa..33y..2344 Sommerfield street, Evergreen.
	(** the 3 in the address could be an 8)

KILLIAN, Howard J...23y..312 South street, Jamaica
MACKERY, Elenor..23y.. 21 Bryant avenue, Jamaica.

FAIRWEATHER, John..33y..74 Van A?st avenue, Long Island City
BOYD, Theresa..28y..117 Radde street, Long Island City.

MACK, Jr, Stanley .22y..870 Vernon avenue, Long Island City
ANGOSKY, Lillian..22y..341 Twelth avenue, Long Island City.

BURKE, Charles W...26y..105 Congress avenue, Flushing
ADAM, Mary R...30y..81 D?rvall street, Corona.

THACKER, Horace A...25y..5 Layafyette avenue, O??ining, N.Y. and
KERN, Gladys..25y..47 Willett street, Jamaica.

BROSNAN, 29y.. 544 East  Eighty-ninth street, Manhattan
VANCURA, Tessie,..28y..89 Chauncey street, Astoria.

BAUMEISTER, Edward W.22y..1206 Van A??t avenue, Long Island City
L?GR??, Clara,..23y..1206 Van A??t avenue, Long Island City.

DURROW, Wirt E. 32y..559 Afgat road, Brooklyn
BALDER, Elizabeth Marion,.. 25 Flushing avenue, Hollis.

RAETH, John,..43t..2324 Lindon street, Queens
SCHANT, Martha,.. 38y.. 2324 Lindon street, Queens.

WOELD?CH?N, Eric.28y..381 Charlotte place, Glendale
GRAF, Florence,..21y..2354 Cata?n avenue, Glendale.

BO??BERG, Benjamin,..21y..279 Fairview avenuw, Corona
LEISTIG, Ruth,..19y..266 Corona avenue, Corona.

JOHNSON, Dudley W.33y..79 State avenue, Flushing
DEITZ, Jennie,..29y..214 Be?___ anvenue, College Point.

6 August 1920
BAUER, Lawrence..23y..Patchogue, Long Island and
KEIL, Margaret..20y..231 Radde street, Long Island City.

JOHNSTON, Charles..27y..310 Freeman avenue, Long Island City
THONNING, Genevieve..24y..310 Freeman avenue, Long Island City.

NIEBLING, William..22y..31 Foxall street, Ridgewood
HIMMELREICH, Carloine..24y..1669 Linden street, Brooklyn.

PIN?ZAK, Nicholas..24y..240 Elm street, Jamaica
SZARSKI, Sasis..24y..240 Elm street, Jamaica.

POLK, Harry..33y..536 East Eighty-fifth street, Manhattan
FLAHERTY, Edith..28y..55 Sixth avenue, Long Island City.

BUEHLER, Albert..25y..21 Hall avenue, Brooklyn
SHAMBLER, Florence..20y..2011 Palmetto street, Ridgewood.

ARBOGAST, Alphonse..25y..163 East 123rd street, Manhattan
RUSSELL, Margaret..25y..120 Prospect street, Long Island City.

DALY, James..41y..Rockaway Beach, Long Island
TICE, Elizabeth..42y..Rockaway Beach, Long Island.

Green, Charles..22y..24 Kingsland avenue, Corona
BERNHARDT, Elsie..21y..24 Kingsland avenue, Corona.

EARL, William Curtis..27y..1169 Flatbush avenue, Brooklyn
CARTHY, Regina..24y..231 Beach Eighty-seventh street, Rockaway Beach.

STENGEL, Henry..35y..1883 De Kalb avenue, Ridgewood 
HELD, Catherine..29y..8531 107th, Richmond Hill.

STRINGER, Fritz..35y..2345 Linden street, Ridgewood
ALBRECHT, Anna..40y..2345 Linden street, Ridgewood.

MEYERrew..38y..2345 Linden street, Ridgewood
WIRTH, Marie..36y..2345 Linden street, Ridgewood.

BERGEMANN, Robert..44y..2020 Palmetto street, Ridgewood
THOMAS, Amelia..22y..1878 Madison street, Ridgewood.

VUOLA, Frank..23y..308 Atlantic avenue, Brooklyn
KESSELBECK, Helen..21y..1928 Marmon street, Brooklyn.

7 August 1920
CARL, Herman W.30y..65 North Fourteenth street, Flushing
DEWITT, Adele..20y..65 North Fourteenth street, Flushing.

WILSON, Charles F.74y..67 Henry street, Long Island City
DONALD, Mary..44y..67 Henry street, Long Island City.

SEISER, Joseph..28y..Montague avenue, Glendale
WICHERT, Louise..30y..1557 Greene avenue, Brooklyn.

GRAZIANO, Pasquale..29y..7 Sidney street, Bridgeport, Conn,. And
GALLO, Anna..22y..219 Franklin street, Long Island City.

FARLEY, Vincent G.27y..1623 Nebraska avenue, Richmond Hill
SCHNEIDER, Emily T.24y..8716  112th street, Richmond Hill.

HARTMAN, Michael..49y..759 Monroe street, Brooklyn
ATZERT, Elizabeth..64y..902 Cooper avenue, Glendale.

PALLIDINO, John B.28y..51 Garvey street, Astoria
HOLLAND, Helen..28y..101 Elm street, Astoria.

WILLIAMS, Elmer S.27y..Brookside avenue, Roosevelt, L. I.
GRONBACH, Helen R.20y..Lafayette avenue, Rosedale.

ORR, John K.29y..39 Windson plave, Brooklyn
FAULKNER, Frances M.27y..319 Ocean View avenue, Rosedale.

CHIRELLA, Vito..2?y..114 Webster avenue, Long Island City
INDIVERI, Angelina..19y..115 Webster avenue, Long Island City.

SCHMIDT, Frank..21y..1513 Metropolitan avenue, Maspeth
CASSITTA, Mathilda..18y..1513 Metropolitan avenue, Maspeth.

DAMUSH, Joseph..25y..328 Plymouth street, Brooklyn
Unitas, Anna..23y..94 Hull avenue, Maspeth.

MONTEITH, Paul..27y..Springfield avenue, Springfield
STYLES, Hazelle..27y.. 27 Maple avenue, Springfield.

SLAVATORE, Giovanni..35y..270 Saratoga avenue, Albany, N.Y.
CA?A?E,  Emilia..23y..12 South avenue, Corona.

COONEY, Lawrence P.21y..12 Dutchkills street, Long Island City
BAUSER, Carolyn..19y..23 Sherman street, Long Island City.

ZOUL?A, Peter..22y..15 James place, Lodi, N.J.
GNECCA, Eva..22y..1740 Myrtle avenue, Ridgewood.

SEAL Jr., James R.23y..4543 Chichester avenue, Richmond Hill
KRAUSE, Sadie..23y..8681  127th street, Richmond Hill.

SOCHA?SKI, Stephen..21y..Lincoln avenue, Jamaica
GARRON, Mary..21y..25 Hackett street, Jamaica.

PALERMO, Salvatore..25y..153 Summerfield street, Ridgewood
SANBORSIERO, Antoinette..40y..153 Summerfield street, Ridgewood.

9 August 1920
BURKE, Charles M.26y..322 Fifty-first street, Brooklyn
LETT, R?ta May..25y..1722 Palmetto street.

CARTHY, ?___ J.27y..985 Nostrand avenue, Brooklyn
NORMA, Katherine..25y..353 ?____ avenue, Woodhaven.

LECH?EIDER, ?____ M.26y..400 Prospect avenue, Maspeth
MOEFT, Theresa A.18y..14 ?_____ street, Maspeth.

OB?__LIES, ?____..23y..850 Fourth avenue, ?____ Point
PROCHASKA, Lillian..21y..245 ?___h street, Flushing.

NE???TEIN, ?___..27y..692 Sheridan avenue, ?_____
TEUFEL, Barbara..31y..182 Chichester avenue, Woodhaven.

??RKE, ?___ W.23y..423 Ninety-ninth ?___, Brooklyn
THORPE, Grace C.25y..?______nd avenue, Richmond Hill.

BECK, ?___ G.34y..32 Dewey avenue
?____, ?____ O.32y..32 Dewey avenue.

HELM, ?____ ..32y..920 Onderdonk avenue
KNIPPER, ?_____..32 Olmstead place, ?______.

(the rest isn’t readable)

10 August 1920
Miss Genevieve THORNING of Manhattan became the bride of Charles S.
JOHNSTON, son of Mr. And Mrs. L. A. SCHNEIDER, of 310 Freeman avenue, Long
Island  City, at 1:30 o’clock Saturday afternoon at the Church of the
Incarnation, Manhattan.
  A cousin of the bridegroom, Mrs. Rose PERRON, of Brooklyn, was bridesmaid,
while the best man was Harry THORNING a brother of the bride.
  The bride wore an exquisite creation of georgette crepe, orchid colored,
with picture hat to match.  She carried a shower bouquet of white roses.
  The bridesmaid was prettily attired in green georgette, with hat to match.
  After the ceremony, which was witnessed by immediate relatives and close
friends of the couple, a dinner was served at the home of the bridegroom’s
parents, where congratulations and presents were showered upon the
  At 6:30 Mr. And Mrs. Johnston left for a month’s honeymoon trip in the
Adirondacks.  They will live in Long Island City.
  The bridegroom is a brother of Mrs. A.H. FUNKE of 277 Thirteenth street,
Long Island City.

OSTERHOLT.Henry, on AUGUST 9, 1920, beloved brother of Mrs. H. DIER?CKS,
  Funeral from his late residence, 287 Sixth street, South Brooklyn, on
AUGUST 11th at 2 p.m.  Interment Calvary Cemetery.

12 August 1920
GINLEY, Frank R..25y..9175 Seventy-eighth street, Union Course
NICKLANA, Matilda..21y..1074 Collidge street, Woodhaven.

JONES, Arthur..23y..221 East Eighty-third street, Manhattan
NELSON, Amelia..18y..677 Seventh avenue, Astoria.

SORIO, Frank..19y..466 Vernon avenue, Long Island City
WERECHYNAKI, Pauline..19y..61 Third street, Long Island City.

MEYERHOEFER, Ernest H..27y..71 Hendrix street, Brooklyn
THALMAN, May..23y..679 Woodward avenue, Ridgewood.

BAKER, Glen M..24y..17 Hillcrest avenue, Jamaica
FURSTENBERG, Miriam..30y..17 Hillcrest avenue, Jamaica.
(**address later given as 17 Hillside avenue also.)

LEWIS, Harold W..24y..84 North Prince street, Flushing
LOUGHLIN, Marie C..21y..181 Ivy street, Elmhurst.

KEEGAN, Edward J..22y..62 Glen avenue, Port Chester
DEMPSEY, Sallie M..24y..Beach 105th street, Rockaway Beach.

SCHUM, Adam..26y..222 Ashmere avenue, Trenton, N.J.
POSTMEYER, Sophie..18y..315 Fifteenth street, College Point.

MOTT, William E..21y..14 Campus place, Brooklyn
FETTER, Maragret..2058 Gates avenue, Ridgewood.

BELL, Charles..21y..423 Willow street, Jamaica
INGLIS, Edna M..17y..428 Willow street, Jamaica.

FREYKNECHT, Maxmillian R..27y..160 State street, Brooklyn
MOHR, Marie M..28y..14 Seventy-ninth street, Woodhaven.

DUNAY, Michael..25y..21 Third avenue, Astoria
MATYAS, Marie..19y..400 Fifteenth avenue, Astoria.

FETZER, Christian C..24y..458 Woodward avenue, Queens
MILLER, Eva...23y..456 Woodward avenue, Corona.

CHILDS, Vernon G..32y..Floral Park, L.I.
HUNT, Phebe, C..20y..Cornwall place, Hollis.

BRANDSKY, John..32y..149 Forsyth street
LIPSHITZ, Sarah..26y..1689 Gates avenue, Ridgewood.

KAROWSKI, Victor..24y..350 Fifty-eighth street, Brooklyn
STACHOWICS, Mary..17y..24 South street, Jamaica.

14 August 1920
LANDMAN, Willaim..20y..71 Maleholm avenue, Glendale
KRICK, Mamie..19y..71 Nicholas avenue, Glendale.

PERRABLA, Michael..27y..South street, Jamaica, L.I.
DE ROSA, Francesa..24y..1254 Long avenue, Ozone Park.

HAYWOOD, Gerald..2?y..205 Amity street, Flushing
KECK, Dorothy..22y..?0 North Twenty-sixth street, Flushing.

DONATO, Pasquale..25y..58 Grove street, Flushing
FISCOLARS, Loretta..22y..48 West Amity street, Flushing.

SUIDO, Save???..27y..394  Hooper street, Brooklyn
PANTRELLI, Antionette..17y..78 Sixth street, Long Island City.

SPONSITO, Pasqua..32y..28 Bradford avenue, Flushing
CURETTA, Pasquaresa..37y..28 Bradford avenue, Flushing.

NEVIN, James L.29y..492 Second street, Brooklyn
MATTHEWS, Loretta..24y..6? Greenpoint avenue, Blissville.

MONTECALVA, Guiseppa..23y..213 Sullivan street, N.Y.
MAL?SPINA, Rose..23y..305 Ninth avenue, Long Island City.

CRAIG, Allen..25y..1385 Putnam avenue, Brooklyn
BOELSEN, Margaret..24y..35 Cornish street, Elmhurst.

WELKEISER, Jack..21y..1369 Washington avenue, Manhattan
ROSEN, Mildren..20y..189 Wygand street, Arverne, L.I.

HARTT, Charles..21y..57 Keon avenue, Rockaway Beach
GRAFF, Norma..19y..182? M?tt? avenue, Far Rockaway.

SKINNER, Walter..21y..Lynbrook, N.Y.
R?dell, Mabel..19y..28 146th street, Jamaica.

FEINBERG, Michael..26y..2165 D??? street, Brooklyn
POLLEVIS, Henrietta..21y..66 Seventy-eighth street, Woodhaven.

18 August 1920
WILLIAMS, Bernard..23y..Chester, Vermont
KI?CHE?HEITER, ?__tina..18y..1821 Bleecker ?____, Ridgewood.

C?___, Harry..21y..Avenue D, College Point
KH?_F, Anna..18y..Avenue D, College Point.

MURPHY, ?___ M.28y..2 Horton street, Jamaica
PRICE, Florence..20y..Pondout street, ?_____, L.I.

BERGER, Harry..24y..734 East 160th street, Manhattan
GREENSPAN, Etta..23y..81 Shaw ?____, Woodhaven.

?__LICH, Howard L.24y..1282 Greene avenue, Brooklyn
BRODE, Barbara..25y..1813 Wood?__ street, Queens, L.I.

CH?___I, Ralph..27y..70 Gunther street, Corona
GUTBERLET, Christine..22y..28 Polk avenue, Wood?__.

ROSS, Herbert W..44y..830 Tremont street, ???ton, Mas??_
TABB, Elvia..30y..30 North Thirty-ninth street, Corona.

BENEDETTO, Ni?___dora ?___..23y..135 Twelfth street, College Point
PAS?___, Antionia Maria..21y..201 Seventh street, College Point.

STUDER, John J.33y..124 Herron street, Brooklyn
NUGENT, Emma..34y..156 Payntar avenue, Long Island City.

A?___, Francis..22y..28 Morgan avenue, Brooklyn
MARKHAN, Mary..19y..538 Seventh avenue, Long Island City.

HICKS, Arthur..21y..Amityville, Long Island City
KENNEDY, Julia..28y..72 Merritt street, Corona.

C?__II, Charles..27y..716 Forest avenue, Ridgewood
LANGE, Willhemina..23y..803 Onderdonk avenue, Ridgewood.

C?__CI, Vie?___..28y..668 Lafayette street, Brooklyn
CANTALOUPE..17y..97 ?__ionter street, Corona.

FINK, John H.24y..224 Sixth street, College Point
STANLEY,  Louise..24y..Cro?__ avenue, Bayside.

DELLIBONI, William..23y..13 Grange street, Manhattan
PALERMO, Mary..17y..280 Corona avenue, L.I. City.

?___to, Michael..29y..188 Vernon avenue, Long Island City
SANTANGELO, Clo??lde..18y..84 Fourth street, Long Island City.

B?___EGH, Stephen..25y..438 Seventh street, Manhattan
RATTAY, Hellen..20y..215 South Twenty-seventh street, Flushing.

LE VIENE, Herbert..30y..12 Hammond avenue, Elmhurst
CASEY, Rose..30y..11 Hammond avenue, Elmhurst.

O’BRIEN, Simon..25y..108 Third street, Long Island City
DALY, Helen..23y..470 Washington avenue, Long Island City.

MATTHEWS, John E.23y..135 Fifteenth avenue, Astoria
GREHL, Agnes..22y..177 Thirteenth avenue, Long Island City.

?ICKEL, William..24y..354 Slocum street, Glendale
BERNAUER, Mary..24y..1816 Grove ?___t, Brooklyn.

SCALIST, ???eppie..36y..28 Main street, Norwalk, Connecticut
RIZZO, Maria..21y..2904 Mott avenue, Far Rockaway.

BALDWIN, Roy..26y..Woodruff avenue, Hollis
SEBOLD, Madeline..27y..16 Dora avenue, Jamaica.

OAKES, Harley..25y..Kansas City, Missouri
WOLCOTT, Ella..23y..493 Third avenue, Long Island City.

JACKSON, Charles..30y..857 Frenah Pond Road, Brooklyn
BERMILLER, Katherine..25y..2311 ?___ avenue, Ridgewood.

?__ber, Jacob..21 Clinton avenue, Rosedale
HEDRICKSON, Armeneinia..19y..Washington avenue, Rosedale.

CARTER, Theodore..37y..1350 Sheridan boulevard, Far Rockaway
WICHT, Hazel..27y..???? Sheridan boulevard, Far Rockaway.

BENJAMIN, Arthur Gordon..29y..223 Sehley street, Ridgewood
BELEC, Marie..27y..939 Onderdonk avenue, Brooklyn.

19 August 1920
KRAIL, Anton..22y..420 East Ninth street, Manhattan
CVETKEWICH, Ursula..21y..7645 Putnam avenue, Ridgewood.

MITTLEMAN, Abraham..3?y..342 East Seventy-fourth street, Manhattan
AMSEL, Fannie..26y..105 Union avenue, Jamaica.

WELD?N, Edgar...27y..7 West 121st street, Manhattan
RING, Anna..25y..Fleet street, Jamaica.

MAGGIO, Antino..21y..150 Throop avenue, Brooklyn
MARTICSEK, Elsie..18y..28 Koerner street, Elmhurst.

R?PP, E. Theodore..22y..227 Ridgewood place, Glendale
HOLZAUSER, Eva..25y..Market street, Middle Village.

HEYDER, Adam?..22y..91 Nassau avenue, Brooklyn
REILLY, Mae..21y..Blissville.

FITZGERALD, Michael..42y..1647 East Thirteenth street, Brooklyn
SCHAEFER, Louisa..37y..8 Fourth street, Corona.

20 August 1920
CONLEN, Allen J.34y..100 St. Paul avenue, Stapleton, S.I.
SCHNEIDER, Ella..32y..212 Fifteenth street, College Point.

DIELENSYNDER, Fredrick J.24y..500 Onderdonk avenue, Brooklyn
SEBASTIAN, Caroline C.24y..2819 Hughes street, Glendale.

KOCH, George..30y..264 Armstrong avenue, Jersey City
OSBORNE, Florence M.25y..201 Railroad avenue, Richmond Hill.

GLUCK, Daniel W.34y.. ?11 West 137th street, Manhattan
BERGMAN, Madeline E.22y..492 Hillside avenue, Jamaica.

BLACK, Douglas M.25y..9811 104th street, Manhattan
BERGEN, Maude T.26y..Fulton street, Queens.

HEUBNER, Fredrick G.28y..35 Alsop street, Jamaica
BAUE?, Anita M.17y..325 Benedict avenue, Woodhaven.

Stie?, Frank..2?y..??5 Grand street, Brooklyn
BARNETT, Grace C.2?y..8904 130th street, Richmond Hill.

MORSE, James W.35y..226 West 50th street, Manhattan
?ANARA, Rose L.24y..2 Thirty-seventh street, Corona.

MULLER, Walter J.26y..8518 105th street, Richmond Hill
SEELMAN, Dorothy..23y..2311 Catalpa avenue, Ridgewood.

HOFFMAN, Michael..22y..1055 Forest avenue, Evergreen
WE?D???ANN, Minnie..19y..357 Cypress avenue, Ridgewood.

ZABOROWSKI, Anthony..2?y..226 Grand street, Brooklyn
OSTROWSK?, Mary..27y..67 Pearsa?l street, Long Island City.

W?___, Harry..28y..1? Jefferson street, Brooklyn
CARA?___, Helen..19y..2075 Metropolitan avenue, Middle Village.

21 August 1920
WEBER, Joseph J.2?y..120 Thirteenth avenue, Long Island City
SCHEEHAN, Anna D.19y..48 Corona avenue, Corona.

DYRUFF, Frank J.21y..385 Weirfield street, Brooklyn
KRAMER, Margaret..19y..1674 Stephen street, Evergreen.

BROWNE, Joseph..25y..41 Roosevelt avenue, Corona
KLEIN, Marcella..21y..4 Roosevelt avenue, Corona.

STANECK, John..34y..142 East Seventy-fourth street, Manhattan
GANABERG, Dorothy..28y..72 Eighteenth avenue, Long Island City.

FARRELL, Robert..25y..64 Parcell street, Elmhurst
O’NEILL, Mae R.22y..14 Ketchum place, Elmhurst.

HUTTONLOCHER, Ronald..21y..126 Beach Forty-sixth street, Edgemere
SPEISER, Hilda..22y..41 John street, Far Rockaway.

KRAMER, Francis..21y..2222 Loretta place, Far Rockaway
LI??ORY, Pauline..21y..2222 Loretta place, Far Rockaway.

LIEBOWITZ, Ben..28y..851 Fourteenth avenue, College Point
ROTHENSTRECH, Tessie..25y..231 Thirteenth street, College Point.

NETH, Jr. Charles W.23y..41 Temple street, Astoria
SCHIEGEL, Martha..22y..95 Astoria avenue, Astoria.

CLARK, Arthur..22y..?18 Lexington avenue, Manhattan
CRAVES, Muriel..21y..8902 121st street, Richmond Hill.

COSTELLO, Frank J.2?y..146 Ninth street, Long Island City
McCORMACK, Jennie..24y..145 Ninth street, Long Island City.

WARING, Joseph F.28y..508 Higgs Beach, Clason Point, N.Y.
Grant, Ethel..27y..215 Beach Seventy-seventh street, Arverne.

NESTEL, Fredrick..28y..52 Columbia avenue, Maspeth, L.I.
SCHACKEL, Minnie..26y..7 Hallett street, Long Island City.

DANNEMANN, Ernest..34y..8402 102snd street, Richmond Hill
KERN, Frieda..24y..9134 Jamaica avenue, Woodhaven.

SIMMONS, Jerome..39y..611 West 111th street, Manhattan
HEWITT, Helen..24y..613 Academy street, Long Island City.

SECMANN, Albert..54y..116 Collins avenue, Ozone Park
PICART, Ida..30y..116 Collins avenue, Ozone Park.

SMITH, Edward..21y..191 Prospect street, Jamaica
JACKSON, Ada..21y..197 Prospect street, Jamaica.

RO??LER, Edward..24y..1919 Avenue W, Brooklyn
BISSETT, Edith..22y..224 Beach Ninty-second street, Rockaway Beach.

DICHTER, George..26y..266 West 153rd street, Manhattan
OBELMAN, Frances..21y..31 Pulaski street, Rockaway Beach.

ELBE, John..20y..2024 Harmon street, Ridgewood
BECHMAN, Adeline..20y..1710 Gates avenue, Ridgewood.

SCHRAGE, William..21y..98 Ralph avenue, Brooklyn
REINSTADT, Gertrude..21y..4353 Jamaica avenue, Richmond Hill.

PIEFFER, Jr. Peter..23y..49 India street, Brooklyn
GARRITY, May..22y..133 sixth street, Long Island City.

PANSICK, Ustaf..27y..100 Hobson avenue, Laurel Hill
PATYRA, Mary..28y..100 Hobson street, Laurel Hill.

24 August 1920
RILEY, William..34y..Garden City Park 
BURKE, Dora..34y..Garden CityPark.

THORNTON, Maurice S.22y..Crisfield, MD.
STRASBAugustH, Ella V.21y..153 Madison avenue, Flushing.

NELSON, John S.29y..115 Havemyer street, Corona
BALDWIN, Cora I.29y..48 Pine street, Flushing.

PRIMM, Emil..24y..11 De Voe place, Glendale
WALLWELL, Barara..22y..201 Richard avenue, Glendale.

HINZ, Otto..24y..2246 Hughes avenue, Bronx
LANGDON, Josephine..22y..837 Nevada avenue, Union Course.

LOVECKY, Stephen..25y..17 Worthington street, Winfield
HAJEK, Bertha M.25y..51 Worthington street, Winfield.

NEWTON, James..52y..10445 Eighty-eighth avenue, Richmond Hill
NEWTON, Julia..51y..Meadow Park, Jamaica.

KOWALSKI, Francis..26y..140 Twenty-third street, South Brooklyn
WITOWSKA, Sophia..20y..190 Hall avenue, Maspeth.

HARRIS, Eugene T.21 Annapolis, Maryland
BAUMAN, Mildred R.19y..709 Ninth avenue, Long Island City.

TRIOLA, Joseph M.25y..209 Glove avenue, Jamaica
MANNUCCI, Leonarda..25y..232 Globe avenue, Jamaica.

REM?OM< Raymond H.27y..317 Fulton street, Jamaica
FISHER, Johnie L.27y,..Queensboro Hospital, Flushing.

RIMONE, Anthony..26y..90 Camella street, Astoria
GENOVESE, Anna L.21y..645 Crescents street, Astoria.

C??BRINE, Joseph William..20y..12 Twelfth street, College Point
KRAEMER< Blanche I.20y..209 Fifth street, College Point.

27 August 1920
HATCHER, Milton S..50y..72 Cleveland street, Corona
LIEDER, Sophie..33y..72 Cleveland, Corona.

KRACAK, Frank..21y..1 Meta avenue, Winfield
RADF??ERSKY, Bertha..21y..1654 1st avenue, Winfield.

BONANNO, Charles S..24y..839 East Thirty-second street, Manhattan
CASABURI, Rachele..21y..118 Forty-fourth street, Corona.

D’ANDREO, Fiorwanti..21y..1358 Ocean avenue, Ozone Park
RIGONO, Amelia..21y..1352 Ocean avenue, Ozone Park.

HANSEN, Albert E..30y..465 Flushing avenue, Long Island City
EDELMANN, Anna..24y..465 Flushing avenue, Long Island City.

CAREOI, Strazzillo..23y..1117 Lawn avenue, Ozone Park
DOLCE, Guiseppina..21y..1117 Lawn avenue, Ozone Park.

LINK, Ludwig..26y..431 Cornelia street, Ridgewood
BARTKOVICK, Rosa..431 Cornelia street, Ridgewood.

HOLMER, Lewis C..26y..Woodmere, Long Island City
BRADLEY, May..24y..57 Stryker street, Woodside.

LICCIONE, William T.M..25y..A.B., M.D., 101 Mt. Vernon avenue, Mt. Vernon,
SIMONSON, Anna E..23 Park View avenue, Hollis.

CARNEY, Thomas J..23y..79 Adelphi street, Brooklyn
FAY, Margaret J..22y..2530 Madison street, Ridgewood.

MASCHER, Herbert E..24y..60 Bartoldi avenue, Jersey City
McCARTHY, Margaret..19y..257 Grand avenue, Astoria.

NOONAN, Patrick W..29y..316 South First street, Brooklyn
TRAVER, Sarah M..21 North Cedar avenue, Arverne.

CASERTA, Frank..22y..114 Walworth street, Brooklyn
MADISON, Adelaide..17y..15 Clermont avenue, Maspeth.

HOENINGER, Charles G..27y..529 Third avenue, Manhattan
MADRAZO, Marie A..26y..106 Forty-eighth street, Corona.

SUMMERS, Frank B..39y..100 North Seventh street, Newark N.J.
SCHEURER, Evelyn..24y..9811 116th street, Richmond Hill.

SCHAZBACK, Albert E..25y..421 Marlow avenue, Elmhurst
NENNIE, Elizabeth C..21y..17 Cambridge avenue, Corona.

SCHALLE, Ernest..21y..19 Koerner street, Elmhurst
LANG, Ella M..20y..22 Prospect street,  Winfield.

GEIS, Henry..26y..1864 Troutman street, Evergreen
LEIBELL, Anna..26y..1864 Troutman street, Evergreen.

LOEFFLER, Clarence A..29y..718 Grove street, Ridgewood
KUHN, Louise C..29y..25 Prospect street, Ridgewood.

THOMPSON, Herbert W..22y..Creed place, Queens
HERTH, Alice L..19y..Creed place, Queens.

JOHNSON, Clayton A..24y..Suffren, N.Y.
LAWRENCE, Blanche G..22y..Matamora, PA.

NELSON, John L..25y..52 East 131st street, Manhattan
HART, Elizabeth V..20y..301 First avenue, Astoria.

LOEFFLER, William J..29y..1702 Linden street, Ridgewood
WALSH, Anna..25y..288 Onderdonk avenue, Ridgewood.

PLATE, August H..36y..1923 Greene avenue, Ridgewood
CORSER, Mary F..30y..1923 Greene avenue, Ridgewood.

WILL, Charles E..30y..90 West 21st street, Whitestone
BOYLE, Clara M..33y..11 West 11th street, Whitestone.

WAGNER, William G..25y..2020 Bleeker street, Ridgewood
KEMMETHMULLER, Augusta..22y..606 Onderdonk avenue, Ridgewood.

FUNCK, Herman O.F..28y..15 Mt. Olivet avenue, Middle Village
BRAUN, Elizabeth..22y..2284 Metropolitan avenue, Middle Village.

CUSHMAN, Charles H..26y..Lodina street, Cambridge
LOWE, Estelle L..16y..28 De Grauw avenue, Jamaica.

JOHNSON, James E..42y..146 Beaver street, Jamaica
ALEXANDER, Courtney..35y..32 Glynn avenue, Jamaica.

O’DEA, John P..46y..120 West Eighty-ninth street, Manhattan
CONNOR, Mary..32y..Eighth street and Whitestone avenue, Whitestone.

BUCHHERT, John..23y..1915 Harmon street, Brooklyn
BOHNER, Rita..18y..616 Onderdonk avenue, Ridgewood.

FINLEY, Jr. Robert B..19y..805 Fourth avenue, College Point
SCHRADER, Emily M..17y..18 Ninth avenue, Whitestone.

CROSS, Herbert..20y..1675 Seventy-second street, Brooklyn
NIOLETTE, Ethel..18y..1206 Hatch avenue, Woodhaven.

JOHNSON, Herbert L..27y..10 South Eighth avenue, Whitestone
QUICK, Viola E..21y..15 West Twenty-first street, Whitestone.

MARTELLO, Frank C..21y..240 East Twenty-fifth street, Manhattan
FURRER, Christine M..19y..16?9 Palmetto street, Brooklyn.

DIGIT, Francis J..24y..242 West Sixteenth street, Manhattan
FAHEY, Anna D..22y..112 Roosevelt avenue, Woodhaven.

DANNHAUSER, Albert M..24y..10328 118th street, Richmond Hill
BRIGGS, Marian L..24y..8723 112th street, Richmond Hill.

DE?E?E, Roger..34y..1048 Lexington avenue, Manhattan
BLUM, Gertrude V..25y..5 Judge street, Elmhurst.

HAMMER, Arthur..23y..349 Bowne avenue, Flushing
CRANE, Laura..21y..47 Sinclair avenue, Flushing.

URBAN, Frank..36y..1815 Putname avenue, Brooklyn
HUBB, Katherine M..21y..1820 Putnam avenue, Ridgewood.

WEIMER, Chauncey G..23y..1820  Center street, Ridgewood
CELLARS, Ada C..19y..1611 Stephens street, Ridgewood.

FANGGUTH, Max..25y..38 Clark street, Long Island City
MUSLO, Helen..28y..348 Hancock street, Long Island City.

MANGAN, John J..37y..102 South Eleventh street, Mt. Vernon
McELRONE, Margaret..35y..514 Ocean View avenue, Woodhaven.

METS, Harold ?..27y..472 Belvedeir street, San Francisco, Cal.
SCHENK, Lillian B..24y..21 Benhari street, Elmhurst.

28 August 1920
Greenpoint Weddings
  On Sunday afternoon, August 23, Patrick WEIR and Miss Gertrude MILTENBERG
were married  at St. Anthony’s Church, Manhattan avenue and Milton street,
by Right Rev. Monsignor Patrick F. O’HARE.
   The bride was attired in a dress of white crepe de chine and the matron
of honor, Mrs. Phillip DEFFA, was dressed in gray crepe de chine.
   Following the ceremony a wedding supper was served at the home of Mrs.
DEFFA sister of the bride, at 148 Cayler street.
   Mr. and Mrs. WEIR will make their home in Greenpoint.

  A pretty home wedding took place Wednesday evening at 283 Grove street,
Brooklyn, when William Fredrick KORNRUMPH of 283 Grove street, was united in
MARRIAGE to Mrs. Mae Agnes KORNRUMPH (HOFFMAN), the wife of the deceased
brother. The bride’s husband died in the service.  Rev. Henry C. OFFERMAN, pastor
of St. John’s Lutheran Church, officiated.
   Louis HOFFMAN, brother of the bride, acted as best man Catherine
HOFFMAN, the bride’s sister as bridesmaid.
   A wedding supper followed the ceremony.

   Miss Anna Josephine HOGAN of Great Neck, L.I., was united in MARRIAGE to
James CONLON of Nassau avenue, on Sunday, in St. Aloysius’ Church, Great
Neck, L.I.  The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Michael ROGERS.
   The bridesmaid was Miss Margaret PRUNTY the best man was Samuel
   The bride’s gown was made of ecru net and white chantilly lace with
georgette hat.  She carried a shower bouquet of white roses.  The bridesmaid
wore white net and cluny lace and a picture hat.  The church was crowed with
many Great Neck friends of the couple, supplemented by auto parties from
Manhattan and Brooklyn.
   On leaving the church to the strains of Lohengrin’s wedding march the
couple were subjected to a rice barrage of great intensity, but finally
succeeded  in reaching their auto became the leaders of a very happy
party all headed for the home of the bride’s sister, Mrs. MCGRATH, 317 East
Ninety-fifth street, Manhattan, where a reception was held.
   Piano selections were rendered by Miss MCGRATH and Miss PRUNTY vocal
selections by Michael MCGRATH, James P. BRADY and others.
  At 7:30 p.m. the festivities were transferred to Central Hall, East
Forty-seventh street, where a general reception was held, MCINTYRE’s
orchestra supplying the music.  There were fully two hundred guests,
including delegations from the different societies to which Mr. CONLON
belongs the McGunniess Club was represented by President William J.
GRAHAM, Matthew ROGERS and James P. BRADY.  Mr. ROGERS sang.
   He was followed by Joseph DALTON.
   The newlyweds left for the Blue Ridge Mountains where they are to spend
their honeymoon.
   The bride was the receipt of many beautiful and useful presents.  On
their return they will live on Nassau avenue.
   Among those at the wedding were:  Michael HOGAN, Mr. and Mrs. MCGRATH and
family, Mr. MESSKILL, James MESKILL, Mr. and Mrs. CLINTON, Mrs. Lucy CONLON,
Miss Lucy CONLIN, Samuel CONLON, Mr. and Mrs. DONBARAND and family, James P.
BRADY, Miss Margaret PRUNTY, Miss Katherine PRUNTY, Elizabeth MURRAY,
(***page is cut off there.)

30 August 1920
DR?DFER, William G.2?y..Great Neck
DUB, Anna..2?y..20 Sophia street, Maspeth.

SCHWARTZ, Charles H.25y..1856 Madison street, Brooklyn
M?SS??, Emma..22y..710 Freeport road, Queens.

PRINCIPE. Francis..24y..264 East 106th street, Manhattan
DONAD?E, Lucia..19y..1159 Van Alst avenue, Long Island City.

CORNALL, Charles..18y..206  Palmetto street, Ridgewood
JARDIN, Wilhemina..18y..698 Grove street, Ridgewood.

WERBERIG, Jr. Corn??us..35y..2698 Central avenue, Glendale
HORNBERGER, Emma S.28y..1882 Putnam avenue, Ridgewood.

C?RULLO, Roc??.23y..21 Waldron avenue, Corona
WAGNER, Marie..20y..226 Garrison avenue, Maspeth.

RAPPLEY, Persey R.?0y..88 West Grove street, Flushing
JACKSON, Cassie..36y..156 Lincoln street, Flushing.

CASSANDRO, Alfredo..31y..419 East 22nd street, Manhattan
SUL?A, Maria R.24y..61 Eighth street, Long Island City.

DI FULVIO, Francesco..25y..29 Willow street Astoria
BEN?DETTO, Rosaria D.22y..16 North William street, Astoria.

WINTERS, John J.16y..5-9 Fourth avenue, College Point
CANTISANE, Domencia M.21y..13 Bradford avenue, Flushing.

GRAVEN, John W.31y..54 Fo??l avenue, Glendale
BENDER, Innia..29y..681 Forrest avenue, Ridgewood.

DUNN, William F.31y..30 Peartree avenue, Corona
SCHALEGAL, Katherine C.24y..30 Peartree avenue, Corona.

SCHUSTER, Hugo R.M.31y..300 West 45th street, Manhattan
HAFFEY, Anna M.26y..18? Gunther street, Corona.

HUNT????, Viau? G.30y..26? Anderson avenue, Bronx
KIVIMAKI, Auvora..31y..857 Sh?___ avenue, Flushing.

THOMAS, Harry C.25y..841 West Twenty-third street, Manhattan
HOLMES, Elsie..21y..Three Mile Road, Jamaica.

?____, Nicola..27y..81 Cleveland street, ???????, N.J.
DE D?MINICAN, Olimb?a..2?y..16 North William street, Astoria.

GRUN?___, B?___..28y..152 Powers street, Brooklyn
SCHICK, Caroline..23y..2400 Van Cortland avenue, Glendale.

I?____, George..18y..?5 Railroad avenue, Corona
JOHNSON, Irene..18y..59 Edson street, Corona.

ABRAMS, Arthur C.2?y..76 Union street, Flushing
KRUSER, Gertrude G.25y..48 Farrington street, Flushing.

SHAW, John T.22y..?96 D??den street, Brooklyn
BENNER, E???? F.19y..2423 Putnam avenue, Glendale.

SPAN?, Edward K.28y..?__  R?__, Brooklyn
PARSONS, Lilia J,,,30y..248 Richards avenue, Glendale.

JORD?N, Jr. Thomas ?.2?y..95 Union street, Flushing
MURRAY, Mary ?.24y.. 2? North Prince street, ?_____.

FL?CK, Valentine..?2y..12 Plain street, Elmhurst
WEST, Alice..17y..45 Dyson street, Maspeth.

CHERNINK, Ilias..27y..Astoria avenue, Long Island City
BUNCO, Anna..24y..1??4 Seventh avenue, Astoria.

SCHWEI?___, Henry..?3y..562 Fair?ing avenue, Brooklyn
ZOELER, Rose..24y..1798 Gates avenue, Ridgewood.
(The rest on this page is unreadable)

17 September 1920
HUMMEL, Gustave, Jr..25..250 Palmetto Street, Ridgewood.
MAIER, Barbara..26..205 Tompkins Place, Glendale.

KHONICEK, Joseph..23, possibly 28..905, possibly 903, Crescent Street, Long Island City.
MACHON?C, Anna..age illegible..81, possibly 31, Dawdell Street, Corona.

VAUGHAN, Leonard..50..1365 Carrol Street, Brooklyn.
E??TLY, Adelaide..34..?? Twenty-Seventh Street, Elmhurst.

McGUIRE, Thomas J..28..2 Ely Avenue, Long Island City.
DUNN, Anna..29, possibly 20..5? or 5?? Hunterspoint Avenue, Long Island City.

BERLINER, Gustave..22..2078 Ve??? Avenue, Bronx.
LEE, Alice E..18..48, possibly 43, South Junction Avenue, Corona.

SCHOEDER, George F..28..876 McPherson Street, Ridgewood.
STEIN, Lillian..26..171 Foxall Street, Ridgewood.

COHN, Louis..26, possibly 20..46 Bergen Avenue, Jamaica.
GREENBERG, Elsie..18..420 Hillside Avenue, Jamaica.

HANSON, Percy..24..2524 Madison Street, Ridgewood.
LESCHER, Wilhemnia..?9..1622 Summerfield Street, Ridgewood.

KLOETZER, George..26..377 Potter Avenue, Long Island City.
NOLL, Emily M..24..511 Twelfth Street, College Point.

DE SENE, Nicholas..26..388 Eleventh Avenue, Long Island City.
SPLAIR, Kathleen..23..585 Broadway, Long Island City.

HAUPERT, Frederick W..31..294 or 294? Eleventh Avenue, Long Island City.
MOTZER, Anna B?..29..61 Greenpoint Avenue, Long Island City.

MELLOY, Harold..21..Rockford, Illinois.
R?M????, Clara..21..13080 or 13030 Nintieth Avenue, Richmond Hill.

CONWAY, William..21..205 Fifth Avenue, Long Island City.
SASSE, Julia..20..204 Fifth Avenue, Long Island City.

NUGENT, William F..24..49 North Prin?? Street, Flushing.
REYNOLDS, Elsie..18..115 or 215 Congress Avenue, Flushing.

JOHNSON, Iver..22..2 Lenox Street, Jamaica.
KINKEAD, Elsie..19..2 Lenox Street, Jamaica.

22 September 1920
SHERRY, Ralph E..39..423 Warburton Avenue, Yonkers.
EGAN, Margaret T..29..165 Portamouth Place, Forest Hills.

ROSE, Henry C..23..120 South Hawthorn Lane, Indianapolis, Ind.
HOYT, Margaret E..20..3406 Jamaica Avenue, Richmond Hill.

NAPOLITANO, Gaetano..21..9522 Bigelow Avenue, Woodhaven.
COVONE, Lucia..18..223 Chichestser Avenue, Woodhaven.

FERSTLER, Philip..23..441 Bleeker Street, Ridgewood.
FUCHS, Marie..22..1746 Grove Street, Ridgewood.

ANDERSEN, Sigurd..2? (possibly 28)..183 New York Avenue, Jamaica.
HANSEN, Alma..23..183 New York Avenue, Jamaica.

BEADLE, Everett M..30..4175 Kimball Avenue, Ozone Park.
RENAULT, Irene L..30..1021 Woodhaven Avenue, Woodhaven.

BAQUE, Joseph..26..416 Ralph Street, Ridgewood.
SCHMIDT, Emma..21..336 Dill Place, Evergreen.

O'CONNOR, John..24..70 Smart Avenue, Flushing.
TURNER, Anna..21..62 Burling Avenue, Flushing.

MURRAY, John P..29..74 Bradford Avenue, Flushing.
REDDEN, Margaret M..23..69 Burling Avenue, Flushing.

ALMON, Frank..21..713 Woodward Avenue, Ridgewood.
BROWNE, Margaret..21..1721 Palmetto Street, Ridgewood.

KOCHBERGE?, Michael..20..Dry Harbor Road, Elmhurst.
WIDMER, Gertrude..20..31 Morton Street, Middle Village.

SPRECHT, Christian J..33..Springfield, L.I.
???LER, Dora..35..Springfield, L.I.

MILLER, Louis H..30..106 West Street, Danbury, Conn.
WEBB, Anna K..32..64 Purcell Street, Elmhurst.

TRUTT, Herman..24..137 St. Nicholas avenue, Brooklyn.
SCHLETT, Pauline..23..59 Lexington Avenue, Maspeth.

HOLLER, Henry J..20..17 Dry Harbor Road, Middle Village.
WIDMER, Catharine..20..31 Morton Street, Middle Village.

WALSH, Valentine J..22..277 Bleeker Street, Brooklyn.
TULLY, Marcella..age not listed..239 Eighth avenue, Long Island City.

MULLER, Frank H..46..1725 Madison Avenue, Ridgewood.
LACHNICHT, Catharine..46..3? or 8? Foxall Street, Ridgewood.

HEIMBERG, Arthur..31..1247 Blu?field Street, Hoboken, N.J.
WAGNER, Elizabeth..30..100010 Eighty-seventh Avenue, Richmond Hill.

SA???, William..42..32 Fulton Avenue, Far Rockaway.
LEVE, Alma..25..1841 Carnag? Avenue, Far Rockaway.

COHEN, John..24 or 34..?00 West 150th street, Manhattan.
MILAN, Ha???et (looks like it might say Harriet)..20..172 Chittenden Street, Forest Hills.

23 September 1920
KLABING, JR., Henry..28..86 Broad Street, Maspeth.
EULER, Frederick..23..40 Jefferson Avenue, Maspeth.

CULLINAN, Raymond J..22..120 Third Avenue, Long Island City.
COPELAND, Viola M..20..209 Tenth Avenue, Long Island City.

CRAWFORD, John J..29..62 West 126th Street, Manhattan.
KIRCHHOFF, Margaret..18..153 Norris Avenue, Jamaica.

BALL, Joseph..25..1?8 Woodside avenue, Woodside, L.I.
HEATH, Rhoda..32..Woodside Avenue, Woodside, L.I.

BERGER, Theodre..31..658 Seventh Avenue, Long Island City.
HERSING, Christine..25..617 Broadway, Long Island city.

AMBERG, Michael..30..564 Second Avenue, College Point.
WURTZ, Mary..30..36 South Fourteenth Street, College Point.

VOLLKAMMER, William..22..1720 Woodbine Street, Ridgewood.
ECKOFF, Bertha..19..2420 Van Cortlandt Avenue, Ridgewood.

RAY, JR., John T..26..1403 Olive Street, Baltimore, Md.
SCHMIDT, Cynthia..21..463 Third avenue, Long Island City.

GOGGINS, James P..43.. Middle Neck Road, Little Neck.
CARROLL, Julia..31..Bayside Boulevard, Bayside.

SULLIVAN, James L..21..280 Roosevelt Place, Bronx.
O'NEILL, Sarah E..20..73 First Street, Woodside.

TROWNSELL, Charles S..28..312-A Fifteenth Street, Brooklyn.
KINSEY, Florence..28..Epsn Course, Hollis.

G?IGER, Charles M..26..1821 Stockholm Street, Ridgewood.
GOLDSTEIN, Catherine..22..622 126th Street, Richmond Hill.

24 September 1920
WALLER, George J..27 Buell place, East Elmhurst, L.I.
HERRMAN, Lillian..22..41 West Hayes Avenue, Corona.

SPIES, George R..2?..116 West 102nd Street, Manhattan.
CRAEMER, Dorothy K..25..129 North Twentieth Street, Flushing.

SPER???, John G..27..2018 Silver Street, Ridgewood.
ZEITLER, Lana or Lena..27..482 Woodward Avenue, Ridgewood.

NEGER, JR, George..33..94 Mt. Olivet Avenue, Maspeth.
DONNER, Clementine..30..516 Grand View Avenue, Ridgewood.

KOCHERSBERGER, Jacob..22..Dry Harbor Road, Elmhurst.
WERNER, Theresa..18..Dry Harbor road, Elmhurst.

MARTIN, Frank P..32..270 Irving Avenue, Brooklyn.
OELBERGER, Marie or Maria..24..1918 Grove Street, Ridgewood.

VAAS, William V..28..34 Patchen Avenue, Brooklyn.
JOHNSTON, Mabel..23..1486 100th Street, Ozone Park.

FOX, Frank..26..78 Thirty-ninth Street, Corona.
STREIB, Josephine..20..70 Roosevelt Avenue, Corona.

BAC?OLER, Frank M..36..10413 Nintieth Avenue, Richmond Hill.
REICH, Amelia..31..3917 Beaufort Avenue, Woodhaven.

KOTZ, John W..21..810 Pacific Street, Maspeth.
COKELY, Adele..24..Pearl Place, Springfield.

MICHELSEN, Louis..32..17 Main Street, Flushing.
R?CH?ER, Anna..27..17 Main Street, Flushing.

MULLER, George W..25..234 East Eighty-ninth Street, Manhattan.
JEANNIN, Lucy..23..Union Turnpike, Flushing.

QU??LER, William S..20..17 Walker Avenue, Woodhaven.
COTEAUX, Marjorie..17..9 Hanover Street, Elmhurst.

27 September 1920
GIORGIANNI, Frank..23..195 Lawrence Street, Long Island City.
BELLOME, Vincenza..24..110 Astoria Street, Long Island City.

JUDGE, Walter..25..51 Hanson Place, Jamaica.
WARNKE, Louise S..19..19 James Street, Jamaica.

EHRMAN, Henry C..25..228 Thirty-ninth Street, Manhattan.
FARRELL, Rose M..19..133 William Street, Jamaica.

MANATRIZIO, Leonardo..22..66 Bradford Avenue, Flushing.
CARUSO, Angelina..20..66 Bradford Avenue, Flushing.

GOLDSMITH, Alexander..46..102 Humboldt Avenue, Jamaica.
HOGEL, Mary..51..102 Humboldt Avenue, Jamaica.

GRECO, Guiseppe, 30..125 Nichols Street, Corona.
GIORDANO, Mary..34..125 Nichols Street, Corona.

GRIBBONS, Benjamin..28..1505 Van Wyck Avenue, Jamaica.
DAUBE, Grace..18..Clinton Street, Rosedale.

SCHMIDT, Anthony..26..? (possibly 9) Glasser Street, Glendale.
JORDAN, Edna..24..5 Al?????? Avenue, Corona.

28 September 1920
Rudolph Gross..28..29 Forty-ninth Street, Corona.
Lillian Whaley..26..113 Judge street, Jamaica.

Louis Sefferim..22..37 145th Street, Jamaica.
Jeanette Diety..18..21 Wilton Avenue, Glendale.

John Rykowski..26..128 Hobson Avenue, Laurel Hill.
Francisca Stachniak..18..109 Hobson Avenue, Laurel Hill.

George Link..28..400 Ridgewood Avenue, Brooklyn.
Josephine Eppig..25..2058 Gates Avenue, Ridgewood.

John Schaeffer..20..67 Prospect street, Jamaica.
Valentine Bondreau..19..137 Globe Avenue, Jamaica.

John H. Butt..23..264 Ryerson Street, Brooklyn.
Edith I. Zerbe..22..8626 Nintieth Street, Woodhaven.

Martin F. Hickey..29..240 West 149th Street, Manhattan.
Margaret Heslin..26..815 Bachman Avenue, Ridgewood.

James M. Ford..31..East Shore Road, Great Neck.
Irene Bowden..27..Maxwell Avenue, Bayside.

Roy G. Kellet..21?..Merrick Road, Springfield.
Violet A. Gowen..19..Merrick Road, Springfield.

Michael Sawezak..27..140 Springfield Road, Jamaica.
Katergna Wyszywang..23..149 Rockaway Road, Jamaica.

Louis L. Reich..22..34 Patchen Avenue, Brooklyn.
Christina A. Williamson..24..10 Road, Broad Channel.

29 September 1920
The bottom half of the photocopied page is very hard to read -
I have tried to indicate where the 3s and the 8s look alike.

Frederick J.P. Klein..27..1099 Sutter Avenue, Brooklyn.
Florence G. Blake-Lobb..30..Hawtree Avenue, Howard Beach.

Hans Burchner..33..751 Fourth Avenue, College Point.
Elizabeth Hough..32..219 Twentieth Street, College Point.

Wm. J. O'Conner..35..184 East Seventy-third Street, Manhattan.
Helen Ryan..28..10921 Washington Avenue, Rockaway Beach.

John P. Feely..22..150 Jackson Avenue, Long Island City.
Dorothy Bley..21..126 Crescent Street, Long Island City.

Herman Bursfrede..22..598 Jackson Avenue, Long Island City.
Mary Wehlgemuth..19..598 Jackson Avenue, Long Island City.

Guiseppe Pedalino..25..100 Waldron Street, Corona.
Christina A. De Pierre..17..162 Lawn Avenue, Corona.

Joseph Leo..27..287 Pleasant Avenue, Manhattan.
Nellie Calabrese..20..40 Waldron Street, Corona.

Guiseppi Piscobo..38..1886 Seventy-first Street, Brooklyn.
Anita Lenti..33..16 Union Park Avenue, Jamaica.

Roland Clate..20..12 Reinway Avenue, Pasadena, Cal.
Margaret Bleecker..20..209 South Parsons Avenue, Flushing.

Stanley R. Simpson..27..635 E. Nineteenth Street, Brooklyn.
Mary E. Denton..25..Gloverhill Road, Hollis.

James A. Thompson..38..5623 Third Avenue, Brooklyn.
Margaret Walker..39..5 Union Park Avenue, Jamaica.

Carl D. Gieser..29..495 Maxwell Avenue, Detroit.
Adelaide Behn..24..1063 Seneca Avenue, Evergreen.

Romola Tedeschi..25..2 Hancock Place, Woodside.
Marie Prezzi..22..971 Boulevard, Long Island City.

Frederick Meyer..27..2527 Wodbine Street, Ridgewood.
Alma Wildermuth..19..2412 Bleecker Street, Ridgewood.

Harry M. Howard..22..Niantic, Conn.
Naomi Belgean..25..65 Hunt Street, Corona.

August Fuhres..32..723 Fifty-fourth Street, Brooklyn.
Charlotte Rahfeldt..29..821 Ferry Street, Woodhaven.

Roger C. Cornell..23..2111 Bush Street, San Francisco.
Sylvia H. Busch..18..750 Eighth Avenue, College Point.

Joseph F. Lee..27..1036 Halsey Street, Brooklyn.
Mary A. Sullivan..25..31 Edson Street, Corona.

John A. Cook..26..73 West 150th Street, Manhattan.
Winfred O'Malley..23..125 Fifty-first Street, Corona.

William F. Stribgham..20..1717 Bleecker Street, Ridgewood.
Elsie E. Wolf..22..240 Grand Street, Maspeth.

Hornstanty Waskiewski..22..50 Whitlock Street, Maspeth.
Sena Stackowiak..20 or 26..109 Clinton Avenue, Maspeth.

Oscar W. Sherman..38..140 Steinway Avenue, Long Island City.
Emily W. Murphy..33..19 Seminole Avenue, Forest Hills.

Monroe Kreilsheimer..26..1375 Herriman Place, Manhattan.
Freida David..23..646 or 648 126th Street, Richmond Hill.

Frank Drummermuth..32..Old Grand Street, Long Island City.
Viola Hasikke..24..873 Twelfth Avenue, Long Island City.

Robert Seeman..31..20 Thirty-first Street, Whitestone.
Claire H. Wright..33..20 Thirty-first Street, Whitestone.

John W. Wright..29..215 Washington Avenue, Rockaway Park.
Dorothy A. Gallagher..25..218 or 213 Washington Avenue, Rockaway Park.

Clarence W. Sherwood..21..246 Beach 121st Street, Rockaway Beach.
Margaret Jackson..20..1055 Caview Avenue, Far Rockaway.

Louis D. Thompson..23 or 28..1728 Madison Street, Ridgewood.
Anna Sullivan..23..128 or 123 Eleventh Street, Long Island City.

Patrick J. Walsh..30..20 Jennings Street, Elmhurst.
Marjorie K. C(e or o)nion..25..119 Horton Street, Elmhurst.

Fred W. Hartwell..41..17 Schermerhorn Street, Brooklyn.
Louise Knapp..37..11703 or 11708 Ninety-first Avenue, Richmond Hill.

John Burke..34..252 East Eighty-ninth Street, Manhattan.
Margaret Sullivan..3?..72 Hunter Avenue, Long Island City.

Giovanni Zagaine..22..162 Union Street, Brooklyn.
Rose Arena..22..68 (i think...) Nichols Street, Corona.

30 September 1920
HARVEY, Walling E..26..136, possibly 186, Barclay Street, Flushing.
McDANIEL, Mabelle..25..475 Sanford Avenue, Flushing.

JOHANSEN, Holger..40..103, possibly 108, Waverly Place, Manhattan.
ISLEO, Freida..22..74 Ascan Avenue, Forest Hills.

KIOZALES, Samuel..24..35 Kingsland Avenue, Corona.
SANDBANK, Celia..22..106 Vine Street, Corona.

ZIMMERMAN, George F..24..28 Wainwright Avenue, Rockaway Beach.
TREEMAN, Marie..24..28 Wainwright Avenue, Rockaway Beach.

WOODS, John A..30..Marine Street, City Island.
SCHAFFNER, Bertha L..20..1861 Menahan Street, Ridgewood.

GROTH, Charles..21..1679 Woodbine Street, Ridgewood.
POTSCH, Katherine..21..1835 Stephen Street, Ridgewood.

MASONE, Donato..20..560 Autumn Avenue, Brooklyn.
INGRASIO, Grace..22..3866 Jerome Avenue, Woodhaven.

DZCWYN, Daniel..28..335 Chichester Avenue, Woodhaven.
OSHUAT, Anna..24..335 Chichester Avenue, Woodhaven.

GOLDEN, Edward A..28..34, possibly 84, Eldert Street, Brooklyn.
PAULSON, Lillian..22..2014 Himrod Street, Ridgewood.

Maureen Connell-Wanless
Angelique Mckeag